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Monday, August 28, 2000

Bo comes into the station and Abe offers him the day off so he can go to the hospital and be with Hope. Abe knows that Lexie and Hope are taking their babies in for checkups. Bo says that he feels he needs to keep a routine going and it would drive Hope crazy if he hovered over her all the time. Bo just hopes that the doctor has some good news for Hope because he doesn't think she can take anymore bad news. Abe tells Bo that he knows what he means, and being a father has made him realize that he needs to straighten things out with Larry Morris. Abe realizes something is bothering Bo, and asks him if he wants to talk about it? Bo tells Abe that Hope still doesn't remember her times as Princess Gina, who she was with and what she was doing. Abe thinks Bo is concerned about what Hope might have done with Stefano. Bo replies "Stefano and any one of the other many men Gina had falling at her feet." Abe asks Bo if he thinks little John might not be his son? Bo says that Hope feels their connection is so strong that she wouldn't have made love to anyone else, no matter who she thought she was. Abe suggests Bo talk to Hope about this, but Bo doesn't think Hope is strong enough to deal with the truth. Bo decides to head home to see Hope, and Abe asks him to wait five minutes and he'll go with him to check on Lexie. Bo thinks to himself that perhaps he should tell Hope the truth, perhaps she is strong enough to handle it.

Hope and Lexie go into see the doctor with their babies together. The doctor has never talked to two mothers at the same time. Hope says she knows that even though their babies were born on the same day, she knows Isaac is a healthy baby and hers has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. However, Hope says she feels that her baby's condition is improving, he is getting better. The doctor says Hope is not imagining it, John is getting better. The doctor says that little John is gaining weight much faster and hasn't shown any of the other FAS symptoms. Later, Hope and Lexie go to the docks and stare at the water. They talk about their children and how amazing they are and the feeling they give them. Bo and Abe meet up with Hope and Lexie at Bo and Hope's house, and they get the good news about their baby's. Bo and Hope dance to the radio, and Hope tells Bo that he is a wonderful dad and what they have right now can never be taken away from them by anyone.

Lucas hugs Nicole and says goodbye. Nicole tells Lucas to know that she loves him and will be here when he gets back. Lucas gives Nicole a number of a security agent in case Eric continues to stalk her. Greta shows up at this point, and when she hears Lucas say this through the open door, she pushes it open and can't believe Nicole is still lying to Lucas after she begged her to help her save her marriage. Lucas asks Nicole what Greta is talking about? Nicole tells Lucas that she already told him that she went to see Greta for help. Greta tells Lucas that Nicole is lying, Eric is not stalking Nicole and Nicole wanted her help in fooling him into believing she was committed to their marriage. Still, Lucas believes Eric is stalking Nicole because he understands that when you fall in love with a woman like Nicole, she stays in your system. Greta thinks Lucas is so deluded and is sickened when Lucas tells Nicole he wants to make their marriage work and kisses her. Greta can't believe Lucas could love someone whose entire life are based on lies. Lucas tells Greta that she doesn't know Nicole, how dare she judge her! Greta says she knows Nicole a lot better than he does. Still, Lucas says he will love and trust Nicole till the end of time, and he thinks Greta is feeling rejected by Eric and is blaming Nicole for her problems. Lucas hopes that after what she's been through she will stop being so naive. Greta exclaims "I'm naive, look who's talking!" Nicole thinks the real problem is that Greta is jealous of her strength and courage. Greta informs Nicole that if she was like her in any way then she'd slit her wrists! Lucas tells Greta that he and Nicole are in love and a basic energy that will never go away. Nicole tells Lucas that she loves him so much and is glad they worked through their problems. Greta tells Lucas that he will live to regret this decision. Henderson tells Lucas that Will has fallen asleep in the limo, and then gives Lucas the passports. Greta asks Lucas if he's leaving the country? Lucas lies and says he's going away on business and is just taking the passports in case something happens with the overseas Titan division. Lucas takes off, and Greta tells Nicole that she is despicable.

Nicole replies "Blah Blah Blah, your routine is getting old." Greta hopes Nicole truly suffer for what she's done to her and Eric, but especially to Lucas. Nicole thinks she needs to let go of this anger because it isn't healthy. They continue to sling insults until Greta says this is too twisted for her. Nicole tells Greta that if she wants advice she should go see Reverend Austin, he is good at telling people things to make them feel good but really don't mean squat. Greta yells at Nicole some more, and tells her that despite how awful her life has been nothing gives her the right to be as spiteful as she has become. Greta walks out, and Nicole gets a call from Victor! Victor asks Nicole how she is, and she asks the bastard how in the hell does he think she is. Nicole realizes she can't let him know that she knows the truth, and she yells at Victor for taking Lucas away from her right when things were going well between them. Victor says he thought she was going to divorce him, but Nicole says she has realized she belongs with Lucas because he fulfills all her needs. After Nicole hangs up on Victor, Victor thinks that Nicole doesn't know she is penniless. Nicole tells herself that Victor thinks he has won, but he hasn't. She vows to pay him back and makes a call to someone who will help her. Meanwhile, Greta wonders why Nicole is so desperate to stay with Lucas.

In Italy, Sami watches from the bushes as Senior Moroni holds a gun on Brandon. Angela pleads with her father not to do this. Senior Moronis says Brandon is a dead man unless he can give him a reason not to kill him. Brandon says it would be a shame to get blood all over his designer shoot. Senior Moroni says it takes guts to make a wise crack in the face of death, and he puts his gun away. Senior Moroni says he wasn't going to kill him, this is just a warning, but next time he will kill him. Brandon explains to Senior Moroni that he is here with his girlfriend, the love of his life, and Angela only kissed him because he killed a spider, which frightened her to death, and she was showing her appreciation. Angela tells her father that Brandon is such a gentleman that he lies to protect her. Angela says she kissed Brandon because she likes him. Senior Moroni knows that Brandon has kissed his daughter before, and he is angry with Brandon for lying to him. He tells him that it is time for Brandon and his girlfriend to leave and find someplace else to stay. Brandon says he is sorry but they can't do that. Brandon says that one day years ago, her mother fell in love with her father here, that is why he brought his girlfriend here. Senior Moroni thinks that Brandon is lying, but Angela believes the story and says Brandon will fall in love here, she will fall in love with her. Sami can't believe this and says that girl won't give up until she gets Brandon killed. Brandon says he did nothing to encourage his daughter, he is only here to convince Samantha to marry him. Senior Moroni says this is a special place, he proposed to his late wife here, and he agrees to let Walker to stay. However, he warns Brandon that if he succumbs to Angela's charms, then he will have to marry her!

Sami and Brandon return to the cottage, and Sami tells Brandon that he is amazing. Sami asks him what is next? Brandon says he needs to get closer to Angela, which worries Sami. Sami reminds him of Moroni's warning, but Brandon says he is willing to marry ANgela if it will help her. Sami asks him if he is crazy? Brandon says it is the best way to get Angela to open up. Sami says Moroni wouldn't let him leave ANgela's side, and Angela would expect . . . . Brandon says he is willing to make the sacrifice, but Sami says there has to be another way. Brandon tells Sami to stay here while he goes to find Angela. Sami tells Brandon to please be careful. Brandon leaves and runs into Angela, who apologizes for getting her in trouble. Brandon says he couldn't stay mad at her if he tried because of those wonderful kisses. Back inside, Sami tells herself that Brandon is putting his life on the line for her, and she can't lose him.

Kate can't stop talking about the wonderful dinner she and Victor have just had, but Victor is angry because Lucas is not here yet. He wonders where Lucas is because he is vital to their plan. Kate tells him to relax, Lucas will be here and will slip the herb into Sami's food and drink, not realizing that the herb will do Sami permanent damage and not just confuse her as they plan to tell him. Later, Victor receives more papers from the states. Victor tells Kate to put them on the table because he has more important things to think about. Kate tells herself that is what she is counting on. Victor wishes someone else could take care of these things, and he looks over some papers. Kate tells him to just sign them and forget about it, but Victor refuses and says he didn't get where he is today by neglecting details and fine print. Later, Kate calls Lucas, who is on the way to the airport with will, which relieves Kate. Lucas warns Kate that she better not put Will in jeopardy. Kate says she loves Will and would never do such a thing. Kate asks if he has brought the disguise, and he says yes. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. It is the deliveryman with another package of papers for Victor. Kate tells Lucas that she plans to slip in some papers to secure their future in with a batch of these, which will ensure their future. Lucas thinks that is risky, but Kate says she has no choice. Lucas says she is going to screw everything up if she does this, but Kate reminds him that he is the one who screwed things up for them.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Hoping to drive up ratings for her radio show, Nancy suggests to Marlena that she spice things up a bit. Marlena states that she's happy with the way the show is going right now. When Marlena asks her about a change in Chloe she might have noticed, Nancy admits that she thinks Chloe is causing problems between her and Craig to the point where Craig now thinks Nancy needs professional help. Meanwhile, still complaining about Marlena taking over the radio show, Hattie realizes that she looks a bit like "Dr. Evans." Worried that Bo is feeling guilty, Hope asks if he blames himself for their son's illness. Bo assures her he doesn't. When he asks to talk about her past as Gina, she realizes that she may have been with other men during that missing time of her life. Abe updates Lexie on his meeting with Brandon's mother FayeMendez and admits he's worried that Brandon could be abusive like his father. As they talk about Bo and Hope, Lexie decides to urge Bo to get a DNA test. Fayeadvises Nicole that money was always a security blanket for Victor. Lucas dresses as a surfer looking for a job as a waiter to put part one of Victor's plan into action for Sami.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Bo admits that he is bothered by the fact that she pushed him away when she was Gina, and he doesn't know who she was with. Hope begins to realize that Bo thinks she was unfaithful to him, and that little John could be someone else's child. Hope assures him that she could never be with another man no matter who she thought she was. Bo starts talking about what a horrible person DiMera is, but Hope reminds him that it was Stefano who saved the life of their child. Bo wishes he knew why Stefano hated his family, and he mentions the idea of going to Ireland to find out to Hope. Hope tells him that she couldn't possibly go with him because she can't take little John away from his doctor at this time, and she is also worried about the danger to Bo if he goes. John comes into the station and is furious with Roman, who picked Brady up for buying booze. Roman says they haven't arrested him, they are just holding him. John feels he should have been called before they even brought Brady in, but Roman tells him that he is no longer the commander here. They end up in a huge argument when Roman doesn't want Sami and Will coming to the penthouse and being around Brady, because he thinks Brady is a bad kid. John points out that Eric and Sami aren't exactly the kids of the year, but when he was raising them they were angels. Roman doesn't like that comment at all, and John likes it less when Roman refers to Marlena as his wife. Eventually, Roman informs John that the next time Brady lands in trouble they will throw the book at him! John goes to pick Brady up, and Brady gives John an attitude, as usual.

Hattie comes in wearing a scarf, and Fayejust knows she's done something to her hair. When Hattie finally shows her hair, Fayetells her that she looks just like Dr. Marlena! Hattie says she did not cut her hair to look like Marlena, but Fayedoesn't believe her and teases her about it. When Roman and Abe come in for some chow, Roman can't believe how much Hattie looks like someone he knows. She tells him if he says Dr. Marlena she will shoot him! Meanwhile, Abe talks with Fayeand thanks her for all the support she gave him years ago during a tough time in his life. Fayesays she didn't think she supported him as much as he supported her. Fayesecretly hopes that Brandon never finds out just how supportive she and Abe were of one another.

In Italy, Moroni comes over and tells Kate how beautiful she is. Victor shows up, and he says he hopes they can work through their problems and become associates again, which Moroni says he'd like. They then introduce him to Lucas the beach bum who needs to learn the value of a dollar. Moroni says he has a daughter with the same problem, and he agrees to give him a job as a dishwasher. Kate asks Moroni not to let anyone know that this is her son, that fact must be kept a secret. Before Lucas takes off, Kate tells him to make sure he adds five dashes to Sami's dinner.

Brandon talks with Angela and even hints that he might be tempted to marry her if it wasn't for Sami. ANgela thinks that Brandon belongs with her and not that horrible Sami who treats him like dirt. Brandon flirts with Angela and eventually gets Angela to admit that Roberto confessed to killing Franco for the all mighty dollar. Sami watches them together and gets a bit jealous of them together, so she butts in and she and Brandon put on a show to make Angela a bit jealous. They share a kiss, but Brandon keeps telling her that they have to keep kissing to make it look good. Later they go to the restaurant for dinner where Sami orders spaghetti, unaware that Lucas is about planning to add something a little extra to her sauce.

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Thursday, August 31, 2000

Philip invites Chloe out to a movie but then suggests that Shawn and Belle join them as well. She and Belle agree to meet the guys in front of the theater. Chloe urges Belle to dress seductively for Shawn's sake. Philip calls Victor in Italy and his father quickly guesses he needs money. Philip assures him that he's not been gambling but has been working hard this summer. Victor agrees to transfer some money to his account and hints to Philip that he and his mother might get married. Nicole confronts Marie to find out where Victor and Kate are but Marie won't talk. Austin asks what's upsetting her but Nicole lies and claims that she's just checking on a new location shoot. Austin lets her know that he's aware of her interest in Eric, thanks to Greta. She then decides to write a note to Victor. At the restaurant Lucas catches wind of Sami's order and douses it with the special herbs. Sami eats her spaghetti and goes on a walk later with Brandon. Acting a bit tipsy, Sami asks Brandon to tell her all about himself, resting her head on his shoulder as she listens. Victor receives some good news over the phone and kisses Kate passionately as a result. Hope tries to convince Bo that little John is his baby.

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Friday, September 1, 2000

Chloe and Belle dress to kill for their movie dates with Philip and Shawn. The boys are impressed to discover that Chloe follows baseball and knows her stats. As the movie becomes scarey and Philip leaves to get more popcorn, Chloe ends up grabbing Shawn. Belle's upset when she hears Shawn assure her rival that he'll protect her. Outside the theater afterwards, Belle complains to Mimi that Chloe was going after Shawn. Rolf uses Bart to try to find out some answers from Hattie. Finally talking with her, Bart suggests to Hattie that she could do a better job on the radio show than Marlena. Abe starts Fay's heart beating quickly when he admits that he's been thinking about their night together years ago. She evades his questions when he starts asking about Brandon. Hope surprises Bo by unbuttoning his shirt and announcing that she wants to get pregnant again. The two then make love. A drugged Sami tells Brandon that she wants to be "his girl." She asks him to carry her home but before anything can happen, Lucas calls and, with a disguised voice, asks Brandon to return to the restaurant to clear up a problem with the bill. Lucas is shocked to run into Angela. Kate uses a doll that looks like Will to try to wake Sami and bring her to a window.

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