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Monday, May 31, 2004

Jennifer cleaned Patrick's wounds from his beating while they sat on the couch. She wanted to call the police, but Patrick insisted that it would put her at risk if the media got hold of the story. Instead, Jennifer decided to clean the air vents and prep the baby room, since she had a touch of nesting syndrome. Patrick tried to help her, but Jennifer preferred to do it herself. When Patrick tried to get her to sit down and let him help, Jennifer snapped at him that he wasn't the baby's father, and he should butt out.

A hurt Patrick said he was only feeling protective because, as a child, he had watched his mother, Bonnie, hemorrhage when she was pregnant with Mimi. Putting two and two together, Jennifer realized that was why Patrick had known what to do when she'd had the stomach cramps. Jennifer apologized for losing her temper but explained that she was huge, uncomfortable, missing her husband, and scared at the prospect of being a single mother without Jack.

To break the tension, Jennifer showed Patrick the baby book that Abby had given her. Jennifer lamented the fact that she could write a letter to the baby but that Jack, who'd always had a way with words, could not fill out the father's page. Jennifer left to wrap Theo's birthday present, and Patrick, after consulting his shiny doubloon, began to fill in Jack's page. Later, an emotional Jennifer read aloud what Patrick had written to the baby in "Jack's words."

In the Salem Island Carver home, Abe awakened and remembered the birthday package and letter he had arranged eight months earlier to arrive that day in Salem. He worried he would lose Lexie forever because of it.

In the Salem Island penthouse, Marlena discussed with Roman the impending arrival of a new captive. She wanted to stop it, but Roman said there was nothing they could do. Roman explained the houses for the new victims were built overnight, just before the victim appeared. Both Roman and Marlena suspected Stefano was their captor, and Roman explained that all they could do was continue to look for more clues like the missing pictures.

Anxious to help, Marlena wanted to do something to stop more people in Salem from suffering. Roman told her to sleep, eat, and remain healthy. Just then, Marlena noticed that the pajamas she had given Roman to wear were an exact replica of the ones she had given John. John's initials had been changed to Roman's.

Abe arrived and argued with Roman about the captor's intentions to mix up couples. A suspicious Abe warned Roman to keep his distance from Marlena just as Marlena entered and stopped their arguing. An uncomfortable Abe apologized and explained that he was really upset about the letter he had sent Lexie. He had written it during the Colin Murphy investigation because he had worried that, like Brandon, Theo might grow up without a father. He worried that their loved ones would move on without them.

However, Marlena told them to have faith in their spouses, who had to know somehow they were still alive. The sirens went off again, and as they wondered who the next victim was, a photo album with pictures of various couples fell off the table and onto the floor.

Celeste arrived at the Carver residence and found a note from Lexie asking her to decorate for Theo's first birthday party. A disgusted Celeste tossed aside the piņata that Bonnie had left, since it reminded her of Cassie's murder. Instead of decorating, Celeste decided to try to contact Abe's ghost as a birthday treat. However, when she consulted her Tarot cards, she was surprised to find that the cards were blank. As she contemplated that development, Lexie arrived downstairs with Theo in her arms.

Celeste asked to use Theo as a touchstone in order to contact Abe's spirit, but Lexie said no. When Lexie mentioned Tek's name, Celeste warned her that Tek's cards said he was only interested in Lexie romantically. Lexie tried to get more information from Celeste about Tek but claimed it was for her "single friends," since she was still in mourning for Abe. As Celeste blamed Tek for interfering with Abe's spirit, he showed up at the door with the package from Abe.

After informing them that the package had been scanned for bombs and confirmed to be from Abe, he opened it and found a present for Theo and a letter for Lexie. Lexie read the letter, which told her that if she found unconditional love for her and Theo, she needed to move on. Tek comforted her before returning to the police station. Celeste picked up the letter and, after holding it a moment, happily said, "Abe is not dead!"