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Thursday, April 27, 2017
by Mike

J.J. met with Steve in the Horton Town Square and filled him in on what had happened to Lani. Steve promised that if he uncovered anything in his private investigations that might be related to Snake, he would let J.J. know right away. J.J. warned Steve to be careful, explaining, "The reason nobody's been able to pin any murders on this guy is because whoever gets close disappears."

At the hospital, Valerie informed Eli and Gabi that Julie was doing well and had, in fact, just been approved for discharge. Eli breathed a sigh of relief and thanked Valerie for treating Julie. Valerie assured Eli that she would always be happy to help him with anything he might need. She seized the opportunity to invite him to have dinner with her later, but he declined, claiming that he was going to be busy then.

Undeterred, Valerie pointed out that even busy people needed to eat from time to time. "Look, I'm grateful that you took care of my grandma -- I really am -- but what I'm not grateful for -- and never will be -- is the fact that you let me grow up without my father," Eli stressed before walking away. Valerie sighed heavily as she watched him enter Julie's room and shut the door.

Valerie began to apologize for any discomfort Gabi might have felt due to being a witness to the conversation, but Gabi cut her off. "Don't apologize. Families are complicated -- mine included," Gabi acknowledged with a shrug. Valerie stressed that her relationship with Eli hadn't been complicated at all until recently. "I miss him so much," she admitted, releasing another heavy sigh.

Changing the subject, Valerie noted that Eli had left before she'd had a chance to tell him about some apps that could help Julie remember when to take her blood pressure medication. "Oh, I don't -- yeah, I don't think she needs to be reminded. She doesn't miss a trick," Gabi said with a laugh. "Sorry?" Valerie replied. Gabi claimed that she had simply meant that Julie wouldn't need more than one health scare to convince her to be more careful about taking her blood pressure medication every day.

"You know, I've known Julie a long time, and I know that she can sometimes be a little...strange," Valerie noted. "And tough," Gabi agreed. Valerie stressed that she was fine with the idea of Eli getting to know the Horton side of his family. "But I'm beginning to think that that woman is trying to alienate him from me," Valerie continued. When Gabi wondered why Julie would want to do that, Valerie guessed that it might be Julie's way of paying her back for having kept Eli's connection to the Hortons a secret for most of his life. Gabi advised Valerie, "Just don't let her get to you, okay? Because if she does, that means she wins."

Valerie assumed that Julie had been giving Gabi a hard time, too, since Gabi was dating Eli. "We're getting to know each other," Gabi confirmed. Valerie wistfully recalled how Eli had always been willing to talk to her in the past about every girl he had been interested in, even during his high school years. Gabi confidently predicted that Valerie's relationship with Eli would be that way again one day. "[He] hasn't forgotten how much he loved you, and I'm sure that one of these days, he's gonna admit that he still does," Gabi continued. "I hope so," Valerie replied.

Elsewhere, Lani tried to downplay what had happened to her, assuring Abe that it wasn't a big deal. Unconvinced, Abe vowed to order Commissioner Raines to find someone else to investigate Snake. Lani insisted that Abe couldn't do that because the Salem Police Department didn't have any other female detectives who were young enough to pass as the kind of prostitute that would interest Snake. Abe argued that someone could be sent over from another department to help with the investigation, but Lani maintained, "No, I'm the one who made contact; I'm the one who can make this happen now."

Eli poked his head in the room at that moment and wondered if he was interrupting anything. "We're finished," Lani replied, eyeing her father. Eli stepped inside and reported that the FBI had identified the chemical that had been found in Lani's system. "It's a synthetic called 'Halo' -- or some variation [of it]. Showed up in Chicago a couple of months ago. No one's sure of the side effects -- just erratic behavior and amnesia," Eli continued.

Lani pointed out to Abe that a drug like that could put a lot of lives at risk. "Look, Lani, I realize that, but --" Abe began. Eli helpfully interjected, "I think what your dad wants to say is: 'Don't try to be a hero.'" Lani dismissively stated that she appreciated Eli's advice. "Which I have a hunch you'll ignore," Eli guessed before taking the hint and excusing himself.

Abe wondered why Lani was so stubborn. "Me? Hmm. I don't know. Where did I get that from?" she pointedly replied. Chuckling, he admitted that he had been known to take a stand from time to time and stubbornly stick to that stand. She insisted that she was going to continue the investigation, with or without his approval; she added, however, that if he chose to support her decision, he would at least have the comfort of receiving regular updates from her about the case. He acknowledged with a sigh that she was a tough negotiator. "I probably inherited that, too," she replied.

Lani stressed that Abe couldn't talk to J.J. about the investigation. "He's too emotionally involved. I'm doing this solo," she explained. "Solo. Great," Abe muttered, releasing another sigh. He begged her not to take too many risks.

Shortly after Eli rejoined Gabi at the nurses' station, J.J. approached and asked to talk to Eli for a minute. Gabi excused herself, revealing that she had some errands to run, anyway. Eli promised to get in touch with Gabi later. After Gabi left, J.J. tried to probe for details about Eli's relationship with her, but Eli declined to discuss it with him.

Changing the subject, Eli filled J.J. in on the details of the chemical that had been found in Lani's system. "So, Snake's not just pimping; he's [also] dealing," J.J. mused. "Probably. Maybe even using the girls as mules," Eli suggested. J.J. wanted to catch Snake in possession of the drug and hand him over to the DEA, but Eli didn't think that would be enough to get Snake off the streets for good.

"Then we need to get him for these missing women," J.J. stressed. "'We'? I thought your partner was working on that," Eli replied. J.J. insisted that was no longer the case, adding that Lani's cover had probably been blown, anyway. "Well, word of warning: if you don't want her meeting up with Snake, you might want to bribe her doctor not to release her. Last time I checked, she was ready to go," Eli revealed.

As Lani was getting dressed, she received a phone call from Snake. She agreed to meet with him the following day. After ending the call, she gathered her belongings and started to leave her room. When she ran into J.J. on the way out, he wondered where she was going. She answered that she was being discharged. "Good news, right?" she added. "I hope so," he replied.

J.J. offered to drive Lani home, but she claimed that she had already promised the job to Abe. "He's been worried," she explained. "He's not alone," J.J. stressed, adding that he wasn't worried because he was an overprotective guy; he was worried because she mattered to him -- a lot. She told him she was going to be okay then sent him to the nurses' station with some paperwork to buy herself a few more minutes of privacy.

Gabi met with Abe in the town square to see if there was anything else she could be doing to help her father. He didn't think there was, since she and her brothers had already hired a lawyer; he guessed, however, that a visit would certainly be appreciated.

Changing the subject, Gabi revealed that she also wanted to know if Abe would like to work with her to figure out a way to help Eli and Valerie reconcile. "That sounds like a very good plan," he agreed with a smile.

Later, Gabi rejoined Eli, who admitted that although he hadn't wanted to like J.J. at first because of J.J.'s past with her, he had realized that J.J. was a good cop -- and a nice guy, too. Gabi agreed, adding that she was glad J.J. and Lani had found each other, even though she had been a bit jealous of Lani in the beginning.

"That went away though, right?" Eli asked with a hint of concern. Gabi playfully confirmed that another guy had since caught her attention -- a guy who loved his work and was smart and funny. "Good-looking, too, I'll bet," Eli guessed with a grin. "So full of himself, it's pathetic," Gabi replied. Eli wanted to know if the guy Gabi was referring to was a good kisser, but she admitted that she hadn't had a chance to find out the answer to that question yet. She suggested that she might someday, though. "No time like the present," he pointed out before giving her a kiss.

Kayla arranged a meeting with Tripp, who wondered, when he joined her at the Brady Pub, if it was really the best place for them to have a conversation. "I know Roman didn't press charges, but...I'm never gonna be welcome here," Tripp guessed as he eyed Roman, who was behind the bar and had not yet noticed his presence. Kayla told Tripp to relax, adding, "You have a pass. You're my stepson."

Tripp assumed that Kayla was about to segue into another lecture about how terrific his new father was, but she clarified that she actually wanted to talk to him about his decision to let Jade have a room in his new apartment. Tripp pointed out that Jade had nowhere else to go, since Joey had kicked her out of his place. "Seems pretty cruel, if you ask me," Tripp added. Kayla insisted that it had been necessary for Joey to kick Jade out because she had been trying to manipulate him for months. "And don't be surprised if she starts in on you [next]," Kayla warned Tripp.

Tripp wasn't concerned about the possibility of Jade taking advantage of his generosity, since he was going to be getting plenty of money from the Vitalis. "What's the big deal if she stays [with me]?" he wondered. Before Kayla could respond, he added with a grin, "Plus, I mean, she's hot."

"She's also in love with your brother. Obsessed with him, in fact," Kayla pointed out. Tripp dismissively replied, "Yeah, well, I've heard that brothers kind of enjoy a little competition. Maybe I can change Jade's mind." Kayla warned Tripp to never take anything Jade said at face value, insisting that she wasn't the least bit trustworthy. Tripp countered that he could say the same thing about a lot of other people -- including Steve, who had tried to sell him a phony story about Ava's death. Kayla insisted that what Steve had told Tripp had been true, but Tripp found it incredibly hard to believe that a government agency had ordered Steve to kill Ava.

Kayla revealed that Steve had been arrested for Ava's murder and had only been released because a high-ranking government official had stepped in to explain that Steve had been ordered to kill Ava due to concerns about national security. "Hmm. 'National security' -- yeah, the catchall phrase," Tripp mused skeptically.

Forging ahead, Tripp asked Kayla, "Why didn't he just arrest her, hmm? Why did he have to murder her? Explain that to me." Before Kayla could respond, Roman stepped out from behind the bar and fell to the floor, gasping for breath. Kayla rushed to Roman's side and asked him to tell her what was wrong. Tripp assumed that Roman was having a heart attack, but when Roman pointed at a plate of muffins on the bar, Kayla deduced that he was having an allergic reaction to something in the baked goods.

Kayla asked Tripp to fetch her medical bag from her car. Tripp rushed off and soon returned with the medical bag, from which Kayla retrieved a dose of epinephrine. As Tripp called for an ambulance, Kayla waited for the drug to take effect. "You've never had a nut allergy before, have you?" she asked Roman, who shook his head to confirm that he hadn't. "Well, you've got one now," she concluded.

When Kayla realized that the epinephrine wasn't working, she asked Tripp to fetch some items from the kitchen so she could perform a tracheotomy. He quickly completed the task then watched in awe as she began the procedure. Steve soon arrived and wondered why an ambulance had just stopped outside the pub. Kayla explained what had happened, adding with a sigh of relief, "Thank God I had Tripp's help."

Later, at the hospital, Kayla assured Roman that he was going to be okay. She doubted that he would even have a scar to show off when all was said and done, but she joked that if he did, he could simply tell everyone he had gotten it during the Battle of Muffin Ridge. "And listen, now that you know you are allergic, the next time you trade vendors with the bakery, you've got to read all the ingredients on the label," she added.

Roman confirmed that he understood. He added that he was glad his sister had been present at the time of his allergic reaction. "It's a good thing that Tripp was [there], too, because, um, he helped me out like crazy," Kayla noted. Roman expressed his gratitude to Tripp, telling him, "Still don't want you getting drunk at my bar again, but I do owe you one."

Later, Tripp joined Kayla at the nurses' station and began raving about how amazing she had been during the earlier medical emergency. She pointed out that he had been pretty cool under pressure himself. He admitted with a shrug that blood and guts had never bothered him, and he added that he had found it fascinating to watch her perform the tracheotomy, especially with improvised tools.

Kayla wondered if Tripp had ever considered pursuing a career in medicine. "Well, biology was always my favorite subject...but I'd be looking at a lot of school," he replied. She argued that it would be worth the cost in the end, and he conceded that she was probably right about that. Admitting that she had been a bit disappointed when neither Stephanie nor Joey had shown an interest in her line of work, Kayla added that she would be happy to do whatever she could to help Tripp if he decided that he really would like to pursue a career in medicine. "I'll think about it," he replied with a smile.

Changing the subject, Kayla invited Tripp to join her, Steve, and Joey for dinner later. Tripp was reluctant to accept the invitation at first, but when Kayla assured him that no one would hassle him about Jade during the dinner, he agreed to tag along.

Later, Tripp returned to Roman's room and told him, "What you said earlier about how you owed me one? You don't. I was a jerk [for] getting drunk in your place and then taking a swing at you. [And] you didn't press charges, so I actually owe you one." Roman assured Tripp that the Brady clan was always willing to save each other from trouble. "[And] nobody's keeping score. So if you're part of this family, one of us will always have your back," Roman added. He conceded, however, that it was up to Tripp to decide whether to be a part of the Brady family or not.

Meanwhile, at the nurses' station, Kayla told Steve that Tripp had agreed to join them for dinner later. Thrilled, Steve wondered how Kayla had managed to pull that off. "I think he's just comfortable with me," Kayla replied with a shrug. Nodding, Steve mused, "And I bet that not too many people took the time to be nice to him when he was growing up." Kayla suspected that Steve was probably right about that -- and that that was one of the main appeals of their family for Tripp. "Listen, let's not pressure him, okay? We'll just -- we'll just let him come to us," Kayla suggested. Steve thought that sounded like a good idea.

Steve raved that Kayla was amazing for being willing to welcome Ava's son into the family despite everything that the woman had put her through. "That's because he's your son, and your son is my son," Kayla assured Steve. Sighing, she worriedly added that even though they were starting to make progress with Tripp, things could change in an instant if Jade ever revealed the truth about Ava's death.

Nicole was relieved when she checked the recent news reports for Salem and realized that she hadn't been mentioned lately. When Brady returned home after running an errand, she filled him in on Eduardo's recent arrest as well as the Salem Police Department's investigation into the disappearance of several of the town's known prostitutes.

Nicole was stunned when Brady revealed that he had bought a hardware store while he had been gone earlier. "Should we really strap ourselves down? I mean, what if we have to go on the run again?" she fretted. Although he didn't think that would ever be an issue, he assured her that he would have no problem getting rid of the business if necessary, since several other people had shown interest in it before he had placed the winning bid.

Nicole wondered if Brady would really be happy working at a hardware store for the rest of his life. "I would much rather put in an honest day's work at a business than help Deimos with one of his shady deals [that] I can't say a damn thing about," he confirmed, adding that he would have more time to spend with her and the kids if he wasn't stuck on calls to Hong Kong all the time. She admitted that she liked the sound of that.

Later, while Brady and Nicole were in bed together, celebrating their new acquisition, someone crept into their house and drew a gun.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Brady and Nicole get an unpleasant surprise.

• Sonny and Paul rush off to Canada in pursuit of Deimos.

• Steve and Kayla try to make more progress with Tripp.

• Jade lets something slip while in Tripp's presence.

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