Wednesday, April 22, 2015

At the Horton house, J.J. awakened to find Eve in bed next to him -- and Paige suddenly entered the room. A furious and devastated Paige demanded to know how J.J. could have slept with both her and her mother. She ordered Eve to get out, so an upset Eve grabbed her clothes and hurried out. Horrified, Paige realized that Eve was the woman with whom J.J. had cheated on her. J.J. tried to apologize, but an enraged Paige excoriated him for making her believe his lies and breaking her heart.

Paige climbed onto the bed and began pummeling J.J. with her fists, shrieking that she hated him -- and at last J.J. woke up from the nightmare with a gasp, drenched in sweat. He tried to convince himself that Paige would never find out about him and Eve -- unless Eve were somehow planning to set him up with the coat. Paige called J.J. just then and said she needed to see him right away about something important.

Downstairs, Jennifer wondered why Eve had hung onto Daniel's jacket, the one J.J. had been wearing the night he and Eve had first slept together. Thinking aloud in the direction of J.J.'s picture, Jennifer mused, "I know you think that she's plotting against you and Paige, but what if it's something worse?" Jennifer called Eve, who was far from thrilled to hear from her foe. Jennifer demanded to see Eve immediately.

A few minutes later, Jennifer arrived at Eve's apartment. "Obviously, you know J.J. and Paige have gotten closer lately... So I just thought that we should all have dinner together, and I will cook," Jennifer proposed. She explained that she thought it was important to show the kids that their families were supportive of their relationship. Eve refused, insulting Jennifer's cooking and declaring that she couldn't tolerate the idea of watching J.J. pawing all over Paige for an evening.

Jennifer voiced her suspicions that there was a lot more to Eve's reasons than disapproval of J.J. and Paige's relationship. Playing dumb, Eve insisted that she loathed the idea of her daughter and J.J. together. "I know about the coat," Jennifer revealed, explaining that J.J. had told her all about it, including how it or one just like it had ended up in Eve's possession. "Jennifer, I -- I don't have to have to explain myself to you," Eve contended calmly.

"That's okay, because I already know the answer. So why don't you tell me? What exactly are your feelings for my son?" Jennifer demanded, her contempt for Eve apparent. Eve reminded Jennifer that she hated J.J. "If you hate him so much, why'd you have sex with him? And if you regretted it so much, why did you do it again?" Jennifer demanded. Eve refused to engage further with Jennifer and tried to throw her out.

Jennifer wouldn't budge until Eve explained herself, so Eve grabbed her purse and fled the apartment. Caught off guard, Jennifer followed after her just a moment too late. "Stay away from me, you crazy bitch!" Eve shouted as the elevator doors closed behind her.

When J.J. met Paige in the Salem University student union, she greeted him with an enthusiastic kiss and announced that she had a surprise. Paige explained that being with J.J. for the first time the previous night had been perfect. J.J. reminded her that his mom had nearly caught them, and from the look on his face, a mortified Paige deduced that Jennifer had figured out what had happened.

J.J. assured Paige that everything was "cool," but he didn't think they'd be able to have sex at his house again. "Which brings me back to my surprise," Paige said, beaming, as she held up a key card from the Salem Inn. She explained that she'd used her babysitting money to rent a room that night for the two of them so they could be together again without fear of interruptions. J.J. declared that he only wished he'd thought of such a great idea and promised that he would pay for half the cost of the room.

Paige admitted she'd been worried that the night before hadn't been as good for J.J. as it had been for her because she wasn't as experienced as he was. J.J. reassured Paige that he'd been unable to think about anything else since then. Since Paige had already checked into the room and didn't have class again for a while, she suggested they head to the hotel, so the two of them left hand in hand.

Jennifer chased Eve into Horton Square and finally caught up with her near the café. Grabbing Eve's arm, Jennifer ordered, "Answer me! What feelings do you have for my son?" Just then, Paige and J.J. arrived and spotted their squabbling moms across the square.

Still in the clothes she'd been wearing the previous night, an irritated Nicole was on the phone with her producer, Miles, as she walked through town after fruitlessly waiting all night outside a hotel for a senator and his mistress to depart together. Daniel wandered toward Nicole just as she was hanging up in frustration. After Daniel invited Nicole to join him for coffee, he explained that his patient had developed an infection, so Daniel hadn't been able to perform the kidney transplant that had been scheduled for that morning.

Nicole apologized for having to cancel her date with Daniel the night before, and Daniel suggested they try again. Realizing he meant right then, Nicole declined, since she'd been up all night and looked terrible. "You look beautiful to me," Daniel assured her. Nicole agreed to meet Daniel at the Brady Pub for lunch, after she'd had a chance to freshen up a little.

Serena called Xander from the hospital and informed him that she'd figured out a way to get into Daniel's and retrieve the diamonds. Although Xander was pleased, he hung up rather abruptly because he was waiting at Club TBD for Eric, who walked in at that moment.

While Xander and Eric caught up over coffee, Eric made a remark about Xander spending time with Nicole Walker since arriving in town. Xander apologetically explained that he never would have pursued Nicole if he'd known about her history with Eric. Eric assured Xander that it wasn't a problem but pointed out that Nicole wasn't exactly available. Xander acknowledged that Nicole was involved with Daniel Jonas. Eric was surprised to hear that Xander knew Daniel.

Eric was amazed at the coincidence when he learned that his stepbrother, Brady, was also related to Xander, especially since Xander and Eric had spent so much time together in Africa. Xander explained that he had always used his mother's maiden name, Cook, professionally. He added that he was looking forward to getting to know Brady and Daniel better.

Serena spotted Maggie and explained that Maggie might be the only one who could help Serena with a problem. Serena explained that she'd left some notes for the article she was working on -- and for which she had a deadline looming -- in a book she'd lent to Melanie, who had left town. Since Daniel was supposed to be in surgery all morning, and although Maggie was supposed to be launching a community garden project that morning, Maggie agreed to let Serena into Daniel's apartment to look for the book as long as they left right away.

When Maggie and Serena got to Daniel's apartment, Maggie headed into Melanie's room to search for the book. As soon as she was alone in the living room, Serena stuck her hand up the chimney to feel around for the diamonds, but before she could locate them, Maggie returned. Maggie explained that she'd gotten a text message about the garden project, and she had to leave to straighten out a mix-up. Leaving Serena alone to find the book, Maggie hurried out, leaving the door ajar in her wake.

Serena resumed her search of the chimney, and after a bit of a struggle, she found the plastic bag full of diamonds and liberated it from its hiding spot. The bag split open, so Serena carefully carried it to the dining table before the diamonds spilled on the floor. As Serena was gathering up the loose diamonds, Nicole walked in. "Serena? What are you doing here?" Nicole demanded.

Maggie arrived at Club TBD, dressed for gardening and carrying a flat of small basil plants. Eric spotted her and jumped up to help, but Maggie declined. She explained that they were starting a community garden next door to promote sustainability. "Lots of fresh produce for Chez Rouge," Maggie added. When Xander overheard, he realized who Maggie was and introduced himself. Maggie explained that Sonny was allowing her to store the extra basil at the club.

Eric declared that Maggie's restaurant, Chez Rouge, was the first restaurant in Salem to go green. As Eric carried the plants to the back room, Maggie said that she'd heard a lot about Xander from Daniel. She got a text message and had to return to the garden. As Maggie was heading out, she ran into Daniel. When she learned his surgery had been postponed, she asked if he'd gotten her message. Daniel hadn't, but Maggie said, "It's really nothing now."

After Maggie left, Daniel spotted Xander and said hello. Xander said he'd just met Daniel's mother. "I am really impressed with how you've turned your life around since the last time I saw you," Daniel admitted. Eric returned just then and asked, "Turned your life around? What is that supposed to mean?"

Clint called Kristen from Theresa's living room to report that Theresa was packing for their trip. Theresa returned from the bedroom with her luggage just as Clint was hanging up. "Where are we going first?" Theresa asked excitedly. Clint informed her that it would be the surprise of her life.

Once Clint and Theresa were on the plane bound for Italy, Theresa gushed that traveling to Italy was the trip for which she'd been waiting her whole life. She fantasized aloud about everything they would do once they arrived. Clint gave Theresa a hard time for tinkering with her phone during the flight. Chuckling, Theresa explained that she'd gotten sixteen angry emails from her boss, ordering Theresa to get to work or she was fired. Theresa declared that she couldn't wait to announce she'd quit -- and why.

"No, don't," Clint urged Theresa a little too emphatically. Covering, Clint joked that, knowing Anne, she would call air traffic control and find a way to make them turn the plane around. He suggested that Theresa should send her boss a "selfie" from the Colosseum instead. Clint invited Theresa to join the "mile-high club" with him, so, giggling, she slipped off to the lavatory to wait for him. As soon as Theresa had gone, Clint grabbed her phone and plugged a device into the charging port.

After they'd had sex, Clint and Theresa toasted to checking another item off her "bucket list." Theresa picked up her phone but noticed that the screen had frozen. "Don't worry, baby. We'll get it fixed when we land -- or, even better, I'll buy you a new one," Clint promised.

Melanie was on board Brady's plane, trapped in a closet by a life raft that she'd accidentally inflated. Struggling to move around in the tight quarters, Melanie managed to find a nail file in her purse and punctured the raft. As it was deflating, she let out a relieved sigh but quickly realized that the plane was already taking off again. Melanie tried to open the door -- but the handle broke off in her hand. She pounded on the door and shouted for Lee, the pilot, but he couldn't hear her from the cockpit.

Determined to get out and protect Brady, Melanie again used her nail file to unlatch the door and free herself. She rushed out to the main cabin, pressed a button on the intercom, and addressed the pilot, "Lee, it's Melanie. Hi. You need to turn this plane around and land right now. Please." Alarmed that Melanie was still on the plane, Lee informed her that his orders were to land in Greece. Melanie argued that Brady needed her help because there was no telling what the DiMeras might do to him. She threatened to parachute out of the plane, possibly to her death, if Lee didn't turn around and land it right away.

At the DiMera's Italian villa, Kristen congratulated herself on finally getting the one thing she'd always wanted more than anything else in the world: a child. "How lucky am I that it's Brady's beautiful son, who's going to be happy and healthy and mine forever!" Kristen exclaimed, pouring herself a glass of wine. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and, assuming it was the nurse she was waiting for, Kristen rushed to open it -- but she found Brady on the other side.

Kristen invited Brady in and asked why he was there. "I think you know," Brady said. With a half-smile, Kristen admitted, "Yeah, I probably do." She guessed excitedly, "You've forgiven me, haven't you? I mean, why else would you come all this way?" Playing along, Brady explained that he was working through his twelve steps, and he was taking responsibility for some of what had happened between them. He acknowledged that it had to have been difficult for Kristen to return to Salem and face him and Eric.

Brady added that he would always be grateful to Kristen for saving his father's life and for showing Brady the truth about Theresa. He admitted that he'd been very close to letting Kristen back into his life when he'd seen her with Daniel, and Brady had lashed out at her not out of betrayal but out of jealousy. Brady continued that he couldn't move forward with his life until he forgave Kristen -- and he hoped she could forgive him, too.

"Brady, I do forgive you," Kristen assured a relieved Brady. She added that she was very happy he was there because she had a lot to make up to him. "This last time I was in Salem, I did a terrible thing. And it involves Theresa and you," Kristen explained. She accepted credit for enlightening Brady about what Theresa had done to John and waking John up from his coma, although she admitted that she shouldn't have used what she'd known to try to get Brady back.

Kristen confided that it still haunted her to know that she had ruined any chance she'd had to reunite with Brady by getting in bed with Daniel. "I guess, on some level, I was trying to hurt you. I always end up hurting myself," Kristen confessed in a whisper. She added that no matter how hard she'd tried to do the right thing, she'd always ended up making mistakes that had prevented Brady from wanting to be with her. Kristen declared that she was grateful Brady was there because it had given her an opportunity to confess.

"Confess? It's interesting that you would say that. Is there something else that you want to confess?" Brady asked, trying not to appear too eager. "What else could there be?" Kristen countered with seeming innocence. Brady reminded Kristen of her last words to him before she'd left town the last time when she'd told him that she would be leaving with a part of him inside her. He asked what she'd meant. "Isn't it obvious? I'm always going to share the love that we shared inside my heart, Brady," Kristen explained, adding, "I'm always going to love you, even if you don't return that love."

Brady said it had sounded like Kristen had meant something else. Kristen claimed she had been so devastated, she hadn't known what she'd been saying. Before Brady could question Kristen further, the doorbell rang, and Kristen went to answer it and found the nurse waiting with her suitcase. In hushed tones, Kristen instructed the nurse to leave and not return until Kristen called her. As Kristen closed the door in the poor woman's face, Brady asked, "Who was that?"

Kristen maintained that she had a "medical condition," and the woman was a nurse. When Brady questioned why she had sent the nurse away, Kristen asserted that it was private. Brady countered that he thought they were done with the secrets and lies between them. Claiming that she was feeling tired, Kristen said it meant a great deal to her that Brady had gone to see her. As Kristen tried to escort Brady to the door, he bellowed at her to stop. Grabbing Kristen by the arms, he growled, "I'm not going anywhere, not until I have what you've taken from me."

Melanie wandered through the woods near the DiMeras' estate, clutching a scrap of paper in her hands and trying to navigate. She cursed herself when she realized that she'd left her phone on the plane. The nurse happened by just then, so Melanie stopped her and explained that she was looking for an address. When the nurse saw the address on the piece of paper and deduced that Melanie was looking for the DiMeras', she spat. Finally the nurse pointed and said, "There." Stunned, Melanie confirmed, "The castle all the way at the top of that mountain is where it is? Okay. Great."

Meanwhile, Kristen pretended not to know what Brady was talking about. "Stop playing games with me. You know why I'm here. Damn it, Kristen, tell me! Where is my child?" Brady demanded.

. . .

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