Wednesday, November 25, 2015

John and Marlena welcomed Brady and Paul to the townhouse and wished them a happy Thanksgiving. When John asked, Brady admitted that he didn't know where Theresa and the baby were, even though he'd attempted to get in touch with Theresa.

Surprised that John had given up the search for his family, Paul said he'd been in contact with the ballplayer who'd gone to John's former school -- whose father had been there around the same time as John. "His name is Eduardo Hernandez, and it turns out he just moved to Salem," Paul said.

After dinner, Brady left to join the rest of his family at Victor's. Paul filled John and Marlena in on Eduardo, who had left a couple of families but had shown up in Salem because Paige Larson had been his daughter, and Rafe Hernandez was Eduardo's son by another wife.

Noting that Salem had lost too many people, John raised his glass to toast Bo and Will. Marlena and Paul somberly clinked their glasses with John's.

At the police station, Rafe looked up happily, expecting to see Gabi and Arianna, but instead saw Eduardo. Before Eduardo could say much other than to ask if the Hernandez family had Thanksgiving plans, Gabi arrived with Arianna. Gabi admitted that she and Rafe planned to serve Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless. Eduardo offered to join them, and Gabi accepted despite Rafe's misgivings.

In Horton Square, after donning aprons, Rafe, Gabi, and Eduardo joined other volunteers making plates of food for the less fortunate. Eduardo admitted that he'd done similar work in places like Central America. Rafe irritably said it was not time to play catch-up with his and Gabi's wayward father. Eduardo tried to insist that although he couldn't change the past, he had changed, but Rafe didn't want to hear it. After thanking Gabi for spending part of her day with him, Eduardo said goodbye to Arianna and left.

Once they had served most of the people who'd shown up for dinner, Gabi handed Arianna to Rafe. Gabi remarked to Rafe that perhaps their father deserved a second chance -- just as she had gotten one. Rafe hedged, so Gabi pointed out, "Rafe, we're grownups, okay? He cannot hurt us anymore. But he's the only father we've ever had." She added that they could just tell Eduardo to go away if things didn't work out. While Arianna playfully poked a finger at his face, Rafe admitted that he wasn't sure about it, but Gabi was free to do what she had to do. "Okay, that's progress," Gabi said happily.

While his guests -- Daniel, Nicole, and Fynn -- waited in the Kiriakis living room, a scowling Victor paced in the foyer. Maggie tried to get her husband to join the others, but Victor maintained that he wasn't fit company, and Maggie should go in without him. After Maggie reluctantly complied, Victor muttered, "I feel anything but thankful today."

When Justin arrived with Eve, Victor started in on Eve's former life as a prostitute. Justin sent his date into the living room, as Victor continued ranting about Eve's past -- which the other guests could overhear. Eve returned to the foyer and suggested that she leave while Justin stayed there with his family. "No. I've lost my appetite. Let's go. Happy Thanksgiving, Uncle Vic," Justin said curtly before departing with Eve.

Brady showed up at the mansion just in time for dessert. He asked where Theresa and Tate were, but no one had seen them. "I told her the table was full," Victor said. Brady blew up at his grandfather, who continued to denigrate Theresa. Victor saw the looks on the faces of everyone around him, and he conceded, "I'm an ass." The others understood why Victor was cranky, but he admitted, "Maybe I should try and honor my son rather than embarrass his memory -- to say nothing of the family who's still living here and deserve better." He apologized to everyone in the room.

Addressing the group, Victor declared, "Bo Brady was a better man in his short life than I could ever manage to be. He was unique, what every father hopes for a son." The others raised their glasses in honor of Bo. Later, Victor reminisced about the "tree castle" that Bo had built for Ciara. "You got to know him, Victor. That's a blessing," Maggie softly pointed out. Victor concurred but noted that the time had been too short.

When Justin and Eve arrived at her apartment, Eve found a note under her door from Theresa. Eve tried to call her sister but got her voicemail. Eve apologized to Justin that all they had were turkey sandwiches, but Justin maintained that turkey sandwiches were his favorite part of the holiday. Eve started to explain what Victor had meant, but Justin insisted that he didn't need an explanation. Touched, Eve wrapped her arms around Justin and kissed him.

While Eve and Justin were kissing, Eduardo showed up to talk to Eve. Claiming that he had something to take care of at the police station, Justin headed out to give the exes some privacy. Eduardo explained that he wanted to honor Paige's memory by establishing a music program for low-income kids at the community center in Paige's name, and he wanted Eve to run it. Eve maintained that it was too little, too late. On his way out, Eduardo said he wouldn't proceed until he had Eve's approval.

Justin showed up in the square and informed Rafe that there had been a break in a case they'd both been working. Rafe pulled Justin aside and related what Chad had said earlier. Rafe added that after considering what Ben had said when Rafe had interviewed him, Rafe agreed with what Chad had alleged. Noting that he'd "probably" been wrong not to trust Rafe's instincts before, Justin encouraged Rafe to look into it.

Justin returned to Eve's after Eduardo had left. Eve admitted that she didn't really want to talk about what Eduardo had wanted. Instead of eating turkey sandwiches, Justin and Eve began kissing again.

A hung-over Steve awakened in his hotel room, another empty bottle still in his hand, to the buzzing of his phone. Steve hauled himself off the bed and read the series of anonymous messages, which read, "Rough night? Bet this morning is even rougher. Hair of the dog? Get a head start on tomorrow's hangover."

At the Brady house, Hope was dressed and ready before Ciara. While Hope checked her reflection in a mirror downstairs, a vision of Bo appeared behind her. "Give me something to be thankful for today... I love you," ghost Bo said. Hope asked Bo not to tell her that until she'd atoned for giving up on him. Ciara descended the stairs and said Chase was waiting in the car. While Ciara went outside, Hope called Steve. Assuming that it was his mystery stalker, Steve chewed the person out and hung up. Hope called back right away and told Steve to wait right where he was.

Steve was guzzling water when Hope showed up. She announced that she was going after the people who'd locked Bo up and had been responsible for Bo's death, and she needed Steve's help. Steve thought it was a mistake, but Hope insisted that it was justice, not revenge. Steve suggested they go later, when they were both more clear-headed -- but first, they needed to take care of business at home.

The Brady clan, plus a handful of Hortons including Jennifer, J.J., and Julie, gathered at the Brady Pub to celebrate Thanksgiving. Caroline busied herself with putting glassware away behind the bar until Shawn insisted she join the others. Ciara and Chase arrived without Hope, who had dropped off the kids and left.

As Hope and Steve arrived at the pub, an upset Hope paused outside before entering. Steve gently talked her into going inside -- for Bo and for her kids. Hope dried her tears and went inside with Steve. A thankful Ciara, Kayla, and Shawn embraced and welcomed Hope. Hope noticed Chase sitting by himself at a table and urged Ciara not to leave him alone. While Hope was talking privately to Shawn, Belle and Claire arrived. Everyone greeted them with warm embraces. "You came," Shawn noted quietly to Belle. "Of course, I did," Belle replied, embracing her husband.

After Belle and Claire hugged everyone, Belle put her arms around Hope in sympathy. Caroline announced that dinner was served, so everyone gathered around the table. Caroline noted that there was an empty chair where Bo would have been, explaining that they all felt the big hole Bo had left -- but he had also left them many gifts to treasure. Raising her glass, her voice quavering, Caroline toasted, "To my son, who was larger than life. Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand." She lifted her glass high and declared, "To Bo Brady." Everyone assembled echoed her words and gesture before taking a drink from their glasses.

Jennifer helped Hope sit down then Hope tenderly pulled Bo's empty plate and chair closer to herself. After dinner, Ciara introduced Chase as her stepbrother to Claire. Privately, Kayla suggested that Hope take Ciara out of town on a vacation so they could both heal. Hope quietly confronted Steve: "You told Kayla what we talked about, didn't you? She won't be able to stop me any more than you will."

Hope cautioned Steve not to stand in her way, even if he tried to make things harder for her. "All right. I get it. I can't be a part of if, but you do what you've got to do," Steve said. "I will," Hope agreed. In the doorway, ghost Bo smiled at Hope and gave her a small, proud nod.

Marlena answered the door when Belle showed up at the townhouse. A thrilled Marlena could barely speak as she welcomed her daughter with a big hug. When John realized what was going on, he jumped up to embrace his daughter. John and Marlena asked about Shawn. Belle replied, "It's over. Shawn and I are getting a divorce."

. . .

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