Wednesday, November 18, 2015

After a mystery person texted Steve a room number at the Salem Inn, Steve investigated. The room was covered in rose petals. On the bed was a note that read, "Romantic, isn't it?" Steve looked for cameras and checked under the bed. When Kayla arrived, Steve's mouth dropped open. Scowling, Kayla asked Steve if he had been the one sending the mysterious texts in order to woo her. Steve shook his head no. Steve noted that he knew Kayla would not fall for the clichéd hotel room. Steve showed Kayla the note on the bed. Puzzled, Kayla asked who had tricked them. Steve accused Kayla of the setup.

Furious, Kayla said she was too upset about her brother to plan a romantic getaway. When Kayla showed Steve the invitation text on her phone, Steve nodded. Steve admitted that he had suspected Kayla because he had hoped that she would want to work things out. Kayla warned Steve not to hold his breath. Stumped, Steve and Kayla looked around the room for clues. Kayla noted that the Champagne was the same kind that had been served at their wedding.

Steve poured a glass of Champagne, but a stressed Kayla knocked the glass out of his hand. Kayla reminded Steve that Joe had been drugged. With a sigh, Kayla asked Steve if he was playing her. Steve said he would not have toyed with Kayla while her brother was dying. Kayla admitted that she was scared. Steve apologized for adding to the stress in Kayla's life.

As she looked around the room, Kayla suggested that someone had played matchmaker. Nodding, Steve said he believed the latest texts were matchmaking, but the previous ones were more sinister. Steve promised to get to the bottom of the text messages. With a nod, Kayla reminded Steve that her fears for Steve in the past had been founded. Kayla admitted that their lives had never been boring.

With a grin, Steve poured a glass of Champagne. Kayla wanted to test the Champagne for drugs or poisons, but Steve noted that life was full of risks. As Steve raised the glass in a toast to Kayla, she gently placed her hand on the glass and asked him not to drink the Champagne. Steve thanked Kayla for still caring about him. After Steve sipped the Champagne, Kayla noted that they were different people. Kayla argued that Steve liked risks, and she liked rules. When Kayla confessed that she was worried about losing Steve, Steve promised that she would never lose him.

"I wouldn't want my life without our children, without you. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. I don't know why I was so stupid. If I could just have you back," Steve said. Steve leaned in and kissed Kayla.

At the police station, Abe and Rafe talked about Theo. Abe said he was impressed that Lani was getting along so well with his son. When Abe asked Rafe his opinion about Lani, Rafe noted that she was a good partner. Abe asked Rafe how he felt about Lani as a person. Raising an eyebrow, Rafe asked Abe whether he had a personal interest in Lani.

After Theo went to talk to Abe in the conference room, Lani invited Rafe to go to a basketball game. Rafe said he still did not think it would be a good idea to fraternize outside of work. Lani stressed that she did not intend for the game to be a date, but she retracted her offer. In the conference room, Abe talked to Theo about Lani. Abe told his son that Lani was Theo's half-sister. Confused, Theo left for a walk.

Bo and Hope returned home. Ciara offered to make lunch, but a tired Hope noted that she wanted to lie down. After Hope walked upstairs, Ciara suggested that Bo should not leave Hope alone in the bedroom. Bo wanted to keep his distance, but Ciara disagreed. Ciara asked Bo to move back home. With a sigh, Bo noted that he wanted to fix the family but that it would not be easy. Ciara hugged her father and said, "You're safe, and we're going to live happily ever after!"

After a moment, Ciara asked Bo if he was resisting moving in because he was planning to leave town again. Bo said he planned to stay in Salem because all he wanted in the world was Hope and Ciara. Ciara encouraged Bo to make an effort with Hope. On her way out of the house, Ciara counseled Bo to "not be so dumb."

Upstairs, Hope looked around the room sadly. Hope saw a bag, and when she opened it, she found her bloody wedding dress. Shocked, Hope gasped and stumbled backward. Hope cried out, and Bo raced upstairs to find Hope cutting up her wedding dress with scissors. Bo grabbed Hope and urged her to calm down. As Hope berated herself for her stupidity, Bo reminded Hope that Aiden had been a psychopath.

Hope argued that Aiden's presence was still in the house. Bo reminded Hope that Aiden would never be able to hurt her again. Crying, Hope said she could not live in their house anymore. While Bo disposed of her wedding dress, Hope curled up on the bed. Bo returned and spooned her.

"This is our house, Fancy Face. Where we raised our kids, where you made so many memories for them. I think you should stay and fight. Fight to make this home yours again," Bo said. Bo promised Hope that she would not need to fight alone. When Hope asked if Bo was back, he responded, "You will always, always have me."

Hope asked Bo why it felt like Bo no longer wanted to be with her. Bo firmly said that Hope was the love of his life and that he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. Crying, Hope said she could handle anything with Bo at her side. Bo kissed Hope, and the two made love. After, Bo struggled with head pain while Hope slept. When Hope woke up, Bo was gone.

At the police station, Bo met with Rafe to talk about Hope's recovery. When Rafe noted that Bo would help Hope, Bo said he would not be around very long. Rafe bristled at the possibility of Bo abandoning Hope, but Bo explained that he was dying. Shocked, Rafe asked how. Bo informed Rafe that he had a brain tumor. Bo asked Rafe to stand by Hope after he was gone.

"I've seen her with you. She's grounded. She's calm. She trusts you. She knows that you'll never let her down," Bo said. "I was Aiden's best man, so I think I already let her down," Rafe countered. "See? There it is right there. I hear you talk about her. I see you with her. I know you love her. I appreciate you not denying it. It makes this a little easier. I know that you will always, always do what's best for her," Bo said. With tears in his eyes, Rafe nodded.

Overwhelmed, Rafe sat down in a chair and commented that the situation was unfair. Bo said he was relieved that he had been able to return home to say goodbye. When Rafe asked Bo if he was sure, Bo admitted that even before Kayla had seen the test results, he had known he was dying. As Rafe nodded, Bo's phone rang. Caroline asked Bo for help. Bo rushed over to the pub and was shocked to find a surprise party waiting for him.

At her house, a frantic Hope ran downstairs, looking for Bo. Hope turned to look at the staircase, and she pictured a masked man descending the stairs toward her. Hope chanted over and over that the man was in her mind. After shaking her head, the man disappeared. Hope collapsed at the base of her front door, shivering in fear.

In the town square, Joey thanked Theo for helping him when he had been drugged. When Joey made a joke about enjoying Lani's help as well, Theo asked Joey if he liked having a sister. Joey shrugged. Theo informed Joey that Lani was his sister. Theo admitted he was unsure of how he felt about the big change in his life. As Ciara walked by, Joey teased Ciara about her shopping. Ciara explained that she had been shopping for Hope.

"I think it's nice that you got your mom a present. I miss my mom," Theo said. When Ciara apologized for being insensitive, Theo said, "Family comes and goes I guess." Ciara asked Theo what he meant. Joey told Ciara that Theo had a sister. Overjoyed, Ciara hugged Theo, then she apologized when Theo stiffened up with unease. Theo told Ciara not to apologize. Ciara and Joey assured Theo that things would be fine. With a smile, Theo thanked Ciara for her advice. After Ciara left, Joey asked Theo if he had a crush of Ciara. Guilty, Theo shifted his eyes away.

. . .

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