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Monday, March 10, 2003

Lexie runs into Tony on his way out of the mansion and realizes that he plans to avenge Larry for all of his misdeeds against the DiMeras. Fearful, Lexie accompanies Tony to the hearing and begs him not to take the law into his own hands. Meanwhile, Victor insists that he and Nicole will attend the sentencing. Nicole just wants the nightmare to be over, but Victor assures that her nightmare is just beginning. Hope arrives with Jack and Jennifer, while Bo visits Larry in his cell. Roman and Abe have to pull Bo off when he tries to strangle Larry, who's glib at the thought of Hope never having peace of mind again. Hope freaks out when she comes face-to-face with Larry in the hearing room. Alice arrives after the hearing has begun and takes the stand to condemn Larry for what he did to Hope; Alice's words give Hope the strength and courage to also make a statement. Tony finally gets a moment alone with Larry and threatens that once he gets to prison, he's a dead man. It looks like Victor's plan may go up in smoke as Larry turns to the judge and announces that the deal is off...

Shawn returns to his room after baseball practice and is surprised to find Belle in his bed. She's upset because she wants to go to Larry's sentencing, but she's not sure she has the courage to face the man who almost killed her. Shawn promises to stand by her as they head out for the hearing...

Jennifer gets a call from Abby about a big surprise at home and she rushes out of the hearing room, leaving Jack to cover the sentencing. Later, Jennifer calls Jack, frazzled, and tells him to come home immediately; he hears a scream and then they're cut off. He zips home and is stunned to see that Bill has sent Abby a pet binturong. It's made a mess of the house and it's clear that Abby's new pet has to go. Jennifer tells Jack that the note from Bill said that they'd each be getting a gift from him as well...

Tuesday, March 11, 2003
by Joan

During sentencing proceedings, Larry Welch stunned everyone in the Courtroom when he recanted on his plea bargain and changed to a "not guilty" plea. Exchanging glances with Tony and Victor, Welch took a recess, leaving attendees to speculate. Kate grew suspicious about Victor and Nicole's marriage, thinking they knew more than they were saying. Bargaining with Victor, Larry refused to save Shawn without a 'guarantee' for his own safety.

Sensing that Tony was plotting against Welch, Lexie begged him to consider the example he was giving the Twins. Tony not only wanted to protect those he loved, but was unafraid of being a ruthless and vengeful role model. Tony was then approached by Victor who said he'd be indebted to the DiMera family if Tony would call off the hit on Welch.

Marlena tried to satisfy the Twins' pressing questions about her feelings towards Tony, explaining their desire to be good parents but that she did not love Tony. When she arrived in the Courtroom, Tony made Marlena uncomfortable thanking her for all she did for their children. Having been approached by Lexie, Marlena convinced Tony not to hurt Welch when she asked that he do it for her. Abe Carver did not understand the message Tony then asked him to give Welch - that this was his lucky day.

At the DiMera Mansion Bart was helping pack for Rolf who had decided to leave the DiMera Organization. Angry with Tony for revealing his identity to John & Marlena, Rolf said he knew things he could never reveal to the Count. Meanwhile, John went unnoticed, as he planted the "Wally Wabbit" surveillance bug inside the mansion.

Larry returned to his original "guilty" plea - this time for the kidnapping of Hope & Zack, the attempted murders of Belle & Hope, and the murder of Colin. As Hope protested, Welch again stunned the Court requesting reasonable sentences with the possibility of parole. As the Judge sentenced him to two concurrent life sentences without parole, Tony reminded Victor of his intention to collect on Victor's promise. As relieved attendees left the Courtroom, Larry turned to Bo & Hope mumbling "What fools these mortals be."

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Belle and Mimi are at the hospital to visit Chloe and her new baby sister Joy, while looking at the newborns in the nursery they are joined by Rex and Cassie who are coming to see Chloe as well. Cassie immediately asks where Shawn is, Belle tells her he is home with a cold and packing for his baseball game. Cassie comments that she will call him later on. The quartet heads to Chloe's room where Brady is showing Chloe Joy's pictures on the hospital website. Chloe is very surprised to see her friends and thanks them for coming. The teens have presents for Chloe; Belle has matching outfits for Chloe and Joy; Mimi supplies tons of magazines and the twins give her a pretty arrangement of flowers. Chloe mentions St. Luke's carnival and why they weren't there. Belle doesn't want to go because of Shawn and Mimi says they aren't really in the mood. Craig stops by to see how Chloe is doing. He notices the small crowd of visitors reminds them not to stay long and leaves. Brady privately tells Belle not to let Cassie annoy her and to just ignore it. Belle doesn't think it is going to be as easy and he thinks. The teens head to the carnival and Brady brings the carnival, in the form of a dartboard, to Chloe. She tries to throw a dart at a blue balloon that Brady is holding in front of the board, she misses and hits the wall between Brady's legs. She laughs and apologizes to him. Brady promises her that he will be with her no matter what, even when he has to see her only through the glass door. She encourages him to go to the carnival without her and have fun. He doesn't want to go, admitting he is only having fun when he is with her.

At the carnival, Mimi and Belle show the twins around their first carnival. Belle goes to play games and eventually leaves to call Shawn. Mimi trades places with the kissing booth attendant in an effort to get Rex to kiss her, but Cassie pulls him away to try funnel cake. As she wanders the fairway with the stuffed dog Rex won for her, Mimi runs into Sister Rose, a nun at St. Luke's. Sister Rose asks her why she isn't volunteering this year; Mimi blames it on college and schoolwork. She gets ready to leave when Sister Rose mentions they do need help for just a few minutes and points to the dunking booth, Mimi tries to say no, but the pleading look on the Sister's face changes her mind. Mimi taunts the boys trying to dunk her, they miss by long shots then Rex appears. On the first throw Rex dunks Mimi, the attendant hands Rex a towel and he throws it on Mimi's head. She covers her face up wiping the water away, but Rex pushes the towel onto her shoulders and mentions that they never got to that kiss and leans in with a very powerful kiss. Cassie is moping that Rex left her for Mimi and she had to hang out with her "twit sister" (Belle). She walks past the long line at the kissing booth, the young attendant asks her if she wants to kiss cute boys for a half hour, Cassie agrees. Belle goes back to the dorm room and calls Shawn. She tells him of the stuffed animals that she won and she will give a few to Zack. She wishes him good luck at his game and that she loves him.

Bo takes Hope to Tuscany for a romantic dinner, but Hope wants to be somewhere else. Bo blindfolds her and takes her to the carnival. The couple enjoy cotton candy, popcorn and fair games. Hope spots the kissing booth and asks the attendant to trade her places. Hope beckons Bo over to her, a flashback of a St. Luke's carnival long ago when Hope was the attendant and she kissed Bo for one of the first times. Back to current, they begin to kiss and realize that the attendant was watching, they leave and find a fortune teller. Bo doesn't want to have his fortune read but Hope does. The fortune teller lets Hope know that she has a positive attitude around her; the lifeline is long and that even though she has had hard times, things are looking up. Hope walks away with a smile on her face; Bo realizes he left his jacket and walks back to get it. The fortune teller stands up and asks Bo if she did what he wanted, he said yes and gives her some money commenting that Hope will be happy.

Tony finds Bart sitting in the dark in the living room. He asks him what was going on, Bart exclaims that Rolf has left the DiMera's forever. Tony said that he wasn't done with Rolf yet and Bart better find him or he will hire someone that can. They go to the secret room where Rolf has packed up all his belongings. They hear a beeping sound and upon a quick search discover the small bug John had planted earlier. Tony knew immediately who planted the device, after giving a short message into the microphone telling John that a conversation would have been better, he smashed the bug with his foot. Tony directs Bart to permanently seal the secret room, it is no longer a safe, secret place and to find the most sophisticated security system available. Tony wants better than the best on the market and to make sure that no one gets close to the house without his knowledge. Tony is ready to take on John whom he describes as a flash back to his father's era. Tony has children and a legacy to think of now, he doesn't have time for other things to mar his plans.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

John sets up the "Wally Wabbit" receiver in his Basic Black office, and discovers that Tony found the bug. John and OPS discuss a new plan of action and a new design for "Wally Wabbit." Tony instructs Bart to complete destroy/shred everything in the secret room. He wants nothing to do with any of it, because it was Stefano's. Bart is still having trouble finding Rolf, he is MIA, Tony wants him to continue looking. Tony hints at a new plan for John, hoping he will try to break into the mansion again.

Sami, Brandon, Lucas, Kate, Roman, Hope, Bo, and Eugenia are enjoying the carnival festivities. Sami sees Roman and tells him about her new living arrangements. Roman reveals his dislike of the situation. Brandon leaves the father/daughter to talk. Sami is upset that Roman would be mean in front of the man she loves, Roman tells her its not about her, its about Will. He is afraid that Will has not adjusted to Austin leaving and if something happens between his mother and her new boyfriend, it will affect him more.

Brandon decides to play a midway game to win a stuffed toy for Sami. He picks the game where you smack a large sledgehammer to try to get the knob to hit the bell. As he grabs the hammer, so does Abe. Brandon challenges Abe to a contest, after an extended competition the attendant makes them quit. Sami spots Lucas with Eugenia and runs off to do pre damage control; Abe goes to get popcorn which leaves Brandon and Lexie alone to talk. Brandon tells her that he moved in with Sami, she is appalled. He tells her to protect herself and the baby, Lexie tells him to leave her family life alone. Sami interrupts and Lexie asks if it was her idea for the cohabitation, Brandon announces it was his. Abe arrives and the Carvers go home. Sami suggests that her and Brandon go home and they leave.

Sami catches up with Lucas and Eugenia. She can't believe that Eugenia would be hanging around Lucas. He taunts her, asking if she wants to try the kissing booth with him. He laughs and walks off. Sami asks Eugenia why she is with such a loser. Eugenia deciphers that Sami is afraid she is going to tell Lucas about the paternity test. But Sami warns her that she has something on Eugenia also and they should call it even. It is very apparent that Sami is worried about Eugenia and Lucas becoming closer.

Kate and Lucas find each other wandering alone. Lucas really can't believe that Kate is with Roman, but they decide to butt out of each other's love lives. Roman and Kate run into Bo and Hope. The brothers are still at odds with each other, but the ladies in their lives decide to help fate along. They announce their hunger and convince the men to take them to Tuscany for dinner. Bo continues to wrestle with his emotions over Roman arresting Shawn. While they dance, Bo tells Hope that he truly wants to resolve things with Roman for fear of something greater happening and losing the chance to ever have his brother back. Hope suggests they switch partners. Kate tells Bo she thinks she is falling in love with Roman. Roman thanks Hope for trying to patch things up between him and Bo, Hope won't take all the credit, telling him that he tried as well. When they return to the table, a silent truce is called between the Brady brothers, a toast occurs, Kate and Roman take their evening home, Bo and Hope dance to their new song.

Friday, March 14, 2003
by Joan

Rex's high I.Q. filled Tony with fatherly pride and then quiet rage as Rex questioned the secrets of the DiMera Mansion. When lying didn't work, Tony angrily said that it was none of his business. When further challenged, Tony instructed that secrets were necessary as the ultimate survival tool. Rex listened attentively to his father's theory to hold on to his secrets. "That's how you build your power, and that's how you keep it."

Tony was impressed at his son's desire for control and craving for power even more than himself. But he was on his guard as Rex observed that Tony was not keeping one secret to himself where Marlena was concerned - that it was obvious he wanted to take Marlena from John, not just out of revenge - but love.

Angry with John for concealing his whereabouts, Marlena dropped by the Mansion to learn from Tony about the bug John planted the night before. Marlena was surprised by the easy access given to her, but disagreed when Tony called the Mansion her second home. Tony warned her that John wanted him out of the way and might disrupt the Twins' lives. In confronting John, Marlena was told she had become Tony's protector, and that it was between Tony and John.

At Basic Black, Kate was consumed by her feelings for Roman, but telling him she didn't fit in with his family or his moral character. John confided to Roman, that he also felt like an outsider with the Brady's.

At University Hospital, Craig brought news that Baby Joy's bone marrow had been harvested for Chloe's transplant. A despondent Belle told Brady how she still felt left out of Shawn's life. Later, she confided her insecurity about the relationship to Chloe. As Belle watched Brady & Chloe together, that insecurity brought her to a phone. But she hung up when she heard a girl's voice laughingly answer "Shawn Brady's number."

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