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Monday, April 2, 2001

Brady and Chloe argue in Salem Place. She congratulates him on his actions and talks about what a manipulator he is, especially with Dr. Evans. They argue over who is the worst brat. He calls her humorless, boring, untalented and not so attractive. They continue to argue and trade insults and she insinuates that when he got shot, he got what he deserved for hounding Dr. Evans. He gives her the poor me story about how he was mistreated by Marlena when he was raised. She doesn't buy it and says something about him pouring out his sad little heart to someone who was given up at birth and raised in foster homes. He tells her to go away and leave him alone. He hobbles off, but she follows snipping at him like a little dog after the mailman. He calls Philip a fool and says that she has no friends...or a soul. She calls him a sickening broken record. He insists that he is only trying to help her, but she wants none of his help.

He tells her that she needs to forget her pettiness and hurt feelings and listen to his advice. He also tells her that she may try to deny it, but they are cut from the same cloth and are a lot alike. Together, they just show the world. They talk about when they first met (pier flashbacks). She admits that when she met him, she saw a piece of herself in him. He tells her that he wants to teach her and that all she has to do is listen to him and she will be a star.

Belle and Mimi are at dotCOM as Belle berates her for spending time with Jan, the bad seed. Mimi gets upset because Belle always takes Chloe's side and warns Belle, that Chloe may dump Philip and go after Shawn next. Belle tries to act unconcerned, insisting that she and Shawn are just friends. Belle denies her feelings for Shawn, so Mimi says if she doesn't want him, she may go after him herself. Shawn comes in pushing JT in his carriage. His friends give him a hard time and all the girls all gush over little JT. Jan comes in and motions Mimi over as Shawn and Belle wonder what they are up to now. Jan tells her that it is time to put "Operation Opera Girl" into motion. Mimi is more interested in Shawn and Jan tells her to forget about him. (She calls Shawn and Belle, Ken and Barbie - complete with a little junior).

Mimi has flashbacks of Shawn kissing her in Paris but Jan snaps her back with an envelope of pictures of a fellow student (Susan Adamson). They look at them and laugh and make cracks about her weight (apparently she is heavy). Mimi has second thoughts about the plan, but Jan reminds her of all the things Chloe has done to them. Mimi is afraid they will get caught and expelled, but Jan assures her they WON'T get caught and if Chloe accuses them, no one will believe her. Jan informs Mimi that their plan hinges on Kevin Lambert. She says that she almost has him under her spell and that he is going to help them set Chloe up.

Shawn and Belle are playing with JT as Belle tells him he is lucky to have Shawn as a brother. As they listen to music (Mozart), Belle tells Shawn that he will be a good father someday. Shawn informs her that he wants to travel and see the world first (like his dad did) which doesn't sit too well with Belle. She says she would like to do that too, but with the right person and that Salem will ALWAYS be her home. Belle goes to get them drinks and when she returns, Shawn and JT are playing a video game (cute). They talk some more and Belle turns to JT for advice and notices something is wrong with him (we don't see.)

Lexie spots Glen and Barb at the police station. She grabs Isaac and runs, leaving Abe to deal with it. Bo comes in and asks Abe if he knows them. Glen and Barb chatters on about their visit to GML as they all go into Abe's office.. Bo updates Abe on their statement and as Barb talks, Bo puts 2 and 2 together and figures out that the baby is Isaac and that Lexie tried to discourage them from coming to Salem. Glen insists that he won't stop searching until he finds the baby. As Glen tries to explain about Marlo's drinking and drug problem, Barb keeps interjecting her little snips about her. Bo gives Abe an all-knowing look. He asks them, if they find the baby what do they intend to do...fight for custody? But Glen assures him that he just wants to make sure he is okay and loved. Bo tries to warn Glen that his child could have a health problem, such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and require special needs like his own son. Bo and Abe step out as Barb tries to convince Glen to leave. Bo tries to talk Abe into telling them the truth, but Abe refuses to betray Lexie's trust.

Lexie and Hope arrive back at the Carver house and she puts Isaac to bed. Lexie is upset and afraid of losing Isaac as Hope tries to reason with her. She is sure that Abe "Mr. By the Book" will spill the beans. Hope tries to help a distraught Lexie and assure her that they won't lose Isaac. Lexie points out the Baby Jessica case and how the adoptive parents lost her to her birth parents. Lexie is freaking out and Hope tries to calm her down. Lexie refuses to put her faith in the courts and says that she will break the law if necessary. Hope can't believe what she is hearing, but Lexie says she refuses to give him up. Hope vows to help her however she can as Lexie thanks her and cries on her shoulder. Lexie wants to see her father for help. Hope tries to talk her out of it, but Lexie insists that it is the right thing to do and for Hope to trust her. Hope looks skeptical, but tells Lexie if that's what she feels is best; she's behind her. Lexie goes to call her mother to babysit. Hope leaves and gets a call on her cell phone. It's Shawn, telling her JT is having trouble breathing again. She asks where he is and when he tells her dotCom, tells him to go to the hospital and she'll meet him there.

Tuesday, April 3, 2001

Chloe overhears Brady chat with his attorney about his case and Abe's admission of guilt. He's told it's an open and shut case as far as she's concerned. Brady goes on and on about how much he hates Marlena. Philip finds her listening and admits that he's jealous when he sees her with Brady. She doesn't like it and hints that they might be better off being friends if he can't control his jealousy. Brady spots them together. Greta bumps into Jack and the two exchange words about his efforts to be with Abby and her desire for Austin. Jennifer finds Abby and Alice pushing her to live with Jack for the sake of Abby. Jack arrives and talks Jennifer into going to see two houses a realtor has picked out for them. Warned that it's unlikely he'll ever come out of his coma, Kate rushes to her son's hospital bed and talks about his childhood and a special memory. Philip lets slip in front of Sami and Austin that Kate "almost" got his father killed. They remind him that Victor is dead and he claims he is too distracted. Greta arrives to find Sami embracing Austin. Sami boasts that she and Austin are in love but Greta convinces Austin to remain behind for some time alone. Sami learns later that Austin's agreed to have dinner with Greta and reminds him that they're a couple now that they made love. He insists it was a mistake. Gene warns Victor that he's got to end his scheme now since the insurance company is about to give Kate a check for the burned mansion.

Wednesday, April 4, 2001

Lexie is anxiously pacing, wondering where "she" is, when Celeste arrives. Lexie asks her to stay with Isaac, while she goes out, and then asks Celeste if Stefano is as powerful as he says he is. Surprised Celeste warns her about Stefano, saying he will "own" her, if she allows him to do anything for her. Reminds her that she, herself, did not want her child brought up under the influence of Stefano and did not lightly make the decision to give Lexie up. Lexie breaks down and tells Celeste about Isaac's father being in town, and perhaps wanting to take her son. Celeste tells her to go to her father.

Stefano and Rolf are playing chess, and Rolf brings up how Stefano no longer seems to have any interest in his pawn - John. Stefano says that on the contrary, he has just been diverted for a while, and that one must never lose sight of or lose the "king" - the son of John and Hope. They discuss the problems, and Stefano says that Lexie has to realize that in order to keep her son, she must divorce Abe. Rolf suggests offing Glen, as he would be very willing but Stefano refuses to even consider the acid bath. Rolf says Stefano never used to hesitate getting rid of those that crossed him or stood in his way, and Stefano says if he tried to do away with everyone who got in his way, well there are other ways.

Lexie arrives, very upset, and tells Stefano about Glen at the police station, and that Celeste told her to come to him. He consoles her, tells her to remain strong and focused. He tells her Abe is wonderful, but his good guy qualities are a detriment to keeping Isaac. He tells her to call Abe, and tell him to come over, so she puts on her Mata Hari traitor tears, makes the call, and Abe says he will be right over.

Glen very angrily demands news about his son. He is furious at the stonewalling he is receiving, and ticks off Abe. Bo and Abe go in the other room, and Bo tells Abe he must remain calm, or he just may screw things up. Abe agrees and goes back into the room with Glen and Barb. They prepare to leave, but warn Abe they mean business. Abe stops him, just as the phone rings, and it is Lexie. He makes his excuses, telling Glen and Barb to leave for now. As they walk away Barb gets a bright idea. Remembering how much Marlo was into drugs; she figures that she probably asked for them big time when she was having the baby. Hospitals keep records, so why wait for word from the police. She tells Glen they should go to the hospital and investigate for themselves.

Hope, Shawn and Belle keep vigil in the hospital waiting room. Brady shows up and joins them. Dr. Maxwell arrives, saying JT is breathing on his own, but they are going to see why this happened. Hope calls Bo, as Brady asks Belle and Shawn about Chloe. He does not understand why she lied about Philip and the rape, and Belle says she has no clue either. Belle talks of how wrong it was, crying wolf like that, as it makes it harder for someone who is really raped to be believed. Brady thinks Phil is in over his head with Chloe. Belle says she only knows Phil lied about something, and tells how Chloe tried to rectify the situation, but people would not listen. Brady replies that Philip lies, and Chloe, without realizing what she is saying, cries rape. He intimates there may be an underlying reasons that even she may not be aware of. Shawn spots Belle talking to some guy and is not very happy about it. Brady chides him a bit, as this guy makes a tentative date with Belle for after school. Brady realizes that Shawn is really jealous. Bo arrives, and Dr. Maxwell comes in with his findings. There was some plaque that developed in the stunt they had put in, not unusual and easily remedied, and the surgery will be tomorrow. Hope and Bo talk about Glen, and as Hope puts her arms around Bo, she reminds him how thankful they should be that "no one can take our son away from us."

Kate is praying over Lucas, and tells him how much she loves him. She assures him she will not leave him, and will always be there, but right now she needs to do something. She calls Henderson to come and pick her up secretly via the back way at the hospital so no one will see her leave. She wants to go to the burned out mansion, though Henderson says it is only ashes and mud. When they arrive, she refuses his offer to help search through the rubble, tells him to go and come back in 15 minutes, as she wants to be alone. She finds a picture of Lucas and Will and holds it close, then proceeds to look around some more. She turns, and there is Victor, standing in the doorway which is backlit, so you can barely see him, holding aloft the poker wrapped in plastic, asking "Is this what you are looking for, Kate." After screaming bloody murder, Kate and Victor go at it tooth and nail. He berates her and they argue big time, both accusing the other of nasty deeds. Victor rakes Kate over the coals about trying to kill him, she defends herself, mentioning him drugging her, so she did not know what she was doing - they just really go at it. Victor threatens Kate, telling her he is cutting her off (no money) and she is appalled, saying he cannot do that. He tells her yes he is, and there are now some new ground rules.

Thursday, April 5, 2001

Seeing Greta chatting with Brandon, Sami badmouths Greta and reminds Austin that they've consummated their love and should be together. When she goes on about wanting to get married, Austin asks her not to push him which upsets her. Hearing Brandon inviting Sami out to dinner at Tuscany, Greta invites Austin to join her there also. While Barb keeps Bo and Hope busy at the hospital, Glen finds a talkative nurse and learns that Abe and Lexie adopted Marlo's baby. Seeing J.T., Barb mentions to Hope how much he looks like her husband. Victor explains to Kate that Philip knew he was alive and managed to help rescue him from the mansion fire. He goes on to reveal that Philip knows all about her deal with Moroni but not the attack with the fireplace poker. Crying that Philip won't allow him to make her penniless, Kate pleads for something. He offers her the key to the maid's car and suggests she live in it. Henderson faints when he spots Victor talking with Kate. John and Marlena overhear Brady vowing to punish Abe, Roman and Marlena for what they have done to his family. When they come downstairs, Brady goes into his Eddie Haskell routine and is extremely polite to them. After they leave, Belle worries to Brady that he'll be kicked out. He promises to follow the rules but then decides to find Philip and warn him about Chloe. When John brings Marlena to Tuscany, he's greeted by Maggie who comments on their problems with Brady. Upset, John asks Marlena not to tell Maggie anything personal since she's a big gossip. Marlena suggests to John that he set up Brady in his own apartment.

Friday, April 6, 2001

Victor is on the phone with Gene Brisco, making plans to bring down Kate, but he wants Philip out of the way before that happens. Philip shows up and is upset and wants to talk about Chloe and thinks that she will never forgive him. They talk about Kate and Victor urges him to forgive his mother. He tells Philip that Kate knows that he is alive and as of tomorrow, everyone else will. He tells Philip that Kate admits to making mistakes and must atone for them. He tells him that Kate wants to start her life over from scratch and wants no help from him. Philip finds this last bite a bit too much to swallow, but Victor convinces him. He tells Philip that he wants him to go out of town for a while to check out some rehab centers for Lucas. Philip is sure his mother would want to go as well, but Victor tells him that she won't leave Lucas' side. Then, he wants to ask Chloe to accompany him, but Victor discourages that idea as well. He tells him that the jet is waiting and rushes him off to the airport. After Philip is gone, Victor says that he must keep Philip away from both Kate and Chloe. He says that payback is a bitch, isn't it Kate?...but then so are you.

Chloe is at dotCom while Brady is there. She is watching him trying to hit on a girl and he falls flat on his face (literally). He sees her and accuses her of following him. He also teases her, accusing her of being in love with him. She flatly denies it and says she wants nothing to do with him and goes to leave. He tells her to sit and wants to talk with her about crying rape against Philip. She tries to explain, but he berates her. In anger, she lets it slip that Victor is still alive. Brady is shocked and questions her as she declares it's true. He demands to know where his grandfather is and wants to go to him, but she won't tell him where Victor is.

Greta and Austin are on their way to Tuscany (she picks him up in a limo) as they flatter each other and do a little flirting. They talk about various things, including Lucas and Kate. Greta goes on a little fishing expedition, questioning Austin about Sami, even though he doesn't want to discuss her. He finally admits that he did indeed have sex with Sami and she pushes for more details. She acts disappointed in him, and then apologizes for being out of line. He admits that he got caught up in the moment and that it was all a mistake. Greta says that she knows exactly what Sami is up to. Greta pegs it down, when she describes how the evening went down...right down to the sexy lingerie. Greta says that she can tell that Sami is crazy about Austin, but thinks that he doesn't feel the same way. Austin tells Greta he is glad she is his friend, but she lets him know that she thinks about him more than a friend. To herself, Greta can't wait until they get to Tuscan and Austin sees Sami and Brandon together. THEN, maybe he will see what a liar she is.

Sami is playing with Will (and trying to get him into bed). He wonders why Daddy can't babysit him while Mommy is going out. Sami explains that Daddy had an accident so Will wants to say a prayer for him. He does and then asks Sami to do the same. Brandon shows up with champagne and toys for Will. He comments that her dress isn't sexy enough and wants her to "show her jewels" with him at Tuscany. She changes and puts on a short rose-colored satin with thin straps. He likes and says that she takes his breath away. She tells him that he makes her feel like a woman and they start to kiss. She pulls away and insists that she is in love with someone else. To herself, she thinks that she has no trouble driving everyone crazy but Austin

At the hospital, Glen gets the info he needs from the blabbermouth nurses as Barb continues to work on Bo and Hope. Nurse Ellen takes JT to show him off in the nursery as Hope questions Barb on what happened at the police station. Barb talks about how everyone is stonewalling them and continues to question Bo and Hope. Glen comes back and tells her they need to leave. He smarts off to Bo and Hope and after they are gone, Bo and Hope talk about how all this scares them. Glen fills Barb in on what he learned and tells her that he has a plan. Bo and Hope talk about Abe and Lexie losing Isaac. Bo believes that Abe should come clean now and face the music, instead of later. But Hope begs Bo not to tell, assuring him that the adoption was on the level. But, Bo tells her that if Glen is indeed the father and he didn't know about the adoption, the whole picture changes. The nurse brings back JT and they are just glad that no one will take him away.

Abe shows up at DiMansion, upset with Lexie (for summoning him there) and demands that they go home. Stefano demands to know what Abe told Glen and Barb as Abe insists that it is none of his business. Abe and Stefano almost come to blows, as Lexie steps in and calms them both down. Abe tells them what happened and is sure that Glen and Barb will find the truth. Lexie begs "father" to do something to stop them. Abe objects to Stefano's involvement as Lexie bets him to reconsider. She tells Abe that if Stefano doesn't help, he will lose his son and HER as well. Abe is taken aback by this and finally gives in, saying that Isaac must be protected. Stefano points out that they will insist on DNA tests to prove that Glen is the father. If they match, he is sure that Glen can be paid off. Stefano also assures them that they can tie it with red tape up in court for years and it would eventually bankrupt Glen. Lexie is thrilled but Stefano and Abe begin to argue again. Abe wants to go home so they leave (with Lexie thanking Stefano on her way out). After they are gone, Stefano says thanks to him and the baby switching, there is NO WAY the DNAs will match. Outside, Abe gets beeped by the station and must go by there. Alone, Lexie thinks that she must take care of the situation. The only way to fix it is to make sure that Glen's DNA doesn't match her son's.

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