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Wednesday, December 7, 2016
by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos tried to get Brady's take on a business deal, hoping that would keep his mind off what had happened with Theresa for a while. Brady, who was in the midst of ridding the place of the belongings Theresa had left behind, grumbled that he was no longer interested in business matters, since he had tried to involve himself in one a few days earlier and had been shut out.

Brady carried a trash bag into the foyer and left it next to another one he had already filled earlier. Meanwhile, Nicole entered the mansion with some luggage, having just returned from her business trip. Brady accepted a hug from her but quickly pulled away and dismissively informed her that Deimos was in the living room. She started to head in that direction, but when she made eye contact with Deimos, he silently indicated that Brady needed her more than he did at that moment.

Nicole rejoined Brady and gently revealed that Deimos had told her about Theresa's abrupt departure from Salem. Brady said he hadn't heard from Theresa since then. He insisted, however, that he and Tate were doing just fine without her. "But...why would she leave you, let alone a little baby?" Nicole wondered. "Because she's not like you, Nicole. You would have done anything to be a mother, and she had her chance, and you know what she did? She threw it away," Brady angrily replied.

Brady maintained that he and Tate were better off without Theresa, but Nicole doubted that he truly meant that. He didn't feel like sticking around to try to convince her, so he picked up the trash bags and abruptly excused himself. Deimos, who had been listening from the living room, rushed into the foyer and tried to stop Brady, pointing out that Nicole had a lot to tell them about her business trip. "She can catch me up later," Brady replied before exiting the mansion.

Sighing, Deimos explained to Nicole that Brady had been a mess since Theresa's departure. Nicole said she was grateful to Deimos for having at least tried to keep Brady distracted with work while she had been gone. Deimos stressed that he would always be happy to try his best to do whatever she asked of him.

Changing the subject, Deimos added that he was grateful to Nicole for all the hard work she had done during her business trip. He praised the results of Basic Black's launch in international markets as nothing short of phenomenal. She assured him that things were only going to get better, explaining that buyers in the Asian market had gone crazy over the company's eco-friendly designs.

Later, while Nicole was lying in bed with Deimos, she asked him to fill her in on what had been happening in Salem during her absence. She was particularly interested in knowing if Chloe's baby had been born yet. He said he didn't know the answer to that question because Philip hadn't been talking to him about the pregnancy -- or anything else, for that matter -- lately, thanks to hurt feelings over business matters.

Nicole said she had made several attempts to contact Chloe during her business trip but had never gotten an answer. "I don't know why you even bother, after the way she treated you [in Chicago]," Deimos replied. Nicole reminded him that Chloe had only gotten upset with her during that meeting because she had allowed him to crash it. "But I was hoping -- especially now, since the baby's not connected to you -- that she would find a way to get past the anger," she added. He thought it was obvious that Chloe couldn't let go of anything -- and just as obvious that Philip had dodged a bullet when she had left town for good.

Meanwhile, someone knocked on the front door while Philip, who had just returned to the mansion seconds earlier, was removing his jacket in the otherwise unoccupied foyer. He was surprised to discover that the visitor was Nancy, who insisted that she needed to talk to him right away. "[Chloe] told me everything -- and I mean everything," she continued. He quickly warned her not to say another word, fearing that other people might be in the mansion at that time. "Then let's go somewhere where we can talk freely!" she impatiently replied.

Philip took Nancy to a secluded section of the town square so they could continue to discuss the matter. She was disappointed to learn that Nicole's relationship with Deimos seemed to be getting more serious with each passing hour. She wondered if Chloe planned to spend the next eighteen years raising someone else's baby and passing it off as her own just to keep it away from Deimos. "I doubt she's thinking that far ahead," Philip replied. "I doubt that she's thinking at all!" Nancy countered.

Nodding in agreement, Philip said that was why Chloe needed a friend who was on her side and could help her sort everything out. Nancy wasn't surprised to hear that he wanted to be that person, since he had always been a good friend to Chloe. "That's just it -- I don't want to stay friends anymore," he clarified before proceeding to tell Nancy about how he had professed his love for Chloe the last time they had seen each other. "[And] I'm ready to do something about it, [but] I want to do it in person, face to face," he added.

Later, Philip returned home and packed for a trip to Chicago. As he was getting ready to leave again, he received a phone call from Nancy. He assured her that no one would ever know anything about the trip. "Especially not Nicole," he added before ending the call and rushing outside to greet the taxi driver who had just arrived. In his haste, he failed to notice Deimos, who was standing in the shadows on the staircase and had overheard Philip's end of the conversation while en route to the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice for Nicole.

Paul ran into Brady in the town square and seized the opportunity to say that he was sorry about Theresa's abrupt departure. Holding up one of the trash bags, Brady explained that he was trying to rid himself of everything that reminded him of her. "How the hell am I supposed to tell my kid one day about what happened? Because I don't even understand it myself, and I don't think I ever will," he added with a sigh, noting that although he knew what it was like to grow up without a mother, he at least had the comfort of knowing that his mother hadn't chosen to abandon him.

Paul assured Brady that Tate was going to be okay, pointing out that the child still had a great father as well as a bevy of loving family members. "And it may be too soon to think about [this], but you don't have to raise him alone, you know? Maybe someday you'll find love again," he added. Brady managed a laugh as he confirmed that it was definitely too soon for him to be thinking about moving on with someone else. He made it clear, however, that he appreciated Paul's words of encouragement.

At the Johnson house, Adrienne swayed slightly as she absorbed the bad news Kayla had just given her. Sonny rushed to Adrienne's side to stop her from collapsing, moving her to a nearby chair. She settled into it in a daze but eventually regained her composure. Once he was satisfied that Adrienne was going to be all right, Sonny asked Kayla to explain what was going to happen next. Kayla said she wouldn't be able to figure out a treatment plan until after she identified the exact type of cancer that Adrienne had developed. She added that she had already reserved a room for Adrienne at the hospital and would like to get the tests started right away.

Hoping to stop Lucas and Justin from getting into an argument about who would be driving Adrienne to the hospital, Kayla volunteered Steve for the task and suggested that Lucas and Justin could do other things to help out, such as packing a bag for Adrienne or buying books and magazines for her to read. Adrienne pointed out that she already had a bag packed. "For my honeymoon. Guess I won't be needing a swimsuit," she added with a mirthless chuckle before following Steve and Sonny out to Steve's car.

Lucas chastised himself for having failed to keep Adrienne on a tight schedule of mammogram appointments. Kayla pointed out that Adrienne was a grown woman who shouldn't have allowed herself to get behind on the tests in the first place. She urged Lucas and Justin to be civil with each other from that point forward so Adrienne wouldn't have to deal with any additional stress. As she was leaving the house to catch up with Steve, Sonny returned, looking completely devastated. Lucas followed her outside, and Justin did the same after giving Sonny a hug and assuring him that everything was going to be all right. Sonny stayed behind and sank to the floor, shaking his head in disbelief.

Later, while Sonny was sitting on a bench in the town square, Paul approached him and wondered what was wrong. Sonny told Paul about how Adrienne had fainted earlier. "All because of my juvenile, pathetic, idiotic plan. I was convinced I had this brilliant idea [to] solve my mom's problem. I wanted to take control because I thought my mom had lost it. But because of me -- because of all of that -- I might have put my mom's whole life at risk," Sonny fretted before telling Paul the worst part of the story.

Paul argued that Sonny might have actually saved Adrienne's life, reasoning that if he hadn't locked her in a room with Justin and Lucas to force her to decide which man she wanted to be with, she might not have found out that she had breast cancer until it was too late to do anything about it. "Stop beating yourself up, Sonny. Just be there for your mom. And lean on the people who love you, like your family [and] friends -- including me. You know, I'm here for you, okay? Anytime. No matter what," Paul stressed.

Justin entered the Kiriakis mansion and went straight to the bar to pour himself a drink. Brady, who was staring sadly at a picture of him and Theresa that was still stored on his cell phone, tiredly asked Justin for some privacy. "If you're looking for solitude, you're living in the wrong house," Justin pointed out. He added that bedrooms were usually more private than living rooms. "[My bedroom's] kind of a trigger for me right now -- it kind of reminds me of everything that I lost -- so it'd be really great if my own family could just respect what I'm going through [and] maybe give me just a little space," Brady irritably replied.

"Poor Brady. Such a sad situation. We all better treat him with kid gloves and make sure we don't offend him while he's going through his rough patch," Justin sarcastically countered. Confused, Brady wondered what was wrong with Justin. "With me? You're the one who's walking around here in a funk all day, insisting that everyone kiss your ass because your wife left you," Justin replied. Brady started to protest that Justin was exaggerating, but Justin ignored him and continued talking, pointing out, "Theresa isn't sick! It was her choice to be reckless and stupid, [and it was] her choice to throw her life away on drugs, whereas some people, they didn't have a choice; their life was taken away from them by illness -- by cancer!"

"Adrienne? She has -- she has cancer?" Brady realized. Confirming the bad news, Justin chastised himself for having allowed Adrienne to live in denial about her chances of developing breast cancer. "Every time the subject came up, and she wanted to do something more preventative, I told her not to do it. What the hell was I thinking? I mean, even though it was ultimately her decision, I know Adrienne well enough to know that if she sensed that I wasn't okay with something, that it would sway her," he continued. He admitted with a sigh that he had been okay with her living in denial because he had wanted to live in denial himself. Brady pointed out that there was no reason to fear the worst yet. "She'll be a survivor," he stressed as he embraced Justin.

When Kate received an unexpected visit from Lucas, she took it as an indication that Adrienne had chosen Justin, just as she had predicted. Lucas irritably insisted that wasn't the case. "Really? So, what, is there gonna be another wedding? Is there gonna be a second wedding? Would it be tacky if I wore the same dress?" Kate asked. Unamused, Lucas angrily explained, "She's got cancer!" Kate comforted Lucas with a hug and told him she was sorry to hear that.

After fetching a glass of iced tea for Lucas, Kate apologized for the things she had said earlier, explaining that she simply had a tendency to lash out at people when she sensed that they were going to hurt him. She reminded him that she was a lung cancer survivor, and she assured him that she had friends who were breast cancer survivors and had been in remission for so long that they considered themselves essentially cured of the disease. "Look, Adrienne has a really tough road ahead, no doubt about it," she conceded. She added, however, that Adrienne had an amazing, strong, fighting spirit and was surrounded with love. "I'm predicting that she's gonna beat it, okay? She's gonna be all right," she stressed.

Later, alone in the foyer of the Martin mansion, Lucas broke down as he tore up the tickets for his honeymoon flight. At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin gulped down a shot of whiskey then angrily tossed the empty glass across the otherwise unoccupied living room. Paul found Sonny sitting alone in a secluded section of the town square and took a seat next to him, draping a comforting arm across his shoulders. Kayla joined Steve in a break room at the hospital and comforted him with a hug. Meanwhile, Kate found Adrienne sobbing in one of the hospital rooms. Adrienne watched with trepidation as Kate silently approached her bed, but she was visibly touched when Kate gave her a look of understanding and placed a comforting hand on her arm.

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