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Monday, February 11, 2002

Kate is making a show of gasping for breath as Austin drags a screaming Sami from the room. After they are gone, Kate congratulates herself on winning over Sami again. Going into Lucas' room, Kate tells him that she beat Sami again, and Lucas' eyes start to flutter. Kate brings Will over to ask his daddy to wake up. The doctor comes in is amazed as Lucas is trying to talk - he almost says Will's name. Out in the waiting room, Sami and Austin are arguing, with Sami trying to convince Austin that Kate is evil and the scene before was all Kate's fault. Austin accuses Sami of only thinking of herself, but Sami continues to lash out at Kate and Lucas, finally telling Austin that if Lucas wakes up, it will be all over for them. The doctor comes into the waiting room and tells them that Lucas is waking up. At the same time, Kate is talking to Lucas, telling him that everything will be OK as soon as she takes care of one little problem - Sami.

Belle is upstairs at home thinking about Shawn, and wondering what is going on with him and Jan. She wonders if their relationship will ever be like it was on the island last summer. Downstairs, John tells Marlena that he is going over to Lexie's to get her to "cooperate." This worries Marlena, and she tries to talk him out of it, but he convinces her it is OK and he leaves. Belle comes downstairs and tells Marlena how concerned she is about all the time that Shawn has been spending with Jan. Belle says that she knows that Shawn is keeping something from her, and compares it to John keeping his secret from Marlena. Belle then wonders if John could be keeping anything else from them, since he did it before. Marlena insists that John is a good man and he is not keeping anything from them, and assures Belle that everything will get better.

At the mansion, Lexie is telling Rolf that she wants Glen and Barb gone now, but Rolf reassures her that it will be at least another year before the lawyers get to a stage when anyone will be in a position to try to take Isaac away from her, and by then he will have had another year to bond with her. John arrives at the mansion and tells Lexie that he's changed his mind about letting her raise his son. Lexie insists that Isaac is her son, no one else's, and lets him in. Once inside the house, John grabs Lexie and puts a rag over her mouth. John then ties Lexie up, and as he's doing it, Rolf comes in with an upraised bottle, meaning to hit John over the head. John sees Rolf, though, and kicks him, knocking Rolf unconscious to the floor. Eliana comes in, sees Rolf, and accuses John of killing him. John turns to her and demands to know where the baby is, as Lexie looks on and screams through her gag. While John is out of the room, Eliana starts to untie Lexie, and when John returns, he has a swab with a sample of Isaac's DNA. John leaves with the swab and Rolf wakes up, telling Lexie that the old John is back, and their lives will never be the same again.

Philip and Chloe kiss, then Chloe breaks away, telling Philip she's scared of getting involved with him again. As she is walking away, Chloe sees their initials that Philip carved in a tree, and she passes out. Philip rushes to her side, and as she wakes up, Chloe is bleeding from her nose. Chloe convinces Philip to take her home instead of to the hospital. At home, Nancy and Craig are beginning to get romantic on the couch, when Philip brings Chloe in. Over Chloe's objections, Philip tells Craig and Nancy what happened. As Craig is getting more information from Philip, Chloe runs up to her room, where her nose starts bleeding again. Nancy accuses Philip of causing Chloe's problems by putting too much pressure on her, but Philip insists they were just talking. Craig steps in and thanks Philip for bringing Chloe home, and Philip reluctantly leaves. Nancy goes up to Chloe's room, where she finds Chloe unconscious on the bed and bleeding again.

Hope is making a show of being OK with everything, but she eventually shows, after Bo's prodding, that she is terrified about Glen spending time with J.T. tomorrow. Hope breaks down in Bo's arms as Shawn walks in. Bo tells Shawn that Glen will be taking J.T. tomorrow as part of the court order, and Shawn is concerned about J.T.'s health while he's away. Bo assures Shawn that he will be OK, and they all hope that Glen will give up and go away soon. Shawn tries to leave to go help Jan, but Bo and Hope won't let him go until he tells them where he's going. Shawn says he can't tell them, and Bo finally convinces Hope to trust their son's judgment. Shawn leaves the room and goes up to J.T.'s room. Shawn tries again to get J.T. to say "I won't go", then tells him that J.T. doesn't belong with anyone else but him. Bo walks by and sees this, and goes in the room. Shawn apologizes to Bo for telling him that he didn't want J.T. because he wasn't Bo's biological son. BO tries once more to get Shawn to tell him where he's going, but Shawn says no and leaves to pack. As he's packing to go, Shawn tells himself he needs to change Jan's mind.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Jen tells Greta that Jack was wrong to put her in the position of keeping his secrets. She begs Greta for a hint and remembers when Greta said Jack was a "ho" and then a "homeboy" and she knows they were a cover for the real secret. Greta lets it slip that Jack's secret is intimate. Jen latches onto that word and repeats it, looking like the light bulb just clicked on. Greta says that by intimate, she meant private, and she tells Jen that if she knows Jack's secret it might ruin his job prospect with Oliver. They trade verbal tongue twisters until Greta says that even though she thinks Jen should know, the secret has to come from Jack. Then, Jen figures it out and says, "No, he is certainly not." Jen asks, "He told you he's gay?" She knows she's right by Greta's reaction. She is shocked that Greta believed him and swears that Jack is not gay.

Jack joins Oliver at the Brady Pub to plead his case for the job. Oliver, using Jack's marriage as an example, complements Jack's creativity, but admits that he thinks Jack gets bored easily. He then says that he wants Jack to settle down. Jack says he's dating "a wonderful woman, a princess amongst women, who does not deserve to be paraded in front of a bunch of drooling men like a filet mignon." Oliver tells Jack that he doesn't think that a single man, with a child, will be able to throw the lavish parties for the conservative clients that are a necessary part of the job. He tells Jack that he really needs to have a wife to make a good impression. Jack says that he is in a serious relationship. Oliver requires a strait shooter on his team. "Well, that's me, strait as they come," Jack says. Oliver says that he needs to see that Jack is in a committed relationship and expects to see an engagement ring soon.

Meanwhile, Harold looks in the window and spies Jack with another man. As he wonders if he should say hello, Jack tells Oliver that he can't rush marriage for the sake of a job, but if he was married, it would be his priority. Oliver finally says that Jack is showing the maturity he's been looking for and that if he continues, the job is his. Oliver leaves and Harold saunters over to Jack's table and sits down. Jack looks annoyed and a little scared at Harold's presence. Harold wants to know if Jack is ashamed to be seen with him and he reminds Jack of how into the massage Jack was until he turned around and saw Harold's face. Harold then says he feels sorry for Jack living a life of denial. Jack says his life is complicated and Harold tells Jack he's the least admirable person he's met in a long time.

Hope is sewing labels into all of J.T.'s clothes. Bo discusses J.T.'s impending visit with Glen. They then talk about Shawn and Hope admits she's nervous about Shawn being secretive with helping a friend. Bo reminds Hope that Shawn is going to be 18 soon, and with raised eyebrows, they remember how they celebrated Hope's 18th birthday. Hope remembers that at the time, she thought she could never love anyone more than Bo Brady, but that she was wrong, because she loves him more now.

Bo helps Hope with the sewing and comments that the lies and stuff that happened with John doesn't matter anymore. They agree that they can't lose J.T. Bo says he feels ashamed that he didn't want J.T. Hope reassures him and says, "If Shawn were to get a girl pregnant, I don't know if I could handle that."

"You're not worried that's going to happen, are you?" Bo asks. Hope wants to know why they don't know the name of Shawn's friend and why is this girl asking him to keep secrets from them. Bo brings Hope ice cream. Hope worries that J.T. won't remember her and then says that if Glen does get custody, a part of her doesn't want J.T. to remember them, so he won't have an empty spot inside. Bo comforts her with old memories of when they were young. He reminds Hope that she has always felt joy and that she used that to turn J.T.'s life around when he was a sick baby. Bo and Hope both want Shawn's life to be as normal as possible. Bo says they raised a good kid and "we will raise both our sons."

Shawn and Jan arrive at the clinic across the state line. Shawn says he doesn't want her to be alone, but he won't be upset if they have to leave if she changes her mind. Jan says she doesn't want him there if he doesn't support her. Shawn's afraid of what the abortion will do to Jan. He encourages her to give the baby up for adoption. She looks confused. Jan finds out she has to have another ultrasound as part of the pre-abortion examination. She's disturbed. As they wait, Shawn reads a brochure on birth control. Jan wonders why she waited so long to take care of things. "Maybe because you weren't sure this is what you want to do," Shawn answers. Jan doesn't want anyone to know she was raped. Shawn says it wasn't her fault. Jan goes back for her exam and doesn't want Shawn to go with her.

Jan comes back to the waiting room, crying. Shawn reminds her she's not alone. "Of course I'm alone," she says, "I'm not even lucky enough to be one of those girls whose boyfriend got her pregnant." She says no one around her cares enough to notice anything is wrong. Shawn looks like he's about to cry and tells her that since there is a baby inside of her, she's as un-alone as she can possibly be. Then Shawn says, "I'll be the father. Just don't get rid of your baby."

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Jen is shocked that Greta believes that Jack is gay. Greta doesn't believe that Jack would lie about something so serious. "He could and he would because it works for him," Jen replies. Jen tries to convince Greta that Jack is not gay, while Greta tries to convince Jen that he is. Greta mentions that it has been difficult for Jack to hide his sexuality from the world. They go back and forth on the issue for a while, until Greta says that Jen doesn't "get it." Jen thinks she's referring to sex and says that she could get Jack if she wanted to. Greta tells her that will never happen and then she says that she had fixed Jack up on a blind date with another man. Jen deduces that Jack was probably angry, but Greta is convinced that the anger was only because he is not ready to come out of the closet. Jen finally says that Jack has a problem with honesty. Then, obviously playing along, she says that she accepts the truth about Jack and thanks Greta for being honest with her. "Oh boy am I going to have fun with this one," she says, more to her coffee mug than to Greta. When Greta questions what she meant by this, Jen plays sensitive and declares that she's determined to help him. Greta is relieved as Jen says, "I want Jack to live the kind of life that he so richly deserves." Then, Jen asks for Greta's help in making sure Jack gets what he deserves, adding "in a good way." Greta readily agrees.

Meanwhile, Jack talks with Abby, who is eating a huge bowl of ice cream. Abby wants to talk about her mommy and Princess Greta and how come they are not yet home. She tells Jack that her mommy needs a nice friend like Greta and Abby accuses Jack of not being happy that Greta is living with them. Jack explains that the living situation is awkward. Abby wants to know when her daddy and her mommy are going to get married again. Jack requests that Abby drop some hints to Jen. Abby replies, "Don't worry, daddy, I can be just as shrewd and calculating as you." Moments later, Abby is gone, and Jack is being melodramatic. He has called around looking for Jen and Greta and can't find them anywhere. He worries that they are talking about him. Talking to himself, he says that in order to get the job with Oliver, he needs to be married. He worries that neither Greta nor Jen will marry him, but he is sure that Greta won't betray his secret. He plans on telling her he is not gay, after he gets the job and gets Jennifer back. He's sure Greta will play along and pretend they are getting married. "What a pal," he says.

A concerned Nancy enters Chloe's room to find her passed out with a bloody nose. She yells for Craig, who rushes in and wakes a somewhat stunned Chloe. Chloe immediately tells them to leave her alone. Craig examines her and Nancy wants her to go to the hospital tomorrow for a complete physical. After explaining that she just had one at the beginning of the school year, Chloe says she wants to be alone. Nancy agrees, as long as Chloe tells her why she was with Philip. Chloe, holding a tissue to her nose, tells Nancy that she does want to talk about Philip. Craig leaves so they can have some girl talk. Chloe tells Nancy about Philip's kiss and says that it made her feel trapped. Nancy is concerned that Chloe doesn't remember telling her this before and tells her again to move on because Philip and Brady aren't good enough for her. Chloe agrees that she should stay away from Philip and Brady. Nancy is concerned for Chloe's health. Chloe is not used to someone caring for her. Nancy questions Chloe about her adoptive parents and wants to know if their coldness is the reason that Chloe can't accept a mother's love. Chloe says the reason she has trouble accepting it is because Nancy gave her away. Nancy thought Chloe would go to a wonderful couple and that thought got her through the adoption. Chloe says they were okay, they just weren't her real parents. Now, she wants to be alone, so Nancy leaves her. In the hallway, Craig wants to check on Chloe and Nancy asks him to give her a few minutes. She tells Craig that she thinks her and Chloe will eventually have a good relationship. Meanwhile, Chloe is looking in the mirror contemplating brushing off both Philip and Brady. She gets a strange look on her face and says "What's wrong with me?"

Jan is stunned at Shawn's offer to claim that he is the baby's father. Jan, referring to the baby, says, "He's not at all real." Shawn thinks it's important that Jan referred to the baby as "he." Jan tells him that her whole life will be destroyed if she has the baby. Shawn says that since she doesn't want anyone to know she was raped, they can say he is the baby's father and then put the baby up for adoption. He pleads with her to think about it. The nurse is ready to take Jan back for the procedure. Jan asks for a few more minutes. Shawn continues to plead with her and he says he will do anything to help her. Jan asks, "Would you marry me?" Shawn is at first taken aback, but then says, "Yes, if that's what it will take." Jan questions him about Belle and Shawn says that he will make her understand. Jan won't let him mess up his life for her. Shawn believes that everything will work out between him and Belle if he does what's right for Jan and her baby. He begs Jan not to have the procedure. Jan is clearly confused. Jan, ready to leave with the nurse, tells Shawn that she is tired and can't take it anymore. Shawn begs her not to go as she walks away with the nurse. Shawn is disturbed.

Kate gets Will to talk to his daddy. Lucas clearly says, "Will, Will." A shocked Sami looks on, as Austin encourages Lucas. The doctor says that Lucas is making remarkable progress. Sami, Austin, and Will leave the room to give Lucas a rest. Austin asks the nurse to take Will for some ice cream. Austin then apologizes to Sami for being impatient with her. He says Sami is the reason why Lucas spoke and he is thankful. Sami looks defeated as Austin hugs her. Sami is angry and Austin tells her that her and Will are the one's that will be hurt by her anger. Sami tells him that everything is happening as per Kate's plan. Kate had told Sami that Austin's goal is to help people get along and that he is too pure hearted for Sami. "You are the one who is going to make me lose my son," Sami accuses Austin. Austin is surprised at her words. Sami defends herself by saying that Austin wants to heal all wounds. She once again, requests that they leave Salem. Austin dramatically rolls his eyes. Sami refuses to spend her life playing second fiddle to Kate Roberts. Austin tries to convince Sami that she does come first. However, he believes that Will needs to be close to Kate and Lucas. Sami says he's taking Kate's side. She says that if he refuses to leave Salem, they might not have a future together. Austin replies, "Lucas waking up is a good thing. Our life and our future will be better if Will has Lucas in his life"

Kate, by Lucas' bedside, vows to destroy Sami's life. She tells Lucas that Sami already has the feeling that her life is over. Leaving the room, Kate tells Austin and Sami that the doctor thinks it's important that Will stay to help the recovery. Austin says that it's Sami's decision. Kate says that Sami doesn't give a damn and that if Austin cares about his brother, there is no way that Will can go back to Salem.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Bo and Hope exchange Valentine's Day presents. Belle calls about Shawn and when she mentions Jan's name, Hope wonders if Jan is the mystery person Shawn is helping. Brady calls Chloe and learns about her fainting spells. He agrees to stop by to take her out. Chloe then sets up her bed to fool Nancy into thinking she's sleeping and then reads a valentine from Philip. Meanwhile, at Dot.Com Philip confides in Belle about Chloe. She reveals her concern about Shawn's lack of interest in her lately. Cynthia lies to Mimi about her night at home with Philip. She claims that he forced her to do a little striptease for him and vows to make him pay for using her like that. Mimi accuses her of lying but Cynthia claims to have home security tapes to back up her story. Mimi threatens Cynthia and then walks out. Philip's upset when Brady accompanies Chloe into the club. Belle stops him from confronting Chloe who he assumed would be resting in bed after her fainting spell earlier. Shawn drives Jan home from Chicago and the two discuss being parents to her unborn child. John informs Marlena that the DNA test shows that he is not Isaac's father. He asks for her help obtaining Hope's DNA to see if she is Isaac's mother. He also guesses that Stefano might be the boy's father.

Friday, February 15, 2002

Shawn tries to tell Bo about Jan and does reveal that she's pregnant and is getting no help from her parents. Bo urges him not to get involved in her problem. Kate's upset to see Austin siding with Sami. Austin blasts Kate for her manipulations but convinces Sami to stay there one more night. As they are about to enter the house, Jennifer promises Greta that she won't tell Jack that she leaked his secret. Greta does admit that if Jack were "straight," she would be interested in dating him. They find a nervous Jack waiting inside but don't tell him anything. Thanks to Belle, Philip remains cool and collected as he watches Chloe with Brady. He takes Chloe aside while Brady marvels to Belle about how calm Philip is. Mimi interrupts and is furious to hear Belle mention Shawn's relationship with Jan. Mimi then mentions Cynthia's claim about the video of her with Philip which sends Brady off on a mission. He spots Philip and Chloe embracing, unaware that Philip has convinced Chloe that he doesn't want to lose their friendship.

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