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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

In Gabi's hospital room, Gabi wrapped up a phone call with her mother, assuring her that she was fine. Eli entered with a bouquet of flowers as Gabi hung up the phone. Eli lightly teased Gabi for ditching him early on their date because he could have protected her that night. With a hopeful look on his face, Eli asked Gabi if she was willing to give him another shot at a date. Gabi said she was not ready to date anyone. Laughing, Eli joked that his ego was wounded.

Eli picked up Gabi's phone and entered his contact information in it. When Gabi raised an eyebrow, Eli noted that Gabi would have his information for when she changed her mind about him. Eli asked about Deimos' involvement in the kidnapping, raising Gabi's suspicions. Gabi asked Eli if he was visiting her out of concern or to pump her for information. Eli confessed that he wanted to help J.J., and he hoped Gabi would identify Rigo as her kidnapper, since Rigo was in custody.

Upset, Gabi refused to discuss her kidnapping. Eli apologized for upsetting Gabi, and she accepted his apology. Valerie called Eli's phone, but he sent the call to voicemail. When Gabi asked him about the call, Eli explained to Gabi what had happened with his mother. Gabi said she understood why Eli was angry, but as a mother, she also understood that a mother would do anything to protect her child. Gabi assured Eli that he would get over his anger. When Eli disagreed, Gabi explained that she had forgiven her father for abandoning her. Gabi offered to be there for Eli if he ever wanted to talk. With a nod, Eli thanked Gabi for the offer.

Down the hallway, Justin, Lucas, and Sonny carried an assortment of Adrienne's favorite things into her room. As Adrienne smiled at all her men, Dr. Ong entered and shared the good news that the tests had shown that Adrienne's cancer had not spread. Dr. Ong asked Adrienne to limit her visitors to one at a time so that she could rest and recover. Justin offered to call Steve and Kayla, and Lucas offered to call Kate. Adrienne gasped. Adrienne said that she had told Kate something important, but she could not remember what.

After Lucas and Justin shared a look, Justin said that Adrienne had told Kate to "tell him I love him," but Adrienne had neglected to tell Kate who the man she loved was before she had passed out. Anne entered with a get-well gift, ratcheting up the awkwardness of the room. Adrienne explained that she needed to talk to Lucas and Justin, and after a couple more hints, Anne left. Lucas and Justin told Adrienne that they could talk later, but Adrienne insisted that she answer the question that had been hanging over their heads since the aborted wedding.

Sensing bad news, Lucas asked if he could talk to Adrienne alone first. With a nod, Justin and Sonny left. Lucas sat next to Adrienne and held her hand. Lucas said his gut feeling was that Adrienne had chosen Justin and that he understood that it was difficult for Adrienne to walk away from her shared history with Justin. Fighting his emotions, Lucas told Adrienne that he wanted her to be happy and healthy. As Lucas asked if they could remain friends, Adrienne chuckled.

Adrienne said she had no regrets and that she loved Lucas. Lucas did not understand what Adrienne meant. When Lucas again said he understood why Adrienne had chosen Justin, Adrienne interrupted him to repeat that she loved Lucas. "I chose you. Back in the hotel room and before my surgery. Right here and right now. I choose you. Today and every day for the rest of our lives," Adrienne said with happy tears in her eyes. Lucas grinned.

"You have no idea how happy you've made me," Lucas said, beaming. "Not near as happy as you've made me," Adrienne countered. Lucas joked, "I would have bet money that you chose Justin." Adrienne laughed.

"You, Lucas Horton, are the one I want by my side, day in and day out, for the rest of my life. It's just, I'm not the same person I was before the surgery, and when you asked me to be your wife, you weren't counting on all this," Adrienne said. Lucas shook his head in disbelief. "You're the most amazing, beautiful, smart, funny, beautiful woman that's ever been in my life. Nothing about you has changed," Lucas said. Swooning with joy, Adrienne kissed Lucas.

Justin paced in the hallway outside Adrienne's room until Lucas sent him in to see Adrienne. After Justin left, Anne walked over to Lucas and asked him if he was okay. Breaking into a wide smile, Lucas announced that Adrienne had chosen him. Taken aback, Anne congratulated Lucas on the good news. Fighting her disappointment, Anne stammered that she needed to deal with some doughnuts, and she ran out of the hospital.

In Adrienne's room, Justin hugged Adrienne and asked if she was okay. Adrienne explained that Lucas had wanted to assure her that he was okay with the decision either way. As Justin nodded expectantly, Adrienne said that she had chosen Lucas. Adrienne stressed that she loved Justin and cherished their life together, but after fighting cancer, she realized she needed a calmer relationship. Adrienne said that Justin was great in a crisis but usually grew bored of her in everyday life. Justin said he understood, and he admitted that he had grown to like Lucas as a friend.

Justin said he wanted to remain friends with Adrienne, and she readily agreed that she wanted the same thing. Justin promised to always be there for her. With a sad smile, Justin said he only wanted to make sure that Adrienne was happy. Adrienne and Justin agreed that they would be friends forever. Choking back his emotion, Justin left to retrieve Sonny from the lounge.

Justin told Sonny that Adrienne had chosen Lucas. Sonny appeared crestfallen, and he comforted a clearly emotional Justin. Justin assured his son that he would be fine. Justin urged Sonny to sit by Adrienne's bed so that he would be there when she woke up. With a nod, Sonny went into his mother's room. Adrienne stirred awake, but Sonny encouraged her to go back to sleep. Once Adrienne drifted off, Sonny whispered, "I hope you made the right decision."

In the hallway, Lucas and Justin talked. Lucas said he had been surprised that Adrienne had not chosen Justin and that he had only wanted Adrienne to be happy. Justin agreed that he wanted the same thing. With an encouraging smile, Justin told Lucas that he was sure that Lucas would make Adrienne happy. Lucas told Justin that he appreciated the sentiment. After nodding in agreement, Justin warned Lucas not to take Adrienne for granted like Justin had done. Lucas reached out his hand, and Justin shook it.

At the loft, Tripp asked Steve why he had killed Tripp's mother. Steve explained that he had been undercover with the ISA and that the organization had ordered Steve to neutralize Ava because she had been a threat. When Tripp asked for specifics, Steve firmly said the information was classified. Steve assured Tripp that there was plenty of information in the public record that Tripp could research to confirm Steve's story.

Kayla and Joey returned to the loft as Tripp attempted to storm out. When Steve explained what they were discussing, Joey announced that Steve had not told the whole truth. Kayla quickly intervened and noted that Ava had been lethal and insane. Kayla added that Ava had been wildly jealous. When Kayla briefed Tripp on the various crimes that Ava had committed, including causing a plane crash that had killed her father Shawn and kidnapping Hope, Tripp shook his head in disbelief. Kayla encouraged Tripp to talk to Hope at the police station about Ava to confirm the story.

Kayla pleaded with Tripp to understand that Steve was not a psychotic murderer but instead someone that had protected his family. Unsure, Tripp asked why he should believe Steve's story instead of believing that the story was a lie to cover up his mother's murder. Steve reiterated that there was information in the news archives that would back up his version of events.

Kayla urged Tripp to return home with them to sleep, but Tripp refused. Joey offered Tripp a spot on his couch at the loft, and with a slow nod, Tripp accepted the offer. After Steve and Kayla left, Tripp researched Ava on the Internet, and the Internet confirmed his father's story. Joey handed Tripp a set of sheets for the couch. Tripp admitted that his mother appeared to be a "real whack job."

Joey stressed that Ava had hated his parents and had been out to hurt them. Joey appealed to Tripp not to hold Ava's demise over Steve because Steve was a good man. "He still killed my mom," Tripp said sullenly. After Joey headed off to bed, Tripp called someone on the phone and asked them about Ava.

While walking through the park, Kayla called the hospital for updates on Jade and Adrienne. Kayla told Steve the good news about Adrienne. Elated, Steve said he was anxious to visit his sister in the morning. When Steve asked about Jade, Kayla asked him if he was worried that Jade would tell Tripp the truth about Ava's death. Steve assured Kayla that he would talk to Joey and make sure he kept the secret from Tripp. Kayla asked Steve if he was worried that the lie would hurt his relationship with Tripp.

"The boy just found out that the father he never knew killed the mother he'll never meet," Steve said. Steve vowed not to give up on Tripp because he wanted to be a father to him, but he understood it would be difficult.

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