Wednesday, December 17, 2014

At the hospital, Brady stopped Anne to caution her that -- as he had just warned Theresa -- he would not tolerate anyone harassing Melanie Jonas.

In the waiting room, Melanie confronted Theresa about how she'd faked getting pregnant by Brady. Melanie began hurling other accusations at Theresa, her voice rising in volume until she wrapped up her tirade with a loud assertion that Theresa had to be stupid to think she would have been able to get away with faking a pregnancy. Theresa insisted that it had been a mistake, but Melanie persisted. Theresa finally shouted, "Just shut up!" She tackled Melanie, shoving her into a chair, and Melanie fought back.

Before the fight could become much more violent, an incredulous Brady burst in and broke it up. With tears welling up in her eyes, Theresa insisted that Melanie had attacked her, and Melanie accused Theresa of lying. Brady forcefully ejected Melanie from the room and ordered her to wait for him. After he closed the door on Melanie, Brady warned Theresa that he didn't need the entire hospital knowing what was going on. As the tears spilled down her cheeks, Theresa spat that she didn't need everyone thinking she'd faked a pregnancy.

"If you don't want people knowing about things like that, then stop yelling about them!" Brady barked. Hurt that Brady didn't care what had really just happened and that he had never stuck up for her, Theresa told him to go to Melanie.

Brady left and found Melanie pacing near the nurses' station. As he led her to Horton Square, Melanie ranted about what Theresa had done. Finally Brady interrupted to inform her that he'd gotten her job for her. When the news sank in, a thrilled Melanie threw her arms around Brady. He cautioned her that she couldn't keep letting people get to her, and he urged her to consider what could have happened if someone else had walked by and overheard her screaming match with Theresa. Melanie conceded that Brady was right and asked him not to mention it to her dad.

Brady encouraged Melanie to try to remember that Theresa was a "whack job" who hated Daniel and Jennifer for no reason. "She doesn't brood; she just takes action aggressively," Brady asserted, cautioning Melanie that it was very dangerous to be on Theresa's radar. Melanie promised to be careful, but she refused to forget what Theresa had done to Daniel and Brady. Melanie declared that she wanted to strangle Theresa for lying to Brady about being pregnant. Brady asserted that it seemed as if Theresa had really believed she'd been pregnant, but Melanie didn't buy it, because she had once been just like Theresa.

Theresa was trying to pull herself together when Anne entered the waiting room. "You are worthless," Theresa proclaimed. She angrily reminded Anne that she had promised to prevent Melanie from working there. "Not only do I have to work with that little nurse-thing on a daily basis, but Brady's appointed himself her protector. Yeah, she gets to play the damsel in distress, and I'm the villain in this story," Theresa said, rolling her eyes with dismay. She added that Brady seemed to hate her.

Anne pointed out that Brady did hate Theresa -- because she'd bashed his father's head in and blamed him for it. Anne continued, "You cannot be surprised that Melanie has issues with you! My God, do you even remember what you put her father through?" Theresa wondered whose side Anne was on. "No one is ever on my side. God. Why do all these horrible things keep happening to me?" Theresa wondered piteously. Anne pointed out that Theresa usually didn't care what people thought. Theresa admitted that things wouldn't be so bad if the situation were different.

"With Brady?" Anne guessed. Theresa defensively insisted that she hadn't been talking about Brady. Anne pointed out that Paul Narita had checked out of the hospital without leaving Theresa his number. Theresa asserted, "I'll find him, Anne, okay? Things were going really well for us. Listen, he is my ticket out of here, out of this miserable life and this miserable job."

Theresa promised Anne about Melanie at the same time Melanie was promising Brady about Anne, "I'll steer clear of her, I promise, but if she starts something, if she thinks she can get a piece of me? She is going to be sorry. Really freaking sorry."

When Lucas ran into Adrienne outside Club TBD, she asked if he were excited that Will and Arianna had returned home from California. That news stunned Lucas, who had no idea his son and granddaughter were back. Adrienne fretted that she had ruined it if Will had wanted to surprise Lucas. While Lucas tried to call Sami to find out what was going on, Adrienne went inside.

Meanwhile, Sonny was sending a text message to his husband that read, "Hope u r not working too late. Really need to talk..."

Adrienne told her son what had just happened. Sonny had no idea if Will had intended to surprise Lucas because Will had been very busy since he'd returned from California. Adrienne said that she'd finally talked to Justin, and the two of them would be more than happy to help Sonny out financially. Although he was touched, Sonny declined.

Lucas went inside and told Sonny that Sami was a bit worried about Will, who had been replaced with another writer. Sonny played along as if he already knew about that. Lucas was just happy to have Will and Arianna back in Salem where they belonged.

A dripping-wet Paul emerged from the bathroom in his hotel room. When there was a knock at the door, he assumed it was room service and started pulling on a shirt -- but when he answered the door, he found Will waiting instead. Will introduced himself as the writer from Sonix magazine. After he invited Will in, Paul confessed that he had requested Will write the article about him after reading Will's piece in Sonix on the DiMeras. Paul admitted that he was surprised Will was so young, but he assured Will that it was definitely not a problem.

Will started his digital recorder after getting Paul's okay. Paul reiterated the need for discretion, and he expressed surprise that Will hadn't needed more time for research before the interview. Will explained that he would do some research, but he wanted to get to know Paul a little before reading what other writers had said. Paul was impressed, since most writers seemed to have an idea of what they wanted to say even before they met him.

To give Will some background, Paul said that he had been born in Japan but raised in the Bay Area, and his grandfather, a huge Giants fan, had taught him how to pitch. Will asked if Paul still loved baseball. "Well, it's done a lot of great things for my life. Mostly," Paul hedged. Will asked who else knew about Paul's surgery. Paul said that in order to keep it quiet, he'd only discussed it with his agent, his mother, and his grandfather.

Paul had to make a call to his agent, so Will rose to leave. Paul asked if Will had gotten enough information to know what kind of guy Paul was. "I'll say this: you really seem to be truly comfortable with who you are," Will said. Laughing, Paul admitted, "Well, it's all an act." As Paul shook Will's hand, he let the handshake linger for a moment. The guys' eyes locked briefly before Will pulled his hand away and left.

In the hallway, Will slipped his wedding ring back on. As he cut through the park on his way to the club, Will called Sonny. Without divulging whom the call was from, Sonny stepped away from Lucas and Adrienne to answer the phone. When he learned that Will was in the park, Sonny asked him to wait so Sonny could meet him. Sonny made a quick excuse to his mom and Lucas and hurried out.

Lucas saw something in Adrienne's expression that made him ask what was going on. Adrienne explained that Sonny had been really stressed out about the new club, although Chad had seemed confident that Sonny would be able to make it work, and Adrienne didn't know if she should worry or not. Lucas pointed out that Chad was a DiMera -- and one who'd spent a lot of time with Stefano. Lucas got a text message from Sami, warning him, "Do not tell Sonny that Will was fired!"

The room service waiter delivered Paul's order and encouraged Paul to call if he needed anything else. Paul leered appreciatively as he watched the man leave. He called his grandfather, and after they had conversed in Japanese, Paul spoke to his mother in English. He asked if she and his grandfather would consider traveling to Salem for Christmas. "Then it wouldn't be as lonely," Paul added.

When Sonny got to the park, Will greeted his husband with an affectionate embrace, but Sonny did not really hug him back. Will asked what was wrong. "What's wrong is you lied to me. You didn't come back because you missed me. You came back because you were fired," Sonny said. Will admitted, "Sonny, it was humiliating. I'm not exactly going around just telling everyone about it." Incredulous, Sonny reminded him, "I'm not 'everyone.'"

Will claimed that he'd wanted to wait until he and Sonny had had more time to discuss it. Will explained that he had turned in three drafts, and the notes from the producers often contradicted what they'd told him previously -- and they had hired another writer after Will's first draft without telling him. "They just kept stringing me along because of my mom," Will concluded. Sonny was sympathetic, but he pointed out that he should have known all along what had been going on with Will because he was Will's husband.

Will insisted, "You don't have to remind me of that, Sonny. I missed you like crazy. You know that." Sonny countered, "No, I don't." He pointed out that he and Will had spoken on the phone only three times while Will had been in California -- and all Will had talked about was how busy he'd been and how amazing everything was. Sonny admitted that Will had loved it out there so much that he'd been afraid Will would never return.

Will insisted that he would never have stayed in California unless Sonny could have joined him. Sonny reminded Will, "I told you that wasn't happening." Will pointed out that it had been because of Sonny's clubs and career. "So this is my fault?" Sonny asked in disbelief. Maintaining that wasn't what he'd meant, Will began, "I know that if I had to make a choice --" Sonny interrupted to point out, "But you didn't make a choice. That's the thing. Someone made it for you. That's why you're back." Sonny left to return to the club before Will could protest.

From outside the Brady Pub, Nicole spotted Serena sitting across a table from Eric and wondered aloud who the woman was. Just as Nicole was about to charge inside, Marlena showed up and asked her to wait. Marlena offered a lame suggestion about joining Nicole. Nicole didn't buy it and asked if Marlena knew the woman with Eric. Marlena confirmed that she did, but she proposed that she and Nicole should discuss it elsewhere. A curious Nicole followed Marlena to the park near the town square.

Marlena wondered why Nicole thought it was so important to know whom Eric was with. She pointed out, "You and Eric are done." Bristling, Nicole retorted, "Next time, can you try to keep the glee out of your voice?" Marlena insisted that she was only trying to help Nicole, who would never be able to move on if she continued to obsess about Eric.

An indignant Nicole insisted, "I am not obsessing! I simply asked for a person's name, and I got twenty minutes of Doctor Phil!" She added that she wanted Eric to be happy, but he hadn't appeared happy talking to the woman at the pub. She vowed never to ask Marlena another question about Eric.

After Marlena left, Nicole complained to herself, "Know-it-all bitch! I don't care about Eric. I am not rebounding. And there is only one person who needs to know that."

Inside the Brady Pub, Eric told Serena that he needed to be honest about what she could expect from him. He began awkwardly, "In terms of the two of us...if it seems I'm a bit hesitant, there's a reason." Serena concluded, "And the reason's name is 'Nicole.'" Serena quickly apologized, noting that it was none of her business. With a sigh, Eric admitted, "Actually, it is." He explained that he wished just hearing Nicole's name didn't have an effect on him and that he could put everything behind him, but his anger seemed to be getting even stronger.

Serena said that Eric's feelings were understandable after what Nicole had done to him. "How could she claim to love you and then keep you from being a priest?" Serena noted. Eric reminded Serena that she had given him up willingly when he'd realized he'd needed to be a priest, and he had broken her heart. Serena asserted that she wouldn't have been able to change Eric's mind. "What does Nicole have to do with us?" Serena asked.

Eric explained that he couldn't get over his anger toward Nicole until he could forgive her, but he became angry at the person he'd become when he was unable to forgive her. Serena asked if Eric wanted to be a priest again but felt he had to sort out his feelings for Nicole first. Eric clarified that he couldn't be a priest again because of his "core anger." Serena emphasized that Eric wouldn't be human if he weren't angry because of what Nicole and Kristen had done to him. Eric maintained that the experience had changed him, and he looked at the world and the people in it with hate.

"You can't be a priest when you hate," Eric pointed out. Serena urged him to give himself a break. "I'm not telling you this to get your sympathy; I'm trying to tell you that I've lost all ability to love and trust anyone," Eric declared. He added that as wonderful as it was to see Serena again, he couldn't bear the thought of hurting her again. Serena noted that Eric had been a bit of a "bad boy" in Africa, but she had fallen in love with the good, decent person inside him.

Serena asserted that she hadn't gone to Salem to get Eric back -- and she wasn't even sure she wanted him back -- but they could be friends and just see what happened. She assured him that she understood his inability to trust, but she hoped that could change. "Maybe one day you can feel strongly again," Serena suggested. Eric admitted that he hoped he could. "I hope so -- because Eric, you are worth the fight," Serena said softly as she got up and left.

Nicole went to the hospital to look for Daniel, but a nurse informed her that Daniel had gone to St. Mary's for a consult. As Nicole was leaving and looking down at her phone, she bumped right into Serena.

. . .

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