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Monday, November 10, 2003

Hope and Jennifer stood outside Maggie's hospital room and wondered why they had taken Mickey inside. Hope told her cousin that she thought it was so that Mickey could tell his wife goodbye. They watched through the window as Lexie told Mickey that Maggie didn't have much time left, and then went to find Alice so they could tell her the update as well. As the group all filed into the small hospital room to bid their farewells, Alice assured Mickey that Tom was watching over Maggie and that she was in good hands. Just as Tom's image appeared in the monitors, they flatlined and Lexie announced that Maggie was gone. Mickey stood, took Maggie's hand and told her goodnight. Back in the waiting room, Jen worried about telling Abby another family member had died. As she hung up the phone from talking to her daughter, Lucas arrived and asked if he was too late. Jennifer told him that Maggie was gone and asked if he was responsible for her death. Lucas looked hurt and then told her that he loved Maggie and didn't know what he would do without her. Alice told him that she believed he was innocent and that he should go comfort Mickey. As Lucas and Mickey cried together, they wondered what Maggie did to deserve this fate. Later that evening, as Mickey sat in the hospital room with Maggie alone, he reminisced about other times when he had brought her gifts at the hospital, and then about their wedding ceremony. He sadly told her that "he's the luckiest man in the world to have known her." As the nurses wheeled Maggie away, Lexie and Jen comforted Mickey.

Sami stomped into her apartment with Lucas hot on her heels berating her about her dream. He was stopped in mid-sentence when Roman and Kate entered and immediately demanded the truth from Sami...was she guilty? Sami reminded them all that she loved Maggie and asked Roman how he could accuse her of hurting the Hortons. Roman quickly asked her how she could explain her vivid dream of Mickey and Maggie being attacked, and wanted to know about the dark clothes that they found on her bedroom floor. She told her dad that the dream was a coincidence, and that if they arrested everyone who had been wearing dark clothing that night they would have half of Salem locked up. Lucas said that it couldn't have been Sami, and Kate was quick to ask him if the reason he was defending Sami was because he had feelings for her. Lucas explained that he did not believe that the woman raising his son was capable of such violence. Kate wondered aloud if Sami would defend Lucas if the tables were turned. Sami admitted that she didn't think Lucas was a cold-blooded killer either. Lucas then told Roman that he had been home alone. Just then, the phone rang and Caroline told Lucas he was needed at the hospital right away. As he left, Marlena arrived and told Sami that she was amazed that none of the suspects had alibis. Roman hung up from his phone call and announced that Maggie was dead. Sami began a rampage and cried as she wondered why she had dreamt of the Horton's attack. Marlena calmed her down and asked if Sami listened to the radio before bed. Sami told her that she listened to a news station and Marlena concluded that Sami must have heard the details of the attack on the radio while she was falling asleep. Relieved that the mystery was solved (at least for her), Sami thanked her mother repeatedly. After Marlena and Roman left for the police station, Kate told Sami that she was disappointed that she was not sitting on death row once again. She had hoped that with Sami out of the way, Lucas would regain full custody of Will and she and Lucas's names would be cleared. Just as Lucas returned from the hospital, he overheard Kate and Sami's argument and walked in just as Sami said she was sure that Lucas didn't know that his mother was "Stefano's dirty little whore." Confused, Lucas asked Kate if that was her secret. He began to realize that that was what Abe and Sami had had over her head. Sami decided that Lucas needed to know the rest of the story: since his mother was a call girl, Lucas may not even be a Horton after all. As Lucas let this news sink in, Kate tried to tell him she did it so that her children would have a better life. Sami then wondered if Maggie had known this secret and if that was why Kate had killed her?

At the police station, Shawn hurried into Bo's office to give him the bag of clothes he had found on Rex's closet floor. He told his dad that the sweatshirt had a bloodstain on it and that it matched the costume that the killer had been wearing the night Mickey and Maggie were attacked. Bo sent the clothing for testing and then took Rex into the interrogation room against Tony's wishes. Rex agreed anyway and claimed that he had nothing to hide and would answer Bo's questions. When the two emerged from the interrogation room, Rex immediately asked his father if he was proud of him for not cracking under pressure. Tony told him he was not proud, but was relieved, and reminded him that he was to destroy any evidence of wrongdoing, not leave it lying on the floor. Rex said that he didn't know anything about the bloodstain and that he was innocent. Just then, the evidence report came back with the results of the test. Bo told the group that forensics had lifted fingerprints off the whiskey bottle that had hit Maggie, and that they would have the results soon. Shawn was quick to tell Rex that if the prints were his, it would be the final nail in his coffin. Meanwhile, Roman debriefed the rest of the department on the details of Sami's dream and alibi. Mimi took Rex aside and told him that she knew he was innocent because she wasn't capable of loving a killer. Shawn warned her that Rex was guilty and that she was lucky he hadn't hurt her yet. Just then, the test results from the whiskey bottle arrived and Bo announced that the sweatshirt was stained with Maggie's blood. Roman immediately placed Rex under arrest.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003
by Joan

At Brady's Pub, Victor found Caroline stressed over Maggie's death. Offering Caroline what Nicole's been missing, Victor massaged her shoulders to alleviate her headache. Victor discussed divorcing Nicole and his concern for Brady. (Privately, Victor had already thought if Nicole didn't accept his terms, she'd have to die.) Caroline was frightened that Victor was getting his affairs in order suspecting even Nicole might kill him. Victor's arrangements included taking care of Caroline. As he took her hand, the elder Shawn stepped in demanding that Victor let go. Caroline criticized Shawn's rude behavior when Victor left.

At Salem PD, Roman had Rex booked for Maggie's murder. Still having headaches behind bars, Rex warned Roman to wait and see what he's capable of. Attorney Cameron Reese was retained by Tony to represent Rex. Defending Rex as innocent and well mannered, Ms. Reese found her client in a rage in his cell and refusing her help. Cassie and Mimi heard Cameron phoning Bart saying he seemed "pretty damn guilty."

Meanwhile, Bo was shocked to learn that Caroline's were the only fingerprints on the bottle used to attack Maggie. Bo thought it was a DiMera message - Casting suspicion on Caroline, meant they could get to any family member.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole was angered at Brady asking if she killed Maggie. Nicole tried seducing Brady with a passionate kiss offering herself to him. Although enticed, Brady still resisted just as Victor arrived. Telling Nicole he wanted her answer regarding the divorce tonight, Victor called his grandson aside. Victor asked for Brady's word never to become involved with Nicole. Brady agreed to Victor's request while Nicole listened outside. Still determined to win, she slipped nude photos of herself under Brady's door.

Treating his mother like any suspect, Bo arrived at the Pub to question Caroline. She admitted she was not at a quilting party as had been thought. As Tek and Philip examined the attacker's video for clues, a message appeared warning the PD computer would explode in five seconds, destroying the video evidence. And Cassie was shocked while visiting Rex who said there would be more murders. "The next victim's already been tagged."

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Bo and Roman question their mother on her whereabouts last night. G. Shawn produces an invoice that proves a bottle was stolen from the pub; Caroline swears she never touched the bottle and staunchly refuses to say where she was last night. Roman goes to question Rex. Will pleads with Caroline to tell the truth and says he is having nightmares that his whole family was in jail. Hope joins Bo and shares her theory that the killer is trying to signal that Caroline is the next victim. Bo is determined to protect his mother.

Caroline still refuses to say where she was last night and Victor enters and drops a bombshell. Kate blames Sami for telling Lucas her secrets. Lucas arrives after an all night binge. He is so drunk he stuns Sami with a passionate kiss. Kate and Sami try to get Lucas to pull himself together but he pushes them away. Sami threatens Kate and drives her to visit Victor. Kate and Victor make a deal.

Sami helps Lucas sober up yet she still threatens to take Will away from him. Lucas turns on her and now it is Sami's turn to wonder if Lucas is the killer. Sami and Kate continue to threaten each other. Sami fears that Will will see his father drunk.

Cassie visits Rex in jail where he cryptically predicts his exoneration - the killer will strike again while he's behind bars... is he suggesting that she or Tony kill someone else to clear him? Shawn arrives at the jail and figures out, what he thinks is Rex's plan. Rex tells Roman he is confident he will be cleared and warns the Bradys will never triumph over the DiMeras.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Cassie confides in Tony that she thinks Rex wants her to kill someone to prove his innocence; he tells Cassie she should do whatever she can to help her brother. Shawn confronts Mimi with what he overheard.

At Brady Pub, Roman, Bo, and G. Shawn react to the surprising news that Victor was with Caroline when Maggie was attacked. Victor arrived late - he is still a suspect. G. Shawn is angry and jealous even though Victor assures him Caroline was just lending a sympathetic ear. Shawn joins them as Victor puts forth the theory that Caroline's fingerprints were planted on the murder weapon as a signal that she's been targeted as the killer's next victim. Shawn believes Rex was asking Cassie to kill someone for him. All head to the church for Abe, Jack, and Maggie's triple funeral.

Sami tries to keep Will from seeing Lucas. Lucas is forced to cover with Will; he showers, shaves as Will confronts Sami: Dad's drinking again, isn't he? Sami surprisingly defends Lucas. Will can tell that she cares about him and Sami is a little rattled. After Will leaves to get ready, Lucas admits he overheard and thanks Sami for defending him with a tender kiss, getting shaving cream on her face. Will notices the shaving cream and is happy his parents seem attracted to each other. The three of them head over to the church. At the church, Victor confronts Sami.

Jennifer and Lexie stop by the pub on their way to church. The pub will be the gathering place before and after the funeral. Hope has been at the church with a bereft Mickey. Abby arrives and continues with her disdain towards her mother. Tony, Lucas, Sami, Victor, Cassie, Mimi, Caroline, G. Shawn, and Shawn also arrive at church. Cassie exits and Shawn decides to follows... Mimi follows him. Bo, Roman, and Hope check security at the church when Bo starts to get horrifying messages on his PDA: clues that someone else will die within the hour.

Friday, November 14, 2003
by Joan

At St. Luke's, family and friends gathered for the funerals of Abe, Jack and Maggie. When Victor warned Nicole about her presence there she threatened to kill his 'old flame' - "the woman you're planning to replace me with." Victor's reply was a threat of putting Nicole in an unmarked crypt first. Sami found herself unwelcome by widows Jennifer and Lexie. An angry Sami was reduced to tears when Caroline scolded her for thinking of herself instead of others.

Outside the chapel, Celeste had a premonition of wiping blood from a fourth coffin. As she told a disbelieving Roman she realized the fourth victim was Caroline. Meanwhile, Bo & Hope were inside watching as their PDA posted a one-hour countdown to the next murder. A fourth coffin and Caroline's name appeared. Caroline overheard as they told Roman about the PDA. Questioning the killer's motives, Caroline nervously laughed at her life ticking away. Resigning herself to God's Will, Caroline refused Roman's suggestion to cancel the funeral and asked not to tell her husband, Shawn.

The service was interrupted by a delivery that came with special instructions. A funeral wreath with the message "Rest in Peace, Caroline Brady" had been paid for in cash with the request that it be there for the service. As Alice watched a candle flicker, she told Celeste, 'the worst is yet to come...death is near.' Hope later introduced a Seth Caldwell whose eulogy was gratitude for Jack's eyes donated to him. Jen was delighted that a hard-to-reach Abby finally hugged her. Roman eulogized Abe, noting that Abe's family meant everything. Jennifer addressed a tearful Mickey saying Maggie still loves him.

At Salem jail, Cassie asked Rex if he wanted her to kill for him. Asking for her PDA, Rex told Cassie to watch and learn as he keyed something in. Shawn gave Mimi a recording device asking her to visit Rex in hopes of getting information. Before Mimi had a chance to activate the recorder, Rex told her things were about to get wilder and someone would have to die while he was in jail to prove his innocence. When a shocked Mimi called Rex a killer he threatened she'd be sorry for calling him that. As Rex took Mimi's hand to kiss her, the recorder fell through the bars. Meanwhile, as Shawn followed Cassie from the jail, he filled Belle in by phone on what was happening in Salem.

At St. Luke's, as the priest began to pray, the church lights dimmed. Celeste let out a chilling scream as the lights blacked out. Once the lights were restored, a fourth coffin was in the chapel. As Celeste had done in her premonition, Mickey now wiped off blood to reveal the name on the coffin was Caroline's. Sending the children from the chapel, Caroline demanded the casket be opened. Inside, a decayed corpse held a sign reading: "Caroline Brady, you will rest in peace."

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