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Monday, December 20, 1999

The kids from Salem High are hanging out at a cyber cafe. Belle convinces Mimi to use her computer to send Shawn a message. Shawn is busy playing a video game with Philip, who wants to put money on the outcome of the game. Shawn tells Philip that he is too obsessed with money and perhaps he should stop betting. Philip accuses Shawn of not knowing how hard it is not having money, but Shawn tells Philip that his dad could have had the Kiriakis fortune but turned it down because he believes in working for a living. Shawn eventually tells Philip to drop it, and the two continue playing their game. As they play, they exchange insults.

Shawn tells him that he's pretty good at this but then he should be because he doesn't do anything but sit around his house all day on his butt with nothing better to do than play games. Shawn eventually beats Philip, who is angry to lose. Meanwhile, Mimi sends Shawn her message, and then tells Belle that Brandon is here. She teases Belle about him and asks if she is going to say hello to her old heart throb? Back at their computers, Shawn gets his anonymous message. When Philip asks who it is from, he looks over towards Belle and Mimi and says he has a pretty good idea. The message says that "It is the season of three kings. Your the king, and I'd love to hear you sing!"

Suddenly, Grandpa Shawn and Caroline show up dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Claus to collect donations for the hospital Christmas party. Philip jokes about their lame fund- raising attempt, which ticks Shawn off. Grandpa Shawn asks Shawn if he would sing for the kids at the hospital, so he agrees. Shawn makes an announcement that if anyone would want to hear him sing he will be at the hospital Christmas party. He then urges Philip to donate that fifty bucks he wanted to bet him earlier. Belle looks at Philip and tells him that he can afford to give a little to charity. Philip reluctantly hands over his money, and Grandpa Shawn and Caroline thank him.

Brandon meets up with a hacker at the cafe and asks him to get access to the Salem Police Department files. Brandon tells him that he needs all the information on Abe Carver that he can get. The hacker tells Brandon that this is going to cost him, but Brandon says he will pay anything. The hacker asks Brandon what he has against Abe Carver? Abe says he is just returning a favor, and gives the hacker some cash. The hacker tells him this is just a down payment, the info he wants is going to cost him a whole lot more.

Abe and Lexie return home and are still arguing about their infertility. Lexie wants to get medical help to conceive a child, but Abe refuses. Abe lights their Christmas tree and asks for a holiday truce. Abe and Lexie share a kiss, and Abe apologizes for his behavior. He tells her that he believes making love to his wife should be private and personal, not something to be discussed with doctors and nurses. Lexie tells him that she understands how he feels. Abe tells her that last night he was thinking about the Christmas miracle, and how he believes that they may be able to make their own Christmas miracle this year. Unfortunately their miracle is delayed when Lexie is paged by the hospital and is given the news about Nancy's accident. Abe tells Lexie that he'll drive her to the hospital, so they leave.

Vivian walks into the restaurant and sees Kate and Nicholas sitting at the bar kissing. Victor is wheeled into the restaurant and when Kate hears the maitre d welcome him back, she prays that Victor didn't see her kissing Nicholas. Luckily he didn't, and Nicholas gives Victor and Vivian a cover story saying that he and Kate were meeting to discuss the projected Internet sales for the next year. Victor invites Kate to have dinner with them, and Vivian suggests that they both have dinner with Victor because has spotted Ivan and Celeste and decides to go dine with them.

Vivian tells Celeste that she looks fabulous and hopes they don't mind if she joins them. Ivan tells "Ms. Alamain" that they do mind because they wanted to dine alone tonight. Ivan is hurt that she has been ignoring him, but Vivian says she's been very busy helping Victor. Ivan tells her that this obsession with Victor is only going to get her hurt. Vivian asks him to be happy for her for a change. Ivan tells Vivian that he hopes she finds the happiness he has found with Celeste, and that the two of them plan to spend the rest of their lives together. Vivian is shocked and decides to go touch up her make-up. After she leaves, Celeste asks Ivan what that was all about? He asks her why he lied to Vivian? Ivan tells Celeste that he's trying to protect Vivian and make her realize that she's making a mistake going after Victor.

Victor asks Nicholas to please join them for dinner so they can talk about their future together. Nicholas excuses himself for a second to go pay his bar bill, and Victor tells Kate that she looks tense. Kate says she has a headache and wants to go home, but Victor says he won't allow it! Kate is furious with him. He tells her not to make a scene because they are not the kind of people who can afford to have public indiscretions. When Nicholas returns, Victor proposes a toast to him, the man who took care of his family when he could not and was a friend to his wife. He tells Nicholas that he always considered him like a son and hopes that Kate will learn to feel the same way about him. Kate excuses herself, and Victor tells Nicholas that she seems a little edgy tonight. Nicholas says that she just has a lot on her mind.

In the ladies room, Vivian asks Kate to tell her all about her evening with her nephew. Kate tells her that she and Nicholas work well together, but she is with Victor now and they will stay together no matter what she does. Vivian tells her to just keep thinking that way because it will help her sleep. When Vivian leaves the bathroom, Nicholas asks her if she said anything to accept Kate? Vivian teases him and tells him that both he and Kate are mighty defensive tonight.

Vivian returns to see Ivan and Celeste and tells them that she misses them and plans to make it a New Years resolution to see more of them. She then returns to Victor's table to be with Nicholas and Victor, the two most handsome men on the planet. Ivan tells Celeste "So much for seeing more of Madame!"

Chloe tells Nancy that this isn't working out, so she's out of here. Chloe flees from Craig's car, and Nancy runs after Chloe. Craig follows Nancy, who is run down by a passing car. Craig rushes to his wife, who is lying on the ground unconscious. Chloe watches from the bushes and wonders what she has done? The car which hit Nancy stops, and Craig tells the driver to call an ambulance. Craig performs CPR on Nancy, but her lungs have collapsed. Craig calls the hospital and demands an ambulance staffed with the best EMS crew get out here immediately, and he wants the trauma unit ready for Nancy's arrival. As Craig races to his car for his medical bag, Chloe thinks to herself that she has killed her mother. Craig returns to Nancy with his bag and re-inflates her lungs. The ambulance shows up, and Nancy begins to breath again. Nancy comes to and tries to speak to Craig, but he tells her to take it easy. Meanwhile, Chloe grabs the cash out of Craig's car and tells herself that she can't go back to that orphanage .

Abe and Lexie come into the hospital, and Abe is furious because Brandon cut him off coming into the ER. Brandon told him that he should have used his signal, but Abe says he did. Lexie tells Abe that this is her fault because she forgot to tell him the signal was out. Lexie leaves to tend to Nancy, and Brandon and Abe argue. Abe eventually tells Brandon that if he doesn't shut up he will teach him a lesson he'll never forget! One of the nurses tells Abe to please keep his voice down because everyone can hear him. Later, Brandon calls his hacker to see if he's made any progress. The hacker tells Brandon that it will take him some time to break into the police department's computer.

Nancy is brought in with Craig and says he wants to supervise. Lexie tells him that he can't treat his own wife. Craig tells her that he can't give her orders, but Lexie tells him if he does this he will regret it for the rest of his life. Craig eventually agrees to let one of the other doctors handle Nancy's case, but he tells Lexie to drop the phony concern because he knows she doesn't care about him or his wife. Lexie tells him that is not true.

Craig breaks down, and Lexie asks him how this happened? Craig says it was all that damn kid's fault. When Lexie asks who he is talking about, he says nothing. He begins to cry and tells Lexie that Nancy is everything to him and she has to make it. Lexie comforts Craig. A surgeon shows up at tells Craig that Nancy is hemorrhaging and they need to rush her to the OR for emergency surgery. Craig begs the surgeon to save his wife.

The police question the driver of the car which hit Nancy, and then they spot Chloe trying to sneak away. One of the cops tells her to freeze and asks where she is going? Chloe says she was walking home from the library. They ask her if she witnessed the accident, but she says no. Chloe asks if anyone was hurt? The cop tells her that a lady was hit head on, and she might not make it.

Tuesday, December 21, 1999

Nancy is rushed into the OR and the surgeon questions Craig about Nancy's medical History and any allergies. As she is prepped for surgery, Craig stands by her side and talks to her. He tells her that he will be standing right outside the door while Dr. James performs the surgery, and he asks Nancy to fight. The doctor is ready to begin, so Craig is asked to step outside. Later, Craig learns that Chloe called about his wife. He begins to cry and says this is all her fault. Back in the OR, Nancy dreams that she gives birth to Chloe again, but when she asks the nurse to hold her baby, the nurse backs away and tells her that her baby doesn't want her. Suddenly, Nancy crashes. The doctors manage to save Nancy, and after the operation the doctor tells Craig that Nancy made it through the operation and is stable, but they don't know anything about her neurological state. He tells Craig that if Nancy was to regain consciousness it would be a miracle.

Abe asks Lexie how Nancy is? Lexie says that she's bleeding internally and it looks pretty bad. Roman shows up and Lexie tells him he should go talk to him to see if he's learned anything new about the accident. Abe talks with Roman about the accident for a bit, but they soon start talking about Brandon Walker. Roman thinks that trouble runs in the Walker family genes. Roman decides to stop by the station on the way home and run a computer search on Brandon. Abe thinks that is a good idea, so he decides to go with him as well. Unfortunately, they uncover nothing on Brandon. Abe does some asking around and learns that Brandon and Nicole grew up in Salem, and he knows this kid has secrets and is trouble.

Lexie goes to the nurses station and learns about Brandon's scene with Abe earlier. Lexie finds Brandon with one of his patients assuring him that Santa wouldn't skip over him while he was in the hospital. Brandon tells Tommy, the patient, that he broke his arm one Christmas and had to spend it in the hospital, but Santa brought him all sorts of goodies. Lexie and Brandon tell him that it is late and he should be sleeping, so they leave. Outside, Lexie asks Brandon if that story was true about him breaking his arm? Brandon says it was. He remembers his mom coming to visit him in the hospital with all sorts of presents, and she told him that his father never meant to hurt him.

Lexie asks Brandon why he was in the hospital? Brandon says he fell and broke his arm, and that is all he will say. Brandon asks Lexie why she came looking for him? Lexie says she heard about his and Abe's altercation. Brandon says that Abe was the one screaming at him, Abe is out for his blood. Brandon tells Lexie that he is thinking of just resigning from the hospital and leaving Salem. Lexie tells him that he can't quit because the kids need him, and so does she. He agrees to stay and tells Lexie that she's the best friend he has in Salem. He hopes her husband knows how lucky he is to have her in his life and hopes he treats her like gold.

Bart and Rolf go to the hospital to spy on John Black to see if he is okay. Bart finds some Christmas costumes and suggests to Rolf that they disguise themselves, and then take advantage of the hospital setting by performing some brain surgery. Rolf and Bart change into their Christmas elf costumes and plan to adjust John's microchip.

Alice is disappointed to learn from Bo that "Hope" won't be at the hospital Christmas party. She tells him that "Hope" has been missing a lot of family engagements lately and she wonders if she's missing them on purpose. Bo tells Alice that "Hope" isn't avoiding the family, she's just exhausted after their long day at the cabin. Grandpa Shawn and Caroline show up, still in costume, and Bo shows them what he got "Hope." Bo produces a wooden music box which plays their love song.

John shows up, and Bart and Rolf spy on him. John remembers that Marlena left some gifts in her office, so he leaves to retrieve them. Rolf and Bart quickly follow him, but are caught by Alice who thinks they are the hospital workers who volunteered to help them. When they say they wanted to get some food, Alice tells them that she has brought some donuts, so they can eat while they wrap presents. John returns with Marlena's gifts, and they all return to the workstation. Later, they all decide to rehearse the Christmas play. John has to go get the props, and Rolf and Bart follow him claiming they will help him.

Chloe checks into a hotel and is trying to convince herself that her mother will be fine. After showering, Chloe turns on the radio and hears a report on Nancy's accident. She learns that her mom is in critical condition and about to undergo surgery at Salem University Hospital. Chloe calls the hospital to check on Nancy's condition, but when the nurse asks if she is family, Chloe hangs up. She decides that she's brought her mother nothing but bad luck and decides to leave town. She then remembers Nancy telling her what a lovely voice she had and she knew if her mother heard her sing it would make her smile.

Kurt bounds and gags poor Hope to a chair in the parlor. He tells her That she must be wondering why he has brought her here. He tells her that it is because she is about to receive a very special Christmas present. Kurt tells Hope that he's sorry it has come to this. He claims that he did feel pity for her once, but then he remembered what she did to Princess Gina. Hope remembers when Bo rescued her from Jude St. Clair and how she told Bo that his love was her strength. Hope spots a glass vase on the table and hops towards it once Kurt leaves the room. She manages to knock it off the table with her feet, and then tips her chair over so she can retrieve a piece of the broken glass to cut her way to freedom. She finally frees herself, and makes a run for it.

Gina and Stefano arrive at the Chateau where Gina has led Stefano to believe the painting is hidden. Stefano tells himself that once he has his Rennet he will make sure Princess Gina is locked back up in the turret where she belongs. Gina and Stefano go up to the turret and Gina reveals that the painting was hidden behind one of her many portraits of John in her wardrobe. Gina notices the look in Stefano's eyes and says he had the same look when he told her about his master plan to own all the Rennets in the world. Gina starts tossing the painting around and asks how grateful Stefano is to her for getting him all the Rennets? Stefano tells her that he will not interfere with her plans to live in Salem as Hope and he promises they will never meet again. Gina tosses him the painting, which he kisses, and then she tries to head for the door.

However, Stefano grabs her from behind and tells her that he's changed his mind about her freedom, she will never be free again! Gina tells him that they had an agreement, but Stefano tells her that he'd never negotiate with a maniac like her. Luckily for Gina, Kurt shows up and knocks Stefano out from behind.

Gina goes to check on Hope, who smashes a vase over her head. When Hope gets a look at Gina's face she freaks out. Unfortunately, Kurt grabs Hope, and Gina comes to. Gina tells Hope that she has hurt her for the last time! Hope can't believe she is Princess Gina, and she is alive. However, Gina tells her that she is no longer Princess Gina, she is now Hope Williams, soon to be Hope Brady! Hope tells her that she can't do this, Bo won't believe her! Gina tells her that he already has, and she should accept her fate! Kurt locks Hope back up in the turret, and Gina instructs Kurt to have all her money and jewels sent to Salem. She also tells him that they both must get to the airport. Back in the turret, Hope finds Stefano knocked out on the floor.

Wednesday, December 22, 1999

Philip and Kate are busy shopping in Salem Place. Kate has spent a fortune, but says she wants to make this a special Christmas. Philip thinks that a year 2000 wedding for his mom and dad would make it all the more special. Kate asks him if the kids in school are giving him a hard time about the fact that his parents aren't married? Philip tells her no, most kids think they are married and the ones who know the truth don't care. Later, Kate questions Philip about his relationship with Belle Black. Philip says he likes Belle Black, and they have fun together.

Philip then asks his mom when she and his dad are going to get married? Philip says it is important for him to know that his parents are in it for the long hall. Suddenly, Philip gets a call from his bookie, who wants his money now. Philip says he'll get it to him later today, and hangs up. Kate asks him what that was about, was it about money? Philip said that he put some gifts on layaway and the clerk was calling him to tell him to come pick them up. Philip tells his mom he better go take care of it, and gives his mom a kiss goodbye. After Philip leaves, Kate realizes she has to make up her mind about Victor's proposal.

Vivian shows up and gives Victor a kiss because it does her heart good to see him back running Titan. Vivian tells Victor that she has someone he wants her to meet. She brings Paul, his physical therapist, back to work with him in order to help him get out of the wheelchair. Victor agrees to work with Paul. When Vivian notices she got some lipstick on his cheek she decides to wipe it off for him. She inadvertently puts down a check she was carrying, and when Victor sees that it is for 4500$ and made out to Philip, Victor demands to know what is going on.

Vivian says it is his Christmas gift to him, but Victor doesn't believe her and wants the truth. Vivian tells Victor that Philip waned to buy a girl a present, but he was short of funds. Victor is furious and tells Vivian that she is not to give Philip this check because his son has been spoiled rotten and it must come to an end! Vivian says she already promised Philip, but Victor says too bad and then he tears the check up. Victor refuses to have his son become a self-indulgent spoiled brat like Lucas!

Rolf wakes up after being out cold for the night because Bart shot him with drugged dart meant for John. Rolf tries to call Stefano, but he's not answering his phone. Marlena is terribly worried about "Hope." Marlena tells John that she was supposed to have a session with her today, but she never showed up and she can't find her. Marlena fears that something is very wrong with "Hope." Belle admits to her parents that Shawn doesn't believe "Hope" is his mother, but then realizes she shouldn't have opened her mouth. Marlena asks Belle to call Shawn and invite him over because maybe she can get him to open up.

Shawn runs into his dad in Salem Place. Shawn is busy shopping for Christmas Gifts, and when Bo asks him what he was planning on getting his mom, Shawn jokes "A tiara." Bo doesn't find his joke funny at all. Shawn says he wants his mom back as much as he does, but she treats him like a stranger. Bo tells Shawn that it will just take her some time to get back to normal. Shawn leaves to do some more shopping, and Belle calls him and asks him to please come to her penthouse because her parents want to speak to him about his mom. Shawn tells her that he'll be right there. Elsewhere, Bo remembers his past Christmas days with Hope.

Shawn goes to the penthouse and talks with Marlena about his mother. Marlena says that she believes his mother is avoiding her sessions. Shawn says he really doesn't know much about that. John tells Shawn that he gets the feeling that he's worried about his mother. Shawn tells them that he doesn't know who she is these days, but she is not his mother. He tells them that his mom is trying so hard to be who his dad wants her to be, but something is missing, she's not real. Marlena asks Shawn if his dad is sensing the same things he is? Shawn doesn't think so because his dad wants his mom back so bad, he even thinks his dad might marry her to force his mom back. Shawn doesn't know how he can fix this. Marlena tells him that is not his job, his job is to sort out his own feelings.

Shawn thanks them for listening, and John assures Shawn that Marlena can help his mom. Shawn decides to leave, so Belle walks him out. John asks Marlena what she thinks? Marlena suspects that Hope is still suffering the effects of a split personality. John says if there is a little bit of Gina left in her, all he has to do is hang out with her for a bit and he'll know. Marlena puts her foot down and tells him no way! John agrees not to talk to Hope, but he wants to work with her on this mystery. Marlena tells John that she has an idea how to start. Out in the hall, Shawn tells Belle that he's not mad at her for telling her parents how he was feeling, he's actually grateful.

Gina returns to Salem and tells Lily that she's taken care of Stefano once and for all. Lily thinks she killed him, but Gina says she's just made sure he's punished for a very long time. Gina changes the subject and tells Lily about her wonderful trip with Bo. She also tells Lily that she bought Bo a wonderful gift, a model boat which is exactly like the Fancy Face II. Lily tells Gina that she seems very happy. Gina says she is, which is why she is going to ask Bo to marry her. Lily asks Gina if she has thought this through? Gina says she has, because once you have made love to Mr. Bo Brady you cannot imagine life without him. Lily tells Gina that someone will learn the truth eventually, and it will probably be Shawn. Gina thinks that once Shawn sees how happy she and his father are, he will drop his suspicions. Gina tells Lily that she spent her trip home going over Hope's memories via the CD-Rom she stole from Stefano, and she learned about the Horton's ornament hanging tradition. She informs Lily that this year she will hang Hope's ornament next to Bo's, and they will remain together for the rest of their lives!

Bo runs into "Hope" in Salem Place and is glad to see her. She tells him that she was looking for an extra-special gift for Gran. Bo wants to know what she got him, but she refuses to give him a hint unless he tells her what he got her. Bo gives her a hint, and she realizes that she is getting a "Bo" for Christmas, which she says is what she wanted. Later, Shawn runs into his mom and dad, and "Hope" receives a phonecall from Marlena. Marlena tells "Hope" that she missed her appointment yesterday. "Hope" says it slipped her mind, but suggests they make-up the appointment today. Marlena tells "Hope" to meet her in her office in one hour.

Stefano comes to and finds himself locked up in the turret with Hope, who he thinks is Gina at first. He grabs her and tells her that if she doesn't open the door and let him out then he will break her neck! Hope swears to Stefano that she is not Princess Gina, and he eventually lets her go when he realizes she is Hope. Hope asks Stefano why Gina has done this to the both of them? Stefano says he doesn't know, she came to him pretending she was her. Stefano tries to break out, but Hope tells him this place is sound and escape proof.

Stefano realizes she is right, and then he finds the food and water Gina and Kurt left. He tells Hope that it appears that no one intends to come back for them. Hope says that someone will come for them, but Stefano doubts that. Hope asks Stefano why Princess Gina is doing this to them and what did she mean about taking over her life? Stefano says he doesn't have the answers to her questions, and then tells her to shut up and let him think. Hope notices the Renet, and Stefano asks her what she knows about that painting? Hope says she just remembers being fascinated by his work, and asks Stefano if it means anything to Gina? Stefano says he has no idea, and that they should focus on trying to get out of here. Hope thinks that Bo will come and save her, and together they will discover the truth about the real Princess Gina and whatever he did to her.

Thursday, December 23, 1999

Everyone is gathered at Brady's Pub. They are decorating and stuffing stockings to give to the sick kids at the hospital. Caroline asks Bo where Hope is. He tells her that she is at the Salem Inn but will be coming later. Bo then has a conversation with Marlena. He asks her about a session that she and Hope are supposed to have today. He asks Marlena if she thinks that Hope still needs therapy. She says yes. Roman wonders what is going on between Austin and Sami. He is worried about Sami getting hurt. He decides to talk to Austin. Elsewhere, Dr Rolf and Bart worry about the computer chip in John's brain. They are worried that at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve his memory may return. They wonder if he will remember the time he spent on submarine in Hawaii with Princess Gina.

At the hospital, Abe questions Craig about Nancy's accident. A witness has come forward and said that Nancy was chasing o young girl. He wants to know why Craig never mentioned the girl. Chloe is at the bus station. She thinks no one will ever find her if she goes to New York City. In Europe, Stefano and Hope are locked up together at Princess Gina's estate. Hope asks Stefano why all of this is happening. He tells her that Princess Gina asked him to come to her house. She was supposed to give him the Renet painting. Instead he was knocked out and locked up. Hope is confused. he asks Stefano what the date is. He tells her it's Christmas Eve.

Back in Salem, Princess Gina is continuing to pretend to be Hope. She believes that she has everything under control. All se has to do is take care of Marlena. She will do that at their session this afternoon. At the session, Marlena tells "Hope" that Bo will be upset once he learns that he slept with the wrong person at the cabin. Marlena also wants to know why she lied about where she was last night. "Hope" tells Marlena, "I can't tell everyone everything about what I do."

John goes to Stefano's looking for him. The maid says he is out. Bart tells Rolf that now is his chance to go and get John. Rolf tells him not to mess anything up. Before John leaves Stefano's Bart sticks John's tire with an ice pick. It flattens once John is out in the country. Bart and Rolf follow him. As he changes the tire. Bart knocks him out with a tree branch.

Bo tells Caroline that Hope is really trying to get back to her old self. Caroline hopes everything works out for them. Eric and Greta are at the pub. He asks her why she won't look at him. Ever since she ran out on him at their picnic at Titan the other day she won't talk to him. "What's the problem?" he asks. "YOU are the problem." she says. Roman and Austin talk. He tells Austin not to play games with Sami that he has to decide if he is going to commit to her or not. Austin promises Roman that he will never hurt Sami. Austin also tells him that he is not ready to get married and he doesn't think that Sami is either. Roman is worried that Sami is going to end up heartbroken. Craig lies to Abe. He tells Abe that he doesn't know what he is talking about. He tells him their was no girl. Abe doesn't believe him. He tells him that he will continue to question him until he gets the answers he is looking for. At the bus station, Chloe hears a radio report about Nancy's accident. A man there, claiming to be a police officer, questions her about the accident.

During "Hope" and Marlena's session she asks Marlena to hypnotize her to see if Princess Gina is still there. "Hope" tells her that the closer she and Bo get the further she pushes Princess Gina away. Marlena asks her how long that will last. "You are playing a dangerous game." she tells "Hope."

Abe tells Craig that he will have to take him down to the police station if he doesn't tell him the truth about the accident. Craig tells Abe that he is not leaving Nancy's side. He says, "Get a warrant or leave me alone." Lexie tells Abe to lay off Craig because he is hurting. She tells Abe that he is angry and judgmental and that he shouldn't take his cases so seriously. He asks her what she means. "Don't you think I'm a good cop anymore?" he asks. She tells him that he is the best police officer there is he just needs to back off a little bit. Craig is reading Nancy a Christmas story. He tells her that he can't live without her. He prays to God asking Him to bring her back. Chloe tells the "cop" that his badge is fake and if he doesn't take his hands off of her she's going to scream bloody murder. He does. Chloe tels an employee what happened and tells him he should call the police so that it doesn't happen to someone else. He says he will but she has to stay there and make a statement. She tells him that she can't because she has to get to an audition in New York. She just asks him to keep an eye on the guy. He agrees. Then her bus for New York City is called to board. "New York City here I come." she says.

Greta tells Eric that she found the condom that he put in the picnic basket. He is confused. He tells her he didn't put it there. "I would never do anything like that to you." he says. He also says that he thinks he knows who did. He tells her that he thinks one of the kids at the gift shop where the picnic basket was made up put he condom in there as a prank. He is angry and says he is going to call the manager and complain. She tells hi to forget about it. She says, "Let's just enjoy your family an each other." He agrees.

Rolf and Bart are hovering over John. He hasn't woke up. Rolf tries to erase John's memory with his special device but is interrupted by barking dogs. Bart tells Rolf to finish him off. Instead they take his wallet and his personals to make it look like he was robbed. They leave him laying in the snow. Meanwhile, Caroline called the church and learned that John hadn't arrived with the Christmas wreaths yet. Roman told her not to worry just yet. Also at the pub Shawn tells Bo that he is really trying to make an effort to put their family back together again. Bo says he knows. He says they ALL have been trying. Marlena hypnotizes "Hope." She then asks if Gina is there. "Hope" says yes. Marlena asks Gina if Hope will defeat her. She says yes again. Marlena thinks that it is odd that Gina would say that. Marlena says, "It's odd that you would say that as I have not brought you out of hypnosis yet Hope." "Hope" gets up. Marlena tells her that she has a split personality and should be in a hospital. "Hope" tells Marlena that she isn't going to let her tell her family anything and that she will be any personality she chooses to be. "Hope" tells Marlena that she is going to ask Bo to marry her. Marlena tells her not to do that. "Hope" says she is and their is nothing that Marlena can do about it as their sessions are confidential. Marlena realizes that "Hope" is really Princess Gina when the Princess says, "I lost John to you. I will not lose Bo."

Back in Europe the real Hope realizes that she has lost another year of her life since she doesn't remember anything after her car went off the road as she was driving in a storm last winter. Stefano tells her that it is Christmas Eve. She believes that Princess Gina is back in Salem pretending to be her. She tells Stefano that they are going home for Christmas and that he is going to help them get there. He tells her there is nothing he can do as nobody knows where he is except for Princess Gina---and she certainly isn't going to help them.

Friday, December 24, 1999

Kate wrestles about what to do about her feelings for Nikolas and her frustrations regarding Victor and Vivian. The Bradys gather for the annual Christmas festivities as do the Hortons. Chloe sits by Nancy's bedside and begins to sing Christmas carols. Craig nearly interrupts to throw her out of Nancy's hospital room until her realizes that Nancy is beginning to stir. Nancy regains consciousness while Chloe sings to her and Craig smiles and welcomes her back to the land of the living. Philip is being harassed by the bookies for the money he owes. Nikolas and his aunt Vivian console each other over the fact that Kate and Victor are spending Christmas together.

At the Horton Christmas party Doc and John are celebrating and Marlena begins to tell John about catching Hope in lies and deceptions during their counseling sessions until they are interrupted by others at the Horton's party. Austin and Sami and Will celebrate Christmas with the Bradys. At the Brady family Christmas party Hope proposes marriage to Bo and asks him in front of everyone there to please "make an honest woman out of her." Bo seems very pleased and pleasantly surprised while Shawn D looks on with a worried expression.

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