Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Chad called the clinic to ask about Abigail. A male doctor informed Chad that it would take time for Abigail to heal, and he noted that the length of Abigail's recovery was up to her. Down the hall, Abigail talked to Dr. Robinson in her room. Dr. Robinson asked about Abigail's first impressions of Ben, but Abigail growled that she did not remember when she had first met Ben. The doctor urged Abigail to make an effort in their sessions so that she could heal.

Talk turned to the night that Ben had attacked her at the DiMera mansion. Abigail said that no one had heard her. Sniffling back tears, Abigail told the doctor that she had tricked Ben into going upstairs then had tied him up and set fire to him. The doctor asked Abigail if she had fantasized about setting Ben on fire. Ignoring the question, Abigail said she refused to believe the Ben was in prison. Dr. Robinson assured Abigail that she was safe, but Abigail argued that people had said that before.

Dr. Robinson told Abigail that she understood Abigail's fear, but prison was more secure than the mental hospital from which Ben had escaped. Shaking her head, Abigail said she still saw Ben. As Abigail stared out the window into the hallway, Dr. Robinson assured Abigail that Ben was not there. Abigail said she had imagined Ben, and then Ben had actually appeared. Struggling with her emotions, Abigail said that Ben had been in her room the previous night. With tears in her eyes, Abigail said she had screamed, and no one had heard her.

"I hear you, Abigail," Dr. Robinson said. Abigail told Dr. Robinson that Ben had choked her with a red necktie. Breaking down into tears, Abigail began to rub her neck. Dr. Robinson squatted next to Abigail and gently stroked her shoulder and held her hand. A nurse entered, and Dr. Robinson ordered medication for Abigail. Dr. Robinson told Abigail that they would work through Abigail's fears together.

At the hospital, Steve confronted Kayla about failing to tell him that the police had arrested Joey. Fynn intervened and warned Steve to lower his voice. Kayla asked Fynn to leave her alone with Steve. Reluctantly, Fynn walked away, and Kayla escorted Steve out of the hospital.

In the square, Steve and Kayla argued about Joey's arrest. When Kayla told Steve the details, Steve yelled that he had a right to know when his son was arrested. Steve intended to talk to the judge, but Kayla stopped him. Steve told Kayla that he could accept losing her love, but he loved Joey and wanted to be a good father. "Loving him and doing what is right for him are two different things," Kayla said. "And what's right is for me to stay away? I can't believe it's come to this," Steve said in disgust.

While walking trough the town square, Rafe told Hope about his past as a shoplifter when he had been a kid. Rafe had worked in a storeroom for six months as punishment. With a shrug, Rafe said that his mother had said that if he was old enough to get into trouble, he was old enough to get out of trouble. Rafe suggested that Hope take the same approach with Ciara.

While Hope and Rafe ate at the café, Doug and Julie walked over and said hello. Doug and Julie told Hope and Rafe about the Irish dancers that had booked every room at their bed and breakfast. After Rafe left to attend to work, Julie asked Hope about Ciara. Hope confided that she felt like she had repeatedly failed her daughter. Doug reminded Hope that she had been a rebellious teenager.

When Hope mentioned that Rafe had suggested that Hope let Ciara make her own mistakes, Doug disagreed. Doug reasoned that parents should set limits. With a smile, Julie reminded Hope that she had been a rebellious teenager and that Tom Horton had been firm with her. Julie said she was thankful that Tom had been so stern with her.

Ciara babysat Thomas at the DiMera mansion, and she ducked calls from Hope. Ciara told Thomas that his mother would be home soon. While Ciara read to Thomas, Chad watched from the doorway. Chad told Ciara that he was glad she was there to help his son. Ciara stressed that Abigail would be home soon. With a nod, Chad agreed. Chad told Ciara that he would not employ her as a babysitter if she did not finish high school. Ciara promised to finish school. With a smile, Chad told Ciara that he had confidence in her.

Ciara left the mansion with Thomas to take a walk in the park. While Ciara sat on the bench there, Claire walked over and said hello. Ciara asked if Claire wanted to get an apartment with her. Grinning, Claire said she would like that, but they did not have any money. Ciara announced that she planned to work as a full-time nanny at the DiMera mansion and that Claire could earn money with her singing. When Claire raised an eyebrow, Ciara said she was desperate to get away from her mother. Claire said she felt the same way about her mother.

As Claire and Ciara talked about their arrest, Joey and Jade interrupted to say that they were not sorry for spray-painting the car. Everyone talked about how angry their parents were, and Joey expressed relief that his mother had not told his father about the arrest. Claire grumbled that separated parents were the worst at communicating with one another. Nodding, Joey said he intended to leave town with Jade. Jade made an offhanded comment about moving on from the "Ava thing," causing Ciara to ask Joey if he had played any part in Ava's death.

"Ava just, she made our lives hell for a while. And my parents are splitting up. I just can't take it anymore," Joey said. Ciara and Claire hugged Joey and asked him and Jade to keep in touch. After Joey and Jade walked away, Ciara noted that Joey had looked scared. Ciara added that she was impressed that Joey was leaving town.

As Jade and Joey walked through the town square, a frustrated Joey asked Jade not to talk about Ava. Jade apologized and said that she had thought Joey would have told his friends. Joey stressed that regardless of the evidence, he did not want anyone to know what he had done. Joey reminded Jade that he had told her about Ava in confidence. When Joey told Jade not to mention Ava again, Jade bristled at the order. Haughty, Jade said no one in Los Angeles cared about what happened in Salem. Joey looked across the square at his mother. Jade told Joey to text her after he talked to Kayla.

Hesitant, Joey approached Kayla and asked her if she was upset. Kayla lied and said she had been thinking about work. Joey apologized for his arrest. Kayla took her son's hand, and she promised they would get through everything together. "You've always been so good to me. You're always there. I'll never forget that. I love you, mom," Joey said. Kayla hugged Joey tightly.

When Kayla returned to the hospital, Fynn asked her about her conversation with Steve. Kayla shrugged. Fynn invited Kayla to dinner to talk, but Kayla asked for a rain check.

In his hotel room, Steve was brooding at a desk when Joey knocked on his door. Steve told Joey that he understood that Joey was going through a rough time. Fighting tears, Joey said that when he thought about when he had killed Ava, the memory seemed like someone else was smothering her. Steve asked Joey to let him help carry the burden. Steve urged Joey to seek therapy. Wiping away tears, Joey said he should have told the truth because living with the guilt was killing him.

"The only thing I know to do is to keep moving. That's the only way I can think of to stay sane," Joey said. Suspicious, Steve asked Joey what he meant. Joey said he did not know what he meant. When Steve poked for answers, Joey asked for aspirin. While Steve was in the bathroom, Joey grabbed Steve's jacket and shoved it in his backpack. Steve returned with the aspirin and asked about Jade. Joey said he did not think things would work out with Jade. Joey thanked Steve again for helping him, and he told his father that he loved him. After a hug, Joey left.

At the DiMera mansion, Hope stopped by to talk to Ciara, but she found only Chad in the mansion. Hope asked about Abigail. Chad said that Abigail was getting help. When Chad mentioned his appreciation for Ciara, Hope confided that she had feared that Ciara would lose her job. When Chad asked why, Hope asked if he had heard about Ciara's arrest. Chad admitted that Ciara had confided in him. Surprised, Hope asked Chad if Ciara had confided in him about anything else. Chad said Ciara did not talk about personal issues, but if she had, he would not betray her confidence. Hope said she understood.

Ciara returned to the mansion. Hope asked Ciara if they could talk. Frustrated, Ciara said she did not want to live with Hope anymore. As Hope and Ciara bickered, Chad interrupted to offer Ciara the guesthouse to live in if she worked full-time as the nanny. Hope started to say no, but she stopped herself. Hope gave her blessing.

Overjoyed, Ciara asked Chad if Claire could live in the guesthouse as well. Chad said yes, but Hope reminded Ciara that Shawn and Belle had to agree to the move. Elated, Ciara ran outside to call Claire. Once alone, Hope told Chad she was not happy about the arrangement. Hope added that she was comforted by the fact that she knew Ciara would be safe on the property. When Chad joked about the safety of the DiMera mansion, Hope said she knew Chad was not his father because Abigail would never have fallen in love with him if he were.

Hope returned to the police station. Rafe asked Hope if she had talked to Ciara. With a sigh, Hope said she had taken Rafe's advice and taken a step back from mothering Ciara.

After checking on Thomas, Ciara walked into the DiMera living room and found Theo. When Ciara told Theo that Abe would be furious with him, Theo said he did not care. Theo refused to be apart from Ciara. With a grin, Theo told Ciara that he loved her. Theo and Ciara kissed.

In the park, Joey pulled on Steve's jacket and waited on his bike for Jade. Laughing, Jade joined Joey on the bike, and they set off for Los Angeles.

Chad went to the clinic to check on Abigail. Dr. Robinson informed Chad that she had prescribed antipsychotics for Abigail. Confused, Chad asked why. Dr. Robinson said that Abigail was still seeing Ben even though he was not there. As Chad nodded, Dr. Robinson escorted him into Abigail's room. With tears of joy in her eyes, Abigail lit up when she saw Chad. Chad rushed to her side, and the lovers kissed. After the doctor left, Chad said he hoped that Abigail would be home soon. Abigail's smile faded as she saw Ben through the window in the hallway.

"What if he doesn't let me come home?" Abigail asked. "Who? Who's not gonna let you come home?" Chad asked. "Ben," Abigail said as she pointed at an empty chair in the hallway. Chad's face fell in dismay.

. . .

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