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Monday, January 17, 2005

Patrick went back to Jennifer's to apologize for fighting about Billie, and they promptly went another round on the issue. On the staircase, Chelsea listened as a worried Hope entered the Deveraux residence to ask Jennifer to watch her boys. Hope explained that she had a bad feeling that Bo was in trouble, and she had learned he'd never shown up for his flight. Desperate, Hope informed them she was winging her way to Europe that night to help Bo. Patrick insisted on going with her, and after packing, off they went. Once the twosome was out the door, Chelsea went downstairs to ask Jennifer if Hope was hot for Patrick. A laughing Jennifer told her there was no chance of that, to Chelsea's relief.

In the faux Georgia household in Europe, Bo and Billie struggled to free themselves from the ropes tying them to chairs. Bo fretted over Hope's temper when he would not be going home as promised but then worried more that she would be impulsive and go to find them.

In the European DiMera castle, Roman and Marlena anxiously awaited news of Belle's safety after seeing the wedding fiasco via satellite. Marlena felt she might be to blame for breaking up Shawn and Belle. Feeling guilty, Marlena worried what might be next.

In the penthouse bedroom, Kate entered and found a syringe and two drug vials on the bedside table. Furious, she lashed out at John, who continued to stick by his ISA-prescribed story. Kate wasn't buying it and, as a test, offered to toss the drugs. John agreed. The two began to discuss the outcome of the wedding and the safety of everyone.

In the DiMera castle, Roman and Marlena were treated to a video feed of John and Kate's discussion. They rejoiced over Belle's safety but were disappointed when the feed cut off as John and Kate began to comfort each other in a warm embrace. Taking a cue, Roman and Marlena kissed and cried on each other's shoulders.

Back at the penthouse, John told Kate he didn't know what he would do without her. When Kate went to take the drug paraphernalia downstairs, John asked her not to. Kate resisted him, and when John grabbed her arms, they struggled. Kate fell backwards, screaming, and was knocked unconscious on the floor.

Sami arrived at the loft to apologize to Belle for her behavior, but Mimi intercepted her in an attempt to give Belle and Shawn some time alone on the roof. Sami explained that life was too short to be angry with family, but Mimi continued to give her a hard time. A sleepy Philip stumbled into the hallway, looking for his missing wife, and Sami surmised Belle was on the roof with Shawn. Angry, Philip tore off up the stairs to find them.

On the loft rooftop, Shawn continued to badger Belle with "what if" questions. Belle insisted she would have still married Philip, even if Shawn had arrived before the wedding. Shawn didn't believe her and repeatedly kissed her. During one liplock, Philip burst onto the rooftop.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Rex and Jan heard raised voices in the hall. They walked out and found Sami and Mimi arguing. Jan and Rex were furious when Sami spilled the beans: Mimi had gotten Belle to go upstairs to meet with Shawn. Rex exploded at Mimi and couldn't believe she was still involved -- she'd promised him she wouldn't interfere. Rex raced upstairs to keep Philip and Shawn from killing each other. Jan glared at Mimi and vowed she was going to pay. They all raced upstairs to the roof.

Philip caught Shawn kissing Belle on the roof and saw Belle push Shawn away. Philip vowed to kill Shawn. As the guys started a fight, Belle intervened. Philip decided he was going to call the cops and get them to revoke Shawn's bail. Belle begged Philip not to do it, and Philip couldn't believe she was defending Shawn. Jan, Mimi, and Rex arrived.

Belle asked Mimi who had told Philip she was upstairs with Shawn. Sami entered, and Belle fumed. Downstairs, Shawn told Rex that Belle had made a big mistake, marrying Philip. Sooner or later, she was going to admit she'd married the wrong guy. Belle and Philip overheard it.

Jan took Mimi aside and vowed she was going to tell Rex that Mimi had gotten an abortion without telling her boyfriend. Sami eavesdropped and heard that Mimi had gotten an abortion. That information could be very useful to the scheming Sami.

Kate got knocked out as John struggled for the drugs. When she revived, Kate worked hard to convince John that he had a problem. Finally, John admitted Kate was right, and she wanted him to see Lexie. John refused. He wanted to see an ISA doctor. John thanked Kate for being there for him, and they drew closer.

Nicole tried to convince Brady that his father did indeed have a drug problem. Brady disagreed and said he trusted his dad. Unable to convince him, Nicole could see the writing on the wall -- Brady would always side with his father. It wouldn't be long before John convinced Brady to dump her. Brady promised that was not going to happen, but a dispirited Nicole was afraid she'd never measure up to the level of perfection Chloe had set for Brady.

Chloe was in a bad way on the night before her big surgery. Nancy tried to get her to eat and to call Brady. He deserved to know Chloe was alive. Unable to take the pressure, Chloe escaped from the hospital. She went to the empty Kiriakis mansion and fantasized about revealing herself, scarred face and all, to Brady. After the fantasy, Brady arrived at home with Nicole, and Chloe couldn't face him. She hid in the closet, and Nicole opened the door -- and was face-to-scarred face with Chloe. Nicole blurted out her name: Chloe.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Mimi and Jan had it out on the roof, and Sami savored hearing the two women spill their secrets. Sami's cell phone went off, and she nearly fell off the fire escape. Freaked out, Mimi thought someone had heard them talking about her abortion. Smelling Mimi's fear, Jan dug the blackmail knife deep and told Mimi that if she screwed up again and tried to put Belle and Shawn back together, Rex would know about her abortion.

Shawn wanted Belle to tell him if she still had feelings for him. Rex and Philip got involved, and it looked like Belle would finally reveal her answer.

Nicole saw Chloe and passed out. Brady rushed to the rescue, and it looked as if Chloe might reveal that she was alive, but Nicole awoke. Brady reassured Nicole that Chloe was dead. Nicole disagreed, and they investigated the closet. Brady thought he knew why Nicole had thought she'd seen Chloe -- he held up an old hooded sweatshirt that Chloe had worn.

Nicole admitted the only thing she really remembered was Chloe's face, and it had been horribly disfigured. Brady said that proved it hadn't been her because the Chloe Lane he had known was beautiful. That hit Chloe hard, and Chloe vowed to return as her former, gorgeous self. Brady realized he'd hurt Nicole's feelings and told her she was the only woman for him anymore.

Maggie appealed to Bonnie to leave Mickey. Maggie tried to bribe Bonnie, and it looked like Bonnie might take the bait. Maggie tried to take the check back, but Bonnie said she was going to keep it and show Mickey that Maggie was playing dirty.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Due to news coverage of the presidential inauguration, this episode was preempted. The preemption was planned, and there were no lost episodes. Regular broadcasting resumed Friday where Wednesday's show concluded.

Friday, January 21st, 2005

At Belle's loft, Shawn was still pressing Belle for an answer. Belle hesitated, and Philip saved her from answering. He'd just gotten a call telling him he had to ship out early; he wanted to spend the rest of his wedding night with his wife. Shawn wouldn't be put off and insisted Belle answer his question. As Mimi, Rex, Jan, and Philip looked on, Belle, in fear of Philip going into danger, made an impassioned speech about her love for Philip and told Shawn she had no regrets about marrying Philip.

Shawn was devastated and went back to the loft, where Jan tried to get him into bed. Shawn wasn't interested and tried to persuade Mimi to help him see and talk to Belle again. Mimi, after a stern warning from Rex, told Shawn she couldn't help him. Jan was convinced it was only a matter of time before Shawn had to accept that Belle was with Philip and would be hers again.

Sami was about to tell Mimi she knew about the abortion when Rex and Lucas showed up and wanted to know what Sami and Mimi were arguing about. Lucas prevailed upon Sami not to cause trouble. Sami was upset, but she agreed. Back in her apartment, she told Lucas about Mimi's abortion and insisted that Rex had a right to know. Lucas told Sami to stay out of it and to not meddle in other people's business. Sami said she wouldn't as long as no one interfered with her.

John was in the painful throes of drug withdrawal. Kate got into bed with him to comfort and help him through. John finally fell asleep. Kate got on a call with Eugenia, more determined than ever to break up Lucas and Sami before they made it to the altar.

In the castle, Marlena was desperately trying to convince herself she and Roman would escape and get back to John and Kate. Roman wasn't sure they would. Marlena refused to believe that their spouses would fall in love again. Suddenly, the monitor turned on, and they saw John and Kate in bed together. Marlena was devastated and began to believe Roman could be right -- she and Roman had lost John and Kate for good. Roman comforted a despondent Marlena.

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