Wednesday, May 25, 2016
by Mike

At the hospital, Kayla nearly collapsed while talking to Fynn about her discharge papers. Fynn fretted that Kayla was in no condition to be released yet, but she dismissively assured him that she simply had a tension headache because she had just finished a phone conversation with Steve, who was still searching for Joey in Los Angeles.

Fynn guessed that, like Kayla, Joey was tough and knew how to take care of himself. Kayla wasn't sure she was as tough as Fynn was implying, but he reminded her that she had treated patients from her sickbed during a quarantine. "You have no idea how afraid I was that I was -- that we were -- gonna lose you," Fynn added.

Kayla reasoned that being tough meant also being well enough to leave the hospital. Kayla pointedly added that she was still Fynn's boss. Admitting defeat, Fynn encouraged Kayla to go home and get some rest. Kayla casually clarified that she actually intended to go home and pack. "I am gonna go to Los Angeles and help Steve find Joey," Kayla continued.

Fynn protested that Kayla couldn't fly to Los Angeles because the cabin pressure could cause her hematoma to destabilize. "I'll drive, then," Kayla said with a shrug. Fynn sarcastically agreed that setting out on a thousand-mile jaunt across the country while weak and dizzy would be a great idea. "Fine, I will take a train, but you're not talking me out of this," Kayla insisted, seizing the discharge papers from Fynn.

Fynn maintained that Joey was eighteen years old and could surely manage to take care of himself until Steve -- a professional investigator -- found him. Kayla argued that she knew Los Angeles better than Steve did because she had actually lived there at one point. Realizing that he wouldn't be able to change Kayla's mind, Fynn insisted on driving her to Los Angeles himself, pointing out that he, too, knew the area well. Kayla protested that Fynn couldn't just drop everything to drive her across the country because he had patients to attend to. "So do you," Fynn countered, adding that he had recently requested vacation time, anyway.

In Los Angeles, Steve was relieved to learn that Joey and Jade hadn't been seen at any of the local police stations or hospitals. Karl fretted that the bad news was that there were plenty of other places in the city that the teens could have gone, and it would probably take approximately one million hours to check all the surveillance cameras in the area for signs of them.

"Then you're gonna need all the help you can get, aren't you?" John reasoned as he entered Karl's office. Steve introduced John as the other half of Black Patch Investigations. "The better half," John jokingly added as he shook Karl's hand. Steve gave John a pity laugh then wondered if he was fit for duty, given the fact that he had recently been quarantined in a hospital due to a deadly viral infection. John assured Steve -- and Karl, who had immediately reached for some hand sanitizer after hearing about John's ordeal -- that he had received a clean bill of health from his doctor.

Steve started filling John in on everything he and Karl had already learned, explaining that Jade had an aunt who lived in the area but was no longer staying at her last known address. Meanwhile, Karl went back to poring over surveillance footage of recent crimes, knowing that Joey and Jade didn't have a lot of money at their disposal. Steve happened to look over Karl's shoulder just as Karl was watching footage of a getaway car speeding away from a gas station robbery. The driver's face wasn't visible, but Steve knew it was Joey because he recognized the jacket the driver was wearing -- his jacket.

Steve contacted the owner of the gas station, who soon arrived to answer questions about the robbery. Steve explained that he was interested in the incident because he had reason to believe that his son might have been involved. The man was only able to offer a vague description of the robber at first, but when he was pressed for more details, he revealed that there was one thing about the robber that he hadn't remembered until after his interview with the police: a scorpion-shaped scar had been visible on the top of the guy's hand. "It looked like a brand. Your son's part of a gang, isn't he?" the man guessed.

Steve thanked the man for his help and promised to provide restitution if it turned out that his son had indeed been involved in the robbery. After the man left, Karl revealed that the description of the scar seemed to match up with the mark that members of a commune in the Mojave Desert sported. As John started to probe for more details about the group, Steve received a phone call from Kayla, who informed him that she planned to head to Los Angeles to help him locate Joey.

"No way in hell," Steve insisted, protesting that Kayla wasn't well enough to travel. Kayla complained that Steve always wanted to do everything on his own, but he countered that he wasn't acting alone; in fact, he had enlisted the help of an old ISA friend, and John had also just flown in to help out. "Oh, well, John had the virus, too, and he gets to fly, and I don't?" Kayla asked incredulously.

Steve reminded Kayla that the virus hadn't been her only recent medical concern. Steve guessed that Kayla would never clear one of her patients to fly in her condition, but she assured him that she wouldn't be flying; she would be traveling with her personal chauffeur, Fynn. "That doesn't make me feel any better," Steve muttered. Kayla wondered what that was supposed to mean, but Steve dodged the question, maintaining that she wasn't needed in Los Angeles. "Well, too bad. You're gonna see me in a few days," Kayla replied before hanging up.

At the commune, Joey told Jade that he wanted to head back to Salem. "Today's our sentencing hearing. I never paid for what I did to Ava, and now our friends are gonna be in court, answering for what we all did," Joey pointed out. Jade reminded Joey that she didn't have a home to return to in Salem because her parents had banished her to Florida after her arrest. Jade added that she and Joey would be thrown in jail if they returned to Salem. Joey assured Jade that the judge was not yet aware that they had skipped bail, but she argued that it would be impossible to make it back to Salem in time for the hearing.

"I just can't keep breaking the law," Joey explained with a sigh. Jade reasoned that she and Joey hadn't intentionally committed a crime, but he pointed out that they wouldn't be able to continue claiming ignorance in the future. "I thought you wanted to live a life of adventure, like your dad," Jade reminded Joey, who countered that sitting in the middle of a desert, doing nothing but arguing with her, wasn't exactly what he'd had in mind.

"I know why you want to stay: it's that guy Dirk, isn't it?" Joey guessed, but Jade denied the suspicion. Unconvinced, Joey started to grab his things, maintaining that he was leaving the commune -- with or without Jade. Jade begged Joey to reconsider, pointing out that the commune really wasn't the worst place to live; in fact, all the other residents seemed to love it. "Because they're high!" Joey quietly countered.

Failing to see the problem, Jade reminded Joey that they had moved to Los Angeles in search of fun. "If that's your idea of fun, I'm out," Joey muttered while stuffing some things in his backpack. Jade begged Joey to give the commune one more week, promising to talk to Simone about more legal ways they could help out. "I don't want to lose you, Joey. I won't," Jade stressed before giving Joey a kiss. As Joey sprawled out on a nearby couch with Jade and continued kissing her, Dirk watched from the other side of the room.

Later, Jade shared Joey's concerns with Simone, who justified the commune's actions but promised to find some other way for the teens to do their part. Satisfied, Jade thanked Simone and gave her a hug. After Simone left, Joey started to say something to Jade, but Dirk interrupted and wondered if they had decided to stick around. Joey remained silent as Jade confirmed that they planned to remain with the group, prompting Dirk to flash his scorpion scar and wonder if they were ready to make their membership official.

"You've gotta be kidding me," Joey muttered, shaking his head in disbelief. Joey assured Jade that she didn't have to prove anything to Dirk or any of the other members of the commune, but she offered up her hand willingly and winced in pain as Dirk branded it with a scorpion-shaped piece of searing metal. "Cool! That hurt way less than a tat. It's your turn. Do it for me?" Jade urged Joey as he inspected her wound.

Claire entered John and Marlena's townhouse and called out to Belle, pointing out that they needed to head to the courthouse soon. Belle, who was in bed with Shawn, answered that she had overslept but would be ready soon. Shawn guessed that Belle didn't want Claire to know about what had happened between them the previous night, and Belle confirmed the suspicion, reasoning that the timing wasn't great. Belle stressed, however, that she had no regrets, and Shawn returned the sentiment.

Later, Belle and Claire joined Hope and Ciara at the police station. As Belle was coaching the teens on how to behave during the sentencing hearing, Shawn arrived and apologized for his tardiness. Belle smiled at Shawn as she assured him that he wasn't late, prompting Claire to comment on the sudden change in Belle's mood. Claire also noted that Shawn was wearing the same clothes he had worn the previous day, but he claimed that he had pulled an all-nighter at the forensics lab.

Shawn went to grab a tie from his desk, promising the women that he would catch up with them soon. Once the coast was clear, Lani wondered what was going on between Shawn and Belle. Shawn claimed that he and Belle were simply trying to act like a united force where Claire was concerned. "Then we're still on for tonight?" Lani asked.

Shawn said he'd get back to Lani with an answer later, once he knew that Claire was going to be okay. Nodding skeptically, Lani wondered if she and Shawn were okay. "Yeah. Yeah, we're good. Yeah," Shawn stammered in response. Satisfied, Lani gave Shawn a passionate kiss and wished him luck at the hearing.

At the prison, Chase was shocked to receive a visit from Aiden. After explaining everything, Aiden promised to get Chase out of prison, suggesting that Ciara had probably blown things out of proportion. Chase insisted that he didn't deserve to be released because he had done exactly what Ciara had accused him of doing. "She said no, and I didn't listen to her; I didn't stop. I raped her, and I hate myself for it," Chase tearfully admitted.

Aiden reasoned that Chase was a good kid who had simply lost his way for a while, and he needed professional help instead of prison time. Chase countered that he had lost his way because he had realized that he had never really known Aiden at all. Aiden tried to protest, but Chase interrupted, adding that he couldn't help wondering if the old rumors about his father killing his mother had been true all along. "You're an evil son of a bitch, and I turned out exactly like you," Chase spat.

Aiden maintained his innocence, insisting that he wasn't capable of murder -- and that was precisely why Stefano and Andre had replaced him with someone who had possessed no such qualms. "Do you really expect me to believe that crap?" Chase asked incredulously. Undeterred, Aiden reasoned that Chase simply needed time to absorb the shocking news. "But, thank God, we have that; we have time. We both have a lot to answer for -- to make up to the people we care about -- but we can. We will," Aiden assured Chase.

At the police station, Claire jokingly wondered if running Mark out of town would count as community service. Unamused, Belle warned Claire and Ciara to take their punishment seriously, stressing that they had been lucky to receive such light sentences. Ciara wanted to know what was going to happen to Joey and Jade, so Shawn explained that there was a warrant out for their arrests because they had failed to appear in court.

Shawn, Belle, and Claire soon headed off to the Brady Pub for lunch, but Hope and Ciara declined to join them. As Ciara was preparing to return to the DiMera mansion to watch Thomas, Aiden arrived and told her and Hope about his earlier conversation with Chase. Ciara wondered if Aiden still planned to help Chase get released from prison, even after having just heard a full confession in his own words.

Without waiting for a response from Aiden, Hope assured Ciara that Chase would never be released. "Aiden, if you loved me -- if you ever truly loved me -- then you will let justice be served, and you will not talk to my daughter about this ever again," Hope added. Aiden stressed that he was truly sorry about everything that had happened. Aiden asked to talk to Hope privately, but she denied the request and rushed off with Ciara.

Later, at the DiMera mansion, Ciara pointed out that Aiden hadn't exactly promised not to represent Chase. Hope tried to keep Ciara focused on the fact that Aiden had finally acknowledged Chase's guilt, but Ciara didn't find that comforting, since Aiden's job was to prevent guilty people from paying for their crimes. Ciara admitted that she didn't know what she would do to Chase if he managed to get released from prison.

While alone in his room at the Martin mansion, Aiden received a phone call from Andre, who wondered if Aiden had forgotten what they had recently discussed. "I'm working on it," Aiden promised, but Andre expressed skepticism. "I don't want to tell Hope that you're lying to her -- still -- [but] the choice is yours: you get me out of here...or you face the consequences," Andre warned.

. . .

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