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Monday, July 2, 2007

E.J. informs Stefano that he is the father of Sami's twins. Stefano demands the children be raised by the DiMeras, but E.J. doesn't think Sami will agree to that -- unless Stefano agrees to end the vendetta against the Bradys. Tony berates E.J. for putting Sami's interests ahead of the family. The brothers argue, and an upset Stefano collapses. Dr. Rolf says Stefano has taken a turn for the worse and needs the stem cells from Sami's unborn twins ASAP.

Sami and Lucas are in the safe house, about to make love, when she pulls back. She fears the cops guarding them outside will overhear. Lucas turns the television volume up in order to mask their sexual exploits. But when gunshots go off on the TV, two cops burst into the room, fearing Sami and Lucas are in danger -- and the couple is caught nearly inflagrante delicto!

Shawn expresses to Belle his desire to move out of Philip's place in order to bond as a family with Claire. Belle surprises him by echoing his sentiment, but she refuses to accept Bo and Hope's offer to move in with them. Later, Shawn receives a call from Cleveland about a job opportunity selling auto parts. He is unaware that Philip arranged for it per Belle's request. Shawn arranges to go to Cleveland for a July 4th company picnic/interview. Shawn then informs Philip that he, Belle and Claire are moving out of the Kiriakis Mansion as soon as he returns from Cleveland, whether he gets the job or not.

After learning Roman and Anna slept together, Hope quizzes him about his feelings for his ex-wife. He admits his ex-wife drives him crazy, but he is attracted to her. Anna arrives to talk to Roman. After they leave, Hope claims since Roman is, indeed, interested in Anna, she wins the bet she made with Bo. Bo's consequence for losing is diaper duty until Christmas.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Chelsea and Nick meet Jett and his fiance, Danielle, at the Cheatin Heart. Chelsea hopes Nick will stop acting jealous once he sees that Jett is devoted to his girlfriend. Chelsea is shocked, however, when she overhears Danielle on her cell phone, telling someone she loves them and cant wait to see them. Jett confides in Nick that he thinks Danielle is cheating on him.

Steve arrives at the bar and greets Adrienne, who is the new owner of the Cheatin Heart. He bristles at the sight of Jeremy dancing provocatively with Stephanie.

A suspicious Bo gets Philip to admit he pulled strings to get Shawn an interview with the auto parts company in Cleveland. Meanwhile, an anxious Shawn gets ready to leave for the airport when Belle decides to calm his nerves about the job interview by initiating lovemaking.

Bo tells Shawn that Philip was behind the interview. Shawn suspects his former best friend is trying to hook him up with a job thatll keep him on the road for weeks at a time so Philip can move in on Belle. Bo convinces Shawn to go ahead with the interview anyway. Before he leaves, Shawn receives a mysterious phone call -- from Mimi.

Philip tells Belle that Bo figured everything out and is probably filling Shawn in about the job. They call Shawn, who claims he isnt mad and is still going to the interview. However, Shawn secretly calls the airline to cancel his flight to Cleveland and book a flight to Indianapolis instead.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Bradys and the Hortons gather at Bo and Hope's house for a Fourth of July celebration.

Bo and Hope urge Lexie to visit Abe, especially now that he has his sight back. Lexie is afraid of hurting Abe again, and she flees before Abe's nephew, Jett, spots her.

Chelsea wants to tell Jett that Danielle is cheating on him. An annoyed Nick informs her that Jett already has suspicions about Danielle's infidelity and tells Chelsea to stay out of it.

Max brings expensive gifts for Ciara, prompting Bo to question where he got the money. Max reluctantly tells his brother about his side business with Jeremy, and Bo reminds him it's illegal. Max insists he'll bail if it starts to get too risky.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Steve apologizes to Jeremy for the way he's treated him and suggests a family dinner in the future. Jeremy and Stephanie are surprised by Steve's turnaround, but privately, Steve still disapproves of his daughter's boyfriend.

At the family BBQ, Alice warns Jeremy not to get into trouble. Kayla returns to town from her medical conference and is reunited with Steve. She learns Grandpa Shawn isn't attending the party to avoid questions about Colleen, but she ultimately convinces her father to come.

Having seen Belle and Philip at the beach earlier, Marlena confronts her daughter about her feelings for Philip. Belle insists they're just friends, but Marlena still worries. Shawn arrives, but doesn't tell Belle he ditched the interview and went to Indianapolis instead. Shawn makes arrangements with Max to manage the garage. Meanwhile, Philip gets a mysterious phone call, and he hears a baby's cry over the line.

The Bradys, Hortons and all of their friends pose for a family photo.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Today's episode of Days of our Lives was pre-empted due to NBC Sports coverage of the The Championships, Wimbledon 2007. This pre-emption was expected and there will be no lost episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, July 9th.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Today's episode of Days of our Lives was pre-empted due to NBC Sports coverage of the The Championships, Wimbledon 2007. This pre-emption was expected and there will be no lost episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, July 9th.

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