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Gabby tries to stop Chad from killing Stefan
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Monday, April 23, 2018
by Mike

At Statesville, Gabi was in the recreation room, reading a book, when three other inmates -- women who knew her from her previous prison stint -- started harassing her. A fourth inmate intervened before a fight could begin.

Gabi didn't recognize the fourth inmate but was impressed with the woman's ability to control the other three. Gabi thanked the woman then extended a hand and introduced herself. "[Diane]. I'm pretty new, but I'm a fast learner...and it looks like you could use some protection," the woman observed. Gabi was surprised to learn that Diane knew all about her. "[So], what are you in for?" Gabi asked Diane.

"My boyfriend got himself involved in some questionable business dealings. I helped him out, but something...unforeseen happened...and we got screwed out of our dream," Diane explained. She stressed that she'd had nothing to do with the illegal activity that had ultimately landed her in prison -- and that her boyfriend hadn't deserved to take the fall for it, either.

"You know what the interesting part is? I think you might know him. [His name is] Lou -- Lou Raines," Diane continued, glaring at Gabi. Diane blamed Gabi for what had happened to Raines, reasoning, "Making funny money -- most people don't care much about that, [so if we'd gotten caught], we could've been tagged a few years and been out. But with the assault and the kidnapping and the rest of it, he's in for twenty-five years, and I'm in for ten, [and it's all] because you couldn't mind your own damn business!"

Gabi optimistically suggested that Diane might be able to score an early release due to good behavior. "I'm not interested in good behavior -- at least not where you're concerned," Diane replied, backing Gabi into a corner. The other three inmates rushed over, each eager to help Diane deal with Gabi. Gabi called out to the recreation room's sole guard, who ignored her pleas and walked away. "She and Lou go way back. She's on my side. So, yell as loud as you want -- nobody's gonna save you," Diane told Gabi before starting to pummel her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny was en route to the living room when the doorbell rang. He opened the front door and found Will standing outside, holding a gift bag.

"Sorry to bother you. I just wanted to talk to Adrienne about work, and I brought something, um, for Ari while I'm here," Will explained. He was somewhat disappointed to learn that Arianna was already asleep for the night and that Adrienne was still at the Spectator office, pulling an all-nighter for a deadline of some sort. "Seems like I struck out," he concluded with a sigh.

Sonny invited Will in then congratulated him on landing a job at the Spectator. "You've always been an amazing writer," Sonny gushed. "Uh...well, I hope I still am, you know? I definitely...have some nerves," Will admitted. Adrienne had already told Sonny all about Will's first assignment, but Sonny was disturbed when Will revealed how he planned to approach it. Sonny insisted that Will couldn't interview Clyde Weston, of all people.

Sonny quickly backpedaled, clarifying, "Of course you can; I just don't think it's a good idea. Not that you asked..." Will appreciated Sonny's concern but didn't understand how it could possibly be risky to interview someone who was behind bars. "Doesn't make him any less of a threat," Sonny insisted. Sighing, Will admitted that Paul had basically said the same thing.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't..." Will awkwardly began. "Mention Paul's name in my presence?" Sonny concluded. Sonny assured Will that it was okay, reasoning, "It'd be strange if you didn't, you know? 'Cause you two a -- in a relationship." Will still felt bad, but Sonny maintained, "You can say [Paul's] name as many times as you want around me. I'm not gonna fall apart, I promise."

"Okay. Good to know," Will replied before getting the conversation back on track, eager to hear Sonny's concerns about Clyde. "Paul told me [Clyde] stabbed you..." Will began before realizing with a groan that he had just made the same mistake again. "Will, I just told you -- [it's okay]. I'm not so thin-skinned that I can't hear you say your boyfriend's name without me having an attack of jealousy," Sonny insisted.

"Boyfriend?" Will repeated, somewhat surprised. "I guess know, I don't really...see him that way," Will admitted with a shrug. "How do you see him?" Sonny asked. "Just as, like...someone I'm involved with," Will replied, shrugging again. Nodding, Sonny assured Will, "You can say the name of the guy that you're involved with without me having an attack of jealousy."

Will chuckled at Sonny's rephrased statement then clarified that he hadn't meant to shortchange his ex. "[It's not that I think] you can't handle it; [it's just] be honest, when I, you know, talk about Paul when I'm with you...well, it -- it makes me uncomfortable. There's something that doesn't feel right about know, 'cause I know I, you know, used to be with you, and...I know that...we would...probably still be...together...if, you know, my psyche weren't messed with..." Will awkwardly explained. Sonny confirmed that Will was probably right about that but added that it was time for them both to move on with their lives.

Steering the conversation back to Clyde once again, Sonny warned Will, "[The guy] is a total psycho -- [I mean, he's lethal], and I'm not [just] talking about physically; I'm talking mentally, as well, with all the head games..." Sonny thought it would be safer for Will to talk to Susan instead, but Will explained with a sigh that Susan still had an unhealthy attachment to him -- and, in any case, she was still institutionalized and quite fragile. Nodding, Sonny asked Will to at least promise not to underestimate Clyde. "I know that a lot's gone down between us, but I want you to be safe...'cause I -- I do still care about you," Sonny stressed.

"I care about you, too," Will replied. "Um...what I -- what I mean is --" Will started to clarify, but Sonny stopped him. "It's good to hear, honestly, that -- that you care about me. So, don't take it back, okay? Or even qualify it," Sonny requested with a chuckle. Will assured Sonny that he hadn't been considering doing that. "I just don't want to..." Will began. "What, lead me on?" Sonny concluded.

"I think we're beyond that point," Sonny assured Will, who nodded in agreement. "[In fact], I want to let you know that I've been making progress lately...which is good. And when I say 'progress,' uh, I mean I no longer think about you every minute of every day," Sonny added, getting a chuckle out of Will. "When I do think about you, though, it''s not that longing for, you know, what we had -- not anymore. You know, I -- I just...I really want you to be happy, and I really want you to have a good life," Sonny continued. "I want that for you, too," Will replied.

Forging ahead, Sonny told Will, "[Plus], now that I'm not, you know, feeling hurt and rejected -- well, at least not to the extent that I did initially -- I'm able to have more empathy for everything that you're going through, everything that you've gone through... Like, I can't even imagine what it would be like to -- to lose your memories, you know, [and] to not recognize the people that were once the most important people in your life. All that love they gave you, all that love you gave them... Like, to not remember that..." Sonny stopped suddenly, shaking his head in disbelief.

Will told Sonny, "I really appreciate you saying that...and -- and speaking of more empathy, I feel the same way; I mean, I can't imagine what it would be like to love someone so much and then have them...treat you like a stranger." Sonny was quick to object, acknowledging, "Will, you didn't 'treat' me like a stranger; I mean, I was a stranger. So, your response to me, to your family...I completely understand."

Nodding, Will continued, "Now that I have had the pleasure of getting to know you, and I've found out, you know, what an amazing guy you are, know, it just makes me feel...proud...that, you know, someone like you wanted to share his life with me." Smiling, Sonny returned the sentiment. Will hoped to eventually have a real friendship with Sonny, who said he would love that -- especially for their daughter's sake.

As if on cue, Arianna emerged from her bedroom and rushed downstairs, explaining that she'd just had a bad dream. "I want Mommy!" she continued.

Sonny reminded Arianna that her mother was still on a business trip. "She doesn't know?" Will quietly asked Sonny while Arianna was busy opening her gift bag. "Haven't found the right moment," Sonny quietly replied. Arianna soon repeated that she wanted her mother. "Well...that 'right moment' might be now," Will noted.

Realizing that Will was right, Sonny hesitantly admitted to Arianna, "I know that I said [your mommy] was gonna be home very soon, but she might not be home as soon as I thought." Sonny assured Arianna that her mother missed her just as much as she missed her mother. "And she would totally, totally be here -- to love you, and read you your stories, and tuck you in, and gobble you up with kisses -- if she could, but...unfortunately, right now, she, uh...she doesn't have a choice," Will added, prompting Arianna to wonder if her mother was okay. Will hugged Arianna and told her that her mother was going to be just fine. Sonny suggested that Arianna, who already said prayers for her mother and her other loved ones each night, could start saying a special nightly prayer for her mother to return home soon. Arianna nodded, clutching her new stuffed animal.

Will and Sonny tucked Arianna back in bed then returned to the foyer to continue their conversation. Will thought that Arianna had taken the bad news fairly well, and Sonny agreed but guessed that having her fathers at her side had probably helped -- as had the new stuffed animal. Sonny felt bad about having misled Arianna for so long. Will understood that Sonny had been hoping for a swift resolution to Gabi's predicament. "[But] now that Abigail swears Gabi confessed, it might take a little bit more than bedtime prayers to make those charges go away," Will pointed out. Sonny chose to believe that Gabi's name would soon be cleared. Will hoped that was true but assured Sonny, "If, you know, that doesn't happen, and Gabi is sentenced, I will be here for that conversation [with Ari], too." Sonny thanked Will for staying involved in Arianna's life despite his amnesia.

As Sonny started to show Will out, Leo approached the mansion. "Wow. Tonight is full of surprises," Sonny mused. Leo assumed that Sonny and Will were in the middle of something, but Will clarified, "I was actually just leaving." Once the coast was clear, Leo handed Sonny a work document, explaining, "No motive, no scheme -- just doing my job." Sonny made it clear that, in the future, Leo needed to email work documents to him instead.

"Wow. What exactly did he say to you?" Leo asked Sonny defensively. "I bet Will couldn't get here fast enough to unload about Vivian and me," Leo continued. "I wanted you to hear it from me, but it looks like I'm too late," Leo concluded. Confused, Sonny clarified that Will hadn't said anything about Leo or Vivian. Leo claimed that Vivian had tried to enlist his help with something, but he had blown her off. Sonny was somewhat suspicious, guessing that Leo might be hoping to use the incident as a way of scoring points with him; however, he appreciated the information and vowed to keep his guard up.

At the police station, Hope struggled to understand why Abigail had been impersonating Gabi. Shrugging, Rafe excitedly concluded that, in any case, the surveillance footage was definitive proof that Gabi had been framed. Hope disagreed, pointing out that it would take a lot more than a still image of Abigail in a wig to prove that Gabi hadn't killed Andre.

Hope and Rafe rushed over to the hospital to see if Marlena was still there, knowing that Chad had recently convinced Abigail to talk to her. In Marlena's office, Hope and Rafe found a note from Chad that Marlena apparently hadn't seen yet. Suddenly concerned, Rafe decided to contact Chad -- and soon discovered that Chad had actually left him a voicemail message earlier.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate refused to believe that Abigail had killed Andre, insisting that Vivian was just spewing lies in an effort to protect Andre's true killer, Stefan. "Uh, Kate...she may be telling the truth," Marlena hesitantly revealed, knowing that if Abigail really had killed Andre, that would explain why she had suddenly developed dissociative identity disorder.

"What could possibly have driven Abigail to kill a man that she loved so much?" Kate wondered. Vivian was quick to remind Kate that Abigail had a history of violent behavior, pointing out, "She burned down a funny farm!" Marlena asked Kate if there had been any tension between Abigail and Andre in the days leading up to his murder. Kate admitted that Abigail had been upset with Andre for stealing Gabi Chic from Gabi. "But I don't think it's possible that [Abigail] killed Andre [just] because he fired her best friend," Kate added. Shrugging, Marlena said there was only one person who could fill in all the missing pieces of the puzzle -- Abigail.

Kate conceded that, based on the surveillance footage that showed a dark-haired woman leaving Andre's office with a bloody piece of the murder weapon, it was indeed possible that Abigail -- or one of Abigail's alters -- had killed Andre. "[If it's true, then] when she realizes that, it's going to destroy her. And Chad -- when he finds out that the woman that he loves killed the brother he loved..." Kate fretted. "Don't forget -- the wife he loves loves the brother he hates," Vivian helpfully added. "Oh, shut up!" Kate irritably replied.

Kate worriedly asked Marlena if Abigail was already beyond help. Shrugging again, Marlena told Kate, "I'm gonna do everything that I can for Abigail...[but] the fact is that the alter Gabby has such a strong hold right now... I can't promise anything." Kate mused with a sigh that the only positive aspect of the whole situation was that Gabi would soon be exonerated.

Meanwhile, Chad struggled to process what he had just walked in on. He fought back a wave of nausea, realizing that his wife and his brother had just slept together.

"And I plan on doing it again," Gabby matter-of-factly informed Chad, who concluded that his wife wasn't in her right mind. Gabby clarified, while getting dressed, that Stefan was actually the only person who was capable of making her feel like her true self. "[And] my name's not Abby. Stop calling me that," Gabby added, further confusing Chad. "What's your name, then?" Chad demanded to know.

Gabby started to answer the question, but Stefan interrupted, agreeing with Chad's assertion that "Abigail DiMera" was the name of the woman who was in the room with them. Stefan also confirmed Chad's suspicion that Abigail was under his control at that moment. "Fix it, then! Reverse it!" Chad ordered Stefan, who claimed that Abigail's brainwashing was irreversible.

Seething with rage and unable to control it any longer, Chad lunged toward Stefan's side of the bed and began pummeling him. "Stop it, please! I love him!" Gabby tearfully begged Chad, who ignored her protests and continued the assault. "Oh, my killed him!" Gabby fretted after Chad finally backed away from Stefan, exhausted.

Gabby rushed to Stefan's side and breathed a sigh of relief after realizing that he was, in fact, still alive. "Run. Run, baby. Please run," Stefan quietly choked out. Meanwhile, Chad approached and reached for his wife, assuring her that he was going to find a way to undo what his brother had done to her.

Gabby shoved Chad away then rushed off. He tried to chase after her but was too exhausted to match her pace. Sighing, he returned to his brother's side, determined to finish what he had started earlier.

As Gabby fled from the mansion, she dialed 9-1-1 and frantically informed the operator, "I need to report a, um, crime at the DiMera mansion. Um...Stefan DiMera -- he was beaten in his bedroom, and he's barely alive!"

Meanwhile, Hope and Rafe entered the mansion and heard the commotion upstairs. They soon found Chad, who had pulled Stefan off the bed and was kicking him while shouting, "Die, you son of a bitch!" Rafe pinned Chad against a wall as Hope stared in shock at Stefan's motionless body.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Rafe and Hope arrest Chad.

• Gabby encounters Steve while on the run.

• Claire makes a confession to Julie.

• Ciara and Wyatt decide to leave the past in the past.

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