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Monday, November 8, 1999

Brandon is talking with Lexie, who can't believe that Rachel is gone. Lexie thinks they should have kept their professional distance. Brandon changes the subject to Lexie's pregnancy. Lexie says she will know later this morning if she is pregnant or not. Lexie decides to leave to check on a patient, but Brandon stops her to thank her for bailing her out. Lexie says she did it for Rachel, but Brandon asks if that is the only reason? Brandon wonders if she thought Abe shouldn't have arrested him. Abe shows up and says he'd like the answer to that question too. Lexie says that she wouldn't say he was wrong, but he did overreact. Abe is furious and says that Brandon needs help. Brandon starts arguing with Abe, and the two almost come to blows. Lexie stops them and tells Abe that she had to bail Brandon out and tells him to listen to why she did it.

Abe tells her that she can't justify sneaking behind his back, and he doesn't want to hear it. Abe walks out, and Brandon asks Lexie how she could let him treat her that way? How could she stay married to someone like that? Lexie tells Brandon that Abe is a wonderful man, but he is angry that she defied him. Brandon doesn't understand why Abe feels that their friendship is a threat to him, and why he has it in for him? Lexie tells Brandon that he doesn't have it in for him, but he does think something is wrong with him. Lexie tells him that he admitted he snapped, and she asks who he thought he was hitting in the ring? Before Brandon can answer, Lexie is called away by a nurse about her test results.

Brandon is with Lexie when she gets the results of her pregnancy test, she's not pregnant. Brandon tells Lexie that this might not be the best time for her and her husband to have a kid anyways. Lexie becomes furious and tells him to stay the hell out of her life! Brandon tells her that he will as long as she stays out of his. They both agree not to meddle in each other's lives. Later, Abe returns and tells Lexie that he's sorry, he took his anger for Brandon out on her. Lexie says it is okay, and she explains that she had to bail Brandon out for Rachel. She thinks if they work together maybe they can help Brandon, but Abe thinks that Brandon might jump bail. Brandon is packing because he is planning on leaving town.

Carrie looks into Austin's room and sees Sami with him. Kate shows up and is angry that Sami is visiting Austin. She tells Carrie to stop this, but Carrie says that Austin chose Sami, and they have to live with it. Lucas shows up and both Kate and Lucas agree that Sami hasn't changed, and she isn't what is best for Austin. Carrie says that there is nothing they can do about it, but Kate thinks otherwise.

Austin tells Sami that he wanted to see her, not Carrie. Austin tells Sami about his dream, and how her testimony convinced the judge that he should live. He tells Sami that she reached him and brought him back. Sami didn't think she got through to him, but he says that she did. He also tells Sami that the judge told him that he had to chose who he wanted to be with when he got back, and he chose her. Sami begins to cry. She tells Austin that she will help him with his recovery. She also starts talking about how she hurt him by trying to make him love her, but Austin says that is the past and she has changed. Sami tells him that if she changed, it is because of her.

Suddenly, Kate storms into Austin's room and tells Sami to get away from her son! Austin tells his mom that he will talk to her later and asks her to leave. Kate leaves, but is not pleased. Sami says she should let him get some rest, but Austin says that he wants her beside him when he wakes up. Kate tells Lucas and Carrie that they have to put a stop to this before Sami destroys Austin's life. After Kate leaves, Lucas gives Carrie some advice. He tells her that if she wants to stop Sami, she has to fight fire with fire. Carrie doesn't understand what he's saying. Lucas tells her in order to beat Sami she has to be Sami!

At the nursing home, the nurse and "Dr. Sue Lee" are arguing about whether she can see Victor. Nicholas shows up and tells the nurse that it is okay for Dr. Lee to see Victor. The nurse says she still needs Dr. Bryce's permission, so she leaves to get him. Vivian manages to fool Nicholas, and lets him in on her scheme. Nicholas asks his aunt what she is up to now? Vivian says that she is hoping to find out the truth about Victor's condition. Nicholas goes in to see Victor. He tells VIctor that Vivian's doctor is here, but Vivian is still in Europe. Nicholas tells Victor that this healer is special, she only takes on one patient at a time and won't give up until he or she is well again. He also asks Victor to be discreet, it would be for the best if he didn't tell Kate that Vivian arranged this. Victor says that he doesn't like keeping things from Kate, but he sees his point and will not tell her.

Meanwhile, "Dr. Sue Lee" meets with Dr. Bryce. She says she'll need to see Victor's records if she is to begin helping him. Dr. Bryce says he can't do that until he sees her credentials. Dr. Sue Lee tells him that she is trained in holistic medication and is at the top of her field. When she tells him about her wonderful results, Dr. Bryce asks if she has any documentation? Dr. Sue Lee says she doesn't yet, but she will be on Dateline soon. Dr. Bryce calls her a quack and refuses to allow her to take advantage of Victor Kiriakis. Dr. Sue Lee tells him that people who are in pain should be allowed to seek any possible treatment that they can. Dr. Bryce says "not if it interferes with my treatment!" Dr. Lee tells him that her treatment won't interfere with his, and then accuses him of being afraid that her treatment will work better than his.

Dr. Lee and Dr. Bryce go in to see Victor. Dr. Bryce says that he tried to tell Dr. Lee to leave, but she refused. Victor says it is okay, he would like to give her methods a try. When Dr. Bryce tells Dr. Lee that Victor needs his rest, Dr. Lee says she would like to stay with Victor and feel his aura. Dr. Bryce and Nicholas leave, and Dr. Lee tells Victor that she will not give up until he is as strong and robust as he once was. Victor jokes and asks if he'll be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Dr. Lee laughs and tells Victor to rest. Victor ends up falling asleep, and Vivian gets a call from Nicholas. Nicholas tells her that Kate has gone to the hospital to spend time with Austin, so she is in the clear. Vivian looks at Victor and says she longs to lie beside him again. She figures "what the hell" and jumps into bed with him. Outside his room, Kate shows up to see Victor, but a nurse tells her that he is sleeping. Kate says she won't disturb him.

Gina spies on John and Marlena. John realizes something is wrong with Marlena. Marlena tells him that she is unhappy because their friends, Bo and Hope, aren't as happy as they are. John tells her that they are headed in the right direction. Marlena says that Hope should be thrilled to be back, but she's not. Marlena tells John that Hope is angry and bitter. John doesn't have any doubt in his mind that Hope will move on with her life. Marlena says he knows a lot about that, and John laughs that he could write a book. He tells her that the more he forgets his past, the happier he is. He says his life with Gina is dead and buried, his life is with her now.

Gina, who is around the corner, wonders what has happened to John, he is not the man she knew. Her reflection begins taunting Gina about Marlena. She tells Gina that Marlena will be crushed when John walks out of her life and returns to her. Gina eventually leaves and runs into a bathroom. She sees Princess Gina in the mirror laughing at her. She splashes some cold water on her face, and then looks in the mirror again. She sees herself as an old hag and she says that John couldn't love her if she looked like this. She pulls some scissors out of her purse and begins to cut her hair. Greta walks in and asks "Hope" what she is doing? Gina reaches out to Greta and gives her a big hug. She tells her that she has missed her so much, and asks Greta if she missed her as well? As they are hugging, a worried expression overcomes Greta's face. Greta asks what this is all about? Gina says that she just likes having her close to her. Greta becomes upset and runs out of the bathroom. Gina looks in the mirror and sees the old hag looking back at her. She tells Gina that Greta doesn't love her anymore than John does! Gina puts her hair up and tucks it inside her hat.

Greta storms through Salem Place and runs into John and Marlena. Greta tells John and Marlena about her encounter with "Hope" in the bathroom and how it was almost like she was Gina again. Greta tells Marlena that "Hope" needs help. Marlena says she knows that, but it has to be her decision. Marlena then tells Greta that she and John are hear for her. When they share a group hug, Gina comes out of the bathroom and is shocked to see Marlena with her man and daughter. John leaves Marlena and Greta in order to refill his coffee and get them some tea. Greta tells Marlena that she wants to help "Hope," but "Hope" doesn't understand that whenever she looks at "Hope," she sees her mother. Gina is furious with Marlena for stealing her family and vows to make sure Marlena doesn't get away with this.

Kurt is watching over a sleeping Hope. The woman, Theresa, asks Kurt if there is anything she can get Hope? Kurt says that his wife likes tea. Hope wakes up and she still doesn't know who she is. Kurt tells her that all she needs to know is that he is her husband and he will take care of her, always. Hope tells Kurt that she's feeling worse than she was yesterday. Kurt thinks that she just needs to rest up. Later, Kurt checks on Hope, but he can't wake her up.

Tuesday, November 9, 1999

At the home, a nurse tells Kate that Victor is sleeping who she won't disturb him. As she's about to open the door, Nicholas stops her and tells her that she can't go in there. Kate asks why not? Nicholas says Victor is busy working on Titan business, but Kate thinks this has something to do with Vivian.

Victor wakes up and asks Dr. Sue Lee what she thinks she's doing? She says she was trying to get his yin yang into a horizontal condition so he could embrace his aura. Victor says he knows exactly what she was trying to embrace, and he could have her arrested for it! Later, Kate walks into the room and exclaims "What in the world?" Dr Sue Lee is massaging Victor and is using all sorts of weird things on Victor. Victor tells Kate that this is his holistic healer. Nicholas tells Kate that this was his idea. Nicholas yanks Vivian out of the room and he scolds her for doing this. He asks when this lying is going to stop?

Back inside, Kate says there is something strange about that doctor. Victor tells her to let him worry about Dr. Lee, she should worry about taking care of their business. He asks her to have Nicholas drive her back to the office. Kate gives him a kiss goodbye and leaves. Dr Lee goes back in to see Victor and tells him that she should rub some vitamin oil into his pectoral muscles, so he should take off his shirt. Victor tells Vivian to drop the act, he knows who she is. Vivian asks why he didn't expose her to Kate? Victor says he figured she really believed in what she was doing. Vivian says she does, and asks if he will give her plan a chance? He says no, he has a plan of his own to put into motion. He says that he is going to work with her. Victor wants her to continue to be Dr. Sue Lee and continue looking for anything shady going on here. Vivian asks if they are partners, and holds out her hand for him to shake.

Nicholas takes Kate back to Titan and apologizes for making things worse between her and Billie. Kate tells him that she knows he is sorry. Nicholas hopes she will be able to forgive him one day.

Sami makes some calls about Austin's homecoming. She tells Austin that she has a surprise for him. Austin wants a hint, so she tells him that she is going to make this day as special for him as he has made it for her. Craig shows up because Sami asked to see him. Sami asks Craig to release Austin so she can take care of him. Craig says he wasn't going to release him for a few days, but both Sami and Austin would like him to go home. Craig says he will look at his latest test results and make a decision.

In the hall, Lucas tells Carrie that the only way to beat Sami is to fight dirty. Lucas says that Austin is confused because of his head trauma, and Sami is using his condition to her advantage. Lucas tells Carrie that she has to make Austin see that Sami hasn't changed. Carrie doesn't want to sink to Sami's level, but Lucas says Sami may convince Austin to marry her just so she can get Will back. He tells Carrie that she is the only person who can stop Sami. Later, Carrie and Lucas overhear news that Craig is going to release Austin into Sami's care. Lucas tells Carrie that Sami is already scheming, she has to stop her! Craig releases Austin, and Sami wheels Austin out of his room.

Carrie decides to talk to Austin, she tells him that he's rushing his release. Austin asks Carrie why she didn't give Sami his message? Carrie says she tried, but Sami . . Austin tells her not to blame Sami, and tells her that he's just now beginning to see how infuriating she can be. When Carrie says she cares for him, he tells her to stop caring. Carrie asks Craig how he can let Austin leave? Craig says that Austin is in good condition, and he will be sending people to check up on him. Sami wheels Austin out of the hospital. When Lucas tells Carrie that went well, she tells him to shut up.

Gina overhears Greta telling Marlena how worried she is about "Hope," who she thinks is having a breakdown. Gina tells herself that Doc should start worrying about her own life instead of hers. Greta and Marlena end up talking about relationships, and move to the subject of her and Eric. Greta doesn't know if what she and Eric have is a relationship. Marlena tells Greta that her son is a wonderful young man, and she thinks she is a fine young woman and he'd be lucky to have her in his life. Greta eventually leaves to shop, and Marlena runs into an upset Carrie. She asks Carrie what is wrong? Carrie tells her that Sami is going to ruin Austin's life, and she tells Marlena all about what Sami is doing. Marlena tells her that she and Austin are divorced, so if he wants to spend his time with Sami then there is nothing she can do about it. She tells Carrie that it is time to let go. Marlena sees John waving to her, so she says she has to go.

John finds "Hope" spying on Marlena and Greta, so he asks "Hope" what is up? Gina tells John that she doesn't know what came over her, one second she was find, and another second she was terrified. She grabs John's hand and puts it on her chest so he can feel how fast her heart as beating. John says he will call Bo, but she asks him not to. She shows him her hair and what she's done to it. She tells him that she was trying to get rid of the blonde streaks she put in as Gina. She tells him that her behavior lately hasn't been rational, and that's why she'd like to see Marlena. John thinks that would be a good idea. John has to leave to go see Marlena, and he asks her to come with him. Gina says she will see them later, right now she needs to go get a hair cut.

After John leaves, Kurt calls Gina and tells her that he's found Hope, but she is not well. Kurt says that Hope needs a doctor, but Gina tells him absolutely not! When she hangs up, Greta shows up and calls her mother. Gina looks at her and Greta says that she knows she is Hope, but for a moment she thought . . Greta says that she was just projecting because she misses her mother. Gina tells her that she wanted to comfort her back in the ladies room, that was all. Greta tells her that Marlena has helped her, and she should call so Marlena can help her as well. Gina says she was just trying to call for an appointment. Greta apologizes for burdening her with her problems, but Gina tells her never to be sorry. Greta leaves, and Gina says that her daughter is growing closer to Marlena and doesn't even know who her mother is. Gina goes to hairdresser to get a real haircut. She sees Princess Gina in the mirror and she tells Gina that Doc is trying to take John and Greta from her. Gina tells her reflection that she must make Marlena pay. The reflection tells her that going to see Marlena for therapy will allow her to wreak havoc.

John, Greta, and Marlena meet up again, and Greta tells them that she thinks that "Hope" still isn't herself. Greta thanks them for being there for her today. Marlena assures her that they will always be here for her. Greta leaves, and John tells Marlena that he knows she can help "Hope" get rid of her demons.

Sami takes Austin home to Will. They've decorated the patio for him, and Will tells Austin that he wants to share his Halloween candy with him. Lucas spies on them, and remembers when he brought Will home to live with him. He vows to figure out a way to stop Sami from taking Will from him again. Lucas calls Carrie and tells him to get over to his house right away. Back outside, Sami, Austin, and Will are having Austin's favorite lunch, cheeseburgers. Will's playmate shows up, so Will leaves to play. Austin thanks Sami for this because it is the best medicine he could have. He tells her that she saved his life, and she has been there for him when he's needed her. Meanwhile, Carrie shows up and Lucas drags her over to the window so she can see what Sami is doing. Outside, Austin has fallen asleep, and Sami gives him a kiss on the forehead. Austin stirs awake, and she apologizes. He grabs her, and the two share a real kiss, which Carrie sees!

Kurt fears that he has lost Hope. Theresa checks Hope and sees that she is breathing, but her breath is very weak. She tells Kurt that they must call a doctor. When Kurt calls Gina to tell her the news about Hope, Gina tells him not to call a doctor, and if she dies they won't have anything to worry about anymore! Hope regains consciousness and says that her head hurts. He disobeys Gina's orders and asks Theresa to call a doctor. The doctor arrives and looks over Hope, and then he tells Kurt that he better sit for the news. The doctor tells him that Hope is very sick, and there isn't much he can do for her.

Wednesday, November 10, 1999

Bo is working on a list of crimes committed by Stefano for Hope to look over and sign. Abe says he thought that she forgot everything thanks to the transformation? Bo says she did, but she told him everything he did before that happened. Abe tells Bo that this is breaking the law, both he and Hope will do time if they do this. Bo doesn't think they'll get caught, but Abe refuses to just look the other way. Bo tells Abe that he won't let him stop him from doing this!

Eric goes to the Horton House to see Greta. She is thrilled that he is back and gives him a big hug. Eric tells her that he got her a present, her very own Statue of liberty! It's one of those cheesy souvenirs they sell in New York. Greta pulls him inside to talk. Gina is standing outside of the house spying on them. She sees her Princess Gina reflection in the window, and she wants to know why she's standing out here? Gina tells her that Alice invited her, she is early, and despite the fact that she is a bore, she can't ignore the woman. Princess Gina tells her that she is supposed to be setting up therapy sessions, but considering how happy Greta was to see Eric, she should put a stop to their relationship.

Princess Gina tells Gina that Greta shouldn't be dating Marlena's son. Gina tells her reflection that she will not do what Stefano did to her by taking Eric from Greta, unless Eric hurts her! If that happens, Gina says that Eric will answer to her. Inside, Eric tells Greta about how amazing this job is, but they won't let him take it without moving to New York. Eric says it isn't too far away, so she can come visit him often. Greta says she will visit if he wants her to, and he says he will. To celebrate, Eric invites Greta to the Cheatin' Heart. Greta tells Eric that she will meet him there after he goes home and unpacks. She gives Eric a kiss on his way out. Back outside, Princess Gina continues to tell Gina that Eric is Marlena's flesh. Gina tells her reflection that she can't talk to Greta about relationships right now otherwise she'd be revealing herself to Greta, so she will focus on destroying Marlena. Greta hears someone talking outside, so she asks if anyone is out here?

Shawn meets his Grandma Alice at the Cheatin' Heart. She wants to know why he is so unhappy. Shawn vents to his grandma about how he wants his life back, but his parents seem to live for danger, so they ignore him. Alice asks Shawn if it is really that bad for him? Shawn thinks it is. Shawn and Gran go back to the Horton House, and Gran gives Shawn his dad's old black leather jacket. Shawn asks where she found it? Alice tells him that Hope saved it and stored it in the attic. Shawn thanks her with a hug and tells her that she's the best. Bo shows up, and Alice says that Hope should be here soon. When Shawn asks why, Bo says that he smells a plot.

Alice says that she wanted all three of them to find a way to get back together again. Shawn tells Alice that if she told him about this he would have told her that his mom wouldn't show. Bo tells him that he doesn't know why his mother isn't here, but Shawn doesn't want to hear excuses. Bo tells Alice about how he's documented everything Stefano did and he needs Hope to sign it so they can put him away. When Alice says that sounds like breaking the law, Shawn says that is his parents, Bonnie and Clyde! He tells Alice to forget about trying to save this family because they aren't worth it, and then he leaves. Alice tells Bo that instead of breaking the law, there must be a way to make Hope remember her life as Gina.

Nicole comes into the Cheatin' Heart to drown her sorrows in booze because she thinks that Eric isn't coming back. When Eric walks into the joint, Nicole's spirits lift. She is glad to see that he came back after all. Eric asks Nicole how many drinks she's had? Nicole claims that she is just glad to see him. She pulls him to a table and starts asking him all about New York. Eric tells Nicole that they are over, she has to get that through her head. Nicole tells him that he can say it, but she knows he doesn't meet it. Eric tells her that she is just unhappy because she's not getting it out of her marriage. Eric informs Nicole that he's moved on with Greta.

When Greta shows up, he tells Nicole to stay off the vodka and leaves. Greta is a bit troubled and tells Eric that after he left she felt like someone was watching her. She says it almost felt like she was back at her mom's castle. Eric tells her that he's here for her now. Nicole's heart breaks when she sees how close Eric and Greta are. Eric and Greta talk a bit about her mom and how she's still recovering. Greta says she doesn't know what she'll do if he leaves for New York. He tells her that all she has to do is call him, he'll be on the first flight out. Meanwhile, Nicole leaves to take care of some business.

Nicole goes home and answers the phone when it rings, it is a man calling for Kate. The man calling is from New York and says he is calling about a job reference for Eric. Nicole says she is Kate's right hand woman and may be able to help him. The man says he would have offered Eric the job today, but he needs to see work of Eric's which shows that he can capture hot and steamy photographs. Because he didn't see that work in Eric's portfolio, he was calling to see if he's taken any picture like that. He tells Nicole that unless Eric can produce that type of work, he'll have to go with another photographer. Nicole asks how soon he needs this proof? When the man says within 48 hours, Nicole tells him that she will personally make sure he gets it.

At the hospital, Belle comes to see her mom in her office. Marlena is surprised to see her here on a day she isn't supposed to work. Belle admits that she is here to see Brandon. She asks her mom if he's ever coming back? Marlena says that Brandon hasn't come back since the match, and that Brandon has some serious problems. Belle says that everyone has problems, but Brandon is a great counselor and all kids in pediatrics miss him. Marlena tells Belle that they need to have a talk about boys. Belle tells her mom that she is interested in boys, but she is not interested in the boys at her school.

Marlena realizes that her daughter is after Brandon. Marlena tells Belle that when she was her age she was also bored with the boys in her school, but they will grow on her. She tells Belle that Brandon is a man and is experienced in ways she is not ready for, and besides Brandon is trouble. Gina shows up for her appointment and apologizes for interrupting their chat, but she wants to start her therapy NOW. Belle leaves and wishes Hope luck. Gina tells herself that Marlena's children are as smug as she is. Marlena excuses herself for awhile. When Gina looks in the mirror, she sees her Princess persona with a notepad welcoming her to therapy and asking how she can help her? They play their own little game of therapist-patient. Gina tells her reflection that she doesn't plan on destroying Marlena, she plans to make Marlena destroy herself! Princess Gina asks for all the details, so Gina tells her that she plans on telling Marlena about her deepest darkest secrets, secrets which will hit Marlena where she lives.

Belle goes to school and practices asking Brandon out to the dance in the mirror which is in her locker. Shawn overhears this and tells Belle that if she's that desperate to go to the dance then he'll go with her. Belle is embarrassed.

Brandon leaves a note for his sister on his way out, but runs into Lexie as he's leaving. She tells Brandon that either they talk, or they fight! Brandon says he's not going to beat on her, and this is not her problem. Lexie tells Brandon to stop running and give himself a second chance. She asks him how he thinks Rachel would feel if she could see him running away? She asks Brandon to fight for his life and she will do all that she can to help him. Brandon seems unmoved by Lexie's words, so she leaves because she thinks she's wasting her time.

Lexie goes to the station to see Abe to tell him about her visit to Brandon to try to help him. She tells Abe that Brandon had his bags packed, his probably on his way to Chicago right now. Suddenly, Brandon shows up and tells them that he's changed his mind. Brandon says he realizes he needs help. Abe tells Brandon that if he's going to get therapy, he will drop the assault charges. When Abe tells him if there is anything he can do to help, Brandon tells him with quiet hostility that he's done enough.

Carrie is heartbroken when she sees Austin kissing Sami on the porch. She goes back into the parlor before she is seen. After the kiss, Sami asks if that was for real? Austin says it felt real, but maybe they should do it again to make sure. Sami begins to cry and tells Austin that she's been waiting for that kiss for her whole life, but now it is here and she is scared. Sami says she thinks something will go wrong because nothing goes right when she's involved. Austin tells her that is not true, she has Will. Still, Sami says he is on the rebound, and maybe she shouldn't be here for him. Austin tells Sami that their kiss isn't something that won't last. Sami jumps into Austin's arms and hugs him. Austin tells her that this thing between them is right, but they should take it slow. He tells her that he couldn't live with himself if he hurt her the way that Carrie hurt him. Austin holds Sami, and she tells him that she trusts him when he said they would take it slow, and that is a big step for her. She tells him that she wants them to move slowly too.

Inside, Carrie tells Lucas to shut up. Lucas offers her a glass of water, which Carrie knocks out of his hand while screaming "Damn Sami!" Lucas tells Carrie that she has to wake up and realize that Sami is stealing her man by manipulating Austin. Carrie asks Lucas why getting back at Sami is so important to him? Lucas says he fears that he will lose Will to them. Carrie tells him to do something about it, but Lucas says he's tried and it never works. However, she has nothing to lose by going after Sami. Carrie tells Lucas that she might not deserve Austin, but he deserves someone a lot better than Sami. When Lucas asks if this means she's going to take Sami on, Carrie tells him "Let's do it!" Lucas tells Carrie that she's going to have to lie to Austin to beat Sami, but Carrie says she can't lie good. Lucas says that plan B is for her to tell Austin the truth about how she feels about him. Carrie tells Lucas that he's crazy, she can't do that because it hurts too much. Lucas tells her if she keeps quiet or cry about it, she will just be handing Austin to Sami on a silver platter. Lucas tells Carrie that if she doesn't do this, she will regret it. He assures her that if she takes a chance, she can get Austin back.

Thursday, November 11, 1999

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Kate wants Philip to Stay at home after graduation and go the Salem University. He agree and asks Victor if he can have extra spending cash and a new sports car? Victor says no! Philip tells him his money goes to paying off his credit cards. Victor is upset that he is in debt and tell him on extra cash till he is out of debt and no car till he is on Honor Roll. Victor forbids Kate to pay his bills and to quit spoiling him.

Sami goes to Carrie's and asks if they can be friends. She misses not being sisters. Carrie tells her that she is there to gloat and thinks she will get Austin if they become friends again. Sami tells her that Austin has chosen her already to make a new start with. Carrie tell her to get the hell out. Then Carrie call Austin.

Mimmie begs Shawn on her knees in school to go with her to the school dance. And he agrees just to get her to quit. Bell wants Brandon Walker to go with her but is keeping it a secret. Philip finds out and takes bets that Bell will be alone. Philip thinks Brandon is to old and will not take the risk of going to jail.

Hope is still sick with high fever. The doctor saw her and gave Kirk some medicine. But she does not remember anything. Kirk keeps telling her he is her husband.

Hope (Gina) has her first session with Dr. Evans. She tells Marlena that she is scared and doesn't know who she is anymore. And that she doesn't think she could ever marry Bo again. Hope (Gina) tell Marlena that she is the only person that can help her put her life back together again. Marlena says she will always be there for her.

Hope (Gina) wants Marlena to hypnotize her to bring back Princess Gina's memories and hopefully straighten out the ones that belong to her. All the while Gina is planning to make Marlena suffer.

Hope fakes being under as Marlena asked her where she is. Hope tells her she in on the road going to Doc and John's wedding. She must see John. Hope (Gina) is thinking this is the first day of the rest of my life to be with John and I am on the road to Doc destruction. Fasten your seat belt Doc, because I am going to toy with your heart and mind so badly you are going to doubt everything you ever believed in.

Friday, November 12, 1999

Nancy can't believe the way intern Dr. Hale looks: no make-up, hair messed. Dr. Hale states she has just pulled a twelve hour shift and just had surgery. Nancy tells her if she doesn't clean up her appearance she and other employee will be on the unemployment line.

Brandon and Lexie are talking and Dr. Wesley walk up and asks Brandon What the hell are you doing there? Brandon says he works here and will make-up the days he took off unless he has a problem with that. Dr. Wesley says I has a problem with you. Lexie defends Brandon and Dr. Wesley warns her to keep a tight rein on Brandon or they both will be out the door.

Brandon is talking to Sami and a colleges tells Brandon there is a bet he will bite the ear off of his next boxing partner. Brandon says he is done with boxing. The colleges wants Dr. Wesley to get rid of him. Sami defends Brandon without his approval and storms away. Sami follows and tells Brandon she wants her old friend back. Brandon agrees.

Mike is back. He sees Mrs. Horton and she tells him Carrie is at home. Mrs. Horton asks if he has made up him mind about Carrie but Mike has not answered her. Lexie greets him with big hug and asking if he is going to come back? There is an interruption before he could answer. DR Wesley and Nancy greets him and asks if he has his life straightened out yet? Mike said a little. Dr. Winston and Dr. Lewis wants to have dinner with him. Mike leaves to find Carrie. Dr. Westley asks the board members is Mike decides to come back where will he stand? The members said if he decides that there will be a reassessment of chief of staff. DR Wesley and Nancy does not like that.

Carrie talks Austin in going out to dinner. As Austin is getting dress, Sami comes home. Austin tells her he is going out with Carrie to talk and he is looking forward in getting out. Sami accuses him of wanting to go with Carrie. Austin replies him and Carrie has a lot of history between them and they cannot forget or change and he would like them to be friends. Sami tells him she went to Carrie's to make up and Carrie seemed bitter and not wanting anything to do with her. Sami thinks she is bitter because she losing Austin and Mike and doesn't want anyone else happy. Sami tell Austin she can imagine what Carrie will say about her. Austin said he will defend her if Carrie starts up.

Carrie and Austin talks about the old time, good and bad and how they survived. And how they lost their way. Austin tells her it isn't to late to have a happy ending. Carries says she doesn't believe it is possible. She wanted to be with him after surgery but Austin asked for Sami. Austin said Sami brought him from the brink of death, but Carrie did too, when Curtis was alive and him and Billy finally got away from him and there was Carrie to show him the way to feel better about himself.

Austin takes part of the blame for what happened. He says they can close the door to the pain and open a new one to new life, it was up to her. He asked Carrie to go some place with him she did, back to the roof of the old apartment building they lived in. Austin tells Carrie he forgave her for everything. He can't go on with life till he did. Carrie asked if he meant for them to go their separate ways? Austin tells her it wouldn't work to turn back the clock. He could not mend her broken heart but he could be the best friend she could ever have. Austin says he will always love her as she loves him He holds her on top of the roof Carrie answers that is the way it should be, while Mike is watching from the roof's door. Mike then pulls a ring box from his pocket.

Marlena has Gina in a session and asking, where are you meeting John. Gina: at the hillside out side of Salem. Marlena: why not in town? Gina's image tells her not to give too much away but toy with her. Gina: outside of town because John suggested it. Marlena: are you sure John suggested it? Gina: NO! have to go faster. A police care is following. Bo it is Bo. Marlena: why don't you want Bo to know you are seeing John? Gina: Danger to me and John, Stefno is the danger. Marlena: what's the real reason you wanted to see John? Gina: to give him the portrait painted of you and John. He was very grateful. Gina image, careful do not let your guard down, Gina nods. Marlena: What are you nodding about, something John said? Gina: Yes he said to take care of myself and I agreed and reminded him to get going cause it was his wedding day. Marlena: did he go? Gina: No he did not. OH! John what are you doing? Stop that. Oh that feels good. You are getting married today. Oh John, stop! Marlena wakes Gina. "Did I remember anything?" she asks. Doc says only a few "Princess Gina" memories. Gina: Please tell me. Marlena: No I don't want to lead your memories. Gina: Thank you for being my salvation, the key to my happiness. Marlena gave her a prescription and said good-bye. Gina image, Bravo! Bravo! Doc is thinking about John and Gina's meeting.

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