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Monday, September 10, 2007

Belle and Philip arrive at the women's shelter in Tulsa hoping to find Lauren and the baby. They tried to convince the shelter's director that they were married and that Belle was Lauren's sister. The director tells them that the women there must remain anonymous and that they would not be allowed to enter. Belle continues to try to persuade the director when Philip becomes very frustrated and demands to be let in. The director becomes suspicious as they try to explain the situation and threatens to call the cops. Philip spots Lauren and rushes past security to confront her. A security guard knocks Philip over the head with a club and throws him out of the center. Philip offers to let Belle fly back that night, but he was going to stay and track Lauren down. Belle decides to stay because Philip is injured. She calls Shawn to let him know that she won't make their dinner. Shawn's not happy but she insists it's just one more day.

As Bo reviews the hospital crime scene, Shawn arrives to ask his help. Shawn wants him to put in a good word from him at the academy. Bo tries to talk Shawn out of police work, reminding him how dangerous it is. Bo asks Shawn if he's talked this over with Belle yet, but Shawn doesn't want to disappoint Belle again and wants to wait to say anything until it's a done deal. Shawn is upset because he believes that Bo doesn't want to give him a recommendation because he doesn't think he can do a good job. Bo tells Shawn he just wants him to be safe and for him to want to become a cop for the right reasons. Shawn explains that he doesn't just want a job and paycheck, that he also wants a career that he can be proud of, one that Belle and Claire can be proud of too. Bo finally agrees to put a word in for him. Just as Shawn is about to leave, Bo receives a phone call from Chelsea letting him know that Jett had been shot and that it was very serious.

Rawlings gives Max and Stephanie the option of being shot or jumping out of the plane with a parachute. Max tries to convince Rawlings to let Stephanie go and Max would get out of the plane, but when Rawlings threatened to make Stephanie one of his girls, they jumped out of the plane. They landed in the wilderness but managed to find a cave to spend the night. Stephanie showed Max her cell phone that she stole back from Rawlings and they decided to wait until morning to get to high ground and find their way out. Stephanie sprained her ankle on the landing, and while Max was looking it over, they kiss.

Kayla goes to the police station to be with Steve while he is waiting to be booked. Steve's joking around having a lot of fun with his part in the fake death of Stefano, but Kayla is very upset about the thought of Steve being in jail again. Steve reminds her that this is all necessary to bring Andre out into the open and she has to pretend to everyone, including Stephanie, that he did this. Kayla argues that Stephanie has been through too much to be lied to. Steve agrees.

E.J. arrives at the police station to question Roman about seeing his fathers' body. Roman explains that he is in autopsy right now and that he would be released to the funeral home the next day. E.J. tells Roman that he doesn't believe his father is dead and that the whole thing was a hoax. He threatens to challenge the autopsy in court and to bring the entire conspiracy out in the open. Roman tells him that he'd better face the fact his father is dead. Steve is brought through and E.J. questions him about who put him up to faking his father death. Steve laughs and shows E.J. his bloody clothes and gloats the old man is dead.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bo and Kayla arrive in Vegas and inform Chelsea that Jett is doing just fine at the hospital. Chelsea reports that she hasn't heard from Max or Stephanie, who were last seen heading for the plane.

Back in Salem, Jeremy (who's on the run) approaches Nick and asks him for Steve's phone number; he wants to seek help from Stephanie's dad. Nick calls Kayla, who quickly gleans Jeremy is with him in Salem. Over the phone, Kayla blasts Jeremy for abandoning her daughter, making it clear she and Steve have no intention of helping him. In fact, she wants Nick to call Roman and report Jeremy to the police! A panicky Jeremy gives Nick an envelope to give to Stephanie and then takes off.

In Vegas, Chelsea confides in Kayla that Jett told her he loves her, but she's not sure he meant it. After conferring with the FBI, Bo returns with sobering news. The Touch the Sky plane landed in Mexico, but Max and Stephanie weren't on it. Rawlings escaped, but the foreign girls confessed that he threw the duo off the plane! Bo and Kayla take off to join the search and rescue team.

In the cave, Max questions why Stephanie allowed Jeremy to treat her so poorly. Recalling the hurt she felt when Max dumped her, she declares he's no better than Jeremy when it comes to using women. Max takes strong exception and sparks fly as Stephanie asks why he won't let anyone in. Hating to be analyzed, Max shuts her down but Stephanie makes clear she's "available" if he'd like to make love. Caught off guard, Max declines, citing her unresolved feelings for Jeremy. When she figures out who she wants, she can let him know.

Philip and Belle enlist the help of a police detective, who arranges for Lauren to talk to them. Lauren angrily reminds Philip he didn't want his baby and shows the detective the legal document Philip signed giving up his rights. The detective tells him he'll have to leave. Belle convinces Philip to return to their hotel to give Lauren time to think.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Andre sneaks into Sami's hospital room dressed as a clown and holds a knife to her throat. He demands to know if the cops staged Stefano's death. Sami points out she wasn't there, but as far as she knows, Stefano is really dead. Andre doesn't believe it. He's sure Roman faked Stefano's death to lure him out of hiding. He tells Sami if he's right, he'll kill her and her father. Lucas interrupts, but doesn't realize the clown is Andre. Once Andre leaves, Sami blurts out who he was and Lucas goes after him. Lucas returns, having been unable to catch the clown. Roman arrives and admits Andre was right. Sami warns the plan won't work and that Andre will seek revenge!

At the cave, Max opens up to Stephanie, admitting he suppressed his feelings for her because she was with Jeremy. Stephanie says Jeremy blew his chance. They are starting to make love, when Kayla and Bo arrive to rescue them. Kayla tells Stephanie that Steve has been arrested for Stefano's murder, but it's a trap for Andre. Stephanie explains she has feelings for Max now, not Jeremy, who ran out on her. Kayla informs her that Jeremy went back to Salem wanting Steve's help, which leaves Stephanie feeling confused.

Shawn surprises Belle by showing up in Tulsa with Claire. He's displeased to find Belle and Philip sharing a hotel suite with just one bed. Shawn tells Belle he's decided to become a cop, and she gets angry that he made such a huge decision without consulting her. He fires back that she has a decision of her own to make -- does she want him or Philip? He leaves Claire with Philip and Belle and flies back to Salem alone.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bo, Roman, Hope and Tony prepare to trap Andre at Stefano's fake funeral. They all meet at the pub, where Kate arrives, refusing to spend the day alone for fear of being attacked. Kate meets Anna, and the two women get catty over Roman. Roman heads over to the funeral parlor. As Stefano lies "dead" in the coffin, Roman considers killing him for real, but can't bring himself to do it. A bouquet of flowers shows up for Roman, and when Tony, Anna, Bo and Hope arrive, they discover the card contains a death threat from Andre. Back at the pub, Kate's all alone when Andre shows up and tries to break the locked door down.

E.J. tricks Sami into admitting Stefano isn't really dead, but she makes him swear not to say anything. She and E.J. read more Colleen/Santo letters. Sami connects with Colleen on such a strong emotional level that she and E.J. find themselves in the Irish inn with Santo and Colleen. Sami and E.J. "watch" as Santo proposes to Colleen. Colleen is still torn between Santo and the church, but he pressures her for an answer.

Shawn fills Hope in on what happened in Tulsa. She tells Shawn he needs to get over it before he loses his family. Meanwhile, Philip and Belle grow closer over her fury regarding Shawn's jealousy. The shelter's administer, April, shows up at the hotel room, and informs Philip Lauren took off, leaving a note saying he'll never find his son. Alone, Philip and Belle come close to kissing until she pulls away.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Andre forces his way into the closed Brady's Pub and tells a frightened Kate she's going to help him lure Roman into a trap. Shawn exits the kitchen, sees Andre and goes on the attack. Andre knocks Shawn out and drags him, unconscious, to the back. Then Belle arrives. Upon seeing Andre, she frantically dials Bo at the funeral parlor but Andre takes the phone from her. He warns Bo not to alert anyone to the call or he'll kill Shawn and Belle. Andre gives Bo a cryptic message, hinting that E.J. is involved in their kidnapping. After he hangs up, Andre locks Belle in the walk-in cooler with Shawn. Belle and Shawn reconcile, and he comes up with a plan to blow the locked door open. Meanwhile, Andre forces Kate to call Roman. She tells him she's alone at the pub and just saw Andre outside.

Guests arrive for Stefano's fake funeral and the cops prepare for Andre to strike. Still recovering from surgery, Benjy signs to Lexie that he's going to make sure Stefano stays dead -- he doesn't know it's all a hoax. Unbeknownst to everyone, Benjy conceals a gun. Grandpa Shawn shows up and recalls memories of his sister and Santo. Per Andre's orders, Bo leaves the church without telling anyone about the call, but a suspicious Hope follows him.

While reading the letters, Sami and E.J. imagine themselves watching Colleen and Santo in the past. Santo wants Colleen to be his wife, but she's still torn between him and the church. She asks for one more day to make her decision, and Santo agrees. Lucas arrives at the hospital and interrupts Sami and E.J. He blows up over finding his wife with E.J. yet again. Bo barges in and grabs E.J., demanding to know where Belle and Shawn are. E.J. swears he was with Sami the whole evening and suggests Andre's call was meant to create a distraction for Bo. Bo realizes he's been had. On his way out, he runs into Hope and admits the kids are in trouble -- but he has no idea where they are!