Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Caroline entered the Martin house, and once again, she heard a music box playing "Für Elise" and saw Shawn's reflection in the foyer mirror. Angrily calling Shawn a "banshee," Caroline told him that it wasn't her time because her family needed her. She easily recalled the names and problems of her children and grandchildren. "It's not my time, you understand? You get out of here!" Caroline shouted at the mirror.

Julie walked in just then and gently touched Caroline on the shoulders, and Caroline's aural and visual hallucinations vanished. Staring at the mirror in confusion, Caroline mumbled, "I'm not done yet." A concerned Julie called Kayla.

At the hospital, Victor demanded to know where Caroline was. Kayla explained that they had sent Caroline home because there was nothing more they could do for her. Kayla admitted that she hadn't been able to lie to her mother, although Caroline's condition was getting worse. Victor assured Kayla that she was a good daughter and had handled the situation well -- and he was sure that Caroline would get better. Kayla impatiently cautioned Victor that there was nothing new in the field of degenerative neurological disorders.

Kayla got Julie's call just then. After filling Kayla in that they were at the Martin mansion, Julie reported that Caroline had called her but had seemed surprised when Julie had shown up. Kayla could hear her mother in the background, yelling at Shawn. Kayla promised that she would be there right away, and Victor said he would go, too.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie and Hope started making plans for Hope's wedding. Hope remarked that she thought having her wedding during the bicentennial celebration would help to make Aiden feel more like a part of the family and the community. Hope admitted that, even though Rafe was the lead detective on the serial murder case, she had still been working long hours -- and until Rafe was convinced Chad had done it, she was keeping an open mind about who'd committed the murders.

Hope asserted that Rafe was a great detective had to be because he had a lot to prove -- especially to Justin. Hope declared that Rafe would soon solve the case, and then everyone would know, as she did, what a fantastic cop he was. Maggie and Hope began discussing the costumes for the celebration. Since Maggie didn't think most people would enjoy the nineteenth-century dress, she suggested they go with a 1960s theme, when the mansion had last been in use. Hope got excited when Maggie did a web search for clothing from that era.

When Kayla and Victor arrived at the Martin house, Caroline was sitting in the foyer with her back to the mirror. She didn't recognize either Victor or Kayla. Pointing over her shoulder at the mirror, Caroline said, "I'm trying to get rid of the old man... That's Shawn, my old man. He's gone over to the other side. He's trying to drag me with him!" Kayla knelt in front of her mother and asked if Caroline knew her. Caroline said she recognized Kayla but didn't know from where. Crying and trying not to completely break down, Kayla explained, "I'm your daughter, Kayla."

Caroline repeated that she wasn't going anywhere because her family needed her. Victor introduced himself to Caroline, and she seemed to recognize him. Taking her hands and helping her out of the chair, Victor reassured her that she wasn't going anywhere.

Hope and Maggie had fun looking at photos of wedding gowns from the '60s. Hope dreamily noted that she could visualize Aiden in a "Rat Pack" tuxedo. While the women were discussing where people would find appropriate costumes, Dr. Pedro Salinas arrived to see Victor. As Maggie shook the doctor's hand, she asked if Victor was expecting him. "He flew me in from Peru. He said it was an emergency," Salinas explained.

Although Hope was puzzled, Maggie immediately called Victor and informed him that Dr. Salinas had arrived. Relieved, Victor instructed Maggie to get Salinas settled and have the doctor join them at the hospital later, because he was about to take Caroline there. When Victor learned that Hope was with Maggie, he told his wife, "Bring her along. Caroline needs all the people she loves near her now."

Hope and Maggie got off the elevator at the hospital just as Julie, Victor, and Kayla arrived with Caroline. As Kayla took Caroline to get her settled in a room, Maggie and Hope realized that Caroline hadn't known who they were. Julie described how she'd found Caroline arguing with Shawn as if he'd been in the room. Victor explained that Dr. Salinas had been doing some cutting-edge research about Caroline's condition and had developed an experimental protocol that had been somewhat successful. Victor was hopeful that the doctor's research could cure Caroline.

Hope and Maggie were worried about Caroline undergoing an unproven, experimental treatment. Victor pointed out that Caroline's condition was deteriorating rapidly, so they needed to begin treatment right away. Julie agreed. As the others were discussing the treatment, Kayla returned and overheard. "You want to try an experimental treatment on my mother? Over my dead body!" Kayla warned.

Stefano was in his wheelchair in the DiMera study, taking a hit off his oxygen mask, when Aiden entered. Aiden asked why Stefano had summoned him. When André entered and referred to the proceedings as a "business meeting," Aiden objected that he didn't have any business with André, whose identity Aiden still didn't know. André maintained that while Stefano was recovering, he would be handling Stefano's affairs.

Aiden wanted to know why the DiMeras had bought his debts. André explained that they had wanted to lessen Aiden's "burden." André rattled off the colorful names of the men to whom Aiden had been indebted. "We own you, Mister Jennings... And you will do exactly as you're told for as long as we need you," André said. Aiden handed over the cashier's check for one hundred thousand dollars that he'd gotten from Hope, but André pointed out that the sum would barely cover the interest on what Aiden owed.

André wondered what would happen when Hope learned how much Aiden was really in debt for. Promising to repay the rest of the money, Aiden suggested that he could represent Chad as a way to work toward that. "My brother is off-limits to you," André declared, adding, "We'll let you know when you can be of service to us." He escorted Aiden through the door and shut it. André asserted to Stefano that they could use Aiden to their advantage, but they needed to take care of their own family first.

Stefano said he needed to rest, so André offered to have Harold get Stefano's room ready. Stefano declared that he was glad to have André home. André noted that people would soon find out that he was alive. "But not yet," Stefano said. "No, not if we can help it," André agreed.

Aiden headed to the police station, where he found Chase and Ciara playing a game of Monopoly at Hope's desk. Ciara informed Aiden that Hope wasn't there but would return soon. Chase asked his dad to join them, but Aiden declined until he saw Ciara taking pity on Chase and returning some of the rent he'd paid for a property she owned. Aiden agreed to play as long as they could start the game over. "Fine. I'll just beat you both," Ciara promised. Aiden seemed to enjoy the closeness that had developed between the kids, who had started calling one another "brah" and "sis."

While the trio played the game, André's words echoed in Aiden's head. Ciara and Chase cleaned Aiden out when he landed on their properties, but they sneakily put money back in Aiden's pile when he wasn't looking. While Aiden was away from the desk, the kids started talking about Paige's murder. Aiden asked them to stop, but the kids were worried because there was "a serial killer on the loose" who might kill someone else. Aiden reassured the kids that the police would catch the killer, and Hope and Aiden would keep them safe. "Nothing is going to happen to any of us, okay?" Aiden vowed, enveloping both kids in a big hug.

Rafe was reviewing the evidence board at the police station when a uniformed Lani arrived to drop off some witness interviews from Paige Larson's murder. Lani had just returned from searching for the murder suspect with many of the other cops. Rafe asked Lani to take a look at the evidence board, something she'd admittedly never seen except in the police academy. He encouraged her to look really closely at it, since she could provide a fresh perspective.

After examining the evidence for a bit, Lani noted that both crime scenes seemed staged, as if the killer had wanted everyone to think that he or she had been repeating a pattern. Since Lani had read the evidence so well, Rafe asked if she wanted to become a detective. Lani said she couldn't take the detective exam but intended to do so as soon as she was allowed. While Rafe left to interview a witness, he encouraged Lani to study the board some more and see if anything else occurred to her.

Rafe met Marlena in Horton Square. She thanked him for saving her life, but Rafe regretted that he hadn't been able to catch Marlena's attacker. Rafe asked about the profile that Marlena had put together on the killer. She admitted that she no longer thought Chad had attacked her because it didn't make any sense to her that he would do so after going to her for help. Rafe suspected that Chad had been trying to create an alibi by undergoing hypnotherapy to regain his memories, but Marlena noted that Chad had known it could have taken weeks to recover those memories.

Rafe theorized that Chad couldn't remember the murders because he'd snapped. "Not with that crime scene. The person who committed those murders did not do it in a dissociative state," Marlena asserted. Rafe asked what Chad had recalled under hypnosis. Marlena explained that Chad had remembered fighting with someone around the time of the murder the night Serena had been killed.

Lani was gone when Rafe returned to the conference room later. Pacing in front of the evidence board, Rafe wondered aloud, "If not Chad, then who else? Who would want to hurt these women? Who would want to frame Chad?"

In the fishing shack, Chad used a lantern to dig through some bins of old clothes and cold-weather gear. He donned a flannel shirt and topped it with a fishing vest, a beaten-up coat, a knit scarf, and a well-worn fishing hat. After making sure the coast was clear, Chad left. Keeping his head down so the hat obscured his face, Chad headed for the docks to look for the homeless man he'd fought with. Chad encountered a nervous woman and helped allay her fears by giving his scarf to her.

Chad asked the woman about the homeless man in the green Army jacket, but she clearly didn't want to help. Laughing, she wrapped the scarf around her face and ran off. A little later, Chad spotted the homeless guy behind a barrel. Before the man could flee, Chad stopped him. Taking off his hat, Chad asked, "Do you remember me?" The man was anxious to get somewhere, so Chad gave him some cash to take a cab. The man admitted that he remembered Chad, who had been "wasted" the night they'd met.

The homeless man said he'd asked Chad for the time, and Chad had freaked out; the man had only reached for Chad's watch to see what time it had been. "It was two thirty-five in the morning," the man recalled. Taking a large bill out of his wallet, Chad offered to pay the man if he went with Chad to the police station and told the cops what he remembered about that night.

Although the homeless guy eagerly snatched the money and stuffed it in his pocket, he refused to go with Chad as soon as he heard the police were involved. Chad swore that the man wasn't in trouble and nothing would happen to the man. The man shouted, "You're damn right it won't, because I'm not going! No cops!"

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