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Monday, April 11, 2005

Rex nixed the plant to rescue Philip saying that he and Shawn didn't have the equipment and training to manage it. Shawn pushed ahead, determined to do this for Belle to make up all the hurt he caused her.

At her apartment, Mimi tracked to pack her bags and leave town in wake of her fight with Jan. Just as Mimi put on a jacket to cover Jan scratch marks, Belle arrived with breakfast, blocking Mimi's escape. On the TV news, Belle noticed a story on Jan's attack and learned that Jan was critically injured. Rex and Shawn entered the living room just in time to watch the news report with the girls. Mimi wanted to change the subject and grabbed the coffee Belle brought over. Unfortunately, Mimi accidentally spilled the hot cup of coffee down the front of Shawn. Fortunately the scalding hot coffee triggered Shawn's memories from his time with Jan in the cage. Thrilled, Shawn explained that Jan had dressed like an old woman and kidnapped him, keeping him in the cage. Mimi immediately 'fessed up to knowing about the cage, but quickly explained that when she took them to see, the snow village had replaced her only proof. Belle took things considerably better, realizing that since Shawn was never in love with Jan, that Jan was just desperate, sad, and in need of help. With no one to care for Jan, Belle felt obligated to visit her in the hospital. Mimi was reluctant to join her, but Rex pushed her to go ahead. After Mimi and Belle left, Shawn told Rex to pack a bag, because he had an idea of how to rescue Philip.

At Salem Hospital, a concerned Lexie assessed Jan's condition as a serious skull fracture with likely brain damage. Tek stopped by to do a criminal investigation and took DNA scrapings from underneath Jan's fingernails. Sleuthing Lexie pointed out to Tek that there was no medical evidence that Jan screamed and most likely, knew her attacker. Tek promised to start questioning Jan's friends. Lexie informed him that all the people Jan knew fought with her daily, but the best place to start was with Mimi because they had a history of trouble together. Lexie tenderly hugged Tek and the two admitted they missed one another. Tek took his leave and spotted Belle and Mimi as they were being turned away because of visitor's hours. Before she could leave, Tek stopped Mimi and asked her what she knew about Jan's attack last night.

At the clinic, Nancy arrived to show Chloe the fancy urn she bought for her "remains." Nancy proceeded to fill the urn with potting soil and grab a couple of Chloe's cds. Chloe begged her to call off the faux memorial, but a stubborn Nancy marched off to St. Luke's.

In St. Luke's a horrified Brady found Nicole walk in the door. Citing a close friends and family policy, Nicole asked whether she was family. Brady agreed she was and explained that he worried about whether Nancy would want Nicole at the service. Brady wandered off to talk to Father Jansen while Nicole asked a sister when the memorial service for Chloe was due to begin. When the sister replied there was no memorial service scheduled, Nicole became convinced Nancy was making the whole thing up.

Outside St. Luke's Chloe begged Nancy not to go through with her fake memorial, but Nancy pointed out that if Chloe was half as stubborn about living as she was hiding, her life would be fantastic. That and that Nancy was just as stubborn as Chloe. With a twinkle in her eye, Nancy walked into St. Luke's. When Chloe followed her in, Nancy handed her a CD and told her to make herself useful and put the music in.

Inside St. Luke's, after Nancy gave the urn to Brady to hold, Brady caressed the urn, feeling Chloe's presence. Brady told Chloe's urn how much he missed her and longed to hold, see, and hear her. He also said that her beauty and goodness was with the angels in heaven, and someday he would be reunited with her. Nicole held his hand and promised to always be there for him. Nancy watched from the back and interrupted, claiming Father Jansen had accidentally left the memorial off the scheduling calendar. After a few more explanations, Nancy told them the plan was to press on since the memorial was mostly for Nancy herself anyway. Chloe's music began to play, sending Brady into a melancholy mood. However, the vocal track to the CD was no working properly and, fearing someone would try to fix the machine and find Chloe instead, Chloe began to sing live accompaniment. Brady immediately could tell the voice was singing live, and he rushed out to find who sounded like Chloe.