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Monday, May 1, 2006

The police are raiding Dune due to Sami's fake tip. Lucas tells Sami they both have reasons not to get arrested, then drags her out, as Austin and Carrie both decide to make a getaway as well. As both couples sneak away, Lexie tells Tek she can't let Abe catch them together. Just as they try to make their way out, Abe walks in. Tek tells Lexie to go through the window, and they go out into the alleyway. A cop comes to check it out, and finds Lexie's bracelet, which she dropped. Outside, Lexie and Tek have sex while they wait for everyone to clear out. Back inside, Abe is questioning Jada when the cop brings him Lexie's bracelet. Realizing who it belongs to, Jada covers for Tek and Lexie, saying the bracelet belongs to her. Abe seems to buy this and goes about his business. Meanwhile, as Austin and Carrie barricade themselves in a storage room, Sami and Lucas hide in the wine cellar. They take a few verbal swipes at each other, then talk about how their arrest would affect Will if they were caught. They talk about their failures as parents and about their love for thei son. As Sami becomes a bit agitated, Lucas sees a cop coming and pulls Sami into a kiss. He then pulls back, telling her he did it to shut her up. She tells Lucas to admit she still gets to him, which he does, but then begins to question her about her fight with Lexie. She tells Lucas she has something on Lexie, and that she will not let their lives with Carrie and Austin be ruined. As she says this, Austin is in the storage room trying to convince Carrie they belong together. They talk about the events of the past few months and Austin pushes her to admit she loves him, but she sticks with her resolve that she is going to marry Lucas. Austin won't take no for an answer, though, and they share a kiss.

Frankie is on the phone seeing what his sources know about Patrick when Jennifer walks in. She does not want to believe Patrick is dangerous, knowing that he is with Hope. Frankie tells her if this is true, he is very dangerous, then takes his cell phone outside to finish his call, while Jennifer calls Hope. Hope tells her she is about to go out with Patrick, prompting Jennifer to tell her about Bo suspecting Patrick in the murder case. Hope refuses to believe it, defending Patrick. When Jennifer questions their relationship, Hope tells her about Alma, making Jennifer suspicious. Meanwhile, outside, Frankie finishes his phone call and runs into Chelsea, who is waiting for Abby. They discuss her case and whether she should tell Bo the truth over her fake emails. SHe asks Frankie for purely legal advice, saying she will follow it. When Frankie says from a legal standpoint she should keep her mouth shut, she decides to go with that, upsetting Frankie. He calls to check on Bo, and finds out he's at the Cheatin' Heart. As he heads inside, Chelsea begins to text Billie about where Bo is. Frankie then barges in while Jennifer is still on the phone with Hope and announces that Bo is out drinking and Billie has probably followed him. Hope, hearing this, rushes off the phone. She looks at a picture of Bo, then tells Patrick she is ready to go. Back at Jenn's, after discussing Bo and Hope, Frankie tells Jennifer he wants to make love to her, then carries her up the stairs to bed.

Outside the house, Abby walks up and asks Chelsea what she is doing. When Chelsea tells her, they discuss Bo and Billie, and also Jennifer and Frankie. Abby refuses to believe that her mother would move on with Frankie, and when Chelsea insists she already has, Abby slaps her. Chelsea tells her she has to accept it, which upsets Abby and she heads inside to talk to her mother - and finds her in bed with Frankie.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Belle puts her foot in her mouth about Shawn's desire to have his own child. Mimi overhears and is upset. Angry Shawn lays into Belle and tries to comfort Mimi. He tells her that he's thrilled to adopt a child with her. In fact, he'd be honored.

At the same time, Belle tells Philip she didn't mean any harm. Philip knows. Belle apologizes and she and Mimi make up. A bartender overhears Shawn talking about Mimi's inability to have children. She offers some friendly advice about another way to have children, and Mimi and Shawn realize they might be able to have a baby after all.

Abby has caught Frankie and Jennifer in bed together! Jennifer tries to get Abby to calm down. Abby doesn't want to hear it and Jennifer nearly slaps her. She apologizes to her daughter and confides in her that she loves Frankie and that her moving on is what Jack wanted. She plays the tape Jack left and Abby breaks down. She apologizes to Frankie.

Frankie and Max talk about Chelsea. Frankie struggles as he remembers Chelsea telling him how she manipulated Bo's emails to Hope in order to break them up.

Max tries to reach out to Chelsea. After his encouragement, she goes to find Bo to tell him the truth about keeping him away from Hope.

Billie tries to get Bo to fight for Hope. He storms out of the bar and Billie follows. Bo and Billie end up on the mountaintop. Billie wants Bo to go after Hope and she says that she'll help. She thinks it'll be like one of their adventures. Thinking of his own adventures with Hope, Bo leans over and kisses Billie and the two start to make love. Chelsea arrives to tell her parents the truth, but after seeing Bo and Billie having sex, she realizes that her parents are together and that she can never tell them now.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Jennifer and Frankie discuss Abby walking in on them. Jennifer tells him that she feels guilty, then runs out to the backyard after saying that being with him is a mistake. Frankie follows her out, and she tells him that she can't do this to him anymore. She says she feels like she is betraying Jack's memory. Frankie says that he would wait forever for her, that he never should have left her to go to Columbia. Jennifer says that she wouldn't want to change the past, and Frankie asks why they can't change the future. He tells her that she is the love of his life. Jennifer suddenly changes her mind, and says she wants a future with him. She asks him to make love to her, and they do, right there in the backyard.

Chelsea is in Salem Place, about to take a bottle of alcohol out of her purse, when Max shows up demanding to know why she didn't call him back when he left her a message. Not wanting to hear it, Chelsea ducks into the coffee shop, where Abby has been hanging out with Josh. Abby apologizes to Chelsea for slapping her, then tells her about walking in on her mom and Frankie in bed. Chelsea tells her she is sorry about how things turned out, and they discuss Bo and Hope as Chelsea takes Abby's iced coffee and puts alcohol in it. Abby goes to get a new one, just as Max comes up to ask Chelsea what she knows about the situation with Bo. While she and Max argue over it, Abby and Josh discuss what they will do after he gets off work. When he suggests Lookout Point, Abby becomes nervous, making Josh ask if she is afraid to be alone with him. Abby turns to go back to the table just as Chelsea blows Max off to flirt with two random guys. Abby goes to drag her away, and Chelsea accuses her of being a prude. Abby thinks about this, then goes to ask Josh, who just got off work, if he wants to dance. He turns on some music and Chelsea begins to dance with one of the guys, making Max angry when he puts his hands all over her. Max pulls her away from him, and also sees the alcohol in her purse. He cannot believe the way she is acting, and tells her so, but to no avail. She just goes back to the random college guys and Max decides he is done with her. Outside, Abby and Josh share a kiss after he tells her how sexy she looks tonight.

Bo and Billie kiss passionately in the woods. Billie realizes that he thinks she is Hope, and sets him straight. She says that she was taking advantage of the situation and she is sorry, but Bo tells her that she has it wrong, it was his fault all along. He says she has been there for him through all of this and he is glad to have her as his friend. They discuss the end of Bo's marriage and their past together. Billie admits that part of her still loves him, but she wants him to be happy and have his wife back. He says that will never happen, Hope has made up her mind. Bo tells her that part of him still wants her, and that now that his relationship with Hope is over, maybe they can have a life together.

On the island, Hope and Patrick are having a great time at the casino. They win big at Baccarat, then go out to the terrace for dinner and dancing. They discuss their pasts, and Hope's marriage, as they sip champagne. Patrick makes a beautiful toast to Hope, which she loves. After she tells him that she will never give Bo another chance, they decide to take a walk on the beach. They share another dance, and Patrick tells her that Bo is a fool, and if he were with her, he would never let her go. Patrick admits to her as she wishes on a star that he has always wanted her. He says he shouldn't be alone with her because of that, and that he might not be able to control himself. Hope tells him he doesn't need to control himself and they kiss.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Alex brings Marlena to the upscale island casino for their honeymoon. He still has sinister plans for the good doctor; she doesn't have much time left. Marlena is unaware of Alex's evil plans. They have a near miss with Hope and Patrick. Marlena and Alex have no idea there are other Salemites on the island.

John urgently tries to find Marlena. Kate assures him that Marlena told her she'd be home soon from her honeymoon. John is still wary. He gets a call from a real estate agent who says Marlena's penthouse and her furniture are up for sale. John and Kate react. This means John is right. Alex has no intention of ever bringing Marlena back. John may have lost Doc forever!

Hope and Patrick make love. Hope assures Patrick that her relationship with Bo is over. Patrick has been so good to her. He's a good man. She wants them to get closer. Patrick can't resist Hope. Bo was a fool to let her go. They return to the casino, where they just miss seeing Marlena and Alex.

Sami warns suspicious Lucas to marry Carrie and get her pregnant. Elsewhere, Austin presses Carrie to tell him the truth. Why did she choose Lucas over him? Carrie breaks down. She almost tells Austin the truth: any baby the two of them might have could have birth defects. But Lucas and Sami interrupt them. Austin tells Carrie he wants to talk to her in private. He wants to know what Carrie was going to say to him and he wants to convince her they belong together! Eavesdropping Sami realizes she has to stop this. She has to keep Carrie away from Austin forever!

Shawn and Belle can't sleep. They meet up in the lodge bar. Belle is emotional, knowing once Shawn has a baby with Mimi, they'll be together forever. Shawn hopes he and Mimi can have a biological baby together. But even if they have to adopt, he's committed to a future with his wife. Belle admits she's committed to being with Philip, and having more children with him. Shawn thinks everything worked out for the best. Belle is heartsick over losing Shawn, but she agrees it's all for the best.

Friday, May 5, 2006

Belle and Mimi spend the morning in the spa at Green Mountain Lodge, They discuss the events of the night before, and their luck at coming across the bartender who told them about the in-vitro. When Mimi says she can't believe she and Shawn could have their own baby, Bonnie interjects, surprising both Mimi and Belle. Mimi asks what her mother is doing there, and Bonnie says she likes to come there to get away. Bonnie puts her foot in her mouth, saying that if Mimi has Shawn's baby, he will never leave her. Realizing her faux pas, Bonnie rushes off, leaving Mimi to ask Belle if she is really ok with everything. Belle tells her yes, and they finally make peace over the whole thing when Belle says she accepts Mimi being with Shawn. They head off to find their husbands as Bonnie watches them leave, telling herself that Mimi has to get pregnant and that Shawn can never find out he's Claire's father.

Philip and Shawn research in-vitro on their laptops as they have breakfast. They go over all the statistics as they discuss becoming parents. Philip tells Shawn how bad Belle feels for the comments she made the night before, and Shawn says it's fine, because if it weren't for Belle, they never would have been told about the in-vitro. Shawn tells Philip that he wants to get started immediately on trying to have a baby, and they are still looking into it when Belle and Mimi show up. They all sit down for breakfast and talk about what sex Shawn and Mimi would like the baby to be. Bonnie comes over to join the conversation just as Belle makes a joke about Shawn and Mimi's boy possibly dating Claire. Mimi blurts out that could never happen, and when everyone looks confused, Bonnie steps in and points out that the babies would be cousins due to Shawn and Philip being related. Mimi breathes a sigh of relief when everyone buys this excuse and jokes about it.

Lucas meets Kate at the coffee house to get her help for his wedding to Carrie. He goes on and on about his wedding plans, bombarding Kate with his ideas for the finest of everything for his bride. He tells her that his wedding will be as perfect as his life with Carrie will be, and Kate questions whether their life would be perfect. He tells her that Carrie and Austin are over, and that Austin has agreed to be best man. Kate says it is good they have buried the hatchet, but says she also wants Austin to find someone and be happy. She says she wishes he would stay away from Sami. Lucas says Sami will be maid of honor at their wedding, upsetting Kate. She says she is sure Sami is up to something, leading Lucas to tell her about Lexie and Sami's fight. When Lucas leaves, Kate openly wonders what Lexie knows.

Sami cooks a huge breakfast for Austin, who says he wants to talk. He tells her that he is still not over Carrie and wants to try to get her back. Sami is a bit upset, but pretends to be understanding. Austin says he doesn't want to lead her on, but Sami still tells him that she has always loved him and thinks they could be happy together. Austin cannot believe she is taking it so well, and is telling her that he thinks that Carrie will choose him just as Lucas walks by and overhears. He comes into the apartment and asks his brother what he is talking about.

Carrie and Lexie are both on the docks thinking about their problems when they run into each other. Carrie tells Lexie all about her conflict over Austin and Lucas, and also her concern for Sami's feelings. Carrie is torn over the men in her life, and asks Lexie if she would look over the tests she ran again, just to make sure. Lexie agrees and they head back to her office. Carrie comments on the Hippocratic Oath hanging on Lexie's wall. Lexie tells her that Tom Horton gave it to her, and Carrie says Tom would be very proud of her now. Lexie feels guilty after hearing this and tells Carrie that no, he wouldn't be, because she is a fraud and lies to her patients, leaving Carrie confused.

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