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Monday, October 29, 2001

Belle runs into Shawn at Dot.Com and confides about her fight with Marlena. He suggests that she should have said things differently so that Marlena wouldn't worry. When Jan interrupts, Shawn puts her off. A relieved Belle warns Shawn that if he had gone off with Jan this time, she would have ended things with him. He convinces her that Jan is only a friend. Seeing Mimi arrive, Jason challenges Kevin to a video game contest. Kevin wins but Jason decides to have some fun and suddenly grabs Jan to kiss her. She screams at him, pushing him away as she does so. She tries again to talk with Shawn but he has to leave. Mimi assures Kevin that she's still interested in him. The two reconcile with a kiss. Angry after her fight with Belle, Marlena confronts John at home and blames him for their troubles. She guesses that Belle and Shawn are secretly having sex. He tries to calm her down but then becomes angry himself, vowing to hurt Shawn for what he's done to Belle. When Belle arrives, Marlena calms John and convinces him to let her handle this. Chloe stops by to see Belle and runs into Brady. She confides her concern for Philip's jealousy. The two then eavesdrop on John and Marlena's argument. When Chloe worries about Marlena discovering them, they leave but run into Belle whom they warn about Marlena and John.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Marlena and Belle continue their argument with neither one willing to back down. Belle wants Marlena to give her some privacy while Marlena just wants Belle to realize she is her mother and it's her job to protect her. Belle finally realizes how mean she was to her mom, they hug and Belle asks for Marlena's forgiveness. Marlena says she forgives her as they start talking about Belle's love for Shawn. Marlena reminds Belle that they can get through anything as long as they keep the lines of communication open. Belle says that Shawn doesn't seem to feel they same way she does. Marlena comforts her saying that Shawn is probably just confused about his feelings and boys usually don't talk about feelings like girls do. They end on good terms as Belle again says she is growing up and some things are still private.

Jack calls Jennifer and begs her not to go on her date with Brandon. Jennifer tells him that there might be a future for them but she needs to live in the present. Jack says he will be living in the present with Greta and is happy that he has Jen thinking about their future. Greta is having second thoughts about setting Jack up with Harold but then convinces herself what's the worst that could happen. She goes to meet Jack and they talk about their trip to Las Vegas. Jack tells her that when they return from Vegas he wants to have a serious talk with her. He asks her if she knows how special she is to him as a friend and how he would never want to hurt her. She says she understands and she wants to go out to dinner with him and they decide on Tuscany. What Jack doesn't know is that Greta is having Harold show up during their dinner hoping they hit it off.

Bo and Shawn are washing his truck when Hope walks in carrying J.T. in one arm and a pumpkin in the other. They all joke about having another baby as Shawn takes J.T. Bo and Hope are kissing Shawn whispers to J.T. that they may get their wish. Jen calls and wants to come over and talk to Hope and get some of her good advice. Bo and Shawn are talking about Belle and Shawn says how much he cares for her but she has their whole future planned out for them and he is not ready for that. Bo asks Shawn if Belle is pregnant and Shawn wants to know what makes him think they are having sex. Shawn lets Bo know about Marlena catching them coming out of the closet and all him and Belle have done is kiss. Bo laughs but says they need to be careful. Shawn tells his dad that Belle has been pressuring him to have sex and Bo is startled saying that doesn't sound like Belle. Bo tells Shawn to do what is best for him and they decide that waiting to have sex is probably the best thing for now. Shawn asks Bo how he knew Hope was the one and Bo said she's all he thought about and he knew they were destined to be together. Shawn says maybe that's how it will be for him and Belle but for now they have a lot of living to do.

Jennifer is telling Hope about her conversation with Jack and that she is confused about going out with Brandon. Hope tells her that she should go on the date and see what else life has to offer. Jen is afraid that Jack can't handle it and Hope says that Jack is a big boy and he can handle it. Hope wants Jen to call Brandon and find out where he is taking her so she will know what to wear. Jen is afraid she won't even know how to act on a date, but Hope reassures her that everything will be fine.

Colin is having a cup of coffee at the hospital and thinking about how Jennifer could go back to Jack when Nancy comes from behind him and puts her hands over his eyes saying guess who. Nancy makes herself at home at his table and asks him if he and Elizabeth have set a wedding date. She says all the women on the staff have been checking him out. Colin assures her that they are working on it. Nancy wants to make sure that Elizabeth is the right woman for him, asking if everything is okay between them. She tells him that it is obvious he still cares about another woman and he should get some closure before he moves on with his life. She wants him to know that once he's married it will be too late to act on any feelings for another woman.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

The kids return to school today with American flags posted everywhere. Jan (wearing all black with a huge frown on her face) and Jason argue about Jan changing since the island. Two guys come up making fun of her for shooting someone and Jason joins in. He questions why she is so into Shawn, wanting to find out the truth from Shawn. Jason confronts Shawn and Shawn says that there is nothing going on but Jan needs his support. Jason confides in Shawn that he thinks Jan is keeping something from him. Shawn tells Jason to tell Jan that he cares about her. Mimi later overhears him asking if anyone has seen Jan.

Philip's doctor told him he has recovered enough to return to school but not to sports. Philip and Shawn are talking as Chloe walks by. Philip tries to go over to her, but Shawn stops him and tells him to let Chloe come to him. Philip ignores his warning and goes over to her anyway. When he does, Chloe tells him that she has to go to class. He begs her for just two minutes of her time. He promises her that he's changed and says that he isn't the same jealous guy anymore. He apologizes for the way he acted at her house and asks for her forgiveness. She is standoffish and doesn't forgive him, saying they are only friends - she is not his girlfriend. They have a few more words and Philip freaks out, once again accusing Chloe of not wanting him because of Brady. Philip gets upset and starts coughing. Philip regains his composure and asks Chloe to meet him at .com after school - not as a date, but as friends.

Susan and Penny are in the restroom and Susan starts putting makeup on Penny. Penny asks about her and Kevin. Susan says that there is nothing to tell. Then they reminisce about Kevin's abs and a wish that Penny had made wishing that she was the one Kevin was kissing on the island. Susan says that all of Mimi's assets are below the neck. Jan runs in and starts throwing up. Penny groans that she hopes Jan didn't miss the bowl or she would be the one to have to clean it up. Jan resorts to name-calling, saying that Penny is "a twit." Penny leaves and Susan stays to help take care of Jan. Jan snaps that Susan is "so sappy" that it makes her sick. Susan leaves while Jan talks to herself in the mirror wondering if she's dying.

Mimi and Belle are talking about Shawn not returning Belle's feelings. Belle thinks that Shawn doesn't want her and Mimi tells her she could have any guy in the school. Belle says all she wants is Shawn. They decide to not talk about sex for the rest of the day. Mimi suggests that some guys like girls that are hard to get so Belle thinks it's time to play hard to get. Shawn sees Belle in the hall and goes over to talk to her and she runs right past him to give Philip a hug. Belle tells Philip he looks good and his dimples are still working. Shawn sees all of this and looks a little confused as Belle thinks her plan may be working. Chloe sees Mimi and asks her if she enjoys cleaning toilets.

At the penthouse Marlena trips as she's coming in the door dropping all of her packages and almost spilling her coffee. Brady (having a flashback of his conversation with Chloe) comes to make sure she is okay. Marlena is startled because she didn't know that anyone else was home. Brady confronts her about overhearing her threaten to send Belle away to boarding school. Marlena assures him that everything is fine and that everything has been worked out. Marlena presents Brady with a brown package and is nervous about it until Brady grabs it from her. It was a toy figure that he had when he was a little boy. Brady is touched that she gave him such a special gift; he can't believe she remembered it. A flashback of a young Brady is shown losing his prized toy and of Marlena promising to get it back for him. Marlena says that of course she remembers -- he is her little boy. Brady played with the toy (that has the same paint missing off of it like his old one) and Marlena is expressing how much she knew it meant to him. An emotional Brady tells her how much it means to him. Both have tears in their eyes. Brady props the toy by the picture that Marlena gave him of his mom. He confesses that he talks to her and Marlena tells him she is grateful to Isabella for bringing him into her life.

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Bo is concerned when he finds Hope perusing information about Gina she downloaded from the Internet. He warns her to beware of Lexie at the upcoming party. When Bo mentions Belle pressuring Shawn for sex, the two agree to work on expanding their family. Meanwhile, Barb admits to Glen that she wants them to have a baby. When he claims they can't afford it, she decides to blackmail Lexie since she knows about the baby switch. When Jennifer changes her date with Brandon to tonight, Jack invites Greta out at the same time in hopes that Jennifer will cancel to take care of Abby. Greta then lets Harold know the time and place for her date with Jack. Jennifer refuses to babysit and as she gets ready for her date at the Blue Note, Jack prepares to meet Greta at Tuscany. Lexie overhears Brandon making plans and tries to stop him from going out with Jennifer. When that plot doesn't work, she convinces him to come to her party for Hope. Jack visits with Greta as she dresses and announces that he's moving their date to the Blue Note. She panics because she's already told Harold about Tuscany but can't get Jack to change the location. She manages to reach a nervous Harold about the change. When they arrive at the Blue Note, Greta spots Jennifer there with Brandon and is furious, angry enough to walk out on Jack.

Friday, November 2, 2001

Philip finds Chloe at a basketball game sitting with Brady. He angrily accuses Brady of coming on to his girlfriend but Chloe interrupts and reminds him that they are no longer a couple. Philip meekly apologizes for his harsh words and asks Chloe to sit with him during the second half of the game. Also at the game, Belle decides to make Shawn jealous by flirting with Hawk, a muscular basketball player. Confused by her interest in this "buff" guy, Shawn asks what's going on with her. She assures him that she only wants to be with him and asks Shawn if he feels the same. Shawn spots Jan and talks with her. Seeing them, Mimi runs to Belle about Shawn and Jan. Brady warns Shawn that he better not be hurting Belle. While Kevin tries to get Mimi's attention, Susan sees how he's using his muscular body and doesn't like that he's stooping this low. At the Blue Note, Jennifer spots Jack out with Greta and decides to ignore him and concentrate on her date with Brandon. She's surprised to find herself enjoying his company. Meanwhile, Greta realizes she can't walk out on Jack because of Harold. Harold finally arrives and much to Jack's chagrin, Greta invites him to join them.

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