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Monday, February 4, 2002

Greta and Jack are arguing over breakfast at home, and Greta demands that he tell Jennifer that he's gay within the next 24 hours. They continue to argue about this, then Jack turns the argument around and tells Greta that she can't live there anymore. Greta refuses to go until she's had a chance to tell Jennifer the truth about Jack. Jack asks Greta to just play along, and Greta asks him what he means by this, and if he is using her. After joking around and sidestepping the question, Jack finally admits that he only told Greta he was gay because he didn't want her to get hurt because she was falling in love with him. Greta tells Jack that he is right, and that she does care about him and wants to help him. Jack then tells Greta about his new plan - that they announce that they are engaged. Greta asks Jack why they should do that, and Jack tells her it is to make Jennifer jealous and to make her fall in love with Jack again, after he has his good job. Greta thinks that Jack should be honest and direct instead, but Jack says that he tried that before and it didn't work, and that his plan is the only thing that Jennifer responds to. Jack then calls Oliver Wentworth (after Greta says she doesn't think he really exists), expecting to hear that the job is a go, but apparently the news about the job is not good, but Jack insists that he and Greta need to go ahead with their plan. Greta says that she doesn't want to live under Jennifer's roof and lie to her, and asks to at least be able to tell Jennifer that Jack is gay. Jack convinces Greta not to tell Jennifer, and Greta again agrees to help Jack.

At the hospital, Jennifer and Brandon are returning from their breakfast date, when Brandon goes to get them some coffee. Once he leaves, Jennifer bumps into Colin. Jennifer and Colin make small talk until Brandon returns, and Colin asks if Jennifer and Brandon are dating. When they admit they are, Colin asks if Jack is out of the picture, and Jennifer tells him that this is none of his business. Colin leaves, but Jennifer stops him and apologizes, then Colin leaves again. Brandon asks Jennifer why Colin affects her so much, and Jennifer tells him that she knew Colin in Africa. Brandon guesses correctly that Jennifer and Colin had a relationship, then had a falling out, and that now there was tension and attraction between them. Jennifer asks Brandon to drop the subject, then Brandon moves in to kiss her. They break apart before completing the kiss when they notice a nurse watching them, then Brandon moves in for another try. This time, Jennifer breaks away before they kiss, telling Brandon that she is not ready yet, but she promises that she will tell him as soon as she is ready.

In school, Jan asks Shawn to help her, then quickly runs to the bathroom. Belle comes up to Shawn and asks him what is going on with him and Jan. Shawn avoids Belle's question, saying that Jan is still upset about Paul's death, but Belle doesn't believe him. Shawn asks Belle to just trust him, and Belle agrees and tells him she loves him. Belle then starts complaining about Jan, but Shawn defends her. In the bathroom, Chloe is concerned about Jan, but Jan just says that she can't take this anymore and runs out, leaving Chloe very confused. Jan comes up to Belle and Shawn and asks to talk to Shawn, and Belle reluctantly lets him go. Chloe comes up to Belle and asks what is wrong, and Belle tells her about the baby switch, and that Glen is J.T.'s father. Chloe is concerned, but Belle insists she is OK with that situation. Belle isn't OK with Shawn's attention to Jan, however, and Chloe agrees that Shawn should stay with Belle and not go running off with Jan all the time, no matter what the reason is. Jan tells Shawn that she is badly cramping, and Shawn takes her to the hospital, where they see Shawn's cousin, Colin. Colin wants to examine Jan, but she is reluctant, not agreeing unless Shawn comes with her. Jan denies that she was sexually abused, and when Colin asks who the baby's father is, Jan says that it is not really a baby, just a problem that she wants to be over. When the exam is complete, Shawn comes back in and Colin tells him that the pregnancy is progressing normally, but that he needs to know what really happened to Jan, and he wants Shawn to get Jan to open up. Shawn won't tell Colin anything unless Jan says it is OK, which she does not. Colin then asks Jan to look at an ultrasound before making a decision about ending her pregnancy.

Glen, Barb, and Cameron are at the courthouse, and Glen is determined to get his son back by the end of the day. Cameron reminds Glen that they are not there to ask for custody, just for supervised visitation. Glen is upset at this, and even more so when Cameron tells him that it is very possible that the social worker assigned to their case might decide that J.T. should stay with Bo and Hope. The social worker comes up to them and is introduced by Cameron, and hands Glen some forms for him to complete. Glen is surprised that they need a criminal background check and psychological history. The social worker then turns to Barb and asks her if she is prepared to care for another woman's child with special needs, in addition to her own baby. Glen prompts Barb, but she hesitates in answering. Glen pulls Barb aside and tells her he won't let her ruin this for him. He then tells the social worker that they don't have any secrets - that he just wants his son back.

Bo and Hope are talking to Mickey, and Hope asks if she is going to lose her baby. Mickey reassures Hope that the judge won't take J.T. away from her now, but that a social worker will be evaluating both Bo and Hope, and Glen and Barb. Hope reminds Mickey that Glen kidnapped J.T., but Mickey reminds her that they did not press charges against him. Mickey says that Glen and his lawyer will use any means necessary to win the case, including attacking Bo & Hope personally and accusing them of being unfit parents. Hope can't believe this, but Mickey tells her that her affair with John might make their case worse. Mickey then tells them that the judge will almost definitely award Glen some visitation, starting with a few hours and probably progressing to an entire weekend. Hope is afraid that Glen would run away with J.T. again, but Mickey assures her he would not damage his case by doing that. Then Hope says she is upset that the court would allow Glen to bond with her son, and thinks that this would be preparing Glen to take J.T. away from her permanently, which Mickey admits is a possibility. Finally, Mickey tells Bo and Hope that he thinks that Cameron thinks that J.T. would be better off staying where he is, with Bo and Hope, although Mickey is not sure why this is.

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

Brady is at work at Basic Black in his father's office. Chloe enters saying, "I really need to see you, Brady." Brady walks to get her a drink, and, with his back to Chloe, he smiles excitedly about her unexpected visit. He tells Chloe to admit that she can't stay away from him. She plays along with Brady's request and pretends she's going to kiss him, then playfully chokes him. They share laughs as they try to tickle each other. They continue to horseplay for awhile, until Chloe has to sit down, claiming that they should behave with a little more decorum in the CEO's office. Chloe confesses that she spoke to Philip. Brady is annoyed and he demands to know the truth about her feelings for Philip. Chloe now says that she doesn't want to discuss Philip with him. Brady says that he thought Chloe was back on track with her singing and the only way she will ever know how good she can be is if Philip is out of her life for good. Chloe gets a phone call from Philip and Brady demands to know what he wanted. Chloe starts to leave because Brady is upset. Brady shouts, "Don't go. I don't want you to go."

Shawn and Dr. Colin Murphy recommend to Jan that she have an ultrasound. Shawn tells her it was a miracle the first time he saw his brother during his mother's ultrasound. Shawn presses Jan about it, until she relents. As Dr. Murphy leaves to get the equipment, Jan tells Shawn that she doesn't want the baby, so she doesn't know why she is having an ultrasound. Shawn tells her she won't regret it. As Jan sees her baby on the monitor, Shawn expertly points out the baby's head and feet. Jan, with a tender expression on her face says, "Oh my God, that's my baby." Dr. Murphy says that everything is fine with the pregnancy and he lets Jan listen to the heartbeat. At first, Jan is awed by it, but then she demands the Dr. turn off the machine. She then asks Shawn to leave. Jan informs Dr. Murphy that nothing has changed. "I hate that I have something growing inside me," she snaps. The Dr. looks at her compassionately and mentions that, as a minor, she needs parental consent. Jan says she's going over the state line to have the abortion. "If my parents found out about this, it's over. My life is over," she says. Back at Jan's side, Shawn tells Jan that he agrees that it is Jan's decision, but he's going to help her make the right one.

Austin, Sami, and Will enter the rehab center to visit Lucas. Sami expresses her concern that it might not be good for Will to see his father. Austin says that they cannot let Will down. Dr. Richards, the rehab center's child psychologist, introduces herself and then takes Will for a talk before he can see his father. Sami goes in to see Lucas on her own. She looks at Lucas, unconscious in the bed, and remembers the night her and Lucas conceived Will. Then she remembers Lucas screaming at her, denying her custody of Will. This memory causes her to shout at him, "You pathetic loser, I wish you had died." Kate overhears and pulls Sami out of the room by her hair saying, "What are you trying to do, kill him?"

Kate verbally tears into Sami, mentioning that Austin and Roman agree with her. Austin walks in as Kate is yelling and tells her to stop. Sami tells Austin that the visit is a big mistake and accuses him of betraying her. Austin is dumbfounded. Austin questions Kate on why she came to see Lucas when she knew that Sami was bringing Will today. Kate claims that Austin and Lucas are her life and she weeps about wanting to be there if there is a remote chance that Will could stir a response in Lucas. Sami says she is leaving with Will. Austin, wiping a tear from is eye, goes after her. He then tells her not to break Will's heart because she is having a tantrum. Meanwhile, Will enters the room Lucas is in, and tells him to "Please, wake up," as he gently shakes his father's shoulder. Sami realizes Will is in the room. She enters the room and telepaths a plea to Lucas to not wake up. Lucas' eyes begin to flutter.

Abe complements Lexie on how she handled the situation with Belle and Shawn. Lexie says she doesn't understand why Bo and Hope have ganged up on her. She rants about Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena. Abe defends them, saying everyone is tense right now. He doesn't understand how two babies could have been switched at the hospital. He says that whoever knows will have to explain themselves at some point. Abe looks towards the doorway and sees Rolf, leaning against the doorframe, looking grim. Rolf reminds them that the baby switch was an error. Lexie says that Glen and Barb don't have the money or sophistication to take care of a special needs baby. Abe mentions that, with Cameron Reece as his attorney, Glen won't give up. Then Abe states that all they know for sure is that Glen is J.T.'s biological father, but they suspect that Isaac is Hope's son. He reminds Lexie that since she keeps reminding everyone there were four babies born at the hospital that night, they need evidence. They need a DNA test done on Isaac. Lexie looks shocked at the suggestion and refuses. Abe says that it could prove that Isaac is not Hope's son. Lexie says she is doing all she can to ensure that Bo and Hope keep J.T. Abe wants to know if that includes being dishonest and criminal and he says, "How far would you go to keep Isaac?"

Hope and Bo arrive at the courthouse with Mickey. They see Carol Burns, a social worker, talking to the Reibers and Cameron Reece. As Ms. Burns enters the courtroom, the Brady's approach the Reibers. Hope asks why the Reibers got to meet the social worker first. "Because the Ribers got here early," Cameron replies. Hope thinks that they did that to prejudice the social worker against her. Ms. Burns enters the lobby and introduces herself to Bo and Hope. She gives them forms to fill out and informs them that she will be scheduling a home visit. She swears no one will get preferential treatment. Bo pulls Hope aside as everyone enters the courtroom. He tells her they will make sure the judge understands that J.T. belongs to them.

In the courtroom, the Bradys and the Reibers exchange confrontational glances. The judge says the child's rights are the foremost consideration, but the father's rights will also be considered. Hope bursts in, "Why should Glen get visitation? It's not fair." The judge tells her she is out of order and then adds that since J.T. is not Hope's biological son, she has very little recourse. She continues, saying that she is not disposed to rule in Hope's favor and that Glen has every right to see his son. Finally, the judge says, "It is the decision of this court that Glen Reiber be allowed visitation with his child." Hope protests and Mickey tries to calm her as the judge gives her a warning. Glen is polite and agrees to all restrictions on his visitation rights. Hope mumbles that Glen spent time with J.T. when he kidnapped him. The judge throws Hope out of the courtroom. Mickey counsels Hope to leave before she angers the judge more. The judge tells Mickey to arrange for a visitation for tomorrow. Bo tries to comfort Hope in the lobby. Hope is shocked when she finds out the visitation is tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

Chloe is on her way out the door at Basic Black, when Brady calls after her, "I don't want you to go." She turns and then Brady explains to her that he thinks Philip is holding her back. They decide to leave together and make their way to the outdoor ice rink. Brady helps Chloe lace up her skates. Teasing Brady, she pretends to not know how to skate and then skates like a pro. He chases her and grabs her from behind. They skate around, holding hands.

Belle is hanging out at the park by herself, deep in thought, and wearing Shawn's class ring. Philip approaches her, asking her why she's alone. Belle tells him that she has a lot of stuff to work through on her own, and then says that Shawn is with Jan and he's being secretive. Philip asks about the situation with Belle and Shawn's families. Belle tells him that her dad and Hope slept together when they were under Stefano's influence, and worst of all, they kept it from her and Shawn for two years. Belle says that she can't talk to her parents about her problem. Philip says that he is in the same situation. He then tells her that Shawn is there for her, and Belle expresses her fear that all the secrets and lies could separate her and Shawn. She complements Philip on always being honest with her. Then she asks him if he thinks Shawn is hiding something from her. Defending Shawn, Philip says that Shawn just has a hard time explaining how he feels. Philip teases her about what could have happened if he and Belle had gotten together. He then asks about Chloe and confesses that they spent time together. He's convinced that they'll get back together and he admits that he was reassured by his talk with Brady. Belle says that she hasn't seen Brady and Chloe together lately. Belle questions Philip about Cynthia. He says that when things heated up with Cynthia he stopped because he knew that he could not betray Chloe. Philip says that the only girl he wants is Chloe. "When you love, you love with your whole heart. I'm the same," Belle says, wistfully. They walk towards the ice.

Meanwhile, after much playing and laughing, Chloe and Brady start singing 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland', while others on the ice join in. As the singing ends, Brady coaxes Chloe to take a bow. She does and slips. Fortunately, Brady catches her, holding her waist. Philip sees them and Chloe sees the hurt look on his face.

Jen, walking in the park alone, is startled when Colin walks up behind her. He says he needs to get things straight between them, and he has, in fact, wanted to talk to her ever since he's been in town. Jen is surprised; she thought Colin wanted to avoid her. He confesses that he had to tell her to leave Ireland, though he didn't want to. She looks confused. As Colin shivers (he's not wearing a coat), he tells Jen that he regrets what happened in Ireland. Jen says they have both moved on to different lives. Colin wants to be friends and says that the way they communicated together in Africa was unique. "You wouldn't be working your Irish charm on me, right now, would you, Colin?" Jen asks, seriously. She wants to know why he told her to get lost in Ireland. He explains that he was involved with dangerous work that he couldn't talk about to anyone at the time. He was protecting her when he told her to get lost. He apologizes and she accepts, but admits that she is confused. Colin wants to continue the friendship they started in Africa. Jen reminds him that he is engaged and she's dating Brandon Walker. "I really wish that you would just leave me alone," she says and walks away.

Jack and Greta are at the ice rink, preparing to skate. Jack says he'll start his job with Oliver soon. Greta tells him that he needs to push Oliver to find out when. Greta convinces him to call Oliver and be assertive. On the phone, Jack demands to know the date and time for his meeting in Vegas or he'll consider other options. Oliver is impressed that Jack finally showed some backbone and says he'll make the arrangements and get back to him. Greta is so excited with Jack's successful phone call that she kisses him on the lips. When he asks her what she's doing, she replies that she's practicing for Vegas. Jack pulls a practical joke on Greta. She screams, laughs, and calls him a big kid. He says it gets him through the rough times. She enthusiastically hugs him and says, "I love you, Jack Devereux. I really do."

Jack coaxes Greta onto the ice and he comically falls down. He pretends he can't skate and hangs on to her, practically pulling her down. Swinging his arms to catch his balance, he inadvertently knocks Brady down. "Sorry, fella," Jack says. Brady waves that he is okay. Jack and Greta skate as a pair, with Jack acting like a clown. The gathering crowd laughs and Jack goes into a comic routine, set to music, ending with a dramatic fall. Then Jack swears he's an excellent skater to a disbelieving Greta. He proves if by doing some fancy moves on the ice and ends it by putting a fake eyeball on his forehead to get a laugh. >From the sidelines, Jen watches Greta and Jack skating and thinks that maybe they are in love. Jack and Greta skate to her and ask her to join them. Jack says, "I'm glad to see you," and puts the fake eyeball on his forehead again. This elicits a big laugh from Jen and the fake eyeball goes flying. As Jack retrieves his toy, Jen tells Greta they make a nice couple. "Just skating partners," Greta says, a little sadly. Jen presses Greta on the secret until Jack comes back, saying, "I can see that I have to keep you two ladies apart." Jen confesses asking Greta about the big secret. Jack changes the subject and joins in the sing-a-long.

Will pleads with Lucas to wake up. Kate calls for the nurse as his eyelids flutter. The nurse rushes in, only to say that eyelid flutters are an involuntary muscle spasm. Sami argues with Austin. She won't risk letting Will be traumatized and tells her son that it is time to leave. Will looks sad and Austin tenderly reminds Will that his father might not wake up. Will and Sami leave the room to get something for Lucas. Kate immediately tells Austin that she overheard Sami telling Lucas to die. He doesn't believe it. Kate gets teary and then determined. "All I want is ... a chance for him to get better," she says. Austin comforts his mother. Sami and Will re-enter the room with a book for Will to read to his father. As Will reads, Lucas begins to move his mouth, as if he's trying to talk. The nurse admits he has never done that before.

Kate tries to get Lucas to squeeze her hand as Will pleads, "Time to wake up, daddy." Sami simmers in the background and Austin confronts her outside the room. Sami predicts that her and Austin are over, and that as soon as Lucas sits up, he and Kate will try to take Will away from her. She accuses Austin of being one of them. "Your mother has won," she says. "I knew she would do everything she could to take advantage of the situation." Austin looks clueless. Sami reminds Austin that Kate and Lucas tried to have her killed. She charges that Kate is destroying everything. Austin says that nothing will keep them apart, not even his mother. Meanwhile, Kate tells Will he can visit Lucas with her anytime he wants. Then, she kisses Lucas on the forehead. "We're going to win, my darling. We're going to win," she whispers.

Thursday, February 7, 2002

Shawn urges Jan to change her mind about getting an abortion but she vows to go through with it with or without his support. Alone with Jennifer, Greta tells her she knows a secret of Jack's but can't betray a confidence. Jennifer asks for some hints to help her guess. Nicole and Victor argue again about their living arrangements. Later, Jack's comment to Nicole about being a hooker causes her to start throwing snow at him until he apologizes. At the rehab center Sami insists to Austin that Kate is going to try to take Will away from her but he reminds her about the custody agreement. When the doctor examines Lucas and suggests that Will stay for a couple of days to help Lucas' recovery, Sami refuses until Austin convinces her to let the son help his father. Sensing he is jealous of Chloe and Brady, Belle warns Philip that his jealousy will only push Chloe farther away. Brady forces Chloe to confront Philip who manages to control his anger with Belle's help. Belle then arranges for Philip to take Chloe home while Brady remains with her. While Brady blasts Belle for her shenanigans, Chloe's impressed with how Philip acted.

Friday, February 8, 2002

Austin has a hard time tearing Sami away from Will, but they eventually leave to catch their plane. A victorious Kate tells the doctor that Will is going to stay as long as it takes for Lucas to recover. Suddenly a voice hisses from behind her, "I knew you were up to something!" Kate whirls around to face Sami, who has decided she just can't leave Will behind. Kate and Sami get into it in the hallway. Kate smugly informs Sami that by marrying Austin, she is ensuring that Lucas gets custody of Will. Sami lunges at Kate and begins to choke her. After making arrangements to stay in San Diego, Austin hears Sami's screams and rushes in to break it up.

Jan apologizes to Shawn for threatening him and tells him that she's already made the arrangements for an abortion. Shawn tries to talk her into giving the baby up for adoption, but Jan's mind is made up. Shawn finally agrees to help her. Meanwhile, Belle and Brady arrive at Dot.Com. Before they enter, Belle stops and asks Brady if he has feelings for Chloe, but Brady denies it. Belle, defensive, says that she loves Shawn and nothing could change that. She and Brady enter to see Shawn and Jan embracing! Brady refuses to let Belle run off, insisting that she talk to Shawn. Belle pulls Shawn aside and asks about JT. She's upset to learn about the hearing and asks why Shawn isn't at home with his family? Shawn replies that he wishes he could be, but he has to help Jan. Belle becomes upset when Shawn refuses to tell her what's going on...

While Belle and Shawn talk, Brady is left with Jan and asks her if she's in trouble. Jan tells him to leave her alone, but Brady urges her to get professional help. He presses Jan for details when Belle appears at his side and demands that Brady take her home. They leave and Shawn comes back and tells Jan that he's gotten permission to use his dad's truck. Meanwhile, Brady comforts an agitated Belle, telling her that it's obvious that Shawn is just trying to help Jan through a tough time. Belle wishes she could believe that.

Philip leads Chloe, who's feeling dizzy, to the tree where he carved their initials. He tells her that he wants her to remember how things used to be. Chloe covers her emotions at the memory and Philip is crushed, realizing that she doesn't love him anymore. Chloe admits that she can't forget how he hurt her. Philip begins to walk away, saying it's over, but Chloe calls him back. She tells him that when he said it was over, her heart sank. Philip is convinced she still loves him, and professes his undying love for her. He moves in for a kiss and Chloe responds. When she finally breaks away, she admits she's scared. She turns back to look at the tree and then suddenly faints...

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