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Monday, November 28, 2005

Abby returns home to Jennifer and Frankie. She's upset to learn that Jack is out driving in the storm. Jennifer (also privately a little worried) tries to reassure Abby that Jack is fine. When they can't reach him on his cell phone, Frankie offers to go out and look for him with his four-wheel drive vehicle. Frankie discovers the broken guardrail on the bridge and realizes someone's crashed into the river.

Jack is trapped in his car underwater, and tries to make a deal with God to get out. He struggles valiantly to escape, but it appears he can't get out. He lapses into unconsciousness as the water rises around him.

Everyone at the hospital continues to worry about Belle and Philip's baby. Belle finally overcomes her postpartum depression to be there for her daughter. Marlena tells Alex she's made her decision about the man she wants to be with. Alex believes she's chosen John. He apologies to Lexie for blackmailing her and fills Lexie in on his and Marlena's marriage. He tells Lexie he's lost Marlena for good and is leaving Salem. Meanwhile, Marlena goes to John, who believes she's chosen him. John is shocked when Marlena tells him the man's she's going to stay with is Alex.

Philip tells Kate he doesn't know what he would do without his daughter and Belle.

Shawn and Mimi have made love. Mimi babbles on about her feelings for Shawn, but afraid she's pushed him into it, won't let him tell her that he loves her.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Frankie, seeing that a car has driven off the bridge, calls 911, and Bo and Hope - Jack may have had a fatal accident! Billie and Patrick stop at the bridge when they see flashing police lights. Bo and Hope arrive. Bo takes charge of the search and rescue effort. He won't let Patrick help. A surveillance camera shows Jack's car was on the bridge. Is Jack in the water? Bo orders a team of divers - but another accident in town has all the divers tied up. Hero Bo suits up to save Jack. He won't let Patrick dive with him. Bo goes into the icy water and Patrick secures the line. Hope and Billie are very worried. Suddenly, the line goes slack - Bo is stuck under debris on the river bottom.

Jennifer and Abby are worried about Jack. Abby gets her mom to call the hospital. Jack has not been admitted. Jennifer and Abby are relieved. Frankie comes back from the accident scene to be with Jennifer. He doesn't want to give her bad news until they know for sure. But Jennifer has a sixth sense that Jack's had a serious accident. Will Frankie tell her?

Emotional Belle wonders if her baby is sick because Belle was remiss as a mother (due to her depression). Philip reassures Belle. They love their baby, and nothing bad is going to happen to her. Belle is amazed that she has such a wonderful husband.

John tries to convince Marlena to change her mind and stay with him. She can't turn her back on her family. Marlena assures him she does not intend to neglect her children. But she feels she has to give her marriage to Alex a chance. He was her first love, and he's still her husband. Belle finds out her mom and dad are splitting up.

Alex mistakenly thinks Marlena has chosen to be with John. He gives Kate the bad news. Alex has lost Marlena - and now, Kate will never be with John. Kate is preoccupied with a secret she's just discovered (Philip is not the father of Belle's baby). Alex, misreading, realizes Kate is still worried about her ailing granddaughter. Kate wonders who the baby's father could be - she realizes: Shawn! Philip moves in, having overheard.

Victor congratulates Lucas on getting Clear Visage away from Austin. Nicole overhears Lucas making plans to take over another company - High Style. Nicole steams: she wants to get that company for Austin! Lucas assures Victor that his lingering feelings for Sami won't get in the way. Lucas plans to destroy Sami, Nicole and Austin. Nothing will stop him!

Austin tells Nicole and Sami they're free to look for new jobs. Nicole and Sami refuse to leave Austin. Sami demands Austin fire Nicole. She's responsible for this mess. Austin wants to talk to Sami in private. Nicole storms out. Determined to turn the tables on Lucas, Nicole pitches her plan to buy High Style to save Austin. Sami thinks it's a lousy idea. Nicole wants Austin to decide. Austin sides with Nicole and Sami fumes.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mimi lightly soaps up Shawn in the shower! Can this night get any better? No. Back in bed, they lavish each other with compliments. They don't want to be with anyone else. Mimi should move into Shawn's room so hers can be a game room. Belle calls to ask Mimi to bring an overnight bag. Her ex-boyfriend is with her "best friend forever?" Belle takes it out on a nurse. She promises to be a better mom if Claire improves. At the hospital, the finicky foursome switch partners. Hugs. Philip and Mimi stare daggers at their lovers.

Kate realizes Shawn is Claire's father! Philip protests - conscientious caregiver Shawn loves Claire like she's his own. Under interrogation, Philip explains the Brady-Black purity pledge petered out. Grandma returns to the computer. Shawn's blood type still makes him the daddy.

Belle rails at her parents. John mention's the split is Marlena's idea. He won't give up, which calms their daughter. Marlena explains she's married to Alex. Belle balks at the parallel, but she may have to choose again. Mother loves daughter. Philip promises to see Belle through everything. He hugs his tearful mother-in-law. Alex is angry about the closed airport. John encourages him to leave. Alex must bid his wishy-washy wife adieu. She happily declares she doesn't want a divorce.

Abby freaks out, guilty she missed time with her dad. She'll be inconsolable when he dies. It's not fair! Understanding friend Chelsea will be there for her. Frankie doesn't share his bridge suspicions with Jennifer. She declares her man is on a mission. He once fed $50 to a vending machine. Jack was determined to get a blue-stoned ring for Abby. Jennifer keeps faith alive by decorating.

Hope shouts for her husband. Defying Billie's protests, it's a wet-suited Patrick to the rescue! Bo insists on resuming his dive. The ladies worry about the men in the freezing water. Patrick's pissed, but Bo's got booty: Jack's license plate. He has no chance amid lack of oxygen, hypothermia, and the river current. The fearful foursome has nasty news for the disbelieving Deverauxs.

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Bo, Hope, and Frankie try to comfort Jennifer and Abby, who are still in denial that Jack could be dead. Bo, Hope, and Frankie don't think it's possible that Jack survived his car crashing over the bridge and try to prepare Jennifer and Abby for the worst. As Jennifer endures a serious case of denial, Jack's car is raised from the river. It's empty

Lucas is preparing his takeover of High Style. At the same time, Nicole and Sami argue about taking over the same company. Sami thinks it's too great a risk and could destroy Austin's company. Nicole disagrees and believes acquiring High Style will lead to great success. Nicole lets Sami know that Lucas and Titan are also trying to get control of High Style. Sami, trying to undermine Nicole in Austin's eyes, lets this "slip" to Lucas, who instantly flies to High Style's L.A. offices to thwart Austin, Nicole and Sami. When she returns to Nicole, Sami (believing she's gotten Lucas to beat Nicole to the punch) warns that Nicole better not screw up or she'll be out of Austin's company, and his life.

Lucas arrives at High Style's offices and is shocked at who he sees.

Friday, December 2, 2005

Despite news from Billie and Patrick, Jennifer refuses to give up on Jack. She becomes more dependent on Frankie. She says that after everything she's been through - she will never give up on Jack until she sees his dead body. Bo and Hope leave Jennifer in Frankie's care. They go home and while tucking Zack in, Hope breaks down and says this thing with Jack is so terrible. She could never imagine losing the man she loves. Bo holds Hope tight. He vows that nothing will happen to them.

By accident Sami learns that Austin still carries a torch for her sister Carrie. Angry and full of rage, Sami says that she won't let her sister steal a man away from her ever again.

Lucas arrives at High Style skin care and learns the CEO is Carrie Brady. Carrie admits to Lucas that her storybook romance with Mike was anything but, so they both decided to call it quits while they were still friends. Lucas fills Carrie in on his wanting to take over his company, but Carrie says she won't allow it. Lucas gives in and Carrie makes him promise to keep the fact that she's back in the States a secret.

Victor arrives at the hospital and consoles his son. Philip tells his dad he doesn't know what he'll ever do if he loses his baby girl.

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