Wednesday, September 21, 2016
by Mike

As the escaped convicts donned disguises in preparation for a night of havoc, Xander complained that Orpheus and Clyde were wasting time talking about what they planned to do instead of just doing it. "You're gonna have to learn how to spell 'patience,' son," Orpheus countered, pointing out that when he and the other two men had each tried to go after a target on their own without a solid plan in place, they had each narrowly avoided being apprehended as a result. Clyde agreed that it was better to have a solid plan in place before making a move, and he was certain that the one he and the other two men had devised would go like clockwork.

"We're all gonna get a chance to do everything we want to every single person on [our] list. The only question we have to answer now is 'who's first?'" Orpheus continued. Orpheus reminded the others to stick to the plan, declaring himself the only one who was allowed to 'call an audible' at any time during the execution phase. Clyde wasn't pleased with Orpheus' attempt to make himself the boss of the operation, pointing out that it hinged on the use of bombs and weaponry he had procured. "And we're very grateful, Clyde, but the plan is still the plan," Orpheus tiredly maintained.

As Gabi was passing through the town square with Arianna, she ran into J.J., who urged her to head home soon, lock all the windows and doors, and stay inside for the rest of the night. Gabi said she had to drop off some clothes at the DiMera mansion first. J.J. wasn't thrilled with the idea of Gabi going to a place that was probably at the top of Clyde's hit list, but Gabi countered that she wasn't thrilled with the idea of J.J. being on patrol while Clyde was on the loose and likely gunning for him.

Realizing that he had reached a stalemate with Gabi, J.J. wondered if she would at least let him drive her to the DiMera mansion. "Could we play the siren?" Gabi asked with a grin. J.J. confirmed that he could allow that, but he pointed out that it would probably disturb Arianna's slumber, and Gabi conceded that he was probably right. J.J. suggested that he and Gabi could instead make a pact to spend a day together with Arianna -- perhaps at the Chicago aquarium -- after the escaped convicts were apprehended, and Gabi happily agreed. "I just hope [those] guys get caught before anybody else gets hurt," she added.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad tried to assure Adrienne that Clyde and the other escaped convicts wouldn't be able to get past his security team. "[They're] covering all the access points. They're in the tunnels, on the roof --" he began to add. Interrupting, Adrienne argued that each criminal was clearly out for blood. "[And] when somebody wants something that badly, nothing is gonna stop them," she fretted.

Later, while Adrienne was giving Thomas a bath, Chad and Lucas discussed DiMera Enterprises. Chad reported that Belle had managed to convince Shin to support the plan to completely legitimize the company. Other board members were still resisting the idea, but Chad insisted that he wasn't going to back down. Meanwhile, Gabi arrived with what she believed to be the perfect power suit for Chad to wear during an important business meeting he had scheduled for later that night. Chad hesitantly admitted that he had canceled that meeting because of all the recent chaos with the escaped convicts but had forgotten to inform Gabi.

"So, you're telling me that I risked my life [in] the name of fashion all day for nothing?" Gabi asked incredulously as Lucas ducked out of the room with Arianna. Feigning anger, Gabi proceeded to tell Chad about how difficult her day had been, stressing that she'd had to shop while also keeping an eye on Arianna because she hadn't been able to find a babysitter. Chad apologized and wondered if there was any way to earn forgiveness for having wasted Gabi's time. "Hey, I mean, I'm gonna get paid either way," Gabi conceded, dropping the act.

Relieved that he had been let off the hook, Chad changed the subject, revealing that he had decided to start a charitable foundation in Abigail's honor but had not yet been able to settle on a cause for it to support. When Chad asked for ideas, stressing that he wanted to choose something that had been important to Abigail, Gabi reminded him that Abigail had battled aplastic anemia as a child and had once feared that Thomas had developed the same disease. "So maybe something that helps find a cure for that, or, um, you know, finding matches for bone marrow transplants -- something like that," Gabi suggested.

Chad agreed and thanked Gabi for the idea with a hug that lasted perhaps a bit longer than it should have, observing that they clearly made a great team. When he pulled away from her, he stammered that he was going to get his legal team to draw up the necessary paperwork right away. Meanwhile, Theo arrived and thanked Chad for agreeing to let him spend the night at the mansion, reporting that doing so had given Abe one less thing to worry about while the escaped convicts were on the loose.

Pointing out that he had plenty of room for guests, Chad suggested that Gabi and Arianna could also spend the night at his place. Theo agreed that the mansion was probably one of the safest places in Salem, but Gabi said he didn't need to worry about her because her boyfriend was a cop. "Or I guess you could call Rafe," Chad conceded with an awkward laugh. Gabi nodded and excused herself so she could go find Arianna.

After Gabi left the room, Chad gave Theo a warm embrace and wondered how he was doing. Theo reported that he was excited to be back in the familiar routine of student life. When Chad asked about Ciara, Theo hesitantly replied that she was fine but missed Chad. "I mean, you and the baby," Theo quickly added. Chad started to say something about how Ciara was better off in school, but Theo interrupted and abruptly changed the subject, revealing that he had been hanging out with Claire a lot lately. When Theo tried to show off Claire's YouTube channel, he noted, with a mixture of confusion and concern, that she hadn't posted anything recently.

At the Horton house, Jennifer and Julie tried to convince Ciara and Claire that being stuck inside with them all night could be fun. "We'll play charades! We'll paint each other's fingernails! It'll be a blast!" Julie insisted. Hope warned Ciara and Claire to behave then excused herself so she could run a few errands before heading over to the police station.

Jennifer followed Hope out to the foyer and asked for an update on the situation with the escaped convicts. Hope reported that, given the number of roadblocks that had been put in place, it was highly likely that all three men were still in Salem. Jennifer admitted that she was worried about J.J. because Clyde had a score to settle with him and was a vicious man. "Yeah, well, he's not the only one, cuz," Hope replied.

Later, Joey arrived to give Ciara a textbook she had left behind at Club TBD earlier. Julie and Jennifer invited Joey to stay for dinner and round two of charades then rushed back into the kitchen to finish cooking. Joey told Ciara he couldn't stay for dinner but could hang out with her and Claire for a while if they wanted him to. Meanwhile, Claire demanded Joey's cell phone, and when he handed it over, she complained that it, too, had a weak signal inside the Horton house. Ciara was pretty confident that Claire's YouTube fans could survive for one whole night without hearing from her, but Claire insisted that Ciara knew nothing about how social media worked.

When Jennifer and Julie returned and began the second round of charades, one of the clues was A Star is Born. The teens had never heard of the film before, but the plot resonated with Claire, who suggested that she might soon enjoy more fame than Chloe ever had. "Wow. Confident much?" Joey muttered skeptically. Meanwhile, a taxi driver arrived and beeped the horn. Joey eagerly excused himself and told the women to stay safe.

Julie went to check on Doug, who was nursing a sore throat upstairs, and Jennifer went to the kitchen to set the table for dinner. Ciara seized the opportunity to try to warn Claire about the dangers of getting ahead of oneself. "You have a lot of talent, but so do a lot of people, and only a few of them make it to the top," Ciara pointed out. Claire insisted that she was going to be one of those success stories because she was going to work hard at promoting herself. "Which is why being stuck here all night is ruining everything!" she complained with a dramatic sigh.

Later, J.J. returned home and told Jennifer about his day. J.J. wished he could have spent more time with Gabi, since they never seemed to have enough time for each other. As Jennifer started to ask if Gabi felt the same way, Julie passed through the foyer and seized the opportunity to once again advise J.J. to dump Gabi right away. "Good to see you, Julie," J.J. dismissively replied before excusing himself so he could go upstairs and take a power nap before returning to work.

Hope went to the Johnson house to deliver a bouquet of flowers to Kayla, and Steve seized the opportunity to go to the town square to pick up a prescription for Kayla. As he was passing the Brady Pub, he ran into Aiden, who was recording a memo on his cell phone about arranging a meeting with Hope to discuss Stefano's murder case. Steve insisted that the taxpayers didn't want their money wasted on closed cases, but Aiden argued that the taxpayers found it comforting to know they had a district attorney who was willing to do everything he could to make sure that the right people were paying for crimes.

Steve knew that Aiden had only taken the job to get close to Hope, and although Aiden denied the accusation, Steve insisted that it was delusional of Aiden to believe that Hope would ever give him another chance. Steve advised Aiden to back off and leave Salem. "You've got no future here -- especially with Hope," Steve added. Aiden countered that as the town's district attorney, his future was looking quite bright.

After picking up an order of clam chowder for Kayla, Steve went to the town square to get her prescription from the pharmacy. A short time later, as he was passing through the town square again, he spotted a maintenance worker who seemed vaguely familiar. Steve followed the man to the pier but lost him there and decided not to give his suspicions any further thought. As Steve walked away, Orpheus met up with Clyde and Xander nearby and bragged that he had just passed Steve in the town square and hadn't been recognized. "Nice. Salem's not gonna have a clue what hit 'em tonight," Clyde predicted.

While Kayla was talking to Hope about Steve, they heard a loud noise outside the Johnson house. Hope pulled out her gun and cautiously crept outside to investigate, but there was no one out there. There was, however, a potted cactus sitting on the doorstep. Hope took it inside and handed it to Kayla, who explained, after reading the attached card, that it was from Kimberly. Hope couldn't believe that Kimberly had sent Kayla a cactus, of all things. "Well, you know, she lives in Southern California. Drought-tolerant," Kayla pointed out. Hope reasoned that, if nothing else, it would at least be hard to kill the cactus.

Joey arrived home a short time later, while Hope was complaining to Kayla about Aiden. Hope decided to leave Kayla in Joey's capable hands and head over to the police station. After Hope left, Joey asked about Steve, and Kayla explained that he was out running an errand for her. "It's nice having him back, huh?" Joey said. When Kayla failed to respond right away, Joey insisted, "It's where he belongs." Kayla warned Joey that Steve's presence at the house was just a temporary thing. "Still, it's nice, right? All of us together again?" Joey maintained, and Kayla conceded that it was.

Later, Joey received a text message from Jade: "Grandma lots better. Miss U SO MUCH! SEE U SOON!" Kayla admitted that she had started to suspect that Joey might have broken up with Jade because he hadn't talked about her at all lately. Joey explained that he had simply been avoiding talking about Jade around Kayla because he was aware that Kayla didn't approve of the relationship, and he didn't want to argue with her about it. Joey insisted that Kayla needed to focus on staying relaxed, anyway.

"Yeah, relaxed," Kayla sarcastically agreed, pointing out that it would be hard to stay relaxed while three escaped convicts were on the loose, especially since one of them was Orpheus. Joey urged Kayla to give it a try, and he soon had her curled up on the couch, napping peacefully. With his thoughts still on Jade, Joey stepped outside to contact her.

On her way to the police station, Hope stopped at the Brady Pub to check on Caroline. Aiden followed Hope inside and said he was glad to see her because he needed to talk to her about something. Hope insisted that there was nothing left for her and Aiden to talk about. She started to walk away, but he grabbed her arm and stressed, "It's important."

When J.J. awoke from his power nap, he went downstairs and found Julie and Jennifer in the living room, working on a puzzle. Julie explained to J.J. that she and Jennifer were trying to demonstrate how teens had entertained themselves before the invention of cell phones. Meanwhile, Ciara went to the kitchen to get some cookies. She soon returned and announced that Claire, who had volunteered to do the dishes after dinner, had ducked out of the house. Ciara guessed that Claire had gone in search of a stronger signal so she could access her social media accounts.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi found Arianna then left her with Adrienne and followed Lucas to the panic room in search of Chad so she could ask him a question. Theo soon joined Adrienne and Arianna in the study, and Adrienne asked him to watch Arianna for a minute so she could go heat up a bottle for Thomas. As Gabi entered the panic room and started to ask Chad something, the lights went out and the door swung shut. Gabi nervously wondered what was going on. "Um...the power's out, so...we're trapped," Chad revealed. Meanwhile, in the study, Theo turned on his cell phone's flashlight and assured Arianna that everything was going to be okay.

The DiMera mansion wasn't the only place that was without electricity, though; Hope and Aiden were still at the Brady Pub when the power went out there, and Claire was passing through the town square as it lost power, and the Horton house lost power while everyone there was searching for her. Meanwhile, at the Johnson house, which was also without electricity, Orpheus and Clyde crept into the living room and hovered over Kayla, who was alone and still asleep.

. . .

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