Wednesday, March 4, 2015

At the police precinct, Abe and Hope talked while they worked. Abe asked about Hope's trip. With a wide grin, Hope admitted that she had enjoyed her vacation with Aiden. Abe said he was happy to hear that things were going well because he thought Aiden was a good man and a good dad. When Abe said he believed that there was nothing that Aiden would not do for his son, Hope smiled and said, "You got that right."

In the Brady Pub, Aiden talked to Roman about a case. Aiden said that he hoped that Roman was not uncomfortable around him. With a raised eyebrow, Roman asked Aiden if he was referring to the fact that his brother was Hope's ex. Aiden shrugged. Roman noted that Bo had made a mistake when he had left Hope. Roman added that he wanted to see Hope happy. As Aiden smiled in relief, Roman warned Aiden not to break Hope's heart or he would beat him up.

Hope and Aiden met up at the university student center to wait for their kids to return from their trip. Aiden told Hope that he hoped she would be a part of his future. Aiden added that he was glad that Hope understood how he felt about his son. Hope smiled and kissed Aiden tenderly. When the airport shuttle dropped Chase and Ciara off at the student center, they ran into their parents' arms. Chase and Ciara talked about their trip.

When the kids complained about the terrible food on their trip, Hope grinned. Hope offered to take Ciara, Chase, and Aiden to the Brady Pub for macaroni and cheese. Hope challenged Ciara to an eating competition, and Ciara cheerfully accepted. As Ciara and Chase ran outside to the car, Ciara advised Chase not to eat anything until they got to the pub.

In the park, Nicole thought about when Eric had hugged her at Club TBD. Nicole chastised herself muttering, "It didn't mean anything. It can't." When Nicole wondered whether Eric was interested in her because he was on the outs with Serena, she shook her head. Nicole fantasized that she went to Daniel's apartment and told him that she was sure he was the one she wanted to be with. As Nicole awoke from her daydream, she joked, "Yeah, that's never gonna happen." Nicole announced that she would not give up on Daniel.

In Daniel's apartment, Melanie started to grab the elephant statue off of the couch to show to Serena, but Daniel returned home and interrupted. Melanie took Parker into his room so that Serena could talk privately with Daniel. Serena asked Daniel to meet her for coffee. When Daniel asked why, Serena explained that she wanted to be friends with Daniel since he was friends with Eric and because he was Melanie's father. Daniel said that Eric was his friend and that Serena was his friend by extension. Daniel agreed to meet for coffee later.

After Serena left, Nicole stopped by Daniel's apartment. Melanie made an awkward exit, citing the need to head into work. Suspicious, Daniel asked Nicole if she was conspiring with Melanie against him. Nicole admitted that Melanie was in her corner, but she stressed that she had only visited in order to say hi to Daniel. As Daniel stiffened, Nicole noted that she had made a mistake and said goodbye. As Nicole turned to leave, she accidentally dropped her purse. Daniel helped Nicole pick up the items that had scattered on the floor and their hands grabbed the same item. Daniel and Nicole leaned toward one another and almost kissed.

Daniel pulled away, and he said that he could not trust himself to be alone with Nicole. Daniel asked Nicole to call him the next time she stopped by. With a big grin, Nicole said, "So you're saying there is a next time. Cool!" Daniel told Nicole that he wanted to believe her and trust her feelings about him were real, but that he needed time. Nicole nodded then left. In the hallway, Nicole worried aloud whether Daniel would keep her in limbo. Nicole said that she would find a way to speed up the wait.

In the town square, J.J. ran after Jennifer and stopped her. Nearby, Paige watched as Jennifer berated J.J. and asked him what he had been thinking. When Jennifer shoved J.J. in anger, J.J. turned his face away and he saw Paige watching. J.J. pointed her out to Jennifer. Paige asked if everything was okay. J.J. wanted to leave, but Jennifer resisted noting that Paige had a right to have her question answered.

Jennifer explained that she and her son had been and fighting but that she did not want to cause Paige any more pain. Jennifer turned J.J. away and they left for home. As Paige watched them go, she muttered to herself, "Whatever it is, I don't care."

In her apartment, Eve paced nervously, waiting for Paige to call. Theresa knocked and Eve threw open the front door in a panic. When Theresa walked in, Eve shouted that Theresa needed to leave because she was waiting to talk to Paige. Theresa asked Eve what she had done to Paige now. Eve stressed that she had done nothing to her daughter. Worried, Theresa urged Eve to open up and talk to her. Paige called, and Eve hurriedly answered the phone.

"I swear to you I can explain everything all right?" Eve blurted out. Believing that Eve was referring to how she had failed to show up for their planned meet up, Paige asked what had happened. Eve was desperate to talk, so she agreed with Paige to meet in the town square. After Eve hung up the phone, Theresa asked Eve if she had "dodged a bullet." Furious, Eve yelled at Theresa that she was not a mother and could not understand. Eve shoved Theresa out of the apartment.

In her hotel room, Serena talked to her contact on the phone about the statue. The contact warned that there would be consequences if Serena did not obtain the statue. After she ended the call, Serena fretted, "You need to come through Daniel. For Eric's sake."

At the hospital, Melanie asked Theresa about a replacement badge for the temporary one she had lost. Theresa copped an attitude. Annoyed, Melanie demanded that Theresa make her badge by the end of the day. When Theresa said she would get Melanie a badge in a month, Melanie grabbed Theresa's badge and shoved it down her shirt. Theresa fumed, but she skittered off when Nicole arrived at the hospital and said hello.

Melanie asked Nicole how things had gone with Daniel. Nicole waved off the question and offered to buy Melanie a drink. Laughing, Melanie joked about how much Theresa hated them. Nicole asked Melanie if she was comfortable ending the investigation into Dr. Mandrake. Melanie said that she still wanted information on the doctor, but that she was not interested in how it affected Theresa. Nicole left, and Theresa rushed over to Melanie. Theresa demanded to know why Melanie had lied about Dr. Mandrake.

Daniel and Parker met up with Serena at Club TBD for some hot chocolate and coffee. Serena explained that she had been in a fight with Eric and that she needed Daniel's help. Daniel refused. When Serena asked if Daniel wanted to hear what the favor was before he said no, Daniel responded that if Serena could not work the issue out with Eric then she likely could not work out the relationship with Eric at all. Daniel urged Serena to talk to Eric. Parker interrupted to ask about his toy, and Daniel told him that the toy was at home.

"It's not a toy. It's an elephant," Daniel said. Serena's eyes widened in realization. With a sheepish grin, Daniel explained that Parker was crazy about his elephant statue.

Eve rushed over to the town square to meet up with Paige at the cafe. When Eve offered to buy Paige a new phone with a new phone number, Paige raised her eyebrows in suspicion. Paige asked why. Eve explained that she did not want anyone bothering Paige. Reading between the lines, Paige said that she had no interest in talking to J.J., especially since she had met his new girlfriend. Paige said she had no need for a new phone because it would not stop her from running in to J.J.

When Paige noted that she had just run into J.J., the blood drained from Eve's face. Paige explained that J.J. had been with Jennifer and that she had never seen Jennifer so angry. Eve reached across the table and took her daughter's hand. "There is something you should know," Eve said.

Back at the Horton house, Jennifer called out to Abigail when they arrived home. Panicked, J.J. pleaded with Jennifer not to involve his sister. Jennifer growled that she was making sure that Abigail was not home to overhear their conversation. Jennifer asked J.J. how he could have slept with the woman that had ripped up Jennifer's life and had attempted to ruin Jack's wishes. Jennifer reiterated her belief that Eve had seduced J.J. in an effort to take revenge against her. J.J. said that the affair was not about Jennifer but about Paige.

J.J. explained that he had been unable to tell Paige the truth about Kayla's rape. Feeling like he was not worthy of Paige, he had gotten drunk. J.J. continued that he had then fought with Paige and she had run off and he had gone over to Eve's apartment in the hopes of talking to Paige. With a sigh, J.J. explained that he had instead found an emotional Eve after she had learned that she would not be able to undergo the needed surgery to help her sing again. J.J. admitted that he and Eve had commiserated and that one thing had led to another.

"But why tonight? Did you think about anyone but yourself?" Jennifer asked. J.J. reminded Jennifer of his melancholy mood as of late. When Jennifer rattled on about Eve's seduction, J.J. stressed that he was not a victim. Staring at his mother's face, J.J. commented that when he had been involved in drugs and stealing that she had never looked as disappointed in him as she did then. Jennifer wondered why J.J. had not talked to her.

"And say what? I hooked up with your worst enemy?" J.J. asked. J.J. said he had not wanted to disappoint Jennifer and so he had not told her about Eve. Jennifer swore that Eve had planned the seduction, but J.J. disagreed. J.J. noted that Eve had been just as upset as he was after they had slept together the first time. J.J. explained that Eve had asked J.J. to forget what had happened. With a sigh, J.J. added that he had continued to date Paige and that Eve had learned the truth. J.J. said that Eve had lied about Shane's illness so that Paige would leave town in order to end the relationship once and for all.

J.J. confessed that he had slept with Eve again after she had returned from California. Dumbfounded, Jennifer asked J.J. why. J.J. said that he had fought with Eve because she had sworn that she would never allow Paige to date J.J. again, and that his and Eve's fury had carried them into bed again. Jennifer said that Eve was to blame. Shaking his head, J.J. argued that if he had been capable of hurting Paige in such a painful way that he did not deserve to be with her. Jennifer said that she was furious and disappointed but that she did not believe that J.J. was a bad person.

J.J. stressed that neither he nor Eve was a good person and that it was another thing that they had in common. As Jennifer shook her head, J.J. explained that he had told Paige about the affair but that he had not told her about the other woman in order to protect Paige. Worried, Jennifer asked J.J. how he felt about Eve.

"Do I have feelings for Eve? Yes. Hate is a feeling isn't it? I hate her as much as I love Paige. And Paige is everything I ever wanted and thanks to Eve and the fact that I'm a stupid, worthless jerk, I'm never gonna have her. Now that you know what I did, you're probably facing up to what you've always tried to deny; that I'm a worthless sack," J.J. said. J.J. said that he had blown up all the good things in his life. Jennifer maintained her argument that Eve was to blame.

Upset, J.J. worried that the truth would come out and that Paige would learn what kind of person he had been. Jennifer promised not to tell anyone about J.J.'s affair with Eve. With a grunt, Jennifer added that she did not believe Eve would tell the truth either. "All I want is for Paige to be happy," J.J. said sadly.

. . .

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