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Monday, September 18, 2000

Philip and Chloe are still on the phone. She asks him why he changed his mind about her and he comes close to telling her about the bet, but doesn't. He tells her that he can't stop thinking of her and asks if he can come back over, even though it is late. She changes into a short red print dress and meets him on the front porch (and he is out of breath). He promises no kissing if it makes her uncomfortable. They talk about the Last Blast and how much fun they had. She asks him again why he asked her. He has flashbacks of his talk with Shawn and again considers telling her, but doesn't. He tells her that he invited her just because he wanted to. He talks about her eyes and tells her that she makes him want to be a better person. She is touched and thanks him for his honesty. They look at the stars but Philip is more interested in looking at her.

Belle and Mimi are inside when he arrives. Belle opens the door, only to slam it in his face (as Mimi cheers her on). Belle has a change of heart after seeing the bear and lets him in. She recalls the story about losing her "buddy bear." Shawn wonders why she is mad at him and she explains that she knows about the bet. He tries to explain, but Mimi keeps interrupting. Shawn calls her a hypocrite and tells her to stay out of it. Belle is furious with him as he begins to slam Mimi and begins to take up for Mimi. But Shawn keeps on and tells Belle to get off her high horse. She is determined to tell Chloe the truth. He tells her that if she cares at all for Chloe, she won't tell her. He just wants them to forget about the bet, since no harm was done. He says that Chloe is fine and Philip seems to be falling in love. He says telling Chloe would crush her and calls Mimi the town gossip. He asks Mimi to leave, but she refuses. As they argue, Belle has to break them up. Then Belle and Shawn get into it again and she says that she will NEVER forgive him and stomps upstairs. She yells for him to get out and never come back. He leaves and tosses the bear in the hallway. Then Belle asks Mimi to leave her alone too. In the hallway, she picks up the bear and hugs it, saying she never wants to see Shawn again.

Austin and Greta are still talking as he tries to discourage her from accompanying him to Italy. They talk about how he cares for Sami and she confides that she will have trouble trusting anyone again after what happened with Eric. She starts again about going with him and Lilly interrupts them to tell her that Mickey wants to talk about the will. Even though Lilly tells her it is quite confidential, she wants Austin to join them. Mickey goes over the will and Greta gets emotional. He explains that there are stipulations that she must meet. Austin almost chokes when he hears that she will inherit $100 million. Lilly points out that the stipulations are quite bizarre and Mickey agrees. To claim her fortune, Greta must travel to Europe to the Romanists Castle and find instructions and then she will begin the journey of her life. She thinks it sounds ridiculous.

From there, she is to follow the instructions completely and will be deemed worthy. She says thanks, but will pass as Lilly almost has a heart attack because of what she is hearing. Greta says she isn't interested, just give the money away for all she cares. Mickey and Lilly try to talk sense into her and then tell her if she complies to all the instructions, a home will be built in Europe that will house over 10,000 orphans. Greta decides to listen, but is still skeptical about all of it. Also, in the instructions, it says that she must not go alone and must be accompanied by a man who is pure of heart. She says forget, she doesn't need a man, all she needs or wants is good friends like Austin. She says what about Austin...he is about as pure of heart as they come.

Vincent Moroni and Angela are talking. She is thrilled and ready to get married. He warns her about Brandon's motives.

Dad gives his blessing and goes on ahead while she stays behind and thinks that she has to find out what Brandon is up to. Sami is still questioning Brandon about the tape as he explains further. She is thrilled about his news and hugs him. She says that they must get that tape NOW. She doesn't trust Angela and thinks she is up to something. Brandon tries to be the voice of reason, but Sami is worried about him. He asks if she is jealous, which Sami vehemently denies. You can tell all this is really bothering her. Angela gives Brandon a call and he asks her to meet him in half an hour under the cypress tree and bring the tape. She tells him that it is too late, but will see him tomorrow. After he gets off the phone, Brandon can sense that something is wrong and Sami tells him to be careful. Angela is outside watching through the window and says that he will not get that tape until there is a wedding. And if he is using her, he will pay the price...and so will Sami.

Tuesday, September 19, 2000

The kids return to school at Salem High School and Philip and Chloe can't stand to be apart. Jason and Jan begin to panic when they hear that their secret is out. Shawn finds Philip and warns him about some trouble they're facing. Greta admits to Austin that she doesn't think that the prince is her father nor does she think her inheritance is real. Austin's questions allow her to reveal that her mother told her who her real father is but it's not really something she's ready to deal with. Roman finds Austin and leaks that he had a talk with Sami who is fine but she doesn't want him to try to find her. Lexie is all aglow when Abe admits that she's happy Stefano arranged the adoption for them but he does add that he feels badly that Hope and Bo's child is so sickly. Meanwhile, Hope and Bo continue to struggle with their child as Bo ends up calling him "that child." He quickly apologizes but it's too late since Hope is already stewing.

Wednesday, September 20, 2000

Brandon surprises Sami with a lovely breakfast table. They exchange a passionate kiss, leaving Sami rather disconcerted. They plan their "breakup" and Brandon says Sami must become Angela's good buddy, to convince her that she is through with him, but she is happy he found such a wonderful person like Angela. Sami agrees, but only after she returns from Salem! She intends to go back for a couple of days.

Kate & Will are on the sofa, where she is telling him a scary story about a tiger, and has Will repeat dialogue, which she gets on a tape recorder. Lucas bursts in, all upset, but tells Will this is all a game, a big game, which is why Daddy is wearing these funny clothes. Lucas returns sans Will, and is really ticked off. Citing Sami the mother of his child, and no harm should come to her. Kate reasons with him. They get onto subject of Nicole and Lucas relates his martini drinking frolic with his wife. Kate is appalled, but Lucas claims he knows how to handle it, learned his lesson after the car accident, and tells Kate that No One dies. He leaves, and Kate talks out loud of how she would not harm Sami. Sami will do it herself when she follows her son over the cliff.

Back in Salem at the Dr. Marlena show, Nancy gets very rude with a caller, and refuses to connect the woman to Marlena. She eventually has no choice, but the caller tells Marlena that Nancy was being a bitch, and she should get rid of her. After Marlena appeases the caller, she storms into the other room, and threatens to fire Nancy. They argue, the station manager comes into it, sagging ratings are cited. He thinks that calling Nancy names gave an "edge" to the show. Marlena stalks off, and Nancy & the manager talk about replacing Marlena. Nancy wants the job, he says no, no initials after her name. Says that if she had them, it would be another story. He leaves and Nancy, with a big grin, immediately calls Daddy!

Hattie is alone in her room, remembering her talk with Roman, and Faye stops by to visit. They talk of being told by someone that he loves you, and Faye tells a sweet story of the first time, age 13, and the young lad who carved their initials in a tree one summer. Then came husband Paul, who gambled. When Hattie asks if there was ever anyone else, Faye dreamily recalls another, who loved her very much, was kind and sweet, etc. Hattie is sad that no one loves her and relates how she wants to be beautiful and have someone love her. Faye gives her a pep talk, leaves, and Hattie looks at herself in the mirror, where she morphs into Marlena. She picks up the phone.

Hope opens her door to John, who walks over to the bassinet, calling the baby "my boy." She gets upset, but he covers by saying that the baby IS his namesake. They talk of DiMera, and John asks how Hope would feel if they could eliminate him from their lives forever. Hope thinks John wants help killing Stefano, but he says he meant erasing the memories of him. She mentions Bo going to Ireland, which surprises John, but he immediately says then HE will stay and protect the baby and be its daddy. Hope is astonished at this, but John says he will be around to give her a much-needed break. Julie arrives. John leaves, Julie and Hope talk a bit about the baby, and Hope tells Julie that both Bo and John know something they won't tell her, and she is sure it must be awful. Outside John ponders getting the chip out.

John goes to the hospital and is watching a surgeon remove a brain tumor. Asks all kinds of knowledgeable questions, and the surgeon says "have you had some experience of this in a past life?" Marlena is passing by, and asks what is going on and John says "I think I know who is the father of Hope's baby."

Rolf & Stefano are playing chess as they talk about Hope perhaps regaining her memory. Stefano insists the chip must be removed soon from Hope's brain. Stef again mentions Marlena standing in way of John becoming his mercenary once again for keeps. Imperative that Hattie take Marlena's place, Marlena will disappear, then John and Hope will grow close as he grows more distant from Marlena (who by then would be Hattie, of course). Rolf is convinced Hattie will take the bait...but Stefano is not so sure. Rolf's cell phone is Hattie, who agrees to the surgery. Stefano grins from ear to ear, as he says "Check..Mate"

Thursday, September 21, 2000

Mimi joins Belle and Shawn and takes great pleasure in hoping for Chloe to learn the truth. After she leaves, Shawn denies it when Belle accuses him of wanting to date Chloe. Jan and Jason boast to Philip that everyone at school knows what he did. He tries to tell Chloe what happened but the school bell rings and classes start. Lily warns Greta that she must be in Paris by midnight. Austin comes up with a solution and runs to Titan. Marie calls Victor for him in hopes that he can use the private jet. He then takes a moment to taunt Nicole by comparing her to Greta. She stuns him by lecturing him about how she's learned to go after all the power she craves. Lily hands Greta the will and urges her to read it all to make sure she fulfills all conditions. Lucas doctors Sami's lunch order with more "herbs." After calling to thank her for the stock tip, Victor worries when Nicole hints that she knows about Roberto's death. Lucas lies to Victor that he told Nicole anything about Roberto. Brandon convinces Sami to remain in Italy and then allows her to meet with Angela to continue their scheme. Brandon worries when Moroni hints that he can use his Chicago connections once he and Angela are married.

Friday, September 22, 2000

Dr. Rolf (or should I say Steiner) is at his office anxiously awaiting Hattie. She comes jogging in, telling him that she is trying to lose weight. Rolf tells her that she should worry about that, he will take care of it. She tells him that she has read his book 3 times already. She wonders why he is doing this and isn't sure she can trust him. He tells her that they are in this together and must learn to trust each other. She grabs his hand and makes him pinky swear. Later, he is giving her piles of medicine and supplements to help her with the surgery and she starts talking about his book again. She says that is will really help her take over Marlena's life. He assures her that she will be a knockout when he is finished and will be able to slip into Marlena's life. He says that she may be so beautiful that he will want to date her. She thanks him, but assures him that she has her eye on someone else. Rolf tells her to just trust him and that someday all her dreams will come true.

Julie is still at Hope's house as they make small talk. She talks about the baby and then Hope talks about how she wonders what is wrong with Bo and John. She is sure that everyone is keeping secrets from her. Julie admits that it is true that there may be some things they are not telling her, but it is for the best. Hope is sure it is all because of the baby and she NEEDS the truth. She thinks that Bo blames her for the baby's condition, but Julie assures her that is not the case. She defends Bo and tries to make Hope see his side. Julie tries to convince Hope that Bo cares for her and the baby, but Hope thinks that he is obsessed with Stefano. Hope knows that there is something terribly wrong with both Bo and John and that from the way he acts, one would think that John is the father.

Julie tries to assure her that John is just a caring friend, but Hope says he is not acting right around her. Julie tries to rationalize his behavior. Hope questions the relationship between John and Princess Gina and wonders if they were lovers. Then it hits her like a ton of bricks. She says last year, there she was looking/acting like Gina. She is sure that something happened between her and John. Hope wants to question Greta about what she remembers from her childhood of the John/Gina relationship, but Julie reminds her that she has a doctor's appointment. Julie tells her that she hopes she will let it go, but knowing Hope, that won't happen. Hope tells her that she is not going to give up until she finds the truth.

John and Marlena return to the penthouse to finish their conversation. Marlena is on edge and getting more scared and uneasy by the second. She wants the truth and questions him and he admits that he did love Gina. She asks him if when he looks at Hope, does he see Hope Williams Brady or Princess Gina. She asks him why he is always saying that he is trying to protect Hope...from what? He says the truth about the baby's father. He tells her that he remembers now. She keeps pushing for the whole truth, but before they get any farther, Brady comes storming down the stairs. He accuses John of cheating on Marlena. Marlena asks him to leave, but he reminds her that she is NOT his mother and can't tell him what to do as John stares him down. John takes up for Marlena, demanding that Brady apologize to her.

He refuses and runs her down. He says that she never cared for him at all and trashes their "perfect" child Belle as well. Marlena says something about his influence on Belle and he assures them that THEY are the bad influence. He vows to tell Belle the truth someday about her perfect parents. Brady accuses John of dumping his mother for that "blonde bimbo." Marlena tries to straighten him out, but he won't listen. He doesn't believe that Isabella died of cancer and says that they probably killed her and faked her disease so they could be together. John is getting so mad by this point, you can almost see the steam coming out of his ears. John finally says "that's it" and grabs him by the neck, calling him a punk. Brady goads him on and tells him to go ahead and hit him. John rears back with a fist to punch him as Marlena gasps.

Austin and Greta are already in France. They are in the limo heading to the castle. She thanks him for his help. They talk about the prince being so eccentric and not knowing what they are in for. Austin tells her to think of it as an adventure, that maybe it will be fun. She says that she doesn't really care about the money or title, but is doing it to help the orphan children. They arrive at the castle. They timidly ring the doorbell and there is no response. They decide to talk to the limo driver, but he takes off, tires squealing. They are greeted by Charles, the caretaker, a really creepy man. He lets them in and they introduce themselves. He knows all about the details of the will and says that he has been waiting for her for years. He gets right in her face and asks if he frightens her and she says no, she is just cold. He tells them to wait and he will be back. Greta is really freaked out and hopes that all this isn't a mistake. She sits down to rest and the chair collapses from under her. From the hallway, Charles says if you think you are frightened now, my dear... just wait.

Belle and Shawn discuss what to do about Chloe. Philip is also looking for her, to tell her the truth. He asks Jan and with her permanent smirky face, tells him that she doesn't know where she is. Belle tells Shawn that he and Philip must sit Chloe down and tell her the truth about the bet ASAP. She promises that she will be there to help support Chloe. They tell Philip all this and he agrees it is for the best. They go off looking for her and end up at Salem Place.

Meanwhile, Chloe is at Salem Place with Craig at the Java Café. She feels bad for the trouble she has caused between him and Nancy and apologizes for putting him in the middle. She is in a good mood and they talk about how things are going better at school. She talks about how Shawn and Belle have been so nice to her and how well she and Philip are getting along. Craig tells her to cherish the moments and how she will remember her first love forever. She thanks him for all his support and promises to not cause any more trouble between him and Nancy. She says that she feels so good, she could even get along with Mimi now. She wants to buy Philip a gift and puts the hit on Craig for money. He jokingly hands over his credit card and she tells him that she has the perfect gift in mind. Later, she is looking at a framed picture of her and Philip from the Last Blast as 3 girls come flouncing up. They start dissing Philip, calling him a loser. Chloe defends Philip and then tries to walk away. The girls tell her about the bet and how the loser had to ask out the loser. She accuses them of lying but Jan comes up and tells her it is all true. She asks why else would Philip take her to the dance. She says that he probably came up with a really good lie when Chloe asked him. Chloe realizes that it is true and begins to puddle up. She says "Oh, my's true' and drops the picture to the sidewalk and it shatters

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