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Monday, September 17, 2007

After receiving Kate's urgent call, Roman arrives at the pub and finds her tied up. She tries to warn him it's a trap, but Andre knocks him out. Later, Bo and Hope enter the pub, but no one is there. As they search for Shawn and Belle, an explosion goes off in the back. In an attempt to escape the locked cooler, Shawn set off a Molotov cocktail, but it only caused a fire; the door is still in place. Luckily, Bo and Hope rescue him and Belle. The kids fill them in about Andre. Shawn is taken to the hospital to be treated for burns.

Lucas pushes E.J. to admit he has feelings for Sami. E.J. admits it; he loves Samantha. Lucas is outraged and Sami is annoyed. Lucas then gets a frantic call from Kate, who asks him to come help her -- and to bring clothes! Sami orders E.J. to follow Lucas in case he needs backup. Before E.J. takes off, she warns him never to declare his love for her again. E.J. quips that he was just joking. When he leaves, Sami breaks down in tears, and Marlena comforts her. Marlena calls her daughter on her feelings for E.J. Hope interrupts and informs them Roman hasn't been answering his phone. Sami fears Andre has done something to her father. Meanwhile, Lucas and E.J. find a naked Kate, who explains Andre kidnapped her and took her clothes. She fears Roman is in terrible danger.

At Stefano's fake funeral, Benjy pulls out a gun and pumps his father's body full of lead! Knowing Stefano was actually alive, many of the attendants are horrified. But Stefano comes to; the police fitted him with a bullet-proof vest. Stefano demands to be set free, but Abe refuses until the ruse is complete and Andre is caught. With no sign of Andre, Abe decides to continue with the faux funeral. They have the empty coffin carried out and loaded onto the hearse to be taken to the cemetery. The driver has been knocked out, however, and Andre has secretly taken his place. At the cemetery, Bo shows up and reports Roman and Kate are missing. Later, Kate and Lucas arrive, and she tells everyone what happened at the pub. They wonder where Andre could have taken Roman, as the grave digger shovels dirt onto Stefano's coffin.

Grandpa Shawn privately remembers learning from young Stefano that his mother isn't dead; Santo was still married while courting Colleen!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stephanie urges Chelsea to rush a sorority with her. Chelsea is more interested in asking Stephanie about her time in the cave with Max. Stephanie reminds her she has a boyfriend; she thinks Jeremy deserves another chance. Max arrives and tells Stephanie he's losing his business thanks to his involvement with Jeremy. He's taken aback when she defends the fugitive. A conflicted Stephanie takes off, and when she arrives at her parents' place, she finds Jeremy waiting. He tells her he needs somewhere to crash while he figures out what to do. Stephanie, torn between Max and Jeremy, blasts him for the way he's treated her. Jeremy pulls her into a kiss when Max knocks on the door and demands to see her.

Back at the pub, a paroled China Lee arrives and tells Nick and Chelsea she's leaving the country. She needs Nick to take care of Artemis and DeMarquette. Permanently.

Belle flips when Philip brings up their near-kiss in Tulsa. She sets him straight by insisting she cares about him but he seems to have the wrong idea. She's committed to Shawn. Philip doesn't accept this, so Belle says she can't spend any more time with him and leaves.

Meanwhile, Shawn tells Lexie he's going to stop working himself into a jealous frenzy. He doesn't want Belle to cheat on him with Philip, but if it happens, he'll deal with it. Belle arrives and explains that she told Philip she can't help him find his son anymore. She's sorry for putting Shawn through so much. An excited Philip races in with news that Billie has tracked Lauren to a San Antonio motel. Shawn and Belle wish him good luck as he leaves. Shawn can see that Belle wants to help Philip and encourages her to go with him to Texas.

Bo warns Grandpa Shawn he's going to have to break his silence about how the vendetta started, or they may not be able to rescue Roman. Bo also meets with Steve to devise a plan to find Roman, who, unbeknownst to them, has been buried alive!

Steve races Pocket to the hospital with severe gastric upset and learns that the baby was apparently poisoned.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The doctor informs Steve and Kayla that Pocket ingested a toxic substance. Steve fears he didn't wash his hands after using a spray cleaner. Kayla assures Steve that couldn't have caused Pocket to get so ill.

While Jeremy hides, Stephanie and Max have a heated conversation. Max wants to know why she ran from him at the pub and theorizes she still has a thing for Jeremy. He mentions how close they got in the cave. After Stephanie gets Max to leave, Jeremy accuses her of hooking up with Max. They are interrupted by Steve and Kayla's return. Stephanie quickly tells Jeremy he can stay in her room. In order to keep him from being found out, Stephanie tells her parents she wants to move back home. Later, Steve finds Jeremy's pilot license on the floor.

Shawn graciously convinces Belle to help Philip find Tyler in San Antonio. Meanwhile, Billie informs Philip she rechecked Lauren's credit card receipts and didn't find any baby items listed. She thinks the boy is no longer traveling with Lauren, but he should still go to San Antonio to confront her. Later, Philip is thrilled to learn Belle will be going with him on his trip.

China Lee reveals to Nick and Chelsea that she's not really Artemis and DeMarquette's mother. She was hired by a very powerful man, who is now dead, to transport them to the United States, where a contact was supposed to meet her in Vegas to pick up the children. The contact never showed, and China Lee wants the kids off her hands. Nick reluctantly agrees to keep them until he can figure out what to do with them.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Abe is visiting Jett in the hospital. Abe tells Jett that he has been discharged of the police force effective immediately. Jett can't believe it. Abe explains why he has been fired. Jett says he will appeal the decision but Abe says it's no use. Abe refuses to step up for Jett. He tries to convince Jett that he has a lot going for him but he compromised his cover for Chelsea. They try to figure out who tipped off Rawlings. Abe says Jett's best effort still put lives at risk and that's that. Jett wonders what he will do next. Abe invites him to live with them and start looking for a job. Abe suggests starting as a deputy sheriff but not as Salem PD. Abe says he has to do it on his own.

Stephanie and Chelsea in the hospital talking. Chelsea tries to convince Steph to keep her mouth shut about Chelsea and Jett in Las Vegas. She admits that Jett told her that he loved her. Chelsea tries to blow it off but Stephanie wants to make a big deal of it. Chelsea states she loves Nick but Stephanie accuses that relationship of being more like brother/sister. Stephanie suggests she asks Jett about his feelings in case he was delirious in the ambulance. Jeremy comes up in the conversation and Chelsea wonders where he is. Stephanie does not admit she knows. They go in to visit Jett. Chelsea wants to talk to Abe alone. Chelsea feels bad about messing up Jett's case but Abe won't let her take credit for that but praises her for saving Jett's life. Meanwhile, Stephanie chats with Jett and confronts him with the news of him being an undercover cop. She tells him that Jeremy dumped her. Jett apologizes for putting Stephanie and Max in danger. She jokes it off but apologizes for not being smarter about Jeremy. Jett says that Jeremy should turn himself in. Chelsea enters and admits that she has blown his cover and is responsible for everything. Stephanie asks if Jett remembers anything after he got shot, fishing for the "love you" comment. Jett says he remembers talking to Chelsea in the casino then being in the MedEvac. Stephanie's phone rings and it's Jeremy letting her listen in on the chaos with Kayla. She hangs up but Jett asks if it was Jeremy. She says it was her mom and Pocket is sick then she leaves. Jett says he's glad Stephanie left as it gives him and Chelsea time to talk. He thanks her for saving his life and says maybe one day she'll fill in the blanks for him. She says she'd rather not relive it. She asks what Jett is going to do now and Jett says he wants to work for the Salem PD. He knows he'll have to leave town because he can't ride Abe's coat tails but Chelsea knows of the perfect job for him and he won't have to leave town. She suggests working for Billie in the home security business. Jett flirts with Chelsea and says he likes the idea of working with Billie because he will be running into Chelsea often.

Jeremy hides at Stephanie's house when Kayla walks in with Pocket. She realizes someone is there when she spots a soda can on the bureau. She thinks its Stephanie and goes to investigate. Kayla peeks in Stephanie's room to find nothing because Jeremy is hiding. She goes to put Pocket down for a nap enabling Jeremy to escape but Kayla catches him and accuses him of breaking and entering but Jeremy tells her that Stephanie let him in. She doesn't believe him but he shows her the key. He admits it was his idea but that she was against it. She accuses him of being a manipulator. He says it was a mistake coming there. Kayla tells him that now Stephanie has committed the crime of harboring a fugitive and tells Jeremy he's not going anywhere without a police escort. Jeremy says he will turn himself in when the time is right. Kayla doesn't believe him. Kayla runs through all the trouble that Jeremy has caused and Jeremy asks for mercy but Kayla isn't about to give it to him. Kayla grabs the phone but Jeremy stops her. Jeremy reminds her if he is turned in then Stephanie goes down, too. Jeremy calls Stephanie's cell phone so she can hear what is going on. Kayla reminds Jeremy that he is a Horton and shouldn't be acting like this. Jeremy says that the Hortons were worried about everyone else but he got ignored. Kayla tells him to grow up and figure out what kind of man he wants to be, the pride or the black sheep of the Hortons. Stephanie shows up and Kayla says she has some explaining to do. Stephanie stops Kayla from calling the cops saying Jeremy is the guy she loves.

Stefano and Rolf talking with Stefano's attorney, Mr. Griffin. Stefano expresses distaste for Bo's plan. Steve walks in and Stefano is not happy with him either. Stefano says he will press charges against Roman as well but Steve reminds him that Roman is "on ice." Stefano is not in the mood for Steve's "theatrics". Rolf forbids Steve to be there but doesn't get far with that rant. Steve asks Mr. Griffin how Roman disappeared the same night he went looking for Andre. Stefano tries to convince his lawyer that Steve is a crazy person. Mr. Griffin states that Stefano has a slam dunk case against the Salem PD. Mr. Griffin leaves and Stefano dismisses Rolf so he can talk to Steve alone. Stefano admits he doesn't know where Roman is or how he is doing. Steve says he doesn't care either and proceeds to make fun of Roman. Stefano loves that and gives him a hand. But he is tired of Steve and announces the final curtain call for him. Steve says he had to cooperate with the police. Stefano tries to give him a guilt trip and threatens the entire Brady family. He says Steve made a huge mistake and will live to regret it. Rolf and security come back in because of the yelling. Steve apologizes and tries to convince security to put the gun away and whispers to security to call Bo Brady for "the scoop." Steve tries to make a deal with Stefano but Stefano is not interested in hearing about it. Steve mentions Andre and says good bye. Stefano stops him. Steve says Salem PD knows where Andre's hiding place is. The leather folio is brought up and that Salem PD wants to get to Andre and the folio. Steve says that Bo knows Steve is with Stefano but it doesn't matter. Steve wants a promise from Stefano that he will not hurt Benjy and wonders why Stefano hasn't asked how Benjy is doing. Steve says if Stefano stays away from Benjy, he will make sure Andre is two steps ahead of the cops. Stefano says Benjy is not Steve's family but Steve disagrees. He tells Stefano to stay away from Benjy and all of his family. Rolf is listening in. Stefano says he would never hurt a child and asks where Andre is. Steve says the police got an anonymous tip of his hideout and are waiting for Andre to show up. On Steve's way out he says Stefano better drop the charges against Salem PD. Rolf asks security to help Stefano to the car as he places chalk marks on the door. Steve is hiding outside and sees the marks.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Nick visits Jett at the hospital and apologizes for the way he's treated him. He hopes they can be friends. Jett accepts Nick's olive branch. Nick is surprised when Jett mentions that Chelsea offered to get him a job with Billie.

Meanwhile, Chelsea has lunch with Billie and asks her mother to give Jett a position with Salem U. campus security. Billie realizes Chelsea only lunched with her because she wanted a favor, but agrees to hire Jett. Chelsea reports back to Jett, who is grateful Chelsea was able to put aside her history with her mom (re: Nick) to help him out. Chelsea is hit as she realizes she just paved the way for him to spend lots of time with her mother. Back at the Pub, Nick meets with Billie, who says she can't find any information on Artemis and DeMarquette's identities.

Steve shows Bo the chalk markings Rolf left at the funeral parlor for Andre. They hide and wait for Andre to come for the coded message. They hope he'll lead them to Roman and the leather folio. Andre arrives, reads the markings and then enters the parlor to retrieve a hidden piece of paper. Bo tries to read the paper from his hiding spot, but can't, so Steve confronts Andre. Steve tries to play like he's on the DiMeras' side, but Andre sees through his act and stabs him in the gut. After Andre runs off, Bo attends to Steve, who managed to get the note, which warns Andre that he may've been compromised. Steve urges Bo to follow Andre, and Bo reluctantly leaves an injured Steve behind.

Stephanie begs Kayla not to call the cops on Jeremy. Stephanie points out Kayla stood by Steve when he was in legal trouble back in the day, but Kayla balks at the comparison. She says she won't call the cops, if Jeremy turns himself in. She and Steve will even help him out. Jeremy says he's been let down too many times before and leaves. Kayla calls the police and Stephanie lashes out at her mother. Jeremy tells Stephanie he's heading for Seattle, but later worms his way into hiding out at Nick's apartment.

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