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Monday, May 24, 2004

Bonnie works on visualizing lassoing Mickey for her future by actually lassoing Max the dog. A horrified Mimi begs Bonnie to think of Mickey's loss and how emotional Marlena's death must be for him. Bonnie tells her she is counting on Mickey's vulnerability but her daughter can't believe she is "duping a senior citizen." To save some face, Bonnie insists that she likes Mickey and that there is something cute about him. A disbelieving Mimi threatens to warn Mickey just as he enters. He is overcome with grief and Bonnie comforts him when he talks about the void in his life. Thinking of the flowers Bonnie sent, he gives her the pin he gave Maggie the day that "Tuscany" opened. Bonnie is so overwhelmed and touched that she tries to refuse the gift. A grateful Mickey insists and pins it on her before leaving. Just as Bonnie's tears are about to betray her sensitive side, she tells Mimi that she is failure because she let her heart get in the way of lassoing Mickey. So she practices again on Max.

Bo and Hope sit in Salem Place drinking coffee and discussing Marlena's funeral. As Sami's Uncle, Bo is worried about Sami but Hope wisely warns him to leave her alone. They both agree that Marlena's death brought no closure to the involved families just as a butterfingers Jan drops the envelope of money as she is walking by. Bo stops her to point it out as a nervous Jan scoops it up and scurries off. Detective Brady doesn't recognize her and goes back to Hope is worried about Shawn. To ease her nerves, Bo agrees to unofficially ask the Salem PD officers to keep an eye out for Shawn. Hope is relieved but Bo says they need to trust in their son.

Meanwhile, back at the Spears cottage, Shawn yells about needing to use the bathroom. Nicole, dressed as old Mrs. B, shuffles in to check on him. Shawn pleads for "Jan" to let him go. But when Nicole daydreams about making out with a chained up Brady, she whispers Brady's name. This tips off Shawn that Nicole is not Jan. Though familiar to him, he can't figure out whom she is but begs for her to let him go so that he can help Belle. A shirtless mirage of Brady appears and coaches Nicole to set Shawn free. She gets the key in the lock before realizing that letting Shawn loose means that Jan will be caught and will turn her in for Victor's murder. Nicole backs out of the room and waits for Jan to return. When Jan does return, she confirms that she left the money for Crystal at the bus station. A delusional Jan claims she isn't guilty of kidnapping since Shawn is willing and will fall in love with her.

When Nicole gets back to the mansion, a real life shirtless Brady questions her absence at the funeral. Fortune sort of intervenes when the doorbell rings. Unfortunately it is Crystal who ogles Brady and waves to a speechless Nicole.

Sami looks through photo albums as Lucas tries to cheer her up. He worries that he can't help her get through this tough time like Marlena could but compliments Sami's strength. Sami begins to get riled up talking about John, Kate, and Bo but Lucas tries to point out the weaknesses in her argument. Changing the subject, Sami tries to defend her sanity by insisting she heard Marlena in the coffin. A calming Lucas convinces her that Marlena was not buried alive and that she is in a better place. Sami clings to the hope that her mother is in a better place and is pleased when Lucas implies that Marlena is in heaven with Roman.

The buried alive Marlena screams and cries in her coffin, calling out the names of her husband and children. As she begins to recite the "Our Father," the coffin begins to shake and fall into a fiery pit below. When she awakens, she hears drilling and the lid of the coffin opens to a blinding light. On a tropical island surrounded by beautiful green water, Marlena wanders through a tropical replica of Salem Place. Just as she passes the movie theatre (which is now showing "Shiver Me Broken Timbers" and "Up a Creek"), she spots an elderly woman sitting on a bench knitting. The woman raises her head to reveal a rosy cheeked Alice Horton who tells Marlena, "Hi, darling. I've been waiting for you." A depressed Marlena thinks she is dead but a chipper Alice corrects her. Marlena is not dead. And neither is Alice.