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Monday, June 19, 2000

The owner of the strip club orders Brandon and Sami to get out. When they refuse, Bruno the bouncer steps in and shows his gun. After a fight, Brandon eventually works out a deal which impresses Sami. Eric tries to convince Nicole to go to the ER to be examined but she refuses and insists that she is fine. Both Eric and Austin run after her when she suddenly bolts from the Blue Note. Eric sends Austin back in and offers to take Nicole to the hospital himself. As they drive, Nicole boasts that she is fine and asks him to take her home. Meanwhile, Greta complains to Austin that Eric obviously cares more about Nicole. Austin stands up for his friend but Greta's not impressed. Bo talks with Dr. Bader about the baby being constantly upset. The doctor assures him that the baby is fine. Shawn and his friends have fun at the house until Bo comes home and yells at them for making a mess of the place. He later apologizes to them for losing his cool. Bart and Rolf toss Marlo's lifeless body into the lake. Rolf then announces that he's disappearing for awhile. Lexie lies to Abe and claims that Marlo moved to Chicago.

Tuesday, June 20, 2000

Stefano gives John the idea of having Hope's new baby's blood tested to see who is the real father. Sami hints to John that she's going to get Will back but before she can explain how, Brandon interrupts. While talking with Dr. Bader, John spots Hope's medical file and schemes to find out what he wants to know. Mimi resents it when she realizes that Belle thinks that she's on drugs. She denies it and blasts her for thinking that she would ever do drugs. Shawn hints to Chloe that because of a canceled trip, he might be attending the dance. When she starts to talk on and on about a nursery rhyme from her past, Shawn finally leaves while Chloe wonders why she remembered the song. When Stefano stops by to see his grandson, Lexie refuses and admits she's furious with what happened at his mansion. She finally comes around after Stefano claims Marlo's death was an accident. Faye confronts Brandon on why he's trying to hurt Abe. Bo and Hope agree to name their new son John. Later, when John finds out, he suggests they choose another.

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Shawn and Belle agree to keep an eye on Mimi this summer but then end up arguing after Belle reveals that she and the other gals are going to the Last Blast Dance as a group. When Chloe offers Mimi her help, Mimi refuses the offer and insults her to end the conversation. Philip spots the argument and asks Chloe if she is okay. He's impressed when he watches her tend to a dead bird and bury it. Taking off her glasses, he compliments her beautiful blue eyes and refuses to give back her glasses unless she agrees to go to the dance with him. She accepts. Impressed by their cool car, Mimi asks a couple of teen thugs how they got the money for the "wheels." They offer to help her make some easy money. Austin offers Greta advice about her relationship with Eric and urges her not to give up on the love she feels for him just because of Nicole. Sami presses Eric to get back together with Nicole but when he accuses her of only wanting them to be together for her sake, she insists she is doing this for Will's sake. She then suggests he buy Greta the movie "Snow White" to get back on her good side. Dr. Bader examines Nicole when she complains of a stomach pain. Eric overhears that tests were ordered and guesses that she might be pregnant.

Thursday, June 22, 2000

Philip and Shawn play the last game of the Tournament; Whoever wins this game has to ask Chloe to the Last Blast. While this is going on Belle and Chloe are at Salem Place talking about Mimi and the way she has been acting. They also talk about the Last Blast and Philip. Belle tells Chloe that she thinks Chloe is afraid to be nice to Philip, that she may start liking him. She continues to say that she thinks Shawn likes Chloe, because they have so much in common. Chloe agrees to go to the Last Blast, but privately says to herself that if Belle gets a date she is not going. Mimi goes to some room with two guys, because she need money and they say they can help her out. She says she will do anything, but then questions what it is they want her to do. They accuse her of being an nark, but when she tries to leave they stop her. They finally let her go, but remind her to not say a word, they know where she is. She goes to dotCom and watches the excitement going on inside through the window. She sees Belle and Chloe go inside and thinks to herself that Belle doesn't need her anymore as a friend, she has Chloe. Inside Shawn and Philip finish up the tournament...who wins?

At Titan, Kate is in her office thinking about the many times she has spent with Nicholas. Lucas comes in and asks what she is thinking about. She says Brandon Walker. He questions that and she explains about Sami going to his house and leaving Will with a babysitter when Lucas and Nicole where away. They then begin to argue about Nicole and the way she acts with Will. The conversation turns back to Sami, Kate says she will do anything to get what she wants and they can't trust her. Nicholas, who is looking for Victor finds out he is not there. He then goes to Kate's office, barging in on Kate and Lucas's conversation. Lucas tells him to leave, but he says no. Nicholas continues to say that Kate is his love and his life. Lucas questions this, but Kate tells him she needs to speak with Nicholas alone. Once Lucas is out of the office she asks Nicholas if he has lost his mind. He says yes and that he is going to tell Victor everything. Meanwhile in the photo lab, Eric and Nicole are talking about her appointment with Dr. Bader. Nicole says she is scared. She starts to tell Eric about her past with her father, but doesn't finish. As she is telling Eric to hold her Lucas walks in and questions what is going on. Bo, Hope, and John are at the hospital discussing the baby's name when Dr. Bader comes in to release Hope. She says the baby has to stay. John walks out of the room so Dr. Bader can talk to Bo and Hope. He goes to the nursery to see what is wrong with the baby where he talks to a nurse. She says the baby may have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. She explains the symptoms to John. He goes into the nursery to see the boy and starts to talk to him. He tells him that he needs to be strong, then asks himself if he could be the baby's father. Dr. Bader tells Bo and Hope that the baby has a fever, but his vital signs are at normal range. She tries to convince Hope to go home. Hope finally agrees, but only after they see the baby.

Friday, June 23, 2000

At Titan, Kate and Nicholas have a discussion about Nicholas's profound love for Kate. She explains that if he tells Victor that rumors and gossip will be spread around all over, but Nicholas doesn't care about that. Kate informs Nicholas that she will always be with Victor and they will never be together. After this conversation, Nicholas walks out of Kate's office. Kate fantasizes about her and Victor. Victor is washing her back and telling her how much he loves her and can't wait to marry her. Kate then hugs the stuffed animal that Nicholas gave her and hopes that he will get on with his life and except that she is with Victor.

Victor's doctor comes to talk with him. Victor says he is feeling better. After their conversation, Victor asks Marie to clear Kate's calendar cause he wants to take her somewhere romantic. Marie suggest a romantic getaway to Hawaii. Victor hopes this getaway will help him and Kate. Nicholas barges in Victors office and Victor is not happy with that. He tells him to make an appointment in the future. Nicholas tell Victor that he has something very important to discuss with him....his impotency.

In the photo lab, Lucas has walked in on Nicole and Eric hugging. Lucas tells Eric to get his hand off his wife. They start to yell and almost get in a fight, but Nicole stops them. Nicole tells Eric that she need to talk with Lucas. Nicole explains the situation to her husband. He says he though she was over Eric, but that didn't seem to be the case. Finally Nicole stops him and says that Eric was comforting her because she went to the doctor and was scared about what was wrong with her. She explains everything that happened. Nicole tells Lucas about how Kate and Victor treat her and he just stand by and let's it happen. He apologizes for that. Then he starts in on her about Eric. He tries to hold her, but she tells him to stay away from her, and she runs out.

Belle and Chloe run into Greta at dotCom. She is there to by CD's. She has bought some piano music and Snow White. She says she is like Snow White, cause she ran away to the bayou. They explain to Chloe about Greta's past in the bayou.

While this is going on Shawn has just won the tournament. So Philip has to ask Chole to the Last Blast. Philip tries to get out of it by saying he'll do it tomorrow, but Jan and Jason insist he does it now. Shawn suggests that he ask Belle since he is going, but Philip blows up at Shawn about that. Finally they convince Philip to ask her. They all walk over to where Belle and Chloe are sitting. He then starts apologizing for the way he has treated Chloe. Followed by his big question...will you go to the Last Blast with me? Chloe along with Belle is very stunned. Chloe starts to say no, but Belle pulls her aside and begs her to say yes. Back at the table the others are sitting and they discuss Philip wanting to be crowned King, but that will only happen if he is with Belle at the dance. Philip prays that Chloe will say no.

Eric arrives at Greta's apartment and knocks on the door. After he bangs on it for awhile with her yelling for him to go away she finally answers the door. He pushes past her and goes inside. They start arguing about what happened the night before with Eric and Nicole. Greta feels that more is going on than what shows. Eric tells her that he is not in love with Nicole and she can either except it or leave it and walks out the door. She says the next move is up to Eric. Eric goes to a video store to buy a copy of Snow White. The guy working send him to the porn section. He picks up a movie called Locker Room Lolitta XXX and the girl on the cover of this movie is Nicole.

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