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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
by Mike

While passing through Horton Town Square, Chad recorded a voicemail message for Abigail to remind her about a DiMera Enterprises meeting that was going to take place later that day. " know, I mean, I know you've moved out, but I still consider you to be very much a part of the family and the business," he added before ending the call.

When Chad returned home, he was shocked to learn that Abigail had taken Thomas and had given the child's nanny the rest of the day off. Chad tried to contact Abigail again, but Abigail, who was at the Brady Pub with Thomas and Jennifer, ignored his call.

Later, during the DiMera Enterprises meeting, Chad asked Lucas to hire someone to improve the company's firewalls as protection against future security breaches. Lucas left to handle the task after promising to keep Chad updated on how the investigation into the Countess Wilhelmina hack was progressing.

Noting that Chad had seemed distracted during the meeting, Kate wondered if he was upset that Abigail had skipped it. "I am not talking to you about her," Chad insisted, knowing that Kate was happy to have Abigail out of the picture. Kate stressed that she didn't enjoy seeing Chad in pain because she only wanted what was best for him -- and DiMera Enterprises.

"Which is why I want to talk to you about a possible lead," Kate continued, adding that she might have figured out a way to make back all the money that DiMera Enterprises had lost -- and make even more money in the process. Chad wondered what the catch was. "It's not completely legal," Kate admitted.

At the Brady Pub, Abigail admitted to Jennifer that she had taken Thomas for the night without first discussing the move with Chad. "I just -- I didn't feel like having a big conversation about it," Abigail explained, adding that she had at least left Chad a note during her earlier visit to the DiMera mansion.

Jennifer was disappointed to learn that Abigail and Thomas weren't going to be spending the night at the Horton house. Abigail explained that she was renting a room at the Martin mansion, which had been reopened as a bed-and-breakfast under new ownership -- and offered rates that she could afford on the modest salary she would be receiving from her new job. Jennifer was shocked to hear about Abigail's new job but was quick to congratulate her for having landed it. "I am proud of you [for] doing this all on your own. But you have to know that Chad is not gonna give up on you without a fight," Jennifer warned.

Abigail noted that Jennifer had changed her tune since their last conversation. "[I have] evolved my position on your independence," Jennifer explained with a shrug. "Since when?" Abigail wondered. "Since I talked to a friend of mine and --" Jennifer began to answer, but Abigail quickly interrupted with questions about the friend's identity. Jennifer hesitantly revealed that the friend was Eric. "He suggested that I give you space to make your own choices, [and] I value his opinion right now more than anyone [else's]," Jennifer continued, adding that Eric was a really good man who had simply made a terrible mistake.

Abigail guessed that Jennifer and Eric might be more than just friends. "Maybe there are some...feelings there," Jennifer admitted. Abigail wondered if Jennifer believed that Eric, who was also a recovering addict, was a good person to have in her life at that time. "I know he is. I just have to prove that to him," Jennifer replied. Abigail was supportive of Jennifer's plan to pursue a relationship with Eric, but Jennifer suspected that Abigail might have ulterior motives. Abigail conceded with a laugh that she wanted Jennifer to have less free time to meddle in her life; she insisted, however, that she also wanted Jennifer to be happy.

Later, after Abigail left, Jennifer watched in open-mouthed horror as Anne followed Lucas into the pub and began flirting with him. Anne soon managed to convince Lucas, who was missing Adrienne, to have lunch with her so he wouldn't have to be one of those "sad" people who ate alone.

Lucas and Anne shared a plate of fries, and when there was only one left, she encouraged him to take it. "Your girlfriend's out of town, and her kids are fillin' her head with all kinds of stuff, you know, about how she should leave you and go back to her ex, so I think you, uh -- I think you need it," she reasoned, making reference to a fear he had voiced earlier. He shook his head in disbelief and laughed as he informed her that she was terrible at making people feel better. She conceded the point, admitting that her therapist had told her she needed to start working on her filter. "Smart therapist," he muttered.

Lucas excused himself after receiving a text message about a business matter. Anne refused to let him pay for the meal, assuring him that he could take care of the next one they shared together. He agreed to do that then rushed off. Jennifer quickly carted Thomas over to Anne's table and snatched the final fry out of her hand. "What is your problem?" Anne asked. Jennifer pointed the fry at Anne and demanded to know if she was going after Lucas. "What? No! He is with Adrienne!" Anne innocently replied. "That's right -- he is with Adrienne -- so you stay away from him!" Jennifer warned before storming off, taking Thomas -- and the fry -- with her.

Abigail entered the DiMera mansion in time to hear Chad and Kate toasting to their new plan to make money. Chad had expressed reservations when Kate had first suggested that they needed to start stealing artifacts themselves instead of paying a middleman to do the dirty work, but he had eventually conceded that his attempts to turn DiMera Enterprises into a legitimate company hadn't gotten him anywhere. "Deimos kidnaps my family, people steal from me, Abigail leaves me anyway..." he had grumbled before agreeing to her idea. "We'll build DiMera Enterprises so damn big, nobody can come after us," he had concluded.

Although she had missed most of the conversation, Abigail still heard enough to know that Chad and Kate were up to no good. After Kate left the living room, Abigail made her presence known to Chad, who wondered where Thomas was. "He's with my mom," Abigail replied. Chad admitted that he hadn't known what to think when Abigail had taken Thomas without warning and had subsequently begun ignoring his phone calls. Abigail apologized to Chad, stressing that she had never intended to make him think that she was stealing Thomas away from him. "Although you seem to be pretty okay with stealing things lately," she added.

"Eavesdropping?" Chad realized. "Not on purpose," Abigail insisted. He defended the plan to steal artifacts as a business move. When she tried to question his decision, he snapped, "You lost your vote when you skipped the meeting and took my son out of this house." She reminded him that Thomas was her son, too. He countered that he was the only parent who hadn't abandoned Thomas at any point in the child's life.

"That's not fair," Abigail protested, but Chad didn't bother to take back what he had said. He insisted that his new business plan had nothing to do with Thomas, but she disagreed, arguing that it would put the entire family at risk. "Well, maybe I should've left you a note [about it]," he bitterly replied, prompting her to apologize again for the way she had removed Thomas from the mansion.

Chad observed that Abigail obviously hadn't been remorseful enough to return Thomas to his home. Fed up with the way Chad was talking to her, Abigail stormed out of the mansion, ignoring his attempt to stop her.

While Tripp was preparing to move his things out of Joey's apartment, Jade joined the brothers in the living room, carrying a box of her own things in her arms. Joey was shocked to learn that Jade was planning to move into the apartment next door with Tripp.

After Jade went to get another box of things from her old bedroom, Joey asked if Tripp was sure he wanted her as a roommate. Shrugging, Tripp explained that he got along with Jade really well and enjoyed talking to her. "And drinking with her?" Joey guessed. Tripp pointed out that Jade only needed a new place to live because Joey had kicked her out of his place. "You don't get to just decide where she goes [next]," Tripp added.

"I just wish it was somewhere else," Joey admitted. "Yeah, well, it's not," Tripp replied. Tripp added that Jade was the closest thing he had to a friend in Salem. "[And] I still don't know what to believe about my mother and how she died. Jade knows all about that -- and maybe she sort it out," Tripp concluded before carrying a box over to his new apartment.

When Jade emerged from her old bedroom with another box, Joey admitted that he wasn't sure how he felt about the idea of her living alone with Tripp. "You know things," Joey pointed out. Jade assured Joey that she would never tell Tripp the truth about Ava's death. Jade added that unless Joey had changed his mind about wanting her out of his apartment, moving in with Tripp was her only real option. Unable to tell Jade that he had indeed changed his mind, Joey sighed as he watched her carry the box over to her new place.

Later, Joey received a visit from Steve, who expressed similar concerns about the idea of Jade living alone with Tripp. Shortly after Joey stepped into his bedroom to take a call from his lab partner, Jade emerged from her old bedroom with yet another box. Steve spontaneously offered to take Jade shopping for a few of the things she'd need at her new place.

While Jade was out with Steve, she thanked him for his continued support, admitting that she wouldn't have been surprised if he had decided to give up on her after Kayla had caught her trying to manipulate Joey with another overdose. "I know it's hard loving someone who doesn't love you back," Steve assured Jade.

Jade promised Steve that she would never tell Tripp the truth about Ava's death. Steve said he believed Jade; he hoped, however, that she wasn't moving in with Tripp for the wrong reasons. Jade insisted that she simply wanted to help Tripp get settled in Salem and realize what a great family he had ended up with. "I've never felt more support and love than when Joey and I were together," Jade continued. Jade was worried that Kayla hated her for the stunt she had tried to pull, but Steve clarified that Kayla was simply worried about Jade. "We both are. My wife and I don't bail on people," Steve added.

Jade told Steve that having him on her side meant a lot to her. "Especially because we're gonna be family someday. Someday soon," she added with a smile. She gave him a kiss on the cheek then rushed off with the things he had bought for her. He watched with obvious concern as she walked away.

Later, Steve met with Tripp in a secluded section of the town square and wondered why he had invited Jade to move in with him. "She's my friend," Tripp explained with a shrug. Steve pointed out that Jade was still in love with Joey. "That has nothing to do with me," Tripp insisted.

Tripp continued, "And you don't just get to play 'Dad' now. First you tell me to turn down millions of inheritance dollars, and now you're trying to tell me who to live with? Yeah, I know what I'm doing." Steve wondered if that was why Tripp had ended up at the police station after taking a swing at someone. "That guy started with me, all right? I was just trying to celebrate with a few beers," Tripp explained.

Steve wondered if Tripp got into fights often. "I don't look for them, but I don't run from them, either," Tripp replied. Steve knowingly mused that it felt good to hit someone because it was a way to get rid of pent-up anger. "I guess," Tripp agreed with a shrug. Steve wondered if Tripp thought about his adoptive father's abuse during fights. "I don't want to talk about it," Tripp insisted.

Steve forged ahead, admitting that he had often thought about his father's abuse during fights. "Hell, I got into more fights than I could even count by the time I was your age. Some dude even looked at me the wrong way -- boom! It was on. But no matter how many times I threw down with some random stranger, it didn't fix what that son of a bitch did to me; it just made me angrier -- at him, at the world..." Steve continued.

"So, what now? Hmm? You find your inner peace?" Tripp asked mockingly. Steve clarified, "No, not exactly. I found a woman who loves me no matter what, and she gave me a good family. And I promised myself I would be a better man than Duke Johnson, and I would definitely be a better father to my kids. And that includes you now, Tripp, so I'm not giving up on you. I never will." Steve walked away without waiting for a response.

When Tripp returned to Joey's apartment, only one box of Jade's belongings remained. After Tripp picked up the box, Jade followed him to their new apartment, telling him, "Come on, roomie -- let's go unpack." Joey sighed worriedly as he watched them walk away.

Meanwhile, Steve met with Kayla in the town square to tell her about Jade's new living arrangement. Sighing, Steve admitted, "I'm afraid that Tripp is headed down a bad road. I just want to grab him by the shoulders and tell him he's making a lot of mistakes -- he can't take that money from Ava's family; he's gotta stop picking fights; and, no, he shouldn't move in with Jade. But he won't listen to me. He grew up with a father who pushed him around. I can't tell him what to do." Kayla conceded that Steve was probably right about that. "But I can," she added.

Lani awoke on a bench in the park, her clothes tattered and her body covered with dirt and leaves. She groggily dialed J.J.'s number and asked for his help. When he arrived, she admitted that she wasn't sure what had happened. "Why can't I remember?" she worriedly asked as he comforted her with a hug. She wanted him to take her home, but he gently insisted that she needed to go to the hospital first for an examination. She seized another hug from him when she realized the implication.

Later, at the hospital, Kayla reported that although the results of the rape kit were still pending, Lani had likely not been assaulted. "However, the blood work found an unidentified chemical in your system," Kayla added. After Kayla went to see if the lab technician had managed to identify the chemical yet, Lani wondered aloud what Snake had spiked her drink with. J.J. didn't have a guess, but he assumed that Snake had figured out that Lani was a cop. Lani disagreed, believing that if her cover had been blown, she would be in the morgue, not an examination room.

While Lani was resting, J.J. checked in with Kayla, who reported that the results of the rape kit had indeed been negative. Unfortunately, the lab technician still didn't know what kind of chemical had been found in Lani's system. "It didn't match any street drug, so we took our sample, and we sent it to the FBI lab," Kayla explained. J.J. said he would ask Eli to try to put a rush on the test. Kayla guessed that Lani had turned into more than just a work partner for J.J. "A lot more," he confirmed.

Meanwhile, Lani received a phone call from Snake, who wondered how she was feeling. "I've been better," she admitted. She wondered if he could tell her what had happened. "All in good time," he assured her. He told her to sit tight in the meantime and wait for his next set of instructions. As she was agreeing to do that, J.J. rejoined her. She quickly ended the call then told J.J. that she had just been assuring Abe that she was okay.

J.J. informed Lani that Kayla wanted her to stay at the hospital for observation while they waited for more information about the unidentified chemical she had been given. He insisted on talking to Commissioner Raines on her behalf so she could get some time off to recover from her trauma. She thanked him for taking such good care of her. "I'm just glad it's over," he stressed. She forced a smile as she watched him leave her room again.

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• J.J. seeks help from Steve.

• Tripp helps Kayla through a medical emergency.

• Someone breaks into Brady and Nicole's place.

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