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Monday, July 5, 2004

At the Spears home, after seeing Belle on the TV, Shawn finally seems to be getting through to Jan that he will never stop loving Belle. Jan reminds Shawn of all her hardships and his part in the miscarriage but Shawn protests that he "thought he was doing the right thing." A teary-eyed Jan says Shawn abandoned her and that her lies about Belle were only to hold on to him. When Shawn tries to apologize, Jan tells him he isn't sorry he went back to his perfect life and left her with nothing and that she lost "My family, my dignity, my child." She asks him if he is so horrible a person to leave her like that? When he reaches out to her, she tells him that he is all she has left in the world but that she isn't ready to let him go. Approaching the closest thing to sanity for the first time in weeks, Jan lets Shawn know that she understands the he can never love her. Sensing an opening, Shawn asks to call his parents and Belle to let them know he is all right.

At the Salem Racetrack, Belle makes her plea to the camera for Shawn to either call or return home. Nearby, Kate can't understand Philip's compulsion to help Belle find Shawn. Philip explains that he is only trying to be the best friend he can for someone who is in pain. Hoping to change his tune, Kate tells her son that Belle will never fully be able to trust Shawn if he came home now and that he is too much of a wanderer like his father Bo. Belle interrupts to prompt Philip to leave her and focus on his life and the woman he is in love with. Philip responds, "What if I told you I was looking at her right now?" He quickly covers by telling a stunned Belle that he only meant he needed to be with her because she is his friend and she is hurting. Reluctant to bother him any longer, she hugs him in appreciation. In deep denial even after Philip's anvil shaped clues, Belle skips off to check on her phone messages. Philip swears not to make a move on Belle until he is sure Shawn is out of the picture. However, Kate almost gets to him when she informs Philip of John's disapproval of Shawn. A prophetic Kate then says, "Unless he is dead or being held prisoner against his will, there really is no excuse." Belle, depressed, ambles over to complain about her lack of phone messages just as a member of the pit crew informs them that Shawn is on line one.

Tek examines Jennifer's emails from "Jack" at the police station as a worried Lexie hovers nearby. When Lexie says it will be her fault if Jennifer dies, Tek comforts her, telling her Jennifer is a fighter. A guilty Lexie says that by not trusting her first instinct about Patrick, she is to blame. Unfortunately, Tek learns some new information on Patrick's background that says he may be dangerous. Lexie weeps in Tek's arms.

In his office at the station, Bo interrogates a jumpy Bonnie about Patrick's whereabouts. She claims she has no idea where to find her son as Bo produces a thick ISA file on Patrick's past. He then tells her the police followed her to the pawnshop. Before Bonnie can answer, Bo learns that the search for Jennifer has been called off. At first Bonnie protests her son's innocence but then she softens a bit and tells Bo the sad, sad tale of her oldest son, their estrangement, and his recent return. She mopes that she didn't do that great a job of raising her kids but was happy to start fresh when he came home recently. An invigorated Bo warns Bonnie to tell him all she knows or else Jennifer's blood will be on her hands. On this, Bonnie thinks about her conversation with Patrick about the thugs that asked him to come to Salem and help "get Jennifer" and set her up. But instead of coming clean, she says, "Patrick isn't who he says he is." But that he is Jennifer's knight in shining armor.

In the alley behind the pawnshop, Hope holds Patrick at gunpoint. Desperate to get away, Patrick shows her his magic coin and claims it could still save Jennifer's life. Hope tosses him some handcuffs and orders him to put them on. He does so but continues to beg to be set free and save Jennifer. Hope receives a message that the search for Jennifer has been called off. This gets Patrick even more twitchy and when Hope is preoccupied with calling the police station, Patrick uses a pocket knife to uncuff a wrist. Just as Hope gets Bo on the line, Patrick hangs up her phone. Pinning her hopes on her weapon and stellar training, Hope continues to point the gun at Patrick. One well placed kick later, he gets it from her. When Hope goes for her phone again, he shoots it as she is holding it. As he is claiming to be an excellent marksman, he handcuffs Hope, and checks her PDA. Hopeful, he says, "I know how to find Jen" and he wishes Hope could have trusted him.

Before Bo can roll his eyes or find out the connection between the kidnapper and Patrick, Hope calls but gets disconnected. A worked up Bo storms out leaving behind Bonnie who screams that Bo is going to kill her boy. Lexie tries to comfort her but an emergency page from Salem Hospital calls her away. Since Bonnie is still hysterical, Lexie promises to send Celeste over to wait at the police station with her.

With the police near the pawnshop, Patrick drags Hope into a dumpster. He holds her at gunpoint as a clueless Bo walks right past the trash bin they are hiding in.

On Salem Captive Island, Jennifer has fallen off of a cliff after her plane crashed. She hangs by some sturdy roots. Jack hears her screams and runs to find her. Along the way he finds the tag to her luggage and now hopeful, screams her name. Just as Jennifer gets panicky, she hears Jack call for her. With the roots starting to slip, Jennifer flashes back to the night when her car was hanging off the bridge. That night Jack advised her hang on since Abigail needed her mother. Thinking of this, Jennifer resolves to hang on as long as she can just as Indiana Jack peers over the edge. He reaches his hand out to her saying, "I'm here Jennifer. I'll save you."