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Monday, February 19, 2007

Max's Garage : Abby just finished working on a car when Nick comes in, telling her he has a leak in his brain, and he was wondering if she could fix it. Nick tells Abby that he should have listened to her and told Chelsea the truth, that he was behind the emails. Abby agrees that he should have listened, as now he faces the possibility of Chelsea never speaking to him again. Nick asks Abby what she is doing at the garage. Abby explains that Max has work piling up and she wanted to give him a hand. Nick warns Abby that she should not spend so much time with Max, worried that she may get hurt. Abby confesses to Nick that she told Max about having a crush on him and to her surprise; he felt the same way also. However, he is with Mimi, and everything is okay. Nick goes on to beat himself up for what he did to Chelsea, and starts to think up ideas to make everything all right. He suggests that Abby and Max can find a connection for him to buy Chelsea a car. Abby thinks that is ridiculous, and tells Nick that she is his cousin, and Chelsea's friend, and would rather stay neutral and does not want to be in the middle. She suggests that Nick talk to Dr. Rebert and try to get Chelsea the lab assistant position in his office. Abby gets a call from Chelsea asking her to come over. Before leaving, Abby tells Nick to call Dr. Rebert.

Billie's Apartment : Chelsea is still upset, as she listens to the numerous messages left by Nick, to call him so he can explain himself. Chelsea tells her mom that she wishes he would stop calling her. Billie comes to Nick's defense telling Chelsea that the emails he sent where words from his heart, and that he wanted to tell her the truth. Chelsea agrees that he should have been honest with her. Billie asks Chelsea how she would have reacted if he had been honest with her. Chelsea does not have a response, and Billie thinks it is because she would have laughed at him, as she has done on numerous occasions. She goes further to tell Chelsea that she has always made fun of him and called him names. Chelsea asks Billie whose side she is on. Billie retaliates with the story of Cyrano de Bergerac and Roxanne, telling Chelsea it is somewhat romantic. Chelsea seems a bit annoyed with her mom. Billie tells Chelsea she has a right to be upset, but to get over it, give him a second chance, treat him the way she would want to be treated, and that Chelsea, of all people, knows what it is like not to get another chance. Billie further emphasizes that statement by telling her that Nick has been an exceptional friend to her.

Later, Abby shows up to talk to Chelsea. She tells Abby that she has had a bad couple of days. Abby brings up her dad but Chelsea does not want to talk about it. She goes further to say that she hates Nick and never wants to see him again. Abby tries to defend Nick. She tells Chelsea how terrible Nick feels, and how she tried to talk him into telling Chelsea the truth. Chelsea is furious. She cannot believe Abby knew about this all along, and did not say anything to her about it. Abby tells her that she has no excuses for not telling her, that she is both their friend, and did not want to be in the middle. Chelsea wonders who all knew, and if everyone is laughing at her. Abby assures her that only her and Nick knew about the situation. Chelsea's phone rings, it is Dr. Rebert asking if she is still interested in the job, and he asks if she would like to come down for an interview. Chelsea tells him she will be right down. Abby is shocked that Chelsea still wants the job. Chelsea tells her she is going to use this job to make Nick jealous. Chelsea asks Abby to lock up when she leaves. After Chelsea leaves, Abby calls Nick and tells him it was a great idea to call his boss. Nick tells Abby he has not called Dr. Rebert yet. Abby tells him that the Doctor called and asked Chelsea to come for an interview.

Chez Rouge: Nick is up at the bar at Chez Rouge, slamming back beer. Billie comes over to talk to him, asking why he wanted to meet her. Billie asks how many beers Nick has drunk; he clearly seems a bit buzzed. Nick tells her, he has had two beers, but is going to have three. Billie is upset that Nick is drinking and takes the beer away, ordering him an espresso. Nick wants to know what he can do to make things right with Chelsea. Billie tells him, knowing her daughter the way she does, it will be awhile before she forgives him, and that awhile, could be a long time. Nick goes on and on about what he did, and Billie tells him that everyone makes mistakes, look at her; she slept with the person interested in her daughter. Nick takes his espresso and drinks it like it is a shot of the best tequila, burning his mouth in the process, and tries to calm it with a glass of water. He wonders what he can do to make this up to Chelsea. He tells Billie of Abby's idea, but thinks it could go either way, she could forgive him, or she could hate him more. He tells Billie he is going to call Dr. Rebert tomorrow. Nick gets a call from Abby telling him that Chelsea has an interview, Nick looks worried and leaves.

Steve and Kayla's Suite: Kayla comes into the living room to find Steve lifting weights. He tells her that he cannot sleep. Steve asks her if she is disappointed in him for not staying at the hospital. Kayla tells Steve that she is just frustrated; she wants to see Steve get some help and get better. She asks him if he has another plan, because if he does; it is time to step up to the plate. Steve insists that he cannot live doped up in the hospital, and all that he needs is her. Kayla feels that Steve is trying to get her to give him an ultimatum. That he wants her to tell him to pack his bags. Kayla tells Steve not to take a cowards way out. She reassures him that he is the man she wants, that she has never given up on him, and never will. Steve cries and tells her that he is scared, he does not want to live like this; things have to get better. Kayla comments on the fact the DiMeras took him from his grave and tortured him all these years, any other person would not have made it through, but he is a strong man and he will make it through this as well. Later, Steve and Kayla are in bed, and Steve tells her that when he meets "the big dude", referring to god, and he asks him what the best thing he ever accomplished was, he is going to tell him the best thing he did was letting his guard down once, and letting this woman named Kayla into his heart. He goes further to say that he does not know if that will get him into Heaven, but right now, this is heaven, as he holds her close. Steve tells Kayla that he has decided to talk to Marlena. Kayla thinks that is a good idea. Later, as they are asleep, Steve dreams about being tortured, he hears E.J keep saying "you're one of us now Steve." Steve wakes up suddenly, staring at Kayla.

E.J at a Warehouse: E.J is secretly meeting an unknown person at a warehouse. This person tells E.J, "HE" is in the back of the truck. E.J demands the man put him in the warehouse. Inside the warehouse, it seems it has been made into a hospital room. The doctor checks the person's vitals and he seems stable. E.J pays the man who delivered, and tells him it would be a good idea if he kept his mouth shut. Later, we see E.J sitting beside this person saying, "I have bought the best technologically advanced equipment, I have paid for the best Doctors and Nurses, nothing is too good for you, Father." E.J turns on opera music, saying he knows how much he loves it. He further says, he has escaped death so many times and will again. E.J tells him, he is the person today because of the advanced education he received, and all the luxuries that he provided, and how he gave him the world. E.J states that now, it is time for him to give back. E.J tells him, he is going to save his life, even if it means others must die.