Wednesday, September 24, 2014

When Chad arrived at Will and Sonny's apartment, he spotted a framed cover of TruVista magazine. Will explained that his editor had given it to him. He added sardonically that no one involved wanted to forget about his article. Chad congratulated Will on his move to Sonix. Will broke the news that Zoe wanted him to do a cover article for Sonix -- about Chad.

Chad guessed that, after the first article, Will was very much in demand as a writer and the DiMeras had become a hot topic. Chad also presumed that Will's next article would be about what he'd been doing since leaving Salem -- and how he felt about his brother having sex with the woman Chad had been in love with. Chad wasn't sure how comfortable he was sharing his feelings in print.

Will completely understood, but he cautioned Chad that even if Will didn't write the article, someone else would -- someone who would not work as hard as Will to protect Chad. Chad asserted that perhaps Will should write about something a little less close to home for his second piece. Will assured Chad that he would try to be fair and accurate in writing the article because they were friends, plus Chad was Sonny's business partner.

Pointing out that the article would be good for Will's career, Chad asked, "What do I get out of it? A little payback?" Will said that he had already hurt Abigail, so if that were what Chad wanted, Chad should get someone else to write it. Chad asked if Will had to protect E.J. Will pointed out, "Well, if I'm quoting you, then they're your words, not mine." Chad agreed to think about it and get back to Will.

In Horton Square, Kristen couldn't resist taunting Theresa that John was waking up from his coma. Theresa maintained that she was thrilled for Brady, especially since she was the one who'd been with him throughout the ordeal. Kristen wondered why Theresa wasn't at the hospital with Brady if she were really so supportive of him. Theresa said that Brady had reacted very protectively of her when he'd learned that Kristen had threatened her. Kristen snidely encouraged Theresa to go find Brady at the hospital so they could hear what John had to say.

Kristen phoned Stefano from her hotel room later and asserted that what John Black said when he woke up could have a profound effect on how Brady felt about everything. After cautioning Kristen that even the best plans could go awry, Stefano informed her that he'd just sent something to her phone to remind her never to overestimate her position. Kristen looked down at her phone and recoiled in horror when she saw a photo of Susan Banks.

"Honestly, isn't it enough that I see her in my nightmares? That horrible creature you found?" Kristen complained. Stefano reminded Kristen, "That horrible creature undid both of us." Kristen declared that she didn't care about Susan or her weird obsession with John; Kristen only cared about Brady.

Daniel was in his office at the hospital, dictating notes about John's possible recovery. He pondered Kristen's suspicions that it had really been Theresa, not Brady, who had struck John on the head and put him in the coma.

Hope ran into Marlena near the nurses' station after hearing the news that John was waking up. Marlena admitted that she was trying to prepare herself because there were no guarantees about what -- or whom -- John would remember. Hope was optimistic that John would return to Marlena and urged Marlena to have faith.

As Brady was leaving John's room, John managed, "Son?" Stunned, Brady eagerly rushed back to John's bedside. He was overjoyed when he realized that although John was groggy, he clearly recognized Brady. Brady asked if John knew where he was or what had happened to him. Before John could answer, Marlena entered the room. "Hey, Doc," John rasped, to Marlena and Brady's elation.

Daniel walked in, and Brady informed him that John had recognized Marlena and Brady. A pleased Daniel asked the others to wait outside while he examined John. Once he was alone with his patient, Daniel asked John to open his eyes. John greeted the doctor with a whispered, "Hey, Daniel." Daniel asked if John remembered what had happened to him.

Daniel exited John's room and cautioned Brady and Marlena that communication was still exhausting for John. He advised them that he was going to restrict John's visitors to just Marlena and Brady, because Daniel knew he could trust them to let John get the rest he needed to recover. While Marlena returned to John's room to sit with him while he slept, Daniel urged Brady to have patience with John. Theresa got off the elevator just as Brady was expressing his determination to apologize for what he'd done to his father. Asserting that Brady absolutely should not do that, Daniel took Brady to his office so he could explain why.

In Daniel's office, Daniel cautioned Brady against bombarding John with questions because John could be disoriented and confused for a while. Daniel made Brady promise to allow John to remember things at his own pace and not to plant suggestions in John's head. Brady assured Daniel that he would do whatever Daniel instructed. After Daniel reassured him that John would not slip back into the coma, Brady noted that a lot of people would be very glad to hear that. Daniel had to head home because Chloe was dropping Parker off.

Marlena found Theresa rifling through some files at the nurses' station and asked what Theresa was doing there. "I work here," Theresa reminded her, adding that she'd been thrilled when she'd heard that John was awake. "Funny -- you don't look thrilled. You look a little scared," Marlena remarked. Theresa clarified that she was concerned about Brady having to relive "that horrible night," and she didn't think it would really be good for John, either. Brady returned just then, and Marlena asked him to sit with John while she went to tell Sami the good news. Brady said that was the only place he wanted to be.

After Marlena left, Theresa cautioned Brady that he shouldn't listen to anything John had to say. She explained that she was worried John would try to make Brady feel bad about what had happened. Brady asserted that he had to own what he'd done, but Theresa reminded him that he already had. "You feel so guilty, and you're acting like everything that happened that night is all your fault and it's only your fault. You seem to skip over how he acted," Theresa stressed.

Brady pointed out that he had been so high that night that he didn't remember how John had acted. Theresa anxiously wondered what would happen if John tried to paint a different picture about what had happened that night because he wanted to make someone else pay for his mistake. Brady asserted firmly that John would not lie. "My father loves me, and whatever he has to say to me in there, I'm going to deal with it," Brady declared. He went into John's room before Theresa could protest. A nurse passed by Theresa just then with a rolling cart full of syringes, I.V. bags, and other medical supplies.

At his sleeping father's bedside, Brady observed that John's hands were cold, so he left the room to get another blanket for John. As soon as the door closed behind Brady, Theresa crept in through the room's other door. "Well, it's now or never," she said to herself and removed a filled syringe from her purse. Hands trembling, she took a deep breath, uncapped the needle, and began to inject it into John's I.V. line.

Daniel was at home when there was a knock at the door. He flung it open eagerly, expecting to see Parker, but he found Kristen on the doorstep instead. She wanted to know what was going on with John. Since Daniel knew that it would be public knowledge soon, he informed Kristen that John had awakened and recognized Brady, Marlena, and Daniel. "That's wonderful!" Kristen enthused. She thanked Daniel for sharing the information, but he requested a favor from her in exchange.

Kristen surmised that Daniel wanted her help to prove that Theresa was the one who had put John in the coma. Instead, Daniel warned Kristen to leave Brady alone -- not just for Brady's sake, but for hers, as well. Daniel suggested that Kristen leave Salem because her continuing to stay would be bad for both Brady and Kristen. Daniel added that he could tell that Kristen still loved Brady, but he warned her that no matter what she did, Brady would never take her back. Kristen refused to accept that.

Daniel pointed out that Kristen was a beautiful, smart woman, and she would find someone else to love whom she didn't feel the need to manipulate or use to get back at an ex-lover. Daniel urged Kristen to move on. Looking seductively at Daniel, Kristen interpreted his suggestions to mean that instead of a boy, she needed a man who could handle her. "I had no idea that you were so interested, Doctor Jonas," Kristen said coyly, tugging on his shirt collar.

"In your wildest dreams," Daniel said, pushing Kristen away. Chuckling, Kristen announced that she wasn't going anywhere. "So you can go ahead and worry about Brady, I will worry about me, and Theresa, she can just worry -- a lot," Kristen declared on her way out the door.

Hope went to the Brady Pub to give Caroline the good news that John was waking up from his coma. Although she was pleased to hear about John, Caroline guessed that wasn't the only reason Hope had gone to see her. Caroline was worried that Hope had gotten bad news about Bo. Hope reassured Caroline that nothing had changed; they still didn't know where Bo was, what he was doing, or when or even if he would return. Hope stated that she loved Caroline, who had always made Hope feel like a part of Bo's family.

Hope continued that she had prayed every day since Bo had left that he would return to her and Ciara, but she had lost faith that it would ever happen. Stopping Hope before she could say anything further, Caroline concluded that Hope had decided that she could no longer wait for Bo. "Not like this. He's deserted me. Caroline, I can't not know what my life is... I'm filing for divorce," Hope said sadly.

In bed at the DiMera mansion, E.J. told Sami that he wouldn't be able to recover if he lost her again -- but he had to be completely honest with her so there would be no more secrets between them. E.J. confessed that he'd known about what Kristen had done to Eric because she'd told him about it just before her wedding, but E.J. had kept it from Sami. E.J. explained that Kristen had sworn that she'd deeply regretted what she'd done to Eric and she had really loved Brady, and E.J. had lied to Sami -- with whom things had not been going well -- to try to hold on to her, not to cover for Kristen.

E.J. continued that he was telling Sami the truth because he needed her to see that he could be honest with her, even though he was aware that it might be more than she could stand. Sami revealed that she had known the truth for a while, but she'd realized that he would have done something about it if he'd been able to. "It was that lie that started everything," E.J. acknowledged. Sami reassured him that she had gotten the retribution out of her system. She admitted that his honesty meant a great deal to her because it showed her that he really wanted to make things work.

After Sami and E.J. had sex again, Sami noted wryly that their families might not exactly rejoice about their reunion. E.J. joked that he preferred it when it was the two of them against the world. Sami wondered how they would tell E.J.'s father. E.J. reminded Sami that she was the mother of Stefano's grandchildren, plus Stefano understood and even admired being motivated by the desire for revenge, as Sami had been. E.J. was certain that, in time, Stefano would forgive Sami.

Harold called E.J. just then to let him and Sami know that Marlena was on her way to the mansion. Sami guessed that Marlena had talked to Roman and wanted to lecture Sami that she was making a huge mistake. Sami declared that it didn't matter because she was the only one who could decide whom to love.

When Marlena arrived a little later, Sami explained that E.J. had gone so they could talk in private. It took a moment for it to sink in when Marlena announced that John was awake, but once it did, an elated Sami jumped up and down and embraced her mom. Marlena wondered why E.J. had left them alone. Sami explained that she'd assumed Roman had talked to Marlena, and that Marlena was there to tell Sami that she was being an "idiot."

Marlena pointed out, "Sami, what you are is a grownup, and if you decide that E.J. is what you want and he's going to make you happy, you're deciding that with your eyes wide open -- and all I have ever wanted for you in your whole life is for you to be utterly happy." Moved to tears, Sami said that she was happy. She threw her arms around her mom gratefully.

Chad spotted E.J. leaving a very expensive store in Horton Square. "So, is that a bribe to get Sami to take you back or a payoff because she already has?" Chad inquired. E.J. declared that his relationship with Samantha was none of Chad's business. Chad countered that they were family, so everything E.J. did was Chad's concern. Chad commended his brother, "High marks on some world-class philandering. Not many guys could do it with the brother's girlfriend, the wife's maid of honor, get it immortalized in print, and still get the wife back. So you must be really good in...negotiations."

"If you wish to keep living in that house, I suggest you start treating Samantha and myself with a little more respect," E.J. cautioned. Chad asserted that respect had to be earned. As he walked away, E.J. noted that it was nice to see that Chad had finally grown up. Chad called Will and said, "That article you wanted to write? Let's do it."

. . .

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