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Kate gives Ted an ultimatum
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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Brady said goodbye to Marlena then started questioning Eve.

"It sounded to me like [what you said earlier] was an ultimatum -- [that if I didn't] forgive Victor, [then] we're through," Brady curiously noted. Eve conceded that the statement might have been a bit too strongly worded. "[It was] just a little advice [that] a smart guy like you [should] heed. [I mean], I love you, and I just want you to be happy, and all this anger that you're carrying around --" Eve began to add. "More like rage," Brady interjected.

Eve argued that Brady couldn't hold a grudge forever. "I'm a Kiriakis. That's what we do," Brady countered, waving a hand dismissively. "[And besides, why are you] so obsessed with [convincing me to forgive] a man that you can't stand?" Brady added, clearly confused. Eve maintained that it was for Brady's own good, adding that life was too short for grudges against loved ones -- and that Victor certainly wasn't getting any younger. "I'm not ready to let it go -- not yet," Brady insisted. "I think I hear baby steps [in there]," Eve teasingly replied before changing the subject, asking if Brady was hungry. Brady gave Eve a nod, grateful for the change of topic.

At Doug's Place, Julie and Doug led Victor and Maggie to a table that, according to Doug, was the best one in the whole club. "It's a little drafty," Victor grumbled. "It's called 'air conditioning,'" Maggie countered. Ignoring the exchange, Julie offered to fetch drinks for Victor and Maggie -- on the house. "Is there some reason you're chirpier than usual?" Victor asked. Julie and Doug excitedly revealed that Jennifer and Eric had recently gotten engaged. "That's wonderful!" Maggie exclaimed. "Those two deserve each other," Victor dryly declared. "It's like a fairytale!" Julie agreed, oblivious. "More like a horror story," Victor argued, annoying Maggie in the process.

"Did you have to be so rude?" Maggie asked Victor after Julie and Doug walked away. "Just saying what nobody else has the guts to say. Eric and Jennifer are two self-righteous prigs. And I don't know how you can feel any differently [about Eric] after what he did to Daniel," Victor replied. "I will never forget that, but I forgave Eric -- and, more importantly, I think he's gonna make Jennifer very happy," Maggie explained with a shrug.

"That little snoop is the reason Brady hates me," Victor grumbled. Maggie started to counter that Brady only hated Victor because Victor had sabotaged the custody hearing -- at Eve's request, although Brady didn't know that -- but Victor quickly interrupted, irritably warning Maggie not to say anything like that ever again. "Am I living in an alternative universe?" Maggie wondered, failing to understand why Victor would want to protect Eve, of all people. "I need her. [See], if she wants to put a 'Mrs.' on it, she's gonna have to get her rear in gear and start convincing Brady to forgive me," Victor explained with a shrug. "Or else?" Maggie guessed.

Victor tried to change the subject, but Maggie refused to play along, insisting that Brady deserved to know the truth about Eve before the wedding. "Brady is not going to know the truth -- not now, not later, not ever," Victor insisted with finality -- just as Brady and Eve entered the club. "Or maybe he will," Maggie defiantly countered before calling Brady and Eve over. "What are you up to?" Victor quietly asked Maggie, getting nervous.

Maggie started to say something to Brady about Victor's recent actions. Interrupting, Brady tiredly revealed that Eve had been focused on the same subject all morning. Brady guessed that Maggie and Eve had been conspiring with each other to orchestrate a reconciliation between him and his grandfather.

Maggie started to clarify that Brady didn't know the whole story. He jumped to his own conclusions about the meaning of her statement, assuming that she was about to remind him that his grandfather's heart had been in the right place. He reluctantly conceded that he, too, had a tendency to take things too far in the name of love. He allowed for the possibility that he might one day be able to forgive his grandfather; he was quick to stress, however, that he wasn't ready to do so just yet. "See there? Some hope," Victor said to Maggie with a pointed look.

After Brady and Eve walked away, Victor thanked Maggie for having chosen to keep his secret. Maggie still thought it would be best for Victor to tell Brady the truth, but she admitted that she didn't have the heart to do so herself -- at least not when the possibility of reconciliation seemed to be back on the table.

Wanting something in return, Maggie called Julie and Doug over. "My husband has something he'd like to say," Maggie explained to Julie and Doug before looking at Victor expectantly. "I hope Eric and Jennifer go into this with their eyes wide open. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce -- not great odds," Victor warned Julie and Doug. "That's not what I meant," Maggie said, glaring at Victor. "Fine. I hope they're very happy together," Victor reluctantly added, forcing a smile. Satisfied, Maggie let Julie and Doug leave.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Eve thanked Brady for having at least made an effort with Victor. "Well, I'm not exactly a saint [myself], am I? [I mean], at least my grandfather admitted what he did -- and [even] apologized. I mean, hell, maybe that's what I should do with Eric," Brady reasoned. "Why, so you can clear your conscience?" Eve countered.

Eve urged Brady to think of the potential consequences of such a revelation. Realizing that Eve was right, Brady agreed that it would be best to just put the matter to rest -- for good. "And I know a great way to start that process -- I need to get that tape of Nicole's confession out of Victor's safe," Brady added, stunning Eve.

At the Horton house, Jennifer started telling Eric about Eve's earlier visit. When Jennifer revealed that Eve had mentioned Nicole, Eric interrupted to reiterate that Jennifer had no reason to worry about Nicole. Before Jennifer could continue, Julie and Doug entered the house, armed with Champagne and cake for an impromptu celebration of Jennifer and Eric's engagement.

Julie and Doug stayed just long enough for a single serving of Champagne and cake, needing to get back to the club as soon as possible. Before leaving with Doug, Julie encouraged Jennifer to fight for the bridal bouquet at John and Marlena's fast-approaching wedding. Julie reasoned that Eve didn't need to get married anytime soon, anyway. "[I mean], I really don't think that Brady should rush into marriage to [that] woman; after all, her sister broke his heart, and I'm sure he is still on the rebound from Nicole," Julie added before quickly apologizing. "It's fine," Jennifer insisted, forcing a smile. "Jennifer knows that I'm completely over Nicole," Eric added.

As Eric walked Doug to the front door, Julie quietly told Jennifer, "Doug was [clearly] upset with me for mentioning Nicole, but I'm glad I brought her up, [because now I know] that Eric has put her in the past, where she belongs. And you -- I haven't seen you this happy since Jack! Oh, darling, you deserve a good man, because you are the kindest, most selfless, most loving soul I know." Jennifer tried to protest, but Julie forged ahead, advising, "Don't you let anything spoil [your happiness]." As Julie rushed off to find Doug, Jennifer considered the advice -- and soon tossed Eve's gift in the nearest trash can, having decided that Julie was right.

At the Salem Inn, Kate lashed out at Ted, who refused to apologize for blackmailing Will and Sonny. "It's just business," Ted explained with a shrug, adding that Kate hadn't seemed to care about making innocent people pay for crimes back when they had been framing Sonny for sexual harassment. Kate reminded Ted that Will was a family member and was therefore off-limits. "If I asked you to give up this scheme for me, would you do it?" Kate wondered. "I don't think [that's] fair to ask," Ted evasively replied. Chuckling mirthlessly, Kate mused, "Oh, my God, I can't believe I'm here again!"

"Kate, I care for you..." Ted began. "Oh, you 'care' for me. Andre 'cared' for me, too, you know -- until he was consumed by power and money," Kate countered. "[So] I gave him a choice -- it or me," Kate continued. "Are you proposing the same ultimatum to me?" Ted asked incredulously. "This morning -- in this room, in that bed -- you said that you would stand by me, look out for that's what I'm asking you to do. Will you? [I mean], what do you care about more -- me or the money? [Are you going to] stop the blackmail or not?" Kate demanded to know, ignoring Ted's repeated attempts to flirt his way out of the problem.

"No, I'm not," Ted eventually admitted to Kate. "You really are a son of a bitch, aren't you?" she spat, shaking her head in disbelief. "You are like every bastard I've ever been with!" she continued while throwing his clothes at him. "Does that mean you're not gonna [give me] the money?" he asked as she ordered him to leave. "I don't have that kind of money," she informed him with a shrug.

"I'm pretty sure you got a hefty inheritance from that dead husband of yours..." Ted began to argue. "Actually, because of Andre's dirty dealings, the DiMera board has frozen all of his assets, and I'm not even a hundred percent sure when -- or if -- I'm ever gonna get that money...but even if I did, I wouldn't give you one red cent!" Kate countered.

Shrugging, Ted warned that Will would go to prison if Kate didn't cooperate. Kate fumed as Ted calmly exited the hotel room.

Will went to the Kiriakis mansion to update Sonny -- and was stunned to find Paul there. "I know everything," Paul told Will, holding up the anonymous note. "How did you get that?" Will wondered. "Well, it's an old P.I. trick -- see, I unzipped your bag [and then] looked around until I found it," Paul explained with a shrug. "You went through my stuff?" Will asked incredulously. "Yeah, I don't think that's the big issue at the moment," Paul replied.

"Man, I wish... It would have been nice to hear [all of this] from you," Paul admitted to Will. "Paul, I was -- I -- I've been trying to protect you," Will explained. "I get that, [but] I had a right to know," Paul argued. "And now you do -- which makes you an accessory after the fact," Will countered, sighing. "'re...going to turn us in?" Will hesitantly added. "Of course I'm not gonna turn you in. I'm gonna help," Paul replied.

Will didn't want Paul to get even deeper into the mess, but Paul insisted it was too late for Will to worry about that. "I'm so sorry -- [I mean], for getting you into this, [and] for lying to you..." Will began, sighing again. "When I read this...I mean, you can only imagine where my head went. [I thought that] you and Sonny [were] back together [and were] sneaking around behind my back..." Paul hesitantly admitted. "God, no, Paul -- never! I love you," Will quickly stressed. "And I should have trusted that," Paul replied as Sonny listened uncomfortably. Changing the subject, Paul wondered how Will's meeting with Kate had gone. "It's, um...complicated," Will began.

"This isn't good," Paul declared at the end of Will's recap. "I don't know -- [I mean], Kate's a hard-ass, right? [And] I'm telling you, she was furious. She told me she would handle it," Will replied. "What the hell does that mean?" Sonny asked worriedly. Shrugging, Will admitted, "I'm not sure if Kate is gonna get Ted to drop this whole thing, or if she's gonna pay him off, or if she's gonna throw him out a window." Paul offered to investigate Ted in the meantime. "As much as I love the idea of being proactive, I -- honestly, I don't think we should do anything until we hear from Kate," Will reasoned. Sonny agreed with Will, but Paul wasn't convinced.

"You guys have me now, and I'm here, ready and willing to do whatever I can to help," Paul stressed. "I know. And I'm -- I'm lucky you're even talking to me. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, Paul, for getting you into this nightmare," Will replied. "We will get through this together. I love you, remember?" Paul assured Will. "Yeah, even though I gave you every reason to doubt me. Paul, you're amazing," Will raved. "I just feel bad that I was so wrong about you and Sonny. But I'm glad I was," Paul admitted before giving Will a hug. Sonny watched uncomfortably, completely ignored. "Let's go home," Will told Paul, somewhat suggestively, as the embrace ended.

Sonny watched sadly as Will and Paul exited the living room together. Paul paused in the foyer to apologize again to Will, feeling guilty for having been jealous and suspicious. "I thought I was over my insecurity about Sonny, and, um...I mean, I shouldn't have snooped through your bag," Paul told Will. "You had every right to. I've been lying to you. I'm sorry [about that]. And, you know, in my past life, I wasn't know, faithful, so... [But] I promise you, there is nothing going on between me and Sonny -- zero -- except for me just trying to protect him. That's all. You are the one and only man that I love," Will assured Paul.

Will gave Paul a kiss then again suggested, "Let's go home." Sonny watched sadly from the living room, having heard everything, as Will and Paul exited the mansion together.

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• Will gets an unexpected visitor.

• John's bachelor party goes awry.

• Familiar faces crash Marlena's bachelorette party.

• Kayla receives an unsettling prediction from a tarot card reader.

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