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Monday, September 11, 2000

Austin goes to the station and asks Roman if he's heard from Sami? Roman asks if there is a problem? Austin asks him there is, and he wonders if something is going on. Roman tells Austin that they've always locked horns over his daughters. Austin knows his marriage to Carrie ended badly, and he should have known better not to have gotten involved with Sami considering how many times she's lied to him in the past. Roman asks if he's ticked off that Sami went to Chicago on her own? Austin says she's not in Chicago and she sure as hell isn't on her own. Roman asks "Sherlock" why he thinks that? Austin tells him about his odd phone call with Sami this morning and how the phone disconnected and he heard two people speaking a foreign language. Roman says that still isn't proof that Sami is lying, but Austin thinks she is and it has something to do with Will. He says that everyone connected with Will is gone, not in Salem. Roman asks him who he thinks is with Sami. Austin responds "Brandon Walker."

Roman wonders where they could be, if they are together. Austin says he was hoping he could use his contacts to find out. Roman calls up the ISA and is put on hold. Roman tells Austin that he did good work putting this all together. Austin says he cares about Sami and if they are going to have a relationship she needs to be honest with him. He admits he is having doubts about whether they can have a relationship, but Roman urges him not to give up just yet. Austin says that Sami didn't trust him enough to confide in him, which means only one thing, Sami's up to her old tricks. Roman learns that Brandon and Sami have gone to Italy. Roman realizes this has something to do with the investigation of Franco's murder, and both Sami and Brandon could be in way over their heads. Austin says that maybe Sami and Brandon just went on a big romantic holiday because she obviously doesn't want him involved in this part of her life. Roman says that if he feels that way perhaps he should take over this investigation. Austin thinks it is time for him to let go, and he walks out of Roman's office. Austin goes on a walk and feels that Sami has moved on, but he still feel that he needs to help Sami out, whether she wants his help or not.

Greta and Lili arrive at Tuscany for dinner. Greta runs off to check her voice mail, and Lili asks if they are a go? Maggie says he should be here any minute. Greta, who has returned, asks who should be there. Lili says she just needs to speak to a gentleman stopping by tonight. Greta thinks Lili is being very secretive. Maggie shows them to their table and has their best bottle of champagne sent over to their table. Lili and Greta talk about Eric for a bit, Greta admits that she is angry with Eric for the pain he's caused her, but she could never hate him. Lili tells Greta that she is a wonderful person and she doesn't know what she'd do without her in her life. Greta feels the same about Lili, and then she asks why they are having dinner here tonight? Does it have something to do with this man dropping by? Lili says she can't fool her, and she has some news for her. Greta hopes it is good news. Lili says that depends on how she feels about her father. Greta asks what about him? Lili says she is speaking of her legal father, the Prince.

Lili tells Greta that, in the wake of her mother's death, she is to receive the title of Princess Greta Von Amberg. Greta is shell-shocked. Lili tells Greta that she'll get over it, and that there is a silver-lining to being named Princess. Greta wonders if she's going to get to be part of a real family, the Von Ambergs? Lili tells her than any family would love to have her as a member, but the Von Amberg line has pretty much died out. Greta asks what comes with this title? Lili tells her 100 million dollars! Mickey shows up and says he's arrived at the perfect time. Mickey tells Greta that he is going to help her manage her money, as soon as the papers detailing the condition of her inheritance come through. He asks her if she has any idea what she'd like to do with the money? Greta says she wants to set up a trust fund for scared or disfigured children to help them get corrective surgery. Mickey thinks that would make her father very proud. The comment upsets Greta, who excuses herself. Mickey says he didn't mean to upset her. Lili explains that the Prince isn't Greta's biological father, and her real father is alive, but it is a very complicated situation. Meanwhile, Greta tells herself that she misses Eric, but she needs to get over him. She hopes one day she'll go to a ball and be swept off her feet by her very own Prince Charming. As she dances around the patio outside of Tuscany she ends up dancing into Austin's arms.

Hattie wonders how she could have been fired, and blames it all on Dr. Marlena. She says she hates that quack and wish she'd drop dead! Hattie stops into the diner to say hello to Fay. Fayeasks her how she is? Hattie says she's great and she doesn't know why it took her so long to get out of this place, and her life is really good now. Hattie asks her boss if her customers miss her? Her boss tells her no one asks for her, no one notices she is gone, no one noticed her in the first place! Hattie asks Fayeif this is true? Hattie tells Fayethat this isn't the kind of place where people get chummy with the clientele. Hattie begins to cry and says she missed this place something awful, and she has to get her job back because it is her whole life! She cries that she has to get her job back. Hattie begs her boss for her job back, but he says that it will be a cold day in hell before he gives her her job back. He tells her to hit the road and don't come back, she is loony! Hattie says this place is her whole life, so he tells her that he guesses her life is over. Hattie tells Fayethat they'll talk later and she runs out of the diner in tears.

Hattie ends up at the Salem Bridge thinking she has nothing to live for. She climbs up and over the ledge when Roman drives by and realizes Hattie is going to jump. Hattie takes the plunge, so to speak, and ends up in the Salem River. Roman pulls over and jumps in after Hattie.

In Italy, Angela tells Brandon that Roberto did not want to admit to killing Franco, a crime he didn't commit, but this woman offered him a lot of money. Brandon ask Angela who this woman is? It is very important. Angela tells Brandon that she has all the proof anyone would need to nail this woman. Brandon asks what type of proof she has? Angela says she wants to tell him, but her father cannot know about it. Brandon swears he won't mention this to her father. Brandon asks Angela what proof she has? Angela tells Brandon that she and Roberto taped the woman who pressured him into accepting the offer to confess to Franco's murder, because he wanted his mother and sister to know he was innocent and a man of honor. Brandon asks who this woman on the tape is? Angela says her name is Kate Roberts. Brandon smiles and says "gotcha!" Angela then pulls Brandon into a kiss. As they kiss, Angela's father, armed with a gun, shows up!

Lucas sees Sami collapse and he thinks he's killed her. Lucas runs over to Sami and cradles her in his arms. He begs her not to die, but realizes she isn't breathing. He tells her to think about Will. Sami has a strange dream in which she's going towards the light. She hears Lucas begging her to come back, and she wonders what is going on. Back in the real world, Lucas begins performing mouth to mouth on Sami. Sami begins to remember when Lucas comforted her after she went out in public after shooting Alan and was humiliated. Sami cried to Lucas that her life was over, and then she remembered when she and Lucas conceived Will, because Sami was feeling like damaged goods and that nobody would ever want her. Sami tells herself that Lucas was so sweet back then. Sami finally begins to breath, and Lucas wonders why he was suddenly thinking about when they made love. Lucas continues to tell Sami to wake up because Will needs her. Sami is now walking in a garden of roses somewhere in lala land. Austin shows up and kisses Sami, but when she sees Brandon kissing Angela across the way, she screams "No!"

Sami tells Austin that Brandon can't get involved with Angela, it is too dangerous. Austin tells her it is okay, they have a child together. When Sami looks back at them, Angela us holding a child, who happens to look a lot like Will! Austin tells Sami that Will is back at home taking a nap, they are a family now, remember? Angela's little boy, who is Will, turns to Sami and yells for help. Sami asks Brandon not to let her take her son, but Brandon says that Angela controls him now. Suddenly, Lucas shows up and tells Walker to get out of his way, this is his family. Lucas tells Sami that he took Will out of the country and he's going to raise him in Italy, and now she'll never see her son again! Sami tells Lucas that he can't keep her away from her son, but Lucas says he and Angela are going to raise Will here in Italy far away from her. Sami wonders what that witch Angela has done to Lucas and Brandon. Austin grabs Sami and tells her not to talk bad about Angela, hasn't she learned her lesson? Austin tells Sami that she hasn't changed a bit, Angela is a good person and she and Lucas will take good care of Will. Austin tells Sami it is just the two of them now, they are finally together. Sami screams "No, that's not what I want!" She begs Austin, who has a hold on her, to let her go, but he says never. Lucas realizes Sami's pulse is getting stronger, so he should get the hell out of here. Sami comes too, sees Lucas, and asks "What are you doing here?"

Tuesday, September 12, 2000

Listening to her pouting about her lousy life, Nancy advises Mimi that the change in Chloe is due to the change in her attitude. Chloe watches them bonding and becomes upset until Philip arrives. He mentions that his parents never got married and she talks about her adoptive parents. She agrees not to tell anyone about his parents and the two share a kiss. Bo's disappointed when Hope reveals that Abe and Lexie are coming over as are his parents. She asks him to hold little John but he does so only until the doorbell rings. Shawn tries to talk Bo out of traveling to Ireland. Bo insists that once his schedule clears, he's on his way. Abe arrives in time to hear Shawn trying to order Bo to stay out of Ireland and keep the past in the past. Roman manages to pull Hattie from the water and bring her around by performing cpr. He then lectures her about looking towards the bright side of life and she promises to thank him one day for saving her life. Rolf hands Stefano a report on the Irish division of DiMera Industries. He admits that the Brady's betrayed him there years ago and he intends to make them pay.

Wednesday, September 13, 2000
by Marcia Elgart

Philip pulls Chloe into a kiss as Mimi spies on them from inside. Mimi then runs across town to the penthouse to alert Belle, and gets there before Philip and Chloe's kiss has even ended. The kiss ends, and Philip asks her if she is okay? Chloe says that of course she is. Philip and Chloe talk about their wishes, life after high school. When Philip tries to kiss her again, Chloe tells him "Please Philip stop, don't do that again!" Philip asks what is wrong? Chloe says she just needs a second, that is all. Chloe tells herself that she doesn't want this feeling to end, but what does she do? Philip wonders what he'll do if Chloe won't let him kiss her again. Chloe tells Philip that she knows what she is feeling now, she will remember this night and him for the rest of her life. Philip feels the same way, and they both decide to keep this something special and secret between the two of them. They then kiss again, and Chloe says she better get back inside. She says goodnight to Philip, who takes off.

Belle is thinking about her conversation with Shawn earlier when he told her she was pretty. Belle tells herself that she needs to stop dreaming, Shawn is just a friend. Later, Mimi shows up at the penthouse and tells Belle that she saw Philip and Chloe kissing! Belle says he's glad Chloe found a guy who satisfied her, but Mimi says she will go after Shawn next. Belle says that Chloe isn't interested in Shawn, she told her, but Mimi says the girl is a total liar. Belle tells Mimi that Chloe and Philip are none of their business, but Chloe says they are in high school, everyone is their business. Besides, Mimi says she and her brother live with Chloe, so if Chloe doesn't cool it with the PDAs. Belle scolds Mimi, but Mimi says Belle better start worrying. Mimi says Chloe is playing her mom for a fool, so what makes her think she won't start doing the same to her? Belle says she just won't. Mimi doesn't understand why Philip is even dating Chloe when the only reason he took her to the dance was because he lost a bet. Belle asks Chloe "What bet?"

At Tuscany, Greta bumps into Austin outside, who asks what she is doing? Greta says she was dancing, and Austin tells her it works better with a partner. Greta tells him what she needs now is a friend. Austin says he is at her service, and bows. Greta tells him that is "Princess" to him. Greta tells Austin about her inheritance, and he tells her title or not, she definitely looks like a princess. Greta asks if she is keeping him from something? Austin says no, he was just thinking. Greta knows he's been thinking about Sami and asks if he wants to talk about it. Austin and Greta go inside and Austin tells Greta what Sami is up to now. Austin is very worried about Sami, and anyone who would know where Sami is has gone away. Greta suggests Austin talk to Nicole, maybe she will help him. Austin decides to give it a shot and calls Nicole up. Austin calls up Nicole and asks her where Will, his mom, or Lucas may be? Nicole tells him to keep track of them himself and hangs up. Greta warns Austin to be careful where Sami is concerned because if she is in danger than she put herself there. Still, Austin says he'd never forgive himself if he could have done something to help Sami and he didn't.

Maggie asks Lily how to properly address Greta. Lily says that Greta doesn't have the title yet, or the money. However, when she does get them, if that dreadful Eric Brady comes groveling around her . . . Maggie says Eric wouldn't take advantage of Greta. Lily thinks they are right because a different type of girl appears to Eric, such as that harlot of the western world Nicole. Later, Mickey gets a call from Nicole (see below), and Maggie wonders if it is divorce Lucas time again? Maggie then gives Mickey a package which a messenger brought him. Mickey opens it up and it is Gina's will, which is HUGE. When they read over the conditions, Lili says "Greta would never agree to that!"

Nicole has an important business meeting with a huge publishing company, one larger than Titan, and Marie wonders why they are meeting with Nicole instead of Victor or Kate. Nicole says she's meeting with them because Victor and Kate aren't here. Marie starts kissing some Nicole butt by telling her that she is a great business woman, she maybe even the next Kate Robert's, so it makes sense they'd want to see her. Nicole tells Marie that her loyalty is admirable, but Kate's skills, namely driving Titan bankrupt, would only be useful if she decided to join the competition. Nicole tells Marie to buzz her when the clients show up in the conference room. Mrs. Howard and Mr. Atkins from Frontier Meridian show up to meet with Nicole. They want to woo Nicole away from Titan and have her work for their company.

Nicole plays hardball with them, claiming if she did go to work for them they would have to give her a percentage of the company's stock. She says she has other offers so she has to think about this and she'll have her lawyer call them. Later, Nicole calls up Mickey to try to hire him, but he says he's not taking any new clients right now. Nicole tells Mickey that she desperately needs his expertise, so he asks what she needs? Nicole tells him about her job offers, but he says this is not his field. Nicole says that he knows more than she does, and more than anyone else in Salem. Mickey says okay and puts her on the clock. They talk business for a bit and Mickey eventually tells her to come down to his office and see her so they can discuss things more in depth. Nicole kicks back and says that Victor will regret stealing her five million dollars, and he won't even see her coming.

Sami looks at Lucas and wonders what he is doing here. Lucas takes off, but hides near by to spy on Sami. Sami comes too and thinks she's had another dream. She stands up and teeters on the edge of the cliff. She wonders what has happened to her, how did she get here? Lucas says that is it, no more herbs, and then damns his mother.

Kate is planning to get Victor a little drunk tonight and get him to sign the document forking over money to her. Suddenly, Victor shows up and asks Kate what she has in her hands? Kate says it is just business, but she wants to forget about business plans and work on other types of plans for tonight. Victor tells Kate the news that he may be overcoming his impotency, which Kate thinks is wonderful because maybe Victor won't need to sign that document after all. Kate tells Victor even if they can't make love, there are other ways they can express their love. Victor says he knows, but he still likes the old fashion way. As they kiss, Lucas storms into the cottage and yells at his mother for lying to him about the safety of the herbs. Lucas tells his mom that Sami almost died and he had to give her mouth to mouth. Kate can't believe he risked everything rather than let the little bitch die.

Victor says Lucas did the right things, they don't want Sami dying from their herbs, it would be better if she fell off the cliff. Lucas refuses to kill another person, certainly not the mother of his son. Suddenly, Sami calls and demands to have Will put on the phone. Kate says she will not, why doesn't she call during daylight hours. Sami tells Kate if she doesn't put Will on she will call her dad and have him send the cops over right now! Kate asks Lucas to get Will, so he leaves. Kate tells Sami that it has been so long since she's seen Will that he's forgot what she looks like. Kate tells Sami not to expect him to say too much because he was awaken from his sound sleep. Will talks to his mom on the speaker phone and he says he wants to go home! Sami asks where he is? Kate takes the phone off speakerphone and says that Will just meant that he wanted her to come home. Kate tells Sami that Will needs to go back to sleep, so she hangs up on Sami. Lucas tells his mother that was cruel! Kate could care less and tells Lucas to go back to that cottage and make sure Sami didn't recognize him. Lucas says he'll go, but he's not doing this again because he can't take it! Lucas leaves and Victor says it is about time her son acquires a conscience, too bad it is about the wrong things. Kate says once Sami falls off that cliff, Lucas will revert to his old selfish ways and no one will suspect them. When they are once again alone, Kate and Victor get down to business. Sami takes a walk, and when she once again comes close to the cliff, a spying Lucas yells out to her to keep her from going over.

Sr. Moroni discovers Brandon kissing Angela and says he either marries her or he dies. Angela sees her father watching, so Brandon tells Angela to kiss him again like her life depended on it. Brandon and Angela share a passionate kiss, which Sr Moroni calls the kiss of death! as Senior Moroni aims a gun at Brandon, Brandon puts on a show in which he says this is not right and he can't dishonor her father or her by these actions. Brandon tells Angela that he refuses to break her heart or betray her father's trust. Angela tells him that he is such an honorable man and wishes her father could see this side of him. Brandon asks her if they can put this behind them and be friends, but Angela says she does not think so. Angela tells Brandon that she wants him to be with her, and he should go ask his father for his permission. Brandon says he doesn't think her father wants him around. Angela starts crying, and Senior Moroni wishes he knew how to make his daughter happy, and he wonders if this Brandon could be the right man for her. Senior Moroni confronts them and says "Do I even need to ask what in the hell you two are doing?" Angela says this is all her fault, so Senior Moroni grabs Angela and decides to drag her off. However, Brandon says before they go, he has something to say

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Thursday, September 14, 2000
by Soap Central

Back at home Chloe remembers her first kiss with Philip. When Craig interrupts, she reveals her secret and he promises not to tell. She thanks him for giving her the courage to go to the dance. Craig confesses that his first kiss was with Nancy, the only woman he's ever loved. Nancy secretly listens as Chloe complains to Craig that she thinks Nancy is hiding something from her about her pregnancy. Nancy becomes upset when Craig fails to defend her and later orders Craig to sleep on the couch. Philip calls to wish Chloe a good night but Chloe claims it's not a good time to call. Philip and Shawn discuss Philip's feelings for Chloe and agree that he must come clean about the bet. However, the more they talk, the more Philip decides not to tell Chloe the truth, figuring that Jan and Jason would never leak their secret. Mimi pleads with Belle not to tell anyone about the bet and argues that Chloe's going to drop Philip and go after Shawn. Insisting she's not interested in Shawn, Belle states that she couldn't be friends with someone involved with the bet. Just then, Shawn D arrives. Caroline's upset when Shawn starts yelling at her to stop Bo from going to Ireland. Bo argues with Hope about Stefano and the change she sees in him. Caroline calls Hope and asks her to convince Bo to cancel his trip.

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Friday, September 15, 2000
by Marcia Elgart

Worried after she hung up, Philip calls Chloe back and learns about how her mother upset her again. The two then talk about their growing relationship as Chloe admits that she couldn't take it if he ever lied to her. He promises never to let her down or lie to her. Hattie announces to a disguised Rolf that she wants to go ahead with the plastic surgery. Adding that she wants to look like Dr. Evans, Hattie asks "Dr. Steiner" what will happen to Marlena. Rolf claims he can take care of her for another ten thousand dollars. Realizing that she would then be broke, Hattie asks for time to consider his offer and goes home to find Roman there with a cop. When he admits he was concerned about her, she responds by declaring her love and then quickly apologizes for his outburst. She does admit that no one has shown her concern for a long time. Sami makes her way back to the cottage and fields a call from Roman. She refuses to reveal where she is and asks him to stop Austin from finding her. Offering to translate for him, Greta convinces Austin to take her to Italy to find Sami and Brandon. Kate does her best to convince Victor to come to bed with her but has no luck. Lucas calls to complain to Nicole and unknowingly reveals where Victor is. She calls Victor and tricks him into buying a hot stock. Brandon reveals to Sami that Angela has a tape which implicates Kate.

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