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Sonny figures out a way to track down Rolf
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Wednesday, October 18, 2017
by Mike

Hattie was alone in Statesville's recreation room, typing a letter to the governor on the only available computer, when Adrienne walked in and unplugged the device to get her attention.

Hattie, who was planning to ask the governor for a pardon, complained that it was going to take ages for the ancient computer to boot back up again, but Adrienne didn't care. "I'm not playing anymore! You're gonna help me get my life back from Bonnie Lockhart, and you're gonna do it now!" Adrienne insisted.

Still forbidden from making phone calls, Adrienne begged Hattie to contact someone on her behalf and explain the situation to that person. Hattie refused to rat out Bonnie, who was one of her only friends. "Hope Brady's your friend, too. How do you think she'd feel if she found out what you did to me -- a member of her own family?" Adrienne countered.

Conflicted, Hattie thought about helping out, if only to prove that she wasn't a bad person; she ultimately decided, however, that she couldn't because Bonnie had aligned with Sheila, who was still aligned with Coco, who was still in control of the prison and had no qualms about harming those who crossed her or her friends. "Sorry -- you're on your own," Hattie told Adrienne before rushing off.

Bonnie went to the cemetery to visit Mickey's grave -- and was annoyed to discover that Maggie had been there earlier and had left behind a bouquet of fresh flowers. "They'll wither and die in a day," Bonnie pointed out, tossing them into a nearby bush and replacing them with a bouquet of artificial flowers. "[Mine are] weatherproof, [and] they will never die -- just like our love," Bonnie continued.

Sensing Mickey's disapproval, Bonnie protested, "Don't look at me like that! [Maggie] made my life a living hell -- and, honestly, she took away the only man I ever really loved. [And] sure, I would have liked to have come up with a better plan to pay her back than marrying Grandpa Munster, but what are you gonna do? You gotta play the hand you're dealt, right?"

Recalling that Maggie had once been confined to a wheelchair, Bonnie began imagining how things might play out if that were still the case -- and the result looked a lot like a remake of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, complete with servings of dead rats. "I know, I know -- too cruel. I mean, I'm -- I'm really not spiteful like that. I'm not gonna break her hip -- just her heart," Bonnie promised.

After opening a bag of potato chips, Bonnie continued, "Honestly, Mick, I don't want to actually do any harm to Maggie; I just want her to feel the same kind of pain that she made me feel. And once I'm married to Victor, Maggie will be out of my life for good, and I'll be the lady of the manor. [But] I'm not heartless -- I could probably find her a spot on the household staff."

When Bonnie began imaging how that would look, the result was a scene straight out of Mommie Dearest, with Bonnie smashing things just to give Maggie more work to do. "[Still] too cruel? Fine. I'll just have to take comfort in knowing that I took Maggie's money and her man -- just the way she took you away from me all those years ago," Bonnie concluded.

While sharing a meal at the Brady Pub, Steve and Kayla discussed Joey, agreeing that he seemed to be doing well, all things considered.

Steve soon received a phone call from his mother, who was worried about his sister. After promising to investigate, Steve ended the call and explained to Kayla that, like them, Jo had noticed disturbing changes in Adrienne's behavior lately. Steve and Kayla decided to check in with Justin, hoping that he might know what was going on.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin dialed Marlena's number and left her a voicemail message, explaining that he needed to talk to her about Adrienne, who had been doing some extremely troubling, out-of-character things lately.

After ending the call, Justin realized that Sonny had joined him in the living room at some point. "You said someone was acting out of character. You were talking about Mom, weren't you?" Sonny guessed worriedly. Justin claimed that he had actually been talking about a client, but Sonny seemed skeptical, knowing that his mother had been acting a bit weird lately. "She's just worried about you -- that's all," Justin assured Sonny.

Eager to change the subject, Justin wondered what Kate had learned during her recent conversation with Clyde. Sonny explained that Clyde's story about Will being alive had originated from a fellow Statesville inmate -- Dr. Wilhelm Rolf. "Stefano DiMera's scientist?" Justin recalled. Nodding, Sonny excitedly pointed out, "Will wouldn't be the first person he's brought back from the dead!"

Justin warned Sonny not to get his hopes up, but Sonny argued, "You know [Rolf's] history! Everyone believed John was dead, [and Rolf] brought him back to life, even when all hope was lost, [so] what if he did the same thing with Will? What if Rolf and Stefano had Will the entire time? Let's find Rolf and find out the truth about Will!"

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Justin thought that was easier said than done, but Sonny disagreed, revealing that he had spent the whole night, thinking of ways to track Rolf down -- and had finally realized the perfect way to do so.

After Sonny rushed off to put the plan in motion, Steve and Kayla arrived to talk to Justin about the recent changes in Adrienne's behavior. "I think she's completely lost her mind," Justin admitted with a sigh. Steve and Kayla were both stunned to learn that Adrienne was planning to marry Victor. "Could this be caused by the treatment that she was going through with the chemo? I mean, could it be a side effect of the drugs that changed her brain chemistry?" Justin asked Kayla, who insisted that, although everyone reacted to such treatments differently, any resulting chemical imbalance should have subsided at that point, months after the final round of treatment.

Confused, Steve pointed out that Adrienne and Victor had never even liked each other. Kayla asked Justin if Victor had said anything about the matter. Groaning, Justin replied, "Don't get me started. The old fool has clearly lost his mind, [too]; I mean, how could he do this to Maggie?" Steve acknowledged that Adrienne could be impulsive at times but agreed that her latest move was completely out of character.

"It's like she's forgotten who she is," Steve mused. "Maybe you're onto something," Justin replied, suddenly recalling that Adrienne had spent time with Hattie when Hattie had been posing as Marlena -- and had even had a therapy session with her. Kayla argued that one therapy session couldn't possibly change someone's entire personality, but Justin suggested that Hattie might have hypnotized Adrienne during that session. Kayla remained skeptical, finding it hard to believe that Hattie could master such an effective form of hypnosis without years of training, but no one could think of a better theory, so Steve agreed to pay Hattie a visit at Statesville.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad informed Andre that DiMera Enterprises' board members had found out about the Alfie debacle. "[And] it's gonna be your job to convince [them] that you deserve a second chance. No, wait, sorry -- a third chance," Chad stressed, adding that Andre would have to resign from the company if he failed to fix things.

"What if I did a good deed -- something selfless and...public?" Andre suggested. Chad warned that Andre couldn't just snap his fingers and conjure up someone who was in need of help. "If you're serious about helping someone, you can help me," Sonny requested, having entered the mansion in time to hear what was being discussed.

After Sonny elaborated, Chad pointed out that tracking down Rolf -- one of Stefano's most trusted and infamous henchmen -- would be an effective way for Andre to prove to DiMera Enterprises' board members that he was committed to the idea of cleaning up the company. Andre insisted that he didn't know where Rolf was hiding. Undeterred, Sonny guessed that Andre at least knew the right places to check.

"Will you please help me? I need to know if Will's alive, and [Rolf] may be the only person with the answer," Sonny stressed. Nodding, Andre promised, "I'll see what I can do."

Marlena was working in her office when she received an unexpected visit from Sami, who greeted her with a hug. Delighted to see Sami, Marlena immediately wished her a happy birthday. "You know, it's hard to believe that you and Eric are turning --" Marlena began to add. "Twenty-nine, of course -- again," Sami interjected. Chuckling, Marlena wistfully continued, "I just held you in my arms just a few weeks ago!"

Marlena was somewhat disappointed that Sami hadn't stayed at the townhouse the previous night, since she had consequently missed out on a special birthday breakfast. Sami insisted that she couldn't stay at the townhouse after the stunt John and Paul had tried to pull at the cemetery. Nodding, Marlena revealed that she had heard about that. "Don't make excuses for John, please, the way that you always do," Sami preemptively warned Marlena, who instead stressed that although the sudden questions about Will's death had been unspeakably painful for everyone involved, they would find a way to get through the ordeal together.

"You know, despite this craziness, I have to's really good to be home, Mom," Sami tearfully admitted, seizing another hug from Marlena.

Sami soon regained her composure and explained that although she wanted answers to the questions about Will's death, she didn't think that digging up his grave was the best way to get those answers. Marlena revealed that Lucas felt the same way about the matter. Sighing, Sami shared the details of the encounter she'd had with Lucas at the cemetery. Marlena suggested that Sami might be the only person who still stood a chance of getting through to Lucas. Sami wasn't sure about that but promised to try. Blaming Adrienne for Lucas' relapse, Sami vowed, "[I'm gonna] track down that heartless bitch [and] kill her!"

Marlena carefully suggested that it might be better for Sami to focus on helping Lucas instead. Calming down, Sami conceded the point but insisted that Lucas' ex would at least be getting a piece of her mind if they ran into each other while she was in Salem. "I would expect no less," Marlena replied with a smile.

Changing the subject, Marlena observed, "I [can] see that all this business with Will has hurt you to the core." Fighting back tears, Sami explained that she simply couldn't allow herself to get her hopes up about Will because she couldn't handle the devastation of having those hopes smashed in the end. "Like they were with E.J.," Marlena knowingly concluded.

Nodding, Sami tearfully recalled, while curled up on a couch with Marlena, "I did everything right -- I followed the address that I found in that DiMera family Bible, and I took the kids all the way to Paris..." Marlena listened patiently, already aware that Sami hadn't found E.J. there. "But there was another clue [there] -- another location, another reason to believe -- [so] off we went again -- to Madrid, to Morocco -- and every night I would just fantasize about that moment when I would finally walk into the right room...and E.J. would be there, and he would have that perfect smirk on his face, and he would say, 'Samantha, what took you so long?'" Sami continued between sobs.

"[And] every day I had to pretend for the kids -- because of course I'm not gonna tell them what we're really doing -- so I had to paste this happy smile on my face and tell them we were on some globetrotting adventure..." Sami continued. Marlena sympathetically guessed that it had been extremely hard for Sami to keep up that act. "It's not just that -- I mean, I not only didn't find their father, I let [them] down!" Sami fretted. Marlena tried to assure Sami that wasn't true, but Sami insisted it was, pointing out, "I dragged them all over the world, and for what? Nothing! Nothing but heartbreak!"

Marlena said that was why Sami couldn't allow herself to believe that Will was alive. Sami sadly confirmed, "I would give anything for one more day with Will -- one more hour... I dream about him; I dream that I hear his sweet voice... People say that time heals, [but] it doesn't! That is a lie! I miss him more now than I ever have! I miss him every day! I just can't...I just can't give myself the chance to believe, because if I did, and it turned out not to be true... I just don't think I could stand to lose my son a second time. I just don't think I'd survive."

"You don't have to do anything. You just take care of your children and help Lucas the best way you can, and leave it to Sonny and Paul to find Dr. Rolf," Marlena advised as Sami cried on her shoulder. Stunned, Sami pulled away from Marlena and insisted, with sudden composure, "Finding the truth is what's best for my family! I have to find Dr. Rolf!" Marlena pointed out that Sami had just finished explaining that going down that road could be more than she could handle. "I know what I said, but you know me well enough to know that I can't just sit around and do nothing!" Sami countered. "Maybe this time you could give it a try," Marlena suggested.

"No! Will is my son, and if anyone is gonna find out the truth, it's gonna be me!" Sami insisted. Sonny had taken Arianna to the Salem Inn to see Sami earlier that day and had mentioned during the visit that he was planning to ask Andre for help luring Rolf out of hiding, so Sami spontaneously decided to head over to the DiMera mansion.

Marlena warned that Sami might end up hitting a wall there, just as she had several times during her search for E.J. "Then I'm gonna run into it headfirst, because that's what I do -- that's what I always do. But I'm not gonna sit around and do nothing. What kind of mother would I be if I did nothing?" Sami countered. "Well, you wouldn't be Sami Brady -- that's for sure," Marlena conceded with a smile. Sami gave Marlena one last hug before rushing off.

Sami soon arrived at the DiMera mansion and sighed as she looked around the familiar rooms of the place she had once called home. "This is a surprise," Chad admitted when he found her standing in the living room. "No -- this is," she replied before giving him a kiss.

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