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Monday, January 9, 2006

The news that Zack is brain dead takes a huge toll on Bo and Hope. As Alice, Doug, Julie, Caroline, Grandpa Shawn, Victor, Mickey, and Maggie cling together, Bo and Hope go to see their baby. Hope is surprised to see him still on life support and for a moment believes he's still alive. Lexie tells her that it's artificial respiration and at some point, Bo and Hope will have to make a decision. Chelsea expresses her anger at the hit and run driver to Max, truly not knowing she is responsible. Lexie, Abe, and Celeste suffer as well, for Zack was once part of their family, too. Shawn lashes out against God and whoever did this to Zack, and Mimi tries to calm him down. Mickey offers Shawn some comfort. Bo, Hope and Shawn huddle around Zack and prepare to say good-bye.

The cops wait for a moment with Bo. Neither one looks forward to telling detective Brady that it was his vehicle that killed his son.

Jennifer apologizes to Frankie about their near kiss. Jennifer receives word from Maggie about Zack and goes to the hospital. Alone, Frankie finds a DVD with a message from Jack.

John shows Marlena the office where she works. It looks like Lois is about to kill Marlena when they are interrupted by John. Marlena is slightly suspicious of Lois but lets it go upon learning about Zack. Privately, Lois vows that Marlena is a dead woman...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bo and Hope are still in shock, grieving over the death of their son. Lexie knows how painful this is but she has to ask if they want Zack to be an organ donor. Hope is too upset, and Jennifer and Caroline support her. When Bo and Hope realize Zack could save Claire's life, they okay the operation. The grief-stricken parents say an emotional and painful goodbye to their son. They confront the cops, demanding to know who was responsible for the accident. The cops are very uneasy, as they prepare to tell Bo and Hope the shattering news that will change their lives forever.

Caroline and Victor support each other during this time when Zack and Claire's lives hang in the balance. Abe and Lexie also struggle with the death of their former child, Zack.

Chelsea is devastated over Zack's death. Max tries to console her and Chelsea hopes they find the hit and run driver who did this (not knowing she's responsible). Whoever was responsible for Zack's death deserves to be punished!

Shawn grieves over the loss of Zack as Mimi supports him. He's still terribly angry and thinks that the person who did this deserves to die!

Belle and Philip are heartsick, believing that Claire will never get a transplant. They go to the hospital chapel to pray for their baby. Belle, still in deep denial, gets another sign that her daughter will live. Philip is skeptical, but when they get back to Claire's ICU room, Lexie is there with news: they now have a transplant match. Belle is overjoyed: Claire is saved! Lexie cautions however, there are no guarantees the baby will make it.

Lois returns to Alex's ICU room after her thwarted attempt to kill Marlena. Unconscious Alex gets very agitated, as he recalls how Lois battered Marlena years ago. Lois reveals she was in love with Alex and jealous of his love for Marlena. When she heard Alex was still alive and still in love with Marlena, Lois went off the deep end. Her objective now is to kill Marlena and Alex. Alex revives just enough to grab Lois and try to stop her but he falls back into unconsciousness. Lois threatens to end Alex's life, and then Lois will kill her nemesis, Marlena Evans.

Carrie and Austin meet up on the roof. They savor a special night, and revel in a romantic reunion. A big moment, as they realize they truly could have a future together. But as Austin makes plans to take over Carrie's company in the morning, it appears the couple's renewed happiness could be very short-lived.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sami and Lucas dream about making love with Austin and Carrie, respectively. Still asleep, Sami says, "Austin, I need you now." She goes to Lucas's bed and they act out their dreams. They wake up mid-kiss and -caress and hurl outrageous accusations. Lucas claims Sami's scheming; she believes he drugged her. Sami's surprised she isn't in her own bed. They insult each other regarding their love targets. Sami asks whether Lucas regrets their own love. She thinks he still wants her. They attack her other with a kiss.

Lexie cries as she tells Philip and Belle that Zack is Claire's prospective donor. Belle doesn't want to cut open Zack, whom she loves. Lexie is incredulous. She and Philip try to change Belle's mind. Belle cries, regretting that her miracle consists of sacrificing Zack. Lexie reminds them she and Abe were the first parents Zack knew. He was their greatest joy. In the waiting room, Shawn and Mimi hold each other. He's happy when Jennifer tells him Zack is a match for Claire. He still intends to make the driver pay, however. He imagines life without Zack, then Belle's reaction to his death and donation. He goes to tell her Zack would have wanted to save Claire. Belle hugs Shawn and says she's sorry. Shawn's kind words lead her to sign. Philip encourages Claire. Shawn adds they all love her.

To her great relief, Victor tells Kate about liver donor Zack. Victor wants to give Shawn the cold comfort of knowing Claire's his daughter. Kate won't ever let Victor take Claire from Philip. Claire will sustain the marriage. Victor suspects she could reunite her parents.

Chelsea cries to Max about not spending time with her brother Zack. Max declares a hit-and-run is the lowest of the low. Chelsea realizes vehicles really are weapons. She recalls her collision and worries she may have hit Zack. Max provides details. The Morrisons live at 3rd and Elm. That's where Chelsea crashed!

The officers want to tell Bo his car killed Zack, but a nurse interrupts. It's transplant time, but Hope can't let go. Bo says they need time alone with their boy. Daniels imagines how much worse the Bradys will feel when they learn about the car. Hammonds doesn't want to think one of the parents killed their son. Bo and Hope have a tearful farewell. What will Mommy do without Zack? He is her heart. She kisses him and takes his hand, then literally doesn't want to let go. Bo leads her away. She demands to know who killed her baby! Bo wants to see the evidence. The officers can't name the driver. A nearby Chelsea worries she's caught. After much abuse, Daniels finally reveals Bo's car hit Zack. An incredulous Hope whirls around to confront her husband.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bo and Hope are blindsided by the rookie cops' accusation that Bo drove the car that killed his son. Bo fiercely denies and Abe believes him. Hope is beside herself. The cops ask if Bo's car could have been stolen. Bo says no and they ask if anyone borrowed his car? Bo recalls lending the car to Chelsea, but he covers. Hope is so distraught that Jennifer asks Lexie to sedate her.

Chelsea confesses to Max that she may have hit Zack with Bo's car... Max warns her that this isn't a good enough defense and she's going to need a lawyer. Chelsea freaks and wants to run away but Max says she can't. Bo comes over and wants to speak to Chelsea alone. Bo demands to know what happened! Did Chelsea kill his son? Chelsea dissolves in tears.

With Shawn's encouragement, Belle and Philip sign the release papers so Claire can get a life-saving transplant. Lexie takes Claire into surgery. Mimi feels left out and moves away from them but Bonnie sweeps in and insists she stay with Shawn or he'll be drawn back into Belle's orbit. The four friends pray for Claire and grieve for Zack.

Abe is there for Lexie.

Sami and Lucas appear to be making passionate love but it was all a fantasy. Lucas vehemently denies he still wants Sami and accuses her of still wanting him! Sami hides that she also had a fantasy. They both sadly agree that what they had is over. Sami and Lucas go back to their respective beds... Lucas is confident he will end up with Carrie and Sami will end up alone. Sami is sure she will get Austin and sure Lucas will be left lonely and miserable.

Friday, January 13, 2006

The cops question Max. He doesn't tell them that Chelsea was responsible but they want Max to go back to his garage and help the forensic team impound Bo's car. As Max leaves, Chelsea begs him not to give her away.

Angry and upset, Bo questions frantic and guilty Chelsea. Chelsea breaks down in tears saying she had no idea what she had done. She begs Bo not to turn her in to the police and he can't tell Hope! Bo is beside himself, he can't lie to his wife. How can he send his daughter to jail? Bo looks in at sleeping Hope as Chelsea begs him not to send her to jail. Bo feels the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Hope fights the sedative she's been given. She can't believe the police said Bo's car killed her baby! Jennifer tries to get Hope to rest but Hope is at the breaking point.

Belle and Shawn pray Claire survives after her transplant. Lexie brings bad news... the baby has spiked a fever. If she is rejecting the transplanted organ, she could die. Belle is overcome and prays Claire will make it. Belle and Shawn are tearful and exhausted and both get a huge shock as Zack pads into the room and greets them!

Lois Banks is with comatose Alex in his ICU room. She's about to end his life when John and Abe come in to check on Alex. Lois has to hide. John is stunned when Abe tells him that Bo's car killed Zack. Lois moves in and interrupts them; she swears that Alex was a wife beater and it is a good thing John shot him or he could have killed Marlena. Comatose Alex is unable to warn John and Abe of the impending danger.

Lois moves off to find Marlena asleep in her office. Marlena dreams that Alex is warning her about Lois. Lois approaches Marlena with a deadly hypodermic needle. Marlena flails in her sleep, knocks the needle out of Lois' hand and the needle breaks. Undaunted, Lois starts to attack Marlena.

Austin takes Carrie on a carriage ride to the pier to watch the sunrise. He surprises her with a trip to her favorite fish place for breakfast. Carrie sees a lobster that brings back a romantic memory. Romantic Austin buys the lobster and sets him free so Austin and Carrie can celebrate their new day together... But as they kiss, ominous thunder rumbles...

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