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Wednesday, June 22, 2016
by Mike

As Ciara was passing through the town square with Marlena, she revealed that she was thinking about pursuing a career in psychotherapy. Marlena offered to try to get Ciara a volunteer position at Shady Hills so she could get some first-hand experience and figure out if the career path was right for her. Ciara thought that was a great idea, especially since it would allow her to spend time with Abigail and give her updates about Thomas.

At Shady Hills, J.J. visited with Abigail, who wondered if he was in uniform because he had been assigned to keep an eye on her. J.J. assured Abigail that he was there as her brother, not as a cop, and he was only in uniform because he had just left work. J.J. stressed that he believed Abigail's claim that she hadn't started the fire, but she admitted that she might have been wrong about that.

"I thought Dad saved me from the fire, J.J. Dad's been dead for three years. I can't tell what's real and what's not anymore," Abigail explained, her voice wavering as she spoke. Abigail wanted to know what would happen to her if the police concluded that she had indeed caused the fire, so J.J. reluctantly revealed that she could be transferred to a more secure facility. "Like a place with, like, padded walls and stuff?" Abigail fearfully guessed. As a tear rolled down her cheek, Abigail asked J.J., "Am I really that dangerous?"

Before J.J. could respond, Abigail received a visit from Marlena, who advised her not to worry about things that hadn't happened yet. "He's ruined everything. He's never gonna let me have my life back," Abigail sadly muttered, recalling everything Ben had done to her. Marlena offered to take Abigail out to the garden for some fresh air, and J.J. agreed that it would be good for Abigail to be outside for a while, but Abigail insisted that the only place she wanted to go was home.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad received a visit from Jennifer, who warned that she wasn't going to let him break Abigail out of Shady Hills because Abigail needed treatment, and Shady Hills was the best local place for her to receive that treatment. Chad claimed that he had just been blowing off steam when he had implied that he might resort to breaking Abigail out of Shady Hills if necessary, and he assured Jennifer that he had no intention of actually doing that. However, after Jennifer left, Chad placed a phone call to someone and asked to have an unmarked cargo van ready to go at a moment's notice.

After interviewing with one of the administrators of Shady Hills, Ciara was offered a volunteer position there. Thrilled, Ciara thanked the man then started gathering her things so she could leave. Meanwhile, an orderly pushed a wheelchair-bound Chase through the hallway, giving him a tour of the place where he would be receiving treatment for at least the next six months. Ciara froze and stared at Chase in disbelief.

At the Hernandez house, Blanca wondered if Rafe would prefer for her to move out and find her own place to live. Before Rafe could respond, Adriana entered the kitchen and wondered if she was interrupting something. Rafe shook his head and rushed off to work, hinting that while he was gone, Blanca could talk to Adriana about how it wasn't nice to lie to people.

Adriana scoffed and tried to change the subject, but Blanca pointed out that Rafe was right. Blanca insisted that Adriana had no right to interfere in Rafe's personal life, but Adriana again tried to change the subject, wondering how Blanca felt about Rafe. Blanca said that didn't matter because Rafe was in love with Hope. "You're just trying to avoid my question, but I already know the answer. I can see it in your eyes when you look at him," Adriana replied. Unapologetically revealing that she had eavesdropped on Rafe and Blanca's earlier conversation, Adriana optimistically noted that Rafe hadn't taken Blanca up on her offer to move out.

Hope awoke with a start after a nightmare in which Andre had officiated her wedding to Aiden, Chase had once again set his sights on Ciara, and Rafe had passionately kissed Blanca. Later, at the police station, Hope told Roman that she wanted to talk to him about something, but before she could continue, Aiden arrived to see her, having received a text message from her earlier that day. Rafe entered the building just in time to see Hope leaving with Aiden. Roman stressed that he hated the situation just as much as Rafe did, but Rafe insisted that he had always just wanted Hope to be happy. "Far as I can tell, she is," Rafe added with a sigh.

Hope led Aiden to a secluded section of the town square, where he informed her that he had just finished dropping Chase off at a psychiatric facility. Aiden added, in response to Hope's inquiry, that he was free for the next few days because he hadn't drummed up any new clients yet and wasn't supposed to visit Chase right away. Nodding, Hope suggested that she and Aiden could go out of town for a while, reasoning that it would be good for them to spend some time alone together. Thrilled, Aiden suggested Hawaii or Paris, but Hope clarified that the trip was meant to be an escape, not a honeymoon. "I was thinking the Green Mountain Lodge," Hope added.

Later, Hope returned to the police station and shared her plans with Roman, who reluctantly agreed to grant her request for vacation time. After Roman left, Hope filled Rafe in, and he claimed that he was glad she had decided to go away with Aiden for a few days. "Maybe you'll realize you're making a huge mistake," Rafe reasoned.

Later, while Aiden was waiting for Hope to finish packing, he received a phone call from Andre. "I'm so tired of waiting around. Waiting makes me unhappy, and when I'm unhappy, I want to make other people unhappy," Andre warned Aiden, who assured him that a plan was already in motion. "Your wait is almost over," Aiden promised.

Meanwhile, a man walked into the police station and greeted Roman. "I hear you're the commissioner now," the man mused. "And I hear you are the same lowlife you've always been. What the hell do you want, Monahan?" Roman countered. Monahan said he wanted to make a confession. "I'm the guy who wasted Stefano DiMera," Monahan continued, stunning Roman and Rafe.

. . .

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