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Monday, December 27, 1999

"Hope" proposes marriage to Bo, and stuns the whole Horton clan. She then makes a speech saying that she knows she's not 100% back to her old self, but she is trying. She says that she wants to be Shawn's mother, Gran's great-grand daughter, Julie's step-sister, Doug's daughter, and Bo's wife. Bo accepts "Hope's" proposal, and almost everyone claps. Alice is troubled, and Shawn is down right annoyed. However, Shawn does tell his "mom" that he's willing to try to work on their relationship, which pleases her. Greta, who is there with Eric, also tells her mom that she really is happy for her. Later, Nicole, who is there with Lucas, comes on to Eric and tells him that she has a gift for him back at the office. Eric tells Nicole that he wants nothing from her. Later, Nicole downs an entire bottle of French champagne that Doug and Julie gave Alice for Christmas. The Brady's end up leaving for Christmas Mass, and the remaining Horton's toast to Bo and Hope.

Marlena calls her supervisor at work to talk about her concerns for "Hope." Marlena feels that she should break her doctor-patient confidentiality, but her supervisor tells her she shouldn't do that unless her patient is putting herself or another in danger. John overhears the call, which Marlena asks him to disregard what he heard. John says he can't disregard how depressed she is after her sessions with "Hope." Marlena tells John that she is close to breaking her doctor-patient confidentiality, but she has to wait until she is absolutely certain it is necessary.

The Brady's go to Midnight Mass, and Bo and "Hope" announce their engagement. Everyone is thrilled, except Shawn and Marlena. Marlena takes "Hope" aside and tells her that she is not ready for this. Gina tells Marlena that she will marry Bo on New Years Eve and there is not a damn thing she can do about it! Marlena demands "Hope" come see her for a session tomorrow, which is Christmas in Salem, so she agrees.

Kate and Victor are enjoying their dinner, but are puzzled as to were Philip is. Kate calls Philip, who is still in the alley where he's been beaten up. Philip, answers the phone and tells his mom that he had something to do, but will be home soon. Philip, who has a huge bloody gash across his forehead, gets up and limps out of the alley. Back at the mansion, Kate presents Victor with his Christmas gift, which is a pair of silk pajamas. Victor is not amused considering their current sleeping arrangements. Kate suggests they sleep together in the same room, but Victor says he is not a masochist. Kate tells him there are other ways of being intimate, but Victor refuses to listen. Kate walks out into the hall and finds Philip passed out on the floor. She and Victor rush him to the hospital, where they are advised to get a plastic surgeon so that Philip won't have a scar on his forehead. When Kate asks him what happened, Philip says he was mugged. However, Victor tells himself that he knows his son is lying, and he knows exactly what happened!

Hope and Stefano continue to search for a way to escape.

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Tuesday, December 28, 1999

Belle decides to leave to meet Mimi. She tells her dad goodbye and admires the sweater he's wearing that that his lovely daughter gave him for Christmas. John notices that the wound on the back of his neck has not healed. Elsewhere, Marlena is not pleased to learn that "Hope" has canceled her appointment for today, so she takes off to take care of things. John looks at his cut and wonders how he could have gotten it.

Lily tells everyone that her friend, a famous French designer, has agreed to make "Hope's" wedding dress. As the designer takes "Hope's" measurements, Lily tells the Hortons about all the wedding preparations she has made. Doug and Julie do not like that Mrs. Faversham is taking over "Hope's" wedding. Doug, Julie, and Alice all confront "Hope" about why Lily is planning this wedding and not them? "Hope" tells them that this wedding is so last minute and Lily can pull some strings they can't to get things done. Doug asks if he can at least coordinate the music so he knows what to sing? "Hope" tells him that of course he can. Gina then finds Greta and tells her that she has a job for her, she wants her to be her maid of honor. Greta happily accepts. When someone rings the doorbell, Gina runs to answer it, only to find out it is Marlena. Marlena tells "Hope" that canceling her session with her this morning was a mistake. "Hope" apologizes and says she's very busy planning her wedding. Marlena insist they talk in private, so Alice tells them to use the kitchen. They go into the kitchen and argue about who she is.

"Hope" says she is not Gina anymore, she is going to marry Bo, and she won't let anyone stand in her way! "Hope then storms out of the kitchen. Later, "Hope" receives a package of truffles, which Lily had flown in for the reception. "Hope" digs in and Doug says the look on her face is exactly the same one she had when they stopped in at the Black Cat last summer in Paris. Lily pipes up "It was always your favorite place Gina!" "Hope" asks everyone to excuse Lily, she gets a little confused sometime. Lily tells everyone that she is sorry for the mix-up because she knows she is Hope now. Marlena tells "Hope" that they still have things to talk about before she can leave, so the excuse themselves again. In the kitchen, Marlena tells "Hope" that she is in denial about her problem. "Hope" asks Marlena who she thinks she is trying to run her life for her? "Hope" tells Marlena that she will not let her take Bo away from her. She says after being a prisoner for nine years, she has the chance to be happy. Marlena asks her what she is talking about, she wasn't a prisoner for nine years.

"Hope" tells her nine, ninety, its all the same. She warns Marlena not to interfere with her plans because John disappeared one, and he could disappear again! Marlena asks her what she knows about John's disappearance, so "Hope" decides to enlighten Marlena with what she knows. She stops herself before she says anything and tells Marlena that she will not allow her to play mind games with her! Marlena tells "Hope" that she doesn't even sound like Hope anymore. "Hope," speaking in her Gina accent, tells Marlena that if she breaks her confidentially oath she will make sure she pays. Marlena tells "Hope" that she's going to refer her to another doctor, but "Hope" refuses to see another shrink and tells Marlena to leave her alone! In the other room, Doug, Alice, and Julie are horrified to hear "Hope" yelling at Marlena. They all realize that "Hope" doesn't even sound like Hope. Marlena agrees to leave, but she says she won't let "Hope" marry Bo! After Marlena leaves, Gina pulls out her gun and says she made Stefano disappear, so she can make Marlena disappear too!

Bo, Shawn, and Roman are eating breakfast. Shawn says he's not hungry, so he excuses himself. Bo talks to Roman about his problems with Shawn, and Roman tells him he understands because he had similar problems with Sami. Bo asks Roman to be his best man, and he accepts.

Grandpa Shawn and Caroline ask Shawn if he's excited about his folks getting married? Shawn says he would be if his mom weren't missing. Shawn goes over to the piano and Belle shows up to meet Mimi, but she decides to say hi to Shawn while she waits. Shawn tells Belle that he still can't believe his parents are going through with this wedding, and he's agreed to go along with it, but he is more sure than ever that his mom is not his mom. Shawn tells Belle that his mom's new friend Lily is the one planning the wedding. He says that his dad is marrying Princess Gina, and he doesn't even know it. When Shawn says he plans to join the Merchant Marines when he turns 18, Belle tells him not to do that because his family and friends are here. Shawn asks her if he did leave, would she care? Belle says she wouldn't care personally, but she was just trying to help. Shawn notices that Mimi never showed up, and he asks her if she only came here to give him a hard time? Belle becomes angry with Shawn and storms out of the pub.

Later, Grandpa Shawn tells Bo that his son is just like he was at his age. Bo thinks that marrying "Hope" will make things right for Shawn, and Grandpa Shawn and Caroline agree. Roman asks Bo if he is having any doubts about this wedding, but Bo is confident that he is doing the right thing.

Lexie and Celeste go to the DiMera mansion to see Stefano, but the maid tells them that he's not at home. She lets them in because Lexie says she'd like to wait for him to return. In the lab, Rolf and Bart both wonder where Stefano can be. They watch the monitor and see John show up to see if Stefano is home yet, but he's not. Lexie and Celeste confront John and tell him that they need to talk. Lexie and Celeste tell John that neither of them has heard from Stefano, and they are very worried about him. Celeste tells John that she's been getting very disturbing vibrations, she senses that Stefano is unable to control his destiny. John can't believe Stefano being in a situation where he has no control. Lexie notices John's neck and tells him that it looks like an incision made with a surgical instrument. John says the nurse at the OR said the same thing, and it almost feels like something is in there. We then take a virtual trip inside the cut and see a microchip inside John. Lexie decides to take a closer look at the cut and tells him if it doesn't heal, he should come to the hospital. Rolf panics and tells Bart that John can not learn about that microchip or he will remember everything with Gina that happened on the sub.

Stefano finds a radio he gave Gina, but he forgot it was permanently set to a 24 hour classical music station. Hope overhears him talking about the radio and thinks it proves that he imprisoned Gina here, and now they are never going to get out. Stefano tells Hope that he'll get them out of here, even if it kills him. Hope starts to throw a temper tantrum, and Stefano yells at her to stop it so he can think. When she stops making a ruckus, Stefano goes to work trying to fix the radio. As Stefano works on the radio, Hope finds a record player and puts on some music. As she listens she remembers moments from her past with Bo, such as Bo kidnapping her to keep her from marrying Larry Welch, and her own wedding to Bo. Stefano grabs Hope's record player and tells her that he needs it. Hope asks him what he is doing, so he tells her that he's trying to get them out of here!

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Wednesday, December 29, 1999

Craig feeds Nancy some chicken soup, which Nancy thinks tastes like dish water due to her medication. Craig tells her that she still has to eat so she can get better, but Nancy says she can't stop thinking about Chloe. Nancy asks Craig where Chloe is? Craig says she is here, but the orphanage is coming to take her back. He tells Nancy that Chloe is the last person she needs in her life right now. Nancy refuses to let Chloe go back to that orphanage. She says that Chloe is going to come live with them, and she wants to decorate Chloe's room herself. Craig asks her where she will get the money to do that? Nancy says she can use the money from her trust fund. She asks Craig if he took the money out of the car? Craig tells her that he didn't take a thing because there was no briefcase in the car.

Craig calls the police, who also found nothing in the car. Nancy fears someone stole it, and Craig accuses Chloe. Nancy refuses to believe him and doesn't understand why he is blaming everything on Chloe. Nancy tells Craig that Chloe is a good girl and she belongs with them. Craig doesn't know why, so Nancy tells Craig that she and Chloe are meant to be together. She tells Craig that when she was in the coma she felt like she was on a cloud and floating farther away from him and this world, but Chloe's singing brought her back. Nancy tells Craig that the experience joined her and Chloe together, Chloe is her daughter, she is the reason she was brought back here. She begs Craig to accept Chloe as part of their life. Craig finally caves and tells her okay, but he warns her that it won't last because Chloe doesn't feel the same way about her (Nancy) that she (Nancy) does about Chloe.

Belle talks with Chloe about Nancy, who Chloe says is a distant relative. Mimi shows up and tells Belle that Philip is here in the hospital and is in bad shape. Belle goes to visit Philip, but Victor tells her he is receiving no visitors right now.

Philip is busy flirting with the nurse when Victor comes in to see him. Philip asks his dad if the police have caught the muggers yet? Victor suggests they leave the police out of this because he knows what really happened. Before Victor can elaborate on what he knows, Kate and the plastic surgeon show up to see Philip. The doctor tells Philip that once he heals, the three holes in his forehead will leave no scars. Belle shows up to visit Philip, but Victor tells her no visitors! As the doctor examines Philip, Victor talks to his old henchman Nico. Victor tells Nico that he has a problem, and he needs his help. Back in the room, the doctor tells Kate that Philip is well enough to be released. Philip is afraid of having the surgery on his head, but Kate tells him that it is minor surgery. Kate says she's going to go sign his release papers, but Victor wheels in and says they have something to talk about first. Kate asks him what?

Victor responds "When Philip first got involved with the mob!" Kate asks Victor what he is talking about? Victor says that Philip has gotten involved with a mob bookie, and he couldn't pay his losses and that is why he's been after them for money. Kate is shocked and asks Philip what he's been betting on? Philip apologizes to his parents, and Kate asks Victor who told him? Victor says he noticed the holes in Philip's head are the mark of a syndicate to remind him that debts are to be paid on time and in full. Kate tells Victor that he is scaring Philip. Victor says he should be scared! Victor orders Kate to leave so he and Philip can have a talk, so she leaves. Philip apologizes again, but Victor tells him he has to grow up. He says that he is going to have to stop taking the easy way out and work for his earnings. Victor tells Philip that he's going to see to it that he makes all the right choices. Victor tells Philip that the first thing he needs to learn is to pay his debts. Philip says he tried to pay the bookie, but he wouldn't give him more time. Victor tells Philip not to worry about the bookie, he will take care of the debt, and then Philip will owe him the 4500 dollars. Philip asks his dad how he will pay him back? Victor tells him that he's going to be doing some hard work and learn what it takes to be a man.

Belle returns to Chloe and asks her if she is from around here? Chloe says no, she is from New York, and that she's a big star on Broadway there. She tells Belle that she lives in SoHo with her parents in a huge loft. Belle asks her what musical she's doing? She tells her that she's doing a revival of Gypsy, and she plays Louise. Belle introduces herself, and Chloe claims she is Susan Sondheim, but Belle doesn't buy a word she told her and asks her to try the truth. Belle says that she is in the musical theater as well, her dad subscribes to the New York times and she knows everything that goes on in the theater in New York.

Chloe doesn't care if she believes her or not. Belle tells her that she was only trying to be nice to her. Chloe apologizes and tells Belle her real name. As she is questioning Chloe about who she is and where she's from, Kate approaches Belle and asks her what is going on in that school of hers? Belle doesn't understand what she means. Kate asks who is allowing criminals to mingle with kids? Suddenly, Victor interrupts and asks to speak with Kate. He tells Kate that no one is to know what happened to Philip and orders her not to say a word to anyone about this. Philip walks out of his room, and Belle asks if she can come visit him? Victor interrupts them and tells her that Philip is not allowed to have any visitors for the rest of the week. Victor tells Philip and Kate to wait for him in the car while he makes a phone call. Victor calls an old associate, Dennis tells him that his goons took bets from his underage son and beat him up, he's made a bad mistake. Dennis refuses to believe this, so Victor tells him to check in with his people because someone is going to pay for this!

The Kiriakis family goes home, and Philip learns that he is now officially Henderson's intern! Henderson gives Philip his first assignment, polishing all the silver. Kate refuses to let Victor turn their son into a servant, but he tells her that she has nothing to say about it. Later, Victor gets a call from Nico, who Victor tells to do his job. Suddenly, we see a house explode, and Victor's evil face overlays the explosion!

Alice is working on Bo and Shawn's tuxedo's for the wedding. Shawn is furious to learn that he is part of the wedding party. Shawn tells his dad that he is not going to have anything to do with this wedding! Shawn tells his dad that he can't shake the feeling that the woman pretending to be his mom isn't his mom, and he will not stand at that alter with him and watch him make this mistake. Bo tells him to do whatever the hell he pleases because he gives up! Bo storm out of the house, and Shawn apologizes to Alice. Alice tells him not to be sorry. Shawn asks her if she's on his side? Alice says there are no sides here. Shawn asks Alice if she agrees with him that something is different about his mom. Alice says she hasn't spent much time with her, which Shawn finds odd. Shawn says that his "mom" is trying to hard to pretend to be close with everyone, but he fears that his real mom is dead and is not coming back. Shawn tells Alice a story about how when he was a kid and couldn't sleep he used to close his eyes and he could feel her presence, which would help him fall asleep. He says he still feels that same vibe when he closes his eyes, so Alice tells him to find his mom.

Marlena talks with her supervisor about "Hope" when Marlena suddenly spots "Hope" at the Java Cafe waving to her. Her supervisor asks Marlena if anything is wrong? Marlena says no, and tells him about her patients decision to stop therapy and marry tomorrow, which she thinks is a mistake at this point in her life. Her supervisor realizes there is a family connection here and asks Marlena why she would have taken this woman on as a patient? Marlena says that she would see no one else. The doctor asks her if her patient has expressed suicidal tendencies or threatened anyone, but she says no. He tells her that she can do nothing other than walk away. Her supervisor is beeped, so he has to return to the hospital. Marlena approaches "Hope," who is with Greta. Marlena asks to talk with "Hope" alone, but "Hope" refuses and tells her to speak in front of her friend. Marlena was hoping she would reconsider therapy, but "Hope" tells Marlena that she doesn't need therapy, she needs her to leave her alone.

Marlena is shocked when Greta tells Dr. Evans to back off. Marlena tells Greta that this does not concern her, but Greta says it does. Bo shows up to talk with "Hope," so Greta decides to leave them. Marlena refuses to leave, so "Hope" tells Bo that Marlena is angry that she called off their therapy session. "Hope" tells Bo that marrying him is the only therapy she needs. Marlena tells "Hope" that the best therapy needs is being honest with Bo, and walks off. Bo asks "Hope" what she hasn't been honest about? "Hope" tells Bo that Marlena does not want her to marry him because she can't help but think she is still Princess Gina. Bo tells her that Marlena is wrong and they will get married. "Hope" hugs Bo, who then gives "Hope" a forget-me-not necklace as a pre-wedding gift.

Marlena goes after Greta and asks her what is going on between her and "Hope?" Greta says nothing is going on between them, but Marlena sees how close they are and she is confused by it. She asks Greta why "Hope" would ask her to be her maid of honor? Marlena begs Greta to trust her and tell her what is going on here. Greta eventually blows up and tells Marlena to leave her and "Hope" alone! Greta runs off, and Marlena knows Greta is protecting "Hope," but she doesn't know why.

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Thursday, December 30, 1999

In Europe, Hope awakens and sneaks over to where Stefano is sleeping and takes a sharp instrument from his hand. He awakens then grabs her hand and asks if she is planning on killing him before breakfast. She tells him no she just worries about him having sharp objects. He is trying to fix an old phonograph so that they can use it to escape. Hope tells him that she will not let Princess Gina take her life and Bo away from her. She feels that the bond between her and Bo will get them through this. She feels their connection is strong enough to get them through anything.

John and Marlena awaken and she tells him how worried she is about Bo and "Hope's" wedding. Belle tells her mother that she has a bad feeling about the wedding too. Belle says that Shawn D doesn't believe that this woman who says she is Hope is really his mother and that he doesn't think his dad should be marrying this woman. Belle tells her dad that Shawn D is not just acting out his teenage rebellion. He really believes that woman isn't his mother. John tells Belle that he thinks she is hooked on Shawn D. She acts confused and then they are interrupted by Lexie. The incision in John's neck is still bleeding. Lexie tells him he needs to be x-rayed. Bart and Dr. Rolf, dressed as plumbers, vow that can't happen. They are worried that she will find the chip in John's brain. They have to remove the chip before midnight on New Year's Eve. They lock Lexie in the bathroom and then leave the hospital in hot pursuit of John. John realizes he is being followed and takes them on a high-speed chase.

Shawn D tells his dad that he doesn't think that he should go through with the wedding. Bo tells him about a dream he had last night about Hope and that he believes this wedding will be a leap of faith for them. Shawn D finally agrees to stand up in the wedding for Bo. Shawn D then tells Belle that he is going to the wedding and will see her there.

Greta goes to her mother and tells her to call off the wedding. She fears that everyone will figure out who she really is. She says they have to leave the country today. Greta worries that Dr. Evans will expose her mother if she goes through with the wedding. Princess Gina will take care of Marlena she tells her daughter. After Greta leaves Princess Gina calls Marlena to remind her about the big event at the stroke of midnight. She tells her that will be when Bo becomes the loving husband of Princess Gina! She tells Marlena that right after the wedding they will be moving to Paris. She will put Shawn D in another boarding school and then she and Bo will be free to live happily ever after. Marlena tells Princess Gina that she will break Doctor/Patient confidentiality if she doesn't call things off. Princess Gina tells her that she will be over to discuss things. When Princess Gina arrives, Marlena tells her that she needs to be hospitalized. Princess Gina asks Marlena why she is trying to ruin her life. Bo walks in on their conversation and tells Marlena to leave Hope alone. Princess Gina smiles smugly at Marlena and then coyly wraps her arms around Bo. Bo tells Marlena that Hope no longer needs therapy. Bo thinks that once they get married everything will be just fine. He says if she still needs therapy after the wedding then they will find a new doctor.

Marlena tells him to find a new doctor now and postpone the wedding. That's not going to happen he tells her. Princess Gina tells Marlena that she still wants her to attend the wedding. No hard feelings.

Stefano asks Hope to give him her bracelet. He wants to use it to fix the phonograph. She refuses. She says that Bo gave it to her and it's her only connection to him right now. Stefano tells her that Princess Gina has caused the connection between her and Bo to be broken. She responds by smacking him across the face!

At Salem Place Doug and Julie share their fears with Eric about things not being right with the bride-to-be. Greta meets up with Eric and tells him that she thinks the wedding will be a disaster. She tells him that she doesn't believe in happily ever after. He says that everything will work out for Bo and Hope. Princess Gina meets up with everyone at Salem Place. Julie catches her in the bathroom smoking and talking to herself. She is talking about how annoying Doug and Julie are and says that her next project will be to get rid of them. Julie lets herself be known and Princess Gina tells her that she misunderstood what she heard. She says she is just nervous about her upcoming wedding. Elsewhere Bo tells Doug that he has many mixed emotions about the wedding. Julie and Princess Gina rejoin them. As the Princess and Bo are kissing he pulls away from her because of some connection he feels for the real Hope. Greta tells Bo that she is happy that Hope has decided to stop her therapy because all Hope really needs is Bo in order to be happy. Eric toasts the happy couple. As Princess Gina gets ready to leave she asks Bo what he is thinking. He tells her "It's snowing." She says "No it isn't. It's a beautiful day. Not a cloud in the sky." Back in Europe Hope is standing at the window thinking of Bo while watching the snow fall.

Friday, December 31, 1999

Days of our Lives will not be shown because of the New Year's holiday.

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