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Monday, February 10, 2003

John and Marlena arrived at the DiMera Island compound. Marlena was nervous about the trap door and that Tony would pop out of nowhere. John assured her that Tony was in the hospital and was not going anywhere. He folded back a carpet on the floor that showed that the trap door had been nailed shut. Marlena questioned who would have done that and John surmised that it was probably the same person who had shut down the high-tech security system, which had allowed them to just breeze into the house undiscovered. That disturbed Marlena, who asked if "they" were expecting them.

As it had happened the last time they had been at the compound, Marlena was once again drawn to the painting of the seascape on the wall. She remembered that when she has been held captive there, the sound of the sea had been comforting to her. She remembered having strong feelings back then, but she wasn't sure exactly what kind of feelings. John suggested that they had been feelings of fear and dread. However, Marlena suddenly realized that they were overwhelming feelings of grief.

Marlena wondered if it was because she had given up her children. She said the feeling was so overpowering that it was breaking her heart. She continued to gaze at the painting and flashed back to the white room where she was singing "Rock a-bye Baby," but then she heard a male voice telling her that she had done the right thing and that she would never regret it. She returned to reality and, crying openly, told John what she had remembered. John asked, "Regret what?"

Back in Salem, at the hospital, Tony was demanding to be released, but Craig didn't want to sign the release papers. Craig and Dr. Ash left the room, and Tony complained to Rex that Craig was being too cautious. Tony then switched directions and started to try to butter up Rex, saying that he was an independent thinker and promising that Tony would make up for lost time when he got out of the hospital. Tony said that Rex could count on the DiMeras.

Rex lashed out at Tony, saying that the DiMeras were the same ones who had locked him and Cassie up and turned them into freaks. Tony tried to pacify Rex by saying that Stefano had been wrong in what he had done, but that he would try to give them as normal a life as possible. Rex told Tony not to worry about him, only Cassie. Dr. Ash returned, and Tony ordered the doctor to get him out of the hospital immediately. Rex left to go back to school.

Finally, Craig signed the release forms, but went "on record" that it was against his judgment. Rolf called Tony to report that John and Marlena were on the island compound. Tony smiled and said that they were right on time and just too predictable.

Outside Tony's room, Belle ran into Cassie and offered to drive her back to the dorm. She wanted to talk to Cassie about Shawn. When they reached their dorm room, Belle asked Cassie to leave Shawn alone while she was away in Paris. Cassie told Belle that, unlike Belle, she wasn't going anywhere and that she would be there for Shawn. Belle said that Cassie had had a crush on Shawn since the beginning -- but Cassie insisted that it had become much more than a crush.

Cassie boasted how close she and Shawn were becoming and that he had confided a lot to her. Belle wanted to know if Shawn had told Cassie what was going on right then, and Cassie said yes. Belle then asked Cassie to leave her alone for a while. Later, Rex dropped by to see Belle. He asked her where Cassie was, and Belle, with tears in her eyes, told him that Cassie was sure to be wherever Shawn was. Rex gave her a big hug.

Morning dawned on John Black's office at Basic Black and its inhabitants. Roman had locked himself and Kate Roberts in the office, telling Kate that he would not release her until she told him what he wanted to know. Kate had fallen asleep with her arms crossed on a table and woke up to see Roman across the table, smiling at her. He wished her a good morning. Realizing she was still being held hostage, Kate was infuriated with him for locking them in there all night.

Roman promised to release her if she told him what he wanted to know about Stefano. She insisted that was the only reason that he had made the moves on her. She said that he had never cared about her -- only the information that she had about Stefano. Roman admitted that had been true in the beginning, but that along the way, he had developed deep feelings for her.

She said he just wanted to make Marlena jealous -- that Marlena was the one that he loved. Roman denied it. She begged him to leave her alone. He relented and said that if that was what she wanted, he would let her go. He unlocked the door and told her that he would not give up on her. She turned to leave with tears welling up in her eyes.

After being summoned by his father, Shawn arrived at Bo's office, but found it empty. His eyes roamed around the room and came to rest on his own name on the suspect list board. He was so engrossed in what he saw, he didn't hear Bo enter the room, and nearly jumped out of his skin when Bo put his hand on Shawn's shoulder. After Bo had calmed Shawn down, he tried to explain to his son that it was a routine list of all the people who had been at the wedding.

Then Bo asked Shawn about the dishtowel that he had found in the trash. He did not, however, tell Shawn that the towel had been covered in blood. Shawn told his dad that he didn't know anything about the towel. Then he pleaded with his dad to take himself off the case. When Bo asked why, Shawn said that he should be at home with Hope because she needed him.

Bo explained that he had a job to do and that he couldn't just take time off at will. Bo vowed to Shawn that he would find the killer and put him away. At that, Shawn became very nervous and said he had to leave. Bo wanted to talk to Shawn some more, but Shawn rushed off. Outside in the hall, Shawn got a call from Cassie. He told her that he had to confess what he had done. Cassie insisted that he go to the dorm and meet her. After Shawn left, Bo stepped out of his office and watched with a worried expression as his son left the building.

Returning from a jog, Hope went into the house. She saw the pills on the table and decided that she needed to eat something before she took one. She went into the kitchen. Keeping an eye on Hope from a vantage point outside, Larry took the opportunity to sneak in the front door, exchange the pill bottles, and then sneak out again. Hope returned from the kitchen, picked up the pills, opened them, and remarked that there were more pills in the battle than before. Her eyes turned to the front door, which was ajar.

Sure that she had closed the door when she entered, Hope went to the door and opened it wide. She saw Larry standing there. He taunted her and told her that she had to confess to killing Colin. She told him that he didn't exist, that he was dead and that she was going to get him out of her mind for good. She lunged at him, and he turned and ran away. She went back into the house and locked the door.

Going over in her mind what had just happened, Hope realized that this time was very different. Larry hadn't faded away like before. Larry had turned and run away. Hope then picked up the pills, went outside to look around, and threw the pills in the trashcan.

Later, Shawn and Cassie arrived and saw that Hope's car was gone. An upset Shawn kicked the trashcan over, and the pill bottle fell out. Cassie asked what the pills were for, and Shawn told her they were his mother's tranquilizers. Cassie told Shawn that maybe he needed tranquilizers.

Meanwhile, Hope had rushed over to the police station to see Bo to tell him what had happened with Larry. She said that Larry had seemed very real this time, and he had turned and run from her. She excused herself to go to the ladies' room, and Bo thought about what Hope had just told him. He began to wonder if Larry was really dead.

He asked himself why the ghost of Larry would tell Hope to confess to a murder that had happened after he was allegedly dead. He wondered if Larry could have been wearing a flack jacket at the time that Bo had shot him. He wondered out loud, "Is Hope seeing the real Larry? Is that bastard still alive?"

Tuesday, February 11, 2003
by Joan

Marlena's grieving memories grew stronger at the DiMera island compound leading her to believe she was the twins' mother. Finding a secret room that appeared to be an operating/delivery room, John argued that compassion would make them lose sight of how dangerous the twins could be. But Marlena paralleled John's mind control by Stefano to the twins', saying they needed love.

More self-assured, Hope discarded the medication, which Larry Welch Had planted. Later, Shawn accidentally found the pills. Concerned that Welch might be alive, Bo ordered a 24-hour undercover guard for his family. He arrived home to hear Shawn remark to Cassie that he was responsible for a man's death.

Apprehensive for Abby's sake, as well as theirs, Jack and Jennifer were surprised and relieved when the pregnancy test was negative. Bo called with his suspicions about Larry, leaving them fearful, but Jack's desire to protect the family brought a declaration of love from Jen.

Finding a matchbook Welch had dropped near the house, Bo followed the lead and stormed into a motel room, looking for Welch. Hope was home, recalling the night of Colin's murder -- including crying out Shawn's name. Meanwhile, an overwrought Shawn was outside, taking one of the supposed tranquilizers at Cassie's insistence.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Bo found Larry's motel room empty, and Roman was shocked at the mounting evidence that Larry was still alive. Bo believed Larry was trying to frame Hope and convince her that she had killed Colin. The forensics report showed that the room had been wiped clean; they discussed the possibility that Larry could be involved in Colin's murder, and Bo moved Larry's name to the top of the suspect list. He put an APB out on Larry and also added a police detail on his family. Bo realized that he had to tell Hope the truth and worried that Larry might know they were onto him. Meanwhile, Larry was hiding in the sewers, even more angry and desperate, as he felt cornered.

Shawn saw Belle packing her things for Paris and went in to talk to her. Bo called and broke the news that he suspected Larry was alive. Still edgy from the poisoned pills, Shawn threw his fist through the window in a fit of rage. Cassie followed Belle and Shawn to the trauma center, where Craig stitched him up. Shawn grew more stressed from the pills, and was worried about how out of control he was becoming.

As Cassie lurked around to make sure Shawn was okay, she ran into Kate. Cassie railed about how she and Rex had wanted Marlena to be their mother and how hurt she'd felt when Marlena rejected them. Kate was privately stung by Cassie's words; she called Roman and told him she needed to talk to him. Meanwhile, Brady and Chloe were at the hospital for her checkup, and they went over her list of things to do before she went into chemotherapy. Chloe and Belle shared a warm goodbye; Belle told Shawn that she was leaving for Paris the next day, and said it was goodbye. Shawn just said bye and walked off.

In his new capacity as Horton Foundation administrator, Lucas ordered Sami around, preventing her from eavesdropping on Brandon and Nicole. She was determined to give Brandon space and ran off to the stairwell to stop herself from listening on the intercom. Belle saw her sister, and they bonded over their dating woes. Before Belle left, she wished Sami luck with Brandon. Meanwhile, Nicole vented to Brandon about how sleeping with Colin had ruined her life with Victor. Brandon ran into Sami, He told her they had to talk, but first he had to talk to Lexie.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Mimi caught Shawn taking a pill; he covered and said it was for his hand. She dragged him into Belle's dorm room to have a chat. She wanted to know what was going on with him. Shawn told her about Larry, but stopped, saying he shouldn't be talking about it. Mimi wanted him to stop Belle from leaving and to work things out; she knew they loved each other. Shawn didn't want to talk about Belle. He blew up at Mimi and told her to mind her own business before he stormed out.

Shawn headed to the Brady house and overheard his parents talking about Larry possibly being Colin's murderer; however, he thought they were talking about him. He asked them what they were talking about. Bo said that he had told Hope about Larry. Shawn went crazy again as Hope calmed him down. He told his parents he was there for weights in the basement; he headed downstairs and began to hit the punching bag, making his injured hand bleed more. Bo stopped Shawn and said he had to be strong for Hope. Shawn yelled that he wanted Larry dead. Bo calmed him down, and Shawn left.

Lexie went to the mansion to help Tony with walking. He took a few small steps on his own and was elated. He wanted to completely be on his own at the end of the day. Bart ran in, telling Tony that Larry was possibly alive. Tony said to send all the men out looking around the clock; he wanted to find Larry before the police did. Tony wanted Larry to pay for what he had done to his sister and his family. Tony was leaving on a trip, a personal one.

John and Marlena continued to explore the compound. Marlena found a box of baby items, knit booties, blanket, and other supplies. John found a book on genetic engineering; he thought it had been used on the twins. Marlena still believed she was their mother; she asked John how he would feel if someone had continued to tell him to be afraid of his own children. She believed there was good in them regardless. John suggested they get some sleep and continue in the morning.

John and Marlena happened upon a decent room to sleep in. John checked it out for any traps. He found a chess set with the queen missing, just like the one Stefano had willed to John. Marlena remembered Stefano's nickname for her -- Queen of the Night. As Marlena lay down to sleep, she dreamed about the voice telling her to sleep and the waves crashing in the background.

Kate stopped by the police station and talked to Roman. He thought she was finally going to open up about her past with Stefano, but she couldn't. All she said was that Stefano had taken something from her. Roman told her how Stefano had taken years from his life, including those he had missed raising his kids and being with Marlena. He told her that he never wanted to see her hurting; he cared about her too much.

Kate broke down in Roman's arms. Kate promised Roman that although she and Sami had their differences, she would respect the fact that Sami was Roman's daughter. An officer interrupted them with news for Roman: a break in the murder mystery. Roman called Bo to tell him that the officers searching through papers from that night had found a broken black tuxedo stud.

Larry had moved to the sewers, still hatching a plan to get Hope. He commented on Shawn's consumption of the pills and said that Shawn would do something "stupid" for him to drive Hope over the edge. Larry was preparing his final attack; he had blueprints of the area around the Brady house. He had to be careful, though; police and DiMera's men were out looking for him. He claimed no one would stop him from his blueprint of destruction for the Bradys.

Hope had a dream in which she saw the body. Larry turned Colin, lying in a pool of blood, then as if she were looking out the window, she saw Shawn holding a gun up to someone, then a hand was visible. Hope was saying, "Shawn, no." The phone rang, and she didn't hear it. Someone pounding on the door awakened her. Hope missed the phone call, but at the door was an officer. Hope thought he was there to arrest her. He told her he was there to protect her.

Bo entered and wanted to know why Hope hadn't answered the phone. She said she had been asleep and hadn't heard it. Bo told her that Larry could possibly still be alive and that he might have been terrorizing her -- not just in her mind. They were worried about Shawn when he arrived and was agitated. After the phone call from Roman, Bo asked Hope if she remembered if Larry had been wearing a tux at the wedding. She said, "Yes, Larry was wearing a tux." Bo left for the police station, confident he had Larry nailed.

Friday, February 14, 2003
by Joan

Hope was still having nightmares of Larry Welch in the house shooting Bo. Meanwhile, Welch was in a sewer below, reviewing blueprints and devising ways to get into the Brady house. At the Salem Police Station, Roman informed his brother of the possibility and impression that Bo was focusing on Larry just to defer attention from the real killer.

Mimi enlisted Rex's help to reunite Shawn and Belle, leaving them alone in a secluded spot. Still on edge, Shawn popped another of the poison pills. His unusual behavior scared Belle, as he talked about Welch being alive and wanting him dead. Growing more erratic, he hurt Belle and told her to stop loving him -- frightening her enough to make her run away. Later, a concerned Mimi listened to Shawn, worried at how he treated Belle but scared of what he might do even to Mimi -- unsure of what he might be capable of.

Sami was trying to convince Abe that Lexie was in danger, when he received a report of an unscheduled visitor at his house. Brandon was there, telling Lexie he would give up the "anti-Abe agenda" as she called it. No sooner had they made peace when Brandon said Sami would have to accept their "connection," looking at Lexie's unborn child. As Lexie emphatically told him there was no connection to her child, Abe walked in. He later refused Lexie's request to give Brandon a break. Lexie called Brandon, telling him he was no longer welcome. When Brandon later found Sami at his door, he refused her request to stop seeing Lexie.

As Bo and Hope hurriedly prepared for Valentine's Day at Green Mountain Lodge, Larry Welch, unseen by the police guard, was eavesdropping through a vent on the property -- with plans for what he termed "housekeeping" to leave their house less than a haven when they returned.

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