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John and Paul try to enlist Sami's help
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Monday, October 16, 2017
by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole answered Eric's phone call and assured him that she would be back at the farmhouse soon, adding that an unforeseen complication had simply delayed her return.

After Nicole ended the call, Brady applauded her performance and dryly mused that she had clearly earned a huge fan base as Misty Circle on the strength of her acting, not her looks. "I don't know why I thought it was gonna be different for me, 'cause I've watched you [lie] to every single man that you've been with -- Daniel, Deimos, Victor..." he bitterly added.

Brady impatiently ordered Nicole to decide whether she was willing to risk losing her freedom -- and, in the process, her daughter -- just to avoid having to tell one more lie to a man. She insisted that if she was going to break up with his brother, she was at least going to have the decency to do so in person. He actually loved that idea, knowing it would make the breakup even more painful for both parties; his only issue with it was that he wasn't going to be able to watch it all play out. She tried to reason with him, pointing out that he had never been a vindictive person before, but he countered that her betrayal had changed him.

"You have decimated every single thing that I thought we had -- everything -- and I have nothing left [except] the ability to destroy your life, and I'm gonna do it, because you destroyed mine," Brady spat, adding that Nicole seemed to have a knack for turning men into monsters because, after all, Deimos had done some truly awful things to her in the end, too. Chuckling, Brady admitted that it might actually be more fun to let Nicole be with Eric, just so she could eventually turn even him into a monster. Brady maintained, however, that he was going to go for instant gratification instead of playing the waiting game.

Nicole guessed that Brady hated Eric because Eric was a better man than Brady would ever be. "You're more of a monster than any man I've ever known," she spat before leaving the mansion in tears.

At Doug's Place, Gabi, who had just ended a call, informed Eli that Arianna's sleepover was going well. Confused, Eli observed that Gabi seemed worried, despite the reassurance she had just received. Gabi explained with a sigh that Arianna had dreamed about Will for the first time in over a year and had woken up with all the questions a kid her age would be expected to have after such an experience. Eli guessed that Arianna had probably overheard some of the adults in her life talking about Will and had picked up on their concern. Gabi hoped that wasn't the case, insisting, "The last thing I need is Arianna thinking that her father could still be alive."

Chloe soon approached Gabi and Eli's table to thank them for attending the club's soft reopening. They assured her that they were enjoying themselves.

Commenting on the club's new name, Gabi mused, "Keeping it old-school [with] 'Doug's Place'? I thought that maybe you'd want to go with something like, uh...'Club Chloe' [instead]." Chloe explained that the new name had been Julie's idea. Acknowledging that Julie could be very persuasive at times, Eli optimistically suggested that she might even be able to convince Hope to hire him. "There's a concept -- Julie using her powers for good," Chloe joked before going to talk to other customers. Gabi was certain that there could only be one way to explain why Hope had not offered Eli a job yet, but Eli didn't want Gabi to call Rafe out on the matter.

At the police station, Hope informed Rafe that she had reinstated J.J. Stunned, Rafe made it clear that he would have been much harder on J.J., whose very serious infraction arguably should have resulted in immediate termination. Rafe even implied that Hope had shown J.J. special treatment because he was her cousin. Hope defensively protested that the overworked and understaffed Salem Police Department couldn't afford to lose a good cop like J.J. due to one lapse in judgment that had been made under extraordinary circumstances. Rafe still didn't agree with Hope's decision, but he conceded that she was the police commissioner.

Hope assured Rafe that she would always be willing to listen to his input, even if she ultimately chose to do things her own way. She pointedly added, after giving him a kiss, that he was just going to have to live with the fact that she would be showing a certain detective special treatment from time to time because of that detective's romantic connection to her.

At the cemetery, Sami demanded to know what John and Paul were trying to do to Will's grave. John started to explain that some things had recently been said about Will, but Sami quickly interrupted to clarify that Marlena had already told her about Ben and Clyde's claim. Sami was stunned when John mentioned that Rolf could be behind the whole thing -- a detail Marlena had apparently decided it would be best not to reveal during a phone call -- but she insisted that still wasn't enough to justify an illegal exhumation. "It was my idea," Paul admitted.

"Oh, we finally meet, Paul -- the man who destroyed my son's marriage," Sami replied. Paul explained that Sonny was a wreck because of the questions Ben's claim about Will had raised -- questions that needed to be answered definitively. "Were you so concerned about Sonny when you slept with his husband?" Sami countered. When John tried to intervene, Sami snapped, "[Your son] has a hell of a lot of nerve. You both do."

"I just wanted to come and visit my son's grave in peace," Sami sadly added, approaching Will's gravestone. Surprised, Paul observed that Sami clearly didn't believe there was a chance that Will could still be alive. "I was in the morgue with his dead body! I saw them lower his coffin into the ground! No, it's not possible!" Sami insisted.

Paul assured Sami that he shared her opinion on the matter. "Really? 'Cause the shovel in your hand says you don't," Sami pointed out. Paul explained that other people had doubts. Nodding, John reminded Sami, "This is Dr. Wilhelm Rolf we're talking about. I'm living proof that coming back from the dead is possible [when he's involved]." Paul argued that the uncertainty was ripping the doubters apart, and an exhumation was the only way to put their doubts to rest so they could move on with their lives. John added that Sonny and Will's legal separation meant that only Will's parents could request the exhumation, and Lucas had already refused.

"So you ended up going behind Lucas' back -- and Sonny's, too, I bet," Sami concluded. Paul reluctantly confirmed the suspicion, explaining that he was determined to give Sonny closure so they could get back to building a life together. "I also know how much Will loved [Sonny and] would hate to see [him] suffer the way he is right now," Paul pointedly added.

John pointed out that Sami could end all the madness with one call to Justin. "You've convinced me. I need to do what has to be done...for Will," Sami agreed, retrieving her cell phone.

Rafe was still with Hope, making it clear to her that he would never accept Eli as a partner because Eli was impetuous and took too many risks, when his cell phone started ringing. "Speaking of [people who are] impetuous and [take] too many risks..." Rafe muttered before answering the call. "I'm calling to report a grave robbery," Sami explained to Rafe while glaring at John and Paul.

At Doug's Place, Eli wrapped up a phone conversation with Valerie then returned to his table and found it empty. Chloe helpfully revealed, when asked, that Gabi had paid the bill and rushed off shortly after he had stepped aside to answer his phone call. Eli groaned, sensing that Gabi would never leave without first saying goodbye to him unless she was planning to do something she knew he wouldn't like.

Rafe rushed over to the cemetery and talked Sami out of pressing charges against John and Paul, who both promised to forget about performing an illegal exhumation. "Good to see you haven't changed," Rafe told Sami after John and Paul left. Sami accepted a hug from Rafe, who assured her that if she ever needed a shoulder to cry on, he would happily provide one -- and wouldn't tell anyone afterward. Fighting back tears, she admitted that if it would always be their little secret, she might just take him up on the offer sometime, since she would be sticking around until the craziness surrounding her son's death was settled for good.

Eli burst into the police station just as Gabi was in the process of pointing out that Hope, as the new police commissioner, could make staffing decisions without approval from Rafe or any other police officer. Eli made it clear that he wanted to earn a new job based on his own merits instead of having it handed to him as a result of pressure from well-meaning parties, such as Abe or Gabi.

Gabi refused to leave with Eli, insisting that she wanted to talk to her brother first. When Rafe returned a short time later, Gabi dragged him into an unoccupied conference room and declared that he was being an idiot for refusing to work with Eli, who was the perfect partner for him because they were actually quite similar. Rafe dismissively countered that Gabi was butting into matters that were none of her business because that was the best way for her to avoid having to think about Ben's claim that Will was still alive. "Everyone's thrown for a loop [over it], okay? Hell, Sami came back to town!" Rafe revealed, surprising Gabi.

Rafe insisted that Gabi needed to fight her own battles and stay out of his. However, when Rafe and Gabi rejoined Eli and Hope, Rafe reluctantly told Eli, "Two people that I love and trust more than anything in this world say that you are the right man for the job, so...I'm willing to give it a shot." Hope immediately offered Eli the job, and he quickly accepted. Gabi and Hope each gave Rafe a nod of approval as he shook Eli's hand. Rafe warned Eli, "I'll work with you...but if you ever pull [another] stunt like you did with my sister and Raines, [then] you're out."

Lucas stumbled into the Kiriakis mansion and caught Brady knocking back drinks at the bar. "Mind if I get one of those?" Lucas asked. "Help yourself," Brady replied. While filling a glass, Lucas explained that he could use some liquid courage to help him get through a conversation he was planning to have with Sonny. Brady reported that Sonny wasn't at the mansion. "You have to be going through hell," Brady guessed.

Lucas wondered what Brady's excuse for drinking was. "Wait, don't tell me -- Nicole again, right? What, is she, uh, banging your brother's drum again?" Lucas guessed. "Something like that," Brady confirmed, adding that he had been right all along about the true nature of Nicole and Eric's relationship. "But I won -- I shot their happily-ever-after straight to hell," Brady bragged.

Changing the subject, Lucas wondered if Brady could use another pair of hands at Titan while Sonny was busy chasing ghosts. "I can offer inside-trade information on Countess Dub -- stick it to my mom, you know, for all that tough love she tried to give me," Lucas pointed out. Brady carefully declined, claiming that no staffing decisions could be made until Victor officially named Titan's new CEO.

Shrugging, Lucas admitted, after gulping down a shot of whiskey, that he was enjoying his vacation too much to go back to work just yet, anyway. Brady tiredly hinted that he wanted to be alone, so Lucas started to leave -- with an unopened bottle of whiskey. When Brady didn't object, Lucas appreciatively declared, "You're the man! I like you. We should hang out. We should drink together, you know? Go out sometime, end up passed out in a cab together... It'd be great!"

Nicole went to the Salem Inn to see if Chloe would be willing to watch Holly again. Chloe was happy to help but was also eager to find out what Nicole had been up to since their last conversation. Nicole revealed that she had gone to see Eric afterward -- and had decided that she wanted to be with him. Nicole added that Brady had been devastated when she had ended their relationship earlier that night. Chloe guessed that Brady would eventually forgive Nicole. Chloe tried to find out what Nicole was planning to do next, but Nicole dodged the question and rushed off after giving Chloe a hug that had a hint of finality to it.

Later, Nicole arrived at the farmhouse and reluctantly knocked on the front door. Meanwhile, Brady continued drinking at the Kiriakis mansion. "You lying little bitch. You'd better be breaking that bastard's heart right now, or I swear to God, I'm gonna bring you down," he vowed between shots.

Alone at Will's grave, Sami wiped away tears while acknowledging, "I know you hate it when I cry, don't you? I just thought [this] would be easier... Oh, Will, I almost lost my mind when I lost you, and I miss you with every breath. All this crazy talk that you might still be alive -- I...I know I said that it's not possible, but it's not because I don't wish, more than anything, that it was true. Oh, Will, I would give my life -- I would give my last breath -- to see your smile one more time. [But] I promised you, Will, that I would keep the tigers away, and I'm gonna do that; I'm gonna find some answers so that everyone just leaves you alone so you can rest in peace."

"Well, lookee here -- first Will comes back to give me grief, and now you're here to give everybody hell," Lucas observed, shaking his open bottle of whiskey at Sami, who stared at him in disbelief.

On the next Days of our Lives...

• Nicole breaks Eric's heart.

• Victor makes a stunning announcement.

• Sami and Lucas have an intense reunion.

• Sonny and Paul's relationship is further tested.

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