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Monday, June 20, 2005

Rex cooked a lavish meal for Mimi in their apartment in the hopes of changing her mind about pleading guilty to attacking Jan. Mimi insisted it had to be over between them, but Rex said they had worked to hard on their relationship to just give up. Despite Mimi's urging him to move on, Rex swore he couldn't do so without her and needed her to fight the charges. When Rex joked he should just go ahead and pawn her engagement ring, Mimi's hesitation gave him hope that she would fight. Though Mimi admitted she would miss him and her friends and family, she froze up when Rex mentioned her giving up on their future family. After extolling her virtues as a mother, a devastated Mimi yelled at him to stop and forget she ever existed, before running out of the apartment.

Billie cruised internet teen websites to find clues about Georgia. Excited by a possible lead, Billie printed off some information and raced to give it to Bo.

At the Brady house, a frustrated Bo told Hope she was as delusional as Shawn for giving him money to go to Germany. "Belle and Philip are married. Or have you and your son forgotten that?" he said. Not fazed, Hope told him that nothing was more sacred than true love and the reason Bo couldn't stop Shawn from flying to Germany is because he would have done the same for true love. Bo countered by asking whether wedding vows were just as sacred. When Hope questioned whether he wanted to see his son happy, Bo agreed he wanted that, but not at the expense of a marriage. "Sometimes true love doesn't work out," said Bo. Hope pleaded with Bo to see how much better behaved Shawn was around Belle, but Bo didn't buy it and said Shawn's attitude was just as belligerent as ever. When Hope tried to bring up the mistake the marriage was, Bo interrupted to say that Belle needed to focus on her husband because three people in a marriage were a disaster. To drive home the point, Billie rang the doorbell. A far cry from being happy to see her, a seething Hope grudgingly let Billie inside. Billie showed Bo some information on a website for teens looking for their natural parents and asked for his signature to join the site. While Bo signed the form, Shawn called and Billie learned Shawn was in Germany. An indignant Billie yelled at Hope for giving him money to chase after Belle, but Hope said she was too hypocritical to listen to. When Billie realized Bo agreed with her about Shawn breaking up a marriage, a triumphant Billie took off, leaving a stewing Hope to say that for Billie to hurt Shawn she would have to go through her.

In the German hospital, Kate told Philip nothing could keep Belle from Philip once she learned he was there. Philip admitted to his mother that he was scared he wouldn't make it through his recovery, so Kate went and brought John and Belle in to visit. A bedridden Philip made some jokes about his injuries before John interjected that he would amaze himself in time by his progress in rehabilitation. Philip thanked John for pulling strings to get his rehab transferred to Salem so that he could be with Belle and his family. A supportive John sympathized with Philip's plight and let slip that he was going to renew his vows to Marlena, and Kate to Roman. Belle was excited but John informed her that it was a surprise. When Belle asked if it was because of guilt over his relationship with Kate, Kate stumbled through an awkward but incomplete explanation to Philip about her short romantic relationship with John. Philip told them not to be ashamed because he understood and that was why he had asked Shawn to look out for Belle. Kate was furious to hear this, but Philip insisted he had forgiven Shawn for the wedding antics and that he was a true friend and hero for saving him. Philip admitted Shawn did it to make Belle happy, but felt it was so that he could return Philip to Belle.

Later in the hospital hallway, John explained to a worried Belle that Philip's depression was normal. An ecstatic Kate babbled about how she knew Belle would remember her love for Philip once Shawn was not around to interfere. An uncomfortable Belle changed the subject and asked about the vow renewals.

In Marlena's office, Dr. Karen Baider stopped by to consult with Marlena on the status of a pregnant patient of Marlena's. Dr. Baider looked at the file and after checking the patient's history and noting she was two months pregnant, Dr. Baider felt the woman might be in for a difficult if not impossible pregnancy. Worried, Dr. Baider pushed the issue of bringing the woman in for an exam and noted how odd it was that the patient told Marlena about the pregnancy but not her husband. Cornered, Marlena admitted she was the pregnant woman. Dr. Baider, quick on the math, realized Marlena conceived while she was Tony's captive. An upset Marlena explained that she was despondent and dependent on Roman and it turned physical. Marlena then explained that she had not told John about the affair and now it was worse. As she tried to decide whether to tell John now or wait until she could determine the viability of the pregnancy, Dr. Baider stopped her and told her to just tell the truth to John.