Wednesday, March 25, 2015

At the Horton house, Abigail asked J.J. to carry some boxes to her car because they were too heavy for her, and she was late for work. As J.J. picked up the cartons, Abigail opened the front door and revealed Paige on the doorstep. Abigail invited Paige inside for some breakfast while the girls waited for J.J. to move the boxes.

After Paige went inside, Abigail teased her brother about how his face had lit up when he'd seen Paige. Abigail peppered J.J. with questions, including whether he and Paige were back together. J.J. refused to discuss it other than to say he had never wanted anything more in his life. Abigail kissed J.J. on the cheek and hurried out.

Paige explained to J.J. that the reason she'd dropped by without calling first was to tell him that she'd told Cole that she and J.J. were thinking about getting back together, but she also wanted to tell J.J. about her talk with her mother. Paige noted with surprise that her mom hadn't really reacted other than to listen, and J.J. guessed that Eve had been too upset to talk. Paige pointed out that she and her mom had no chance of repairing their relationship if they weren't honest with one another. After Paige and J.J. kissed, she admitted that she'd really missed doing that. They agreed to get together again after Paige was finished babysitting for Parker.

Eve was on a park bench, listening to music through her earbuds with her eyes closed. When Jennifer plopped down on the bench and Eve didn't react or even open her eyes, Jennifer rudely yanked out one of the earbuds so the women could talk about their children. Although Eve was more than a little annoyed, Jennifer began by announcing brightly, "J.J. and Paige got back together last night!" Eve maintained that Paige was only considering it, but Eve guessed that Jennifer wanted her to keep her mouth shut and continue lying to Paige.

"You've been lying since the first time you took my son into your bed," Jennifer pointed out. She emphasized that she would tell Paige the truth if Eve didn't keep her word that she would not to interfere in J.J. and Paige's relationship. Eve imploringly maintained that J.J. was only going to break Paige's heart again, but Jennifer was unmoved. Eve predicted that J.J. and Paige's relationship would be over quickly because J.J. ruined everything he touched.

Eve continued that, instead of taking after Jack, as she'd always believed, J.J. was actually just like Jennifer. Refusing to take the bait, Jennifer declared, "I don't care what you say about me; I don't care what you think about me. All I care is that you keep your mouth shut and you stay away from my son. Do I really need to add, 'or else'?" Jennifer strolled away, leaving Eve fuming under her breath, "Bitch!"

In Jennifer's office at the hospital later, Abigail informed her mom that Paige had shown up at the house earlier. Abigail added that she suspected there was still a lot J.J. hadn't told her about what had happened. Jennifer urged Abigail to give J.J. some space to work things out. When Jennifer mentioned Daniel, Abigail guessed that her mom knew the whole story but agreed not to bug J.J.

In the Salem University student union, J.J. sent his mom a text message after digging unsuccessfully through his backpack. "Hey Mom, left my history notes in your car. Where are you??" the message read. As J.J. was about to leave, Eve showed up and sat in the chair next to him. Eve announced that she needed to see J.J. He warned her, "Not only do I not want to see you, I told my mom that I wouldn't, so go on, okay?"

Eve demanded to know how J.J. had managed to get Paige to buy his "bull." "It wasn't bull; it was the truth. I told her I loved her," J.J. said before noting, "You still want something from me. What the hell is it, Eve?" Jennifer arrived just then with J.J.'s notes and stared with disbelief at her son and Eve.

At Club TBD, Nicole complained that Daniel had been pushing her away, but then he'd gotten jealous when he'd seen her giving her card to a guy. "This is not about some random guy. This is about..." Daniel began, his voice trailing off when he spotted Eric walking in. Eric strolled over and affably greeted the pair, but their response was on the icy side, so Eric headed to the bar to place his coffee order. Abruptly announcing that he needed to be at home with Parker, Daniel got up and left.

A bewildered Nicole chased Daniel outside and reiterated that he was continuing to push her away. Daniel argued that he wasn't going to let her talk him into a relationship when he was clearly still playing "second fiddle" to Eric. Nicole insisted -- again -- that she was over Eric. Daniel maintained that nothing would convince him of that until it was a reality and Nicole truly felt it; then he would be able to feel it, as well.

"Maybe this isn't about Eric. It's about Chloe," Nicole said with sudden realization. She guessed that things hadn't worked out with Daniel and Jennifer because he'd kept her at arm's length to keep Jennifer from hurting him the way Chloe had. Shaking his head incredulously, Daniel stalked off without a word. "Oh, what? You can analyze me, but not vice versa?" Nicole called after him.

Nicole headed back inside and asked Eric, "You know that I've let go of what we had together, right? That I've completely accepted that it's over between us, right?" Eric replied, "I think you have." Nicole asked if he would tell that to Daniel. Eric asserted that Nicole had to show Daniel that she was over Eric by being straightforward and honest -- like Serena. Although irked, Nicole conceded that she should be more straightforward with Daniel, but she warned Eric that Serena was lying to him.

After recounting what Eric had told her about the elephants, Nicole asserted that Serena actually could not have lost her elephant statue, as she'd claimed, because Nicole had seen Serena with two identical elephants -- which meant Serena had lied to Eric. Nicole acknowledged, "It's a really stupid thing to lie about, and we both know that Serena is not a stupid person, but for some reason, she wants you to think that she lost hers."

Eric suggested that Nicole had simply been mistaken about seeing two elephants, but Nicole was certain. "Don't hold her up to me as some paragon of honesty and directness, because there's something about this whole thing that just isn't adding up," Nicole declared. Pointing out that it was all just Nicole's opinion, Eric left. Nicole got out her laptop and opened a search engine. "You know what will happen if you do this. It'll all blow up in your face, just like it always does. Eh, why change now?" Nicole muttered to herself as she typed "Serena Mason" into the online form.

When Paige arrived at Daniel's to babysit Parker, Daniel seemed happy to hear that she and J.J. were starting to work things out. Daniel informed Paige that he'd gotten permission from another doctor for her to observe an endoscopy at the hospital. A grateful Paige admitted that she was sorry for what she'd once thought about Daniel. She explained that she'd once believed he'd been sleeping with her mom. Daniel asked why she'd thought that.

Paige explained that Eve had been really upset after learning she couldn't have the vocal cord surgery. When Paige had gotten home that night, it had been obvious someone had been in her mom's bedroom because a leather jacket, which Paige had thought was Daniel's, had been in the kitchen, and Eve had really not wanted Paige to know who'd been in the bedroom. Daniel assured Paige that it hadn't been him, but Paige had already figured that out. "My mom said [the coat] was not yours, so whoever was in the bedroom just happened to have one just like it," Paige said.

Daniel and Paige shared an awkward laugh over the case of mistaken identity. As Paige headed into the bedroom to say hello to Parker, Daniel wondered who had been at Eve's that night who also had great taste in leather jackets. He suddenly remembered that J.J. had borrowed the jacket prior to that night, and when Daniel had offered the coat to J.J. later, J.J. had flatly refused to take it. Daniel's eyes widened as the truth seemed to dawn on him.

Xander, the man with the accent who had flirted with Nicole at Club TBD earlier, showed up at Serena's hotel room. Xander noted somewhat darkly that it had been a long time. "Not long enough," Serena retorted. Xander declared that they had business to settle right away. When he insinuated that he and Serena had once been intimate, she countered that had been in the past. Serena made it clear she was none too pleased that Xander had sent Navidad to approach Eric and ransack Serena's room.

Moving behind the chair where Serena had sat down and kneading her shoulders, Xander asserted that it had been necessary to ensure she wasn't playing him. Xander's touch clearly made Serena's skin crawl, because she grimaced and dug her nails into the tabletop before extricating herself from his grasp and crossing to the opposite side of the room. She insisted that she had been nothing but honest with him since he'd first told her about the scheme.

Xander was skeptical that Serena had truly been on board for the whole plan, noting, "You were fine smuggling the diamonds out of Africa but had second thoughts about giving them back to me." Serena reminded him that she had waited years after they were no longer connected to hear from him again, as he'd instructed, so he could make sure Interpol wasn't onto them. Xander countered that Serena's story -- that she had only realized she had the wrong elephant when she'd finally gone to get the statue with the diamonds inside out of storage -- strained credulity.

Xander added that Serena's life had been in danger from the moment he'd given her the diamonds, and he'd looked forward to seeing an end to that. "Things could have gone very, very badly for a beautiful woman like you. Sadly, they still could," Xander warned. Serena argued that if she'd intended to double-cross Xander, she would simply have fled with the diamonds instead of letting him know where she was. She insisted that the elephants had simply gotten mixed up when she and Eric had said goodbye in Africa, and she reminded Xander that he'd seen the picture of the elephant on Eric's website.

Serena continued that she'd had to be careful while trying to get the statue back from Eric. Xander taunted her about how difficult it had to have been to get her gullible mark, an ex-priest, back into bed without letting on that she was a liar. "Shut up!" Serena yelled. "Don't ever talk to me like that again!" Xander shouted back, charging toward her menacingly. Lowering his voice to an ominous whisper, Xander warned Serena that there could be no more delays, or she would be very sorry.

With no indication that she feared Xander, Serena stated that she was not stalling. "I don't think it's ever taken you more than an hour to get a man into bed. It's been months. No, I'm sorry. Your time's up," Xander said. Serena acknowledged that it had taken a long time, but she assured Xander that everything was fine. Concluding that Serena had gotten the diamonds back, Xander ordered her to hand them over. "No," Serena refused simply.

Serena declared that she would not return the diamonds until Xander convinced her that Eric would be safe and she would get her promised two hundred thousand dollars. Xander threatened to tear the room apart again, but Serena calmly informed him that the diamonds weren't there. Xander ordered her to take him to the diamonds right that minute. Serena tried to refuse, but Xander charged over to the door and flung it open -- revealing a startled Eric in the hallway.

In the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Maggie wondered where Melanie had gone, since she'd just been heading downstairs to see Brady. Maggie reported that Melanie's car was gone, and she'd left Brady's phone on the hall table upstairs. A perplexed Brady tried to call Melanie but got her voicemail. He guessed she had gone to see Theresa. Maggie admitted that she was glad for a moment alone with Brady because she'd been worried about him. Brady agreed that he'd been a little concerned, as well, until he'd learned there had been nothing in his system but the tranquilizer.

Maggie clarified that she wanted to talk about Melanie. She explained that she knew it could be complicated, even risky, when friends became something more. "Especially when one of those friends is an addict," Brady acknowledged. He reassured Maggie that hurting Melanie was the last thing he wanted to do.

Maggie admitted that she'd been a little on edge since Sonny's attack. Brady apologized for not thinking about that when he'd asked her to keep his own attack a secret from Victor, but Brady hadn't been hurt physically. Maggie wondered if that had been intentional, to discredit Brady and make him look bad. Brady said Theresa was at the top of the list of people who hated him, but he really didn't think she'd attacked him. Maggie asked if it could have been Kristen. "It's her style, but she's long gone," Brady pointed out. "We hope," Maggie added.

As Clint was leaving Theresa's apartment, where Theresa was unconscious in the bedroom, he literally ran into Melanie in the hallway and dropped the vials containing Brady and Theresa's blood. While Clint retrieved the vials and stuffed them into his backpack, Melanie asked why had had them. "Guess what. That's none of your business, bitch," Clint declared, adding an ominous warning that Melanie should leave before he lost his temper.

Pushing past Clint into the apartment, Melanie said she wasn't going anywhere until he explained why he had the blood vials. Clint claimed he was a veterinarian and needed to take the blood to the lab because he'd made a house call earlier. Not buying that for a minute, Melanie began calling for Theresa. Clint ordered Melanie to shut up because Theresa was "sleeping it off" after partying too hard the night before. As Clint headed for the door, Melanie tried to grab his backpack so she could inspect its contents.

"You're really getting on my nerves!" Clint growled, just as a groggy Theresa staggered out of the bedroom and asked why Melanie kept showing up. Melanie revealed that she'd seen the text message Theresa had sent to Brady earlier that morning, noting that its content might upset Clint. Theresa tried to attack Melanie but lost her balance, causing Melanie to ask if Theresa were still drunk. Fed up with Melanie's nosiness, Clint manhandled her out the door and slammed it behind her.

"What the hell is going on?" a bemused Theresa asked. Clint apologetically informed Theresa that he had to go, but first he helped her get back in bed. She fell asleep almost instantly. "Thank God. One bitch is gone; the other's passed out. I can finally get the hell out of here," Clint muttered as he grabbed his backpack and headed out.

A little later, Theresa stumbled back into the living room, looking for Clint. When there was a knock at the door, she had to hang onto furniture she passed in order to answer it. "Oh, God, why are you here again?" Theresa demanded tiredly when she found Melanie in the hallway. Theresa said she'd just seen Clint leave. Theresa tried to warn Melanie that Clint would be right back, but Theresa suddenly gagged, clamped her hand over her mouth, and ran for the bathroom. Melanie entered the apartment and found Clint's goodbye note.

Melanie read the note and muttered, "Oh, boy, Clint's not coming back, Theresa -- ever. And lucky me, I have a new patient." She headed down the hall to check on Theresa, who had climbed back into bed. Melanie fetched a glass of water and encouraged Theresa to drink it to rehydrate herself. When she couldn't awaken Theresa, Melanie tried shaking her -- and spotted a needle mark on the inside of Theresa's elbow. "Okay, so Clint took blood from you and Brady. Why?" Melanie wondered aloud.

. . .

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