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Monday, September 22, 2003

Lexie begged Abe to stay at home and inside until the bells chimed 12:00 so that he would avoid any mishaps. After telling him that she loved him, they hung up and Lexie went back inside, feeling a little relief. Even though Abe had agreed to stay indoors, Lexie admitted that she had the feeling that she had just told Abe she loved him for the last time. Just then, the church bells began to ring and everyone paused. The Brady family entered and wondered why everyone was so somber. Lexie ecstatically explained that it was finally after twelve and told John about Celeste's premonitions. She then went outside to try to reach Abe on her cell phone. Meanwhile, back at the house, Abe looked fondly at their family photo, and then jumped when he heard a noise. He glanced out the window, but didn't see anything. He got ready to leave and headed out the door.

Jack turned and shut the door behind him. As soon as he turned to leave he heard what sounded like a gunshot in the distance. This caused him to stop and listen. Upon arriving at the church, Jack walked in on Rex who was trying to hide something. Rex was angry that Jack was questioning him again, but Jack told him that if he couldn't prove that Rex was responsible for the attack on Bo and Hope, then Abe Carver would. As Jack walked away, Rex said, "Don't be too sure about that." Jack then found Jennifer and explained to her about the noise he had heard. He told her that he had thought it was a gunshot at first, but then decided that it was most likely a car backfiring. Jennifer figured that there was more to the story, and Jack relented and described to her his suspicions about how he found Rex when he arrived at the church.

Lexie waited impatiently for Abe to arrive since noon had come and gone, but Father Jensen announced that he had some bad news. She nervously asked what was wrong, and he told her that unfortunately she couldn't get her cell phone to work well inside, so she should try to call Abe outside. A relieved Lexie headed for the door to try to reach her husband. Lexie began to suspect that something was wrong and asked Tony what she should do. Tony left and said he would be back soon...with Abe. As Tony went outside to begin his search for Abe, he called Stefano on the phone and told him "everything is going according to plan and Lexie doesn't suspect a thing." As he talked, John listened from behind some bushes and then quickly snatched the phone from Tony's hand. Back inside the church, Celeste took Theo and Zack to the nursery to wait for the ceremony to begin. While she rocked Theo, she was suddenly alarmed and remembered her vision of Abe in a coffin.

After avoiding Jack's questions, Rex stumbled and dropped the gun he was attempting to hide. Carolyn heard the thump and came to see who had fallen. While the others awaited Theo's christening, Belle straightened Shawn's tie and Mimi arrived late only to wonder why Rex was also late. Rex angrily told her that he was simply late and didn't want to be cross-examined about it. Shawn wondered why Rex was late as well, but Belle warned him to back off, for Abe and Lexie's sake. Rex explained that he had been in a chapel alone, but Maggie said, "No you weren't." She then explained that she had been in the chapel, but that she could've missed Rex. Mimi and Rex excused themselves and Rex admitted that the church was "creeping him out." Mimi was comforted by her surroundings, but Rex said that he'd heard the whole creation story and wondered how God related to he and Cassie being created in a Petrie dish. Mimi told him that if God hadn't been there for her during her tough times, she didn't know if she would have made it through them. But, Rex lamented that if there were a God, then He wouldn't want him because of the thing he had done. Back inside, Shawn apologized for making a scene with Rex, but wondered why he was the only one to see Rex for who he really was. While Shawn and Belle flirted, Belle told him that the only way her ring was coming off her finger was if it was replaced with a wedding band. Shawn began to ramble and Belle told him not to worry, that she wasn't ready to get married yet either.

Roman asked Kate to meet him for dinner later after the christening because he had a question he wanted to ask her. He explained that he had to meet Abe first and tie up some loose ends before Abe retired. Kate grew nervous and said she'd meet him for dinner later, but that she had something to take care of first. She became emotional, but blamed it on the christening ceremony. Lucas showed up a little while later and tried to console his mom. Lucas assured Kate that she didn't need to worry and that Abe wasn't a threat anymore. Roman called just then, and said that the ceremony hadn't started because Abe was missing and asked Kate if she'd seen him. Kate didn't respond, and Roman thought the silence meant that the phone line had been cut off. After hanging up, Kate hugged Lucas, but jumped when she felt the gun protruding from inside his coat. She forced Lucas to show her the gun and asked him what he was doing with a gun, to which Lucas replied, "I think you know."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady asked Nico where Victor and Nicole were, but Nico claimed that he didn't know anything. In the meantime, Nicole stomped angrily down the sidewalk and complained about nosy reporters and cops. Victor followed close behind and carried a gun while angrily saying that he was tired of cleaning up his wife's messes. A little while later, Victor returned to the mansion and put the gun away. Just as he sat to rest, Brady appeared and began questioning him about why he looked so sick. Outside the front door, Nicole took a swig of liquor and cleaned the fingerprints off her gun while she apologized to Brandon for how her life had turned out. She stumbled inside just in time to overhear Brady talk about how happy Abe was as a father. Nicole quickly dropped the glass she was holding and stammered, "I can't take this anymore." Brady tried to help her with the glass, but when she became hysterical, Victor threw cold ice water on her. She ran outside and suddenly, a hand grabbed her from inside the bushes. Inside, Victor warned Brady to leave Nicole alone "or else." He told Brady that he wasn't threatening him, but to mind his own business. Brady ignored him and headed outside to look for Nicole. Instead he found her handkerchief lying on the ground.

At Salem Place, Sami watched carefully as the cop closed the gun safe. She hurried over to find a way to open the case and finally succeeded by hitting the lock with her shoe. She grabbed the closest gun and tucked it into her purse. Later on, Sami snapped at a waitress. While she waited, she looked at the gun in her purse and said, "I had to do it." Instead of being nervous, she decided to put the gun back in the gun safe and opened the door to replace it. Just then, a cop saw her and said, "What are you doing?"

Back at the Carver's home, Abe lay motionless on the sidewalk.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003
by Joan

At St. Luke's, Celeste's premonition of Abe became more tangible - now hearing a gunshot as she saw a hand touch her dead son-in-law. Meanwhile, Maggie tried to console Lexie whose instincts also told her something was very wrong. John overheard Tony's phone conversation - reporting that 'Abe Carver has been dealt with'. But John was unable to determine who it was.

In the Bride's Room, Shawn came close to formally proposing to Belle. As the two mused about their future, Belle tried on a wedding dress found in Alice's donated hope chest there. Outside Mimi tried unsuccessfully to explain religion to a disbelieving Rex. Cassie was still bent on Philip breaking up Belle and Shawn. Philip refused and returned to the Base when Abe did not arrive.

At Salem Square, the Security Guard caught Sami as she returned his stolen gun to the Case. The guard threatened to summon the nearest police - who happened to be Roman - while Sami tried persuading him she was merely closing the Case door. A few feet away, Roman questioned Kate's remark to Lucas fearing she'd lose Roman because of Abe. In search of Abe, Jack and Jen met with Tommy (Bo and Hope's contact). Tommy suggested another contact, known as "Darkside" - leaving them alone in an old acid plant for the meeting.

Brady followed Nicole outside the Kiriakis Mansion but found only her handkerchief. A black-gloved hand - belonging to Nico - grabbed her. After a struggle, Nico found himself at gunpoint. He convinced Nicole that one too many murders with a traceable gun might "necessitate revenge." Although she put the gun aside, Nicole kicked Nico to escape in Brady's car. Recounting the event to Victor, Nico warned his boss of Brady turning Nicole in - if she talked. But Victor seemed sure that wouldn't happen. Brady followed Nicole to Salem pier - as she was about to throw Victor's gun in the water - so no one would have anything on her.

Outside St. Luke's, Tony was on the phone assuring Stefano that by the time John had any of what had been done - it could never be undone. And outside the Carver house, Abe regained consciousness long enough to speed-dial Lexie's phone. Recognizing the number, Lexie and John heard static - then silence - as Abe lay bleeding and unable to speak.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Lexie receives a cell phone call from Abe. John steps in and takes charge, offering to help locate Abe. He tells Lexie to stay put with Celeste and Theo at the church. Meanwhile, we see Abe barely hanging on. Lexie confides in her brother, Tony, that she just heard from Abe. Thrown by this, Tony says that's impossible but covers himself quickly. Later, Tony spies on John as he receives some troubling data about Abe's location. Roman and John show up at Abe's place and find Abe. John tries to revive him while Roman goes to the church to break the news to Lexie.

Across town, Sami continues to wiggle her way out of the situation with the security guard while Kate tries to do the same with Roman. Sami manages to finally get away from the security guard only to see Roman holding up a ring box to Kate. Furious, she vows it's never going to happen. Lucas watches Sami. Roman reminds Kate he wants to ask her something after the christening, but his first priority is tracking down Abe. Roman receives a call from John and he tears out. Sami and Lucas square off over Roman and Kate's relationship, while Kate vows she will be with Roman no matter what she's done.

Jack and Jennifer go on their mission to speak to an informant at an abandoned acid plant. Danger ensues when Jack walks across a catwalk that buckles, leaving him hanging over a vat of acid. Jennifer must face her fear of rats to save Jack's life. Fortunately Tommy shows up and literally offers a hand. Tommy explains the informant couldn't make it but wanted him to tell Jack and Jennifer that the cop they were looking for (Abe) has been shot.

Brady catches Nicole disposing of her gun. Nicole covers, saying she threw a rock in to make a wish. Brady wants the truth, and Nicole, backing away from him, ends up in the Salem river. Brady rescues her. Their closeness almost makes Nicole proposition Brady, but then she covers. Brady thinks the two of them should go to baby Theo's christening. Nicole blurts there is going to be no christening.

Shawn and Belle find themselves in the romantic heat of passion but restrain themselves. Both have fantasies of what their wedding day will be like. Caroline interrupts them and offers some sage advice for the young lovers. Victor arrives and suggests that Belle and Shawn follow her advice. Later, Rex puts Mimi's plans of teaching him about religion on ice.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

John and Bo tried to save Abe before the paramedics arrived. Once the paramedics arrived they took Abe, who was still alive to the hospital. Lexie was still at the church when Roman came and broke the news to her about Abe being shot and that it did not look good. Lexie makes her way to the hospital and insists on being on of the doctors to help Abe. Abe had a considerable amount of blood loss so he is critical condition. Sitting at his bedside Lexie tells him to fight for his life. Lexie informs everyone that Abe is stable and that he is being taken to surgery.

Alice, Celeste were at the church praying for Abe. Celeste realizes that her vision of Abe being shot at 12:00 came true while Alice receives a message from Tom about how the terrible things are not over with just yet.

Roman and Tony talked about how Stefano has done things to Lexie in the past. He sort of believes that the DiMera's are at fault for Abe's shooting. Tony lets him know that Stefano is dead and that he is nothing like his father. Tony is not the only one trying to defend himself. Elsewhere in the church Cassie tells Shawn that her father had nothing to do with the attack on Abe, like he was probably thinking. Rex is not feeling bad for what happened to Abe because he barely knows the man and plus he thought he was responsible for the attack on Shawn's parents. Cassie is thrilled that Celeste can tell the future.

Brady told Nicole about how she needs to prove to Abe that she is not capable of murdering anyone. Brady talked her into going back to Theo's christening, but Nicole wanted to stop by the house before hand to change clothing. Once they arrived at the house Victor was there and told both of them that Abe was shot to death. Victor and Nicole both tell each other that both of them have gotten their wish about Abe. Meanwhile, Nicole, Victor, and Brady are in the living room of the mansion drinking tea and watching the news unfold about Abe. A newsbreak informs Nicole, Brady, and Victor that Abe is alive.

Kate is wondering around Salem Place and thinks about how she does not want anyone to know she once was a call girl for Stefano DiMera. Later on, Will sneaks up on her and tells her, Sami and Lucas (who happened to be there too) about the news of how Abe was shot. He also mentions about how Bo said whoever did this to Abe was going to be killed. Later Kate asked Lucas if he had anything to worry about since he worked for DiMera. He says no and tells her that it is good that Roman does not know about her past with Stefano. Lucas and Sami decided to go to the hospital. Later Kate talks to Roman and he convinces her to go to the hospital. As Kate is about to enter the hospital, a security guard wants to check her purse. However, Kate is hiding something in her purse because she tells the guard that she has to make a call before she enters the hospital. Instead of making a call she pulls out a gun and puts it in the bushes next to the building. Lucas left his gun in the glove compartment of his car. According to Lucas, Kate had motive to kill Abe. A gun is found in the bushes outside of the hospital and Roman believes that the shooter was there to finish off Abe.

Friday, September 26, 2003
by Joan

Outside the Carver house, Bo reviewed forensic evidence. Based on findings of a point blank shot at close range, Bo deduced Abe's attacker could be someone who knew about his recent precautions. Adding to John's assumption of an amateur gunman, Bo observed that Abe must have known his attacker - since there was no evidence of his drawing his weapon. Later, evidence from inside the house, including detailed records of all Abe's cases including conversations were brought to Roman. But forensic results produced a smashed bullet perhaps unable to be traceable.

At University Trauma Center, Abe rallied after surviving surgery with negative prognosis from doctors. As a devastated Lexie kept watch over Abe, Tony stunned Celeste with his plans - should Abe die. Preparing a room for them at the DiMera Mansion, Tony planned to take Abe's place in their lives - expecting them to take their place - as true DiMeras.

Outside Abe's room, Salemites gathered - some reluctantly - and began accusing one another: Lucas suggested a possible female suspect - referring to Sami - but made his mother nervous. Kate cringed - hearing that a gun had been found outside the hospital. Tony taunted Sami that she'd be a suspect since Abe had blocked her way to Brandon. Lucas added to Tony's accusation - that Sami looked like the prime suspect. Meanwhile, Tony called Bart with instructions to dismantle a gun in his limousine in the hospital parking lot. Bart was told to dispose of the gun pieces in different locations. Kate suggested Sami's motives to Roman. Sami suggested Nicole & Victor to Jack, and then accused Brady of covering for Nicole. Sami was quick to repeat her suspicions to Jack. Investigative Reporter Jack - pointed out to Jennifer that Victor & Nicole were conspicuous - by their absence from the hospital.

Victor and Nicole were home - wishing for a "successful outcome" as they watched Bo's defiant TV pledge to catch the criminal. Warning his wife of trouble, Victor suggested she not request a hit on his son - reminding her that Bo would be sure to find the shooters of Abe and Colin. As they learned Abe had regained consciousness, Nicole told Victor - no matter who pulled the trigger - they'd go down together.

Shawn felt more confident of Rex's involvement in this latest tragedy while Belle warned him not to aggravate Rex's dangerous temper. Mimi was surprised at Rex's invitation to make love at a tragic time. Afterwards, Mimi realized his lovemaking had been equally intense following the death of Rolf and the attack on Bo & Hope.

Regaining consciousness, Abe squeezed Roman's hand as he tried to identify the attacker. Mentally reliving the moment, Abe saw himself leaving the house - asking the shooter's reason for being there. Describing his precautions - even remarking on the heaviness of his bulletproof vest - Abe was shocked to see a black-gloved hand reach out and fire the deadly shot. A frantic Roman called out names, as Abe nodded that he knew his attacker and struggled to utter the name.

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