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Monday, March 19, 2007

Lucas showed Kate swatches from Sami's bridesmaids' dresses, so she could pick a color-coordinated dress. Kate hemmed and hawed about it, since she already bought an Armando original. Eventually, she gave in. Meanwhile, Sami and Chelsea got fitted for their wedding and bridesmaid dresses, as Sami fretted about her latest trip down the aisle going off without a hitch. Sami noted that she invited Kate for Lucas's sake and hoped her future mother-in-law would behave. Chelsea wondered how Sami could forgive Kate and went on about how she hated Billie since learning she slept with Nick. Sami recounted finding Marlena and John together, years ago, and how she'd let it fester inside her. She advised Chelsea to straighten things out with her mom, but Chelsea wasn't very receptive. There was a knock on the door and it was E.J., who'd figured out that Billie was with Steve earlier. Chelsea left, and E.J. taunted Sami about the baby she was carrying. Sami told him that she'd had an amnio and would have proof that the child was Lucas's soon. E.J. warned Sami that she'd better not be up to anything.

Steve instructed Billie that they were leaving via her fire escape. Just then, Chelsea knocked at the door and called out to her mom. Steve insisted he and Billie exit as planned. He needed her to get across the state line. As they made their getaway, Kayla filled Marlena in on the situation with Steve: the police had an APB out on him. Kayla apologized for what happened to John. He and Steve were both victims of the DiMeras, who turned them into violent people. Marlena pointed out that she was never afraid of John, even while Steve tried to kill Kayla and kidnapped John from the hospital. Kayla's phone rang and it was E.J., informing her that Steve was at Billie's apartment. Marlena wanted to call Roman, but Kayla insisted on handling this herself. Kayla and Marlena arrived at Billie's only to find that she and Steve were gone. Kayla found a map with a route highlighted on it and showed it to Marlena. Kayla begged Marlena to go with her to find Billie and Steve. Marlena wanted to call Roman, but reluctantly agreed.

Nick found Willow sobbing after her doctor's appointment and asked if she was okay. Willow said she had no job, no money and no place to live, before getting up to leave and fainting. When Willow came to, Nick offered to help her get subsidized housing via his Uncle Mickey. Willow hugged Nick just as Chelsea arrived. When Willow left, Nick apologized to Chelsea again, but she wasn't interested. It was over between them. Later, Chelsea showed up at Willow's room at the YWCA and warned her to steer clear of Nick.

E.J. arrived at Kate's, where she babbled on about her dress and Sami torturing her. E.J. noted that Sami had more on her mind than torturing Kate. "She is up to something. Isn't she?" asked Kate, suggesting that E.J. had his own agenda, too. E.J. countered that he and Kate had the same agenda, as he started nuzzling her neck and reminding her of that old saying, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Meanwhile, Lucas arrived home to Sami and told her that Kate loved the fabric sample. The phone rang and it was Kate, apologizing for her behavior earlier. She had an idea: She wanted to toss Sami a surprise wedding shower as a gesture of good will. Lucas was thrilled.

While Billie drove their getaway car, Steve noticed his map was gone. He accused Billie of leaving it behind on purpose, so someone could tail them. Steve screamed at Billie to pull over and get out of the car. Billie refused and they struggled for the steering wheel as the car swerved off the road.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kayla and Marlena use the map Billie left behind to follow her and Steve. Kayla vows that once Steve is safely back in the hospital, she's going after E.J. herself. Marlena warns her not to underestimate the DiMeras. They stop at a gas station, and Kayla goes in to show Steve's photo around. Marlena calls Roman and tells him where they are and what they're doing. Kayla returns, says no one recognized Steve, but a trucker saw a car in a ditch not far up ahead.

Meanwhile, Steve has carried unconscious Billie half a mile to a cabin. He brings her inside and leaves her, but when she comes to, he's returned to make sure she's okay. He starts to leave again, but she tells him he can't run from something inside his head. She suggests he go back and get help. He refuses, but when he opens the door to leave, Kayla and Marlena are there. They beg him to come back to Salem with them. He refuses, and Marlena tells him she's not letting him go until he agrees to give himself up.

On Tinda Lau, Belle wants to ask her for a room that has two beds. Shawn worries that they'll call attention to themselves, and says he'll sleep on the veranda. Belle thinks he just doesn't want Gabby and Duck to know they're not sleeping together. Shawn doesn't understand but Belle says she just wants time to sort out her feelings about him. Shawn doesn't need time; he loves her and Claire and wants them to be a family. They're interrupted by Duck, who needs Shawn's help in the bar. Gabby goes upstairs and asks Belle if they need anything. She figures out they're not married, and Belle admits they're not sure of their feelings. Gabby realizes she shouldn't have assumed they'd want a room with one bed, offers to move them.

Chelsea tells Willow to keep away from Nick, and accuses her of setting the fire at Bo's house. Willow declares that she has no reason to hurt Bo and Hope, who are treating her like the daughter they never had. Chelsea warns her again to keep her hands off Nick, then leaves, distraught. Willow realizes she needs to get rid of the stolen jewelry.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Convinced he can overpower Marlena, Steve tries to make his escape, but she sprays him twice with mace. Once he's incapacitated, Marlena and Billie tie him up, while Kayla watches in horror. Marlena worries about Billie's health with her concussion and leaves Kayla alone with Steve to check on Billie. Steve pretends to be "the old Steve" again, trying to convince Kayla to let him go. Kayla starts to fall for it, but she tests him by kissing him, and realizes he's lying to her. Steve coldly laughs in her face, and Kayla realizes the man she married is truly gone. Meanwhile, outside in Marlena's car, she and Billie argue about whether or not E.J. is guilty of doing this to Steve. Marlena warns Billie to be careful. Later, Marlena tranquilizes a drugged Steve, as the police arrive.

Shawn tries to lie to Duck about what he's running from, but Duck threatens to call the states. Finally, Shawn gives in and tells Duck about Philip. Duck agrees not to turn them in, but also warns Shawn that if trouble shows up at their door, he won't protect him and Belle. Meanwhile, Gabby agrees to help Belle move two twin beds into the room. Belle is moved and the girls bond, until Gabby offers to take Claire to the beach. Belle admits she's nervous giving Claire to strangers, and misses having her family around. Gabby convinces her that one call to the States won't hurt anything. Later, Belle lies to Shawn to get him out of the bar so she can call Marlena. Before she gets through, Shawn catches her.

E.J. confronts Celeste at the Penthouse Grill, trying to get her to admit that she's conspiring with Sami against him. Celeste turns the tables on him, accusing him of murdering Lexie. E.J. says he knows he saw Celeste and Sami in the ladies room together. Celeste sticks to her story, but we see E.J. is not giving up.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Shawn slams the phone down before Belle's call is connected. Their argument escalates until Shawn says they don't have a life back in Salem -- this is it! Belle understands where Shawn's coming from, but she wants a compromise. All she's asking is to call her mom. Shawn thinks it's far too risky. Philip could find out. Shawn says instead they'll write a confidential letter to Roman at the PD with their number at the hotel. Later, they give the letter to Gabby to drop in the mail. When Shawn heads up to their room, he is livid when he sees the double bed has been replaced with two twin beds. Belle tries to explain herself, but Shawn won't hear it. Meanwhile, Gabby rips up the letter and tosses it in the trash.

Billie tells Chelsea about the car accident and Steve. Woozy Billie almost collapses and Chelsea calls the doctor. When she's alone, Billie sneaks a peek in her daughter's diary. Just as Chelsea's about to take off, Billie stops her and asks if she wants to talk. In a rare moment, Chelsea opens up to her mom about how scared she is about her dad, the fire and Nick. Billie asks for Chelsea's trust, but she isn't ready for that. Roman stops by and questions Chelsea about the fire. He tells her that some of Hope's jewelry is missing. Chelsea assures Roman she didn't take it, but he continues with the questions. Billie stands up for Chelsea, much to her surprise. Later, Chelsea gathers her suitcases to leave, but it seems as though she might be on her way to reconciliation with Billie.

Roman tells Kayla the judge wants Steve behind bars as soon as he gets checked out at University Hospital. Kayla convinces Roman to let Steve get checked by his doctor at the state hospital. Later, Kayla makes her heartfelt plea with Dr. Kraft at the state hospital. Little does she know, Steve has heard every word of it and is deeply affected. A huge moment as Dr. Kraft agrees to make the request.

Friday, March 23, 2007

E.J. shows up and tries to ingratiate himself with Nick to get information about Sami's lab work, but he refuses to cooperate. Meanwhile, Lucas is working at home when he discovers the blank lab report Sami got from Nick. Sami covers. Lucas crumples the report and throws it in the trash. Sami tells Lucas to wait for her in the bedroom while she takes the trash to the incinerator. She is about to retrieve the document when Lucas returns and asks her to join him at a lunch meeting with The Knot magazine and web site. Sami agrees.

Sami takes the trash out as Lucas calls Kate to confirm that he's distracting Sami long enough for Kate to plan a surprise wedding shower. Meanwhile, outside her apartment, Sami is rooting through the trash when E.J. questions what she's looking for. Sami covers and hides the report as E.J. asks her when she's expecting the results from her amnio. Sami assures him he'll know when she does. Willow shows up at E.J.'s door needing help. She wants money for the jewels she stole from Bo and Hope's house. E.J. gives her the name of a fence and warns her not to bother him again.

Steve is back in the state hospital, taking his meds. Kayla shows up. Steve wants to make a deal: if she won't tell Stephanie he's in the loony bin, he'll cooperate and try to get better. Kayla isn't sure she can trust him. Steve knows she loves him, and he loves her. As proof, he kisses her. Kayla confirms his kiss felt real but she's still not sure he's sincere. If he really wants to cooperate, he'll name the man who forced him to abduct John Black to steal his kidney. Steve refuses, so Kayla tells him he's left her no choice; she's going to have to go after E.J. herself. Steve freaks and warns her E.J.'s dangerous, but Kayla is determined and Steve is in no position to stop her.

Shawn interprets Belle's insistence on twin beds as another indication she doesn't want to sleep with him. Belle admits she's still confused. Shawn doesn't know what more he can do to prove his commitment. Angry Shawn grabs his pillow and blanket and goes to sleep on the beach!

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