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Monday, November 1, 2004

At the Carver residence, Lexie worried about Sami latching onto Brandon. Getting suspicious, Lexie asked him if he still loved Sami. A smirking Brandon told Lexie that he probably will always love Sami. At the doorway, Eugenia slipped a flier under the door for the Salem Hospital Children's Charity Halloween party over at Alice's. When Brandon went to go for a walk, he found the flier and curious, decided to go to the party. Lexie stayed behind with Celeste who had a new premonition that Abe and the others were in danger of dying in flames. When a bored Lexie turned on the television, a news story about the volcano in the Caribbean erupting caused Celeste to take pause and connect the dots. Celeste insisted they try to help Abe and the others but after Lexie made a poorly received call to the police, Celeste went back to being a party of one in her terror.

At Alice's, Will, dressed like the Wolfman, enjoyed himself at the Salem Hospital Children's Charity Halloween party. Will's good time suddenly came to a crashing halt when Brandon sauntered in the doorway and right past him. Worried, Will rushed home to prevent his parents from attending the party. Meanwhile, Brandon made small talk with Bonnie at the bar that went on and on about how hot Brandon was with Sami. When Brandon admitted Sami was his soulmate, Bonnie told him he needed to go after his true love. During a lull in the conversation, Eugenia approached Brandon who gave her a very icy reception. Not fazed, Eugenia insisted that Brandon let her dress him in costume.

Back at her apartment, Sami was still unnerved by visions of Brandon. Kate insisted Sami was still hung up on Brandon but Sami denied it. Changing tactics, Kate began to push Lucas to take Sami to the Salem Hospital Children's Charity Halloween party at Alice's. Lucas begged off because of an early job interview the next morning but Kate finally got Sami to acquiesce and go with her to Alice's. Right after Sami left, a harried Will arrived home and learned he was too late to stop his mother.

While Eugenia and Brandon were back in the costuming room, Kate arrived with a very reluctant and suspicious Sami. Kate tried her darnedest to lay the "I promised Roman I'd be nice to you" shtick on thick but was saved by a smiling Eugenia who dragged Sami off to be fitted in costume. While everyone mills about, Bonnie announced that each costume had a number on it corresponding to someone else in the room. Bonnie instructed the attendees to find their match for a couples dance. A masked but remarkably good natured Sami met up with Brandon who was costumed as a knight. The two began to dance, slowly together, staring into each other's eyes.

In the Salem Island jungle, Hope tried to protect Billie from the surrounding lava flow. Just when things looked bleak, Bo arrived to save the day. When a downed tree didn't help him get across the lava pit to the ladies, he grabbed the nearest vine and swung over to them. All three held on tight to the vine and swung back to safer ground. Midway, the vine snapped.

On the Salem Island docks, an angry Caroline told Nicole she was going to go to jail for trying to kill Victor as an unconscious Victor lay nearby. Jack, Jennifer, Alice, Maggie, Tek, and the baby were safely aboard the speed boat as the others gathered supplies for the trip. Roman and Abe went off to look for Hope, Bo, and Billie in the jungle but returned empty handed. A unified Doug and Caroline resisted leaving without their children despite the volcanic eruption but thankfully, Bo, Hope, and Billie arrived to join the group. Finally ready to leave the island, the group turned to find a gun toting Bart and Tony standing in their path.