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Monday, March 22, 2004

Marlena asks John why he suspected she was the killer? John gets his laptop computer, accesses the police files showing the surveillance photos from the graveyard of Marlena, Alice and Celeste. Marlena learns Tek is suspicious of her. Marlena is disdainful of John and his gullibility for believing that she's innocent. Julie ends up at Marlena's, hoping they can talk. Marlena invites her in and becomes privately alarmed when Julie tells her that she and Doug made a pact to somehow leave a message for each other if they ever had a run in with the killer. Marlena, her memory jolted, recalls seeing Doug burying something in the dirt behind Tom Horton's tombstone! Marlena is driven to get to the graveyard and get the note before someone else finds it. Unfortunately for her, Julie wants to stay and visit.

Tek and Hope compare why they each think Marlena could or couldn't be the killer. When John arrives at the police station he goes head to head with Tek. Hope tells John if he vouches for Marlena, she'll believe him and stop investigating. John tells Hope he's sure Marlena's innocent and he'd stake his life on it.

Jennifer arrives at Alice's and joins Julie and Alice. Julie is still extremely upset about Doug's death and that he didn't leave any sort of clue to who killed him. Alice tells Jennifer that Tom seemed to have a message for her and she's determined to find out what it is. Jennifer leaves and Alice hears Tom's spirit whispering to her again, telling her to go back to his grave. Alice is kneeling at Tom's grave about to find the note from Doug.

Sami and Lucas return home and Sami continues to yearn for the kind of perfect love Julie shared with Doug. She worries that she doesn't deserve it and may never find it. Lucas says she will if she learns to channel all that drive, energy and emotion she has in the right way and focuses on the positive things in her life. Sami says she doesn't think she can. She still thinks Caroline's prediction is going to come true.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004
by Joan

Plans were underway to remake Tuscany into Bonnie's "rip-roarin' honky tonk." But as she flirted with deliverymen, Mickey caught Bonnie announcing it would be "de-Maggie-Hortonized once and for all." But Mickey questioned the electric bull as Bonnie sold her ideas to him.

At the Salem PD, John understood Tek's reasons for suspecting Marlena, but was unable to consider the possibility himself. Disturbed that he was withholding evidence but afraid of incriminating Marlena if she was innocent, John was torn. What if she is guilty and the Killer strikes again? ."..What have I done?" As John left to learn more, Tek warned him to watch his back, now strongly suspicious of Marlena.

Visiting Celeste, Hope asked why she went to the Cemetery after Doug's death. Explaining that Tom had summoned her with a message, Celeste spoke of her vision, telling Hope another Horton would die. Hope left, worried for her grandmother's safety, while Alice was returning to the Cemetery.

At Tom's grave, Alice's question to him was answered as Doug's note toppled over. Stunned at finding Marlena's name in blood, Alice believed it was a sign that Marlena would be the next victim. But she couldn't hear Doug's ghost saying he died for refusing to believe in Marlena's guilt. Doug pleaded, "Look at the note, Alice...Know the truth." Alice struggled to understand the note's significance, as Doug continued his warnings. "Do not trust, Marlena. She is evil.... Alice, please hear me. Your life is in danger... Do whatever you have to do to protect yourself...Once Marlena knows you have that note, you are a dead woman."

While Julie found comfort speaking with Marlena, she mentioned her intention to retrace Doug's final steps in search of a clue. Convincing her that the comfort of home was best for her traumatized state, Marlena quickly sent Julie away. Headed for the Cemetery herself, Marlena grabbed her coat and the letter opener as she recalled attacking Doug. "Well, if somebody has that clue, I know what to do."

On her way home, Julie found Bonnie and Mickey country-dancing in Tuscany. Hysterical at what she called a desecration, Maggie cried at her family falling apart, accusing Bonnie of turning Tuscany into a saloon. Mickey said he would change Tuscany's name to "Alice's" as a tribute to the Horton Matriarch. But when he left, Julie's warning that she was on to Bonnie resulted in an insulting response. Demanding respect, Bonnie said Julie was neither Mickey's nor her boss. ." keep your nose in your own life and out of mine. Got it?" Julie was stunned later by Bonnie's choice for the sign for "Alice's Bar" depicting a caricature of Mrs. Horton as a cowgirl.

Searching for more signs, Celeste suddenly gasped in pain as if stabbed. Looking at a vision within the crystals, she could not understand she was seeing the blade Marlena was holding in the Cemetery. As Doug's ghost watched Marlena searching for the clue, he said, "Your days of killing are over." Noticing something had been removed from near Tom's gravestone, Marlena said, "they're as good as dead." John paid an unusual visit to Celeste looking for answers. Warning him to "Beware and Prepare", she cautioned, "The Killer could be one step ahead of us."

As John asked Celeste if there was any chance his wife was the killer, Marlena was at the Penthouse. Accessing the surveillance files on John's computer, she deleted evidence of her most recent visit to Tom's grave. Searching for other visitors, Marlena asked, 'who will be my next victim?' as she saw the note held by Alice Horton. Meanwhile, Alice sat at home realizing the incredibly shocking truth. "Is it possible? But what if it's true? Marlena is the Killer... I don't know. I have to get help." But as she tried to call for someone, Alice had an attack, dropping the note and the phone.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Jennifer is making cupcakes for Alice with Abby when they get into a food fight... as they both scream, we see Patrick outside on a mysterious phone call. He tells the person on the other end of the call that he's moving on and doesn't know where he's going but he'll be in touch. At that moment, he hears Jennifer and Abby scream. He rushes inside and is hit with cupcake batter. As Jennifer washes his shirt, Patrick tells Jennifer he's moving on but Jennifer really wants him to stay. Abby, outside, finds a mysterious coin that Patrick has dropped. Jennifer suddenly feels a pain in her abdomen.

Hope is at the station thinking about one of her family members being in danger. Hope calls Shawn, remembering he had his own theory about the killer. Shawn comes down to the station and, reluctant to break his promise to Belle, Shawn finally gives in and tells his mom he believes it to be Marlena. Hope considers this news and informs Shawn that Tek thought the same thing. Hope lays out the evidence and it appears that Hope finally believes Marlena could be the killer.

Tek realizes that someone has broken into the Salem PD mainframe and he believes it's the killer. Across town, we realize it was Marlena hacking into the system to erase some incriminating evidence of her at the graveyard. Tek arrives at Marlena's and confronts her, warning her that he will prove that she's the killer. Marlena throws Tek out.

Alice recovers from her momentary dizziness with the help of Tom's ghost. She studies the clue she found at the graveyard and Doug's ghost urges her to call Hope. Alice finally makes the call to Hope but her message ends up buried on a PD desk. Alice is about to turn in when Doug urges Tom to keep her there. Tom's picture grabs Alice's attention and she hears "She's here." Just then, the clue with Marlena's name on it glows and we see Marlena has arrived outside Alice's house.

John has gone to see Celeste to ask her to use her powers to confirm or deny if his wife is the serial killer. Celeste points out that she will have to talk to the dark side. Skeptical John agrees and Celeste summons the sprits and a wind blows through.

Thursday, March 25, 2004
by Joan

At the Salem PD, Hope left Shawn behind answering a page to come to Jen's Without getting Alice's message, Hope instructed Shawn not to disturb his great-grandmother. As they compared notes, Shawn admitted to Tek that Belle wasn't with Marlena the night of Doug's murder. But he was furious learning that Tek had confronted Marlena.

Lexie rushed to Jen's finding her condition improved after Patrick saved the baby's life. Applying a hot water bottle had kept Jennifer from going into early labor. Just as Lexie advised Jen against undue stress, Hope arrived mentioning her fear the murders weren't over. Realizing that Patrick could be of help to Jen, Hope suggested changing his mind about leaving. Outside, Abby returned the skull and cross-bone coin to Patrick. Asking him to stay in the garage apartment, as her guest, Jen convinced Patrick to stay.

At Celeste's, candles turned into fiery torches, as she chanted to summon "dark forces." In search of answers about Marlena, Celeste was overtaken by an evil spirit. Addressing John, the spirit said that while not capable of evil, Marlena had once been capable of hosting it. As John recalled Marlena's possession, and her exorcism, the spirit spoke of an evil that remained in Marlena waiting to return stronger and more deadly. When John demanded to know if Marlena was the Killer, the evil replied, "You have the answers, Priest. You already know!" And with that the evil spirit left Celeste's body. Telling a recovering Celeste that Marlena had similarly addressed him as "Priest" when possessed, Celeste warned to "prepare for the fight of your life." After John left, Celeste recalled her own confrontation with a once-possessed Marlena. As the "Horton" name appeared in red on a mirror, she realized it was too late. "It's already begun."

At Alice's, Tom's voice warned, "She's here", as Doug's bloodstained "Marlena" note was shown to her. Outside the locked door, Marlena was remembering where to find the spare key as Alice watched from her window. Once inside, Marlena whispered her regrets about killing Alice. "Salem isn't going to be the same without you. But, you know what they say -- like sands through the hourglass. Eventually, our time runs out."

In her office, a computer Instant Message from a Bradyro alerted Kate. "Hi, Bracelets. I've been waiting for you." While she thought it was a cruel joke, the IM continued. "It's Roman. Meet me at my house...tonight! I have a surprise for you." Learning that Roman's ISP account was inactive, Kate was compelled to go to the house with Philip. Not having been there since before their marriage, Kate found a box of dead flowers with a note in Roman's handwriting addressed, "Dearest Kate." Realizing he had prepared them before the wedding, Kate read the note. "My Darling Kate: Tonight you took a huge leap of faith. Thank you for believing in me and for believing in our love. Words cannot express how happy you made me. Yours Forever, Roman."

Asking Philip to leave, Kate looked to see the shriveled long-stemmed roses were alive again as she heard Roman's voice. "Hope you like them, Mrs. Brady." Confirming it wasn't a dream Roman said he had waited for her to come back. Embracing him, Kate begged Roman him to make love to her once more. A serious glance on Roman's face was followed by a kiss, and Kate found herself alone again. Finding a different card on the roses, Kate read a last message. "To my beautiful wife. Forever I will be by your side watching over you and loving you. Your devoted husband, Roman."

At St. Luke's, John sought God's help, still not wanting to believe Marlena was a killer. As he discussed his concerns with Father Tim, the Priest recalled the ominous confession he'd heard and seeing Marlena immediately afterwards. "I'm finding that I'm want to hurt someone. I want them to suffer great pain." Unable to break the Seal of the Confessional, Father Tim could only tell John to do whatever he could to stop Marlena while there's still time. But John was unsuccessful reaching her by phone. Outside in St. Luke's Cemetery, Shawn, Philip and Tek rushed to the area of Tom's grave where the lightening storm had burnt out the surveillance camera. Shawn prayed at his great-grandfather's grave to protect his family.

Consulting the Tarot cards for the next victim's name, Celeste was surprised finding previous victims, Abe, Jack Maggie, Roman. As she drew the last card with Alice's picture, Marlena had already entered Mrs. Horton's bedroom. Tom's ghost watched, as Marlena stopped short for a moment, and then frantically stabbed the blanketed form on the bed. Realizing she had been outfoxed, Marlena headed downstairs to a dark room, surprised when a light went on. Calmly, Alice Horton greeted her. "Hello, Marlena. I've been expecting you."

Friday, March 26, 2004
by Joan

Thinking she was alone at the Loft, Belle was unaware of Jan watching her. Unable to reach Shawn, Belle accepted an invitation to spend time at Sami's. Following Belle there, Jan listened at the door as the two sisters confided in one another. Sami was grieving for Roman, and dismayed at her unsuccessful love life. Assuring her, Belle spoke about lying to Shawn. But Jan abruptly left before hearing Shawn's suspicions about Marlena. Sami refused to believe her mother was a murderer and promised Shawn would never learn of Belle's lie, but Belle's conscious was uneasy.

Celeste's Tarot cards foretold the next victim as Alice's picture changed to the Death card. Attempting to leave to warn Alice, Celeste was stopped as the lights flickered. One by one, Caroline, Maggie and Roman appeared. Desperately, Celeste cried, "we have to stop the Killer...before she kills our beloved Alice!" But the ghosts were unable to stop the dark forces at work. Exasperated they couldn't help, Celeste started to call John when an evil voice cried out, "No!" A lightning bolt through the window struck Celeste to the floor. Unable to revive her, Caroline's ghost said Celeste would be unable to remember anything. As the three ghosts left, Shawn Douglas broke through Celeste's door. While Celeste told Shawn a loved one would die that night, she could not remember who. Joining hands with him, Celeste said, "The lies will kill the love." After Shawn left, Celeste could only think, "the losses suffered here tonight. Will be felt by everyone in Salem for many, many years to come."

At Roman's house, Kate thought John was an intruder and knocked him unconscious as he entered. After his experience at Celeste's, John found little trouble believing that Roman had visited Kate. While Kate was convinced that love would get them through Salem's dark days, John was becoming more convinced of Marlena's guilt. When Kate called the Killer's actions 'inhuman', John admitted his belief that Marlena's actions were prompted by evil.

When Belle left, Sami called Eric sharing the information about Shawn's suspicions. Recalling Marlena's trip during Abe's murder, Sami was stunned when Eric said Marlena left Colorado before Abe was killed. Overhearing the conversation as she walked in, Kate said, Oh, my God. John was right. Marlena is the Serial Killer."

At the Loft, Jan called Nicole. Saying she was ready to be with Shawn, Jan said, "Belle dies tonight." Watching as Belle prepared a bubble bath, Jan fantasized different ways to kill Belle, but finally decided to electrocute her as she had done to Victor.

At the Horton House, Alice greeted Marlena acknowledging her as the Killer. Admitting she was the Salem Stalker, Marlena said, "now that you know my little secret, you must die." Speaking as a loving grandmother, rather than one in fear for her life, Alice told Marlena to think of her family. Laughing at Alice's advice, Marlena was confident that no one was on to her, but referred to one piece of incriminating evidence. Producing the bloodstained note, Alice asked, "You mean this?" "Give it to me", Marlena demanded. "Absolutely not", Alice courageously replied.

Impatient with what she called Alice's negotiations, Marlena demanded, "Alice, give me the paper." Alice stood firm. "No. And put that letter opener down. You don't have to do this anymore." Marlena screamed, "Oh, shut up! Come on, Alice. Give me the paper, Old Woman!" Pulling the paper further away from Marlena and clutching it, Alice's anger emerged on her face and in her words. "My Tom will not let you have it! He will not let you take it from me!" Marlena poised the letter opener to attack Alice as she had Roman, when she heard Tom Horton call her name. As a stunned Marlena saw Tom's ghost and called his name, Alice questioned what was going on. As Marlena tried to strike again, Alice warned her to stay away. But when Marlena said, "Not if your life depended on it," three other ghosts appeared.

Maggie: "Get away from her you bitch!"

Roman: "You heard Maggie. Isn't it time you took responsibility for your actions?"

Maggie: "And to think, you were my friend."

Caroline: "Friend? I treated you as a daughter, and you poisoned me."

Roman: "You heard them, Doc. You've reached the end of the line. And to think I ever loved you..."

Marlena pleaded, "Caroline, no, no." Looking lovingly at Roman as he accused her, Marlena said, "Roman, you don't understand."

Tom's voice screamed, "Get out, Marlena! Get out of this house!" And as Marlena ran in terror, Tom's ghost chased her to the door.

Alice immediately phoned John. "It's about your wife. John, Marlena is the Serial Killer, and she's about to kill me."

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