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Monday, April 2, 2001

Brady and Chloe argue in Salem Place. She congratulates him on his actions and talks about what a manipulator he is, especially with Dr. Evans. They argue over who is the worst brat. He calls her humorless, boring, untalented and not so attractive. They continue to argue and trade insults and she insinuates that when he got shot, he got what he deserved for hounding Dr. Evans. He gives her the poor me story about how he was mistreated by Marlena when he was raised. She doesn't buy it and says something about him pouring out his sad little heart to someone who was given up at birth and raised in foster homes. He tells her to go away and leave him alone. He hobbles off, but she follows snipping at him like a little dog after the mailman. He calls Philip a fool and says that she has no friends...or a soul. She calls him a sickening broken record. He insists that he is only trying to help her, but she wants none of his help.

He tells her that she needs to forget her pettiness and hurt feelings and listen to his advice. He also tells her that she may try to deny it, but they are cut from the same cloth and are a lot alike. Together, they just show the world. They talk about when they first met (pier flashbacks). She admits that when she met him, she saw a piece of herself in him. He tells her that he wants to teach her and that all she has to do is listen to him and she will be a star.

Belle and Mimi are at dotCOM as Belle berates her for spending time with Jan, the bad seed. Mimi gets upset because Belle always takes Chloe's side and warns Belle, that Chloe may dump Philip and go after Shawn next. Belle tries to act unconcerned, insisting that she and Shawn are just friends. Belle denies her feelings for Shawn, so Mimi says if she doesn't want him, she may go after him herself. Shawn comes in pushing JT in his carriage. His friends give him a hard time and all the girls all gush over little JT. Jan comes in and motions Mimi over as Shawn and Belle wonder what they are up to now. Jan tells her that it is time to put "Operation Opera Girl" into motion. Mimi is more interested in Shawn and Jan tells her to forget about him. (She calls Shawn and Belle, Ken and Barbie - complete with a little junior).

Mimi has flashbacks of Shawn kissing her in Paris but Jan snaps her back with an envelope of pictures of a fellow student (Susan Adamson). They look at them and laugh and make cracks about her weight (apparently she is heavy). Mimi has second thoughts about the plan, but Jan reminds her of all the things Chloe has done to them. Mimi is afraid they will get caught and expelled, but Jan assures her they WON'T get caught and if Chloe accuses them, no one will believe her. Jan informs Mimi that their plan hinges on Kevin Lambert. She says that she almost has him under her spell and that he is going to help them set Chloe up.

Shawn and Belle are playing with JT as Belle tells him he is lucky to have Shawn as a brother. As they listen to music (Mozart), Belle tells Shawn that he will be a good father someday. Shawn informs her that he wants to travel and see the world first (like his dad did) which doesn't sit too well with Belle. She says she would like to do that too, but with the right person and that Salem will ALWAYS be her home. Belle goes to get them drinks and when she returns, Shawn and JT are playing a video game (cute). They talk some more and Belle turns to JT for advice and notices something is wrong with him (we don't see.)

Lexie spots Glen and Barb at the police station. She grabs Isaac and runs, leaving Abe to deal with it. Bo comes in and asks Abe if he knows them. Glen and Barb chatters on about their visit to GML as they all go into Abe's office.. Bo updates Abe on their statement and as Barb talks, Bo puts 2 and 2 together and figures out that the baby is Isaac and that Lexie tried to discourage them from coming to Salem. Glen insists that he won't stop searching until he finds the baby. As Glen tries to explain about Marlo's drinking and drug problem, Barb keeps interjecting her little snips about her. Bo gives Abe an all-knowing look. He asks them, if they find the baby what do they intend to do...fight for custody? But Glen assures him that he just wants to make sure he is okay and loved. Bo tries to warn Glen that his child could have a health problem, such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and require special needs like his own son. Bo and Abe step out as Barb tries to convince Glen to leave. Bo tries to talk Abe into telling them the truth, but Abe refuses to betray Lexie's trust.

Lexie and Hope arrive back at the Carver house and she puts Isaac to bed. Lexie is upset and afraid of losing Isaac as Hope tries to reason with her. She is sure that Abe "Mr. By the Book" will spill the beans. Hope tries to help a distraught Lexie and assure her that they won't lose Isaac. Lexie points out the Baby Jessica case and how the adoptive parents lost her to her birth parents. Lexie is freaking out and Hope tries to calm her down. Lexie refuses to put her faith in the courts and says that she will break the law if necessary. Hope can't believe what she is hearing, but Lexie says she refuses to give him up. Hope vows to help her however she can as Lexie thanks her and cries on her shoulder. Lexie wants to see her father for help. Hope tries to talk her out of it, but Lexie insists that it is the right thing to do and for Hope to trust her. Hope looks skeptical, but tells Lexie if that's what she feels is best; she's behind her. Lexie goes to call her mother to babysit. Hope leaves and gets a call on her cell phone. It's Shawn, telling her JT is having trouble breathing again. She asks where he is and when he tells her dotCom, tells him to go to the hospital and she'll meet him there.