Wednesday, October 19, 2016
by Mike

Lucas was working on a report at the DiMera mansion, trying to keep his mind off all the horrible things that were happening in Salem, when one of the guards dragged Anne into the study, explaining that she had been found lurking outside the main entrance. "I wasn't 'lurking'; I was looking," she clarified.

Lucas assured the guard that Anne was a familiar face. Surprised to hear that, she began primping her hair as she wondered how he knew her. "You're the bitch who made my sister's life a living hell, right?" he recalled. She stammered as she tried to figure out who he was referring to, so he helpfully added that his sister was Jennifer Horton. "Jenny! Wow. Wow, Jenny from the Square!" Anne replied with an awkward laugh.

Anne wondered what a Horton was doing at the DiMera mansion. Lucas explained that the place was his home for the time being. "Your turn. What are you doing here?" he asked. She said that was actually a funny story. "Well, no, it's not funny; it's tragic, really. I was in Brooklyn -- I was visiting my mother -- and yesterday, the woman gets all wacko on me about a piece of pie I ate, right? And she straight-up kicks me out! Can you believe that?" she continued.

Lucas and the guard exchanged impatient glances as Anne obliviously forged ahead, explaining that she had booked a flight to Chicago and had rented a car upon arrival. "And it ran out of gas, like, two miles [away from Salem]. Some luck, right? So then I'm hoofing it [into town], and this...wacko...guy comes [and] tries to steal my luggage! And luckily for me, I...keep...bottles of wine in my carry-on," she continued, rushing through the admission before moving on with her story.

"So I grab a chardonnay, and I knock this guy into next Sunday. And then I notice Chad's house up the block, and I -- and I remember that we were like this when I was at the hospital," Anne explained, crossing two of her fingers together to illustrate the point. "So I devise a plan: I'm gonna go ring the bell; I'm gonna ask for refuge. And -- and then this Gestapo wannabe grabs me, are not seeming particularly refuge-type, so..." she observed as she studied Lucas.

Lucas thought his attitude toward Anne was understandable, given everything she had done to his sister and niece. "I mean, is that really important right now? You know, really, where's your humanity, your sense of charity?" she argued. He seemed unmoved, so she added, "Look, I have nowhere else to go, okay? And Salem is dangerous; there are some crazies out there!"

"Some crazies in here, too," Lucas muttered. Anne agreed, glancing suspiciously at the guard. Sighing, Lucas reluctantly assured the guard that it was okay for Anne to stay for a while. She thanked him then turned her attention to the nearby bar as the guard left the room. Lucas asked her to stay away from the alcohol until Chad returned home. She slowly backed away from the bar then began looking around the study. "So, uh, how many rooms in this place, anyway? I mean, talk about huge! This is -- I mean, you know what? I think if I moved in here, nobody would notice," she mused.

"It'd be impossible for anyone not to notice you, Anne," Lucas replied with a sigh of irritation. Oblivious, Anne thanked him and started primping her hair again. She wondered why he was staying at the mansion. He explained that his fiancée, Adrienne, had thought of the idea as their way of helping Chad look after Thomas while dealing with the loss of the child's mother. "Poor girl. She was always so...perky," Anne noted with a hint of derision. "Little full of herself," she quickly added before moving on, talking over top of Lucas' attempt to object to the snide remark. She wondered if his fiancée was the one who had a one-eyed brother.

Getting more annoyed, Lucas confirmed that Steve wore a patch to cover a missing eye. Anne admitted with a laugh that she had always gotten Adrienne confused with Kayla. Lucas struggled to understand how that could even be possible, given the fact that Anne had worked alongside Kayla at the hospital for quite some time. "Well, between you and me, I tried to stay out of Kayla's way," Anne explained. She grudgingly added that she was probably going to have to beg for her old job back soon, since Theresa's clothing company had folded. "Kayla's gonna love hearing about your troubles, I'm sure," Lucas muttered sarcastically.

Anne guessed that Kayla probably wouldn't be able to help her, given the amount of flexibility she'd need in her schedule to accommodate her mother's needs. Lucas wondered if Anne had any siblings who could help out. "Uh, no. [Just] me and Mommy. She had me, uh, when she was young, you know? But she's -- ugh, talk about pushy. She was always telling me how I should live my life, you know? So I got out of there; I got as far away as I could as soon as I could," she explained. Lucas admitted that he could relate. "Must have been tough," he guessed.

"Yeah, I was tough, right? Anyway, now that she's sick, I'm, uh -- whatever. I mean, I won't have a mom for much longer, so..." Anne continued before suddenly breaking into tears. "Oh, God, now I'm like your sister! I just -- it's all about me! I'm, like, the worst daughter in the world!" she fretted. Lucas carried a box of tissues over to her and offered her one of them as he tiredly assured her that she wasn't the worst daughter in the world. "I am! I'm -- you don't know! Can I...?" she asked, gesturing toward the bar. "No. No, not a chance," he replied.

Anne sighed and took the whole box of tissues, setting it aside before blowing her nose on one of them. Lucas went to the bar and poured her a drink, but when he handed it to her, she was disappointed to learn that it was water, not vodka. After regaining her composure, she thanked him for listening to her troubles, admitting that she didn't really have many people to talk to about them. "Yeah, I'll bet," he muttered.

As Anne started to realize that might have been an insult, Lucas added that he had eventually figured out, while dealing with his own pushy mother, that everything was ultimately about her, not him. He assured Anne that although she might have regrets, just like everyone else, the important thing was that she was willing to be there for her mother in times of need. She marveled that he was a really nice person, knowing that if she had tried to talk to Theresa about her problems, Theresa would have made the conversation all about her instead.

Lucas turned his attention back to his report with a mixture of regret and relief, explaining that he really needed to get it done soon. Anne assured him that she understood, adding that she had bought a great magazine at the airport and could keep herself occupied with it for a while. As she settled on the couch with her reading material, stressing again that it was great, she stole occasional glances at him, primping herself when he wasn't looking.

At the Horton Town Square, J.J. gasped for breath as Marlena concluded that he had a collapsed lung. Warning that what she was about to do would hurt, she removed a syringe from her medical bag, preparing to relieve the air pocket that was making it hard for him to breathe.

"Uh, Marlena, with all due respect, you're a psychiatrist," Chad skeptically pointed out. She assured him that she knew what she was doing. "So, you've done this before?" he asked hopefully. She confirmed that she had but admitted that she was a bit nervous about performing the procedure again because she hadn't done it since medical school. "Look, the human body has not changed," she assured him as he gaped at her.

Setting aside his concerns, Chad wondered what he could do to help. Marlena asked him to hold J.J.'s upper body in place so she could have both hands free to do what she needed to do. Gabi kept pressure applied to J.J.'s gunshot wound as Marlena assured him that the pain she was about to cause wouldn't last long. Once she finished relieving the air pocket, he started breathing more easily, but she fretted that his wound was still an issue. With J.J. able to speak again, Chad wondered who had shot him. "Orpheus," J.J. choked out, alarming Marlena.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Steve told Orpheus to drop his gun. When Orpheus hesitated, Steve warned that SWAT was waiting outside but had been told not to turn on their sirens or send in a hostage negotiator. "Now, why don't I believe that?" Orpheus muttered. "Believe this: if we don't walk you out of here right now with your hands up in the air, real slow, those sharpshooters are gonna make like you're a bottle on a fence," Steve replied.

Steve added that Clyde was in police custody and Xander was dead, meaning that no one would be rushing to Orpheus' rescue anytime soon. "Then maybe I should just do what I came here to do," Orpheus suggested, his gun still aimed at the back of John's head. Steve kept his own gun aimed at Orpheus' head while stepping into the townhouse to face him. "If you pull that trigger, you're a dead man," Steve warned.

John told Steve to go save the people at the Brady Pub instead, explaining that Orpheus had planted a bomb there. "You mean the bomb that Hope defused?" Steve asked. "That's a lie!" Orpheus insisted. Steve continued that Orpheus only had a few choices available, one of which was to try to shoot him instead of John. Steve opened his jacket to show that he wasn't wearing a bulletproof vest, and John took advantage of the distraction, springing to his feet and throwing Orpheus backward.

As John and Orpheus struggled for control of Orpheus' gun, Steve spotted an opening and fired a shot at Orpheus, managing to hit his left arm. The injury weakened Orpheus enough for John to shove him to the ground and tie his hands behind his back with a cable tie Steve helpfully supplied. John tauntingly declared that Orpheus would soon be headed back to prison, prompting Orpheus to guess that John didn't have the guts to kill him. "What, and stain this nice carpet?" John countered.

At the hospital, Adrienne tracked Kayla down and wondered where Steve was. Kayla carefully revealed that Steve had gone after Orpheus, who had taken John hostage after planting a bomb at the Brady Pub. Adrienne guessed that Kayla had tried to stop Steve, but Kayla admitted that she had actually helped him escape the hospital, which had been -- and still was -- on lockdown. "He had to try. And I think I'm just coming to terms with who he really is. I just hope he makes it," she added.

Kayla soon received a phone call from Steve, who assured her that everything was okay. She and Adrienne were relieved to hear that Orpheus was in custody and had failed to harm anyone. Kayla rushed off to find Seth Burns and get him to reopen the hospital. Adrienne thought about calling Sonny to let him know what had happened, but before she could retrieve her cell phone from her purse, Justin ran over to her and wrapped his arms around her, nearly knocking her over in the process. "You're okay!" he observed with a sigh of relief.

Adrienne wondered why Justin had been worried about her. "Well, I went to the DiMera mansion, and the guard at the gate said that you were taken to the hospital," he explained between gasps of breath. "Oh, no, no, no -- I was escorted to the hospital. I came here to meet with Sonny," she clarified. She quickly added that Sonny was fine, too, explaining that he and Steve had taken Paul to the hospital after Paul had sustained an injury during one of the explosions. "What were you doing at the DiMera mansion?" she asked.

"Checking on you. It's a madhouse out there. And the traffic's so bad, I finally just pulled the car over and ran the rest of the way here. And then I had to sneak into the building! I had to crawl up two flights of stairs of the fire escape, and then crawl through a window, and then I --" he explained before deciding that the rest of the story wasn't important. Adrienne wondered why he had gone to such extreme measures to find her. He incredulously reminded her that he had been married to her for years and shared children with her. "Why would you be surprised that I would be upset if I thought you were in some kind of trouble?" he asked.

Adrienne conceded that Justin would understandably be worried about their kids, knowing how tough it would be for them if something were to happen to her. "Well, it's more than that. Why would you think that I wouldn't have a tough time?" he asked. She was reluctant to answer that question. Sighing, he stressed that she would always have a place in his heart, despite how things had ended between them.

Adrienne tried to suppress a laugh, and when Justin wondered what he had missed, she explained that he had just uttered one of the most tired, clichéd breakup lines in the book. "Yeah, okay, it's a cliché. But it happens to be true," he insisted. She nodded and apologized, admitting that she shouldn't have responded cynically to the sentiment. He conceded that he couldn't really blame her because he was the one who had screwed things up for them. She quickly stopped him, unable to think of a reason to rehash ancient history.

Adrienne still couldn't believe that Justin had gone to such extremes to find her, even in light of everything he had just said. "I don't mean to be unkind, [but] where was all this concern when we were married [and] you were halfway around the world, having your affair with Elsa?" she asked. He reminded her that she had just finished telling him that there was no need to rehash such things, and she conceded the point and apologized, explaining that the question had just slipped out. "Water under the bridge. I'm marrying Lucas now, and that's what I have to focus on," she added.

Justin seized the opportunity to voice his concern that Adrienne and Lucas were rushing into marriage. "I mean, it's not like you're planning to start a family, right?" he reasoned. Adrienne said that was none of his business, and he agreed but maintained that the rush to marry Lucas right away seemed a bit desperate. "Excuse me? You and I were engaged for, like, two minutes before we got married -- every time!" she countered.

Although Justin didn't exactly agree with the suggested timeline, he admitted that he was surprised that Adrienne even remembered that they had never stayed engaged for long before getting married. "Seriously? What, do you think now I have dementia? That's a very important memory. How could I forget something like that? Please," she asked incredulously. Sighing, he conceded the point then suddenly collapsed in her arms.

Adrienne called for a doctor, who concluded that Justin was simply dehydrated and had overexerted himself earlier. After the doctor left, Adrienne apologetically admitted that she should have thanked Justin for rushing over to check on her instead of getting into an argument with him about his concern. He observed that she obviously cared just as much about him, given how she had reacted when he had fainted. "I just hope that we can always find a way to be...civil," he added. She protested that she didn't want to be civil with him. "I want us to be friends -- always," she continued.

Elsewhere, Chad and Gabi waited for news about J.J., who was undergoing surgery. Jennifer soon arrived and listened worriedly as they filled her in on what had happened. Later, Kayla reported that although the surgery had gone well, J.J. had slipped into a coma as a result of rapid and severe blood loss. She admitted that the next twenty-four hours would be critical but added that she was optimistic because J.J. was strong and healthy.

Kayla didn't want J.J. to have more than one visitor at a time, so Jennifer went to see him alone. She grew distressed when he didn't squeeze her hand upon request. Later, while Jennifer was seeking comfort from Justin and Adrienne, Gabi went to see J.J. and begged him to pull through, vowing that if he did, she would never take him for granted again. Chad quietly entered the room and listened as she made the promise.

Marlena breathed a sigh of relief when she arrived at the police station and saw that John was okay. He explained what had happened, and when he noticed blood on her face, she shared her own story about J.J. When Steve interrupted to let John know that someone was ready to take their statements, Marlena seized the opportunity to thank him for saving John's life.

After Steve and John left, a police officer approached Marlena and informed her that Orpheus had requested medical treatment. "Oh. Well, I don't care," she replied before turning away. "But don't you kind of have to help if...?" the police officer protested. She sighed as she realized that he was right. He escorted her into one of the conference rooms, explaining that Orpheus hadn't been taken to the hospital because there had been concerns about it being secure enough to hold him. Orpheus complained that his arm was killing him. Marlena reluctantly informed the police officer that he would have to remove Orpheus' handcuffs so she could treat him.

Marlena examined Orpheus' wound and determined that it would need some stitches. She proceeded to sterilize the area, and when he winced in pain, she dismissively mused that his pain was nothing compared to the pain he had caused the people of Salem. "But you feel no remorse, do you?" she guessed. He confirmed that his only regret was that he hadn't killed her years earlier. "Ah, but you didn't do it. And now you're gonna go to hell," she replied.

"That's a place you know a little something about. Oh, yeah, I did my homework on you. You made quite the devil, wreaking havoc left and right. You're not only the biggest hypocrite in this town, you're [also] the biggest whore," Orpheus countered. Marlena disgustedly turned her attention back to his wound, and while she was distracted, he grabbed her wrist. The police officer tried to intervene, but Orpheus shoved Marlena away then slammed the police officer against the wall and took his gun. "You can leave now, son -- or die. Your choice. I have some unfinished business with Marlena," he explained.

The police officer looked at Marlena, who assured him that it was okay to leave. He rushed out of the room and told John and Steve what had just happened. As John worriedly called for help, Marlena tried to reason with Orpheus, pointing out that he would never make it out of the police station alive. "Who said I'm going anywhere? I'm tired, Marlena. I'm tired of fighting. I'm done," he replied as he began rummaging through her medical bag. He soon found a vial of medication and downed it before she could stop him. "That could kill you!" she protested. "That's the idea," he explained.

The medication took effect faster than Orpheus had anticipated. As he collapsed to the floor, he told Marlena that she was about to have another death on her conscience. He aimed his gun at her as he added that he was about to have one more death on his conscience, too, but he died before he could pull the trigger. Meanwhile, John busted the door open and rushed into the room. Marlena explained that Orpheus had taken a large dose of a powerful sedative. She tried to revive him, unable to fight her natural instinct to save lives, but John eventually pulled her away. "It's over, baby. It's okay. It's all over," he assured her.

. . .

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