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Monday, August 26

After the hit man aims and fires, Bo yells out that "she's" been shot. Billie chases after the gunman and shoots him. Sami wakes after fainting and finds Victor over Nicole who has been shot. Nicole mumbles Sami's name and then passes out before she's rushed to the hospital. There, Brandon wants to call their mother but Nicole stops him. Victor complains to Bo that Nicole and Sami were present for the stakeout. Victor later has it out with Sami about Nicole and vows to make her "lose everything." As Belle yells at a menacing Cassie, Shawn returns and manages to unplug the power saw she's carrying. Though Belle claims Cassie turned the saw on by accident, Shawn is adamant about turning the twins in to the authorities. Belle announces that she's staying in Salem for college so Shawn agrees to go to Salem University too. Philip arrives, worried about a missing Chloe. Belle calls Brady who will only say that he's on a road trip. Philip assumes Chloe's with him and rushes off. As Shawn heads to the hospital to see Bo, Belle calls Marlena and asks her to come over. On the road Chloe calls Philip to say she can't go on the trip but won't give him a reason. He agrees to keep their failed trip a secret but then calls Victor's hired man Nico and asks for his help finding Chloe. Bo assures Billie she did everything right at the hotel. Shawn arrives at the hospital in time to see Bo close to Billie.

Tuesday, August 27

Brady and Chloe arrive in North Dakota searching for Dr. Ben Thompson, the name her father is now using. The two arrive at his clinic where Chloe pretends to have a sprained ankle. Meanwhile, Philip has Nico trace Brady's credit card and heads to Dry Creek, North Dakota. Abe is there for Fayewhen she learns that Nicole was shot during the police stakeout at the Salem Inn. Brandon spots them together and Abe lets Fayeknow that Brandon's aware of the affair they had. Lexie finds Abe with Fayeand tries to get back on his good side. Though Sami hopes that Nicole doesn't survive the shooting, she does but remains in a coma and in critical condition on a life support system. Victor visits her and places the engagement ring on her finger. When he overhears Sami wishing under her breath that Nicole die, he warns her that she will pay the price if he find out she had anything to do with this. Sami considers pulling the plug on Nicole's life support system. Bo explains to Shawn that he and Billie were kissing because they were working undercover as a married couple. Billie also explains that afterwards, Bo was comforting her because she shot and killed her first criminal. When he says he didn't intend for all this to happen tonight, Jennifer asks Colin if he knew about the hit but he denies it. Jennifer leaks to Bo that Jack asked Billie out on a date.

Wednesday, August 28

Philip barges into Chloe and Brady's motel room but finds they're not there. He pays off the motel manager for the name of the clinic and heads there to surprise them. Before Chloe and Brady can meet Dr. Thompson, Philip interrupts and punches Brady. Brady counters with his own attack as Chloe screams at them to stop. Chloe tells Philip that they are looking for Dr. Sykes and as she says his name, Thompson listens from outside the room and quickly leaves. Finding the doctor has left the clinic, Chloe blasts Philip for ruining everything. Shawn returns to the garage and finds Belle has told Marlena everything about the twins. Marlena meets the twins and Rex calls her "mom" because she's Belle's mom. Hearing about the key, Marlena asks to see it and quickly recognizes it as one like John's. She warns Belle and Shawn not to tell anyone about the key. At the hospital Roman argues with Victor about Sami's role in Nicole's shooting. Brandon then chats with Victor about their feelings for Nicole. Sami considers pulling the plug on Nicole's life support system but has to hide when Brandon stops by for a visit. After Brandon expresses his love for his sister, he leaves. Sami decides not to kill Nicole but when she checks to make sure the electrical plug is in tight, Nicole opens her eyes and sees her.

Thursday, August 29

Still refusing to believe the two negative pregnancy tests, Nancy asks Craig to schedule a couple more. Craig tries to be positive and suggests that they have fun trying to get pregnant tonight since Chloe's gone. Nancy agrees and calls Chloe who lies about being with Philip. Jack guesses to Jennifer that Colin was involved with the hit ordered on Victor. Surprised that Jennifer knows about his date with Billie, Jack reveals that it was Billie who asked him. Seeing Colin, Jennifer joins him for coffee. Colin takes the time to deny that he has any interest in Nicole. As Nicole eyes Sami's hand checking the electrical plug, the life support alarms sound sending Colin, Victor, Brandon and Roman rushing into the room. They all wonder why Sami is there. Brandon tries to defend Sami who lies about her presence. Later, Roman argues with Sami about her choice in men and warns her to stay away from Victor, Nicole and Brandon. Sami later tells Brandon that she was trying to push Nicole out of the way when she was shot. While Chloe and Brady escape from the clinic, the sheriff nabs Philip who uses his family name to convince the officer to let him go while painting a bad picture of Brady. Outside the motel room, Brady is arrested. Philip enters Chloe's room and is quickly blamed as she explains Thompson is really her father. Philip offers to help track him down. At the same time Brady is ordered held in jail for the night.

Friday, August 30

John introduces Agent Russell Spector to Marlena as his contact in town and asks her to tell him what she knows about the key. When she mentions the alien twins, Russell abruptly leaves. When John also exits, worried about Belle, Marlena calls Belle and warns her to take the twins to someplace safe. Belle and Shawn move the twins to the top of a hill where an aircraft suddenly appears and hovers. They assume the twins "phoned home." As they prepare to board, Rex secretly puts the key into Belle's purse. At the hospital Brandon tells Tony about Nicole getting shot and warns that the DiMera's better not have been involved. Meanwhile, Lexie warns Sami to stay away from her "close" friend Brandon. Tony agrees to help Sami woo Brandon if she'll get the key from John. Though she balks at stealing from a family member, Tony claims the key was stolen from him. Brandon and Lexie agree to remain friends. As they arrive at the DiMera mansion, Brandon overhears Tony asking Sami for a favor. Upset with how Tony is talking to Sami, Brandon pulls her away but then becomes upset when she claims to have received a call from the "love of her life." Lexie admits to Tony that she slept with Brandon. He invites her to move back to the mansion so they can work together.

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