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Monday, January 8, 2001

Abe and Lexie are at home as he reads the paper. The headlines are screaming about the body found in the ice. She acts really odd about all of it and Abe is puzzled by her behavior. Lexie rushes of, not telling Abe where she is going. Meanwhile, Stefano is at the mansion playing with some stupid board game when Aliana comes in with the paper, but he doesn't want to be bothered with happenings in Salem and runs her off. Lexie shows up and wants to see him privately. They go into the study and she is furious with him. She demands to know what happened to Marlo. He is in the dark, so she tells him about the body as she cries hysterically and shows him the paper. She is mad that she followed his advice and that she should have followed her own instincts and went to the cops in the first place. She is terrified that she will end up losing Isaac. Stefano blurts out that Isaac isn't Marlo's child. He covers to a stunned Lexie by saying that Isaac is HER child. He tells her not to worry, he will take care of everything. After finding out all the details, he promises to help her under one condition; she finally gives in and admits that she is a true DiMera. She promises to make him a part of her and Isaac's lives and hugs and thanks him. After she leaves, Stefano yells down to the basement for Rolf, telling him they have a body to steal.

After Lexie leaves, Abe goes to visit Brandon. Before Abe shows up, Brandon is on the phone with Angela, telling her to stay in Italy with her father. He will join her later and they will get married. Abe wants to talk with Brandon, but Brandon is extremely rude to him, calling him a kid killer or something equally mean. They argue over Abe's relationship with Fayeas Abe tries to explain that he was only trying to protect their family. Brandon accuses them of having an affair and goes on about how Abe destroyed their lives and broke his mother's heart. Abe tells him it is a lie and Brandon tries to choke him. Abe gets him by the arm and twists him down to his knees and yells at him to stay off his back. After he storms out, Brandon has flashbacks of his dad beating him, then thanks Abe forgiving him the ammunition he needed.

Belle and Chloe are at school headed for class as Shawn pumps Philip as to what he gave Chloe for Christmas. He asks if he gave her a ring. Mimi and Jan are discussing their plan as Jason shows up and teases Jan with a stuffed mouse. They all head to class as Shawn sits by Belle and Philip by Chloe. Jan, Mimi and Jason watch them from the door. Mimi is scared of Chloe and wants to call off the plan, but Jan is determined. She comments on how Nancy must be a witch as well, as Mimi defends Nancy. She drags Mimi into class as she chants "witch, witch," Shawn and Belle both yell for her to shut up. The two young couples are daydreaming, with Belle thinking about she and Shawn skating as Chloe remembers the poem. The teacher calls on Chloe to answer a question, which embarrasses her. Jan giggles and the teacher scolds her. After class, Philip and Chloe talk as Shawn refers to them as Romeo and Juliet to Belle. Jan and Mimi rush off to check on the camera. Mimi is still trying to talk her out of the plan. Jason comes by and tells Belle that if Philip ever dumps Chloe, Shawn would surely go after her.

Roman and Marlena are at the Java Café. Roman is offering her his support and reassuring her that all isn't her fault. But she blames herself for all the troubles and doesn't feel worthy of anyone's support. They talk about Brady's hatred of her and she says that she doesn't really blame him for the way he feels. Marlena can't understand how Roman can be so supportive after the way she hurt him years ago. She tells him that she knows that he still has feelings for her. He tells her his feelings are of friendship and he wants her to fight for her life and marriage. He assures her that he just wants to help. She tells him that she needs a friend right now. She considers him a friend and that is all they can be. He accepts that relationship as he holds her hand.

Jen is sitting outside on the bench near the stairs and John comes by and offers her hot chocolate. Seeing she is troubled, asks how she is. She starts to talk about her situation with Jack but stops. She turns the question and asks about he and Marlena. He doesn't want to talk either. He promises if she will he. He tells her some of his problems (especially between Marlena and Brady). Jen can't understand the problem, but he tells her that there is more, but he can't go into it. She offers encouragement and support. Then she talks and you can tell that she still has feelings for Jack. John wants to know what he did to hurt her, but she says that she can't talk about it right now. She thanks John for being a friend as he encourages her to stay in Salem amongst family and friends.

They talk about how excited Alice is to have her and Abby there. John offers to buy her a coffee and she accepts. As they walk, John talks about Roman's involvement in his problems and how he thinks he is still in love with Marlena. As they turn the corner, they see Roman and Marlena at Java Café and John gets upset. Jen tells him that things are not always as they appear, but he says sometimes they are. He tells Jen that he told Roman to stay away from his wife. Jen tries to stop him as he storms over to their table.

Tuesday, January 9, 2001

Philip confides to Shawn that he actually hates opera but can't bring himself to tell opera-lover Chloe. He does confess that he's in love with Chloe. Shawn advises him that admitting you're in love can ruin your life. When Brady and Chloe start arguing, Belle tries to mediate but gives up on the two. The tone of the argument changes when they start arguing about opera singers and end up laughing together. Greta and Austin dine at a French restaurant but Greta feels self conscious as most of the locals recognize her as the Von Amberg princess. Too nervous to eat, Greta is escorted out to a veranda to watch the evening sky and a sudden fireworks display seemingly in her honor. Austin assures her that if he was a prince, he would want a princess like her. Brandon complains to Sami about his confrontation with Abe. Angela calls from Italy with the news that she is ready to marry Brandon. He promises that he and Sami will be on the next flight to Italy. John interrupts Roman and Marlena as they embrace. After Roman leaves, John pleads with Marlena to come home where she's needed and she agrees. Jennifer urges Roman to forget about Marlena. Back at home, Brady fumes when Marlena returns.

Wednesday, January 10, 2001

Gran is telling Jen how happy she is to have her there, and how much she missed her. But, she says something seems to be troubling her, and Jen says she was just reading news in the paper. Jen goes to the kitchen for a doughnut fix, and Alice spots a circled ad "apartment for rent." Jen comes back out and Alice starts telling her it is time she and Abby found a place of their own. Jen begins to protest, but realizes Gran saw the ad and was just making it easy for her. Hope calls, inviting Jen over to Lexie's, and Jen agrees to come. She tells Gran she wants to check on Abby at school, since it is her first day, and they have a wonderful heart to heart chat. Alice says Abby is dying to see her own father and what is Jen going to do about it. Jen says she cannot do anything, she hoped she & Jack could work it out this time, but "Fool me once, shame on you.....fool me twice, shame on ME." She talks about going to Ireland to make a new start, then Bo came and she returned to Salem, so this is where she will try. They hug.

Brandon and Sami are toasting each other aboard the flight to Italy. They make nice-nice with each other, discuss Angela, Austin and Brandon's anger towards Abe. Brandon gets mad at reference to Abe, and Sami says "see what I mean", then talks about how her own anger towards Carrie almost destroyed family relationships. Brandon claims he tries to protect his family, and protect her in the same way. Sami begins to say how much she cares about Brandon, but he tells her to cut out all the mixed signals she sends out. Flight attendant announces they will be landing and to fasten seat belts. Brandon calls Angela, says they are landing and he will see her soon. She starts to tell him something, but abruptly says she will tell him when he gets there.

Victor is confirming reservations to Mexico on the phone, and Kate comes in. She butters him up with lots of compliments and talks of love. Our eavesdropping vixen, Nicole, wisecracks to herself "Love? Fear of being poor and out in the gutter is more like it." Kate bids Victor a fond farewell and he leaves. She immediately calls Maroni, to find he has checked out. She calls Italy and scolds him for leaving without saying good-bye. She proceeds to flirt like mad, talks about the tape and how she would reward him for it. She tells Maroni she will be out on the next plane. She packs her bags and yells for Henderson to bring them down.

Angela joins Maroni as he hangs up on Kate. He starts to leave, saying he is going to listen to the tape. Angela stops him, claiming she is tired of hearing about the tape all the time. Maroni says o.k., he will wait for Kate to listen to it, and see what she will do to get it. Brandon calls Angela, and she is about to tell him that her papa wants to hear the tape, when Maroni walks in, so she tells Brandon she will see him soon and quickly hangs up.

Nicole puts the moves on Victor right away, and they talk a bit. She asks him if he knows what Kate's doing, and then begins kissing him. He wants to know what she meant about Kate, and Nicole promises to tell him all later. Victor talks of Philip, and how he would be affected by an alliance between Victor and Nicole, She assures him that she and Philip have grown close the last few months and it would be no problem. More kissing and Nicole fantasizes about being Mrs. Kiriakis in the limo with Kate as the chauffeur, and Victor berating Kate as he gifts Nicole with diamond necklace. Victor starts to call to reserve a room for Nicole in Mexico, but she has already done so. She pours them brandy, and toasts "to my divorce" and thinks about becoming Mrs. K, and then dumping Victor.

Lexie is playing with Isaac, and has flashback to her screaming fit when she first sees the body in the canal. Loud knocking on the door reveals Hope with JT. Hope is dying to talk about her honeymoon, and calls Jen to join them. But Hope cannot contain herself, and excitedly tells Lexie how romantic it was, and how wonderful Bo has been, especially ever since he accepted JT as his son. Lexie questions her about this, Hope makes excuses, but Lexie is not buying it. The subject of the body arises, and they discuss various scenarios.... accident, murder, etc. Hope tells her that Bo is confidant forensics will tell them what they want to know. You can see the panic arising in Lexie, as she abruptly leaves and asks Hope to take care of Isaac. Outside, she says something absolutely has to be done and takes off. Inside Hope has Isaac on her lap and is playing with him, telling him how lucky his parents are to have him and how perfect he is.

Thursday, January 11, 2001

While Belle greets Marlena with a warm embrace, John quietly reminds Brady to be accepting of Marlena since it's obvious that Belle needs her mother right now. Belle then goes upstairs with Chloe while John has a chat with Marlena and Brady. Marlena then states that while she'd like to apologize, she thinks that Brady's anger is what made him start walking again. Brady explains that he knows she'd like him out of the house and then asks for a moment of time alone with her. After John leaves, Brady lays into Marlena again, accusing her of wanting John back so they can sleep together. He boasts that he loves his father and Belle but thinks she is a phony who will one day be revealed for who she really is. Upstairs, Chloe asks Belle why she can't see Brady for the lousy guy he is. Belle reminds her that people badmouthed her when she first came to Salem. Rolf and Bart slip into the morgue and, after a near miss with an attendant, manage to find Marlo's lifeless body and try to remove it. The commissioner reports to Abe and Roman that Abe is back on duty though the investigation is still ongoing. He then complains to Roman about his manhunt for Brady and blasts him for not revealing that Brady's the stepson of his ex-wife. Lexie's relieved when Abe and Roman decide not to hire a forensics artist to put together a drawing of the woman from the river. Bo becomes upset when John calls to find out about J.T.'s check up today.

Friday, January 12, 2001

Philip arrives in time to hear Chloe and Brady arguing in front of Belle. An angry Chloe runs off with Philip close behind. Belle blasts Brady for being rude to her friends and then suggests that he's attracted to Chloe. He quickly and angrily denies it. Philip drives Chloe home but confides that he's jealous and wants to know why she was at Brady's place. Marlena complains to John about Brady and states that she cannot live there. He warns that if she disowns his son, she'll be doing the same to him as well. In her bedroom, John offers to help Marlena with her troubles if she'll only stay and face them. Austin and Greta head back to the castle where they find Charles and Ingrid waiting. Given the choice of keeping him at the castle or letting him go, Greta decides to send him on his way with his pension, unwilling to trust him to work for her. Discussing the plans for her coronation, Ingrid hands Greta a guest list and she reads that Victor and Vincent Moroni will be sent invitations. Austin considers inviting Sami but then realizes Greta would like him to be her date for the evening. Meanwhile, Sami and Brandon arrive at Angela's place and find her busy with the wedding details. She assures them that she has the tape. They're interrupted by Kate who visits with Angela's father. Later, Angela leaks that Kate's here to get her hands on the tape but boasts that she switched the tape with a phony. Meanwhile, Kate promises Moroni that if he gives her the tape, she'll help him nab Victor's property. When she shows the codicil to Victor's will, she asks him to help her arrange for Victor's "accidental" death. Sami spots them kissing.