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Monday, April 14, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Upstairs in the nursery Celeste tells Kristen that the baby isn't her's. She hears an Elvis song playing in her head when thinking about this. Kristen is furious and orders her to leave. John picks up John Jr. and remarks about that the child has Kristen's eyes. He asks Celeste what she thinks? She says somewhat unconvincingly, that the child has his mother's eyes. Later in the park, Celeste continues to feel a connection between John Jr. and Susan.

John is shocked by what Shane tells him about Roman. When he asks Shane again, about the truth of this information, Shane verifies it over the phone. At the Penthouse Marlena learns from Caroline that John Jr.'s nurse is going through Brady's old clothes. While reminiscing over Roman, Caroline asks her what is wrong. Marlena just says she is finding herself thinking of Roman more than usual. Marlena says that Roman was hurt by her affair. When Marlena makes a comment that John and Kristen are married for now, Caroline asks her what that means. Marlena tells Caroline she can't talk about it yet. Marlena wants very much to meet the nurse, so they head up there. John and Kristen show up with news on Roman. John tells them that Roman is dead, and Marlena and Caroline are overcome with grief. As they comfort each other Kristen spots Susan. Kristen tells John to go be with Marlena, and then Kristen tells Susan to go home now!


When Kristen asks if there is anything she can do Marlena says she's done enough. And if looks could kill, then Kristen would be dead.

Hope and Franco are at the Snake Pit trying to learn who is the drug kingpin, and Hope thinks J.L. King will help her because donated so much money to the effort to stop drugs in Salem. King is worried over what Bo may or may not have learned from Viper, and waits for Nan to call. King goes down to the club to talk to Hope. He tells her he has offered a reward for the man who shot her son, so she thanks him. When J.L. asks what Hope is doing , she tells him she's looking for Salem's drug boss, and asks him to help her. King asks why ? and she says that she wants to get the man who shot her son.

Tuesday, April 15, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Hope, and Billie are still in JL King's Club. Hope wants to know why she's using again, and Billie again lies in order to protect Bo. Then they all learn that a cop's been shot in the back alley, and they all rush out.

At the Penthouse, Kristen is asked to take Caroline to the pub, so that Shawn can be told of Roman's death, and John will wait for Major Dodd to arrive with further information.

Major Dodd arrives, and explains that Roman was on assignment in the Middle East, captured and his death was sudden. Marlena takes this news very hard, blaming herself. She's then interrupted by the nanny about Belle, and goes up to see. It's at this point, that Major Dodd is asked by John what really happened. It seems that Roman was actually held in captivity for several months, and the rescue attempts made, were futile. He also explains how 1 night, the song from An officer and A gentleman, affected Roman deeply. Marlena hears this, and says oh, our song... The major leaves, and John says that people need to be told.

At the mansion, Kristen is having problems, with Susan, the doctor, and the contractor. Susan is found to have been dressing like Kristen again, and she doesn't like. The doctor won't let Kristen change John Jr. to formula, and the secret room needs to be finished asap. The funniest part was when Susan asked Kristen, if she stole Marlena from John?

Back at the alley behind King's club, (Long time) Hope & Billie see that yes, Bo was shot, but he had on a bullet proof vest, so he was only stunned. Everyone is so happy that he's fine, but since JL is watching, Billie tries to get to Bo, Franco grabs Hope and they leave.

It also seems that Abes' shot hit Viper in the Arm, and Bo's hit him in the leg, and he died from a shot to the heart. Bo is sure that King killed him to prevent being named as the Drug lord of Salem. At this point, John arrives with the news of Roman's death, and all head off to the pub to be with family.

The end of the show was the best! It's Marlena's penthouse, she's in a nightgown, puts on a song, "Up where We Belong." She sits, reflects, and starts crying.

Wednesday, April 16, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Jennifer and Laura discuss Jack, the prison, Laura's memory loss, and other various issues. Lynn reminds Laura to take her pill, Laura says don't worry, and puts the pill in her pocket. In prison, Jack and Travis discuss Jack's situation, of loving Jenn and Abby, his desire to protect them, etc... Travis is real encouraging in his efforts to cheer up Jack (yeah right!) by telling him of a story similar in nature to his current problems. They then discuss finding Jennifer someone else to love, via the computer internet. (Hmmmm)

At the Brady's, Kim comes home. Jeannie, Andrew and Kayla are still in LA, partly due to Kayla's strained tendon. Caroline is still in pain over the loss of Roman, and they end up going to the church. Meanwhile, Kristen is waking up, with the thoughts of "now's a great time for Roman to die", and that John wants Marlena to move in with them again. (Yeah right!!!!!) Kristen tries to change John's mind, but then the phone rings. It's Doc's housekeeper reporting that Doc's been up all night holding a picture of Roman. John immediately goes to the penthouse, not seeing Kristen throwing a temper tantrum.

At Marlena's penthouse, John is trying to comfort Doc, but she feels that is responsible for Roman's death. John says no, Stefano is. Marlena knows that, but she feels responsible nonetheless. Joan broaches the subject of her moving back to the mansion, and she says no no no no no. John tells her she won't deal with this alone, he'll be there for her as long as he's there.Still throwing a fit, Kristen learns more about the secret room, and Bart questions her about the other loose ends in her life. This doesn't please her one bit.

Austin is helping Sami with her pt, when Carrie walks in to have Austin sign some papers. Austin explains what was happening, (in re the kiss for motivation) when Carrie says she has to get to work, and leaves. It's this time, when John and Marlena show up, and without saying anything, Carrie figures out, that Roman is dead. She breaks down. Kristen is the one to break the news to the Horton's (Yea, why her??)

Lynn shows up, to remind Laura about her pill. Kristen has a contempt filled conversation with Laura and Laura tells her that she knows Kristen has something to do with her disappearance, and when she remembers, she will be exposed.

Near the end of the show, Sami has a minor memory breakthrough. When Marlena and Laura meet in the park, they discuss John and Kristen, unaware that Kristen is listening to the entire conversation.

Thursday, April 17, 1997
by Diane Dix

Jack is still incensed at Travis' suggestion that he help Jennifer get on with her life by finding her a date on the internet. Travis realizes he's not getting very far with Jack and enlists another inmate to help. The inmate greets Jack in the weights room, supposedly by chance, and reveals that he is a lifer who forced his wife to get on with her life by remarrying, and that now his wife and kids are happy. Jack begins to wonder if he's just being selfish by holding on to Jennifer and Abby.

Meanwhile, Jennifer sits at home thinking about Jack. Kimberly Brady comes by to visit, and realizes immediately that Jennifer is upset by more than Roman's death. Jennifer confides in Kimberly about Laura's affair with Jack, and her concerns about Laura's stability, especially the days when she was missing. Kimberly is sympathetic, and points out that maybe Laura wasn't imagining it about Stefano...he has been known to return from the dead before. Jennifer assures Kimberly that she is sure at least about Peter's death, since she saw the body, and Laura thinks Peter is still alive. Kimberly isn't sure what to think, but she tells Jennifer that she has read about a new memory enhancement drug that might help Laura, and will get back to her on it. Nurse Lynn overhears the conversation. Jennifer leaves with Kimberly to go visit Sami and Carrie.

At Austin's apartment, Sami's outburst that she remembers something about her past brings Carrie running into the apartment. Sami concentrates, and has a brief flashback of a bitter fight with John. Sami can't remember the details, and questions John and Carrie about it, asking whether they can think of any reason why she would ever have been upset with John. They are evasive, especially when Sami remembers that the fight had something to do with an accusation that John was trying to hurt her father, Roman. Sami's frustration, combined with her grief about Roman, cause her to dissolve into tears. Carrie and John are unsure of how much they should tell Sami, although they are encouraged that her memory is returning. Carrie calls Marlena on her cell phone to tell her to come over immediately. Marlena interrupts her meeting with Laura at the park and heads over. Laura had tried to convince Marlena to go to John about Kristen's deception, because Laura was more certain than ever that Kristen was up to something. Marlena had confessed her guilt over Roman's death, and Laura told her it was wrong to blame herself for a choice Roman made. After Marlena leaves for Carrie's, Laura notices Kristen hiding out behind a shrub. Laura confronts her and demands to know what she is doing eavesdropping. Their conversation quickly turns nasty, as Laura accuses Kristen of being involved in her disappearance, and Kristen accuses Laura of being crazy. Laura promises to expose Kristen to John, despite her promise to Marlena to keep silent. Kristen tries to play on Laura's integrity, but Laura is unmoved. Laura leaves, and Kristen calls Lynn to demand that Laura's medication be increased. Lynn goes out and hunts for Laura.

At the DiMera mansion, Susan talks to Elvis about being with John someday. She starts pawing through Kristen's jewelry and her belongings in her room, and discovers some videotapes of Kristen. Susan begins to study and consciously emulate Kristen's voice, movements, and gestures. Clearly, she is planning to assume Kristen's identity at some point. She is nearly exposed when Kristen comes home unexpectedly, but a cry from the baby distracts Kristen and Susan is able to put away all of her things. Kristen is doubly frustrated because she is unable to calm the baby, while Susan has no problem with it. Susan makes tea for Kristen and carefully imitates Kristen's every gesture while drinking. Kristen, distracted and worried about Laura and angry that John isn't home, does not notice. Kristen goes to her room and calls over to Sami's apartment, looking for John.

Marlena, meanwhile, arrives at Sami's apartment and comforts her grieving daughter. Sami asks about the memory she had of being angry at John, and Marlena dodges the question. She gives Sami a sedative and puts her to bed. Austin and Carrie take the opportunity to escape to the rooftop and mend some fences. Austin is at last able to comfort Carrie about Roman's death. Jennifer and Kimberly arrive, and Kimberly talks to Austin and Carrie about the pretense of his marriage with Sami. Carrie tells Kim that Sami had a minor breakthrough, and Kim warns Carrie not to push Sami, or her memories might be locked away for good. In the apartment, John and Marlena remember their affair, and John is surprised when Marlena passionately admits that she wanted John just as much as he wanted her. Just as things are about to get steamy, Kristen calls. John tells her he will be there for a while longer, and Kristen pretends not to mind, although she is furious. Austin and Carrie return to the apartment, just in time to hear Sami calling out in a nightmare. Everyone crowds into her room. Sami awakens and has a vivid flashback of a memory - John and Marlena making love on the conference room table at Titan. She gazes at John and Marlena with shock and says that she remembers what they did.

Laura Horton drives by St. Luke's, the site of Peter's funeral, where she had her last clear memory before her disappearance. It doesn't spark any memories, so she heads out to the Blake house, where she believes she was held. Nurse Lynn is unable to find her anywhere, and calls Kristen in desperation. Kristen is livid and tells Lynn to stay at the park, and they will find Laura together. Kristen leaves, telling Susan to stay with the baby.

When Jennifer and Kimberly return to Jenn's house, the phone is ringing. Jennifer is delighted to hear from Jack, who has a brief but touching conversation with Abby. Jennifer tells Jack about Roman's death, and says that it is more important than ever not to give up hope. Jack is distressed at the thought that he might be causing Jennifer to put her life on hold, but before he can say anything, he is cut off by a prison guard. Jennifer is depressed because she senses Jack was losing hope. Jack, meanwhile, approaches Travis about getting more time on the internet, because he is now ready to think about Travis' plan to find Jennifer a love interest that way.

Friday, April 18, 1997
by Diane Dix

Sami stares with shock at John and Marlena as Austin, Carrie, and Lucas, who has just arrived, look on. Lucas asks what's happening, and Carrie tells him Sami is getting her memory back. Sami tells John and Marlena that now she remembers the truth - that her mother and John had an affair, and that was what caused Roman to leave town, take the dangerous assignment, and eventually lose his life. At first Sami is horrified and disgusted with John and her mother, and Marlena is devastated by the accusation that she is responsible for Roman's death, which echoes her own feelings of guilt. Marlena and John fear that the memory will alienate Sami from Marlena once again and cause her to turn bitter and manipulative, as she did the first time. But Marlena is able to explain how Stefano's machinations left her and John victims of an unresolved passion. Sami is rocked to the core by her parents' divorce, and turns to Austin for support. In front of Carrie and Lucas, Sami makes Austin promise he will always be there for her and Will, and that he will never leave. Carrie is wounded by his words and retreats to her apartment, closely followed by Lucas, who is supportive and comforting. Austin is able to break away a few minutes later, and irritatedly asks Lucas to leave. But Lucas stays outside the door to eavesdrop. At first, Austin tries to talk about Lucas always hanging around, but Carrie cuts him off and says Lucas is her friend, and she needs friends right now. Austin tries to apologize about what he had to say to Sami, but Carrie says she isn't buying it any more. Austin insists he is supporting Sami for the sake of his love for Carrie, but Carrie explodes and says the real reason is that Austin feels guilty and he is doing it for himself. Austin asks what kind of person he would be if he didn't feel guilty about Sami's accident and responsible for Will. Carrie has no answers, and Austin begs her to wait just a little bit longer, since it seems Sami is regaining her memory. Carrie says she wishes she could, but emotionally she has reached her limit. Lucas is silently exulting in their conflict. Just then, Marlena calls over to the apartment to say that she and John have to leave, and Sami needs Austin at her side. Carrie tells him to just go, and Austin is forced to leave things unresolved. He catches Lucas listening outside the door, but Lucas says he just got back from a walk and tells Austin to ease up. Austin doesn't believe him, but Carrie does, and after Austin returns to Sami, Lucas uses the opportunity to comfort Carrie. Marlena and John leave Sami, and although Sami has not forgiven them, she at least allows them to kiss her goodbye.

Back at the penthouse, Marlena and John are hopeful that Sami will not react as badly to the memory of the affair as she did the first time. Marlena's grief over Roman's death starts to overwhelm her again, and John comforts her. Marlena says she can't help hoping this is like the last time, and Roman is not really dead. John tells her Shane wouldn't have told them if he had any doubt at all. Marlena insists she won't really be convinced until she sees the body. John leaves then to return home to Kristen. A few minutes later, Marlena gets a call from Major Dodd, who tells her Roman's body has returned to Salem, and is ready for burial. Marlena is devastated.

At John and Kristen's house, Susan has been taking advantage of Kristen's absence to try on Kristen's beautiful clothes. Although Susan still has a few pounds to lose to fit them perfectly, she is more determined than ever to lose the weight and assume Kristen's identity for a while and make John fall in love with her. She has comical fantasies about making love to John without her disguise on. Feeling giddy, she puts on her entire Kristen disguise - the wig, teeth, makeup, and contact lenses - and parades around Kristen's room in a pretty white robe. Suddenly, without warning, John calls from downstairs that he's home, and before Susan has a chance to escape, John enters the room. He assumes she is Kristen, and tells her what a horrible day he has had, and how he just wants to make love to her and forget about all of it. Susan is ecstatic at the chance to make love to John, even though he thinks she is Kristen. John lowers her to the bed, and to Susan's utter delight, begins to kiss her passionately. Kristen is nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, Laura arrives at the Blake house and climbs in through an unlocked window. The first floor sparks no memories, so she goes upstairs to the bedroom where Stefano held her. While she's there, she has vivid flashbacks to the time when she was kidnapped. Suddenly, she remembers the secret room which is accessed by the curio table. She pulls on the table and the room is revealed. She enters the room in triumph, sure that all of her memories will now return to her. But in the meantime, Kristen and Lynn had been combing Salem for any sign of Laura, and on impulse had checked the Blake house. Once they realized Laura was there, and in the secret room, Kristen had crept up behind her. As Laura stands there trying to remember, the lights suddenly go out, and just as Laura screams, Kristen clubs her on the head with a heavy vase. Laura is immediately knocked unconscious, and Lynn screams, "What have you done?" Lynn checks Laura's pulse and is relieved to find she is alive, but knocked out for some time. Kristen suffers a momentary pang of conscience and asks aloud what kind of person she has become, to deliberately harm another person. Lynn asks sarcastically, "Is that a rhetorical question?" Kristen tells her to shut up and help her think of a plan. Kristen decides the best plan will be to convince Laura that the whole episode was a dream.

Jennifer, alone at her house with Abby, receives a call from Mike. Mike asks Jennifer if she's seen Laura anywhere, because she was supposed to be at the hospital and has patients waiting. Jennifer says no, and they both begin to be concerned, because it is unlike Laura to forget about her patients. Mike tells Jennifer not to worry. But when Mike comes home later, neither of them has heard from Laura. Jennifer worries that it will be like the last time Laura disappeared and nearly died. Abby calls Jennifer to read a story to her, and Jennifer goes upstairs while Mike starts to make phone calls. But soon afterward, Nurse Lynn staggers through the door propping up a semiconscious Laura. Mike and Jennifer are relieved, but worried about where Laura has been. Laura tells them she was at the Blake house and that she found a secret room. Mike and Jennifer are dubious, and Jennifer says Peter promised not to build any secret rooms, but concedes that Peter was not honest, and could have done it behind her back. Mike suspiciously asks Lynn what she was doing at the Blake house. Lynn plays dumb and says she found Laura passed out next to her car a few blocks away, and drove her home. Lynn pretends she doesn't even know where the Blake house is. Laura is furious and says that it will be easy to verify her story - all they need to do is go back to the Blake house and open the secret room. Mike and Jennifer are reluctant, because Laura has a nasty bump on her head, but Laura insists. Lynn goes with them, and so does Jennifer, after finding a sitter for Abby. Lynn prays that Kristen left immediately and will not be found there. But Kristen had lingered, thinking dreadful thoughts about what would happen if Laura remembered and she were exposed - how Jennifer would hate her and John would leave her. Just as Kristen is about to head home and check on Susan, she hears the sound of voices in the house. Desperately, she runs to hide in the secret room. But with shock, she recognizes one of the voices as Laura's, and Kristen is forced to pull in the door handle with all her strength as Laura tries to open the secret room from the other side...

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