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Monday, August 30, 1999

Kate and Nicholas are at the Blue Note having drinks. Kate tells Nicholas that it is going to take a miracle for Victor to come back home according to the doctors. Nicholas tells her that Victor has the greatest motivation to come home, her. Kate can't believe Vivian's nephew is routing for her to get back with Victor. Nicholas tells her no more talk of Vivian or Titan tonight, tonight they should take a break. Kate says she doesn't think she remembers how to take a brake. Nicholas tells her that he'll just have to teach her. Kate asks Nicholas if it is uncomfortable being born with a silver spoon in his mouth? Nicholas asks if that is what she has against him? She says that and his aunt tricking her and Stefano out of the 49% share of Titan stocks. Nicholas asks Kate what the story with her and Stefano is, but Kate says there is no story. Nicholas says his aunt says otherwise, and Kate asks if he believes her or his aunt? Nicholas says putting him in the middle of her and Vivian isn't fair. The topic turns to the fact that her enemies are living under her own roof, but she doesn't want to talk about it. Kate tells him good night, and leaves.

At the Kiriakis mansion outside of Will's room, Lucas asks Sami where she gets off telling him that his wife is miserable? Sami tells him for someone who is supposed to be happy, his wife looks like her dog just died! Lucas says that Nicole is just adjusting to a new life. Sami tells him that Nicole is lying to him about being happy, just like he lied about confessing to Franco's murder. Sami then informs Lucas that she will prove his marriage is a sham. Lucas tells "Nancy Drew" to go ahead and search all she wants, maybe she should listen outside of their door at night. Lucas asks if his wife is so unhappy, why is she still living here? Sami tells him that she's already given up the man of her dreams, so she's trying to hold onto what she has left, the mansion, the country club, her job as a supermodel. Lucas asks Sami if she is trying to imply that Nicole only married him for his money, and Sami exclaims "duh!" Lucas wishes she would be happy for him and tells her that if it wasn't for his generosity, she would only be seeing Will on weekends and in the summer. Sami tells Lucas that his generosity almost cost her her life! Lucas says he would never take Will's mom away from him, he believes Will should be around both his parents, even if they do hate one another. Suddenly, Will calls out for his mom and dad. Will wants them both to tuck him in. Sami and Lucas sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to Will, who pretends to be asleep. Lucas mouths to Sami that Will is faking, and she says she knows and tries to hold back from laughing.

Down in the living room, Brandon tells Nicole that it doesn't matter if Kate is a wicked mother in law, she married the prince and has everything she dreamed of. Brandon sees the unhappy look on her face and realizes that she'd rather be living here with Eric. Nicole remembers her conversation with Kate and the deal she offered her. Brandon asks Nicole if she is having second thoughts? Nicole pours herself another drink and says she would have to be crazy, Lucas loves her despite her past. Brandon tells Nicole that she might have sold Eric short, he may have forgiven her for her past. Nicole says she wasn't willing to take that a chance, and she will always wonder if marrying Lucas was the best or worst thing she could have done for Eric. Brandon tells her to divorce Lucas, but she says she can't do that. Brandon says she has a right to be happy, but Nicole says not anymore. Brandon thinks she is hiding something, but Nicole says she isn't. She says that she has to think about Will now, but Brandon wants the truth.

Kate heads home and while at her front door, Nicholas shows up to apologize for upsetting her. Kate goes inside, and Nicholas calls Victor and asks if he can visit him tomorrow. Victor says yes. Inside, Kate walks in on Nicole and Brandon just as Nicole was about to tell Brandon the truth about her marriage.

At Carrie's place, Carrie tells Austin that something has gone wrong. Carrie takes off to find Mike, and runs into her neighbor in the hall. Carrie asks if she saw anyone in her apartment tonight. The lady says she saw Mike and the nurse who sued him, and they were fighting. She says that she saw Mike, Ali, and a third scary looking guy leave. Carrie gets a really bad feeling about this and tells Austin that she has to go find Mike.

At the hospital, Craig is moving into his new office. Nancy is lying on the couch and Craig tells her that she'll feel like herself by morning. Nancy says she doesn't want to feel like herself, she wants to feel like some other woman who didn't take it off for everyone to see at Tuscany. Claire walks in and says hello to Gypsy Rose Lee and is shocked that the board hasn't fired Craig yet. Nancy struggles to get off the couch and go after Claire, but Craig restrains her. Craig tells Claire that her daughter is psycho, she drugged his wife and is capable of just about anything. Claire calls Ali, but there is no answer. Nancy tells her that Ali only answers to the voices in her head. Winston and Lewis show up and Craig tries to explain to them what happened tonight. They tells him they don't have time to talk, they are on the way to an emergency board meeting. Craig and Nancy worry that Craig might be on his way out, and suddenly Nancy collapses!

Carrie and Austin go to Ali's place, and Claire shows up and asks why they are banging on her daughter's door? Carrie says Mike has disappeared and she thinks her daughter has something to do with it. Claire opens the door, and Austin and Carrie barge in and start searching the place. Austin says the closet and drawers are empty, Ali definitely took off. Suddenly, Carrie lets out a blood curdling scream. Carrie is holding what is left of the Carrie doll, and tells Austin that it is supposed to be her. Written on the doll's back is "Die Carrie." Austin wants to call the police, but Claire tells him not to because she is only a danger to herself. Claire tells them about Ali's suicide attempt, which only infuriates Austin and Carrie. Austin calls Roman, and Carrie accuses Claire of pushing Ali into suing Mike. Claire takes off to find Ali, and Austin discovers a clue. Austin shades a notepad in with a pencil in order to read the impressions made from the previous sheet. Austin and Carrie learn that Ali has written down highway SW27, and Ali + Mike. Austin tells Roman that it looks like Ali has kidnapped Mike, and Ali is crazy. Carrie takes the phone and asks her daddy to help her, she fears for Mike's life.

In Ali's car, Ali tells Mike how much she loves him and how they were meant to be together forever and ever. As she drives, Mike works to free his tied up hands. ALi takes his gag off because they are in the middle of the boonies and nobody can hear him cry for help. Ali sees a sign for burgers and becomes hungry, so she decides to pull over. Ali covers Mike up with a blanket, and that is when she finds Mike's wallet with a picture of Carrie in it. She asks Carrie what she is doing here, she wasn't invited to the party. She then rips the picture up and screams "I hate you!" Ali returns later with food and tells Toni that she is going to push the pedal to the metal till they hit the desert. Ali gives Mike a kiss and tells him that they will have so much fun once he gets over his fantasy of a life with that two-timing slut Carrie. Mike tells her that he's not the one living the fantasy. Ali ignores him and eats her burger. She tells Mike that this is so romantic, the two of them under the stars. Ali tries to feed Mike, but he refuses to eat. Mike tells her that she is never going to get away with this. Ali says people get away with things all the time. She informs him that later at the hotel, Tony will stand guard and inside he will write his dear Jane letter to Carrie. Ali gets some ketchup on Mike's face, so she licks it off! As he squirms, Ali tells him he'll love what she's going to do to him tonight, he'll forget all about Carrie Reed! Mike says he will never forget Carrie, and says Carrie has probably found the tape he made by now. Ali asks him what tape, and Mike tells her that he taped her confession! Ali freaks out and tells Tony that Mike tricked her again. Tony tells Mike that wasn't very nice. Tony takes Mike out of the car and asks Ali what she wants him to do to him? Mike head butts Tony in the gut, and then starts screaming for help. Tony re-gags Mike and then stuffs him back inside the car. Tony offers to get rid of Mike for her, but she says she has special plans for Mike. Tony gets back in his car, and Ali gets into hers. She turns on "Can't Get Enough of You Baby" by Smashmouth and tells Mike that making that tape was very naughty. However, she says Carrie will forget about it after she gets the kiss-off letter. Ali informs Mike that at the next stop she's going to buy a diamond ring, and then they'll find a chapel to make sure they'll be together forever. She says she'll send her mom the dead flowers from her wedding bouquet, but then realizes the bitch won't believe her unless she sees the marriage certificate. She laughs and says maybe when she sees it, her mom will die of shock.

Up in the air, Austin and Carrie are in a police helicopter and spot Ali's car. The police tell Ali too pull over. Ali refuses and when she hears sirens behind her, she realizes Carrie found the tape. Ali tells Mike that Carrie won't get him, and she starts to floor it. Ali throws her money out the window, and the cops stop to pick it up! Ali tells Mike that it was never about the money, she just wanted him. Ali tells Mike that in Vegas after she saw him with Carrie she snapped, and tried to kill herself. She says she didn't want to live without him, but her mom found her before it was to late. Ali tells Mike that at least this time they'll go together. Ali's speedometer reaches one hundred, and up in the copter the pilot says if Ali doesn't slow down she will fly off of the unfinished road ahead! Carrie screams no as Ali's car breaks through the dead end and soars through the air.

At the castle in Paris in his room, Eric realizes Greta must be freaking out over the storm, so he decides to go check on her. He lights a candle and heads for her room. In Greta's room, Princess Gina looks at the photo of her and Greta on the night table, and then looks at the girl sleeping in her bed. She wonders if it is really her little girl all grown up. Greta tosses and turns in her bed and calls out "Eric?" Gina tells her no, it is your mother. Greta is still asleep, and Gina just looks at her lovely daughter. She wonders who this Eric person is, and realizes Greta and Eric must be the people who came to the castle. She wonders why Kurt would lie to her about them, why would he not want her to see her daughter? Out in the hall, Eric finds Gina's sword and starts playing swashbuckler. The rain stops, and Eric listens at Greta's door, but hears nothing. He assumes that she didn't wake up after all, so he heads back to his room. Back inside, Gina says in spite of Stefano, she has been reunited with her daughter. Greta dreams of seeing her mother. In her dream Gina is in a robe and has her hair in a bun, but when her mom turns around, she is a skeleton! The skull morphs into a young Gina, who tells Greta how grown up and beautiful she is. Gina holds her daughter and promises never to leave her again. In reality, her mother stroking her hair and telling her that she'll never leave her again. Greta finally wakes up and sees her mother at her bedside, but the face she sees is young and beautiful.

Tuesday, August 31, 1999

Sami and Lucas put Will to bed and when they both reach for his teddy bear, they touch hands. Sami and Lucas leave and Lucas says it would be great if they could always get along like this. Sami tells him not to count on it. Lucas says it would make Will's life so much happier and asks why they can't be friends again. Sami tells Lucas that she just doesn't trust him. Lucas says he offered to share custody of Will with her, but Sami says he did it because of his guilty conscience. Lucas said he did it for Will, but she took advantage of his generosity by moving in and trying to control Will's life. Lucas says he looks at Will and sees her in him, and that makes him sad because they used to be such good friends. Lucas and Sami remember the night they conceived Will and how different everything was then. Lucas says he could easily move out of the state with Will, but says he won't because he wants her in WIll's life. He asks why he can't trust her? Sami says because she doesn't trust him, he could pull another stunt like the he pulled by showing up in court married to Nicole.

Kate walks in on Nicole and Brandon just as Nicole was going to spill the beans. Kate tells Nicole that she could have sworn she was telling her brother that she feels trapped. She asks if there is a particular reason why she is unhappy living here? Nicole says that when she said she felt trapped she meant that she was in limbo because she's not modeling anymore and she needs a sense of purpose. Kate tells her that her purpose is to support Lucas, and warns her not to disappoint him. Sami and Lucas return and Lucas asks what they were talking about? Kate says they were discussing how Nicole misses modeling. Lucas wishes she had told him that she missed modeling because he wants her to be happy. Nicole says she's never been happier in her life. Lucas tells her if she wants to go back to modeling then go for it. Kate says "No, absolutely not!" Lucas asks why not, and Kate says because she should not be modeling, she is his wife.

Nicole says she met a woman at the country club who has offered to get her involved in some charity work. Lucas doesn't like that idea, so Sami suggests Nicole take over her old job at Titan. Lucas thinks that director of imaging is the perfect job for his wife, and offers her the job. Kate gives Sami the evil eye. Lucas tells Nicole that they can discuss her salary and perks tomorrow, but Kate says they should discuss it tonight in private. Sami wishes Nicole luck, and leaves for some fresh air. Brandon decides to call it a night as well. Lucas goes upstairs, and Nicole says she will be right up after she fixes them a snack. Nicole tells Kate that she had no idea this would snowball into her getting a job at Titan.

Kate tells Nicole to just keep Lucas happy. Nicole wonders how happy he would be if he knew his mom bought his wife. Kate tells Nicole that if she had her way, she'd be out in the gutter. Unfortunately her son loves her, so they are stuck with one another. Nicole says if they need each other, it makes them equal, so she wants to be treated like an equal. Kate says that is laughable, she will never be her equal in any way. She says if she is smart she'll learn from her. Nicole turns away from Kate, who demands she turn back around and look at her. Kate warns Nicole that Sami wants to destroy her for hurting her twin, and if she thinks she is hell on wheels then she should try Sami on for size. Kate walks out, and Nicole says "message received loud and clear."

Meanwhile, out on the grounds Brandon finds Sami and asks what is going on between Nicole and Kate. Sami doesn't know, and she doesn't understand why Nicole is doing handstands to please Kate. Brandon says she is family, but Sami says Nicole still loves Eric and she only married Lucas to help him get custody of Will, isn't that right? Brandon says that all he knows is Nicole loves Lucas, otherwise she wouldn't have married him. Sami says "spoken like a loyal brother," but knows that Kate has something on Nicole, and she will find out what. Sami goes to the patio doors and sees the tense conversation between Kate and Nicole inside.

Lexie and Abe are getting ready for bed, they both have the day off tomorrow. Abe asks Lexie what she is thinking about? Lexie says she's thinking about her professional future now that Craig is now the Chief of Staff. Lexie fears that Craig might have her transferred, but Abe tells her that maybe she and Craig can find a way to work together. Lexie says it doesn't work that way, she supported Mike and that makes her his enemy. Abe tells her to stop worrying, the board will probably fire Craig. As they kiss, Abe gets a phone call and learns about Ali driving her car off a cliff with Mike in it! Abe tells Lexie that he has to get dressed and go.

Claire shows up and asks Craig to please help her find out what is going on with Ali. Craig says what is going on is that thanks to her daughter he may no longer have a job here. Nancy tells Claire that she hopes they find her demented daughter, lock her up, and throw away the key! Claire is appalled that all they care about is Craig's job when her daughter is in danger. She once again begs Craig to call Abe for her. Craig says as far as he cares Ali can go to hell, and she can join her.

Ali plows through a dead end barrier and right off of a cliff! Ali's car tumbles down the side to the bottom of the cliff and plunges into water. The helicopter hovers over the crash site and Austin climbs down the ladder to it. Austin pulls Ali. out of the car, and the pilot finds a place to land. Austin cradles Ali in his arms and tells her to wake up. When she wakes up, Ali screams at Austin to leave her alone, and starts hitting him with her fists. Carrie shows up and demands Ali tell her where Mike is. Ali says nothing, and is taken away by a cop. Austin dives into the water to look for Mike as Carrie watches. She screams at him to please find Mike. Austin finds Mike, who is trapped underneath. He pulls Mike out of the car and has found a pulse. Ali, who somehow got free and a knife, grabs Carrie's hair and holds the knife to her throat. She asks Carrie what happens when doll's lose their heads? Austin says Carrie is not a doll, she is a human. Ali says only a doll can do what Carrie did and feel no remorse, so she won't feel a thing. Austin tells Ali that she doesn't want to have murder on her conscience. Ali offers to let Carrie go, but only if she choose Austin over Mike right now. Ali tells Carrie to repeat after her, "I choose you Austin and renounce Mike." Austin and Mike tell her to do it, but Carrie is too frightened to say anything. Ali tells them that Carrie can't feel or talk, she is just a hollow plastic doll with no soul. Austin says he still loves Carrie and doesn't want her to die. Ali tells him that he is an even bigger fool than she took him for. Ali goes to stab Carrie, but Carrie breaks free and Ali takes off. Austin goes after Ali, there is a gunshot, and Ali screams. The next thing we see is Austin coming out of the bushes with Ali, who collapses on the ground! Abe and an officer show up, the officer says he just fired a warning shot. Ali springs to life and tries to run, but Austin grabs her and Abe arrests Ali. The cops find a briefcase full of money in Ali's car, and she says it is the money from her settlement. Austin tells Abe that the lawsuit was bogus, Mike never sexually harassed Ali, Mike and Carrie caught Ali's confession on tape. Abe hopes that Mike lives long enough to clear his name. Mike is unconscious and is with the paramedics. Carrie asks him not to die. Austin takes the medal from around his neck and puts it in Mike's hands. Ali kneels over Mike and tells him that her love for him destroyed her, but his love for Carrie will destroy her (Carrie).

Back at the hospital, Craig tells Nancy to go home and get some sleep, but Nancy wants to stick around to make sure he doesn't lose his job because of her. Craig says it will be okay. Lexie shows up and tells Craig and Nancy that Ali kidnapped Mike, and she crashed her car. Claire hears this and says "no!" Nancy learns the board meeting has just ended, but they won't tell her if Craig has lost his job. Claire asks if there is any news on Ali, but Craig says no. Claire just cries and says "my baby."

Mike is brought into the hospital, and Craig tells a concerned Nancy that he is doing everything he can for him. Carrie is at Mike's bedside and Austin watches and listens to her asking Mike to open his eyes and come back to her because she needs him. Mike opens his eyes and Carrie gives him a kiss on the head.

Claire is taken to see Ali and is glad she is alive. Claire tells her that she's been so worried about her. Ali says she is fine. Claire asks her what she was thinking? Ali tells her she doesn't have to worry about her anymore, she met a wonderful doctor tonight named Mike Horton.

In Paris at the castle, Eric dreams of Nicole. She tells Eric that she loves him and can't deny it any longer. She asks him if he can find it in his heart to forgive her? Eric says that he loves her, but as far as forgiving her and trusting her . . . . Nicole kisses Eric and says she made a mistake and asks him to let her make it up to him.

In Greta's room, Greta wakes up and sees her mother looking at her, but her face is very youthful. Greta says "Your alive?" and Gina says of course she is. Gina promises her daughter that she'll never leave her again, and Greta smiles. Gina tells Greta how much she has missed her. Greta sits up in her bed and grabs her candle. She holds the candle up, gets a good look at her mother's face, and then screams her head off! Gina flees, and back in Eric's room, Eric wakes up and goes to Greta. Gina is caught by Kurt and off after she faints. Eric finds Greta screaming for her mother. Eric is confused, and Greta explains that she saw her mother in her room, but she looked like a witch. Eric tells her to calm down and tells her that it is probably just a dream. Greta says she knows what she saw, she saw her mother alive. Eric understands what she is going through and tells Greta that he used to dream his mom would come see him in his room when Stefano had taken her away from him.

Gina, who is now walking again, makes her way up the tower stairs with Kurt. Kurt tells her that she should never have left her room. Gina is furious with Kurt and asks why he has been keeping her from Greta? She realizes that Greta is not the little girl she sent off to boarding school, and realizes it has been much more than a few years. Gina demands to know how long Stefano has been keeping her prisoner here? Kurt tells her that it has been nine years. Gina asks how that could be, how could she have lost all those years?

Kurt says she wasn't well, and she was brought here for her protection. She asks why he wouldn't see her little girl? Kurt says that Greta remembers her the way she was, and she remembers Greta as a little girl, and that sometimes its best to leave memories the way they are. Gina says she hasn't changed, but then asks have I? Gina picks up and mirror and when she looks into it, she gasps and exclaims "Oh my God, what has happened to me? It is no wonder Greta screamed when she saw me. What kind of mother am I?"

Wednesday, September 1, 1999

Gina is tossing and turning in her bed. In her dreams, Gina is sitting in a chair in a dungeon cell while Stefano MC's tonight main event. Stefano introduces, in this corner, a mercenary of his own creation, king of pawns, pawn of pawns, John Black! Gina blurts out "Stefano no!" Gina rushes to John and tells him not to let Stefano do this too him, remember their plan to escape! Stefano introduces, in the other corner, his newest creation recently rescued from a French prison and molded into deadly combatant, Bo Brady! Bo and John step into a circle drawn on the ground. As Stefano announces this will be hand to hand combat, survival of the fittest, only one man will walk away alive, Gina begs him to please don't make them do this. Stefano tells them to shake hands, and then fight! The bell rings and Gina watches as Bo and John circle each other in fighting stances.

They both take turns beating the heck out of one another, and when John gets close to Stefano, he hands him a knife! Gina tells Bo to look out, and Stefano says "I thought you wanted him dead?" Gina screams that she does not know what she wants, and Stefano holds her back. Stefano tells her that is why Princess Gina went insane and warns her to be careful that it doesn't happen to you! John eventually stabs Bo in the gut, and Gina screams out "No!" John lets out a victory growl and holds the bloody knife out for Stefano and Gina to see when Bo suddenly clobbers him from behind. Bo gets John in a choke hold and eventually breaks his neck. After John is dead, Bo keels over from the stab wound. Gina runs to them both and cries. She is eventually woken up by Stefano. She shouts "No!" as she wakes up, and Stefano looks at her with a puzzled look. Stefano shakes her and tells her that she was dreaming. He asks her what is wrong? She tells him nothing, she was just having a dream.

Stefano says she was having an nightmare and was terrified. Gina claims she was just startled to find him here. Gina asks him to give her a moment to change. Stefano wonders why she has suddenly become so shy after all they have meant to one another. Gina says she is just a little upset. Stefano asks if her nightmare was about him, or her beloved John? Gina turns away from him, and Stefano tells her that her emotions will be her downfall. Gina asks him nicely to please wait for her downstairs, but he says no, he enjoys being around her in such an intimate setting. Gina lights up a cigarette and asks Steffie just what is it that he wants? Stefano says he wants her to give Bo the next potion so he can have him completely in his control. Gina says Bo is not here, he's at his hotel.

Stefano tells her to get him here! Gina says it is too fast, Bo is becoming suspicious of her. She says she will do it when she thinks it is right, but Stefano says she will do it tonight! Gina wants to know what he has in mind for Bo? Stefano tells her that his plans for Bo will begin when he is fully transformed. Stefano sees the worried look on Gina's face and asks her if she is starting to care about Bo Brady? Gina looks at him and then sternly says she does not care about Bo, and she also doesn't care about his attitude. Stefano tells her "Too damn bad, I made you!" Gina says she knows that, but doesn't enjoy being treated as a slave. Stefano tells her that she is living in the lap of luxury and now she has a way to get rid of Bo. He also tells her that she will never have John, John is lost to her forever. Gina replies "So you keep reminding me." Stefano tells her she can still have a good life as long as she follows his instructions. Gina puts on her lipstick and asks why he is being so secretive about his plans for Bo. She starts stroking his face and asks "Are you never going to forgive me for my transgressions?"

Bo is shocked to find John at his door greeting him with "Yo Bo, What's up?" Bo asks why he is here? John says Eric called him for help exhuming Gina's body. Bo is shocked and says he has been waiting to hear from Eric. John tells Bo that Eric said he called him, but Bo claims he never got a call from Eric. John says that is why he wanted to check him out first before he. Suddenly, Bo is hit with a dizzy spell. John asks him what is going on? Bo and John sit down and John tells him that he looks like hell, is he sick? Bo says no, he's just had some encounters with some French wine. Bo tells John to forget about him, they have to deal with Gina.

John remembers his meeting with "Hope" before his wedding to Marlena and how she acted. John still isn't sure if Hope is Gina, but Bo says she's no longer the woman he loves. He suspects that she and DiMera are up to something, and he needs his help. John asks why he thinks he can help? Bo tells him Gina is in love with him. Bo shows John the passports he found in Gina's safe deposit box, and tells him about the small fortune also in the box. Bo says that it is obvious they were planning to run away at one time, but Stefano stopped them. Gina tried to make their plans come true the day she called him to the mountain the day of his wedding. He continues to tell John that he is trying to reach Hope, but Gina's love for him is very strong. John asks what he can do, and Bo says he has a plan.

Nancy and Craig are reading the paper, Ali made the front page. They wonder who Ali got to help her, Nancy suspects it is the same person who drugged her. Lexie shows up and asks Nancy how she is feeling today. Nancy says she is feeling humiliated and embarrassed, and is wondering what people are saying about her behind her back. Lexie tells her that people are just wondering why she behaved the way she did. Craig says he would think people would have more important things to wonder about, such as Mike.

Winston and Lewis ask Alice and Maggie how Mike is? Alice says they were going to go check on him now, and Maggie says she called this morning and learned that Mike was okay. Alice says that is no thanks to Ali Mcintyre, they are lucky he is still alive after what she did to him.

Nancy and Craig realize the board members are keeping their distance from them. Nancy wants to tell them the truth about the drugging, but Craig says he doesn't want them to know that because their past with Ali could be exposed. Right as Nancy asks Craig what they are going to tell them, Lewis and Winston approach them and ask to talk to Nancy about last night. Lexie butts in and asks if everything is all right? Winston says they were just inquiring whether Nancy was all right after last night. Nancy says she is fine, and Craig tells them that someone at Tuscany slipped a mickey into her drink. They ask who would of done this, and Craig says they are trying to find out. Nancy apologizes and hopes they don't hold this against her husband. They continue to talk, and Lexie takes Alice and Maggie to see Mike.

Mike is in bed waiting for Carrie to wake up, she is sleeping in the chair next to him. When she wakes up, she tells Mike how she realizes now more than ever how much she loves him, and the two kiss. Mike tells Carrie that he is really grateful to her for saving his life. Carrie says that Austin deserves the thanks. Mike says he never knew Ali was that dangerous. Carrie tells him that Ali is going to be put away for a long long time, and Mike says "So now we can be together." Carrie replies with a "Mmmm Hmmm." Carrie tells him that she signed the divorce papers last night. Mike says they really can move on with their lives, but Carrie says first they have to clear his name. As she tells him about the board meeting she's set up, Alice and Maggie come in to visit. Carrie is glad they are here and asks them to keep Mike company while she takes care of some redemption.

Maggie asks Mike what Carrie meant, and he tells her that Carrie is trying to clear his name. Maggie leaves to see what is going on. Mike tells his grandma that everything is going to be okay, he will be released today and start his new life. Alice tells him that it is a new life and he better be careful how he uses it. Mike asks what she means? Alice says what happened to him wasn't an accident, it was a wake-up call. She tells him that he did some things in the name of love that weren't right, and now he has to atone. Mike doesn't know what she expects of him anymore. Alice tells him to start and think about what is right for everyone, and that includes Carrie. She tells Mike that she has always been able to count on him in the past, don't let her down now. Mike asks his Grandma if she has any idea what she is asking him to do? Alice says yes, and asks if he will do it?

Back out in the hall, Winston and Lewis are swarmed by reporters who want to know about the Ali and Mike drama. They have no comment and ask them to clear the area. Carrie shows up and when they question her, she asks them to please clear the area. They leave, and Carrie asks Winston, Lewis, Craig, and Nancy to meet with her in the conference room, she has some new evidence has come to light after last night's events. They all go into the conference room, and Craig and Nancy fear the worst. In the board room, Carrie plays Ali's confession for them. After the tape finishes, Carrie says the board made a huge mistake in paying Ali and forcing Mike to resign. She asks Winston and Lewis if they are willing to admit that now? Winston and Lewis say this changes everything, and Craig and Nancy pretend to be shocked. Carrie asks the board to undo the damage by reinstating Mike.

Mickey comes down to the station because he got a call to defend somebody. Claire says she called him, and is begging for him to help her. Mickey asks what she needs help with? Ali is then brought in by another officer, she is in a blue jump suit and handcuffs. Mickey screams "Your not serious? Your daughter tried to kill my son and now you want me to defend her!" Claire just nods yes. Abe tells Mickey the list of charges against Ali, and then leaves. Claire begs Mickey to help Ali. Mickey asks why she didn't call Gregory? Claire says she did and he's is out of town. Claire tells Mickey that her daughter is mentally ill and needs help. Mickey says she passed the mental competency examine for the lawsuit, and Claire says she just managed to fool a lot of people. Mickey asks Claire if she knew about this? Claire asks him not to kick them while they are down and begs for his help. Mickey says she didn't have a problem kicking Mike when he was down, so there is no way in hell that he's going to help her! Claire tells Mickey that she'll pay him anything at all. Mickey says it will cost her plenty to save Ali.

Claire thinks he is going to help them, but he says he wouldn't take a dime from them and says he will refer them to someone else. Mickey leaves and Abe comes in and tells Claire that Ali's arraignment is scheduled to happen in a few minutes, so she better find an attorney. Claire says Mickey was going to give her the name of one. As she is about to leave to catch Mickey, Ali asks her mom when she can leave and go see Mike? She thinks they had a fight and wants to go make up with him. Claire cries out "Oh my God!" and runs off. Claire returns with a lawyer and Ali asks if they are going to church, she and Mike are supposed to get married. Abe tells her that has been postponed.

Sami is reading the paper when Austin comes in. Sami tells Austin that he is amazing. Austin apologizes for not calling, he was out late last night. Sami tells him that she can't believe he saved Mike from Ali and asks how it all happened. Austin gives her the short version, and Sami can't believe he risked his life to save Mike's. Austin says he did it for Carrie. Sami asks "So does that mean?" Austin shows her the divorce papers and says there is her answer. Sami tells Austin that she's sorry to see him so hurt like this. Austin says he needed some closer and last night he got it. Sami ask what happened, and Austin tells her that he saw Carrie's love for Mike first hand.

Austin says until last night he thought he and Carrie could work things out, but last night he saw the look in Carrie's eyes when she thought he was dead. He also says that Carrie couldn't renounce her love for Mike, even when Ali threatened to kill her. Austin says he was kidding himself the entire time, he now realizes Carrie really loves Mike and he has to move on with his life. A look of hope washes over Sami's face. Later, Sami tries to change into a sun dress, but her zipper gets stuck, so Austin helps her out. Sami tells Austin that she will be there to talk to him about Carrie, she knows what it is like to lose in love. Austin says he doesn't think that will ever happen again, he knows the next time she falls in love it will be forever. Sami tells him the same will happen for him. Austin says he can't think about that right now. Austin says he has to take the papers to Mickey, and asks Sami what she thinks of him getting back into boxing full time.

Thursday, September 2, 1999

Still eating breakfast at the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas and Austin say they are in favor of Sami and Nicole planning the Labor Day party together. When Austin suggests that Sami and Nicole might even be friends again after working together, Sami said she'd like that. Nicole agrees to Sami's help. Lucas suggests to Austin that they go outside for some rays and let the two women plan the party. The two gals aren't alone for 30 seconds without their claws coming out for answers about each other's motives. Austin and Lucas sit outside by the pool and chat. Lucas apologizes about going on about how happy he and Nicole are after Austin just got divorce papers and it being his and Carrie's 2nd wedding anniversary today. Lucas asks Austin what his future plans are, and warns him to be careful not to turn to Sami on the rebound as he knows Sami thinks of Austin as more than just a friend. Austin tells him to mind his own business, but Lucas tells him he's just giving him some brotherly advice. The brothers argue over if Sami should be with him and Lucas tells him he knows from experience that Sami doesn't give up if she wants something. Austin insists they're only friends, but pauses and thinks after Lucas said that.

Inside Sami continues to tear into Nicole about her marriage to Lucas. She hits some nails on the head with her suspicions, including betting the farm that Kate is knee deep involved in it. Austin walks in to see how their pool party plans are coming and Sami tells him no, she's been trying to find out Nicole's secrets. Austin just stands there and stares. Nicole tells her it's none of her business and walks out to vent to Lucas. He's surprised thinking the two women were going to try to get along. She tells him Sami is just out to make their lives miserable by being mean and vindictive. Sami won't be happy until she has Will all to herself.

At the hospital, Brandon continues to put pressure on Lexie to interview him for the job. She tries to put him off, but he won't take no for an answer. He tells her he's a tenacious guy. She finally agrees to give him a few minutes before her next patient, but gets paged to the ER. She promises to come back afterwards. Brandon walks into a waiting room and sees a mother trying to talk her son Jessie into accepting why he's there for chemotherapy. Brandon sits down and asks Jessie about it and Jessie tells him his friends all make fun of him when his hair falls out and he doesn't like throwing up and being sick from it. Brandon tells him to think of it as Darth Vader didn't have hair either and to think of the shunt they use for the chemo as his laser force field. Jessie gets into the swing of things and says the chemo is his laser gun. Brandon tells him yeah, it's knocking all those bad guys out. The mother sees Lexie and rushes over to her worried that Jessie will refuse his chemotherapy, but Lexie sees Brandon over there talking to the boy and having the boy smile. As Lexie goes to talk to Jessie, Brandon says Jessie has something to tell them. The boy agrees to the chemo and the two exchange some cute Star Wars phrases between each other. Brandon agrees to be there after the boy finishes his therapy. The mother thanks Brandon and follows her son. Lexie is impressed and he asks if he gets the job. Oops, he realized he may have overstepped his bounds. She tells him there won't be an interview, she's made up her mind, he's hired. She asks if he has anything to say about that and he picks her up and circles with her in the air. Lexie smiles, a little flustered.

In the castle, Greta is dressed and talking to herself. She knows her mother was there last night. Eric knocks and comes into her room. She tells him she thought her mother was there and she knows he thinks it's a dream, but tells him that the picture is gone of her and her mother that she had the night before. We see the real Gina holding the photo and looking into a huge wall sized mirror at herself. She's upset about all the years she lost with her daughter. Kurt arrives with her breakfast, carefully locking the door behind him. He tells her it's imperative she never leave that room again. She doesn't take that news so happily, especially with Greta downstairs. He uses her health as an excuse not to tell her about Greta being there. She can't blame Greta for being scared out of her wits after seeing her. She figures Greta probably thinks she saw a ghoulish old witch in the castle and must think she's dead, not really alive. She looks at Kurt for an answer. She figures that why Greta screamed when she saw her. Kurt's silence confirms her suspicion. Kurt tells her he can't let her do it and she tells him if he's her friend, prove it and take her to her daughter. Kurt refuses as he has strict orders and walks out. Gina clasps the picture to her chest, telling Greta she loves her. She tells herself it's time she turn the tables on Steffie.

Eric tries to get Greta outside to explore the countryside. He said John won't arrive for a while and he has packed a picnic basket already. He tells her he made ham and cheese sandwiches and if she eats all her sandwich, he'll tell her about Bo's surprise. Eric and Greta take a blanket out to the woods and sit on it with a nice picnic basket full of grapes and plates of food. She begs to hear his surprise and he tells her about the Duke and Duchess' ball. Bo told the Duke about Greta and Eric being in Europe and they're invited to the ball too. She remembers her mother talking about them and is happy with the news. Later we see the two drinking red wine and toasting to simple pleasures. She asks about how he's doing. Does he miss Salem and Nicole. He tells her it's hard not thinking about Nicole, but she wasn't in love with him, only out to get rich. Greta wants some of that chocolate she saw in the basket and Eric pulls out the 1 lb box of it, but kids her she has to get it away from him first. They wrestle for it on the blanket and end up lying face to face.

John walks into Gina's Paris house. He tells her he hadn't seen her since the day he married Marlena and we see Gina having flashes of taking John's wedding ring off and tossing it on the floor in the sub. She remembers that with a smile and then remembers leaving John's ring on the table and heads for it. John grabs her arm and tells her not so fast, you have some explaining to do, while she gazes at the ring just sitting there. She goes for a kleenex and quickly puts the ring in it and hides in it her cleavage. She offers John a drink, but he says no, and she's changed since he saw her last. But he tells her last time he saw her was at his wedding. She's a little disappointed, but rattles off plans for them including dinner, shopping, and doing Paris. Nope, John tells her she has the wrong idea as to why he's there. He tells her no, he's not there to explore their past history and that's never going to happen. He tells her that Bo's worried about her, feeling her life is in danger because of Stefano. He tells her she and Bo should be together and happy just like he and Marlena are. She tests his patience by asking where Marlena is then. He explains she's home with the kids, but gave him her blessing to come there. When she ask why he's there, he explains to help Greta and Eric explore the real Gina's past, but for Greta, not for himself as he doesn't give a damn about her. She tells him she's isn't Hope, she's Gina, and will always love him. John tells her Stefano doesn't control him anymore and if she doesn't knock it off, and reach out for the man who does love her, she will turn up like the real Gina. He yells at her that he's going back to his life with Marlena, he's never going to love her and to get it through her head. He pushes her away as she begs him to stay and shuts the door in her face. She crumples by the door in tears.

Bo is on the phone with Alice in Salem. She encourages him to keep working on getting through Gina's defenses to get Hope to surface. He tells Alice he won't let her down and will bring Hope back to her family and friends in Salem. Alice tells him his love for Hope will give him strength and he in return tells her that her support gives him strength. She tells him that he's family and that Tom and her loved him like one of their own. She asks what she can do to help. He tells her what she can do and she agrees (although we don't hear it). He remembers back to their pinkie swear scene and when they were outside a long time ago and he gave her the moon. He said wherever she goes, the moon will be there shining just for her. More scenes from New Orleans when he gives his Rhett Butler reply while swooping her up into his arms in her red gown and carries her up the staircase. More flashbacks of the 4th of July picnic where she kisses him after he tells her she couldn't handle one. Back to the present, he hopes John was successful with Gina and stands up, dizzy again. He grabs his keys and heads out for Phase II. We see Bo later in a restaurant. He looks up as a couple walks in and greets Doug & Julie Williams. Julie tells Bo that Alice called and insisted they meet him here right away and Doug asks where is his "Princess".

Friday, September 3, 1999

Nicole and Lucas are in bed after making love. Lucas is so happy he says and comments that he and Sami were actually civil to each other last night when they were around Will. Nicole remembers Kate's warning about Sami and tells Lucas to never trust her.

Austin, Brandon and Sami all having breakfast in the dining room. Sami is impressed that Brandon is up so early as he explains he has a meeting with Dr. Carver at the hospital. He also explains that he doesn't have an appt but he says he's got to get things moving. Austin wishes him good luck and asks where Lucas and Nicole are. Brandon replies the "lovebirds" haven't come down yet as Sami rolls her eyes and says yea right. Brandon asks if she is envious and says that must be it as Sami asks what he means by that must be it. Brandon then explains that his sister is happily married and she isn't. She tells him that for someone that claims to know what makes people tick he is wrong a lot. After Brandon leaves, Sami comments to Austin that he is so arrogant. Austin replies that he just says what's on his mind. Sami says something about his lying, gold-digging sister and Austin adds that he thinks Brandon really believes his sister is happy. Sami disagrees and says no he wants to believe that because it benefits him too. They both agree that he will never spill the beans and blow it for him and Nicole so Sami says their only key to learning the truth is Kate. Austin is shocked by this and asks if she thinks Kate and Nicole are in cahoots somehow? Sami says she saw them talking last night and would not be surprised if Kate engineered the whole phony marriage. Austin admits he thought the same thing at the hearing but if that's true then why didn't Nicole leave after Lucas got custody of Will. Why would she stay in a marriage to a man she didn't love. Enter Nicole about then saying - I wouldn't - as Austin and Sami see her and Lucas. She quickly puts her arm around Lucas and says that Lucas knows how much I love him and then comments that it's late and they had a hard time dragging themselves out of bed. Lucas comments that Austin looks gloomy and so knowing he will find out soon enough he tells him that Carrie signed the divorce papers and is marriage is officially over. Lucas thought after all they went through to be together they would be really solid and Nicole offers her sympathy. He replies with - it's for the best. Lucas quickly says that divorce is a train wreck no matter how you slice it and that's why he and Nicole will never have to worry about that - they are destined to be together forever. Sami aggravates Nicole by asking what's on the agenda today...her usual trip to the mall? No, she has the Labor Day pool party to plan. Lucas offers Kate's help but Nicole declines saying she is sure she has plenty to do. Sami jumps in saying she doesn't have anything to do and before Nicole can say no Austin adds in that that would be great - after all they all need to get along. So Sami says OK with you Nic and Nicole replies - fine Sam.

In Bo's hotel room, John is not too happy with the idea Bo has suggested for getting Hope back but Bo swears it's the only way to reach the real Hope - to get to the woman he loves that is buried inside the "Gina" person. Bo starts to get dizzy as John asks if he is all right and Bo's eyes get glazed over. Bo is slumped over in a chair as John taps his face to wake him up. When Bo comes to he can't explain to John what happened but that it has happened before. He says it started since he got to Paris and there are chunks of times he can't account for. Bo thinks it's got to be Hope - Gina's doings. Bo tells John he is sure Gina is responsible and he's even confronted her about it but of course she's denied everything. Bo knows that Stef is calling the shots - that's why he turned Hope into Gina. John notices bruises on Bo's knuckles and Bo is puzzled as to how they got there. They discuss Princess Gina and that Hope wants to live as her because she thinks her and John will be together somehow. Bo says Gina has it in her head that she will be with John and that only John can close that door on the fantasy. John says he has tried but Bo says he as to be hard - brutal - cruel - whatever it takes. John says he can't to that to Princess Gina or Hope but he can do it to this devil pawn of Stefano's. Now alone, Bo knows that John will do whatever is necessary to convince Gina there is no future but he also knows that she will be devastated - she may actually lose it so he has to set the rest of his plans in motion but for it's too late to reach Hope.

In the meantime, Gina and Stef are at Gina's house and she pours her a drink and Stef notices her hand shaking but she covers saying she feels another reality check coming and she's getting damn tired of them. She asks what more she has to do as Stef says just keep giving Bo the potion. She says that she can't. Stef questions her about this as she says Bo already suspects that he turned her into Gina and that they have been meeting secretly. Stef says he can suspect all he Gina asks - but what if he figures it out? Stef promises this will all be moot once Bo is transformed into his pawn and reminds her of her mission and that she WILL administer the rest of the potion. He also says that she will attend the Duke and Duchess' party to steal the Renet without Bo! She says she thought that was why he was transforming Bo - to help steal the Renet. Stef says there are other possibilities for Bo to serve him for years to come. Gina is not sure she can steal the painting alone but Stef says not only can she but she will! She asks what happens after the painting is stolen. Stef says she will know when she needs to know. She says that he promised they could pick up where they left off...but he says he doesn't want her to think - just obey. Stef leaves and says he will be in touch and we see him outside calling Rolf to tell him to set up the final stages. Once Bo's transformation is complete Gina will go back to Salem and no one will know that he will be using "Bo and Hope" to fulfill his ultimate revenge against the Bradys. Back inside, Gina is thinking to herself that it will be risky to go against Stef but she has no regrets about it. She also says she must get that device from Rolf and transform John back into the old John and this time she'll make certain Stef does not find them. She is playing with John's wedding ring and lays it down on the table as she says she must keep giving the potion to Bo so that Stef won't get suspicious. The doorbell rings and she opens the door to find John standing there. She throws her arms around him, kisses him and says I knew you would come back to me - you could never forget me, my darling. John realizes that Bo is right.

We find out that Ali's help, Tony has also been arrested and is also being charged with kidnapping. Claire comments that it is a never ending nightmare. The DA asks when the lawyer will arrive for the arraignment and Claire says she hopes that won't be necessary. She explains that she thinks once he sees her he will agree that what she really needs is psychiatric help. Palmer goes in to see Ali and says that her mother asked him to speak to her and Ali says fine - what do you want to know? He asks about Mike Horton and she replies - OK multiple choice here - A you think he's kind of cool, B you love him a lot or C you're desperately, passionately in love with him just like Kate Winslet was with (in Italian accent) Leonardo DiCaprio - I'll take C - do I win? Palmer looks at Abe and Claire realizing she is off her rocker. He then asks how she feels about what she tried to do to Mike. She doesn't know what he is talking about - all she wanted was to make him love her back. He then asks if she remembers taking him away and she looks dumbfounded. She says she followed him to Vegas and that's where she found out Carrie stole him from her so she took pics of them and sent them to Carrie's very tall husband - guy that towers over everyone so that the guy knew the truth about his wife. Claire then says that Ali did more than that and tells them that Ali tried to kill herself. Of course Ali says that's not true - I got the cut when my hand went through a window. She says even her mother is making up nasty things about her. Claire says she wishes they were lies as Ali tells them her mother is trying to make these men think she is crazy. Ali says she only tells the bad stuff like - I get depressed a lot or my hair has no body but she never tells the good stuff like I made 1492 on the SAT or that she got into Sarah Lawrence. Claire says nobody cares about that. She says not only is she smart but she is a loving, passionate, courageous person that puts herself on the line and everything she did was for the love of my man and would do it all again in a heartbeat. Abe pulls out the Carrie doll (with head missing) and Die Carrie on it saying it was found in Ali's apt. Abe asks if that is Carrie and she say no - Carrie still has her head unfortunately. Abe then asks if she loved Mike why did she try to kill him? She says she wasn't trying to kill him - she was trying to make him realize how deep her love was for him. Abe mentions the tape confession and Claire asks where are they going with this - her daughter is the victim - if Mike and Carrie had left her alone this would have never happened. Ali is fussing this whole time that her mother is ignoring her comments and shouts - will someone hit the mute button. As Claire goes on Ali says turn her off - delete her - do something. Claire begs Palmer to let her get help for Ali. Ali is imaging Carrie is there,dressed up just like the doll making faces at her and taunting her. Ali hollers again to make her go away. She finally comes back to reality as Abe tells her that Carrie is gone now. Palmer now agrees to go to the judge and recommend Ali go to a psychiatric facility. Abe re-enters with Mr Lewis. He asks about Ali and Claire says she's not too good and the settlement money was a godsend and will allow her to get help. Well........says Lewis that's why I'm here. He explains about the tape confession and that the arbitrator agreed the settlement be declared null and void. He has an order demanding all the money be returned immediately. Abe tells him where the money is but Claire shouts - no that money belongs to my daughter. He also says she is responsible for any money that has been spent. Claire looks numb as Ali fusses saying she always calls her the screw up but this time she blew it - she gave back the money - can't you do anything right?!? Oh well she says - at least I still have Mike. Ali begins humming as Claire sits on the side of the chair and puts her arm around her.

At the hospital in the conference room Carrie is talking to Winston and Lewis and says to them - you heard the tape, you know the truth - there cant' be any doubt now that Mike was the victim. She also believes that Ali did not act alone as she stares at Craig and Nancy. Winston and Lewis confer and they agree that Mike should be given a formal apology and reinstated immediately as COS. Craig and Nancy are stunned as we also see Mike standing in the doorway and can see Maggie and Lexie behind him. Mr. Lewis turns to Mike and says he hopes he will accept their sincere apology and also take his job back. Mike then asks Maggie and Lexie to come in because he wants all to hear what he has to say. He says that nearly everyone was willing to think the worst of me...except Carrie. He says she was determined to exonerate him and restore the creditability of the hospital. He says she is the hero here and she convinced him to never lose faith. Lewis says they appreciate that and want to offer both of them their jobs back. Of course Craig and Nancy pretend they are fine with this and they understand completely. But Mike speaks up and says....wait. He thanks Lexie and Maggie for their support but... he says he can't speak for Carrie but he (as he takes a deep breath) is going to turn them down. Everyone is shocked and Mike continues saying the main thing is that his name was cleared. Now he wants to take a leave of absence. With the meeting adjourned Lewis says he's off to take care of Ms. McIntyre. Carrie comments that Craig and Nancy must be happy but they lie and say they would have accepted it if Mike did return, and leave. Mike explains to Maggie that it was something Grandma said to him that helped him decide not to come back. He says she reminded him that he was the only one who could control his future and that's exactly what he's going to do. Maggie and Lexie leave, and Carrie looks at Mike and they stare for a few seconds before she asks if his future has her in it? Well......says Mike I need time to re-evaluate my life and I'm going to do some traveling. Traveling says Carrie - yea I could use some of that. Actually......says Mike....I need to go alone. I called Jeremy in Israel and he wants to spend some time with him. Carrie says - I thought you loved me. Mike (in pain) says I do more than I could ever dream of but look what my love has done to you - the pain it's caused. Carrie can't imagine being apart from him and in tears blurts out that she gave up everything to be with him and now that they can be together he wants to walk out on her - why? Before he can answer she begs him to take her with him. He says he is not walking out on her - they both just need time to heal and he wants to be the kind of man who's worthy of her love. She says he already is but he disagrees and says hopefully he will be. He says I love you Carrie Reed and kisses her but right now it has to be good-bye. Mike quickly leaves as Carrie breaks down in tears. In the hallway Mike says it's for the best I know it is.

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