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Monday, October 2, 2006

Shawn overhears Mimi and Bonnie on the baby monitor. Mimi says she's known ever since Claire's transplant that Shawn was the baby's biological father. Mimi's been lying to him all this time! Enraged Shawn confronts Mimi. Bonnie tries to take the blame, but Shawn won't listen. He never should've trusted Mimi, never should've married her! Mimi is devastated, as Shawn tells her their marriage is over. He walks out on her, leaving Mimi shattered and sobbing.

In counterpoint, Belle is still in the ER after her miscarriage scare. Philip lovingly vows that he's there to support her and the baby. He just wants everything to go back to the way it was. Belle, however, is afraid that can't happen. After all, Shawn is Claire's father, and the father of her unborn baby. They all have to deal with that. The alarm on the baby's heart monitor sounds (due to Belle's increased stress) and Dr. Ross rushes in to examine her. The baby's heartbeat is weak and Ross wants to admit Belle for further tests. Belle fears she's losing her baby.

Bo comforts an exhausted Hope in the waiting area. Kate soon arrives and Bo and Hope fill her in on the news about Belle's near miscarriage. They also inform her that Shawn is Claire's biological father. Kate has to cover, since she's known the truth all along, but can't let on, and Bo and Hope note her odd reaction. Later, in private with Philip, it appears Kate wishes Belle would lose the baby. Philip is furious. Meanwhile, Hope visits with Belle. She thinks Belle needs to reevaluate her future. What if she really belongs with Shawn?

Billie comes home to an angry Chelsea. She can't believe her mom was kissing Steve! Later, at the hospital, Chelsea gives Bo a head's up that Billie may be getting closer to Steve. Bo is not happy about this. But if Chelsea is simply trying to push Bo back with Billie, the answer is still no.

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Sami and Lucas, new roommates for Will's sake, are getting ready to take their son to a family dinner. Sami walks in on shirtless Lucas, and can't help staring. E.J. enters, none too pleased that Sami and Lucas are shacking up. Sami quickly explains that it's platonic, they're doing this for Will. Besides, Lucas is sleeping on the couch. Relieved, E.J. asks Sami out on a date. Lucas is privately angry as Sami agrees to go to dinner the next night. Later, Lucas tells Sami he doesn't want to sleep on the couch. He tries to convince her to share her bed, but she refuses. We see the unspoken attraction between the two.

Bo and Hope go out for coffee after a hard day. Bo can't get over the fact that Hope is a grandmother. She's still so young and beautiful. We see their deep connection as they take a stroll on the docks and soon find themselves at the Fancy Face. In a series of emotional scenes, Hope confides her feelings of responsibility for Zack's death. Bo wishes she wouldn't blame herself. She was a perfect mother to their little boy. Heartfelt emotion leads to romance. Bo and Hope kiss, and he carries her onto the boat. They're finally reunited, and they make heart-stopping love!

Bonnie finds Mimi alone and devastated after Shawn walked out on her. Bonnie tries to lift her daughter's spirits, but Mimi is sure her marriage is over. In counterpoint, Shawn works off his anger on the basketball court where he meets a young hooker named Willow. Shawn doesn't want her services, but he gives her cash to get off the street and buy new clothes. He also gives her Maggie's phone number, and a reference for a job opening at Chez Rouge. Willow is moved. She leaves Shawn with an angel medal, hoping it will solve all his problems. Alone, Shawn stares at the medal, wondering what to do.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Bo and Hope wake up in each other's arms having spent a romantic night on the boat. Hope learns today is Patrick's hearing and wants to attend. Bo hopes to convince her to stay with him and urges her not to go. We see how much he loves her and wants to make things right but Hope wants to take things slowly.

At the courthouse, Mimi visits Patrick before his hearing. She tells her brother about her break-up with Shawn. Later, at the hearing, Patrick confides with his attorney, Cameron Reese. Bo arrives to testify and sees Hope. She explains that she had to come. If not for Patrick, then for the baby she's carrying. Patrick and Hope reunite against Bo's wishes. There is almost a scuffle but Bonnie and Hope stop the two. Also, Mimi informs Bo and Hope that Shawn has left her.

E.J. crows to a reporter about what a great driver Stephanie Johnson is. Kate is also optimistic and thinks Stephanie has what it takes to beat Max Brady. In counterpoint, we see Max and Stephanie getting closer. Shawn tells the two of them to cool it. Max asks Shawn if he's okay. He seems really on edge today. Shawn admits he's stressed. Not only is his marriage to Mimi over, but Belle had the scare with their unborn child.

Kate has a proposition for Stephanie. She wants Stephanie to befriend heartsick Philip. Back at the garage, E.J. pays a visit and gives the competition his best. Shawn and Max thank him -- it seems E.J.'s truly being sincere. Later, Shawn learns from his pit captain that Belle never left the hospital and that the baby could be in jeopardy.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

At the hospital, Belle's condition is critical. Shawn and Philip await word from the doctor. Shawn insists he has a right to be there as the father of Belle's baby. Strong Philip tells Shawn he has no idea of what it means to be a father. Later, Hope arrives. She's concerned about Belle and the baby. She talks to Shawn about his split with Mimi. Shawn is resolved: his marriage is over. Hope tells Shawn to be with the one he loves. Shawn feels his mom should take her own advice. Hope, however, is still conflicted about Bo. Meanwhile, Philip visits with very sick Belle. She asks him to promise: no matter what, don't let them harm her baby. Philip promises. Later, Belle slips into unconsciousness. The prognosis is grim: they will either lose Belle or her baby.

Without Shawn to help, Max works on his race car before the Grand Prix. The gloved hand lurks in the shadows and when Max drives out, we see a discarded glove on the garage floor with a note.

Meanwhile, Stephanie is at the race track with her family. She's upset when her dad arrives with Billie. Kayla is also crushed. Grandpa Shawn urges her not to give up. Kayla made Steve fall in love with her before; she can do it again. Max arrives in the nick of time. Chelsea is irked at seeing him pose for photos with Stephanie.

The race begins. Stephanie and Max are neck and neck. Meanwhile, Abby returns to the garage to get Champagne for the winner's circle and finds the note and the glove. She freaks. Back at the track, just as Max is about to win the race, his car catches fire and hits Stephanie's.

Bo waits at the courthouse to testify against Patrick. The judge convenes the hearing, and asks Patrick how he intends to plead. Patrick swears he's innocent. Bo takes the stand, and presents the evidence. Cameron Reese, Patrick's attorney, strenuously objects: they will prove Bo has reason to deliberately railroad Patrick. Hope walks in on this tense moment.

Abe keeps up his ruse, dating Lexie to investigate her. Roman warns him he's playing with fire. Abe makes a date with Lexie for a quiet dinner at home. After Abe leaves, Tek moves up and tells Lexie it's all a set up. Abe's only "dating" her as part of a police investigation.

Friday, October 6, 2006

It's touch and go as Stephanie is wheeled into the trauma center. Kayla is distraught and fears the worst. At the same time, Steve is hesitant to go to the hospital to check on his daughter. Billie encourages him, saying that he needs to be there for her. Steve and Billie talk and she tells him that if he remembers his life with Kayla, she will remove herself from the equation.

Meanwhile, Kayla paces, waiting for news. Max shows up, having only suffered minor bruises, and says it's his fault. Kayla comforts him and says he shouldn't blame himself. Later, Stephanie comes to and asks for Steve. Steve goes in to see his daugther, and Kayla tells Billie they need to talk. Billie assures Kayla that if Steve's memory returns she will step aside. Later, Steve offers a loving speech to Stephanie. He reaches out to touch her and his memory of holding his newborn daughter returns!

Dr. Ross tells Philip that in order for Belle to live, they must take her baby. Philip makes a tough decision and Belle's pregnancy is terminated. This is particularly hard on Shawn, but he knows Philip is doing the right thing. Later, Belle comes to and is devastated at the loss. Philip stays with her and Shawn goes to the loft and relieves Claire's sitter. Shawn has trouble comforting Claire and when Philip arrives, he goes ballistic. Later, still reeling from everything, Shawn makes a decision and drops his custody lawsuit.

Roman brings the evidence from Max's garage to Patrick's hearing and he's exonerated. Once he's released, Patrick asks for a shot at a future with Hope but we see she's too conflicted. Meanwhile, Bo swears he arrested Patrick because of evidence, not jealousy. Roman chastises Bo and warns him to back off Lockhart or lose his badge.

Abe realizes he still wants a future with Lexie. Unfortunately, she heard from Tek about Abe's betrayal and she's loaded for bear. Later, both realize they've still got it bad for each other and they start to make love.

Mimi intends to give up her baby with Philip but Bonnie has other plans.

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