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Monday August 31, 1998

Austin is tucking in Will. He is talking about how he hopes that Sami is doing the right thing by marrying Franco as he still isn't so sure about him. At the pub, Marlena and Sami talk. Sami seems sincere when she apologizes to Marlena for all of the trouble that she has caused. She asks Marlena if she can ever forgive her for being such a brat. Marlena says she did that a long time ago.

Roman gets off the phone and tells John and Billie about his phone call with Shane. It seems that an ISA agent was killed this evening. Sami and Franco finish up their good byes and as they leave, Sami says "Just think, next time you all see me, I'll be a bride!" Marlena joins the others and Roman reveals that the agent that was killed was thrown from a train. Marlena questions Billie about why she was helping Roman in his ISA assignment. Billie tells her that she and Roman just happened to run into each other in Paris and decided to work on this together. She says that she was trying to get over Bo and that Roman was getting over losing her. She says that they plan on finishing up what they started. After Billie walks off, John and Marlena wonder about their relationship. They think there is more to it than they are being told. Later, when John finds out the train was headed to Count Olenska's art festival, he gets upset because he figures out that it is the Empress Express and is the same train that Hope and Ms. Faversham is on. He says that Hope could be in grave danger. This news seems to excite Billie somewhat.

Hope and Ms. Faversham are in the royal dining car. Stefano and Vivian also enter, They don't see Hope when they pass by because a man steps out of their way and is in front of Hope. They are seated a few tables back, but there are plants between the tables, so they never see her. Vivian sees someone she knows and excuses herself to go see if it's really her. While she is gone, Stefano and this man catch each other's eye and both step outside the car. We learn that this guy has worked with Stefano in the past. There is some object that Stefano wants to add to his collection, but this man warns him that it is too dangerous. They talk about how easy it was when Stefano had Gina as his cover . The man says that the risks are too high now and talks about how much easier it would be if they had Gina to help them.

Back at Hope's table, a man comes up and Ms. Faversham introduces him as Charles Cayhill , III. He talks about the good times they had and invites them to his estate to go hot air ballooning, and for parties, etc. Ms. Faversham accepts, of course. After he leaves, she talks about how "Gina" was an expert at baccarat and tells of some of their adventures

Vivian returns and sees a couple, whom she identifies as Prince and Princess Weatherly and talks about her necklace. It is called the "emerald eye" and she says she has envied it for years. We learn that THIS is the latest object that Stefano wants to add to his collection. They decide to go to the gaming car and try their luck, but first Vivian decides to go back to their room and get something for motion sickness, for she isn't feeling very well. Hope and Ms. Faversham also decide to go to the gaming car, so Hope can try her hand at baccarat Hope is terribly excited about their trip and is sure she will get the answers that she so seeks.

Kate has been patting herself on the back for her wonderful idea...she is sure this will work. We find out she is outside of Abe's office, while Abe has Roberto inside questioning him about the shooting. Roberto tells Abe nothing, who in turn goes and tells Kate. Abe tells Kate that they are going to release him, but Roberto doesn't know that yet. Abe is called away and Kate sashays into his office and confronts Roberto. She tells him that they are going to charge him with obstruction of justice and that they are drawing up the papers right now. She offers to help him by giving him an alibi if he talks to her...if not, he can rot in jail.

Roberto spills his guts to her and tells her about the Moroni Family being after Franco. She continues to question him and he breaks down and tells her of his involvement. When he gets through, she goes to the door and flings it open and tells him to leave. She lets him know that the police had NOTHING on him at all and he is furious. He wants to know why she hates Franco so much. She informs him that it is Sami...and she plans to destroy her.

Sami wants him to spend the night with her, but he has Candy on his mind and tries to get away from her clinging arms. She goes up to check on Will and Austin questions Franco yet again. Franco assures him that he is in love with Sami and only wants to be friends with Austin. He says that maybe since they will be married to sisters, maybe they can work to bring Sami and Carrie together and the family would appreciate. Austin goes to check on Will .

Franco takes the opportunity to call Candy, but before he can tell her he can't come, is caught by Sami. He hangs up and tells Sami he was talking to Roberto. Sami insists that he call him back and invite him to the wedding. Franco lies and says Roberto would be too embarrassed after what happened earlier. Later, Franco is upstairs and Austin comes up and tells Franco that he DOES want to be friends with him. After Austin leaves, Franco calls Candy and informs her that he can't make it tonight, but will meet her tomorrow at their same place.

Downstairs, Kate shows up and is hit by a frontal attack by Sami. She asks Kate where she had been and if it wasn't past her bedtime. Sami keeps digging and asks Kate that if she had to meet up with a trick, or has she lowered herself to walking the know...once a hooker, always a hooker. She tells Kate of her plane to move away from her disgusting influence and her drunkard son as soon as she is married and reminds Kate that SHE is the one in charge here! Kate says, "No, I won't forget" and Sami flits off. Kate (to herself) says "enjoy yourself Sami, because tomorrow you lose EVERYTHING...I have the information to bring you DOWN!!!"