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Monday, October 7, 2002

John and Marlena fight Tony as he argues for custody of Rex and Cassie. John eventually tears up his custody document while Marlena tends to the twins. Cassie and Rex meet Tony and ask if he's going to take them out. He insists that he can take care of them and downplays their concerns about their tattoos. John announces that the custody order has been rescinded and vows to keep the twins from Tony. After the football game, Philip moans to Belle that he fears he has lost Chloe to Brady after sensing the two are closer than ever. Dozer spots them hugging and later takes great pleasure in telling Shawn who tries to fight him. Shawn later asks Belle why she was with Philip again. At the dorm party Cynthia tells everyone about Philip and Belle being alone upstairs in her room. Belle refuses to leave with Shawn and later returns to her room only to be surprised to find a drunk Dozer there. Mimi and Penny send Shawn up to Belle and he finds Dozer on Belle's bed with her. Roman explains to Brady that he knows what happened in Dry Creek and advises that Sykes is back in the witness protection program. He explains that he can't help him get info on Chloe's father now but will help him if he can. Craig talks with Chloe about her feelings for Brady. When Brady stops by, she lets him know about her mother's pregnancy.

Tuesday, October 8, 2002

At Hartley House - Shawn found Belle giving CPR to Dozer who had passed out from intoxication. Caprice addressed all the students for not having reported the drinking. After more suspicions from Shawn, this time about Dozer, the teens each questioned their own feelings. Belle confided in Philip while Mimi told Shawn to give himself a break as he blamed himself for overreacting. Shawn later admitted to Belle the need for time to adjust - to find their way back to the way things were in high school. As they hugged, Belle reminded him they could never go back.

At University Hospital, Nicole was nervously insecure when Victor asked for the engagement ring back. But he surprised her with a candlelight dinner on the hospital terrace, to make up for the romantic weekend they'd missed when Nicole was shot. While they toasted Nicole's acceptance of Victor's proposal, Sami and Kate were drowning their sorrows at the Cheatin' Heart. Sami got a call from a friend at the hospital about the dinner. The two headed there in hopes of eavesdropping on the dinner conversation over a hospital intercom system.

While shopping for Hope in anticipation of her return, Bo saw Billie in the same store. The duo unexpectedly succeeded at apprehending a shoplifter. Later, Bo apologized for thinking that Billie had ulterior motives wanting to work with him. Billie returned to the dressing mirror finding the words, "It's time. Lock in on Bo." scrawled in red. She phoned Chief Russell saying she could not work her security detail at Mayor's dinner - and additionally, requesting time for personal reasons.

After hearing about Nicole's hopes for an immediate wedding once she was discharged, and Victor's promised wedding gift - to make Kate and Sami "history", the two women realized their time was short. Once Sami told Kate about returning the tape and pictures involving Colin to Nicole, the two finally agreed that despite their hatred for one another - working together was their only hope. A handshake sealed the deal between the two - in Sami's words to "pool our resources and find one of the many skeletons in Nicole's closet before the wedding and bury the bride."

Wednesday, October 9, 2002
by DJ

The guardianship hearing of Cassie and Rex gets underway. Tony pleads his case inorder to assume custody of them. John contests it, but he still doesn't want to take the Twins into his and Marlena's home. Tony is awarded guardianship of Cassie and Rex. Upon arriving at the DiMera Mansion, the siblings are mesmerized with the size and extravagance of it. Marlena becomes mad with John for refusing to take custody of the twins. John still believes that they were sent to Salem to cause destruction.

Bo is excited over the fact that Hope is headed home. What he's not pleased about is the fact that Billie is hanging around the police station. Billie meets with Abe and begs him to take her back on the police force. Her motives however appear suspect. She then makes a phone call to the mystery knuckle-cracking man and tells him that she knows Hope's itinerary.

The hospital releases Nicole, and she is excited about marrying Victor mainly because of the wedding gift he promised her-- the destruction of Kate and Sami. Victor, who's unaware that Nicole only wants to walk down the isle for that sole purpose, plans a special evening for her. Meanwhile, Kate and Sami realize they don't have much time left before Victor implements his plan to destroy them. They decide they have to find something on Nicole before Victor sets off the big moment. Roman sees Kate and Sami huddled together and wonders what they are up to. He tries to pressure Kate into going out on a date with him, but she blows him off.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Jack and Jennifer figure out their "hot scoop" from an anonymous source was actually planned by Tony. They conference in the hospital cafeteria, trying to unravel the reason why Tony wanted guardianship of the twins and who leaked the story to the media about them. Colin shows up and Jack tells Jen that he could possibly be their "deep throat." Colin interrupts the conversation and Jack leaves. Colin and Jen make a dinner date for that evening, Jen leaves to work on a story and Kate sits down to have a chat with the doctor. Kate tells Colin of the many connections they have, i.e. Bill Horton and Nicole Walker. She tells him that Victor needs to get away from Nicole before his life is ruined and that he could help.

Belle and Shawn get two surprises today. Dozer's parents took him out of school for good and that the twins are living at the DiMera Mansion. Belle calls John to confirm this information and to see what can be done. When she discovers nothing, she heads over to the mansion with Shawn in tow. Shawn disagrees the whole way, confused of why Belle would even want to step foot on DiMera soil. They are surprised when they see Cassie and Rex, dressed very formal in a black dinner dress and suit with tie. The twins welcome Belle and Shawn to their new home and tell them they are very happy about their rooms, clothes, and the whole situation. Belle goes off saying they couldn't be and that Tony has other motives. Tony admonishes Belle telling her to get respect for him or leave. Shawn apologizes. Belle divulges an idea she had- let the twins attend Salem University and live in the dorms with her and Shawn. The twins immediately like the idea and beg Tony to let them, he tells them he'll work on it. Belle and Shawn leave. Outside the door, Shawn blows up at Belle, asking her what she was thinking (she never discussed the idea with him) and tells her she made the biggest mistake of her life.

Kate and Sami have another Anti-Nicole rally on the hospital balcony, but are interrupted by Brandon when he hears Nicole's name. Kate goes to make phone calls and Sami breaks the news to Brandon that she can't go away with him this weekend, using the excuse of Kate and Lucas want Will to participate in rock climbing so she won't let them watch him. In actuality, Victor/Nicole's wedding is taking place and she can't miss it. Brandon understands, he gets a page and tells Sami he'll meet her in the cafeteria. They meet back up and he tells Sami that it was Victor who called and he invited Brandon to Tuscany for the wedding dinner. She begs him to let her go along. He doesn't think it would be good, but relents and tells her that she'll sit at the bar, he'll make an appearance, and then they can have an evening to themselves. She is happy; he gets another page and leaves. Sami finds Kate again and tells her about the planned dinner.

While Kate is making phone calls, Lexie approaches her for a talk. Lexie wants to know what Kate's connection with Stefano was, considering the gift he left Kate in his will. Kate tells her the kipper snacks were meaningless and that their relationship is none of her business. Lexie mentions that there was more than the snacks bequeathed to Kate, but it was in permanent seal, she wants to know what. (It was a check for one million dollars). Kate doesn't budge. Lexie decides she'll find out on her own. She goes to find Brandon and tells him he needs to get away from Sami. Brandon promises her he won't tell that they slept together and that he wasn't dumping Sami stating that when they sleep together, Sami won't ask him to keep it a secret. Lexie still vows to win Abe back, she loves him and always will.

Friday, October 11, 2002

Bo prepared for Hope's homecoming. Caroline stopped by and pitched in with the housekeeping chores. Bo made arrangements for Caroline to watch Zack so Bo and Hope can to go to Green Mountain Lodge for some romantic time together.

Philip and Brady were the first to arrive at Nicole's engagement party. As others were arriving, Sami received a phone call from Kate, who can't find any dirt on Nicole. Sami waited in the bar while Brandon joined the party. Victor was planning something secret. Philip tried to excuse himself after making "an appearance" at the party. Victor told him he couldn't leave and ordered him to sit down.

Kate continued searching for ammunition to use against Nicole to stop the wedding. Lucas came home and told Kate he is grateful to Victor for his help getting joint custody of Will and therefore won't help Kate stop Victor's wedding. Kate continued searching on her computer, thinking she was about to hit the jackpot.

Victor stopped the party to make his announcement. He toasted Nicole and their future together and announced that the wait was over. Victor had made all the arrangements to marry Nicole right then, right there at Tuscany. The marriage license was in order and the mayor was on hand to perform the ceremony. Sami was eavesdropping and nearly choked on her drink. She put in an emergency call to Kate. Kate told Sami she was on her way, but Sami had to stall the wedding until she got there.

After the house was spotless (with Caroline's expert assistance), the banner was hung and the gifts were in place, Bo left to pick up Hope and Zack at the airport.

Just as the nuptials were beginning, Sami tripped a waiter. When Maggie went to investigate the crash, she revealed Sami's presence in the bar. Victor went ballistic and ordered her to leave. Brandon took responsibility for Sami's being there and said, "If she goes, I go." Nicole agreed to let them stay because she wanted Brandon to stay. Nicole and Sami exchanged words about "burying the hatchet," although each was thinking opposite thoughts in her head. The wedding resumed and when the mayor asked those present to "speak now or forever hold your peace" everyone looked around at each other. Moments later, Kate barged in and yelled, "Stop!" Victor of course ordered her to leave the restaurant immediately, which she of course did not. Kate made Lucas announce that Victor cannot marry Nicole because "she's still married to me." Everyone was shocked; Kate and Sami shared gloating glances.

At the airport, Hope's flight was delayed slightly. When it finally arrived, Hope and Zack were not on board.

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