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Wednesday, June 21, 2017
by Mike

Chloe insisted that she had something important to say, so Brady and Nicole reluctantly agreed to hear her out.

After entering the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe told Nicole, "I had every intention of taking [Holly] away from here forever -- getting her as far away from you as I could; [finding] someplace where me and Parker and Holly, we could just shut out the rest of the world, [and] I could shut out that voice in my head, telling me..."

Fighting back tears, Chloe continued, "So, I was driving, and I was hearing Holly in the backseat, making those sweet little noises she makes, [and] it just made me think of Parker, and how much I love him, [and] how becoming a mom just changes you -- it changes your life; it gives you a home. And I suddenly realized that I was driving in the wrong direction."

After apologizing for everything she had put Nicole through, Chloe tearfully concluded, "Holly belongs with you, Nicole. You are her mother." Shocked, Nicole wondered why Chloe was suddenly willing to hand over a child she, too, had grown to love. Chloe explained that the same love that had once clouded her judgment and made her do crazy things had also ultimately inspired her to do the right thing. "You are [Holly's] mother, Nicole. You're her only mother," Chloe repeated, adding that she would do everything in her power to repair the damage she had caused, including naming Nicole as Holly's legal guardian.

Nicole thought she was experiencing another miracle, just as she had a few weeks earlier, when Brady had suddenly started getting better after being on the brink of death, but Chloe insisted, "This isn't a miracle; this is just me doing what I should've done all along." After handing Holly over to Nicole, Chloe started to head out to her car to get the rest of the child's belongings. Nicole stopped Chloe and made it clear that there were no hard feelings between them, adding, "You've given me a gift -- the greatest gift anyone could receive. Without you, Holly wouldn't exist. And you can be a part of her life -- always."

Brady followed Chloe outside and said that he was proud of her. Sobbing, she pointed out that she had caused a lot of trouble and could even be held at least partially responsible for his near-death experience, depending on one's perspective. He assured her that none of that mattered anymore. She accepted a hug from him and broke down in his arms, knowing that her son was going to miss having a sister -- and that she was going to miss having a daughter. He promised her that they would still see each other often.

Later, Brady and Nicole lounged on the couch with Holly, pleased to finally be a family again. Elsewhere, Chloe broke down again while holding a blanket she had forgotten to give to Nicole.

J.J. sent Abigail a text message to let her know that he was back in the United States and would be home soon -- along with everyone else who had been aboard the Kiriakis jet when it had vanished. While Abigail was sharing a celebratory hug with Dario, she received another text message, this time from Chad. Dario seemed disappointed when Abigail said that she didn't think it was the right time to talk to Chad about their plan to get married. Sighing, Dario watched as Abigail excitedly prepared Thomas for a trip to the DiMera mansion to see Chad.

Rafe took Arianna to the DiMera mansion to see Gabi, who had also asked him to pack a few of the child's things in an overnight bag. Gabi could tell that her request had confused Rafe, but he seemed reluctant to ask her the obvious question, so she initiated the conversation herself, explaining that she was with Chad again. Rafe forced a smile as he absorbed the news.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Hope reviewed Dario's file, which she had asked a trusted coworker to discreetly retrieve for her. Later, while Hope was on the phone with someone, trying to get access to Dario's email account, Rafe arrived and greeted her. Hope set Dario's file aside with a few other files and quickly ended the phone call, allowing Rafe to believe that it had been about the pending search warrant for Deimos' drug lab.

When Rafe revealed what he had learned during his visit to the DiMera mansion, Hope wondered how he felt about the situation. "Not good, actually. I mean, I want [Gabi] to be happy, [but] this could get messy, you know?" Rafe replied. Shaking her head, Hope insisted, "This isn't going to get messy; this is already messy."

Hope wondered if Chad and Gabi were already aware that Abigail and Dario were planning to get married. Rafe said he wasn't sure about that -- and he also wasn't sure if Chad was really over Abigail yet. Having seen how Chad had reacted to Abigail's request for a divorce, Hope confidently declared, "No, he's not over her -- not by a long shot."

While Arianna was napping, Chad and Gabi talked about how comfortable the child seemed at the DiMera mansion. "She was almost as happy to see you as she was to see me. She thinks of you and Thomas as her family," Gabi told Chad, who insisted that they essentially were one big family. Having deduced that Rafe hadn't exactly been thrilled to hear their big announcement, Gabi and Chad decided that it was simply going to take time for people to get used to the idea of them as a real couple. Chad admitted that although he didn't miss the island, he would endure being stranded over and over again if it meant he would end up with Gabi every time.

While Chad and Gabi were kissing, Abigail entered the mansion with Thomas, who started fussing before she could sneak back out. Chad rushed over to greet Thomas and give him a hug. Meanwhile, Abigail and Gabi awkwardly began their own exchange of greetings and hugs. When Abigail reported that Dario had been really worried, Gabi took the hint and rushed off to see her brother so Abigail could have some time alone with Chad.

After putting Thomas down for a nap, Chad rejoined Abigail in the living room and wondered if she wanted to talk about what she had walked in on earlier. "[You] locking lips with Gabi? Yeah, well, I guess your time on the island [wasn't] all bad, huh?" Abigail somewhat bitterly replied. Chad wanted to leave snarky comments out of the conversation, but when Abigail added that she had simply been surprised to see him kissing Gabi, he countered that he knew the feeling well because he had experienced it when he had received divorce papers while out of the country.

"You seem to be handling it just fine," Abigail observed, prompting Chad to point out that she had ended their marriage and had told him to move on with his life. She wondered if he had signed the divorce papers yet. "No, I was busy being stranded on an island," he replied. She asked him to sign them as soon as possible, vaguely adding, "There is a bit of a...situation...with Dario."

Taking that as Abigail's way of saying that she was with Dario, Chad wondered just how long she had been "hooking up with" the new man in her life. Abigail insisted that Chad was jumping to the wrong conclusions, adding, "Dario and I are getting married." Chad thought that Abigail was kidding at first, but when he realized that she was being serious, he quickly dialed his lawyer's phone number. Abigail listened in shock as Chad arranged for the divorce to be finalized right away. After ending the call, Chad assured Abigail that she would be a free woman by the end of the day.

Sighing, Abigail admitted that her conversation with Chad wasn't going the way she had hoped it would go. He wondered if she had expected him to congratulate her -- or perhaps beg her not to marry another man. "Maybe it's just not even about you at all," she spat. He questioned how much being married to him had really meant to her, given that she had walked out on him twice and had already decided to jump into a new marriage with a man she had only been dating for a few weeks at most. "Unless you've been sleeping with him the whole time," he added, prompting her to storm off in anger.

While Gabi was catching up with Dario in a secluded section of Horton Town Square, she revealed that she was with Chad. Dario admitted that although he wasn't exactly Chad's biggest fan, he was happy for Gabi -- and the timing was actually perfect. Confused, Gabi wondered what Dario was talking about. Dario happily explained that he was engaged to Abigail. Gabi was suspicious at first, knowing that Abigail had previously claimed that she was only interested in being Dario's friend, but he eventually convinced her to just accept that the universe was on their side and had made everything work out the way they wanted it to.

Later, Gabi returned to the DiMera mansion and joined Chad and Thomas in the living room. After getting Chad's assurance that Arianna was still sleeping peacefully, Gabi wondered how his conversation with Abigail had gone. Chad reported that the divorce was already in the process of being finalized. "I'm sorry. I know that's not easy to say," Gabi said. "It's okay. It's just, uh..." Chad began. After staring at Thomas for a moment, Chad continued, "Uh, yeah." Realizing that Chad had said everything he wanted to say about the matter, Gabi offered him a supportive hug.

Meanwhile, at the Martin mansion, Abigail told Dario, "The divorce is gonna be final very soon, so, um...hey, the hell with it -- let's just get married!"

At the hospital, Sonny told Marlena that Paul was still recovering but was already doing much better, thanks to the antidote he had been given earlier.

A short time later, Sonny ran into Deimos, who wondered how Paul was doing. "None of your business," Sonny spat, adding that Deimos deserved to be rotting in prison for everything he had done. Deimos feigned innocence, claiming that everything that had happened had simply been one big misunderstanding.

Unconvinced, Sonny vowed to make Deimos pay, adding, "Soon, I will be in charge of Titan, and when I am, I am going to crush you." Chuckling, Deimos dismissively insisted that Sonny would need "a hell of a lot more" than control of Titan to pose a threat to him. "I am building something bigger and more dangerous than you ever could've imagined," Deimos teased.

Sonny asked for details, but Deimos refused to supply them. Changing the subject, Deimos hinted that it wasn't wise for Sonny to be taking on more responsibility at Titan while Paul was inflicted with jungle madness -- a disease that would probably kill him soon. Sonny angrily grabbed Deimos, who calmly assured onlookers that they were witnessing a simple family disagreement.

"You're gonna regret this," Deimos quietly warned Sonny before shoving him away. The amulet fell out of Sonny's pocket as he hit the floor, but he quickly retrieved it then stood to face Deimos again, unsure if Deimos had seen the amulet or not. Deimos walked away after dismissively insisting that Sonny was a little child who wasn't fit to run Titan -- and that Sonny and everyone else would soon realize that.

Later, Marlena rejoined Sonny and quickly realized that something was bothering him. Sonny said that he was simply worried about Paul. "[This whole ordeal] made me realize just how much I love him, and I never thought I could feel that way again," Sonny continued. "You mean the way that you felt about Will," Marlena guessed.

Nodding, Sonny admitted, "I feel like a different person now than when I was with Will. [I think] I was just more naïve about how the world works [back then]." Marlena advised that it was important for Sonny to ensure that the tragedies he had endured wouldn't end up changing him into an unkind, uncaring person. "Do you think Will would think that's happening to me?" Sonny asked.

"I think Will would think you still have the wonderful, loving heart he fell in love with -- the same heart that Paul fell in love with," Marlena answered. Sonny admitted that he had resisted his feelings for Paul for quite a while out of fear that giving in to those feelings would be like cheating on Will, but he no longer felt that way about the matter. Marlena assured Sonny that Will would want him to be happy, adding, "And if we learned anything from losing [him], it was to embrace every moment."

As Deimos neared his drug lab, he received a text message from someone: "Factory raided by cops. They know ur the Candyman. APB out for ur arrest. Run. Now!"

Later, in a secluded section of the town square, Deimos contacted the person and confirmed that he had managed to evade the cops and was planning to leave town as soon as he got his hands on some cash. After ending the call, Deimos grumbled, "Now I really need that amulet."

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