Wednesday, February 10, 2016

In Chad's room at the bed and breakfast, Abigail and Chad looked at pictures of Thomas. Chad pensively noted that he would do everything possible to make sure Thomas was always happy. When Chad mentioned having the perfect place for all of them to live, Abigail admitted that she didn't believe that Andre and Stefano would really stay away once Chad bought the house. Chad started to argue his case again but stopped and said that, instead of discussing the DiMera family, he would rather talk about his family with Abigail. Abigail agreeably kissed him.

After she fell asleep, Abigail awakened and found Chad giving Thomas a bottle. Chad said quietly that he and Thomas were having some "man-to-man time" and encouraged Abigail to go back to sleep. She curled up under the covers and pretended to sleep. In a soft voice, Chad told Thomas a story about an evil king and his two sons, one of whom was trying to be a good man, but the other son was as evil as the king.

The story ended with the good prince resisting the evil prince's influence because of the love of a woman from the village. "So, together, they fought back against the evil prince and won. And to this day, he's happy, at peace, and so in love with her and their beautiful son," the story concluded. As Chad was putting Thomas in his crib, Abigail tiptoed out of bed and told Chad that his story had been beautiful. She declared that she couldn't wait to marry Chad. "Let's go somewhere, just you and me and Thomas. Let's elope -- let's go to Paris, just like you said, okay? I want to marry you as soon as I can," Abigail announced quietly but excitedly.

At Club TBD, Shawn questioned Belle about the expensive ring she'd purchased for herself. Belle bristled, grousing that she was making a good living, and Shawn had no right to interrogate her. Shawn quietly stated that he loved Belle and was just concerned about her choices. He offered to help Belle if she'd done something shady. Belle irritably asserted that she could take care of herself -- without Shawn's attitude. Belle stormed out.

Lani appeared and asked if Shawn wanted company. "Sure," Shawn mumbled gloomily. As the two talked about Lani's promotion, Shawn cautioned her not to bury herself in work, as he'd done, because he'd lost his family because of it.

At the Kiriakis mansion, while Victor was upbraiding Philip for allowing Titan's biggest competitor to take over another company, Deimos arrived. Philip urged his father not to believe a word Deimos said, but Deimos contended that Philip had been working for him. Deimos informed Victor about the girl overdosing in Philip's hotel room, and because Deimos had gotten Philip out of the jam, Philip was in Deimos' debt -- which was why Philip had agreed to return to Salem and spy on his father. Victor turned to Philip and angrily demanded, "Is it true?" Philip confirmed that it was.

Victor ordered Deimos, "Get the hell out of my house. Next time I see you is going to be at your funeral -- which may be sooner than you think." As Deimos strolled out, he urged Victor, "Go gentle on my nephew." Philip offered to explain what had happened, but Victor cut him off. "There is no explanation! I brought you here, I put you in charge of Titan -- a business I spent a lifetime building -- and you betray me. You betray me!" Victor seethed, unable to contain his fury.

Philip admitted that he'd screwed up, but Victor declared, "This is Philip following a pattern. Everything I've given you, you've thrown away -- over and over again. Well, no more. You're fired." Victor continued that he didn't know how to handle the personal side of their problems, but it would have to wait until another day. "Dad, I love you," Philip said earnestly. "Good for you. Get out," Victor growled. Crushed, Philip obeyed.

Later, Belle found Philip moping in the park and asked what was wrong. Philip explained that Deimos had told Victor everything before Philip could explain. "He hates me now," Philip concluded bleakly. Belle reassured Philip, "He's going to come around," but Philip didn't think so. "I bet this was Deimos' plan right from the start. He just wanted to break me. He wanted to do it in front of my dad, to hurt him, too," Philip speculated. He added that he'd seen the look in Victor's eyes and would continue to see it for the rest of his life.

On the phone at the Kiriakis mansion, Victor said, "I have a problem that I need to go away -- permanently." He reflected on his conversations with his brother since Deimos had arrived in Salem. Meanwhile, Deimos sat on the bed in his hotel room, flipping through the pictures of Victor's loved ones. As he picked up the photo of Philip and ripped it into pieces, he said, "And so it begins."

Eduardo was alone at Club TBD, drinking wine, when Rafe arrived. Eduardo said he'd discovered the wine during the worst year of his life, and it had always reminded him that great things could happen if one were patient and willing to change. Rafe took a sip when Eduardo offered and sat down with his father when Eduardo invited him. As the men sipped Merlot, Eduardo asked about Rafe's mother. Rafe said she was in Monterrey, caring for his ill Tía Estrella.

Gabi breezed in after a photo shoot and voiced her surprise that Rafe and Eduardo were drinking together. Eduardo invited her to join them and have dinner with them. Eduardo asked Gabi about Dario, and she said he'd been working for Titan Industries in Argentina, but she thought he might have resigned. Rafe discouraged his father from trying to contact Dario, who had been stuck looking after their mother after Eduardo had left them.

When Gabi stepped away to call her sitter, Eduardo asked if something were troubling Rafe -- like a woman. Rafe found it amusing that Eduardo wanted to give him advice about women -- but he appreciated the gesture and the shared meal. Rafe lightly cautioned Eduardo, "But just so you know, what you want, it's still a hell of a long way off." Eduardo sloshed the rest of the bottle of wine into their glasses.

Gabi returned and apologetically announced that she had to leave to help put Arianna to sleep. Eduardo declared that he was very proud of how Gabi was raising her daughter. As Eduardo paid the tab, he advised Rafe, "I let what I thought was important -- my job -- ruin my life. So, whoever it is that you're worried about, reach out. Don't wait." After Eduardo left, Rafe sat back down and looked contemplatively at his phone.

Andre took Chase to the park outside Horton Square so they could talk and Chase could eat the food that Andre had bought for him. When Chase pointed out that the wound on Andre's face was bleeding, Andre was impressed that his injury didn't repulse Chase even a little bit. "I'm going to make an assumption, that you, in your young age, have had your share of darkness," Andre mused. When Andre asked, Chase confirmed that he knew who Andre was, adding, "Hope says you want to hurt us all."

Andre was surprised that Hope hadn't given her children an early curfew. Chase explained that Hope had guards watching the house, although he was more like a houseguest. Andre chortled when Chase said he'd managed to slip past the guards. "You and I, we have something in common... We don't like to be told how to behave," Andre said, laughing harder. Andre remarked that it had to be hard for Chase to live with his stepmother in the home of the man who'd killed Chase's father -- but at least Chase got to see "the lovely Ciara" every day.

Chase didn't think Ciara would ever return his feelings, but Andre assured the boy that things could change. "Not for me... I'm just like my dad. I can promise, and I can try really, really hard, but something happens and I hurt people," Chase said. Andre suggested that Chase only hurt people who'd hurt him. Chase wondered why Andre was being so nice to him. Andre explained that when he had been younger, he'd been alone and misunderstood, and he'd wished for someone to talk to.

"That's why, if you need someone that you want to confide in, someone who will not judge you, that person is me. Call me," Andre encouraged Chase with seeming kindness. Andre programmed his number into Chase's phone and urged the boy to call if he ever needed to talk. "It's good to have a friend," Chase admitted. Andre pointed out that Hope hated him, so Chase shouldn't tell her or Ciara that he and Andre had talked. As Chase started to head back to the house, he almost left his backpack behind, but Andre stopped him to return it.

Andre returned to the DiMera mansion and examined his wound, which had started bleeding again. As he dabbed at the blood with a handkerchief, he muttered, "You did this, you bitch. What you did to my family... I hope you're saying your prayers tonight, Hope, because you're going to find out what hell is all about."

Hope was dozing on the couch, having a nightmare about Andre holding a knife to Ciara's throat. Hope awakened with a loud, terrified gasp. Ciara heard her mom and went into the living room to ask if Hope were all right. Hope said she'd just had a bad dream but couldn't recall what it had been about. While Ciara and Hope got ready to play poker, Ciara confided that Theo had told her that he had feelings for her.

Ciara surprised Hope by adding that Chase also liked her, and Ciara knew that if she started dating anyone, it would really bother Chase. Ciara admitted that she had no idea what to do about Theo. Hope recommended, "Never do anything that doesn't feel completely right, honey. And you know what? Don't be afraid to wait and take your time." Ciara beat her mom at their sixth game of poker and proclaimed that Hope owed her thirty bucks.

Chase walked in the front door just then, and Hope demanded to know where he'd gone and why. Chase insisted that he'd just wanted some fresh air and didn't understand why Hope was so upset. "You're not my mom! I don't need you worrying about me or telling me I need to be scared all the time. I can take care of myself. I'm here, I'm fine, so back off!" Chase declared defiantly before tossing his backpack on the floor and heading upstairs.

Ciara promised to keep an ear out for Chase in case he decided to leave again. "You seem kind of upset now -- so why don't you call Rafe? He always seems to calm you down," Ciara suggested. She hugged Hope and went upstairs. Hope got out her phone and stared at the screen for a moment.

Rafe was at the police station, trying to work, but he kept sleepily rubbing his eyes and nearly nodded off. He fantasized that Hope showed up and kissed him. Lani arrived and snapped Rafe out of his reverie. She encouraged him to leave the files until morning. After Lani walked away, Rafe got a text message from Hope, letting him know that everyone at her house was in bed and that she would see him the next day. Rafe switched off his desk lamp and left.

In Chase's backpack in Hope's living room, his cell phone began to ring. Suddenly, the pack caught fire, burning quickly and hotly, the flames licking up the wall, nearly to the ceiling.

. . .

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