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Monday, September 27, 2004

On the island, Billie dreamed of making love to Bo back in the old days while Bo searched frantically for her in the jungle. She came to on the ground just as a rifle took aim at her. Hearing her scream, Bo grabbed her and pulled her toward New Salem. When they got near the force field, Billie stopped Bo to explain what the plan for the captives was but was interrupted when they were both shot in the arm and knocked unconscious.

At the new DiMera mansion, Tony was just about to explain phase three of the plan to Bart when Hope rang the doorbell. As Bart hid, Tony let Hope in who begged for Tony's help through the force field in order to find Bo. Tony refused stating that he did not want to be held responsible for whatever might happen to her out in the jungle. Suddenly, Hope exclaimed that she saw Stefano out on the terrace. Tony went to investigate and while he was outside, Hope rifled through his desk drawers and found his force field remote control. On Tony's return, Hope blamed her vision on a reflection of a Stefano portrait in the glass doors of the terrace. After Hope scurried out, Tony became suspicious and discovered that Hope had stolen his remote. Bart said not to worry since Stefano had orders out for anyone going into the jungle to be killed.

Mimi contemplated telling Rex over coffee but Lexie interrupted to discuss her situation. Mimi leaned towards the abortion but Lexie begged her to at least tell Rex or else she would definitely lose him. Lexie counseled her on the joys of parenting and the anguish of lying to ones spouse.

Down at the nursery in Salem hospital, Rex comforted a grief stricken Kate over the loss of her only two daughters. The mother and son agreed that they were grateful to each other for being in each other's lives. Kate asked about Mimi and Rex said that although he wanted to have a bunch of grandkids for Kate, he felt that to do so now would be the biggest mistake of his life and would likely kill him. Mimi overheard from down the corridor and made up her mind to find Lexie. After Mimi snuck off, Kate told Rex that only complete honesty was the basis for a lasting relationship. A proud Rex boasted that Mimi was the perfect girl and would never let him down.

Meanwhile, Mimi located Lexie and asked for her to make an appointment for an abortion. When Lexie asked about Rex, Mimi told her he didn't need to know. A worried Rex and Kate came in to ask about Shawn and a tearful Mimi rushed into Rex's arms exclaiming, "everything is going to be all right" as a disappointed Lexie watched.

In his hospital room, a weak Shawn woke up to find Belle, Jan, and Philip hovering over him. Shawn pulled away from Belle, sending his hospital monitors into overdrive. Once he calmed down, he told Belle to get out. Belle tried to assuage his anger but Shawn, remembering Belle and Philip making out at the Green Mountain Lodge told her that her worrying was bull. Jan piped up asking Shawn if he remembered her. Shawn responded, "How could I forget the woman who changed my life? Who taught me what it feels like to be a man." As a horrified Belle watched, Jan and Shawn kissed at his prompting. A tearful Belle turned to Philip who though shocked, managed to stand up for Belle's love for Shawn. Jan urged her boy toy to send Belle packing and Shawn obliged. "What Jan does for me you never could. I've moved on."

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Sami and Lucas are at Sami's apartment going over wedding plans. Lucas tells Sami that it isn't fair to Will that they keep putting it off. Sami crosses Kate's name off of the invitation list and tells Lucas that if her parents couldn't be at their wedding then neither could Kate! Lucas tells her that she can't dwell on the past and that they'll have the best wedding possible. Sami tells him that he's right; that what's important is that they get married in front of God and their friends. Lucas tells her that he's marrying the most beautiful woman in the world and kisses her. He asks Sami if she's sure Kate can't be at their wedding. Sami says she's not even sure if Kate wants to be there. Lucas points out that their truce has been going well and of course Kate will want to be there. Sami tells him about her fear of Kate standing up and objecting to the marriage. Lucas says she might be right and suggests they go to Las Vegas to elope! Sami says that there's no way she's going to get married in Las Vegas. She goes on to say that that's where Austin left her at the alter after he told Austin that she'd lied about Lucas hitting Will. She goes back to working on the wedding list and Lucas takes it from her and pretends to be Sigmund Freud. He tells her that she has to get over her fear of the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Sami starts laughing and has a fantasy about them jumping out of an airplane into the wedding chapel. Lucas, Rex, and Philip are dressed up as Elvis and Kate is there as well dressed up like Cher. Sami ends up falling on Kate and killing her. Snap back to reality and Sami is still laughing about it. Lucas tells her that that wasn't exactly what he had in mind. Later after they make love, they're talking about who they'll invite to the wedding and Sami accidentally mentions Billie. She apologizes to Lucas and tells him that she forgot. Lucas says that he keeps forgetting too. Sami tells him that she doesn't know what she'd do if she ever lost him and he says that she doesn't have anything to worry about. A bit later they are out near the balcony and see some shooting stars and make wishes on them. Meanwhile, down on the sidewalk Kate sees the same shooting stars and says that she won't let Lucas marry Sami, that Sami has to take a fall and that she's going to make sure it happens.

At Rex and Mimi's place, Kate is helping Rex make a surprise dinner for Mimi and they are having a mother-son talk. Rex asks Kate if she ever wished that she had waited before she started a family. Kate tells him that she'd thought about it, and that she could have made a better decision when it came to Curtis Reed. She goes on to say that if she had waited Austin and Billie wouldn't have been Austin and Billie. Kate thinks back to how Curtis made her believe that Austin and Billie had died, and how she'd lied to Bill Horton about being pregnant with Lucas. She tells Rex that she's a good example of what not to do and says she's glad that he and Mimi talk about everything. Rex tells her that if Mimi were ever between a rock and hard place he knows she'd come to him.

At the hospital, Mimi is talking with Lexie about what she's going to do about the baby. Mimi tells her that she doesn't have a choice, which now isn't the right time for her to have a baby. Lexie tells her that she always has a choice, but if she goes through with it, there won't be any turning back. Mimi says that she's sure she's doing the right thing. Lexie tells her that if she's sure then she won't mind talking to Peggy about it. Mimi wonders why she should and Lexie tells her that there were red flags when she mentioned having an abortion. Mimi wonders what red flags she's talking about. Lexie tells her that she's in love with Rex and that they've been together for a year, which at their age is forever. Mimi agrees to talk to Peggy although in her own mind tells herself that she won't change her mind. Mimi goes to talk to Peggy and tells her she's wasting her time because she's sure she's going through with the abortion. Peggy wonders if someone, such as her mother, is pressuring her. Mimi said she is but she never listens to her because she doesn't want to follow in her mother's footsteps. She says she wants to wait until she and Rex are settled before they have kids. Peggy wonders if Rex agrees with the decision. Mimi tells her that he doesn't know about the baby, but she's sure that he doesn't want to have kids now. Peggy wonders how she can be sure of that if he doesn't even know she's pregnant. Mimi goes home and finds Rex waiting with the romantic dinner that he made for her. Afterwards, they make love and Rex tells her that someday they'll be able to make love without protection because they'll be doing it to make a baby.

At the hospital, Shawn tells Belle that he's moved on with Jan, that Jan does for him what she never could. Jan kisses Shawn and he tells her that he can't wait to get out of the hospital and get her home. Jan tells him that it won't be much longer, that soon they'll be Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Brady. Philip tries to tell Belle to leave but she refuses saying she won't go until Shawn hears what she has to say. Shawn tells her that he has nothing else to say to her, that she betrayed him and to get out. Belle leaves in tears and Philip goes after her to comfort her. In the hallway Belle asks Philip what she did to make him run to Jan. Meanwhile, back in the hospital room Shawn tells Jan that he keeps having visions of Belle and Philip making love and wonders where he would have seen that. He realizes that he wasn't the only one who saw them and thinks Jan saw them too. He tells Jan that she was there and she wanted him to see it. She tells him that she found out that Philip and Belle were planning to go to the Green Mountain Lodge and when she told him he'd raced off after then. She goes on to say that she went after him to stop him and protect him but she couldn't. Shawn says he remembers making love to her and Jan asks him if he remembers anything else about being at the house. Shawn said he remembers his arms being up over his head. She tells him that he likes it that way, and likes letting her do all the work. Shawn asks if his first time was with her because he always thought it would be with Belle. Jan tells him it was beautiful and he was amazing. Jan kisses him and he asks her if Belle and Philip are together. Jan looks out into the hallway and Shawn turns his head to see Belle in Philips arms. Jan asks him what other proof he needs.

Back out in the hallway Belle and Philip wonder what could be wrong with Shawn. Belle says that she's never seen him like this before, it's like he's a completely different person. Lexie shows up and says that his personality might have been altered due to the trauma, but that he's improving faster than was expected. She goes on to say that it's too soon to know if the effects will be long term. Lexie leaves and Belle tells Philip that if she didn't get it that Shawn didn't love her anymore, she does now.

On the island, Hope is running through the jungle and sees someone spying on her. She starts running and the person chases after her and starts to shoot darts at her! She reaches the ravine where Patrick died and climbs down the vine to the ground below her. When she reaches the bottom she sees a body and thinks that it's Bo, but it's Patrick...and he's alive! Hope tells him she has to get him out of his clothes because he's got hypothermia, but before she can, more darts are shot at them and they are forced to run! They narrowly escape being hit by darts and they go into a cave. Hope takes off Patrick's clothes and her own, hoping their combined body heat will help him. She tells him not to take it personally and as she's cuddling up to him to warm him he kisses her! Hope tells him to knock it off, but she realizes he's delirious and tells him to relax.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

At their apartment, Mimi wakes up next to Rex and takes out her cell phone to make a phone call. She calls the clinic and makes an appointment for her abortion. She tells the person on the other side that she's met with a counselor and she's sure that this is what she wants to do. She ends the call and goes over to kiss Rex while he lays sleeping and says she loves him, but she's doing this for their future.

At the loft, Belle and Philip lay sleeping on the couch. Philip wakes up to find Belle restless and calling out Shawn's name. She wakes up and calls out for Shawn but Philip tells her he's not there, he is and he'll always be there to help her. He sends her up to take a shower while he makes coffee. After Belle leaves Mimi stops over wondering how Shawn is doing. Philip tells her that Shawn is awake and Lexie said he was doing well. Mimi thinks that's great news, but Philip responds "Yeah, great." Mimi wonders what's wrong and he tells her that she should go up and talk to Belle, she could use a friend right now. Meanwhile, upstairs Belle is looking at a picture of herself with Shawn, crying, wondering what could have happened to make him turn to Jan. Mimi shows up and asks her what is wrong. Belle goes over everything that Shawn had said and that she could see it in his eyes that he didn't love her anymore. Mimi says that none of it makes any sense, but Belle assures her that it's true, he gave Jan his cross and worst of all they are engaged! Mimi is shocked and says she used to believe that if Belle and Shawn ever broke up there would be no hope for the rest of them. Belle tells her that she can't say that, Rex is a great guy. Mimi thinks something is wrong with the whole story, Jan hadn't told the truth all summer and theorizes that all of this was part of Shawn's head injury. Belle says maybe, but she can't talk about it anymore and proceeds to ask Mimi if she told Rex about the baby yet. Mimi tells her she hasn't and that she's going to have an abortion. They talk for a while longer about the pregnancy but Mimi is adamant about the time not being right, and that Rex doesn't want a baby right now. Belle tells her that she's lying to Rex and it's going to ruin their relationship like her and Shawn's relationship was ruined. Mimi starts crying and says she can't keep the baby.

Back downstairs at the loft, Rex shows up looking for Mimi. Philip tells him that she's upstairs talking to Belle because Belle was upset and needed a friend. Rex wonders what Philip has done to Belle to upset her. Philip tells him to go slither back under his rock. Rex asks him when he's going to learn that Belle and Shawn love each other and there's nothing he can do to change that. Philip tells Rex everything that happened at the hospital and Rex says that that doesn't sound like Shawn. They talk for a while about Belle and Shawn's relationship and how Shawn threw her over for Jan, and for sex. Rex says that can't be true but Philip tells him that he doesn't know Jan. He goes on to say that comparing Jan and Belle was like comparing rhinestones and diamonds. Philip says that Shawn blew his chance and now he was free to pursue a relationship with Belle and Rex better stay out of the way. Rex tells him that if Shawn hurt Belle like he said he did then he doesn't deserve her, but if Philip hurts Belle he'll have to answer to him. He goes on to say that thanks to Mimi he knows about love and feelings and knew how important honestly was to a relationship.

On the island John, Roman and Abe go out to search for Hope in the jungle, unable to find her they go to the mansion to talk to Tony. Meanwhile at the mansion, Tony is telling Bart that Hope shouldn't have gone into the jungle because now she and Bo are both in danger. He continues by saying that once his men find them, they'll both be dead. Bart tells him that they've been messing up Stefano's plans for a long time; Tony says that this time they won't. John, Abe and Roman show up at the house demanding to know where Hope is. Tony says that she'd been there asking for help to find Bo, but she had left and he didn't know where either of them were; however, if they're both out in the jungle they won't come back alive. John asks Tony if that's a threat. Tony says it's not, but the odds are against them because the jungle had already taken Patrick, and had almost taken, Jack, Jennifer and their baby. He continues saying that Bo went back into the jungle because he thought he saw Billie, that maybe his head injury was worse than they thought. John says that Bo is fine but Tony disagrees, saying that he thinks Bo imagined seeing Billie but that his feelings must be pretty strong for him to risk his life to find her. John thinks that Billie had been investigating the stalker when she disappeared and ended up on the island the same way they did. He asks again where Hope is but again Tony says he doesn't know. Abe says she must have gone to the force field. Tony says she probably did but probably didn't get through it. John says she wouldn't have stopped trying to get through and they take Tony along with them to help them through the force field.

They reach the force field and see that it is still operational. Roman says Hope must have gotten through somehow. John tells Tony to deactivate it, but Tony says his Zen mantra isn't working, but that he doesn't want to see Bo and Hope hurt any more than they do. Roman says they have to get through and wonders how they're going to do that.

Meanwhile out in the jungle Bo is passed out from the dart. He wakes up and flashes back to the last couple of days with Billie. He tries to get up but collapses again. He notices footprints and sees that Billie has been dragged away. He looks into the distance and says, "What the hell?" and takes off.

In the cave, Patrick wakes up and remembers how Hope saved his life. He looks around and sees their clothing on the floor and then hears Hope talking in her sleep saying that she has to find Bo. Patrick says Bo is a fool. Hope wakes up and Patrick asks her how he got there. She tells him what she did for him and says she's amazed that he survived the fall. He tells her he blacked out and must have gotten washed downstream. Hope tells Patrick that she thought she heard him call Bo and fool and he admits he did. He tells her he was a fool to leave her and go back out into the jungle and wonders if Jack is still lost. Hope tells him that Jack is ok and back with Jennifer and their baby. Patrick is happy to hear it and says that Abby will be happy when they all get home again. Hope, a bit surprised by his sincerity, tells him that he's a mysterious man. He says he's not; he's made a lot of mistakes. He says maybe he's a lot like Bo. Hope says that Bo doesn't make stupid mistakes. Patrick wonders what would be so important for Bo to go back into the jungle and asks if it's Billie. They argue a bit about Bo's motives for going after Billie. Patrick wonders if Hope is so upset because what he's saying is true, because when he risked his life to find and save Jennifer he was accused of wanting to sleep with her. Bo shows up at the cave and finds Patrick and Hope together under the blanket. Hope tries to explain to Bo what happened and how she found Patrick freezing cold. They end up getting into a big fight and Bo says that Patrick probably planned it to get Hope naked. Hope is shocked that he would act this way and Bo gets mad at her for defending Patrick. Hope says she's going to get dressed so they can get back to the others but Bo says he's not going anywhere without Billie.

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Thursday, September 30, 2004
by Joan

At the Loft, Philip announced that he planned to marry Belle as soon as possible. Concerned that he didn't have Philip's wealth, Rex worried about not being able to offer Mimi more. But Philip assured Rex that he and Mimi had more than material things. "You found the true love of your life, and better yet, you know she loves you back." Meanwhile, Belle tried to change Mimi's mind about the baby, insisting that Rex had a right to know. Afraid of losing Rex, and not having the means to raise a family, Mimi asked Belle to accompany her to the hospital. Belle called it "the biggest mistake of her life," but promised she wouldn't tell Rex.

At University Hospital, Shawn's condition was improving, impatient about going home. But there was the question of where home was. Worried about his angry attitude, Lexie stalled, asking Jan not to tell Shawn that both his parents were missing now. Jan found Shawn leaving messages for his parents. Bewildered, Shawn was questioning why he hadn't stayed in Salem.

In the jungles of New Salem Island, an infuriated Bo helped Hope get dressed. The couple argued about the embarrassing situation as Hope defended Patrick for risking his life to help Jack. Showing a scarf covered with Billie's blood, Bo proved that she was in trouble. Comparing notes they realized they all had been targeted by someone with darts. Bo insisted on searching for Billie himself when Patrick volunteered. Hope refused to return to New Salem's confines and resented Bo's determination to search for Billie.

The Brady's sparred comparing Hope's Police qualifications to Billie's ISA training in handling a potentially dangerous Patrick. "You say you don't trust him. You won't let him look for Billie. But it's alright for him to be alone with me, your wife?" To which Bo sarcastically replied, "She doesn't know him as well as you obviously do." While Hope explained the argument as Bo's need to be the big hero for Billie, Bo entrusted his wife to Patrick sending them to New Salem. Begging him not to go, Hope turned her face away when Bo kissed her goodbye, crying as he left. Patrick observed, "This Billie Reed sure has a hold on Bo. She must be something." "Oh, yeah," Hope replied, "She's something alright."

At the force field parameters, Tony pretended to be unable to break the current with a Zen meditation amulet. While the others were determined to find Bo, Hope and Billie, Tony knew it meant death to enter the jungle. Climbing a bamboo ladder, John found a clearance above the parameter's current and precariously landed on the other side. Tony was not happy as he watched, and resented Roman's request to stay behind to keep an eye on the Count. Roman successfully followed John over the parameter. But as Abe wished them good luck, Tony thought, "You'll need it. And if you do find Bo, Hope and Billie, not one of you is getting out of there alive."

In Salem, Jan was about to tell Shawn why she was keeping him from calling his parents again. Outside his room, Lexie called Brady, advising him that John was missing and maybe dead. At the Loft, Philip asked that Belle accept that it's over after speaking with Shawn. And Rex confronted Mimi's sudden negative behavior. "I saw the look between you and Belle. What is this secret? You have to tell me!"

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Friday, October 1, 2004
by Joan

In the jungle of Melaswen Island, Hope decidedly refused to return to New Salem. Curious at Bo's decision to look for Billie, Patrick wondered what would distract any man from a woman like Hope. John and Roman discussed the possibility of leaving Bo and Hope behind if they weren't found soon. Finding a dart on the ground made them realize new dangers, but they were unaware they were being watched through the scope of gun. Escaping a dart attack the two wondered why Roman's life had been spared earlier. John could only surmise that an original twisted plot had been tampered with by John and Bo's unexpected arrival. Finding themselves trapped at the edge of a cliff above a river, they were forced to jump into a river below as two darts cut through the air. Safe on the riverbank below, Roman found a necklace he recognized as Billie's, Roman realized Bo had not hallucinated. John was convinced Billie was being used by Stefano to come between Bo and Hope.

At University Hospital, Jan gave Shawn the tragic news about his parents against Lexie's advice. Outside, Lexie explained to Brady that Bo and John were officially declared dead by the Government. As classified info, it remained unreported in the news. She further told him of the speculation that the Salem victims were not dead. Overhearing only a part of the conversation, Belle learned about John from Brady. Kate broke the news to Philip not only about the plane but also about Billie's supposed death.

Furious with Jan for telling Shawn, Lexie found her patient dressed and trying to leave. As Lexie called Security, Shawn encountered Belle outside. When Belle's offered her condolences to Shawn he replied by whispering in her ear. "Sorry? I'll bet you are. Because of you my family is dead."

At the Loft, Mimi lied to a worried Rex saying she was planning a surprise for the anniversary of their first kiss. Puzzled at not remembering a different date himself, Rex left to plan something as well. On his return he offered a proposal. Mimi fantasized giving Rex the baby news upon a proposal of marriage. But Rex's proposal was to go on a picnic. As Mimi held his head close to her body, Rex had no idea how close he was to his unborn child. Sensitive to Mimi's reaction to a phone call from the Women's Clinic, Rex was put off when she left for an appointment after jotting down some notes.

Recalling the real date of their "first kiss," Rex realized Mimi was lying. Tracing the notepad she had just written on, Rex believed he knew what Mimi was up to. On a bench in Salem Park, Mimi tried to reach Belle in hopes her friend would talk her out of a decision she didn't want to make. When she received a call from the Women's Clinic, Mimi admitted she was having second thoughts.

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