Wednesday, November 19, 2014

At Ben's apartment, Abigail awakened Ben with a cup of coffee. Ben responded by kissing Abigail passionately. After they'd had sex, Abigail admitted that she'd never spent the night with anyone before the previous evening. Ben teased her mercilessly about hogging the covers then he assured Abigail that she'd done no such thing -- and that the night had been perfect. Although neither of them wanted to leave the other's arms, they realized that they had to get up and get to their respective jobs.

Abigail started to ask if Clyde would help Ben out again if it school and work turned out to be too much. Ben insisted that he couldn't ask Clyde for anything else, noting, "Clyde came through this one time, but he's got a ways to go before I can trust that it's for real."

Clyde entered Marlena's office at the hospital for an appointment. Marlena explained that she had a full caseload, and she wasn't sure she could take Clyde on as a patient. Clyde assured her that he understood, but added that Marlena's assistant had said that Marlena might be able to find an opening for him if they were a good fit. Marlena wanted to know if Clyde had ever seen a psychiatrist before. Clyde said that when he'd lived in Poplar Bluff, he had driven nearly two hours each way to see a "shrink." He quickly apologized if he had offended Marlena.

Clyde continued that he had wanted to find a new psychiatrist because he didn't want to undo any of the progress he'd made. He explained that he had first gone to a psychiatrist because he hadn't wanted to end up like his father, "a real son of a bitch." Chuckling, Clyde admitted, "I feel a little ridiculous. A man my age, talking about his daddy issues." Marlena stated that one's relationship with his or her parents had a sizeable effect on the psyche, even as adults. When their time was up, Marlena told Clyde that she would recommend a colleague if her schedule would not permit her to treat him.

Clyde headed to Club TBD, where Ben was already behind the bar, cleaning coffee mugs. Ben informed his dad that he'd found an apartment and had already moved in. He thanked Clyde for paying his tuition so Ben could afford a place of his own. Clyde asked if Ben could cut back on his hours in order to get the most out of his education. Ben explained that Chad and Sonny wanted him to manage the new club on the south side, but Ben was hopeful that he could talk Sonny out of that. Clyde agreed that Ben's focus should be on school.

When Clyde got his wallet out to pay for his coffee, Marlena's card fell out. A surprised Ben asked, "Are you seeing a shrink?" Clyde admitted that even though he'd been to a psychiatrist in Poplar Bluff, he still had some unresolved issues, and he'd heard that Dr. Evans was good. Ben seemed impressed that Clyde was serious about getting help. "Well, you and your sister know better than anybody that I really need it -- and I want it, too, so I can be a better dad to both of you." He asked Ben not to tell anyone else, and Ben agreed.

Theresa woke from a dream filled with snippets of memories from the night she'd been abducted in the park. As she sat up in bed, panting, she wondered aloud, "What was I dreaming about?"

Meanwhile, one of her captors was in the park. Mandrake called the man for an update, and the thug promised that he was working on it. Mandrake ordered the henchman to work faster, adding, "I want you to take care of this today."

Eve showed up at Theresa's apartment after unsuccessfully trying to reach her sister by phone all morning. Theresa admitted that she'd turned her phone off the night before. Eve explained that their father had been trying to reach Theresa because he had learned that she'd lied to Brady about being pregnant. An angry Theresa assumed that Eve had told their dad, but Eve informed her that Victor had called Shane and Kimberly that morning, accusing Theresa of trying to entrap Brady. Theresa was livid.

Eve urged her sister to fill their dad in on the details when she called him. Eve started giving Theresa a hard time about the home pregnancy test. That only served to further irritate Theresa, who insisted that she never would have gone to Kayla for a blood test if she hadn't believed she'd really been pregnant. Noting that Brady probably hated Theresa even more than he had before, Eve asked, "What's your crazy plan to get your hooks back in him?" Theresa insisted that she was through with Brady because she had no desire to be with a guy who didn't want her.

Eve pointed out that had never stopped Theresa before. Theresa declared that Brady hadn't been worth all the time she'd wasted on him. Eve said that perhaps it was time that she and Theresa both accepted that some dreams didn't happen. Touching her sister's arm, Theresa stated sincerely, "Eve, I really am sorry about your singing career." About Brady, Eve cautioned Theresa, "Make sure you do not have any loose ends." Theresa asked what Eve had meant, but before Eve could reply, Theresa got a call from Anne. Eve hurried out, promising that she would take care of everything.

When Theresa answered, Anne chewed her out for being late. Anne ordered Theresa, "Get your butt in my office right now. We need to talk."

As Theresa was walking through the park on her way to the hospital a little later, Shane called her. Mandrake's thug appeared and eavesdropped on Theresa's side of the conversation. "No, Dad. Look, Victor has it all wrong!" Theresa was insisting as she hurried off with the henchman tailing her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady had a nightmare in which he found a photograph of himself and Kristen on the mantel. When he flung it away, it turned into a picture of himself, Theresa, and their baby -- and then Theresa and the baby materialized behind him. Brady awakened with a gasp.

When Brady went downstairs, Maggie congratulated Brady on his promotion after his hard work over the previous few months. Brady acknowledged that it had only been since he'd gotten sober. Once he learned that Maggie knew about Theresa's pregnancy "scare," Brady assured Maggie that he was finished with Theresa for good. Brady added that he wanted to make amends with Maggie -- even though she reminded him that he already had -- for not listening to her warnings about Theresa even after he'd gotten clean.

Brady promised not to push Maggie or his other family members away in the future, and he emphasized his intentions to resolve things with his dad. Maggie declared that she was very proud of Brady for owning up to his mistakes. Brady apologized for the hateful things he'd said to Maggie, especially when all she had ever shown him was love and support. He asked if Maggie would be his A.A. sponsor again. She happily accepted, throwing her arms around Brady.

Brady and Maggie agreed to attend a meeting together later. As Maggie headed out, she declared, "I am so excited for you, Brady. I can't wait to see where you go from here." Brady wondered to himself, "Where do go from here?"

As Brady was leaving the house, Eve showed up on the doorstep of the Kiriakis mansion, so Brady reluctantly invited her in. Eve explained that she was there because she felt terrible about what Theresa had done to Brady, although she assured Brady that Theresa seemed to believe that she'd really been pregnant. Eve continued that she had been horrified when she'd learned that Theresa had been the one who'd put John in the coma.

Brady asserted that he didn't blame Eve for what her sister had done. Eve said that she hoped Brady didn't intend to take legal action. "I'm not going to press charges, and my father won't either," Brady assured Eve. He asked if Eve would talk to Theresa for him, explaining, "Maybe [you could] make her understand that it would be best if the two of us would just stay out of each other's lives for good." Eve promised to try but cautioned Brady that it might not do any good.

Eve remarked, "Clearly, [Theresa is] not your type. You're a mogul, and she's just not in your league." Brady insisted that wasn't at all what he'd meant. Stroking Brady's arm, Eve encouraged him to call her if he ever needed to talk about Theresa -- or anything else. As Eve left, she looked around the foyer and remarked to herself, "Sister, sister, sister, you really blew it this time. You could've had all this, and that fine specimen of a man, too."

Hope and Ciara waited at the café in Horton Square for Aiden and Chase to join them for breakfast. Ciara was impatient because the guys were late -- and she was "starving." When Chase and Aiden arrived, Aiden apologized for their tardiness. The foursome got a carafe of orange juice, and Aiden promptly spilled some. He and Hope smiled knowingly at each other as they mopped up the mess, remembering how Aiden had successfully poured champagne for Hope the same way after they'd made love.

Chase and Ciara noticed the adults' smiles, and Ciara wanted to know, "Are you guys, like, boyfriend and girlfriend, or what?" Hope explained that she and Aiden were merely dating to get to know each other -- if it were all right with the children. "As long as you two aren't going to be kissing all the time," Chase said. Aiden promised that he and Hope would try to restrain themselves. Ciara fretted, "What about Daddy? We'll still be a family, won't we?"

Hope assured Ciara that no one was asking her to forget her daddy, who would always be Ciara's daddy. "And I don't have to forget Mom?" Chase asked Aiden. "No one is forgetting anyone, okay?" Aiden reassured his son. Satisfied, Ciara announced that she was ready to order her pancakes, so Hope flagged down a server.

Later, Hope observed that Ciara had only eaten the whipped cream off the pancakes she'd insisted upon. Ciara pointed out, "Whipped cream has a lot more protein than pancakes, which are unhealthy carbs." Maggie showed up just then and greeted everyone. Aiden asked Maggie to join them, but she declined. "Did you know Aiden and Mommy are boyfriend and girlfriend now?" Ciara divulged. When Maggie said that she was on her way to the post office, Ciara asked to go along, since the post office was next door to the pet store. Hope consented, so Maggie asked Chase to join them.

After the kids had left with Maggie, Hope apologized for Ciara, "the town crier." Aiden declared that he didn't care if the whole world knew he and Hope were together. Hope admitted that she was finally ready to answer when people questioned her about Bo. "Aiden, I do really, very much enjoy being with you, and I don't care who knows about it," Hope declared.

Hope and Aiden quickly stopped smooching when Maggie returned with the kids. Ciara was excited about a puppy she'd seen. Speaking to Hope privately, Maggie declared, "It does my heart good to see you so happy." Hope admitted that she was, indeed, happy -- and she had decided to take Aiden to Thanksgiving. Since Maggie had to go by St. Luke's as she was finishing her errands, she offered to drop the kids off at school. Hope agreed, and Ciara was eager to ride in Maggie's convertible. Aiden had to decline for Chase, who was carpooling with a friend from judo class.

As Hope kissed Ciara goodbye, Aiden noticed his son watching them wistfully. He asked if Chase were all right, and Chase absently said that he was. When Aiden and Chase left to meet the carpool, Aiden asked Hope to stick around so they could say a "proper goodbye." As the guys were walking away, Hope got out her phone to check her email while she waited but noticed that her battery was about to die, so she asked to borrow Aiden's tablet. Aiden agreed.

As Aiden and Chase exited the square, Aiden asked what his son had been thinking about when he'd been looking at Hope earlier. "Just how she's like Mom," Chase explained. When Aiden asked how the women were alike, Chase clarified, "You know how, a long time ago, Ciara said her mom was rich? So was my mom."

Once Hope was alone, she took out Aiden's tablet and opened the Internet browser -- and saw the words "Hope Williams Brady money fortune" typed into the search engine.

A nurse quietly entered Paul Narita's hospital room to check the sleeping patient's vital signs. Paul awoke with a start, shouting, "No!" As he tried to catch his breath, Paul insisted to the nurse that he'd just had a bad dream.

Later, Marlena went into Paul's room to check on him. Paul reminded her that he'd told her he was fine. Marlena thought it could be helpful for him to talk to a sports psychologist or to her because of the uncertainties he was facing. "Look, I know you're just doing your job, but there's no reason to assume that I'm screwed up in the head just because I live life in the public eye," Paul insisted. Marlena asserted that she hadn't said that because that wasn't how she felt, but she assured Paul that she would be there if she could help. He maintained that he would not need her, so Marlena left.

In her office later, Marlena told her assistant that, since they no longer needed to keep a slot open for Paul Narita, there was room in her schedule for Clyde Weston. She asked the assistant to call Mr. Weston and make an appointment.

Mandrake's goon was still following Theresa, who was still on the phone with her dad, when she got to the hospital. "Either I got a false positive or I misread it, but whatever happened, I thought I was pregnant, and now I know that I wasn't," Theresa concluded. Theresa hung up, and the henchman slipped out.

Anne chided Theresa for being late and began to share some bad news with Theresa. Before Anne could reveal what it was, Abigail showed up and wished the others a very cheerful good morning. "What are you doing here?" Theresa demanded. Beaming smugly, Abigail announced that she'd gotten her job back. After Theresa got the short version of how Abigail had been reinstated, she snidely suggested that they should send a memo to the board, warning them that Abigail was "on the prowl" again.

Anne's chuckle elicited a stern look from Abigail, so Anne quickly admonished Theresa for speaking unprofessionally about coworkers. Abigail asked for Theresa's signature on the confidentiality agreement regarding Paul Narita. Theresa recognized his name, if not the correct sport he played, from the tabloid reports about all the actresses Paul had dated. Abigail warned Theresa, "Per our agreement, you are not to engage in any gossip about Mister Narita... or disclose to anyone that he is a patient at our hospital." As she signed the form, Theresa complained that Abigail was acting like the "morality police."

Unfazed, Abigail took the signed agreement from Theresa and left. Theresa wondered aloud what a celebrity like Paul Narita was doing in Salem. Anne explained sarcastically that Dr. Jonas was the only surgeon in the world who could help Paul. Theresa dreamily mused that the wealthy and "super-hot" Paul was just what she needed to get over Brady. Anne insisted that she'd seen Paul first, and he had expressed interest in her.

Confident that Paul would pick her over Anne, Theresa headed into Paul's room and offered her assistance with the cold pack he was holding on his bandaged shoulder. Since she clearly wasn't his physical therapist or a nurse, Paul asked who Theresa was. Theresa introduced herself and explained that she worked in H.R., flirtatiously noting that she was there to assist with his recovery in any way she could. As she sat on the bed and held the ice pack against Paul's shoulder, Theresa assured Paul that she knew how to be discreet.

Openly ogling her, Paul said that he appreciated that. He added that he'd had a lot of offers from the women who worked there, but Theresa was more forward than the others. Theresa said that she was a lot more fun than they were, too. As she entered her phone number into Paul's phone, Theresa told him, "I know you won't be able to go out for a while, and, of course, you don't want to attract attention, but just say the word, and I'll bring the party to you." Paul asked how it was possible that a beautiful woman like Theresa wasn't already taken. Theresa said she just hadn't met the right guy yet.

As Theresa left Paul's room, Brady arrived for some board business but didn't see her. Theresa stared after him longingly.

Mandrake's thug called and reported to his boss, "The girl's convinced that she was never pregnant." He added that it appeared Theresa had no memory of what had happened to her. "Excellent. Ms. DiMera will be very pleased," Mandrake said.

. . .

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