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Monday March 8, 1999

Due to technical difficulties, this week of recaps is unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience. Below is a summary of the week's events.

Bo rejected Greta's theory that Father John had been the love of Gina's life. Hope told Lili that she thi ks the reall Gina is dead, but she feels more and more like Gina. Hope also said her heart belongs to a man other than Bo. Marlena told Bo, John and Greta about Hope's starnge behavior, then told John she thinks he may have been involoved with gina during his past. vivian let Ivan thinks she is dying then faked a collapse when he and Stefano argued. Lucas warned that he will never fogive Kate if she ruins his chance to get Will back. A mystery person burst in and shot Roberto after he told Billie the mob did put out a hit on Franco. Sami, in disguise, met with Joe Moroni and blackmailed him into giving up his hitman, who Sami thinks killed Franco. Joe had his hitman follow Sami. Lucas used Taylor to get Nicole jealous. Austin met Carrie, but did not tell her that he knows she was at Green Mountain with Mike. Austin refused to turn himself in and escaped when he heard sirens.

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