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Monday, March 27, 2000

Brandon comes to see Nicole at her office. She is in a bad mood over some cover designs, but Brandon thinks that she is just upset because Eric is gone. Brandon tells Nicole that she needs to move on, but Nicole says she need Eric here in Salem or her plan won't work. Brandon asks what her plan is? Nicole tells Brandon about overhearing Victor talking about an investor who can double or triple one's money. Nicole plans to do just that with her money, get out of her marriage, and get Eric back! Brandon tells her that cold cash won't keep her warm at night, and he points out that Lucas treats her like gold. Nicole tells Brandon that she was happier than she was in her whole life when she was with Eric, and he wasn't here to see how happy she was. Nicole says she wants to feel the way she felt when she was with Eric, and the best she can do with Lucas is fake it, and that is not enough anymore. Nicole changes the subject and asks Brandon what is up with him. Why is he happy working in the hospital for peanuts when he could have had a great settlement. Brandon says he loves his job, and he has other priorities. Nicole asks Brandon to let go of this Abe Carver thing, but Brandon says he can't. Nicole tells Brandon to forget about the past and find a nice girl and build a future. Brandon says he needs to settle the score with Abe, and he won't stop until he does it.

Eric and Greta are flying home to Salem. Eric tells Greta that if anyone asks how the trip went, he's going to just say it was uneventful. Greta tells him that nobody would believe them if they told them the truth anyways, especially the ending. Eric tells Greta that she is brave and heroic, and he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her. Eric tells her that when you save someone, you are responsible for their life. Greta says wow, so Eric tells her he'll take the pressure off and say she's responsible for his happiness. An eavesdropping stewardess tells Greta that if she was responsible for the happiness of someone like her boyfriend, she'd feel really fortunate. The stewardess then asks what she can get them to drink? Eric says that Greta isn't the force in avalon, he is (?) The stewardess says Eric is not only handsome, but a gentlemen too. She tells Greta to take good care of him, and tell her if she needs anything. After she leaves, Greta is upset that the stewardess came onto Eric. Eric says she was just having fun, but she says sexy women are always coming onto him, how is she supposed to react? Eric says she wasn't hitting on him, she was kidding around. Greta says he is so naive. Eric says if she wanted to hit on him then she would have waited till he got up to stretch his legs. Greta thinks he should hop up and test that theory out, but Eric decides to hop over towards her to shut her up with a kiss. After the kiss, Eric and Greta talk about trying to adjust to a normal life back home. Later, Eric sees the copy of Bella with Nicole on the cover and asks why she bought it? Greta says she thought Nicole might get a kick out of it, and she wanted to do something nice for her. Eric is glad that she doesn't view Nicole as a threat anymore. Greta says "right, why should I?"

Belle and Mimi, who are on the same flight, are separated because there were no more seats next to one another available. Mimi calls Philip from the plane, and Belle calls Chloe. Chloe tells Belle that everyone is talking about what happened on their trip. Belle says whatever horrible things they are saying, multiply it by 10! Chloe is shocked, and asks her how Shawn is? Belle says Shawn has his mother back in his life now, and it is forever. Chloe says that must be an amazing feeling. Belle asks Chloe how Philip is, has she seen him? Chloe says she has, unfortunately. Belle is angry that Philip is giving Chloe a hard time, but Chloe says she's going to stay away from him from now on because she doesn't need him or anyone. MEanwhile, Philip asks Mimi if she and Shawn have grown closer? Mimi tells him that it is hard going through life and death experiences and not bond with someone. Philip then asks if Belle bonded with Brady? Mimi seems to dodge the question, and asks Philip if anything exciting has happened? Philip tells Chloe about the headless Chicken incident, which she thinks is excellent. The plane prepares for landing, so Belle and Mimi say goodbye to their phone friends.

At the hospital in France, Lexie asks Stefano why he is crying? Stefano says they are tears of joy because his beautiful daughter is by his side. Lexie says she is not leaving, and places her head on his chest. Stefano says that he's gone from a bleak situation to looking forward to the future with anticipation. He says that he knows one thing, Salem will never be the same. Lexie wonders where he gets his strength from. Stefano tells her that his greatest strength comes from his children. Lexie smiles and says he can't give her all the credit, and he says "maybe not." Hope has been released from the hospital and is with Shawn at the hotel. Shawn tells her that she looks great. Hope thanks him and says that Gran and Julie bought her all of these maternity clothes. Shawn tells her that it isn't just the cloths. Hope tells Shawn that she is so proud of him and he is a blessing. Shawn tells his mom that he swore he'd never take her for granted again, and he won't. Hope asks Shawn why her dad and Gran didn't want her to know what Gina did in Salem, what are they holding back from her? Shawn tries to change the subject, but Hope won't fall for it. Shawn tells her a lot of bad things happened, and what is important is that everyone is okay. Shawn says once they get back to Salem, they can sit down as a family and talk about it. Hope agrees to drop the subject for now because she has to do what she has to do. Shawn doesn't like what she is about to do, so he insists on going with her. Before she leaves, Hope cuts the blonde streaks out of her hair.

Hope and Shawn go to see Stefano, and Hope asks Lexie and Shawn for a few minutes alone with Stefano. They leave, and Hope keeps her distance from Stefano. She tells Stefano she came here for two reasons. First, she thanks Stefano for saving her and her baby's life, and she is grateful for what he did. Stefano says they helped each other, their struggle to survive was mutual, they were both innocent victims of a mad woman. Hope thinks it is funny that he used his name and innocent in the same sentence, and she is sure he caused Gina to lose her mind. Stefano tells Hope that he has no idea what happened to that damn Princess to make her go crazy. He asks her what the second reason she came her for was? Hope tells him to stay out of her life, and Salem. She tells him to stay in Paris, he'll have access to an entire content of people to kidnap, brainwash, and steal from. She asks Stefano to promise her that he'll never set foot in Salem again. Stefano says it didn't take long for the Brady Bunch to poison her mind against him. Hope says she didn't need them to tell her that a leopard can't change its spots. Hope begs Stefano to just stay here in Paris, far far away from her and Bo. She says she is having Bo's baby and is looking forward to a long future with her family. She says she is proud to be bringing another Brady into this world. Stefano asks her if she is sure it is a Brady she is bringing into this world? Hope says Bo is the only man she loves and even if she thought she was someone else, she couldn't make love to anyone else. Stefano tells Hope that he won't be able to honor his request, because he has a child in Salem, and it is as much his home as it is hers. Hope warns him not to push her to hard, because the Brady's will push back! Hope leaves, and Stefano vows that if that child is his, no Brady will raise it. Meanwhile, Hope tells Shawn that it is time they returned home to Salem.

At the station, Bo tells John that he's going to force Kurt to tell him everything he knows about Hope and this baby. Bo and John accompany an officer to see Kurt. Kurt is in a straight jacket, and John and Bo are left alone in a room with him. Kurt is angry with Bo for killing Gina, but John says that he is the one who shot his pretty princess through the face, and he'll do the same to him unless he tells him what he wants to know! Kurt proceeds to spit in John's face. Bo and John play a little game, and Bo warns John to stay away from Kurt! John stands in the corner and Bo talks with Kurt. Bo tells Kurt that if he talks to them and answers their questions, he'll get him out of the straight jacket. Kurt asks what he wants to know? Bo questions Kurt about Hope, and if he is the father of her child. Kurt says he won't pin this one on her, he never touched that woman! Kurt says that everything that happened to Gina was Hope's fault, and it should have been Hope in that casket. Bo then asks Kurt about Stefano DiMera. He asks what type of relationship Gina had with DiMera? Kurt says all he knows is that they were very close at one time. However, he says he only met DiMera last year. They ask Kurt how he was paid to take care of the castle? He says a friend of the princess hired him, and the money came from the princesses estate. They don't believe him and John accuses him of working for DiMera. Bo "throws" John out after he gets forceful with Kurt, Bo tells Kurt that the cops have a huge list of crimes against him, but if he helps him out, he can make sure they go light on her. Kurt says he didn't kidnap Stefano and Hope, Gina did, he only took orders from her. Bo asks how he got involved with Gina? Kurt says that Gina's friend hired him when he was 18 to take care of her because she was mad and needed to be locked up for her own safety. However, last year she seemed to be sane again, so he decided to give her a chance to regain her life. He says he knew she'd come back to him, just not in a coffin. Kurt begins to cry and says he should have kept her with him. Bo tells him that he's got that right. Bo leaves, and tells John and the French cop that he'll be able to lock Kurt up and throw away the key. Kurt is then transferred to a psychiatric hospital. Bo tells John that Kurt only confirmed everything he already told them, and that he wasn't the father of Kurt's child. Bo says the only way to bury DiMera is for Hope to remember her time as Gina, and if that happens, she'll remember who the father of her baby is.

Tuesday, March 28, 2000

At Brady's, Pub Belle and Mimi were decorating for Hope's homecoming celebration. Shawn Sr. and Caroline were preparing the food. Nancy and Chloe were in a nearby booth having coffee. Nancy asked Chloe if she wanted to go say hello to Belle. Chloe said no. Philip and Jason arrived and Philip offered his help with the decorating. Mimi told the boys about their trip to Paris. She and Belle explained how Shawn was a hero along with John, Bo and Eric. Philip didn't like all the talk about Shawn saving the day and asked to change the subject. Mimi brought up the headless chicken incident and Belle got angry with Philip for being involved with something so cruel. Philip said it wasn't his idea to pull the headless chicken prank. Belle was disgusted. Belle told Shawn "I know one thing. Shawn would never stoop to your level and be so cruel to someone." Shawn Sr. told the teens what they had discovered about the Brady-DiMera connection in Ireland. He said they learned the DiMera's built a plant on the Brady property. He said when he was a kid he never realized the people on his family's property were Stefano's kin. He was interrupted by a phone call from Shawn who told his grandfather everyone would be home in the morning. When he told everyone the good news they all yelled "hooray.".. except for Philip. Over at Nancy and Chloe's booth Nancy told her daughter that when she was in high school she ignored boys like Philip because they thought they were better than everyone else. Chloe couldn't take her eyes off Philip she watched his every move. Nancy said she couldn't understand why Belle had those teens as friends. She said she had given her more credit than that. Chloe told Nancy to leave Belle alone. She reminded Nancy that when she talks about those people that way it only reminds her of how they treat her. "You sound just like them when they talk about me" Chloe said. Nancy was stunned. She apologized for being negative and judgmental towards them but she said she felt they deserved it. Chloe said she wanted to leave. As she hurried out the door Belle spotted her and said hello. Chloe ignored her and kept on going. Nancy hurried behind her daughter and asked "Why don't you want to say hello to Belle?" Chloe said nothing. Mimi noted that Chloe keeps getting weirder by the day. Belle didn't seem pleased with Mimi's remark.

At Mrs. Horton's, Greta and Alice were celebrating the fact that they were home. They toasted Bo and Hope and their new baby and clinked coffee cups happily. Greta said she can't believe Bo and Hope are expecting. She said it is the one good thing that has come out of this whole situation. Alice reminded Greta not to blame herself for her mother's actions. She said they need to be thankful and happy it is all behind them now. Greta agreed. The subject changed to Eric and Greta's relationship. Greta said she wasn't sure where she and Eric were headed. Alice asked if the problem was Greta's fear of taking the next step in the relationship. She asked Greta if she was uncomfortable with the idea of making love to Eric. Greta asked Alice if she would know when the time was right for them to take that step. Alice told her not to take that step until she is absolutely sure that is what she wants. Alice asked if Eric was pressuring her. Greta said he wasn't but she said she is worried he may get tired of waiting for her to "be ready" to make love. Greta asked Alice how long she waited before she made love to Mr. Horton. Alice said she and Tom made love for the first time on their wedding night. Greta was pleased and thanked Mrs. Horton for their talk. She said she felt much better after hearing what Alice had to say. Alice reminded her that by looking at Eric you could see that he was smitten with Greta. She said she believed Eric was a good and patient man who would wait until the time for them was right. Greta said she was also crazy about Eric and was definitely going to wait until she was ready. She told Mrs. Horton she was going to plan a surprise for Eric. Alice was pleased.

At Titan, Eric overheard a conversation Nicole had with three young models. The young girls told Nicole they planned to marry and have a family one day. Nicole told them when the time was right they should find the perfect guy to be their baby's daddy. When Nicole showed the girls the way out Eric made himself seen. Nicole threw her arms around him and said "Oh Eric, Thank God your finally home." Eric seemed uncomfortable. Nicole immediately apologized for throwing herself at him. He told her it was o.k. She said she was surprised to see him and it overwhelmed her. He commented how good she was with those young models. He said it was almost like she had connected with them. She said she did connect with children because she wanted to be a mother someday. Her mother was brought up and Eric told her he couldn't possibly know if Nicole had connected with her mother because he had never met her mother. She said there was no need for them to meet now. He reminded her that she had never talked to him about her family and said it was just as well since they had both gone their separate ways anyway. She asked him how things went with Greta in Paris. He told her the trip brought the two of them even closer than they already were. "Does that mean you slept with her?" Nicole asked. Eric told Nicole it was none of her business whether or not he and Greta slept together. He said he was only there to find out what his next assignment was. She said he would be doing the August cover of Bella magazine. She said he would be photographing a little girl walking on the beach with her father. He asked her if she had ever walked on he beach with her father. She told him she and her father had spent a lot of time together but had never walked on the beach. He told her he could really see she was hurting. He said he has decided to really try to be a good friend to her but he said she also has to be willing to be open and honest with him. She said she didn't know if she could. He told her he knew she could if she would just try. He told her he would be there if she needed him. She thanked him and hugged him happily. Eric asked Nicole to let him know when he was needed for his next photo shoot. She said she would and on his way out he ran into Greta. She told him she had got him a gift certificate for the video store because he had been saying he wanted to just relax and watch some movies. Nicole interrupted them and thanked Greta for the magazine she had brought home from Paris. She told Greta she was sorry about what had happened to her mother and said she was glad everyone was o.k. Greta thanked Nicole for her kind words and as she and Eric left she commented to him that Nicole had seemed sincere. Eric agreed. When Nicole went back in the office to herself she said "As the old saying goes...keep your friends close and your enemies even closer." She picked up the phone and made an appointment with Rex Rawlins. Aloud she said if she can make money off the money she got from Kate to marry Lucas then she can tell him and his family to go to hell. "Which will put me one step closer to getting Eric back" she said.

On John's jet, Hope, Bo, Shawn, John and Marlena were on their way home to Salem. Shawn told the others he was going to go into the cockpit to see if he could get the pilot's to explain some things to him about the instrument panel. The plane hit a little bit of turbulence and John became very tense. He said he was going to see what was going on and that he'd fly this thing home if he had to. The pilot came over the loud speaker and said he realized everyone was tense because of their earlier flight to Paris but explained everything was under control. John returned to the passenger car. He and Bo discussed who could possibly be the father of Hope's baby. Bo wondered if it was Stefano or one of Princess Gina's other suitors. Bo said that with the information they got from Hope's doctor it seems the baby was conceived last summer. "Right around the time you got married" Bo said. John listened silently. Hope asked Marlena what the pilot had meant about their flight to Paris. Marlena told her it had just been a bumpy big deal. Marlena asked Hope why she went to see Stefano before they left Paris. Hope explained she went to thank Stefano for saving her life and said she asked him to never return to Salem. "Of course he refused" Hope said. "How did I know he would?" Marlena asked. She explained to Marlena how Stefano had been so patient and caring toward her and the baby. "Almost as if it were his own" Hope said. Marlena listened quietly and Hope told her that when she went to see Stefano in the hospital he had asked her if she was sure the baby was Bo's. "Like I'd sleep with anyone other than Bo" Hope said. While they were talking Hope spotted Marlena's wedding ring and said "You and John got married." "Yes. Last summer." Marlena replied. Hope congratulated her and said she wished she could have been there to see it. "You were." Marlena said. Hope was stunned. Hope's baby began to move and she asked Bo to come over and feel the baby kick. She noticed he wasn't enthusiastic and called him on it. He told her he was very happy and the baby is all he thinks about. She kissed him. She asked him to tell her about the night the baby was conceived. He told her he couldn't remember. In the cockpit Shawn put on a CD with some romantic music. He went to watch his parents dance. When Hope spotted him he said he would leave them alone. "No way!" said Hope. She told him and Bo how happy she was to have her family back. The trio shared a group hug. Marlena commented to John about how Hope has really bonded with her baby and seemed very happy. John said he wanted everyone to have the happiness they deserve. Marlena said until the baby's paternity is solved it will be hard for them to achieve true happiness.

Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Rex tells Victor that Nicole fell for the bait and set up an appointment with him. Victor reminds Rex to beware of Nicole. She has quite an effect on men. Later, Nicole arrives at Rex's office and turns on the charm. She wants him to make her millions. Rex is starting to fall for Nicole. Will he cave in?

Sami's first day of work at the hospital doesn't get off to a very good start. The nurses really have it in for her. Brandon, however, is there for her with words of comfort and support. When lunch time rolls around, Sami and Brandon head to Salem place. Brandon tells her that if she ever wants to get sole custody of Will, she's going to have to play dirty...just like Lucas...

Grandpa Shawn and Caroline throw a welcome home party for Hope at the Brady pub. She graciously thanks everyone for their prayers and love. She can't wait to get back to a normal life with Shawn, Bo, and the little one that's on the way. Marlena asides to Bo, urges him to make his decision quickly. Hope deserves to know the truth...that Bo isn't the baby's father...

Thursday, March 30, 2000

In Rex's, office he asked Nicole if she wanted to back out of their business deal. She said she was just wondering if he was worth the 50% commission he charged his clients. He promised her that if she put her trust in him she wouldn't go wrong. When Rex was too forward with her she told him she was there for business only. She said she was married and wasn't looking for a playmate. She told him if she were looking for a playmate he would definitely be a great catch. She thought he too was interested in a business deal between the two of them. He told her he usually doesn't mix business with pleasure but for her he'd make an exception. Nicole seemed uneasy. She said what they need to talk about is money. He asked her how much she wanted to invest. "$250,000.00" she said. He laughed and told her the minimum investment was "1 Million" He told her if she couldn't handle that she should leave. Nicole sat down and got out her checkbook. Rex asked her if she was nervous. "A little" she said. He told her an experience like this was almost like going to bed with a new lover. "Your not sure if it'll work out...but it's exciting." She asked him who she should make the check out to. "The NOC Company" he said. He took the check from her and put it in his pocket. He walked over to the door and locked it. He said he has wanted her body since she walked in the door. He wrapped his arms around her and called her "sweet baby." He began kissing her neck. In her head Nicole was remembering another man calling her the same thing. She freaked out and grabbed a paperweight off Rex's desk and hit him on the head with it. When he fell to the floor she said "Oh my God! I killed him!"

At Titan, Victor happily told Kate that Nicole took the bait. "As we speak Nicole is in a meeting with Rex Rawlins" he said. Kate was pleased and hoped everything went as planned to which Victor agreed. Kate asked Victor if he would allow her to sign checks again after they got the 5 million back from Nicole. He said he'd think about it. She apologized again for paying Nicole off but at the time felt stuck between a rock and a hard place. Victor said that once they got the money back from Nicole he would eliminate her from their lives. Kate tensed and Victor asked her what was wrong. She said he had just reminded her of what a dangerous man he could be. Philip interrupted them saying "What do you mean dad's a dangerous man?" Victor and Kate lied and said they had been talking about how dangerously passionate their love life is and their upcoming wedding plans. Philip said he was lucky because his parents still talk and most of the other parents he knows don't. He showed his dad a list of finished chores that the butler graded. He said he got 274 out of a possible 300. Kate was impressed. Philip asked his parents to give him a couple hundred dollars so he could update his CD collection. Victor said not until he is sure Philip understands his responsibilities. As Philip was leaving to do more chores he was thinking that it won't be long before his charm wins his parents over. "Our son is so charming" Kate told Victor. Victor said now all Philip needed to learn was how to use that charm the right way. Kate asked what the name of the account was where Nicole's money would be going. "The NOC Company. It's CON spelled backward" Victor replied. They happily laughed.

At Salem Place, for their lunch break Brandon and Sami were enjoying coffee and conversation. Brandon told Sami if she wanted to win full custody of Will she would have to play dirty. He told her Austin wouldn't help her or agree to playing dirty because he's too saintly. He said playing by the book would definitely not work in this situation. He tried to convince her Austin was just her teenage crush and that it's time to move on. He said she and Austin don't share real passion. Sami told him he was wrong but he disagreed. She argued that she and Austin share a deep and true love. Brandon told her she didn't know what true love was...yet. Sami told him he was wrong but she wanted to know what he meant when he said that if she dumped Austin she would get Will back. He said because Austin won't play dirty she will end up losing Will. He told her the court will award custody to Lucas because he is the better provider with a stable home and because he has Nicole. "What are you saying? Tell me, Brandon. Was I right all along? Did Lucas marry Nicole to get custody of Will?" Sami asked. He said he wasn't going to say anything about his sister and reminded Sami they were talking about her and Austin. He said he seemed to be the only one who noticed the real Sami. He told her Austin wants a sugarcoated version of his ex-wife and because she left him he had just "settled" for Sami. He told her Austin is in love with the woman she is pretending to be. Sami raised her hand to slap Brandon but he stopped her. He told her he only speaks the truth of what he sees through his eyes. Brandon answered his ringing phone and told Sami he'd meet her at the car. He went back to his phone call and told Benny that soon he would deliver Larry. Who would be ready to testify against Abe.

Lexie and Stefano arrived at his home in Salem and he was greeted happily by his staff. They go into the living room to relax. Stefano said the best thing that had come out of this situation was that it brought the two of them closer. Lexie said she was happy about that too. Stefano said he could see the tension between her and Abe and wondered if it was because of him. She told him Abe had been having a difficult time lately yet she did agree that Abe would never trust him. Stefano said no one...including Abe could ever persuade him into not having a relationship with his daughter. Lexie said although her home life is with Abe she does want to have a relationship with her father. She reminded her that everyone involved would have to work in order for this relationship to survive. Lexie told Stefano she was very proud of him for saving Hope and her baby. She said she knew he wasn't responsible for what happened on John's plane when they flew to Paris. She said she also knew he couldn't have put the bomb in Princess Gina's casket. She said she was sure everything would work out for the best. She told him she had to leave and once she was gone Stefano said "You can come out now Rolf." Rolf came out of hiding very flustered and wondered aloud how Stefano could have known he was there. He tried to act like he was happy to see Stefano. Stefano grabbed Rolf by his tie and began to choke him. Stefano reminded Rolf to never think he could keep secrets from him. "I can't breathe" said Rolf. Stefano let him go and said he knew Rolf was behind everything that happened on John's plane including the bomb in Gina's coffin. "My question is...what could you possibly gain by doing those things?" Rolf admitted to the misdeeds and said he did them because the chip had come out of John's brain and he was worried John would remember his past with Stefano. Stefano said he wasn't thinking about that right now. He said he was more concerned with whether or not John remembered sleeping with Hope on the submarine. Stefano said his main concern was finding out if he will be a father again. "Possibly to another son" he said. Outside while waiting for Lexie Abe was on the phone with Roman. They were discussing any possibility of charging Stefano with a crime. They were disappointed they have nothing to charge him with and were disgusted he has taken credit for saving Hope's life. Over his CB Abe heard of a shooting and had a memory of shooting Larry years ago. Lexie came upon him and they left. Lexie said she hoped one day he could have a cordial relationship with her father. He told her he would never break bread with her father the criminal. She was disappointed but told him that no matter what she was making their marriage a priority and hoped he would do the same. Abe didn't respond and seemed distracted. A young boy ran out in front of their car but Abe was able to stop before hitting him. Lexie got out and looked the boy over while Abe again remembered shooting Larry when he was a young boy. Lexie told the boy's mother he was fine then went back to Abe who looked very troubled. She noticed and asked him what was wrong. "Hold me please," he said. She immediately did.

Friday, March 31, 2000

Rex starts coming onto Nicole really strong, telling her how she is a sweet little baby. Nicole hears her father saying the exact same thing, and she freaks out. She grabs a heavy paper weight off Rex's desk and knocks him over the head with it. Rex falls to the floor, and Nicole exclaims "I've killed him!" Rex's secretary shows up to give Rex a fax, and when she sees him on the floor, she begins to scream. She rushes to the phone to call the police, but Nicole tells her no! Rex gets up, and has a bloody gash on the side of his head. She offers to call for an ambulance, but he says it isn't necessary because he just slipped and hit his head. He asks her for some aspirins and an ice pack, so she leaves to get them. After she leaves, Rex asks Nicole what in the hell that was all about? Nicole says that things got fuzzy and she thought she had to defend herself, but Rex asks from what?

Rex's secretary returns with some aspirins and an ice pack for Rex. Nicole offers to help him, but he says she's done enough. Rex tells Nicole that she's nuts, gives her check back, and tells her to get some help! Nicole realizes she is in trouble, so she offers to kiss his boo-boo for him. Rex tells her to stay away from him, he doesn't understand her, she is like that woman in fatal attraction. He says he doesn't need any dead animals in his life, that wasn't part of the deal. Nicole asks him what deal he is talking about? Rex says he was speaking about their deal. Nicole asks if their deal is still on, but Rex doesn't know because his head is still throbbing. Nicole decides to try to make him feel better, and to do that requires her taking off her clothes! She asks what he thinks about her "projections?" Rex says they are nice, but not worth risking his life for if she goes all weird on him again. She tells him to frisk her and he'll see she's defenseless. Suddenly, Rex and Nicole start to kiss one another.

Sami shows up at Eric's place, and when he opens the door, she tells him she's so happy to see him. Eric invites her in, and he asks her what is wrong? Sami tells him that her entire life is going down the tubes and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Sami explains everything to Eric about how Victor has kicked her out, and she is out in the cold and had to take a horrid job just to afford some studio apartment. She also says that Mickey feels that she doesn't have a chance of getting custody of Will. When Sami says that Austin thinks she should consider joint custody again, Eric says maybe she should. Sami says hell will freeze over before she lets Will be raised by that loser and his evil wife. Eric tells Sami there is still a chance she can get sole custody of Will, but Sami says everyone says that won't happen, and she won't settle for joint custody.

Eric asks if anything is wrong between her and Austin? Sami says no, but Austin is such a moral person. Eric tells her that she says that like it is a bad thing. Sami tells Eric that she's not in the mood for a sermon, she has to focus on protecting her son right now, and she doesn't know how she's going to do that. Eric says he will do whatever he can to help her. He offers her a place to stay, but she doesn't want to cramp his style. Eric tells her that he really does want to help her out, so she accepts his offer. Sami says this opens up a lot of possibilities, and when Eric asks like what, she says "never mind." Eric goes to make some coffee, and Sami tells herself that Eric will help her more than he knows. Later, Sami asks Eric for one more tiny favor. Eric asks what that would be? Sami asks him to fall in love with Nicole again!

Austin meets up with Philip at Dot.Com, and Austin tells him that he's decided to go back to working at Titan. Philip asks Austin what he's doing here? Austin says Sami had a bad day at work, and he wanted to get her something to cheer her up. Austin goes over to look at some books and ends up walking into Greta because he has his nose in a book. Austin apologizes and helps her pick up the books she was carrying. Austin notices she has some "inspirational" books, and Greta says she's still trying to make sense out of her mother's death. Austin asks Greta to have a seat, so she does. Philip says hello to Greta, and then excuses himself to check his email. Austin talks with Greta about Sami and how great she is. Greta doesn't know much about Sami, but thinks she is probably just like Eric. Austin asks her how things are going with her and Eric, they are still dating right? Greta says yes, but she's not sure if she'd call it dating.

She says that she and Eric have been through some intense events, and nothing in her life has been as simple as others have had it. Austin tells her that is something they have in common. Austin tells Greta that his entire life has been complicated, and he gives her the abbreviated version of his life's story. They soon start talking about dating, and Austin jokes that they could write a book together, "Never too late to date." Greta doesn't know about that because she has very little experience in the realm of dating. Greta tells Austin that Eric is always being flirted with, and she doesn't know how to handle it. However, she thinks Austin is probably used to things like that, seeing he is such a babe-magnet. Austin has never thought of himself as a babe-magnet. Austin tells Greta that she is a hottie too, and he's sure Eric tells her that all the time. Greta says that he does, but she has a hard time believing it. Greta says she knows she is okay, but when she thinks beautiful, she thinks of Nicole.

Austin asks why they are talking about Nicole? Greta admits that she thinks they are the ones who belong together, and she thinks Nicole still loves Eric. Austin says Nicole is no longer in love with Eric, she is just being insecure. Greta asks him how he knows? Austin says he's gotten to know Nicole better, and he feels Nicole is just as insecure as she is, because of some of the things that happened to her in her past. Austin tells Greta that he believes something happened to Nicole in her past that is eating away at her, and he doesn't think Nicole will do anything to jeopardize her marriage. Greta hopes he is right, because she'd likes to think the best about people. Greta says she feels much better about things with her and Eric, and says goodbye to Austin.

John and Marlena and Bo and Hope go out to Tuscany for dinner. They run into Maggie and think she and Mickey have reservations, so they ask if they can sit with them because they don't have any. Maggie tells them that she isn't here to dine, she bought the restaurant and is working! Maggie shows them to a table, and Hope begins asking about what happened this past year when she was Gina, what did she do? John tells Hope that Vivian left town with Ivan, and Bo tells her that Ivan won the lottery, 40 million dollars. Hope says that is nice, but she wants to know what she did while she was Princess Gina? Everyone falls silent, and she asks why no one wants to talk about her past? She asks if she did something terrible? Marlena tells her no, but she thinks she needs time to heal both physically and emotionally first.

John tells Hope to listen to Marlena because she only has her well being at heart. Hope thanks them for their concern, but she can't shake this feeling that something awful happened while she was under Stefano's influence. Bo tells her not to think the worst, but Hope can see it in their eyes that something happened, and she wants to know what that is. Maggie shows up just in time with drinks and deserts, but Hope refuses to eat because she's too upset and worried. She begs them all to tell her the truth. Bo tells her they will tell her, but now isn't the time, she needs more time to recover. He promises to tell her everything when the time is right. Hope asks when exactly will that be? Hope agrees, but wants to ask John a question. She asks John if he can honestly forget what happened when he was under Stefano's control? If someone he knew had the answers, would he really mind being in the dark? John tells Hope that she is right, he knows what it is like to want to know what he might have done. John says he and Marlena struggled with that for some time, but they decided to forget the past and concentrate on the present and the future.

Hope says he makes it sound so simple, but John says it isn't simple. John says he has to accept that he is not the man he once was, and he tells Hope to forget about DiMera and just concentrate on Bo right now. He tells her that Marlena's love saved him, and Bo's can save her if she lets it. Hope agrees to back off, for tonight, and concentrate being with Bo, the man she loves and the father of their children. Marlena and John take to the dance floor, and John hopes Hope and Bo will be able to deal with the truth. Hope tells Bo that she really does need to know what happened. Bo tells her that he will tell her when the time is right, and he gives her a kiss. Breathe by Faith Hill begins to play, so Bo and Hope dance to it. Marlena tells John that Hope seems to be glowing, and they are both so in love. John wishes Bo didn't have to tell Hope the truth, he wishes they could marry and love that baby as their own. Marlena says it is a nice dream, but not a reality. John asks Marlena to promise him that she'll never stop loving him. Marlena says she already did the day she married him. John says that she did, and he's going to hold her to it. Hope feels the baby kicking again, so she makes Bo feel it. Bo is once again reluctant, and Hope senses it. She asks Bo what is wrong, the last time he was pregnant he couldn't keep his hands off of her, but this time she senses he's not happy about this baby. She asks him why that is?

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