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Monday, April 14, 2008

Ava arranged to spend time alone with Steve. Ava reminded Steve of their past love together. Steve told Ava that their love was real and that he cared about her, but he was married to Kayla and expecting another child. Ava kissed Steve and tried desperately to convince him that they were meant to be together.

In another room, Hope was frustrated at being held prisoner, and searched for a way to escape.

Steve apologized to Ava for complicating her life and causing her such pain and heartache. Ava had her own agenda and told Steve she loved him and began to seduce him. Steve pulled away and feigned soreness in his ribs, from injuries suffered in the plane crash, to discourage her advances.

Ava expressed remorse for almost having killed Steve in the plane crash, but yearned to be with him. Steve told Ava that he was in too much pain to make love to her. Ava was upset and cautioned Steve that he must decide whom he loves, her or Kayla. She told him that she would not wait for him forever and left the room.

Steve left his room and went to find Hope to give her an update on what was going on. Steve told Hope that he felt responsible for Ava's state of mind. Hope told Steve that she was surprised at the extent of his relationship with Ava. Hope reminded Steve that it was important for him to remember that his relationship with Ava was part of his past. Angelo caught Steve in Hope's room and told him that Ava would not be pleased that he was visiting Hope (who they thought was Kayla) and ordered him back to his room.

Bo asked Lexie to prepare the paperwork for his discharge from the hospital as soon as possible. Lexie advised Bo that she was concerned about his health. She urged him to call Abe to help him find Hope. Bo explained to Lexie that it was too dangerous to involve the police at that time and for her to trust him.

Daniel entered the room and reminded Bo that he was recovering from major surgery. Daniel told Bo that he would agree to sign the discharge papers provided Bo followed his post-operative instructions. Daniel explained the importance of taking all prescribed medication, and said Bo should call immediately if he experienced any side effects. He urged Bo to get plenty of rest. Bo agreed to the terms and thanked Daniel for saving his life.

Bo called Caroline and asked his mom for a favor.

Daniel visited Kayla in her hospital room and asked her how she was feeling. During their conversation, Daniel told Kayla that he had reviewed her file and credentials prior to Bo's surgery. Daniel explained that he wanted to make sure that she was qualified to join his surgical team, especially since his patient was her brother.

Kayla asked Daniel to speak to Dr. Elman to expedite her discharge from the hospital. Daniel agreed and left to process the appropriate paperwork.

Lexie entered Kayla's room and urged her to take care of herself and get bed rest. She asked Kayla to encourage Bo to do the same. Kayla agreed and called her mom and asked her for a favor.

Caroline picked up Bo and Kayla from the hospital but questioned the whereabouts of Steve and Hope. Bo and Kayla asked Caroline to drop them off at the Brady Pub and not to ask any questions.

Caroline, a wise mother, knew Bo and Kayla were up to something and begged them to be careful and take care of each other.

Bo showed Kayla a surveillance disc from hospital security. Bo said that he hoped the information on the disc would help lead him to Hope. Kayla and Bo put a plan together to find their spouses. Bo sensed that Hope was in danger.

John and Marlena went on a date at Chez Rouge. While they were dancing, Marlena pulled away from John and told him that she was confused about her feelings for him. Marlena told John that she wanted to spend time with her husband but it was difficult for her because he was not the same man that she married. Marlena tried to explain to John that she was remembering their love and life together, but she was frustrated because he could not remember that he loved her, or their marriage. She told John that even though he was her husband that he was a stranger to her. John reminded Marlena that Stefano was the villain who transformed him into a killing machine programmed to respond like a robot. John told Marlena that spending time with her was helping him to become more human. Marlena confided to John that she was sexually attracted to him, but that she needed more time before she could make a commitment to him. John encouraged Marlena to continue their relationship to see how things would work out between them. Marlena was emotional and told John that she was going to leave town to take some time to think things through. She told him that she didn't know how long she would be gone.

John begged Marlena to say in Salem, but respected her decision and assured her that he would wait for her to come home. Marlena was touched by John's kind words but reminded him that she could not promise him anything. Marlena said goodbye to John and left the restaurant.