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Monday, July 16, 2001

The Carvers Move Into DiMansion...and are greeted by the staff, Eliana, Rolf, Bart and Cookie. Abe takes one look at the servants and can't handle it and storms off. Lexie hands Isaac off to Eliana and chases after her husband. She tries to convince him to stay. She pleads her case and they return. He gets irked immediately upon returning, thinking that Bart was eavesdropping on them (which he WAS). Rolf introduces the staff, including himself as "Rolf, the major-domo of the estate" and "Bartleby, the butler, chauffeur, assistant chief of protocol and general factotum." The staff all leave Abe and Lexie alone (as Rolf and Bart eavesdrop from the den). They argue again as Abe is ready to storm off again. Lexie convinces him to stay but he says that he is very uncomfortable and unhappy there in Stefano's house, surrounded by his goons. She tries to convince him that it is for Isaac's protection. She promises him that when Stefano returns, they will move back home. Abe still isn't convinced until Lexie begs him and then turns on the tears. He finally caves and says they can stay if it will give her peace of mind. After Abe leaves for work, Rolf and Lexie chat and he informs her that he knows ALL of Stefano's secrets, even the baby problem and assures her that she can trust him. Rolf mentions the possibility of Glen and Barb having a DNA test done on JT and talks frankly about the baby switch. He warns Lexie that Abe should be kept in the dark about all they know. Lexie becomes very uncomfortable and tells him so. He pledges his total dedication and devotion to her as he does her father. If she needs him for anything, he will be there for her. Rolf and Bart talk privately about watching out for her and they discuss what would happen if she knew the whole Stefano switching the babies and why. In the den, Eliana brings Lexie tea and a Danish. Lexie says that she could get used to this life. She takes a look around the den and thinks with a few changes, this could be home.

Meanwhile, Glen and Barb are hard at it...trying to make their own baby. She wants him to forget about his "other" son that they left behind. He starts again about how he is sure that was his son and Barb doesn't want to hear it. He asks her about the other DNA test and she flashes back to throwing it in the trash. She wishes (to herself) that she hadn't done that.

At the Penthouse... Brady and Belle talk about the events of the previous night. Belle asks if Brady has talked to Chloe and he tells her that he tried. Belle tells him about seeing Philip at the pub and how crushed he was over what happened. They talk about how hurt she was and Brady says that she will probably never forgive Philip. Belle says that she saw how much Philip really loves Chloe and Brady asks if Chloe feels the same. He says that Chloe didn't know Philip and isn't sure that she ever did. He says that she is dogmatic and won't forgive him. Belle points out that the situation is a lot like how Brady feels about Marlena. She notes that Chloe and Brady have a LOT in common. Brady asks if Chloe has been talking about him. Well, give Belle the Salem brain today, as she figures out that Brady has a thing for Chloe and calls him on it. He, of course, denies it. He changes the subject and asks her about her summer plans. She tells him about going on the trip and he asks if a certain Shawn Brady has anything to do with her decision. He says that it sounds like love is in the air...but not for Philip...Chloe is going to drop him like a bad habit.

At the Cop Shop... Mimi is being grilled by Roman and the District Attorney. They inform her that they have her fingerprints on the slides and the website is registered in HER name. She becomes hysterical, saying that she was set up. Jan enters with her lawyer, Cameron Reese, and Mimi says "by HER" and points at Jan. Jan says that she is innocent and that Mimi has no proof. Mimi vows that if she is going is Jan. Roman asks if they know just how many laws they violated and informs them that they are in BIG trouble. They proceed to blame each other and the lawyers ask for time alone with their clients. Roman and the DA leave as Jan and Mimi almost get in a catfight. The lawyers break them up and Mimi claims to have a witness who can prove Jan's involvement...Kevin Lambert. Jan finally admits her involvement and claims that she didn't know what they did was a crime. As Roman and the DA return, Mimi throws her hands up, telling them to cuff her and lock her away...that she is a joke anyway. The lawyers leave to talk with the DA and ask Roman to keep an eye on "Thelma & Louise." Roman asks (in his usual manner) "What the HELL were you two thinking?" he tells them that they are in big trouble and it wouldn't hurt to say a little prayer right now. He leaves them alone and they argue. Finally, Jan admits that she doesn't know what to do now. They both admit that they are scared. In the hallway, the DA and the lawyers are arguing. She intends on throwing the book at them and making an example of them.

At the Hospital...Craig has a's Philip, who is seeking his help. He wants to talk about Chloe and what happened. He wants Craig to talk to Chloe for him, but Craig won't do it. Philip explains that he jumped to the wrong conclusion and is very sorry and if he could, he'd take it all back. Craig tells him that he DOES need to talk with Chloe, but not right now. He says she needs time to heal. Philip can't wait though. He gets an idea and hurries off.

At the Wesley House... Mickey Horton shows up. He and Nancy talk about what happened. An upset Chloe comes down as Nancy tries to explain why she called Mickey. But Chloe has no problem with it and is more than happy to cooperate. He informs them that the authorities have two suspects in custody right now...Jan Spears and Mimi Lockhart. He tells them that if the DA doesn't press charges, Chloe can still file a civil suit. She isn't interested in money, she just wants them to be punished for what they did. The doorbell rings and a messenger arrives with a package for Chloe. Nancy gives it to her and she takes it up to her room. Inside, there is one red rose and a videotape, with an unsigned note. She pops in the tape and it's Philip professing his love for her and offering his apology for what he has done. He says that she is probably better off with out him and that she taught him what matters in life, but he is too much of a spoiled rich brat to see those things. He is just happy to have met someone like her. He tells her that if there is anything he could ever do for her he would be honored just to be a friend. The tape ends with him crying and turning off the camera. Nancy's little poodle enters and hops on the bed with Chloe. As she strokes the dog, she says she never even told Philip that she loved him, so why is she missing him so. She says that she knows he loved her...she felt it. A sad-faced Chloe looks on.