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At the monastery, Brother Timothy asked if Eric were still grappling with the feelings of love he had for Nicole. "Brother Timothy, what I feel for Nicole is in no way love... After what Nicole has done, I can never feel love for her, ever again," Eric insisted. He admitted that he had made it difficult for Nicole to do the right thing, and the monk pointed out that Eric had told Nicole that he'd loved her for a long time. Brother Timothy guessed that Eric still wanted Nicole. Eric blurted out that he did but quickly denied it.

Eric was angry because he didn't think he would have a chance he went to Rome to plead his case to Cardinal Filippi because he would have to rely on Nicole. Brother Timothy urged Eric to take that chance, but Eric didn't want to be near Nicole. The monk asserted that she was Eric's only chance to return to the priesthood -- unless Eric expected Kristen to reappear. Eric asserted that Kristen would never return to Salem -- and it was a blessing, because it was clear she was evil after what she'd done to his life and Brady's.

Eric added that he had faith that God would never allow Kristen to strike at him again. Eric acknowledged that he would have to depend on Nicole, since he couldn't produce Kristen or Dr. Chyka. He added that he had been praying about that all night, as well as for a release from the "physical longing" he felt for Nicole. Eric wished that God would show him a sign. Brother Timothy assured him that the sign would arrive -- but it might not be what Eric was looking for.

In Daniel's hotel room, Kristen answered Daniel's phone when Brady called, but she didn't say anything. A puzzled Brady called Daniel's name several times, urging him to say something, and finally asked if he should try calling back. Although gagged and tied to a chair, Daniel grunted loudly and struggled against the ropes. Kristen quickly hung up and ordered her goon, "Do something!" The thug punched Daniel, hard, in the gut. Kristen apologized to Daniel and pulled off his gag then instructed her henchman to leave.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady looked at his phone and wondered if he should try calling Daniel back. Meanwhile, Daniel warned Kristen that Brady would be so concerned about the dropped call that he'd keep trying until he got in touch with Daniel. As if on cue, Daniel's phone rang again -- so Kristen sent Brady a text message as Daniel: "Sorry, in a meeting. Picked up by mistake. Was it urgent?" Brady sent a quick reply that he'd just wanted to thank Daniel.

Nicole was walking through Horton Square, carrying a bag with Brady's favorite ice cream, when she bumped into Maggie -- who had the same item in her shopping bag for Brady. Nicole irritably assumed that Maggie had no desire for Nicole to visit Brady -- but soon the two women were walking through the front door of the Kiriakis mansion together.

Brady was a bit taken aback when he saw Nicole and Maggie arriving together. Maggie explained that they had both had the same idea about how to make Brady feel a little better. Maggie added that there had been no change in John's condition. Brady said that he had been trying to find someone at Titan to help out with John's duties at Basic Black. Brady headed to the kitchen to put the ice cream away and make some calls.

Maggie admitted that there was another reason she'd invited Nicole back to the house. Maggie admitted that she wasn't happy about what Nicole had done to Eric, Daniel, and Jennifer, but Maggie was glad that Nicole was there for Brady, who really needed friends. "Nicole, just...don't screw it up," Maggie requested.

Once Nicole was alone with Brady, she tried to convince him that he could get back on track after losing his way because of what Kristen had done to him. Brady pointed out that it did nothing to help his dad. Nicole assured Brady that even if he had been drunk and high, he wasn't to blame for what had happened to John, because she knew Brady would never intentionally hurt his father. "You need to concentrate on making things different, new, and good. The past can't change. You just need to leave it behind you," Nicole stated firmly.

On the phone in the park later, Nicole confirmed that she had received her tickets and itinerary. As she hung up, she recalled her most recent argument with Eric in her hotel room. She muttered to herself that she shouldn't expect much thanks from him.

Brady headed to Horton Square and made a phone call. "I'm sorry you won't be able to make it, Mister Schmidt. Just please tell your colleagues at Basic Black that my father would want you to reach out to me at any time." As Brady hung up, he remembered shopping in the square with Kristen. While Brady was lost in thought, Nicole approached and startled him out of his memories. Brady admitted that he'd just been thinking about Kristen.

When E.J. arrived at the mansion, Victor had already poured a glass of scotch for him. Without taking a drink, E.J. deposited the drink on a side table and demanded to know why Victor had summoned him. Victor explained that instead of reveling in E.J.'s misfortune, he preferred to do a deal with E.J. E.J. said that he wasn't interested in anything Victor had to offer. When E.J. headed for the door, Victor remarked, "Can you really afford not to listen, not to hear what I have to say?"

Back in the hotel room, Daniel firmly warned Kristen that he would not tell her anything about Brady. Kristen used Daniel's phone to send text messages to all the colleagues he would have seen at the medical conference, plus Maggie and all his friends in Salem. Daniel didn't think anyone would buy it, but Kristen maintained that she had captured his voice by reading his old messages. When Kristen announced that she still had to send a message to Jennifer, Daniel warned her that Jennifer would be expecting a call, not a text message.

While Kristen composed a message to Jennifer about what gifts Daniel should buy Abigail and J.J., Daniel pleaded with her to leave Jennifer out of it. Before she sent the message, Kristen decided that she should check Daniel and Jennifer's old text messages so she didn't leave out anything important -- and she discovered that they had not sent any messages to each other in weeks. Kristen deduced that Daniel and Jennifer had broken up and that he wanted to alert Jennifer so she would call the police. Daniel refused to discuss Jennifer with Kristen.

Kristen mused menacingly, "I think you need a major attitude adjustment... I think your son and your daughter would really appreciate that. I mean, after all, it would be nice for them to be able to see their father again, don't you think?" Daniel shouted at Kristen to leave his children alone. With a wry scowl, Kristen assured Daniel that she would never threaten Parker or Melanie -- or any child. Recalling how much Kristen had wanted a child of her own, Daniel wondered how she could have hurt Eric so much when she had shown such compassion for children -- and for Jennifer.

"Enough with the priest! Enough! Today is about Brady," Kristen declared. After she let her henchman back into the room, Kristen admitted that she didn't know much about what had been going on with Brady. When Daniel refused to discuss his friend, Kristen recounted that she did know about John's injury and "that barnacle," Theresa, who had attached herself to Brady. Kristen wanted to know all of Theresa's strengths and weaknesses. Daniel said that he wasn't going to indulge Kristen's sick fantasies about getting back together with Brady.

Kristen pointed out that she couldn't show her face in Salem again -- and that was why she had waited until Daniel had gone out of town to have a chat with him about Brady. She added softly that she only wanted to know how Brady was doing because she still cared about him a great deal. Daniel guessed, "Oh, Kristen. Nice try... I don't think I'm tied up to this chair because you want me to fill you in on Brady. Now, somehow, you think you're going to see him face-to-face. Is that right? And you want him here -- and I'm the bait." With a coy shrug, Kristen confirmed that Daniel was correct.

Kate slid in, uninvited, across from Victor at a restaurant table. After she got a martini, Kate toasted to herself and thanked Victor for his part in helping her take the reins at DiMera Enterprises -- even though he hadn't known he was doing it. "You duplicitous bitch," Victor said without much venom as he raised his glass to Kate. Kate explained that she was there to show Victor just how grateful she was. After Kate had outlined her plan to Victor, she handed him some papers to sign before he wired funds to the DiMera Enterprises account. "Stefano's going to go through the roof," Victor warned her, but he signed the papers.

E.J. followed Abigail to the park outside Horton Square, but she snapped that she had nothing more to say to him. E.J. tried to reassure Abigail that what had happened between the two of them was neither reprehensible nor horrible, but Abigail disagreed. E.J. asserted that the two of them had connected through their discussions about art and her father's book, and he wished that things had ended differently. "Are you saying that you want us to be together again?" a stunned Abigail asked.

E.J. assured Abigail that wasn't what he wanted; he just hated to see her punishing herself, because she was a beautiful, intelligent woman with integrity, although she might not agree at that moment. E.J. and Abigail each wished that the other could get past what had happened. E.J. admitted that things with Sami had been very difficult, but he refused to give up hope. As Abigail left, she thanked E.J. for what he'd said.

Later, E.J. was sitting alone at Club TBD when Kate strode in and warned him not to harass any more board members. E.J. calmly pointed out that he had merely been trying to protect the company. He wondered why Kate had gotten involved in the takeover of DiMera Enterprises with Samantha, whose motivation was much clearer. Kate ordered E.J. to butt out. "[Sami and I are] just cleaning up the mess, thanks to what you did to Abigail and Stefano did to Rafe. Now the two of you, you're just spectators," Kate declared before walking away.

E.J. got a phone call from Victor, who mysteriously hinted that he was a potential ally. After instructing E.J. to meet him at the Kiriakis mansion in a few minutes, Victor hung up.

Jennifer went to the hospital to look for Kayla, who hadn't been returning her text messages. A nurse informed Jennifer that Kayla was at the Brady Pub, so Jennifer headed in that direction.

At the Brady Pub, Sami stated that she had instructed the corporate giving department at DiMera Enterprises put a freeze on the twenty million dollar donation for the children's wing of University Hospital. An irked Kayla pointed out that the renovations had already begun. Sami agreed that the renovations were needed -- and she refused to let Kayla make her feel guilty. "Let me just be clear that there's a choice to make, here. It's either Abby gets fired, or the hospital gets the donation. Choose," Sami said.

Kayla sympathized with Sami but stressed that revenge wasn't the answer. Unmoved, Sami promised to find another worthy hospital to receive the donation -- or simply take it up with Anne Milbauer -- if Kayla didn't comply with her request. "At least don't make me fire Abigail. Let her resign on her own," Kayla proposed. Sami agreed provided that Abigail wrote a letter stating that she had violated the hospital's code of conduct by having inappropriate relations with a board member and could never work at the hospital again.

Sami requested a copy of the letter for her records. "You have really turned into a DiMera, haven't you?" Kayla said with obvious disgust and disapproval. "Look at it this way. You saved the hospital twenty million dollars. You should be proud, Aunt Kayla," Sami pointed out. "I'd appreciate it if you never called me that again. I'm ashamed that we're even related," Kayla retorted before storming out.

Outside, Kayla ran into Jennifer, who was dismayed to learn that Sami had already told Kayla about E.J. and Abigail's affair. Kayla reluctantly said that she also had to ask Abigail to resign, or the hospital would lose DiMera Enterprises' twenty million dollar donation. Jennifer was ready to charge into the pub to give Sami a piece of her mind, but Kayla warned her that Sami would not back down.

As soon as Kayla was out of sight, Jennifer headed inside and stomped over to Sami's table. "You monster!" Jennifer hissed. Sami asked if she, the woman who'd found out her husband was having an affair, were a monster, what that made the "slut mistress." Jennifer urged Sami to concentrate on E.J. and not Abigail. Sami noted that Abigail was just like her mother, who'd jumped back into bed with Daniel Jonas before Jack had been cold in his grave.

Sami sarcastically urged Jennifer to help her daughter look for work at an escort agency, where they could make good use of Abigail's interest in older men. As Sami strolled out, Jennifer spat, "Nothing you say about my daughter will ever change the way I feel about her! I wonder if Marlena could say the same thing about you."

When Abigail arrived at Kayla's office, Kayla revealed that she'd just spoken to Sami. Abigail apologized and admitted that she was embarrassed about what she'd done. Kayla noted that E.J. was at least half to blame. Producing the employee handbook binder to show Abigail, Kayla explained everything that Sami had demanded. "Do I have to write [the letter] in blood, too?" Abigail cried. She promised to turn the letter in the following morning -- but she had something to take care of first.

A few minutes later, Sami opened the door and found Abigail on the doorstep. "Why, Abby, hello! I'm sorry, your lover boy's not here," Sami said, closing the door on Abigail -- but Abigail forced the door back open and strode inside. "I didn't come for E.J. I came for you," Abigail announced.

. . .

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