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Monday, July 16, 2001

The Carvers Move Into DiMansion...and are greeted by the staff, Eliana, Rolf, Bart and Cookie. Abe takes one look at the servants and can't handle it and storms off. Lexie hands Isaac off to Eliana and chases after her husband. She tries to convince him to stay. She pleads her case and they return. He gets irked immediately upon returning, thinking that Bart was eavesdropping on them (which he WAS). Rolf introduces the staff, including himself as "Rolf, the major-domo of the estate" and "Bartleby, the butler, chauffeur, assistant chief of protocol and general factotum." The staff all leave Abe and Lexie alone (as Rolf and Bart eavesdrop from the den). They argue again as Abe is ready to storm off again. Lexie convinces him to stay but he says that he is very uncomfortable and unhappy there in Stefano's house, surrounded by his goons. She tries to convince him that it is for Isaac's protection. She promises him that when Stefano returns, they will move back home. Abe still isn't convinced until Lexie begs him and then turns on the tears. He finally caves and says they can stay if it will give her peace of mind. After Abe leaves for work, Rolf and Lexie chat and he informs her that he knows ALL of Stefano's secrets, even the baby problem and assures her that she can trust him. Rolf mentions the possibility of Glen and Barb having a DNA test done on JT and talks frankly about the baby switch. He warns Lexie that Abe should be kept in the dark about all they know. Lexie becomes very uncomfortable and tells him so. He pledges his total dedication and devotion to her as he does her father. If she needs him for anything, he will be there for her. Rolf and Bart talk privately about watching out for her and they discuss what would happen if she knew the whole Stefano switching the babies and why. In the den, Eliana brings Lexie tea and a Danish. Lexie says that she could get used to this life. She takes a look around the den and thinks with a few changes, this could be home.

Meanwhile, Glen and Barb are hard at it...trying to make their own baby. She wants him to forget about his "other" son that they left behind. He starts again about how he is sure that was his son and Barb doesn't want to hear it. He asks her about the other DNA test and she flashes back to throwing it in the trash. She wishes (to herself) that she hadn't done that.

At the Penthouse... Brady and Belle talk about the events of the previous night. Belle asks if Brady has talked to Chloe and he tells her that he tried. Belle tells him about seeing Philip at the pub and how crushed he was over what happened. They talk about how hurt she was and Brady says that she will probably never forgive Philip. Belle says that she saw how much Philip really loves Chloe and Brady asks if Chloe feels the same. He says that Chloe didn't know Philip and isn't sure that she ever did. He says that she is dogmatic and won't forgive him. Belle points out that the situation is a lot like how Brady feels about Marlena. She notes that Chloe and Brady have a LOT in common. Brady asks if Chloe has been talking about him. Well, give Belle the Salem brain today, as she figures out that Brady has a thing for Chloe and calls him on it. He, of course, denies it. He changes the subject and asks her about her summer plans. She tells him about going on the trip and he asks if a certain Shawn Brady has anything to do with her decision. He says that it sounds like love is in the air...but not for Philip...Chloe is going to drop him like a bad habit.

At the Cop Shop... Mimi is being grilled by Roman and the District Attorney. They inform her that they have her fingerprints on the slides and the website is registered in HER name. She becomes hysterical, saying that she was set up. Jan enters with her lawyer, Cameron Reese, and Mimi says "by HER" and points at Jan. Jan says that she is innocent and that Mimi has no proof. Mimi vows that if she is going is Jan. Roman asks if they know just how many laws they violated and informs them that they are in BIG trouble. They proceed to blame each other and the lawyers ask for time alone with their clients. Roman and the DA leave as Jan and Mimi almost get in a catfight. The lawyers break them up and Mimi claims to have a witness who can prove Jan's involvement...Kevin Lambert. Jan finally admits her involvement and claims that she didn't know what they did was a crime. As Roman and the DA return, Mimi throws her hands up, telling them to cuff her and lock her away...that she is a joke anyway. The lawyers leave to talk with the DA and ask Roman to keep an eye on "Thelma & Louise." Roman asks (in his usual manner) "What the HELL were you two thinking?" he tells them that they are in big trouble and it wouldn't hurt to say a little prayer right now. He leaves them alone and they argue. Finally, Jan admits that she doesn't know what to do now. They both admit that they are scared. In the hallway, the DA and the lawyers are arguing. She intends on throwing the book at them and making an example of them.

At the Hospital...Craig has a's Philip, who is seeking his help. He wants to talk about Chloe and what happened. He wants Craig to talk to Chloe for him, but Craig won't do it. Philip explains that he jumped to the wrong conclusion and is very sorry and if he could, he'd take it all back. Craig tells him that he DOES need to talk with Chloe, but not right now. He says she needs time to heal. Philip can't wait though. He gets an idea and hurries off.

At the Wesley House... Mickey Horton shows up. He and Nancy talk about what happened. An upset Chloe comes down as Nancy tries to explain why she called Mickey. But Chloe has no problem with it and is more than happy to cooperate. He informs them that the authorities have two suspects in custody right now...Jan Spears and Mimi Lockhart. He tells them that if the DA doesn't press charges, Chloe can still file a civil suit. She isn't interested in money, she just wants them to be punished for what they did. The doorbell rings and a messenger arrives with a package for Chloe. Nancy gives it to her and she takes it up to her room. Inside, there is one red rose and a videotape, with an unsigned note. She pops in the tape and it's Philip professing his love for her and offering his apology for what he has done. He says that she is probably better off with out him and that she taught him what matters in life, but he is too much of a spoiled rich brat to see those things. He is just happy to have met someone like her. He tells her that if there is anything he could ever do for her he would be honored just to be a friend. The tape ends with him crying and turning off the camera. Nancy's little poodle enters and hops on the bed with Chloe. As she strokes the dog, she says she never even told Philip that she loved him, so why is she missing him so. She says that she knows he loved her...she felt it. A sad-faced Chloe looks on.

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Brandon is still determined to get back at Abe, and he seems to be putting his plan in motion already. He meets Lexie for drinks at the Blue Note, and she informs him that she has moved into her father's mansion. She admits that she is afraid that her marriage may not be strong enough to handle everything that has happened to her family lately. Brandon doesn't think that Glen has any reason to ever set foot in Salem again, but Lexie is afraid that he may have had a DNA test done on J.T. when they were on the run. She knows Glen isn't the brightest person, but she's sure he would easily figure out that the babies had been switched if he got a DNA test back that was positive. She explains that that's the reason she moved into Stefano's mansion- his security system is virtually impenetrable, which is helping her feel safe. Brandon assures Lexie that a lot of time has passed since the last test came back negative; if they haven't heard anything from Barb and Glen by now, it's safe to say that they probably won't. Lexie cheers up a bit when she and Brandon hit the dance floor, and Lexie admits that she can't talk to Abe the way that she talks to Brandon, because she doesn't think she can trust him. The bond between Brandon and Lexie seems to be growing....

Barb is still curious about the lab letter, and decides to check it out. Unfortunately, it seems that Glen has already taken out the trash for the day. Barb searches the dumpster for the letter, and when she finds it, she's shocked to learn that the results match. She is confused at first, but starts to piece together the clues when she remembers that Hope's child has FAS. She realizes that Marlo DID have Glen's child, but that the Brady's have him, not the Carver's. Glen sees the envelope and asks Barb what she is looking at, but Barb says it's just junk mail. She changes the subject, saying that she thinks she may be pregnant, but the two get onto the subject of Marlo and Barb tells Glen that she has something that she has to tell him about.

Jen stops by Hope's place, and Hope and Shawn fill her in on the events that took place at the dance. Hope is sure that the fallout from the scandal is far from over. Shawn admits that he wouldn't be surprised if Chloe transferred to another school next year, and Jen worries about how Abby may be hurt one day like Chloe was. She then gets to the real reason she stopped by- she wants to talk to Hope about Alice's ruby. Hope is shocked to learn that the ruby is a fake, and Shawn is immediately intrigued and wants to track down the real ruby for his great-grandmother. Hope decides to talk to Bo about the ruby later, and Hope asks Jen to tell her how living with Jack is working out. Jen admits that he's acting like the perfect gentleman now, which shocks Hope. Jen clarifies, saying she just didn't expect him to act the way he has been acting. Hope thinks that it's harder to remember the bad stuff when she is living with him and constantly being reminded of the bad stuff; she thinks Jen is starting to remember why she fell in love with him in the first place. Jen admits that that can't be the case, because she can't stop thinking about Colin. Hope tells her that Colin was just a fantasy, and that she should give Jack another chance. Upstairs, Shawn talks to J.T. about girls and thinks about his date with Belle. He tells J.T. that he had a great time with Belle, and that she looked beautiful. Shawn reaches for something on his dresser, but knocks over the mysterious canister in the process. J.T. starts to cry as a blue fog rises from the canister.

Brady runs into Philip at Salem Place, where Philip apologizes to Brady for not trusting him. He tells Brady that he hasn't seen Chloe yet, but he did send her a video tape of him apologizing for not supporting her. Brady suggests that maybe there isn't anything to apologize for- maybe their relationship was just meant to end. Philip disagrees, and says that he had to let her know that he was wrong; even if she never talks to him again, he wants her to know he's sorry. Philip really hopes that they can at least be friends, but when Brady tries to assure him that there will be other girls, Philip insists that there will never be another girl for him. Brady doesn't buy it, but Philip is certain that he'll never love anyone the way he loves Chloe. Brady tells him to make a decision once and for all to get over her and focus on getting his life back on track. Philip agrees that Brady may be right.

Belle stops by Chloe's house to comfort her, and apologizes for Mimi's actions. Chloe tells her it wasn't her fault, and says Mimi and Jan are going to pay severely for humiliating her. She explains that she has already been contacted by a prosecuting attorney, and Mimi and Jan may get sent to jail for what they did. Chloe tells her that prison time isn't the fate she is hoping for- she wants Mimi and Jan to suffer public humiliation, just like Chloe did. Belle asks her what she has planned, but Chloe refuses to tell. She changes the subject, and after Belle assures her that she can trust Belle, Chloe shows her a rose that Philip sent her. Belle warns Chloe not to fall for his attempts to win her back, but Chloe tells her that there's more, and shows her the video. She tells Belle that she is the only person Chloe would ever be comfortable showing the tape to, and asks her to watch it. After it's over, Belle asks Chloe to think about how she felt when she watched the video. Chloe admits that she felt loved, and Belle says that Philip made a mistake, and she has to decide whether she wants to give up on him or not. Belle also admits that Chloe was being a little bit suspicious about her summer plans for making money, and that that made even Shawn a bit suspicious at first when the pictures were revealed. Belle tells Chloe that she thinks that Philip was being sincere on the tape, and that Chloe should give him a second chance. She asks Chloe if she honestly thinks that she'll ever be able to forgive Philip.

Cameron Reese interrogates Mimi and Jan, and tells them that their hatred for Chloe may result in a prison term for both of them. Mimi and Jan fight about who is to blame for the scandal, but Cameron quickly puts them in their place and tells them they need to convince Chloe to put in a good word for them. Cameron tells them that they are facing serious charges, and having Chloe on their side would really help, but they are convinced that that scenario is impossible. Cameron tells them they could face 15 years in prison, or simply get put on probation because of their ages. She thinks that the fact that they admitted to their crimes, along with their ages and the fact that this is their first offense, could rule out the maximum sentence even without Chloe's help- but they may still have to go to jail for a few years. Cameron explains what will happen in court, but Jan is still unconcerned about the situation. Cameron warns her that she can't be cocky about this- the courts are determined to crack down on people like Mimi and Jan so that they don't turn into the next high-school murderers. The D.A., Shayna, stops by and suggests that she and Cameron work out a deal right away. Cameron agrees, thinking that Shayna is thinking of probation, but Shayna tells her that she is going to fight to get Mimi and Jan thrown in jail. Cameron refuses to agree, and promises Mimi and Jan that she will do everything she can to keep them from getting prison time. The seriousness of their actions finally starts to set in on Jan, as she and Mimi realize that there is a good chance that they may soon be in prison.

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Inside the diner, Kate comments that Columbo is back (Roman) and Faye goes to fill their coffee cups and take Abe and Roman's order. She informs them that Chicken Fried Steak (Abe's favorite Blue Plate Special) is on the menu for the day. Roman's beeper goes off and he forgot his cell in the car, so he orders the special and heads outside. Fayetakes the opportunity to sit with Abe and get caught up. She can tell he's unhappy. We come back to learn he's told her about moving into the DiMera mansion and Fay's surprised Lexie made him do it if it makes him that uncomfortable. She asks if he and Lexie aren't getting along.

Philip tells himself he needs his mother's help. He goes in the diner and asks Kate if she can take a break from flippin' burgers to talk to him and she tells him she's busy if he continues that attitude. He apologizes and she tells the owner she's taking a break and her tables are all served. He tells her to make it quick as he's not running a waitress country club.. She and Philip head outside. He tells her that her dress almost falling off at the dance didn't compare to what awful thing he did and tells her about it. We come back to Roman saying hi to them as he walks back into the diner. Philip asks his mother what he should do. He knows he's older and more independent, but would like to have her living in the same home with him. Kate gives him a reality check and tells him she's fortunate that the other waitress lets her sleep in her spare bedroom. Philip is disgusted with Kate's life right now and vows to talk to his father about this and leaves (as Kate smiles).

Meanwhile, while Abe and Fayechat, Abe's wife is dancing with Fay's son at the Blue Note. She moans to Brandon about how much she loves her son with all her heart and vows no one else will ever know the real truth. She goes on about how she trusts Brandon more than her husband and he asks how she can do that. She goes on about how much she loves Abe and what a good, decent man he is. Brandon bites his tongue about that. Lexie reminds him that when Brandon was young, Abe wasn't married and his mother was lonely with his father in prison. He asks how she knew his father was in prison. We come back to her having checked on Isaac as they continue their conversation. She tries to convince him that it was understandable that his mom might have leaned on Abe, but he insinuates that Abe took advantage of his mom and left her. She defends Abe, but states it is ancient history. Brandon tells Lexie that his father knew that his mother was seeing Abe and beat up on his mother and him. He didn't beat up on Nicole, but made her do things. Lexie asks what things, but Brandon doesn't say. She said friends tell other friends everything. He asks if she's really his friend being he knows about Hope's baby and then warns her that Abe is not the person he pretends to be.

Meanwhile, a man meets with his probation officer (we know it's Brandon's father). He's been in town a week and gets a lecture about reporting late. The probation officer knows Paul's wife (and kids) use his wife's maiden name, Walker, and probably won't take him back in. Paul tells the officer he's going to do it "right" this time around.

Glen asks Barb what she wants to tell him and asks if it's about the baby, being she thought she was pregnant. He gets turned on again and she asks how it was with Marlo. He said Marlo was wild and it was fun for a while, but the booze and drugs took over and wished he could have helped her with that. She asks if he did really have a baby with Marlo, would it be that important to raise that kid. Glen says yes, but why is she asking that now? She shuns it off and heads out to get her leopard nightie he likes so much out of the dryer and suggests he put on that cologne she loves. She goes out to the trash bin and throws the lab test in the garbage.

Victor holds Philip's picture, knowing what Kate's little scheme was all about at the last Blast. He calls a business acquaintance asking if he knows the owner to the Hudson Street Diner and asks he have Kate fired. Philip arrives and asks to talk with him. He tells Victor about Mimi and Jan setting Chloe up and he was wrong. Victor figures Chloe probably won't forgive him and to cut his losses and move on. He tells his dad he needs to get away for a while and maybe the environmental school trip would be a good idea. Naturally Victor is for the idea being Chloe won't be on it, but Philip won't do it until his mother is taken better care of, NOW. Victor agrees to help Kate if Philip agrees to stay away from Chloe. Deal. Philip leaves and Victor calls Kate congratulating her for winning this round. She doesn't even pretend to be surprised and agrees to meet him in his office at 5:00 p.m. He figures Kate is in for a rude awakening and Philip will have to live with it. Outside Philip wonders how he'll get through the whole summer without seeing Chloe.

Back at the diner, Roman and Kate banter while Abe and Fayetalk quietly at his table. He lets her know he'll be there for her if she needs him. He knows Paul's getting out of prison. She figures she'll be one of the targets of Paul's rage. He offers to help her, but she tells him that's the way it started last time and look what happened. She wishes Brandon would understand Abe helped her though a bad time and Abe asks if that was all it was and why did SHE push HIM away and end it? She tells him his coffee is getting cold and walks away.

The manager has some bad news for Kate: she's fired. She demands an explanation, but he won't tell her why. Fayeturns and then sees Paul walk in the diner. She panics and says OH NO.

Belle continues pleading with Chloe to take Philip back. His apology won Belle over, but Chloe is still upset Philip wasn't there for her when they showed those slides. How could he love her after what he did (or didn't) do. Belle saw Philip's eyes on the tape and feels he does love Chloe and urges Chloe not to throw his love away. Chloe said she didn't, Philip did.

A replay of Shawn dropping the can and the blue smoke coming out. He grabs JT and dashes him out of the room, then returns by himself, opening the window to clear the smoke and picks up the can. He opens it and another can falls out with the message "Did it get you dizzy, Desi" on it. He figures it had a chemical that turned into smoke when it hit the air in it and calls someone saying it's an emergency and he has to see them right away. Big surprise, he shows up at Chloe's where Belle is and tells them about what happened. Belle laughs off what he tells them and asks if a blue genie popped out singing and dancing and what sex it was. She and Chloe giggle at that. He pulls the cans out of his backpack and Chloe reads it and Shawn asks for a can opener to open the other can with. Belle tells him to take the can to his father, but Shawn feels it's a message from the past and his destiny to open it. Belle comments about here we come merchant marines, ships ahoy.

Chloe answers the door to find Shana Lawson, Asst. DA. She asks Chloe how she wants to proceed as Nancy said it was up to Chloe. Chloe asks if Shawn and Belle sit in on their talk and Shana agrees. The DA tells them the maximum sentence for putting nude pictures of minors on a website is 15 years and Belle pleads with Chloe not to do that to Mimi. Chloe insists they need to be punished though. The DA said the settlement also includes any money made off the website, which is $27,000 as of now. The DA said the site was just a teaser and no one saw her face, but Chloe knows every student at Salem High does now though. Chloe said if the girls don't go to prison, she wants them to be humiliated 10x worse than she was! She wants to use them as an example of what can happen if you harass others, no matter what the reason. Belle agrees, other kids get harassed for the wrong hairstyle or dress size. The DA has an idea of what to do.

While Shana and Chloe talk privately, Belle suggests to Shawn that they need to get Chloe on the summer trip to help get her mind off what happened. Chloe and Shana come out of the living room and all the DA says short of jail time, this is a severe punishment. Belle asks what they decided on.

Thursday, July 19, 2001

Chloe tells Shawn and Belle that Jan and Mimi will learn their fate when they appear before the judge, but refuses to tell them what their fate actually is. She does, however, tell them that it's worse than prison time, and that her suggested sentence will set an example for the kids at Salem High. Belle suggests that Chloe forgive Philip, but Chloe insists that it is over for good between them. Chloe asks Belle and Shawn if they had a good time on their date, and Shawn tells Chloe and Belle about Alice's missing ruby. They agree to help him, and Chloe brings his attention back to the canister. Shawn is sure that there is something inside of the canister-within-the-canister, and Chloe suggests that the phrase on the can- "Did it get you dizzy, Desi?"- is a clue to what's inside. Belle asks Shawn to get her dad to open the can if he really wants it opened, but Chloe is sick of waiting and decides to open the can herself. She takes it into the kitchen to get a can opener, and soon Belle and Shawn hear her scream.

Jen and Hope shop in Salem Place, and pass by the jeweler's window. As they check out a huge diamond ring, Hope suggests that Jen may be wearing one soon, but Jen insists that she plans to remain single for a while. Hope asks Jen if it would bother her if Jack became interested in Greta. She insists that it wouldn't, and that she is satisfied with single life at the moment.

Jack and Greta are also in Salem Place, and their bond seems to be strengthening until Jack tells her that in order to be friends, they will need to set a few ground rules. It turns out to be another Jack joke, and he soon gets back onto the subject of jobs. He still wants Greta's help looking for one, and later, as they look through the "Help Wanted" section of the newspaper, Jen and Hope spot them. Much to Jen's disappointment, they seem to be having a wonderful time together, and although she tries to deny it, Hope can tell that it bothers her. Jack and Greta head over to say hello to Jen and Hope, but Hope and Jack quickly leave to pick up their respective children. Greta suggests that she and Jen take the opportunity to have that talk that they have been planning to have, but Jen makes up an excuse and leaves abruptly. Greta wonders if there is really more love between Jen and Jack than they are willing to admit.

Sami and Austin head over to the diner with Will, despite Sami's disapproval of the visit. He begs her to give the idea a chance, but she thinks it will be a total disaster. Austin insists that she will be nice around Will, and Sami agrees to go along with it for Will's sake. Roman and Kate are both pleased to see Will, but Kate isn't exactly pleased to see Sami. She yells at Austin for still socializing with Sami even after Sami spat in his mother's face, but Austin defends Sami. Later, Sami and Austin get onto the subject of marriage, and Sami tells Austin that if he isn't going to be willing to commit to her and Will, then he needs to tell her so they can move on. He tells her he's not putting them behind Kate on his list of priorities- he just thinks Kate needs a lot of support right now. Sami agrees to back down, and they leave the diner. Outside, Austin tells her that he is falling in love with her more and more every day. Sami is touched.

Nicole walks into Victor's office, seeming very happy. Victor reminds her to knock before walking into his office, but then tells her the good news about Kate being fired. Nicole tries to give him advice, but Victor keeps cutting her off, telling her that he doesn't need to have some woman he is involved with telling him how to run his life. She apologizes, and Victor asks her what she really came in to speak to him about. After some persistence on Victor's part, Nicole admits that she wanted to talk to Victor about her father. She tells him that Paul has been out of prison for a week, and she is terrified that he will call her. Victor thinks that she is afraid of what he may do to her, but she tells him she is really afraid that she may be willing to help him. She admits that she still loves him, even after everything that he has put her through. Victor tells her that she has to realize that she has the strength to stand up to him, and tells her to stop thinking that she needs to protect Paul in some way. She knows that he is right, and tells him that she will try her best to blow Paul off if he tries to contact her. Victor tells her that if Paul isn't willing to take no for an answer, she should tell Victor and he will deal with Paul. Outside, however, Nicole worries that something may be wrong with Paul, since he hasn't tried to call her since being released from prison.

Paul walks into the diner, which terrifies Fay. She leaves abruptly, telling her boss that she is sick. Kate begins to leave, as well, but Mr. Burke tells her that he has changed his mind and wants her back. She agrees to come back if he gives her a fifty-cent raise, and he reluctantly agrees. As he heads back to his office, she hears him mention something about never letting a business-man boss him around again, and realizes that Victor was the one who caused her to get fired. Roman and Abe wonder what's going on with Kate and Fay, and Abe heads out to check on Fay. Roman tries to get information out of Kate, but she refuses to tell him anything about being fired. Later, when Roman asks Abe about Fay, Abe gets very defensive, telling him to date her if he's so interested in her life. Kate calls Victor to inform him that his plan to have her fired didn't work, and Victor vows to get rid of her soon.

Outside the diner, Fayeremembers a brutal night with Paul. Abe comes to check on her, but she refuses to tell him anything because she thinks it will hurt him. After talking to him about their past for a few minutes, she tells him that the only reason she stopped seeing Abe was to protect him from Paul's jealousy. She tells Abe that he showed her what it meant to be loved, and for that she will always be grateful. He tries to talk with her further, but she insists that she has to go and drives off. When she gets home, Paul is waiting for her in her house and gives her a kiss. She demands that he leave, but he refuses to. He apologizes to her for everything he has done and begs her to take him back.

Friday, July 20, 2001

Kate arrives for her meeting with Victor in her waitress uniform, and she and Nicole trade insults in the hallway. She shows herself into Victor's office to find Philip there as well. Victor tells him to leave, but he refuses, vowing to stay and protect his mom. Kate thanks him and says that she "doesn't deserve a son as good as him." Victor asks for her list of demands. Philip jumps in, saying she needs a home, new car with insurance paid, a new job... Kate jumps in, saying she needs health insurance too. Philip wonders why she needs insurance and fears she is sick. But she assures him it's just in case something should happen. Victor tells her she will get an allowance. Kate thanks Philip for wanting to protect her but says she can handle herself and asks him to leave. In the hallway, Nicole questions him as to what Kate's up to. Philip informs her that his "mom isn't up to anything." It's killing Nicole because she doesn't know what is going on in there. Kate tells Victor to "show me the money" as she sits down on his desk. He writes a figure down and hands it to her. She tosses it aside, calling him a "cheapskate," but says she will take it "for now." She also wants some spending cash and manages to get $5,000 out of him. On her way out, she bumps into Nicole and remarks, "Oh, cookie, you look worried, as well you should be"

Nicole and Brandon are in her office. She called him to tell him about their dad being released. Brandon blows his top as Nicole tries to calm him down. She asks him to give their dad a chance but he refuses. He thinks that their mom should be warned and goes to call her, but Nicole gets an important call and he has to wait. When she finishes, he calls Faye's house, but gets the answering machine. We see a trail of clothes leading to Faye's bedroom as Brandon leaves her a message about Paul being out of jail. Nicole returns from her confrontation with Kate in the hall and Brandon tells her that he has to get back to work. Nicole again insists Brandon leave their dad alone. Brandon calls him a sociopath and warns that he had better stay away from their mom. Nicole says that Brandon is just "a little boy who wants his mommy all for himself." He loses it and grabs Nicole and shakes her. He stops himself and storms off as Nicole says that he is "just a chip off the old block."

Paul wants Faye to tell him that she still loves him, but she pushes him away, repeatedly. He promises that he is a changed man and professes his love for her saying he was just jealous before, but it's different now. Faye declares that she NEVER slept with Abe so Paul had no reason to be jealous and tells Paul to leave. He asks for a second chance and starts kissing on her, then undressing her as tears roll down her cheeks. Later as she is picking up her trail of clothes, calling herself stupid, Paul comes out and she tells him that should have never happened and that she isn't going back to that life. He talks about the good old days and how they would lie on a blanket and look at the stars on the empty lot next door. She tells him that things change and there is a house there now. He gets upset over that as he has a flashback of him and another prisoner. They are talking about a treasure and the other guy calls him "Desi." They hear keys and Faye tells him about Kate. He leaves saying he's going to meet the new neighbors. Faye explains about Paul to Kate, and Kate informs Faye she is moving out. Faye begs her not to go, but Kate tells her that she had her share of bad men, and she can't save Faye. She gives Faye some money for letting her stay, and while she goes to get her stuff, Faye says that she must get rid of him before Brandon finds out.

Mimi leaves the house, and Mrs. Lockhart asks where she's going. Mimi tells her not to worry she'll be back just lock the door. Paul shows up and introduces himself to Maureen. They chat a bit and he says he has something really strange to ask her. He had buried something under the bushes in their yard years ago. He tells her it has sentimental value and wanted to return it to his wife. She asks him if it was a can and tells him about her daughter and friends finding it. She promises to ask Mimi about it. As Paul walks away he says he's not going to let some kids have his treasure.

Mimi runs into Philip and apologizes and says that she wishes she could take it all back. He can't understand how she got sucked into this by Jan in the first place. She tells him that she wanted to stop it but it was too late and she was just too weak. She tells him about the possibility of going to prison and how it's all up to Chloe. She leaves and when she gets home, her mom tells her that the lawyer called and that the DA isn't pressing for jail time. They are both excited about this and then Maureen tells her about Faye's husband and questions her about the can. She tells her that Shawn has it. Chloe goes to open the can and starts to scream. Shawn and Belle rush into the kitchen but she was only "trying to add drama to the opening of the can." She already has it open and pulls out a wad of cotton. Wrapped inside the cotton is a key. Shawn recognizes it as a key to a locker from the train station. He says that he and Belle used to go on train trips with their folks to Chicago and that they used to play with these keys. They decide to visit the train station. They get there and look for the locker. Chloe says that there might be something in the locker meant for Desi, as Belle says the only "Desi" she ever knew was always yelling at Lucy for spending too much money. Shawn asks if he is dead, and Chloe says that "he will live forever in reruns." They find the right locker and Chloe wants to open it, but Belle won't let her. Shawn teases Belle and she takes the key. She tries to stall as they urge her to open it. She finally opens it and a rubber clown's mask pops out cackling. Belle jumps backward into Shawn's arms. Shawn and Chloe joke as he pulls out a big envelope with some kind of diagram inside. Also inside are pictures of different pieces of jewelry. As they look through them, Shawn recognizes his grandmother's ruby necklace. They all look at each other and realize that it all must be stolen jewelry.

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