Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In his hotel room, Lucas smiled as he recalled the last time he and Adrienne had made love. He sent her a text message, telling her how much he missed her. Adrienne replied with an apology.

As she walked past the Kiriakis study, Adrienne overheard Justin on the phone. "I don't know how I can get back. It's tricky here. I miss you here," Justin said. When he saw Adrienne in the doorway, he changed the subject to business and quickly ended the call. "So, how's Elsa?" Adrienne asked. Justin remarked that after avoiding him for a week, Adrienne suddenly wanted to have a conversation, plus she was practically flaunting her affair with Lucas.

Adrienne clarified that she had neither seen nor spoken to Lucas since she and Justin had fought. She wondered why Justin was even there, since it was clear he didn't want her. As they began arguing about Sonny and Will's marriage, Justin and Adrienne each accused the other of hypocrisy. Adrienne pointed out that she had believed Justin's lies for nearly a year about how much he'd missed her when he'd been sleeping with another woman the entire time.

Justin tried to turn the argument around on Adrienne because of her affair with Lucas, but she cut Justin off. "I am done feeling guilty, and there is no moral high ground that wouldn't swallow you up whole, Justin!" Adrienne asserted. Finally, Justin sighed and admitted that he hated how they sounded. Adrienne agreed. She started to say something else but stopped herself, so Justin finished for her: "But I started it, right?" Adrienne nodded. "Thank you for making it easier, finally," she said before turning and walking out.

Lucas was on the phone in his hotel room later, removing his jacket and loosening his tie as he boasted about how one of the top retailers in the country had dropped Mad World. Adrienne arrived while Lucas was still on the phone, and the instant he ended the call, she kissed him passionately. "I missed you, too," Adrienne murmured.

After they had sex, Adrienne and Lucas reiterated how much they'd missed one another. "Now that you're here, I have to ask you something... What exactly does this mean?" Lucas asked. "I'm not sure exactly what this is, but I'm here," Adrienne said, stroking Lucas' face. She offered to keep their relationship a secret if that were what he wanted, but Lucas pointed out that Adrienne was the only one who had a reason to do so. He complimented Adrienne's sexy laugh, causing her to giggle, and declared that he didn't care what people thought.

Justin went to Horton Square and made a phone call, stating that he would be on his way back to Dubai on the first flight he could get.

At the hospital, Kayla offered to give Daniel a ride to Paige's party. Daniel declined because he had to stop by his apartment on the way to pick up Paige's gift.

Nicole waited impatiently outside Daniel's apartment for the building superintendent, Lou, to let her in -- but when the elevator doors opened, a scowling Xander got off. Xander wondered why Nicole was at Daniel's doorstep when she'd insisted that she was through with Dr. Jonas. Nicole lied that she had left some things at Daniel's after they'd broken up, and she was getting the super to let her in so she could avoid having to see Daniel.

Xander explained that he was there to meet Daniel, who had finished with surgery. When they heard the elevator arriving, Xander suggested to Nicole that, instead of keeping things discreet, it was a good time to go ahead and tell Daniel. Nicole was relieved when Lou exited the elevator. He offered to install a new smoke detector while Nicole was in the apartment, but she claimed that she needed to get back to work, so she would have to return another time.

After Lou left, Xander accused Nicole of using work as an excuse to avoid having to "face the music" with Daniel. With a shrug, Nicole pointed out that her life was none of Daniel's business -- or Xander's. She left via the stairs so she wouldn't have to wait for the elevator.

When Daniel went to his apartment later, he ran into Lou in the hallway. "Tell Nicole I'm sorry I was late," Lou said. He explained to the puzzled doctor, "She wanted to get in to pick up something, but she had to leave in a hurry."

Nicole was busily working at her desk at the television station when Xander arrived a little later. Although Nicole tried to get rid of him, Xander apologized for the way he'd treated her earlier. He explained that he'd been worried that he was being a fool to be interested in her if she really wasn't finished with Daniel, after all. Nicole reiterated that she was done with Daniel, and she needed to move forward. To that end, Xander invited Nicole to join him for dinner that night. Nicole teasingly warned him that she had expensive taste.

After Xander had gone, Nicole told herself, "I have got to get the goods on Xander and Serena tonight. No way I can keep this up with him." Nicole's phone chimed just then, alerting her that she had a voicemail from Daniel, apparently accusing her of trying to break into his apartment. Nicole fretted that she would lose Daniel if she didn't tell him something about what she was up to, but she knew she couldn't tell him everything without any evidence.

"So -- I'll tell him. He says I can trust him; he wants me to trust us," Nicole reminded herself. She imagined telling Daniel the whole story -- and him believing her and declaring his love. Remembering that Daniel would be at the birthday party, Nicole decided to go see him there. "I can trust him. I need to trust him to help me. So I'll just blow off that dinner with Xander," she decided.

Xander sat in the park outside Horton Square, looking at some photographs, then made a brief phone call. "I need to see you. No, it can't wait," Xander said. A little later, Navidad showed up, and Xander gave her two photographs, one of Nicole and one of Daniel. "Follow the woman. If she goes anywhere near Daniel Jonas -- his apartment or in public, anywhere -- you call me immediately," Xander instructed, adding, "The man cannot be touched. The woman is another story. If she needs to disappear without a trace, so be it."

After J.J. left her apartment, Eve poured herself a glass of wine. When she turned, she was startled to see Paige standing in the doorway. Flustered, Eve admitted that she hadn't known Paige was at home. Paige explained that after she'd dropped off some stuff from her dorm room, she'd fallen asleep. She noted that she'd heard a man's voice and that was what had awakened her. Eve offered a bunch of lame excuses about what Paige had probably heard, until Paige revealed that she'd recognized the voice as J.J.'s.

Paige added that she could tell that J.J. and Eve had been fighting, and she'd heard Cole's name. Paige said she had confronted Cole about the terrible things he'd done and the lies he'd told, because she was done with liars. Paige asked if Eve knew what Cole had done, and Eve stammered a rather frantic insistence that she had no idea. To change the subject, Paige asked if the gift on the dining table was for her. Relieved, Eve eagerly jumped up urged her daughter to open the present.

"You spoil me," Paige said flatly. Extending the gift bag, Eve asserted with quiet emphasis that Paige deserved every good thing that Eve could possibly give her. Paige grabbed her mother in a fierce, almost savage embrace and hissed, "I know, Mom. I know what you did... You had sex with my boyfriend!" Paige shoved Eve away and glared at her fiercely. After a moment, Paige broke down a bit, and tears filled her eyes as she averted her gaze.

Aghast, Eve tried to claim that Paige had been having a nightmare. She reached out to comfort her daughter, but Paige recoiled violently and screamed at Eve never to touch her. Eve implored Paige to let her explain. Eve apologized for not admitting right away that J.J. had been there and they'd fought, but Paige had been horribly mistaken about Eve sleeping with J.J. Paige demanded that if Eve had ever loved her, she would look Paige in the eye and stop lying immediately.

"I heard you and J.J., every word. The blackmail, the -- what did you call it? 'Mutually assured destruction'? This is it, the last time, okay? Your last chance," Paige said with grave determination. Barely able to speak above a whisper, Eve stated shakily as a single tear rolled down her cheek, "I love you with all my heart and all my soul, honey. I slept with J.J." Her misery obvious, Eve could no longer meet her daughter's eyes and turned away, while weakly attempting to insist that she and J.J. had both hated what they'd done.

A horrified Paige pointed out that J.J. had returned repeatedly. "Every look between you and him...every jab you ever made at each other -- did you think it was funny?" Paige shrieked. Eve tried to reassure Paige that it hadn't been like that at all. "You are a vile, disgusting slut!" Paige spat. She tried to demand to know how many times Eve had slept with J.J., but Eve refused to answer. Paige declared that she was through taking care of Eve, being the responsible one in their relationship, and defending and making excuses for Eve.

Paige continued that J.J. had been her first, and her first love, but Eve had been unable to let them be happy. "You destroyed us! You destroyed me!" Paige cried. Eve reached for Paige's hand, but Paige used her other hand to deliver a ferocious slap across her mother's face. Crying, Eve tried to apologize, insisting that she had never regretted anything more in her life. Paige only wanted to know one thing: "How could you do this to me?" Eve admitted she didn't know. Paige noted that was a typical Eve answer. Declaring that Eve was no longer her mother, Paige stormed out.

Utterly bereft, Eve slowly closed the door and vowed to get Paige back. Spotting the birthday gift on the couch, Eve picked it up and wept. She opened the birthday card that she'd tucked in with the gift and reread the adoring words she'd written about how Paige would always be her little girl. Removing the gift from the bag-- a photograph of Eve holding a baby Paige -- Eve clutched it to her chest and broke down in miserable sobs.

At the Horton house, J.J., Jennifer, Abigail, and Maggie were busily readying for Paige's surprise birthday party. The living room was already decked out with an excessive amount of balloons, streamers, and other birthday décor. Jennifer assured J.J. that she'd emphasized to their guests the importance of arriving early. Jennifer was hopeful that Eve would behave, but after his earlier conversation with Paige's mom, J.J. said he didn't think Eve would show up.

Maggie and Abigail headed into the kitchen to finish decorating the cake. Holding up the user manual she'd found for a disposable cell phone, Jennifer asked why J.J. had bought a new phone -- and if it had anything to do with why Eve had suddenly planned not to attend her daughter's party. "It's not just the party. Eve is not going to be a problem for me and Paige at all ever again," J.J. declared. He promised to explain everything after the party.

When Abigail and Maggie returned, J.J. revealed that he had been accepted at San Jose State, and he and Paige planned to leave for California as soon as possible. Although Abigail was happy for her brother, she admitted that she would miss him.

Rory and Daphne arrived just then, but they stressed that they were not there together. Rory tried flirting with Abigail, but she simply grabbed the birthday gift from his hand and headed into the living room. Once everyone had gathered in the living room, J.J. told the group about his and Paige's plans to move in together, somewhere between San Jose and Stanford. Daphne admitted that Paige had never seemed happier.

When Kayla arrived, Jennifer introduced her to Daphne. Meanwhile, Rory pulled J.J. aside and asked, "Did you neutralize...that bitch who was trying to mess with you, dude? Did you handle her like a boss?" J.J. said he had. Daniel arrived, and Jennifer hurried him inside. J.J. thanked Kayla for treating Paige so well at the hospital. Kayla praised her nephew for how much he'd grown up and not being afraid to take responsibility for his actions.

Privately, J.J. admitted to Daniel that what he'd done was wrong, but J.J. intended to make it right -- although without hurting Paige by telling her what had happened. Daniel warned J.J. that the mistake would never go away, and the only way to resolve that was to get it out in the open. J.J. countered that telling Paige the truth would only hurt her; the only thing that mattered was that they loved each other.

J.J. instructed the party guests to hide so they could jump out when Paige arrived. Kayla patted J.J. affectionately and pronounced him "like a little puppy in love." Grinning, J.J. said, "I just want this party to be what Paige remembers Salem by. I want my girl happy."

Paige arrived on the front porch and took a deep breath before knocking on the door. J.J. flung the door open, and all the guests appeared in the foyer, happily shouting, "Surprise!"

. . .

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