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Monday, April 17, 2000

Days opens with Austin and Philip at the Dotcom café. They're playing a computer game, and Philip loses. Austin asks Philip, okay what's up, who is she? Philip says it's not what your thinking, not a girl I want to go out with, just a weird girl. He said, I was just trying to be nice to her and I got a weird vibe from her --- like she liked me or something. Austin said, so you just blew her off then?! And, also said, "You have to treat women with respect, or you'll end up a very lonely person." Austin spots Greta, and goes and talks to her. He says, "Hey, Snow White." He asks how dinner was, because she was going to make dinner for Eric, but it didn't turn out so well. Greta tells Austin she and Eric went to Tuscany for dinner instead and ran into Nicole. Greta states that Nicole always gets this look in her eye every time she sees Eric. Like Nicole wants him, and how Greta feels a bit threatened by that, and Austin points that out to her. Meanwhile, Nicole is at Eric's apartment, and Nicole tried to kiss Eric, but he pulled away, and Nicole says, "You just wanted to kiss me just now didn't you"? He says, "Nicole your married and you have no business being here alone with me." Eric also says to Nicole to go home to her husband, and she says, "I can't, not until I m honest with you." Abe and Lexie are in bed just having made love, and Lexie brings up having children again. She wants to adopt. Lexie wants their relationship to be the way it used to be; To be able to make love without the sole purpose of creating a child. Next, are John and Stefano. John is at Stefano's mansion, demanding information. Stefano is telling John that if the "truth" came out about John being the father of Hope's baby, what ramifications could there be?! John's marriage could be over; Bo and Hope could be finished completely. Stefano pins it all on John and says it all depends on John, and that John should tell him "EVERYTHING" he knows. Bo and Hope are at the Jazz club. Hope is recanting a memory she had when she was in the turret. It was when she had one of her bad feelings about Bo and Shawn being in danger on New Year's Eve. Bo flashes back to when he and Gina/Hope were at the Horton cabin and "making love." After they were done, he was crying and thinking, this is different, this isn'tHope, and says to himself, "Hope, where are you?" But he ends up telling Hope that it's a connection they have and that the important thing was that they have each other and that connection. He asks her how long it took Hope to get her memory back. She doesn't really know and questions him as to why he doesn't "really" want her to remember?! Back to John and Stefano: Stefano asks John if he is going to reveal ALL his memories to him?! John says that he wants Stefano's word that Hope will NOT remember what happened on that submarine. Stefano says, Alas, the return of Hope's memory is not up to me. John says that's crazy, a load of bull. John runs down a list of Stefano's crimes: mind control, erasing people's memory, new identities . John also says, look at what you did to me. Stefano says, oh John you give me WAY too much credit. Stefano is fixing his chess set while John is saying that he---Stefano---changed him from Forrest Alamain; to "Father John Black", a bogus priest/mercenary; then Roman Brady as a good cop, married with children. John continues to tell Stefano that after all he's done to John he still wasn't satisfied, he goes after an "innocent" woman and Hope Williams. All the while this conversation is going on, Rolf is eavesdropping in on their conversation. John talks about forged masterpieces and priceless paintings in order to "fill his [Stefano's] ego. Stefano, of course, denies everything. But John persists, and says, that he saw all the paintings, as well as Marlena and Lilie Faversham, in the Paris castle that burnt down.

Stefano is emphatically denying anything to do with the stolen masterpieces and any knowledge of an underground dungeon where he had the paintings kept. But John tells him that he "REMEMBERS." John says he remembers everything , and Rolf is still listening. Stefano, of course, plays it real cool, but you can also sense that he is just a tad bit unnerved.

Back to Abe and Lexie; she's talking about adoption again. They re still in bed, after their "romantic" evening, with candles still lit, and she's trying to push the adoption issue. Abe is reluctant to adopt, and wants to have Lexie "carry" his baby. Lexie then comments on how Bo is reacting to Hope's pregnancy. Abe agrees and says, yah, he does seem a bit quiet and nonchalant about the pregnancy.

Hope and Bo are still talking about what Hope/Gina was up too. No one will tell the "real" Hope what happened to her the last year. Hope wants/needs to know, and no one will tell her. Hope is recanting to Bo how scared she was for Bo and Shawn. How she got this feeling that they were in trouble. She's asking him again what happened to Bo and Shawn D. on New Year's Eve.

Meanwhile, back at the Dotcom café, Philip runs into Mimi. She's returning a CD for some money, but Philip takes the money and "INSISTS" she pay for coffee and treats. But she doesn't really have the money and tries to resist because she really doesn't have the money. But, Philip really doesn't get it or have a clue that he is really being rude and obnoxious.

Greta and Austin are still at the café and Austin is trying to reassure Greta that there is nothing between Eric and Nicole anymore. Greta says that Nicole is SO beautiful and sexy, ect., that maybe she doesn't have a chance with Eric. Austin says that really isn't so.

Nicole is at Eric's apartment in her sexy, pale yellow dress. Nicole is trying to convince Eric that she wants Sami to have "full" custody of Will. Eric tells Nicole that there is only ONE way that Sami can gain full custody of Will. And that way is if Nicole says that she married Lucas "only" to get full custody of Will. She, boldly lies to Eric, and says that's not the truth. She says the truth is, the reason why she married Lucas was because of Eric.

Eric is in disbelief. He rhetorically asks, "You married Lucas because of ME?." Nicole says, I m not blaming you Eric. She says the only way I could get over you was to marry Lucas. Eric asks Nicole then that the only reason she married Lucas was to split her and Eric up? She said it was to only make Eric hate her. Eric tells her, that it worked like a charm, and that she made them both miserable. She acts surprised and says, "Well, you are happy aren'tyou?" Didn'tyou move on and become happy with Greta?

Dotcom café: Austin and Greta are still there. Austin is moving back into his old apartment that he had with Carrie. He asks Greta for help and she helps him. Mimi runs out of the café because she's upset about losing that money for returning her CD.

Abe and Lexie are still discussing Bo and Hope and the baby. Lexie still contends that Bo is not really completely happy with the prospect of having the baby. Abe says maybe it has something to do with Stefano. Lexie gets offended.

Rolf is still eavesdropping on John and Stefano. John recants what happened when the plane was about to crash and had a bomb, etc. How John turned into "Solider John." John tells Stefano how he's remembering more and more. Stefano says there's no way, and John has another flash back, to the dungeon, where he just "acquired" another painting, and how Stefano was enjoying a brandy and John/Solider/Father Black was enjoying his latest acquisition. A painting! The memory also implicates Gina, and how "good" of friends John and Stefano were. John's flashback also includes how he was enjoying his latest acquisition, and saying to himself that he would acquire ALL the Renets. John tells Stefano that.

Bo and Hope are still discussing New Year's Eve. Hope is pressing Bo to tell her why Bo and Shawn D. were in danger. Bo flashes back to that night, and he tells Hope that it makes sense that Hope had a sense or a feeling about that night. He tells her that was the night that He married her---Gina/Hope. Hope is naturally upset. She goes into labor.

Rolf is still listening in on John and Stefano's conversation. John is telling Stefano that he has incriminating evidence against him, and that he has everything on the computer. Stefano is "trying" to call his bluff and asks John if he thinks he can threaten him with his inane ideas? John thinks he has the upper hand because he doesn't intend to turn in that evidence to the authorities, but in the event of John's death, everything will automatically be sent to Lexie. Stefano again plays it cool, but you can still tell he's uptight about it.

Lexie and Abe are semi-arguing about Stefano again. They calm down a bit, and then Bo calls.

Hope is in shock that Bo married "Gina." She asks him HOW he could have done that? He says he knew it wasn't "Hope", but he pushed his feelings aside in hopes that it was "really" Hope that he was marrying. Hope goes into what looks like labor.

Philip and Mimi are still at the café. Philip is sort of defending Chloe, but Mimi is giving him a hard time.

Greta is at Austin's apartment, helping him move in and decorate. They re talking about honesty and how "honest" Eric is. Greta goes to visit Eric, but Nicole is still there. Nicole hides, but then, Austin barges in because he is looking for a radio that he loaned Eric. Greta questions Eric as to why he's SO uncomfortable, but he doesn't really have an answer. Austin finds Nicole in Eric's bedroom closet, and asks her what she's doing there?!

Back to John and Stefano. John picks up a chess piece and says "checkmate", Stefano DiMera." John is questioning Stefano on how Lexie would REALLY feel on what kind of person Stefano REALLY is. Stefano asks John what kind of deal he is asking for. John says guarantee me that Hope will NEVER remember what happened on that submarine.

John asks Stefano if they have a deal. Stefano says he'll have to get back to John. John says okay, but let me know SOON. Rolf enters, and tells Stefano that he's trained John well. Stefano comments that John can be ruthless, indeed. And says that John is arrogant, but that he can't come up against Stefano. Stefano says that he can't lose. Meanwhile, outside the DiMera house, John says this time Stefano will lose, and that John is in control this time.

Bo is talking to Lexie, and is telling her that Hope is in labor and that they re on their way to the clinic . Lexie says she'll meet them there.

Tuesday, April 18, 2000

At the Wesley's, Craig arrived after being out of town. He came upon Chloe and asked her what was going on with his father-in-law. He asked her if she knew when he would be leaving. He'll be leaving soon and when he goes "I'm going with him" she said. Craig asked her why she had decided to go live with his father-in-law. She claimed she was used to being unnoticed and she would get that there. She said she wasn't used to being watched all the time. Craig said he thought she and Nancy had been getting closer. She said she could never be close to Nancy. When Craig asked her why she said "Because she's a liar. She lies about everything and she's lying to you, Craig" He asked her what she meant by that but she immediately covered. She said she didn't mean anything and what mattered was that she "hated Salem and it's mindless boys" and that is why she's going to live with Nancy's father. He asked her to tell him what happened while he was away and who hurt her. She remembered Philip asking her to keep quiet about the fact that he walked her home from the pub. She wiped away a tear. Craig told her she could talk to him but she said there was nothing to tell...she'd made up her mind. He reminded Chloe that Nancy was a very loving person who had opened her heart and home. He told her she should stop being so selfish and think about how leaving now would devastate Nancy. He said that while he could understand her reasons for wanting to leave he couldn't understand why his father-in-law would want to take her in. She said nothing. He told her he'd leave her alone to think about whether she was going to stay there with him and Nancy or "run away" with Nancy's father.

At the hospital, Hope was taken into the ER to find out why she was having contractions. Lexie arrived and told Bo she'd tell him what was happening as soon as she knew. While Bo was awaiting word on Hope to himself he thought "God forgive me but if something were to happen to this baby maybe it would be for the best." He immediately realized he was wrong for thinking such a thing as an innocent baby was involved. The doctor discovered Hope was having "Braxton Hicks." They stopped the contractions with medication and said the baby was fine. Lexie told Bo Hope needed to take it easy and avoid stress as that is probably what caused the contractions in the first place. Dr. Bader told Hope because they were going to run a series of tests on her and the baby in the morning she should just spend the night at the hospital. Hope said she hadn't been apart from Bo since he'd rescued her and she wasn't going to start now. Lexie explained they'd set up another bed so Bo could stay with her. They both agreed to stay. Bo asked Hope if she remembered what they were talking about when the contractions began. She said she'd gotten stressed when he told her he'd married Princess Gina. He told her for the sake of her health they must avoid talk of the past. She said at some point she will need to know what happened. Bo promised her he'd be "together" with her through all of this. She said he hadn't been acting like a happy expectant father. He told her that was because he was worried about her and her health. She asked him if he was "together" with her on this pregnancy. He said "Yea" and held her in his arms. He told her they needed to concentrate on their future and "live for our love." To himself, he thought it may be the only way they can get through this. "Live for our love...maybe your right." Hope said.

At he penthouse, John arrived and was angry with himself for allowing Stefano to push his buttons. To himself he said he had to stay in control of the situation. Marlena came upon him and asked what was going on. She asked him where he'd been and when he he told her he'd been at Stefano's she got upset. She told him he never should have went there alone. He promised her he could handle Stefano and said the reason he'd gone there was for Hope. He said he wanted to find out from Stefano whether or not Hope would regain her memory. When she asked him what Stefano said he told her Stefano seemed unsure. He said he believed Stefano really didn't know what was going to happen with Hope's memory. Marlena asked John why it was so important to him that Hope not remember the past year. He told her she was right about him not wanting Hope to remember. He said Hope remembering Stefano's misdeeds would be a good thing because Stefano would finally be put away but Hope remembering Bo NOT being the baby's father may send her over the edge. He said a secret like that could surely wreck a relationship and he didn't want to see that happen. He promised her as far as Stefano goes he will conquer as long as he has her love. He told her Stefano would never control him again. He kissed her passionately and carried her upstairs to their bedroom. After making love he returned to the balcony and vowed to himself that this time "John Black will win"

At Stefano's, Stefano and Rolf were discussing the possibility of Hope regaining her memory. Rolf said he didn't think it was going to happen but he couldn't make any guarantees. Stefano said their only option was to pray Hope doesn't remember anything before the baby is born. Rolf said once the baby was safely delivered they would have to get Hope into his laboratory so he could check the microchip in her brain and reprogram it to make sure she doesn't remember anything that has happened in the past year. Stefano told Rolf that once Lexie unwittingly gives him the information he needs regarding Hope's baby everything will begin to take place. He said if he is the baby's father he will make sure the baby is taken care of by him. He said his baby would not be raised as a Brady. He told Rolf if the baby is John's than he will thoroughly enjoy tormenting him with that knowledge. He said either way he'll be the winner.

At Eric's apartment, Greta asked him if their was a problem. He feigned innocence and asked her what she meant. She said she'd noticed he'd been jumpy ever since she and Austin arrived. Meanwhile in Eric's bedroom Austin pulled Nicole out of the closet and demanded to know what was going on. She asked him not to tell Greta she was there. He told her they were going in the other room and she was going to explain herself to him and to Greta. Nicole told Austin nothing was going on between her and Eric but Greta would never believe it if she came out of Eric's bedroom to greet her. Greta would not be able to handle it as "She is too fragile right now. She just buried her mother." Nicole said. Austin asked her when she started caring about Greta's feelings. "I do feel for her" Nicole told him. Austin agreed not to tell Greta on the condition that Nicole start acting with some self-respect. He said he wanted her to stop coming on to him and for them to have a "civil" relationship. She promised to behave. Back in the living room Eric denied being jumpy. He told Greta he hadn't been expecting company and was tired. She apologized for barging in and said she'd go get Austin so they could leave him alone. As she started to go to the bedroom she asked "I wonder what's taking him so long?" Eric told her not to go in his bedroom. She asked him why she couldn't go in his bedroom and he told her it was no big deal...they could just wait for Austn to finish. He explained that Austin should be out any minute. Greta seemed uncomfortable. When Austin emerged from the bedroom with the radio Greta asked him what took so long. "Did you have a hard time finding it?" she asked. "No. It was right there in plain view." he said while looking pointedly at Eric. He told Greta they should go because they seemed to have arrived at a bad time. "A bad time?" Greta asked. He said it was obvious Eric hadn't been expecting them and that he looked tired so they should go. Greta asked Austin what was going on. She said "earlier you were all gung ho to come over here and now your not." Austin explained he still had a lot of things he needed to do before he'd be ready to spring his surprise on Sami. Greta kissed Eric on the cheek and told him she'd call him tomorrow. In the hallway Greta told Austin she wanted to know the truth. "What was really going on?" she asked. Before going into his apartment he told her he just wanted to finish up the last few details for his surprise and then get her home. Back in Eric's apartment he was wracked with guilt over lying to Greta. Nicole came out of hiding and told Eric he had the opportunity to tell Greta the truth but didn't. "Why is that?" she asked. She suggested the possibility that something was "going on" between them. Eric denied it. He told her nothing was "going on" between them and that it was wrong for her to be there. He said he should have just told Greta the reason Nicole was there was because she wanted to talk to him about Sami regaining custody of Will. He said everything would have been fine if he'd told her the truth. "Then why did you choose to hide me?" Nicole asked. He didn't respond. She told him she'd convinced Austin not to tell Greta. She didn't want to hurt Greta "That's why I stayed hidden." she said. Rather than admit any feelings he had for her he said the reason he didn't tell Greta the truth was because she's "sensitive and new to dating." He said he didn't think she'd understand. Nicole suggested that because Greta is "sensitive and new to dating" she would probably feel "jealousy" if she saw her there. He angrily told her Greta would not be jealous. He said the relationship he has with Greta is completely different from the one they shared. He not very convincingly told her that was just the way he wanted it. He said he wouldn't discuss Greta with her and told her it was time for her to go. She claimed she was only trying to be a friend by giving him her insight on Greta. He told her he didn't want her opinion. "Fine" she said and left. Once in the hallway to herself she said "the night isn't over yet." She stood in front of Austin's door. While pressing her ear up to the door trying to hear something she took a bottle of perfume out of her purse. She sprayed it a few times then smiled smugly as she walked away unnoticed. Austin and Greta emerged. "What's that smell?" she asked him while he was locking the door. He claimed he didn't smell anything but she remembered where she had smelled that scent before. "That's Nicole's perfume" she said. Austin tried to explain it away saying many women must wear that perfume. Grea said that wasn't true. He told her to forget about it. "C'mon it's time to go" he said. She was hesitant while eyeing Eric's door.

Wednesday, April 19, 2000

Bo wakes up at the hospital and Hope is sleeping on his chest. Hope wakes up as well and asks if it is raining? Shawn is standing over their bed sprinkling water on them to wake them up. Shawn asks why his mom had to stay overnight, so Hope and Bo explain to him what happened. Shawn has to go to school, so he leaves. Lexie says that the amnio will begin when Dr. Bader shows up, and she will come back for it, but right now she has to check on some patients. Hope begins to feel guilty about not being able to take care of her baby because she didn't know she was pregnant. Lexie returns, so Bo asks her to hang with Hope while he goes and cleans himself up a bit. Hope talks about her baby, but then apologizes because she knows she and Abe are trying. Lexie tells her that doesn't mean she can't be happy for her. Lexie explains how the amnio work, and she says that this will answer all her questions about the baby.

Belle surprises her dad with breakfast. Marlena has left on her trip, and Belle has been left in charge of her dad. John wonders what the wonderful breakfast is for because she is queen of the snooze alarm. Belle says she just wanted him to know what a wonderful father he was. Suddenly, Philip calls and asks Belle to have coffee before school, but she says she is having breakfast with her dad. Philip asks her to come watch him play baseball this weekend, and she says she may come and bring Chloe with her. Philip says whatever, and that he plays better when she's cheering him on from the stands. Belle tells Philip that is such a line. Belle returns to her dad, and tells him about how different all her friends' parents are, they are either separated or fooling around, they don't act like they are in love. The phone rings again, so Belle answers it. This time it is Mimi, who has some gossip about Chloe.

Mimi tells Belle that somebody saw Chloe on the docks after dark with a guy! Belle asks who she was with? Mimi says she doesn't know, but what type of girl goes down to the docks after dark? Belle says that Chloe is a great girl, and tells Mimi that she will see her at school. Belle talks to her dad about Chloe and how everyone gives her a hard time, but she is such a great girl, and she can sing beautifully. The phone rings yet again, this time it is Shawn. Shawn asks Belle if she's talked to Chloe, he's worried about her. Belle hasn't, and says she will stop by the Wesley's house of the way to school to see if she is okay. Belle tells her dad that she has to stop by Chloe's house on the way to school. She also tells her dad that Shawn's mom is in the hospital, she's having tests on the baby. Shawn had told her where Hope was while they were talking. Belle leaves, and John worries about Hope and the baby.

John shows up at the hospital and asks Bo how Hope is doing? Bo says she is doing okay, and she still doesn't remember the past year. John tries to help Bo by saying they have similar situations, he couldn't love Eric or Sami more if they were his own. Bo tells John that the difference is he knows who their father is, and soon he'll know who the father of Hope's baby is. John asks how he will do that? Bo says he's planning to get some of Stefano's DNA and try to match it to the amniotic fluid from Hope's child.

Mimi meets Philip in Salem Place and tells him that someone saw Ghoul Girl at the docks last night with a guy. Philip asks if anyone saw who the guy was? Mimi says no, and he was probably wearing a mask so nobody saw who he was. Later they run into Shawn, and Mimi warns him that a guy was spotted with Chloe last night, and when they find out who it is he will become a social outcast. Shawn tells Mimi that nobody tells him who he should be friends with. Mimi asks where Belle is, and Shawn says she went over to see CHloe. Mimi freaks out and starts crying about how Belle is her best friend and she can't loose her, and she runs off.

Craig talks with Dr. Miller about him taking Chloe back to live with him. Dr. Miller says he made the offer but didn't know if she accepted it. Dr. Miller says she has accepted it, and congratulates him on his new tax deduction. Nancy becomes upset and storms off, and Dr. Miller blames him for it. Dr. Miller says that Nancy is always urging him to give her husband a chance, but every time he tries to have a man to man conversation with him, they end up one man short. Dr. Miller and Craig ending up arguing about anything and everything, including Craig and Nancy's lack of children. Craig says he will run upstairs right now and try to impregnate his wife. Dr. Miller is not amused and says postponing having children is the right thing because he is much too selfish to make the necessary sacrifices. Craig wonders what Dr. Miller sacrificed for his daughter, other than her self-esteem? Craig ends up telling Dr. Miller to go to hell, and storms off.

Chloe tells the dogs that they are the only ones around this house that she is going to miss. Nancy shows up and tells Chloe that she'll finish packing her stuff for her so she can go to school. Chloe is shocked that she would do this for her, but thanks her. Chloe goes to leave, and Nancy tells her that rejection is a real bummer isn't it? Chloe asks what that is supposed to mean? Nancy says that she knows that her father is taking her place in her life. Chloe says that with her gone she will have her life back. Chloe tells Nancy that she knows she didn't want her to come back because it almost caused her perfect life and marriage to crash and burn. Nancy tells Chloe that no matter how hard she tries to convince her that she is the reason she is leaving, she won't buy it.

Nancy then realizes that she is the reason she is leaving, she's afraid someone will find out that she is her mother. She's afraid that if they get close, they may work things out. Nancy also knows she is running from someone else, and she asks who that someone is? Chloe tells her mom that she is so wrong once again and wonders where she got that idea? Nancy says she was just guessing from her own experiences as a teen, but she is right. Nancy asks Chloe to let her to help, but Chloe doesn't want her help and orders her mom out of the room. Nancy says fine, she will go downstairs and alert her father that she is moving in with him this weekend. After she leaves, Chloe tries to tell herself that Nancy and her aren't really mom and daughter, and she doesn't know her.

Belle shows up to see if Chloe wants to walk to school with her today. Chloe says she will walk with her today, but they it won't be a regular thing because she is getting the hell out of Salem. After they leave, Nancy tells her father that she has to put a stop to this. Nancy tells her father that Chloe is really going to go with him, and she can't lose her little girl again.

Stefano asks Rolf if the satellite is in position? Rolf says it is, and Stefano is pleased. He says that if Hope should remember anything before the baby is born they will simply zap her brain and erase her memory. Rolf warns Stefano that this could cause Hope to end up a vegetable. Stefano asks what would happen to the child? Rolf says the baby will be fine, which is one of two things Stefano cares about. The other is Alexandra's image of him, and he can not let Hope's memories destroy him in Lexie's eyes. Rolf is stunned that Stefano would want to do this to Hope, but Stefano says he has no other choice. However, he will pray that she doesn't remember anything. Rolf can't believe that Stefano would pray. Stefano says he is as human as the next man. He prays that Hope will not remember, she will have the baby, and then they will bring her here so he can take care of the chip. Rolf asks Stefano how he will get Hope here? Stefano says that John will take care of that part.

Later, Lexie calls her dad to tell him that Hope is in the hospital. She explains what is going on, and that Hope is going to have the amnio today. After he says goodbye to Lexie, Stefano tells Rolf to get over to the hospital because Hope is having the amnio today, and he wants that fluid!h

Thursday, April 20, 2000

In Nicole's office at Titan, Austin arrived and she asked him what he was doing there. He had to remind her he was back to work full time and that the two of them had a meeting. She recalled her last "meeting" with Rex and immediately began coming on to Austin. He pushed her away while reminding her she had agreed to have a "civil" relationship with him. She told him she had thought about trying to have a "civil" relationship but figured "Why?" When he said he was leaving she asked him if he was going to run and tell Greta about him finding her hiding in Eric's closet. He said what he wanted was for her to behave herself. She told him the only reason she was at Eric's was to discuss the situation with Will. She said she just wanted Eric to know she wholeheartedly agreed with him and Sami that Will should be with his mother. Austin asked her when she started caring about Sami. She reminded him that at one time she and Sami were friends. She said her main concern was Will's well-being and that's why she thinks he belongs with his mother. He told her he wanted to know the truth. "The truth about what?" she asked. He said he'd been concerned about her since running into her at the church. She reminded him they had agreed not to talk about that. "With other people" he said. "At all" she said. He said he just wanted her to know he was there if she wanted to talk. She heard voices in her head and told Austin to stop. She said she wouldn't discuss this with him. She told him he couldn't help her because he is a man. He told her that was ridiculous. She said it would be impossible for him to help her because men never think with their head...they always think with their libido. She again began rubbing up against him and he again pushed her away. He told her he'd never met a woman who looked like her with such low self-esteem. She said with a role model like her mother "the doormat" how could she be expected to be any different. He reminded her that her mother is a very nice person. Austin told her he didn't have his mother while growing up and she should feel fortunate to have had the opportunity. Nicole disagreed. She told him they both had their own problems to deal with and should leave things that way. He said he truly wanted to help her. She reminded him he may be "good" but he's still a man so it doesn't matter. She told him he could have his way with her and when he was finished they would see if he was still willing to "listen and help." He left disgusted. She picked up the phone and called Rex. She asked him how many millions she'd made so far. He told her had she invested more money to start she would be making a quicker return on her money. She told him she'd send a messenger over right away with another check. He said he'd rather have her deliver it in person as he was used to their hands-on relationship. She told him she'd think about it. Once she hung up to herself she said "See were wrong." She said men only want her for her body. She commented that Rex and Lucas were very much alike. She said she couldn't wait to get her hands on the money so she could get out of that place."With you Eric" she said.

At Eric' apartment, Sami arrived and told him she was not moving out of Victor's house without Will. She vowed that Lucas and Nicole would not raise her son. He reminded her she had the support of her family who would do anything they could to help her regain custody of Will. He said Austin was also willing to help her but she said she didn't feel he was being supportive. She said she felt like everyone was against her. He said that wasn't true and reminded her how much she was loved by him, Austin and the rest of their family. He told her there was even another person willing to help her. "Who?" she asked. "Nicole" he replied. She told him Nicole had been telling everyone she thinks Will should be with his mother. "The question is...Do you believe her?" Sami asked Eric. He said he overheard Nicole arguing with Lucas about it while having dinner at Tuscany. He said Nicole didn't know he was listening and to him she sounded sincere. He told Sami Nicole later showed up at his apartment to discuss Will. Sami said she wasn't sure. She said Nicole married Lucas to get custody of Will in the first place. Eric said Nicole told him she didn't marry Lucas for that reason. She reminded him Nicole chose to marry a murderer who planned on letting the mother of his son die on death row for a murder she didn't commit. She said although she couldn't prove Lucas's guilt she's positive he had something to do with Franco's murder. She said what she didn't understand was how Nicole could marry Lucas knowing he'd killed Franco. Unless she doesn't know...Sami told Eric the only way to get a confession would be for Nicole to tell him how Lucas was involved. He asked her how they could get Nicole to tell him. She said they had to use Nicole's only weakness against her. "What is that?" Eric asked. "You" Sami replied. She told Eric he must seduce Nicole. "Take her to bed" Sami told him as it's the only way they'll learn the truth. He said he wouldn't do that because he's in a relationship with Greta. She told him she knew there wasn't much to his "relationship" with Greta. She said she knew he still had the hots for Nicole. "We both know it" she told him. He said he would not ruin his life to help her. She angrily told him she would do whatever it takes to get her son back. "Even if that means hiring a hit man to kill Lucas" she said as she slammed the door shut behind her as she left. He immediately called Nicole and said Sami had been there and he was worried about her. He told her Sami was desperate to resolve the situation with Will. "We need to meet right away" he said.

In Kate's office, she and Lucas were discussing the fact that he only had one week before he and his family would have to move. He explained the renovations on his house certainly wouldn't be finished by then. She asked him what they were going to do while waiting for their house to be completed. She asked if he and Nicole were going to rent a place. He told her he had hoped she would talk to Victor about an extension of time. She agreed to discuss it with him. "As long as you aren't planning on staying forever" she said. He promised her they would be out soon. He told his mother he was worried about how another move was going to effect Will. He said he wanted to make the transition as easy as possible for his son. Kate said Will moving away from his mother was probably the best thing for him. Lucas reminded her that Sami among others wouldn't agree. He said his wife didn't even support his decision to raise his son. Kate asked him what he meant and what Nicole had told him. He told her Nicole thought it would be best if Will was raised by his mother. Kate said if Nicole really felt that way she wasn't considering what was best for Will. She told him his wife was a selfish person who would "do anything to get Will out of her miserable life." He said Nicole "cares" about Will and only wants what is best for him. Kate disagreed and said she's worried he's headed for disaster with Nicole. She told him she didn't want him to live a "miserable life" He said he was happy with Nicole and wouldn't tolerate his mother disrespecting his wife. He said his highest priority was Will and the only thing that mattered was raising him properly. He vowed Sami would never regain custody of Will.

In Benny's office, while waiting for Larry to arrive he and Brandon were discussing their next plan of action against Abe. Benny complained about Larry being late but Brandon assured him Larry would be there soon. Benny said he was still worried about Larry's reliability regarding the case and asked Brandon if he had another plan to fall back on. Brandon promised Benny Larry would come through for them. When Larry arrived they told him the next step in their case would be for him to get a job. Larry balked saying he had tried many times to get a job but no one would hire him because of his disability. Benny explained how beneficial it would be to their case if Larry had a job because it would showcase him as an upstanding citizen who was working to support himself. Brandon told Larry once he won his settlement he could buy himself a car that was equipped with everything he would need to enable him to drive it himself. Larry was pleased and agreed it would help the case if he had a job but said it would never happen because nobody was willing to hire him. Brandon told Larry not to worry about it. He promised he would work out all the details and told Larry he'd be working in no time. Larry thanked him while Brandon shook hands with both men saying good-bye as Benny closed the door behind him. "Can they equip ANY car that way?" Larry asked Benny. Benny shook his head yes. "Very cool." said Larry.

In Craig's office at the hospital, Nancy was desperately explaining to Craig how she couldn't bear it if Chloe went to live with her overbearing parents. Craig wondered aloud if that wouldn't be best for everyone. He reminded Nancy that she's been miserable since Chloe arrived . Nancy said that wasn't true and said she'd feel like a failure if Chloe left. She asked Craig to try to talk Chloe into staying with them. He told her he had already tried but Chloe was adamant about leaving. Nancy said he hadn't told her what Chloe had said when they talked. He said she didn't say much other than she hated Salem and the people who lived there. When Nancy asked if anything else was said and he told her Chloe had called her a liar. "As a matter of fact she said you were lying to me" he told Nancy. He told her he knew that wasn't true because she would never hide anything from him. She said she didn't know what Chloe could've meant when she said that. She immediately changed the subject and said she thought the real reason Chloe was leaving was because of something that happened at school..."not because of anything that happened between them." "Wait a minute" Craig said. "You're doing the same thing she did." He told her Chloe had also avoided the question and immediately changed the subject. He said he couldn't help her unless she was willing to tell him what was going on. She started to cry and fell into Craig's arms. She said she wanted so much for things to work out with Chloe and was devastated because things weren't going as she'd hoped they would. She said she didn't want Chloe to lose her identity as she had because of her upbringing. She said that would surely happen if Chloe went to live with her parents. Craig wiped away her tears and said he'd talk to Chloe again and try to convince her to stay with them. Nancy thanked Craig profusely and said she knew Chloe would listen to him. Craig promised to do his best. He told her he had to get back to work and as they were leaving his office they ran into Brandon who explained he knew of the opening at the hospital's front desk and said he had friend who would make a great candidate for answering the telephones. Nancy reminded him he'd also recommended Sami..."Thanks but no thanks" she told him. He told them Larry was paralyzed from the waist down and had to use a wheelchair yet was very responsible and eager to work. He said because of the disability his friend had been having a hard time finding a job and he had hoped the hospital was generous enough to hire someone like Larry. Craig explained with Larry in a wheelchair it would make for tight quarters at the desk. He told Brandon he didn't think it would work out. Nancy asked Brandon to excuse her and Craig for just a moment so they could talk privately. She told Craig hiring Brandon's friend would make the hospital look good to the government "Not to mention the career boost it could give you" she said. When they rejoined Brandon Craig said "If he's African-American he's hired." Brandon was pleased and they shook hands to seal the deal. He told them they just hired a great addition to the hospital..."in Larry Morris"

Friday, April 21, 2000

Mimi and Belle are walking in the school hallway. Belle compliments Mimi on her outfit, and Mimi says she's surprised that Belle is even talking to her, and Belle asks what that's supposed to mean? Belle states that Mimi is still her best friend, but that doesn't mean that Chloe can't be her friend. Philip and Chloe have an awkward moment, and Philip yanks off Mimi's scarf. Belle and Chloe exchange words. Belle is upset with her because she wanted to walk to school with her, but Chloe just ran off and left Belle at her house. Chloe says she didn't want to talk.

Sami, barges into Nicole's office at Titan. Sami talks about how Victor is forcing them to all move in a week, and that she refuses to leave Will behind. Nicole is wondering what Sami is getting at and says she's already offered to help her get custody of Will. Sami states that Nicole's marriage would be over if Lucas ever found out that Nicole was helping Sami get custody of Will. Nicole agrees, but says he'll never find out will he? Sami says lets get something straight, I want to get Will away from Lucas and you want Eric.

Brandon is taking Larry to the hospital for his first day at work. Larry Morris is nervous, and has a bad feeling about going to work. Brandon reassures him that everything will work out okay.

Rolf is at Stefano's house pacing and looking at his watch. Stefano comes in and starts yelling at Rolf, because he's not at the hospital yet. Rolf says not to worry. He just didn't want to get there too early and wait on getting Hopes amnio fluid. Stefano doesn't want ANY mishaps, blunders or mistakes! Rolf tells Stefano that everything will be okay and that as soon as he gets Hope's amnio, they'll find out who the father of the baby is. Bo, Hope, and Lexie are in a hospital room. They're waiting for Dr. Bater to come in and give her an ultra sound. Bo asks Hope if she's sure that she doesn't want to know the sex of the baby. She says I'm sure that I don't want to know. A nurse walks in with some instruments, and brings out the needle for the amnio, and Hope gets really nervous and frightened by the size of the needle. She says she doesn't want to do the amnio anymore. Belle is asking Chloe why she wants to leave now, during the school year. Chloe tries to walk away and says she doesn't want to talk about it. Belle says wait and that she can't just drop a bomb like that and not talk about it. Philip comes up to Belle and Chloe and totally ignores Chloe and starts talking to Belle. Belle says, Philip this is Chloe say hi. He does, but talks about some baseball game. Chloe walks off and Belle gets ticked at Philip for being so rude. In the classroom, Belle confronts Chloe about Philip and asks if he hurt her some way?

Back at the hospital room, Lexie is trying to reassure Hope that the amnio is safe. Dr. Bater comes in and is ready to do the ultra sound. Lexie tries to leave, but Hope asks her to leave. During the ultra sound Lexie "gasps" and everyone looks at each other and gets nervous looks on their faces. Hope asks if her baby is okay?

Brandon is still trying to keep Larry from pulling out on the lawsuit against Abe. He, Brandon, mentions Lexie, and Larry notices how Brandon's face lights up when he talks about her. Brandon admits he does like Lexie, but isn't trying anything with her. Larry thinks Brandon just wants revenge against Abe, and finally decides again to keep the suit going against Abe. Nicole tries to convince Sami that she doesn't want to do anything to hurt Eric. Sami doesn't buy it and says that Nicole is going to have to prove that she's the kind of woman that Eric wants. Sami is pushing Nicole to work with her to help her get full custody of Will. Sami tells her that she is going to have to work to get Lucas to lose custody, but Nicole states that Sami has already tried that for months and hasn't found anything. Sami asks Nicole, "haven't you ever heard the expression, 'That woman can drive a man to drink'"? Sami tells Nicole that she's the woman to do that and she waltzes out of Nicole's office leaving her with a stunned look on her face. Mimi is trying to spread more gossip about Chloe. She tells Philip and another friend, that she knows who was at the pier with Chloe. Philip gets really nervous and asks how she could know that? She thinks a guy named Ace, who is kind've geeky was there. Philip seems a bit relieved, and flashes back to the conversation he had with Chloe on the pier, and phone call he made to her later that night asking her not to mention that they were together talking and walking. Chloe tells Belle that Philip could never hurt her. Belle asks Chloe where she's moving to, and Chloe slips and says she's going to go live with her "grandfather."

Lexie apologizes about scaring everyone and says the baby looks good. Dr. Bater says everything on the baby looks great so far. She leaves and says she'll be back in a bit to do the amnio. Hope is really happy about the ultrasound, and the nurse gets a printout. Lexie apologizes profusely about scaring Hope, but Hope says its okay. They talk about Lexie and Abe trying to have a baby, and that maybe they're putting too much pressure on themselves to have a child. Lexie says her father suggested adoption, and Bo and Hope get a "look" on their faces of uneasiness. Lexie gets a touch bit offended, and said she was hoping that in-spite of how they feel about Stefano, that maybe they'd change their minds about him, and accept him a little more readily.

Stefano is playing chess by himself waiting for Rolf to return. Bart comes in and tells "Mr. D." he's glad that he's back. Bart asks where Rolf is, and Stefano tells him its none of his business. Bart tells Stefano that while Stefano was gone, that Rolf turned into Dr. "Demented." Stefano asks when exactly did Rolf start acting that way. Bart says it was when Rolf first discovered the chip in John could have a problem, and John would remember "everything." Bart says it could happen to Hope as well, but Stefano seems unfazed by this. Bart asks if that's where Rolf has gone; to make sure that Hope doesn't remember? Stefano just looks at Bart with a cocky, arrogant look and doesn't answer him.

Nicole goes over to Rex Rollins' office. He pays her a compliment, and she asks for a drink. She's talking to him, and he all of a sudden stops and looks at her funny, and says that her voice and face look and sound so familiar. He also says he feels as though he knows her from somewhere. Nicole gets a little bit nervous.

Larry and Brandon arrive at the hospital. Larry meets Sami. They exchange some light banter and Sami complains about the floor nurse. Larry likes the nurse, because she doesn't feel sorry for him. Lexie sees Larry and asks who he is. Brandon tells her Larry Morris, and Lexie can't believe it. Brandon is surprised that she recognizes the name.

Belle and Chloe start talking again. Belle questions Chloe about what she said about moving to her grandfather's house. Chloe tries to lie, but finally gets upset, and says she can't lie anymore; that she's terrible at lying. Chloe almost starts to cry and says she's never been so unhappy in her life. Belle looks at her with concern.

Stefano tells Bart that Hope will NEVER remember anything. Bart asks what or if he can do something about it. Stefano says of course he can. He can do anything! Bart leaves the room, and Stefano says to himself that his children always come first, and that he'll take care of Hope's baby "IF" indeed it is his. Hope's amnio is done. Dr. Bater gives the amnio fluid to a nurse, and she promptly hands it to Rolf who is wearing a doctor's smock. Rolf is in a closet, and overhears Dr. Bater and a nurse talking about Hope's baby and what the sex is. Rolf says, "won't Stefano be surprised"? He then withdraws some of the fluid out of Hope's amnio vile.

Nicole suggests maybe its because he saw her photo in Bella. She changes the subject and picks up a portfolio, and her greedy eyes pop out as she says that he doubled that almost overnight. He states this plan is only for his top four clients. She wants him to drop one and add her. She gets sexual with him, and they start kissing. She's hoping he'll add her to that plan to make her more money.

Lexie says she saw Larry at Lady Vi's. She's amazed that Larry is working there and that Brandon is the one that helped him get the job at the hospital. Larry is answering phones while Sami watches. He's doing well but is nervous. Sami says he's doing fine. She's asking a lot of questions about his friendship with Brandon, and he slips a little. He gets nervous. Chloe is still talking to Belle and says she always thought she was so strong, and that she could tough it out in Salem until she was 18 years old, but she can't. Chloe tells Belle that Nancy is her real mother and swears Belle to secrecy. Belle is shocked! Rex is getting dressed while Nicole is writing another check to "The NOC" company for $2 million. She leaves, and Rex immediately calls and tells Victor that Nicole wrote another check. So, they only have $2 million left to get back from Nicole. Rex talks to himself and says that he knows Nicole from somewhere and that he can't remember from where. Then, he says wait a minute! He looks at the door and gets a concerned look on his face and says, "No, it can't be possible." Nicole is leaving Rex's office and is thinking to herself how could she have sex like that with Rex? She feels ashamed and repulsed. Then she gets strong and says its "survival", and that if she can get more money she can then get Eric.

Sami is trying to get more info from Larry about Brandon, but he gets out of answering the question, and asks himself what he's gotten himself into. Bo and Hope are still talking about Stefano. Bo says, "he wouldn't wish Stefano as a grandfather, on anyone." Hope says at least we don't have to worry about that. They hug, and Hope is totally happy, but Bo is worried. Meanwhile, Rolf is leaving the hospital but its pouring down rain. He decides to call Stefano, and tells him that he's got the amnio. Stefano tells Rolf to "BE CAREFUL." Rolf tells him everything will be fine, and I have enough fluid to do all the necessary tests. Rolf also says and in a few days we'll find out if you're going to be a father again. Stefano asks Rolf if he's got the right fluids, and Rolf says of course. He leaves the hospital with the vial in his pocket, and slips in the rain as he's leaving the hospital and the vial with Hope's amnio fluid in it flies out and drops with Rolf yelling NO!!!!!

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