Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chad found Jordan while she was working at the hospital and confessed that he'd missed her. Jordan countered that she hadn't heard a word from Chad, but he maintained that he'd been trying to give her some space. When Jordan said they should talk, Chad agreed to do so after he'd visited Sonny. Lurking nearby, Kate overheard part of the conversation and interrupted to inform Chad that he couldn't see Sonny.

After Jordan left to check on a patient, Kate mocked Chad for being delusional enough to believe he could get Jordan back. Kate predicted that it would never happen because Jordan would end up with Rafe. Scoffing, Chad maintained that Rafe had already lost his appeal for Jordan before Rafe had gotten fired from the police force, and she'd since learned that Rafe had been a dirty cop. Kate remarked on the convenience of the timing, since Rafe's firing had occurred on the heels of his showing up at the DiMera mansion with a search warrant, which had made Chad look like a criminal in front of Jordan.

Chad maintained that it had merely been a coincidence, but Kate knew he'd been aware that Rafe had covered for Gabi. Kate commended Chad for eliminating his competition for Jordan's affections. "Is that true?" Jordan suddenly demanded from the opposite side of the nurses' station. Chad reminded Jordan that he'd already assured her that he hadn't done what Rafe had accused him of. Chad insisted that Kate had only been trying to make trouble. Kate noted that there were other people who could have known what Rafe had done -- and obviously whoever had sent the letter to the police had really hated Rafe and wanted him off the police force.

Chad countered that there were a lot of people who fit that description, but Kate didn't think anyone despised Rafe as much as the DiMeras. Jordan stormed off, and Chad followed her into a waiting room. He insisted that Kate's claims were just another attempt to break up Jordan and Chad. Jordan ordered Chad to stop lying to her. Finally, Chad conceded, "Okay, fine! I did it; I sent the damn letter! And you want to know why? Because Rafe used his position at the police force to come after me and my family, and the only reason he did that was because he wanted to get you back."

Incredulous, Jordan said that she had defended Chad to everyone who'd tried to tell her who he really was. "I thought I knew you better than anyone else. Oh, my God, I must be the biggest fool of all time," Jordan complained, her face in her hands. Chad reached out to comfort her, but Jordan yanked away furiously, hissing, "Don't you touch me. We are finished!" She stalked out.

Abigail visited Ben during his first shift bartending at the Edge of the Square. Rafe declared that Ben was doing great. The three of them discussed the pending assault charges against Ben, and Abigail insisted that Chad had promised to do whatever he could to fix it. "We all know what a DiMera promise is worth," Rafe noted scornfully. Ben reminded the others that he had always taken the bait when Chad had aggravated him -- although Ben knew Chad was only trying to help him in order to get back with Jordan. A frustrated Rafe didn't understand why Jordan couldn't see what a jerk Chad was.

Aiden met Hope in Horton Square just as she was concluding a phone call with Ciara. Aiden said when he'd talked to Chase, it had sounded like the kids had been having a great time but were ready to return home the following day. "And for the first time, this place really does feel like home," Aiden added happily before kissing Hope. He expressed his gratitude and appreciation for Hope keeping the secret about Chase's role in his mom's death. Hope and Aiden agreed to meet at the Brady Pub later, after Aiden met with Ben.

When Aiden arrived at the Edge, Abigail joined them at a table to discuss Ben's case. Ben admitted he couldn't deny punching Chad because there had been witnesses, two of whom had been cops. Aiden wanted to know why Ben had done it, and Ben claimed it was because he had a bad temper. Abigail contended that Chad had provoked Ben. Aiden asked what Chad had said to provoke Ben, since he would make that the basis of Ben's defense. Ben refused to answer because he didn't want to have to repeat it in court.

"What [Chad] did was -- he compared me to Ben's sister in a very personal way," Abigail explained as delicately as possible. Ben reiterated his refusal to repeat what Chad had said in front of a judge or jury. Abigail was curious about why the district attorney was pressing so hard, especially when Chad had tried to drop the charges. Aiden admitted he had no idea other than perhaps a desire to take down the DiMeras, but he thought the jury probably wouldn't convict Ben if Chad weren't pressing charges. Aiden headed out after praising Ben for being willing to "take one on the chin" for his sister and girlfriend.

Jordan showed up a little later, and Abigail immediately observed that Jordan seemed upset. Jordan explained that she'd just broken up with Chad because he was the one who'd gotten Rafe fired. A stunned Abigail offered her sympathy. When Jordan went to the bar to talk to Rafe, Abigail slipped out.

Jordan informed Rafe that she'd just broken up with Chad because he'd admitted he had written the letter that had gotten Rafe fired. With a shrug, Rafe indicated that he'd already suspected that. Jordan was upset that he'd never said anything to her, but Rafe pointed out that she'd never believed anything he'd ever warned her about regarding Chad. "He said he wrote the letter because you were after me, and I just want to say that I'm really sorry," Jordan stated earnestly.

Rafe informed Jordan that Ben's lawyer had advised Ben that the case might be dismissed because Chad wasn't pressing charges. Both Rafe and Jordan knew that could change, since she'd just dumped Chad.

Abigail found Chad drinking alone at Club TBD and confronted him about what he'd done. "You should be happy. Now she thinks everything you told her about me is true," Chad said. Abigail chastised Chad for hurting Jordan, who'd believed he would be the first man not to disappoint her. "I thought you were falling in love with her," Abigail said accusingly. "I was. It wasn't supposed to happen," Chad admitted. Abigail asked what that meant. "It was never supposed to be about Jordan. But then I started feeling... Feeling is never a good idea," Chad explained, but that only confused Abigail further.

At Club TBD, Paul's mom, Tori, dropped her teacup when Paul introduced her to Marlena. Tori claimed she hadn't realized how hot the cup was. While Paul cleaned up the mess, Marlena said, "It's just so nice to meet you, Mrs. Narita. You must be so proud of your son for owning who he is." Tori snapped that she would like to talk privately with her son before discussing him with anyone else. After Tori charged out to wait for Paul outside, he apologized to Marlena for his mother's rudeness. "I want you to know I'm sorrier than I can say for the mess that I caused between Sonny and Will," Paul stated sincerely before leaving to join his mother.

As Paul and Tori headed to the park outside the square, he chided her for being rude to Dr. Evans. Tori retorted that she merely hadn't wanted to discuss her son with strangers, especially not a "meddling psychiatrist." Taken aback, Paul asked how his mom had known Dr. Evans was a shrink. Tori explained that when Paul's manager had insisted Paul have the surgery in Salem, she had researched University Hospital -- including the psychiatry department, which Dr. Evans was head of. Tori explained that she had known the doctors might advise Paul to see a psychiatrist, since his injury could have ended his career.

Paul admitted he had seen Dr. Evans, but he'd had to stop seeing her because of a conflict of interest: her grandson was the author of the article about Paul. Tori somewhat eagerly pointed out that they could still catch the late flight back home to San Francisco. Paul reminded his mother that he'd already told her he wasn't leaving Salem -- and he didn't understand why she had been so against him going there in the first place.

Tori insisted that she'd wanted him to have the best surgeon, the kind of doctor to whom other professional baseball teams went for their pitchers -- and she had clearly been right, judging by the outcome of his surgery. Paul firmly asserted that he had destroyed his arm by pushing himself too hard and pitching when he'd been hurt -- but, luckily, he should regain full use of his arm. Tori fretted that Paul's brilliant career was over. Paul said he'd made peace with that, and so should she.

"Or is my career as a pitcher all you ever cared about?" Paul wondered. Tori asserted gently that she'd only cared about Paul's career because that was what he'd wanted. She assured him that she'd always wanted the best for him. Paul remembered how hard his mom had worked and the sacrifices she'd made while raising him alone. He implored her to stay in town a little longer while he worked through everything. Tori agreed.

When Hope joined Marlena at Club TBD, she filled Marlena in about having to miss her trip to Tahiti because she'd been visiting Aiden's place on Puget Sound and the bridge had gone out. Marlena asked how it had been for Hope to spend more time with Aiden than she'd anticipated, and Hope said it had been good. Explaining that Ciara and Chase were on a field trip to San Francisco, Hope confided that Ciara being away from home for so long had awakened Hope's memories of when Ciara had been kidnapped -- and Hope feared that it could do the same for Ciara.

Since Ciara had never talked about the experience right after it had happened, Marlena guessed that Ciara had suppressed the memories. Hope worried what would happen if Ciara's memories suddenly flooded back. Marlena assured Hope that if Ciara's memories ever did return, they would do so in bits and pieces, not all at once.

Hope said right after the kidnapping, Ciara had experienced terrible nightmares, but then they had stopped suddenly, and Ciara had been fine ever since. Hope wondered if it were all right that Ciara had never talked about the kidnapping. "You know, I can't guarantee she won't remember, but if I were you, and she says nothing, I wouldn't push it," Marlena advised.

At the Brady Pub a little later, Hope told Aiden about her talk with Marlena -- and about Ciara's kidnapping several years earlier. Hope filled in a shocked and sympathetic Aiden on the details of what had happened and how traumatized she had been at the thought of never seeing Ciara again after losing Zack. Aiden asked what had prompted Hope to talk to Marlena. After telling him a little more about what she and Marlena had discussed, Hope explained that she'd wanted to make sure the memories wouldn't resurface for Ciara.

Aiden guessed that Hope's memories of that time had also returned because of what she'd learned had happened with Chase. Hope confirmed that was true, and it was also part of the reason she'd talked to Marlena. Hope explained that she probably wouldn't have started worrying about Ciara if Aiden hadn't told her about how Chase had seemingly repressed his memories of his mother's death.

Hope advised Aiden that Marlena had said the kids' memories could return in bits and pieces, and all they could do as parents was watch for the signs, such as nightmares. Aiden and Hope both prayed that their children's memories never returned. "Aiden, all we can do is take care of our children and protect them the best way we know how," Hope said. Taking Hope's hand, Aiden said, "I like to think we'll be doing that together."

When Marlena arrived at the hospital, Kate informed her that Will was in with Sonny. "How does he seem?" Marlena asked, keeping her tone neutral. Eyeing Marlena inquisitively, Kate said, "You don't know, do you?" Marlena admitted that she had talked to Will.

Despite Kate's fretting about the young men's marriage, Marlena emphasized that they had to let Will and Sonny work things out on their own. Marlena added that Will was not in love with Paul. Kate pointed out that Paul was still in love with Sonny, who'd once loved Paul enough to propose marriage. Kate hoped Paul was gone for good -- but Marlena said she'd just seen Paul.

In his hospital room, an incredulous Sonny demanded of Will, "You slept with Paul Narita, and it's my fault?" Will insisted that wasn't what he'd meant, but after checking his notes, it had dawned on him that Sonny had returned to Salem right after Paul had turned down his proposal -- and Will couldn't believe that Sonny had never thought to mention that to Will. Sonny argued that Paul had asked him to keep it a secret because Paul wasn't out. Will wanted to know if Sonny had just stopped loving Paul after Paul had said "no."

Sonny testily admitted that he hadn't immediately stopped loving Paul; it had taken awhile. He acknowledged that he could have stayed with Paul, but Sonny hadn't wanted to live like that, in secret, because he'd been openly gay and had wanted to marry Paul. Will accused Sonny of marrying the next guy he'd met, in spite of his love for Paul. "Only the son of Sami Brady could twist things around so I'm responsible for you sleeping with another guy," Sonny spat. Will insisted he wasn't doing that.

Will continued that he didn't want their marriage to end, and he didn't want to have to explain to his daughter that she'd lost Sonny because of what Will had done. "Why does [Paul] think that you still might be in love with him?" Will asked. Sonny guessed that Will assumed Sonny had been leading Paul on, but Will clarified that it had seemed as if Paul would never give up on his ex. Will added that he'd wanted to tell Sonny about what had happened, but Sonny pointed out that he'd walked in on Kate telling Will to keep his mouth shut. Will explained that Kate had told him the only reason he'd wanted to confess had been to relieve his guilt.

Sonny angrily reiterated that regardless of Paul and Sonny's history, Will had still been married to Sonny when he'd had sex with Paul. "I don't know why we're still having this conversation," Sonny snarled. "Because the entire time that we were married, I thought that what we had was special," Will said, pointing out that Sonny had been the first man he'd loved and the first man he'd been with -- but he felt like the first guy who'd said "yes" when Sonny had proposed.

Sonny tearfully recounted how when he'd first run into Paul, Paul had made his intentions clear, but Sonny had refused him because he was married to Will. "I could never, ever hurt you the way that you hurt me," Sonny declared. He revealed that he knew Will had never worn his wedding ring while interviewing Paul. Will explained that his bosses had instructed him not to wear it because they had been worried that his being married to a man might make Paul uncomfortable.

Will contended that Paul couldn't possibly have known that Will and Sonny were married because no one knew Will was interviewing Paul -- and that had been why they had met at Paul's hotel room. Sonny acknowledged that Paul had truly seemed surprised when he'd found out. "He feels just as rotten about the whole thing as I do," Will said. Sonny couldn't believe that Will had been with Paul again. "I had to know what made him tell you about him and me," Will explained.

"I hate what I did to you! Sonny, can you ever forgive me?" Will asked. Sonny acknowledged that he wasn't perfect, citing how he'd spent all their savings on a club that had failed before it had opened. Will pointed out that it had only been money. "You just make me feel that, like, what we had wasn't enough for you," Sonny said with tears in his eyes. Will swore that had never been true.

Sonny said that he just couldn't talk any more about it that night, so Will rose to leave. Pausing in the doorway, Will assured his husband, "I love you, Sonny. I hope you know that I always will."

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