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Brady confronts Nicole
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Friday, August 18, 2017

At the police station, Sonny and Chad sat in the interrogation room, waiting to talk to someone about their recovered memories. With Abe's arrest, no one was available to talk to the men. Chad worried aloud about Theo's reaction to Abe's arrest. When Chad noted that he would call Theo as soon as they were released from jail, Sonny reminded him that a judge would need to accept their memory as fact before they could be released. Chad blamed himself for wiping the real killer's prints off of the knife.

Shaking his head, Sonny countered that they could find the killer once they found the amulet. Paul arrived as Sonny was talking about their memories, and Sonny and Chad filled him in about their new evidence. Paul was relieved. After receiving a text message from the courthouse, the police escorted Chad to see the judge.

At the Horton Center, Eric grinned at photos of Nicole on his camera. "Why can't I get her out of my mind?" Eric wondered aloud as Chloe walked in. Chloe explained that she was in town for a gig at Club TBD, but Dario had skipped town. Chloe asked about Deimos' murder. Reluctant to discuss the night of the murder, Eric changed the subject to Nicole. Chloe and Eric talked about Nicole's separation from Holly. Grinning, Eric said he believed Nicole would regain custody.

Chloe raised a curious eyebrow, and she asked Eric if things had been going well with Nicole at the center. Eric said things had been improving with Nicole, and he hoped he and Nicole could be better friends someday. Chloe asked Eric if he only wanted to be friends with Nicole. Eric admitted that he still had feelings for his ex. With a shrug, Chloe said it had been obvious that Eric had feelings when he had fought for Chloe to return Holly. Eric explained that it was complicated because Nicole was with his brother, but since Nicole had forgiven him, it was harder not to think about her.

"You love her," Chloe said. "Yeah. Like I've never loved anyone else," Eric said. Eric stressed that Nicole did not know how he felt, and he did not want Nicole to know. Chloe flashed a smile at Eric and counseled him that he would feel better if he told the truth. Eric countered that he did not want to cause any trouble. "Don't you deserve some happiness?" Chloe asked. Eric stressed that he did not want to upset Nicole's life. Chloe reminded Eric that keeping his feelings to himself would not make them go away.

In the Kiriakis living room, Brady stared at the amulet he had found in Eric's room. As Nicole walked in, Brady pocketed the amulet and asked to talk. Cutting off Brady, Nicole swore that she and Eric were not having an affair. Brady demanded an explanation. When Nicole urged Eric to calm down, he countered that he had a right to be angry. "Angry enough to trash Eric's room?" Nicole asked.

Brady admitted that he had searched Eric's room, looking for photos from their photo shoot. When Nicole asked how he knew about the photos, Brady admitted he had overheard them talking from the hallway outside Eric's room. With tears in her eyes, Nicole told Brady he was an idiot. Nicole shoved the bundle of Eric's pictures into Brady's hands. Reluctantly, Brady opened the envelope and looked at the pictures. Nicole said the photos were for Holly's crib.

Unfazed, Brady demanded to know why Nicole had visited Eric in his room the night of the conference call. Nicole admitted that she had forgiven Eric. Brady shook his head no. Nicole told Brady that she had discovered a cache of letters from Eric about his guilt, and she had realized how much Eric had been suffering. "I'm not the only person who lost something, someone. I forgave him," Nicole said.

When Brady asked Nicole why she had kept that a secret, Nicole said she had been worried how Brady would react. Nicole added that she had feared that Brady would jump to crazy conclusions, but he had done that anyway. As Brady stared at the photos, Nicole said she had planned to tell Brady the truth once his jealousy had died down. Brady admitted that Nicole would have had to wait a long time for that to happen. Nicole said Eric had done nothing wrong. Shaking his head no, Brady told Nicole that Eric had killed Deimos.

Brady showed Nicole the amulet. Nicole remembered Eric returning to his room and saying he had done something bad. Nicole gasped. Nicole reminded Brady of that memory. Shaking his head, Brady said Eric had had a motivation to kill Deimos. Nicole did not think Eric was capable of murdering Deimos. Brady asked Nicole how she explained the amulet. Nicole remembered holding the amulet while standing in Eric's room. Brady asked Nicole what she was thinking.

At the DiMera mansion, Andre told Kate he was headed to the courthouse to support Chad. Kate ordered Andre not to go because it could influence the judge in a negative way. Narrowing his eyes, Andre told Kate that he had heard her badmouth him on the phone with Mr. Shin. Kate explained that she had told Mr. Shin that Andre had "done his damnedest" to help Chad but had failed. Kate returned to work in the living room. Under his breath, Andre said, "Enjoy your power trip because it will end soon."

In the town square, John told Paul about his breakup with Marlena. John confided that Marlena had been "off." After Paul left to see Sonny, John ran into Kate. John told Kate that she had been right about Marlena avoiding him. John admitted that Marlena had dumped him. The two sat on a bench, and Kate stressed that Marlena was madly in love with John. John said he had believed the same thing.

At the Brady Pub, Hattie shocked Roman when she kissed him passionately. Roman pulled away. Unfazed, Hattie locked Roman in another embrace. Roman shoved Hattie away and yelled, "What the hell are you doing?" Hattie apologized then said she regretted that she had not chosen Roman. Hattie asked Roman if he had imagined what their life would have been like if she had chosen him instead of John.

Roman said that although he had imagined a life with Marlena, she belonged with John. Roman added that Marlena's romantic overtures were sudden and unexpected. As Hattie pushed to reunite, Roman said he wanted to slow down because he was confused.

"You felt that old magic, didn't you?" Hattie said with wide grin. "No. I didn't. Something was off," Roman said. Taken aback, Hattie leaned forward to kiss Roman again. Roman leaned away and said that something was wrong. When Hattie asked why, Roman said that he and Marlena were different people than when they had been married. Hattie urged Roman to give her another chance. Roman insisted that Marlena was on the rebound. Roman added that there could never be anything between them again. Growing teary-eyed, Hattie got up to leave.

As John walked in with Kate, he called out to Marlena. Hattie brushed right past him without a word. Confused, John asked Roman what had happened. Roman told John that he and Marlena had argued and then kissed. As Kate started to laugh in disbelief, John punched Roman in the face. Roman screamed at John to listen. Roman told John that Marlena had kissed him, and he had told her to leave and look for John. Shaking his head, John asked Roman for forgiveness. Patting John on the arm, Roman said Marlena had not sounded like herself. John ran out looking for Marlena.

Julie visited Abigail at the hospital. Abigail said she was worried that she would lose Chad if he went to prison. Julie assured Abigail that things would turn out fine. Smiling, Julie added that Abigail and Chad belonged together. Abigail asked Julie if she was saying that because she hated Gabi. Julie said that even if she could forgive Gabi, she could never forget that Gabi had killed Nick. When talk turned to Abe's arrest, Julie commented that Abe was practically a saint.

Overhearing Julie and Abbigail, Andre walked into the room with flowers and said that Abe was a criminal and a self-righteous hypocrite. Julie called Andre the town lunatic. With a sneer, Julie excused herself and left. Abigail apologized to Andre for Julie's comments about Andre's mental illness. With a grin, Andre said he was glad Abigail was still around. Abigail asked why Andre was not at the courthouse. Shrugging, Andre said Kate had cautioned him not to do anything that could hurt Chad's chances at release from jail.

Right on cue, Chad entered the room with a pink rose. Beaming, Abigail pulled Chad into her arms. Chad told her that he was free. Chad explained that Sonny's testimony had saved them both. With a grin, Andre said he was glad that Chad would be back in charge of DiMera Enterprises. Chad joked that he would have to fight Kate. Andre promised to take care of his wife. After Andre left, Chad asked Abigail to marry him.

At the police station, Sonny and Paul celebrated his impending release from jail. Sonny promised to be a better man and make better decisions. Grinning, Sonny asked Paul if they could go to the Brady Pub for chowder. Sonny said he had been worried he would never take his daughter to the park or spend time alone with Paul again. Laughing, Paul said that Sonny would be sick of him soon enough.

After fetching a cold compress from the kitchen of the pub, Kate placed it on Roman's split lip. Roman muttered that he would never hit on Marlena. Kate assured Roman that John knew that. With a chuckle, Kate said she could not imagine why Marlena had been so forward with Roman. Roman wondered aloud if Marlena was crying out to be heard. Kate shrugged. Roman said he was ready to find love again.

"Maybe it's time to find somebody new or revisit a chance to be with someone that I loved and lost. Maybe it was fate that brought you through that door," Roman whispered as he looked into Kate's eyes. Kate placed her hand on Roman's cheek, and they kissed. In the doorway, Andre scowled as he walked into the pub and saw his wife kissing Roman.

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