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Monday, July 18, 2005

Sami lurked outside Eugenia's apartment as a frantic Lucas called her and begged her to go to the opening of Maggie's new restaurant, "Chez Rouge." Sami grudgingly agreed and left to change just after a dressed up Eugenia left for the same party.

At Kate's apartment, Lucas and Billie prodded Kate to tell them why it was such an important day and why she was avoiding Roman. Kate broke down and told them that she would be renewing her vows to Roman today but not to tell anyone. When Roman showed up unexpectedly, Kate ran out of the room, confusing Roman. Billie covered and told him it was Basic Black business. Lucas passed a tuxedo to Roman to wear and after a feeble protest, Lucas shut Roman down, stating that Maggie likes to overdo things. Roman agreed and left with his tux.

At the penthouse, John gave Marlena a beautiful white gown to wear. At first Marlena protested, saying she couldn't wear white to a wedding, but John talked her into it.

Outside the penthouse, Belle arrived with the wedding bouquet for Marlena and was surprised by a lurking Shawn. Upset about Marlena's secret, Belle was shaken by Shawn's presence and asked him to leave her alone. Shawn swore that he intended to be there for her to make up for all the time that he was not in the past. Softening a little, Belle asked him to prove it and take the bouquet down to her car for her. Shawn obliged as Belle went inside to talk to her parents. Unfortunately, Belle was freaked out to learn that Marlena still had not told John about the baby. Marlena confided to her daughter that she was scared, but Belle insisted she had to tell him before they got to the restaurant.

Outside "Chez Rouge," Mickey guided a blindfolded Maggie inside and revealed the restaurant and its five star chef to her as her wedding present. Meanwhile, a happy Bonnie thought the restaurant was Maggie's divorce gift and that she was renewing her vows to Mickey. Poor Bonnie was rudely awakened when Mickey broke the news to her that the restaurant was a wedding present to Maggie, whom he was remarrying. Bonnie ran off heartbroken, and confided to Mimi that she really did love Mickey. Mickey and Maggie later caught up with Bonnie and broke the news that Bonnie's settlement was to be Alice's restaurant. When Alice overheard Bonnie was no longer Mrs. Horton, she said, "Hallelujah! Glad to see you've come to your senses." Maggie then gleefully broke the news that all of Bonnie's credit cards and accounts would be frozen tomorrow. As Mickey and Maggie walked away, Bonnie contemplated spending as much money as possible for the remaining 24 hours that her accounts were open.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Brady asked Belle and Chloe to join him for a surprise. He took them into a nearby room and waiting for them, was Chloe. Hugs and kisses all around for the reunion, Philip and Shawn also came in to reunite with Chloe. When the others left, Chloe and Philip discussed their mutual recovery and how happy they both were to have Brady and Belle in their lives.

Bo and Hope were excited their son was out of jail, but Bo told Shawn he should show his appreciation to Philip by staying away from his wife. Shawn was less than thrilled by his father's recommendation, and said he intended to convince her they should be together. While Bo worried Shawn's future might be behind bars, Hope prayed for true love to find its way. Hope also blamed Kate for Shawn's arrest, and though Bo agreed, he also felt Shawn should take responsibility for his own actions. When Bo promised not to turn his back on his son, an eavesdropping Billie asked him if he would turn his back on their daughter too.

A furious Kate confronted Eugenia who explained she got an invitation. Kate warned her it was a bad idea to be seen together, and right on cue Sami arrived and provoked the twosome. Later, Kate promised she would secure a job for Eugenia but that she had to leave the party because Sami was too suspicious.

When Marlena arrived, Roman asked her if she told John about the baby yet, so that he could tell Kate. Marlena admitted she had not, and complained about keeping secrets. Sami overheard and asked what it was, to which Marlena replied that Chloe was alive. Not interested, Sami prattled on about how much her parents should be together and were each other's one true love before walking away to leave Roman and Marlena guiltily looking at one another.

Marlena started to tell John about the baby, but she was interrupted when Chloe began the ceremony by singing "the Rose" as the various couples throughout the room eyed one another. Sami told Lucas that she wished she was marrying him and he agreed but not until he could trust her again. Sami once again promised to prove that he could trust her.

Mickey and Maggie renewed their vows, and Maggie said, "I want the restaurant to be special because to me, it symbolizes true love and true love never is lost. It is reborn." As the two said their I love yous, John turned to Marlena and told her they were next. Startled, Marlena asked what he meant, but then said she needed to talk to him first. John said there would be time to talk later. Marlena started to go after him, but was intercepted by a nervous Mimi who asked for more advice on whether to talk to Rex. Seeing John on the other side of the room, Marlena advised here that a relationship could not survive with secrets. Rex overheard, and angrily told her he knew all about the baby and he demanded to know whether she had been lying to him all this time.

Marlena and Roman decided to finally tell Kate and John about the baby. Marlena took John aside and exclaimed that she had something to tell him and that their lives would never be the same afterward.

Bo hugged Hope and promised that no one would get between them while elsewhere in the restaurant, Billie received a PDA message with the sign of the Phoenix. The message said that if she solved the puzzle, she would get her daughter.

In the back room, Brady found Chloe holding his mother's wedding ring. A tearful Chloe admitted that she took the ring from her urn and has worn it ever since. A smiling Brady asked her to marry him but Chloe said that couldn't. Not shaken, Brady reminded her that he loved her and still thought she was beautiful.

Outside the restaurant, Belle went to fetch the bouquet from her car and was surprised by Shawn who said, "I've been waiting for this all day," then grabbed and passionately kissed a not unwilling Belle. Just then, Philip rolled his wheelchair out the front door and saw the two in their passionate embrace.

Back at Eugenia's, Sami broke into the apartment to find some evidence. Right as she found an interesting letter, Eugenia returned home and caught Sami red handed.