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Monday, June 26, 2017
by Mike

Over cups of coffee at Club TBD, Adrienne and Jennifer tried to think of ways to stop Anjelica from taking control of the Spectator. Justin and Steve had both offered to pay off Adrienne and Jennifer's debt, but the women wanted to handle the matter themselves if at all possible, preferring not to let anyone else have a stake in their investment.

"Adrienne. Jennifer. Long time no see, ladies. Let me guess -- you were just talking about me," Anjelica said as she approached her rivals. Adrienne and Jennifer sarcastically confirmed that they had agreed, just moments earlier, that they missed Anjelica and would love to receive an unexpected visit from her in Salem. "It's serendipity!" Adrienne declared.

Feigning amusement, Anjelica said she was glad to see that both Adrienne and Jennifer still had a sense of humor. "[You know] what's not funny? Your pathetic need for revenge after all these years," Adrienne countered, adding that it was time for Anjelica to leave the past in the past. Anjelica clarified that she was actually focused solely on the present. "[Meaning] I'm calling in the loan -- your loan. Immediately," Anjelica continued. Outraged, Jennifer insisted that Jack would have disapproved of what Anjelica was doing, but Anjelica argued that Jack would have been among the first to understand that it was just business.

Adrienne refused to believe that, certain that revenge was Anjelica's only motivation. Anjelica denied the accusation, insisting that she wasn't that sort of person. "Ladies, this is how the real world works," Anjelica added. Scoffing, Adrienne countered that there was nothing "real" about Anjelica, who had even used a fake name and a fake corporation in her efforts to take control of the Spectator. Anjelica innocently clarified that hiding her true identity had simply been her way of trying to conduct business without any hurt feelings or misunderstandings, adding that there never would have been any problems if Steve had just minded his own business.

Unconvinced, Adrienne warned Anjelica, "[If] you're looking for a fight, [then] you're gonna get one, and you're going down in flames." Ignoring Adrienne, Anjelica apologetically informed Jennifer that she actually had no issues with her, adding that her partner was the problem. Anjelica complained that Adrienne knew nothing about journalism and was running the Spectator into the ground with negative publicity from scandals such as her aborted wedding and subsequent game of back-and-forth between Lucas and Justin.

Stunned, Adrienne assumed that Anjelica had been keeping tabs on her. Anjelica dismissively insisted that Adrienne wasn't worth that sort of trouble, adding that she had simply heard some things through the grapevine. When Anjelica accused Adrienne of being a narcissist who enjoyed stringing guys along, Jennifer sprang to her friend's defense, stressing that Adrienne had been through a lot lately. Guessing that Jennifer was referring to Adrienne's recent health problems, Anjelica pointed out, "You know, a lot of women in this country get breast cancer, and they don't use it to engender pity [and] manipulate two good men into doing whatever they want."

"You sick, twisted --" Adrienne spat, raising a hand. Anticipating a slap, Anjelica grabbed Adrienne's arm and twisted it, causing Adrienne to cry out in pain. Jennifer quickly intervened, separating Adrienne and Anjelica. "Are you okay?" Jennifer asked Adrienne. "Is she okay? This bitch attacked me! In a public place! I should press charges!" Anjelica insisted. Jennifer ordered Anjelica to leave. Before complying, Anjelica warned, "You two ladies have three weeks to figure [this] out, or the paper is mine." After calming down, Adrienne assured Jennifer, "I kicked cancer to the curb, and I'm gonna do the exact same thing to that woman, except twice as hard."

An outraged Theo met with Abe in the Horton Town Square and told him about Claire's lies. "I know you have trouble dealing with people who are unpredictable," Abe patiently acknowledged. "Yeah, well, that is Claire -- completely and totally unpredictable," Theo stressed. Theo admitted that although he still loved Claire, he wasn't sure he could stay with her because he was starting to feel like he didn't even know who she was.

Jade entered the Brady Pub and began telling Joey about an argument she'd just had with Claire. Joey tried to point out that he was busy dealing with the breakfast crowd, but Jade forged ahead, complaining about Claire's refusal to forgive her. "Jade, you made a sex tape of Claire and Theo. That's kind of hard to forgive, all right? You're lucky no one pressed charges," Joey stressed.

"A sex tape? Is there nothing that you won't stoop to?" Kayla asked incredulously, having arrived in time to overhear what was being discussed. Jade tried to explain that she had simply wanted to help a friend, but Kayla failed to understand how making a sex tape was helpful -- and, in any case, she didn't think there was any acceptable excuse for Jade's latest stunt. "Really? So, nothing can excuse my making a sex tape, but Joey murdering a woman in cold blood is a-okay with you?" Jade countered, not bothering to lower her voice.

Joey quickly intervened, pulling Kayla aside. Extremely concerned about the casual way in which Jade had just mentioned Joey's secret, Kayla warned him, "[Jade could] turn on you at any minute [and] ruin your life forever." Joey defended Jade, confident that he could trust her to keep his secret to herself because, although she had done some awful things in the past and was clearly troubled, he had never seen her be deliberately mean to anyone. Kayla thought that Joey was being naïve, but she reluctantly agreed to let him handle Jade his own way.

After Kayla left, Jade complained to Joey that his mother was clearly trying to turn him against her. Thrilled that Joey hadn't allowed that to happen, Jade swooned, "You get me, Joey! You totally get me! [You're] the only person who's shown any understanding at all -- the only one who gets that what I did with that video [wasn't] meant to be a bad thing [and] was not that big of a deal!"

"I never said it wasn't that big of a deal," Joey clarified, adding that Jade's problem was that anytime she did something stupid that ended up hurting people, she seemed incapable of accepting criticism and recognizing that she had made a mistake. "Maybe you to someone, Jade," Joey advised. "Okay, then. I'll do it. For you," Jade promised, giving Joey a hug.

At the Horton Center, Eric began to assure Nicole that he understood why she was reluctant to work with him, but she angrily clarified that she wasn't upset about having to work with him; she was upset because she had just lost Holly again. Eric was sorry to hear that, but he was confident that Justin would be able to change the judge's mind when the case was revisited, and he assured Nicole that the time would go by quickly.

"Like hell it will! It's gonna feel like an eternity!" Nicole snapped. Conceding the point, Eric apologized for having said such a "stupid" thing. Nicole quickly changed the subject, insisting that she only wanted to talk about work-related matters with Eric. Nodding, he assured her that he understood. She soon softened a bit and said that although there was really nothing he could do to make their temporary working relationship feel less awkward, she appreciated his efforts nevertheless. She then excused herself so she could make a few phone calls, having learned that the Horton Center was in need of donations in order to remain open another year.

After Nicole left, Jade arrived and introduced herself to Eric, recognizing him as Joey's cousin. "I'm actually only here because of Joey. I made him a promise, and I'm trying to be a better person by following through. So...can we talk?" Jade asked. After Jade explained everything to Eric, he advised her to put herself in Claire's shoes. Jade admitted that she might be upset if a friend recorded her having sex without her permission, but she quickly added that her reaction would depend entirely on the friend's reasons for doing such a thing. Jade added that graphic depictions of sex could be seen all the time on television and in movies, so it didn't seem like a big deal to her. Eric suggested that might have skewed Jade's perception of sex and made her forget that it was supposed to be a private, intimate expression of love between two people.

Nicole returned and listened from the hallway as Jade conceded, "Okay, I get it -- I'm an idiot. And now Joey thinks I'm a bad person, and all I want is for Joey to love me like I love him." Eric advised Jade to focus on gaining love and respect for herself instead of putting all her energy into trying to make Joey love and respect her. Jade thanked Eric for the advice and asked if she could return sometime to continue their conversation. Eric gave Jade his business card and assured her that she could contact him anytime. Nicole ducked around a corner and waited for Jade to leave.

Later, Nicole told Eric that she had finished all her work and was heading home for the day. "But you have three more hours," he pointed out. "Which I will fulfill [later]. I just really need to go home," she replied. He watched with a hint of concern as she rushed off.

Tripp went to the hospital to talk to Kayla about the MCAT, which he was considering taking. Before Kayla could say much about the subject, a patient began coding in a nearby room. Kayla rushed off to deal with the emergency, and when she later emerged from the patient's room, she sadly informed Tripp that the patient had died.

Tripp watched as Kayla placed her tablet computer on a rack at the nurses' station then rushed off to get some fresh air. As soon as the coast was clear, Tripp grabbed the device and unlocked it, correctly guessing that Kayla was using Joey's date of birth as her password. Tripp quickly tweaked the deceased patient's chart to make it look like the man had received ten percent more morphine than allowed.

Elsewhere, Claire agreed to take a break so Theo could talk to her about something. She was stunned and hurt when he revealed that he wanted to break up with her. "So that's it? We're done? What are you gonna do now, Theo? Are you gonna call Ciara and tell her that we're over so that you two can hook up?" she asked. "Look, this isn't about Ciara, Claire; this is about us," he insisted, adding that he believed that a relationship between two people who were so completely different could never truly work out.

Later, Kayla found Claire in the waiting area, drying her eyes. Assuming that Claire was upset about what Jade had done, Kayla revealed that she had heard about the sex tape earlier. Claire didn't want to talk about it, and Kayla understood; Kayla admitted, however, that she was really concerned about Joey because he seemed determined to maintain a friendship with Jade despite the fact that Jade was clearly obsessed with him. "I think you're right to be worried, Aunt Kayla, 'cause that girl is like a total wrecking ball," Claire declared.

Meanwhile, Jade entered to Brady Pub and asked Tripp to tell her where Joey was. Tripp revealed that Joey had left a few minutes earlier. Sighing, Jade complained that she really needed to talk to Joey. Tripp gently advised Jade that it wasn't wise for a girl to chase after a guy. "It'll come across as desperate. Joey will think you're obsessed," Tripp explained. "Do you think I'm obsessed?" Jade asked. Tripp admitted that he did. Jade dismissively insisted that Tripp only saw things that way because he wasn't aware of everything that she had been through with Joey. "We always end up back together eventually," Jade stressed.

When Jade added that Kayla's interference was delaying the process, Tripp revealed what he had done earlier. "It's only a matter of time before someone realizes how negligent Dr. Johnson really is -- and that patients are dying because of her. Before we know it, Kayla's gonna get what she deserves," Tripp assured a delighted Jade.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Paul learns Sonny's secret.

• Chad and Abigail's divorce is finalized.

• Nicole and Eric find a way to work together.

• A celebration begins at the Martin mansion.

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