DAYS Recaps: The week of November 11, 2002 on Days of our Lives
Shane proved to Billie that she was working for an ISA imposter. Kate was frantic over Billie's grim prognosis. Chloe received good news and learned that her new little sister was a perfect bone marrow match, but Nancy's unforeseen health problems tainted their joy. Filled with rage and out to seek justice, Bo strong-armed Lexie to reveal her part in Hope's disappearance and death -- or suffer the consequences. A reluctant and emotional Bo was forced to call a family meeting declaring Hope's death after receiving compelling evidence in the investigation process. The Brady family mourned for their beloved Hope. Hope managed to leave an important message in her prison cell for the authorities. Tony planned Lexie's escape from prison, but Bo intervened -- with devastating and tragic results.
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Monday, November 11, 2002

Hope is outraged to learn that Billie is in cahoots with Larry. Bo is certain that he could get the truth out of Lexie if given a moment alone with her, even if he has to choke it out of her, but Roman prevents it. Bo goes home and tells Shawn that it appears that Hope could be dead, but Shawn refuses to accept it. Belle watches on and tries to comfort Shawn while Bo tends to Zack. Back at the station, Roman grills Billie about her interest with this case and rattles her with his assumption that someone else may be involved with Hope's disappearance. Meanwhile, Larry barges in and tells Hope that it looks like Bo has bought the letter/crematorium break-in, threatening that Hope will eventually wish she were dead...

Philip goes to check on Shawn and Belle and leaves when Cassie and Rex come to visit, off Professor Putnam's suggestion. They're sympathetic to him, but defend Tony and Lexie; Shawn blasts the DiMera name, saying the DiMeras are evil, which plants a seed of doubt in the twins' minds. They run off from Bart and go to the riverbank, deciding that they can only trust Putnam. They head back to campus to see him, seeking his guidance...

The amniocentesis results show that Nancy and Craig's baby will be a girl, as well as a donor for Chloe! Everyone is elated; in the hallway, Brady pulls Chloe into a kiss, which Philip witnesses. As Nancy goes to call her father, Craig notices something that concerns him in the results. Dr. Bader says it's due to Nancy's stress level and they'll keep an eye on it. Nancy runs into Philip and tells him the great news, but he's devastated from seeing the kiss and goes to his and Chloe's tree. Brady takes Chloe to the loft, where he gives her a piece of crystal that symbolizes hope. Brady and Chloe kiss again and Isabella warns Brady that Chloe must find her birth father before it's too late...

Tuesday, November 12, 2002
by Joan

At the DiMera Mansion Tony demanded that Rolf reveal what he knew about Hope's kidnapping. No longer convinced that Rolf was aiding Lexie, Tony ordered that things be done his way. Declaring his intent to save his sister, Tony warned 'If anyone gets in my way, they're as good as dead.'

A despondent Lexie had three visitors in jail. Celeste, still believing Lexie is plotting with Tony, was ordered out since Lexie felt she could only count on the DiMeras. Sensing that Lexie was about to do something foolish, Celeste expressed love and grief over her daughter forever, should she not see her again. Second to visit was Brandon, who also expressed doubt about the DiMeras helping Lexie. Trusting her brother, Lexie urged Brandon to go away with Sami. Telling Sami he believed Tony wanted him out of the way, Sami gave Brandon an ultimatum and finally convinced him to go with her.

Nicole produced the waiter who had kissed her to an angry Victor. The waiter described the woman he met at the Cheatin' Heart - a description that didn't match Nicole and convinced Victor. Summoning a rebellious Kate to meet with him, Victor announced that Nicole's divorce from Lucas was now final, and that he was on to Kate and Sami's scam.

Billie sensed Roman's suspicion about her connection to the kidnapping but Roman thought it was an emotional attachment and left a grateful Billie on the case.
John advised Shane that he was operating as a spy, and that Basic Black was merely a cover. Together with Marlena they speculated about the evidence against Lexie, and if a DiMera (other than Tony) wanted her out of the way. They were unsure if Lexie was capable of kidnapping or murder. Although John convinced Marlena not to go, she decided to also help investigate Stefano's Islands without telling John.

Lexie's third visitor in jail was Tony who told her everything was in place for her escape. While Roman was listening to their conversation, Tony assured her that soon she would be free. Billie waited on the pier for Larry Welch to discuss her concern about too much obvious evidence being planted. As Welch approached, so did Shane.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Chloe and Nancy joined Belle at and shared the news that Nancy is pregnant with a little girl who will be a bone marrow match for Chloe. Belle and Nancy surprised Chloe with their arrangement for Chloe to get hair extensions so Chloe could be rid of her wig.

Craig seemed urgent when he requested Brady's help in locating Dr. Sykes. Brady told Craig he thought he had seen Sykes in Salem in the past week. Brady asked Craig for permission to take Chloe on a trip. Craig agreed to let Chloe go and to look for Sykes while they are gone. Chloe arrived at Brady's door flaunting her new hair-do. Brady and Craig agreed she looked beautiful. Craig left to meet Nancy. Chloe agreed to go on the dream trip to Hollywood that Brady had planned.

Abe overheard Tony and Lexie planning her escape, but didn't realize what they were discussing. Lexie convinced Tony to leave her and Abe alone to talk. Abe offered Lexie a deal: no death penalty in return for information on the whereabouts of Hope's body. Lexie maintained her innocence and denied knowing anything about Hope's kidnapping.

Bo showed Victor the note that Hope left. Victor suggested that Bo use his "persuasive tactics" to get information from Lexie. Victor and Tony exchanged threats. While Victor talked to Abe, Roman and Tony, Bo paid Lexie a visit, violating the restraining order against him. He entered Lexie's cell and began choking her. He threatened to kill her if she didn't tell him where Hope was. A guard pulled the alarm while Bo was attacking Lexie. Roman and Abe pulled Bo off Lexie and took him away in handcuffs. Tony vowed to have Bo's badge over this incident. After Bo cooled down, they uncuffed him. Victor gave Bo jewelry that his private detective found in a pawn shop. Bo confirmed it was Hope's. Victor said the pawn shop owner told Nico that the jewelry came from a dead woman. Bo does not believe that Hope is dead.

Lexie was hysterical after the incident with Bo. She made Tony promise to get her out of jail. Tony said, "It's done."

Billie was waiting for someone at the pier when Shane Donovan showed up. Billie wanted to know why she wasn't informed that Shane would be at the meeting about her "ISA assignment." Shane insisted that Billie did not have an ISA assignment. Billie told Shane about her contact with ISA agent Martin Ross. Billie said that Ross had contacted her back in Paris asking her to help Bo. Ross instructed her to go to the police academy in Boston, then get herself assigned to the Salem PD in Bo's precinct. She was told her mission was to evaluate Bo's competence to handle an ISA assignment on the DiMera task force. Shane told Billie that Agent Ross' body had been found a few months ago; he had been dead for at least 2 years. Shane and Billie tried to figure out who her phony "ISA contact" is and what he wants with Bo. As they left the pier to go to ISA headquarters, Billie is shot.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Tony visits Lexie in her jail cell and tells her that the plan is ready. He promises that whomever is the real murderer will pay in the ultimate way. Tony tells Lexie that Shane is back and she wonders why. Abe stops by to talk to his wife. Tony and Lexie have a whispered final conversation, he explains that she will be fine and he must leave town, it wouldn't be good if he were around when she escaped. They bid a "until we meet again" and Tony leaves. As he does, Rolf calls with updates: John and Marlena are headed to an area around the Bahamas and that John had a secret meeting with Shane before leaving.

John is reviewing photos as he flies to the DiMera Island; he is having a flashback of dinner with Marlena when she surprises him. He gets upset and tries to turn the plane around. Marlena discourages it and tells him she will be fine. He reiterates that this is a dangerous mission and if anything happened to her he wouldn't be able to go on. She promises she will be safe. As John takes a phone call, where he learns the news of Hope, Marlena has another episode of her own. Her eyelids grow very heavy and as John turns around she seems to almost faint, but when John calls her name she stands up and asks what happened. She verifies that she is fine. She didn't get a chance to eat and she may be dehydrated from the flight. The couple has a tender moment realizing how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away.

Abe tells Lexie that this will be the last time he visits her. He wishes he would have known her character a long time ago; it would have saved a lot of turmoil and grief. She tells him goodbye and faints, prompting the guard to call for assistance.

Shane brings an unconscious Billie into the ER as Craig takes over. At the PD, Victor tells Roman about Hope's jewelry and encourages him to be with his brother. Roman is beginning to explain the situation to Abe when they hear Bo yelling "NO" in the commander's office. They rush in to find Bo banging on the desk announcing that no one will get away with this. Abe takes an emergency phone call (from Shane about Billie) and the trio head to the hospital. Upon arrival they learn the seriousness of Billie's condition. The nurse is checking Billie's identification for organ donation and Craig is requesting a second opinion from a neurologist. Abe goes to talk to Lexie, Bo needs to call the family meeting, and Roman is left to tell Kate the news. Philip shows up at Kate's hotel room, depressed. He tells his mom that he doesn't understand why he can't be happy for Chloe and her bone marrow match. He is upset that she will get a second chance at life, but he won't get a second chance with her. Roman interrupts their conversation. He breaks the news to Kate; she is distraught and wants to know more. Roman suggests they head to the hospital where she can find out more information.

Shawn and Belle take a walk by the shoreline. Shawn is still visibly upset and is losing faith. He tells Belle to leave; he doesn't want her to be with him like this. He wants her to do what she wants. Reluctantly she leaves him alone. Shawn gets a call from Bo telling him to be at the Brady Pub for a family meeting. Belle reappears and tells Shawn that she is doing what she wants, being with him. He is glad she came back because he wants her with him at the pub. He finds a sand dollar and gains a little hope until he breaks it open to find it empty. Belle hugs him tight as he loses more of his composure.

Jack and Jennifer show up at the pub after taking a walk. A source calls Jack to tell him about the latest information on Hope. He breaks the news to Jennifer who begins to cry. While sitting at a table, Jennifer gets a phone call from Bo. She tells him that they are already at the pub and will let his parents know he is on his way. Eventually the entire family shows up at the pub: Doug, Julie, Mickey, Maggie, Zack, Shawn, Belle, Mrs. H, Jennifer, Caroline, Pop-Shawn, and Victor. Sami is with Brandon and Colin never showed. Bo, Shane, and Roman arrive. Shane gets a bittersweet welcome. Bo thanks everyone for coming; he doesn't think he could give the announcement twice. Stunned faces all around as he says that he has some bad news about Hope.

Friday, November 15, 2002
by REE

Chloe wakes up on the airplane wondering where Brady is. As she is questioning the airline attendant Brady appears pretending to be a talent scout. He tells Chloe he is here to make all her dreams come true.

Jennifer, Bo, Sean, Belle, Caroline and Shane are all at the Brady pub trying to come to grips with Hope's death. Sean states he will never believe that his mother is dead. The all look at Sean with worried and concerned looks.

Hope is staring out of a prison cell and quickly hurries away when she sees Larry coming. Larry states that he had a problem but he took care of it and shows Hope his gun. He states a bullet to the head took away his problem.

Lexie is rushed to the hospital with her concerned mother by her side. It appears Lexie is unconscious until she is alone with a male nurse. He whispered in Lexie's ear that he is in charge of her escape. She tells him to get her out of here.

Abe arrives at the Brady pub and tells everyone that Lexie collapsed and that she was rushed to the hospital. Bo knows that this is a trap and that Lexie is going to try to escape. Abe tells Bo that the police captain is not happy that he violated his restraining order by attacking Lexie; Bo is suspended. Abe orders him to stay here. Sean lashes out at Abe and tells him he should be the one taken off the case. Abe talks to Caroline and tells him to keep Bo here. Bo talks to Sean and tells him he needs to accept that Hope is gone. Sean states it's too hard. Bo tells everyone he is going upstairs to check on his other son but goes through the window.

Jack enters and tells Caroline that he is here for Jennifer after she questions his intentions. Jennifer and Jack talk about how hard Hope death is on the family and especially Sean. Jennifer tells Jack that she is going to take some time off from The Spectator to help her family get through this rough time. Jack starts to leave to go cover the story about Lexie when Jennifer asks him to stay with her. She embraces Jack who seems a little surprised.

Brady asks Chloe what she dreams about. She wants to sing opera on an opera stage. Brady tells her he is going to book a concert hall for her to sing at. The entire time he is in his "talent scout" mode. Chloe giggles at how cute Brady is being.

Reporters come into the Brady bar and ask questions about Hope disappearance. Sean steps in and blasts the reporters for imposing on this sad time and proceeds to give a warm tribute to his mother with tears in his eyes he asked them to report that to their readers. Everyone is proud of Sean.

Larry boosts about how everyone thinks that Lexie kidnapped and killed Hope and how she will probably get life. He plans on taking Hope away and keeping her locked up forever. As he puts on his jacked he drops a bullet Hope sees it but Larry doesn't. Hope faints and quickly grabs the bullet without Larry seeing. He doesn't show any concern and tells Hope he will be back when she wakes up. She wakes up and starts writing a message on the wall behind her bed.

Roman, Shane and Abe arrived at the hospital and Celeste tells Abe how sick Lexie is. He stays strictly professional and tells Celeste he will investigate. One of the Nurses announce that Lexie escaped the started searching the hospital for her. Abe reminisces over Lexie. Lexie and the nurses that helped her escape are in the stairwell heading to the roof. Bo arrives at the hospital and is also on his way to the roof.

Chloe and Brady our on the airplane, Brady asks her what other dreams she fantasizes about telling Brady she loves him just when she is about to tell him the plane hit horrible turbulence and they both embrace each other. Chloe tells Brady she is scared.

Caroline realizes that Bo is gone and Sean informs his family that Bo probably went after Lexie. Bo reaches the roof just as the helicopters are arriving. Roman, Shane, and Abe break down the door to the roof to find Bo choking Lexie and drops her just as they come thru, Roman yells out to Bo. They radio for EMT's but Bo announces it's too late she already dead.

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