Wednesday, October 15, 2014

In the DiMera living room, Brady sat quietly in a chair and stared contemplatively at the urn for E.J.'s ashes. Marlena returned to the living room and informed Brady that Sami was resting. Brady admitted that it felt weird to mourn for someone he did not like. Marlena reminded Brady that Sami loved E.J., and Brady nodded. Kate entered the living room and groaned at the sight of the urn. Brady said goodbye to the women and left.

When Marlena offered to talk to the cook about food for Kate, Kate shook her head and countered that she needed to talk to Sami. Marlena resisted, but Kate insisted, noting that Sami's children could lose their mother if Sami did not act. Concerned, Marlena asked Kate what she had meant. Kate argued that Stefano was vindictive and that they needed to take action with the company. Protective, Marlena ordered Kate to stay away from Sami. Kate reluctantly agreed. Marlena asked Kate to stay at a hotel for the night, but Kate refused.

Outside the DiMera mansion, Brady was surprised to bump into Theresa on the porch. Theresa explained that she had stopped by to offer her condolences to Sami. When Brady noted that Sami was resting, Theresa said she would return later. Theresa asked Brady if they could talk privately.

At the hospital, Jordan asked Rafe if he had any leads on the person that had killed "Chad's brother." Rafe bristled and noted that he could not discuss police business. When Jordan asked if there was a danger to other members of the DiMera family, Rafe grinned.

"Oh! You're worried about Chad," Rafe said. Jordan said she was worried about Sami and the children. Rafe assured Jordan that the death appeared to be a mugging and that the family was likely not in danger. When Jordan asked about Sami, Rafe explained that E.J. had died in Sami's arms. Jordan's phone buzzed, and she excused herself. Rafe frowned as he watched Jordan walk down the hallway.

In John's hospital room, John reviewed his chart and thought about his conversation with Kristen about Theresa. Worried about Kristen, John announced to the empty room that he needed help to get rid of Kristen and Theresa. When Marlena arrived at the hospital after John had summoned her, she found John lifting weights in his bed. John noticed the look on Marlena's face, and his smile fell away. John asked if something was wrong with Brady. Shaking her head, Marlena said the problem was E.J. Marlena informed John about E.J.'s murder, and she talked about how she understood how Sami felt.

"I know how it feels to lose the man you love and think you'll be alone with nothing but regrets the rest of your life," Marlena said. Shaking off her tears, Marlena asked John what he had wanted to talk about. John said they could talk later.

In the park, Miguel met with Clyde to discuss how to handle the aftermath of E.J.'s murder. Clyde reminded Miguel that he had ordered him not to make contact. Shaking his head, Miguel countered that they needed to have a plan for when the DiMera family sent thugs to investigate E.J.'s murder.

"Hear me on this. We didn't kill E.J. DiMera. You did," Clyde said firmly. When Miguel noted that E.J. had punched Clyde, Clyde countered that Miguel had not thought before acting and that Clyde had never asked Miguel to kill E.J. Clyde assured Miguel that everything would work out. Clyde promised to handle Stefano, and he asked Miguel to go underground.

In her hotel room, Kristen stared at a photo of E.J. and told him that she missed him. Sniffling, Kristen dried her eyes and announced that she needed to move forward with her life. Kristen looked at her phone and stared at a photo of Brady. "We need to grab every little bit of happiness we can," Kristen murmured.

At the pub, Eric accused Daniel of being friendly with Kristen. Nicole disagreed, but unfazed, Eric insisted. Daniel did not deny that he had been talking to Kristen, but he did say that he did not need to explain his motives to Eric. Furious, Nicole demanded an answer. Kristen interrupted and announced that she and Daniel has reached an understanding. Kristen explained that she had worked with Daniel to help John and had gotten to know him better.

"Kidnapping didn't do the trick, huh?" Nicole joked. Kristen said she had been surprised to learn that Daniel was a "brilliant healer." When Kristen lamented that Daniel's healing powers had not been there for E.J., Daniel and Nicole offered their condolences. Kristen offered her condolences to Nicole in return, and Nicole gruffly admitted that E.J. had been special to her. Kristen said that she was pleased that Sami had been with E.J. when he had passed. Nodding, Kristen told Eric that nothing had meant more to E.J. that Sami and the children. As Kristen gently placed her hand on Daniel's arm and thanked him for his skill helping John, Eric and Nicole each raised an eyebrow.

When Kristen said that she had been surprised when she and Daniel had grown close, Daniel interrupted to add that they were not close. Without missing a beat, Kristen continued that she had learned from E.J.'s death that she needed to grab happiness wherever it could be found. With a smile, Kristen noted she, Daniel, and Eric had saved John and that Nicole could leave, since she was not a part of the discussion about John.

Angry, Nicole threw her purse on the ground and advanced toward Kristen. Daniel grabbed Nicole and pulled her out of the pub. Alone with Eric, Kristen asked him to pass along her condolences to Sami. Kristen said that because of Eric's generosity, John had been healed. When Eric noted that Kristen had blackmailed him, Kristen countered that the outcome had been beneficial to John. Kristen asked Eric if they could leave their issues in the past.

Kristen explained that hatred and regret would hurt them both. Eric agreed that he was angry, but he explained that he was not ready to let go of his anger yet. Smiling, Kristen told Eric it would be a wonderful day when Eric could let his anger go. With a glare, Eric growled that letting go was his goal for himself and had nothing to do with Kristen. She nodded, smiling serenely at Eric.

Outside the pub with Daniel, Nicole stewed over the fact that Kristen was chatting alone with Eric. Nicole wondered aloud how Eric could stand to spend any time with Kristen after what she had done. When Nicole saw Kristen hug Eric inside the pub, Nicole could wait no longer. Nicole marched into the pub and asked Kristen what she was doing. Kristen explained that she was grieving her brother and did not want to argue. Nicole reluctantly agreed. Kristen asked Daniel to talk in private, and the two left the pub.

"Would you just look at that? She snaps her fingers and he..what's going on between those two?" Eric wondered aloud. Furious, Nicole said she did not care. Nicole demanded that Eric explain what had happened with Kristen. Eric stressed that Kristen was distraught over the death of her brother. Eric noted that he understood that Nicole was also grieving. With a sigh, Nicole admitted that though she and E.J. had been getting along, she had mixed feelings about his death. When Nicole asked Eric how he felt about E.J., Eric explained that he had spoken to E.J. before his death.

"Oh, my God! You forgave E.J.?" Nicole asked. "I want you to know that forgiving E.J. was not easy. If I couldn't somehow find a way to do that for Sami's sake, but mainly for my own, I might not ever get my life back," Eric said. Nicole argued that she understood why Eric would have talked to E.J. but she did not understand why Eric had let Kristen put her hands all over him. With gritted teeth, Eric explained that he needed to attempt to get past his anger for his own sake.

"I do not freaking believe this! E.J. knew Kristen drugged you, and you forgave him. Kristen raped you, and you are working on forgiving her. But the one person, the only person who loved you, you can't forgive? You can't forgive me?" Nicole shouted as she banged her fists on the table. Eric said he could not forgive Nicole because what she had done was unforgivable.

"You were the one person that I trusted more than anyone, and you betrayed me. Yes, I hate you. But I hate myself for not being able to try and at least forgive you. It's something that will never happen," Eric said. As Eric walked away, Nicole broke down in tears.

In Daniel's apartment, Daniel asked Kristen why she had told Eric and Nicole that they were close. Kristen shrugged and explained that she and Daniel were partners. Daniel shook his head in disbelief. Daniel ordered Kristen to say her peace and leave. Kristen argued that John hated her too much to see that Theresa was the only threat to Brady. When Daniel asked Kristen to get to the point, Kristen explained that Daniel needed to tell Brady the truth about Theresa, or he would regret it when Theresa ruined Brady's life.

Suspicious, Daniel told Kristen that he was not falling for her machinations. Daniel refused to help Kristen. Daniel noted that though Kristen might be able to convince Brady that she wanted what was best for Brady, Daniel saw through Kristen. Angry, Kristen argued that Daniel was helping Theresa ruin Brady's life, and she stormed out. After Kristen left, Brady thought about what Kristen had said. Afraid to play into Kristen's hands, Daniel hesitated to call Brady. With a sigh, Daniel dialed the number.

In the park, Chad met with Theo and Abe. Theo asked Chad not to die like Uncle E.J. Chad promised that he would not leave Theo. Nodding, Theo said that Lexie and E.J. were together in heaven. Abe added, "Lexie's not alone now." Chad handed Theo a glider airplane and noted that E.J. had bought Theo the plastic glider so that it would not break as easily as the wooden one that Theo had played with before. Theo ran off to play with the plane. Abe smiled and guessed that Chad had bought the plane.

"I knew he liked the one E.J. got him. I thought he should have something to remember him by," Chad said. Abe thanked Chad for the thoughtful gift and asked Chad how he was doing. Chad nodded and said that Stefano had asked if a reward would help the police catch the murderer.

Abe asked Chad to hold off on offering the reward until Abe had talked to the district attorney. Abe cited concerns for protecting the investigation from a media circus. When Abe asked Chad if the reward was out of Chad's guilt over his rift with E.J., Chad flatly denied the accusation.

Brady and Theresa returned to her apartment to talk. Upon entering the apartment, Brady cracked that he had never seen Theresa's apartment when he was sober. Theresa asked Brady why he was shutting her out of his life. Brady asked Theresa why it was so important to her to stay linked together. Theresa explained that that she needed to know that Brady believed in her. Brady said he understood that both John and Theresa wanted to protect him.

With a gasp of disbelief, Theresa asked Brady if he honestly believed that she and John had both lied to protect Brady. Theresa stressed that she and John had told Brady the truth and that it was important to her that Brady believed her. With tears in her eyes, Theresa said that Brady had not done anything wrong and that she was not lying. Theresa asked Brady if they could start over. Theresa explained that she cared about Brady, and he had made her life better.

"I just know that all the bad times, they're in the past. So I thought that maybe we could start over," Theresa said. Brady said he should leave. When Theresa stopped him, he stared down at her. While Brady's phone rang with a call from Daniel, Brady and Theresa had sex on the couch.

Abe escorted Theo to the hospital for his therapy session. While they waited for the doctor, Theo cried out excitedly when he saw Jordan. Theo told Jordan that Chad had given him the plane then he ran off for his therapy session. Jordan asked Abe about Chad, and she explained that she was friends with Chad. With a grin, Abe told Jordan that Chad could use a friend.

In the town square, Chad saw Kate reading her phone, and he stopped to chat. Kate informed Chad that Marlena had thrown her out of the mansion. With a scowl, Chad asked Kate if she had harassed Sami. Kate grumbled and admitted that she hated when someone proved her wrong. With a small grin, Chad asked Kate if she was admitting that Marlena had been right. Kate smiled sadly. Chad asked about the children. Kate said she had not seen the kids but that she had seen E.J.'s urn resting on the desk.

Chad returned to the mansion. Standing in the living room, Chad stared at the urn and muttered, "You son of a bitch." Pacing the empty living room, Chad spoke aloud at his frustration with E.J. and what a selfish brother E.J. had been. Chad noted that there were people dancing in the street, celebrating E.J.'s death because he had hurt so many people. As he spoke, Chad choked back tears.

"It wasn't supposed to end like this," Chad said. "We were supposed to work things out," Chad added quietly. Jordan rested a hand on Chad's shoulder. Chad was surprised to find her there but gently put his hand on hers and sighed.

At the police station, Abe informed Rafe that the last call made to E.J.'s cell phone had been from a disposable phone. Rafe told Abe that he doubted there had been a mugging. Rafe explained that there had been no reason for E.J. to be in the woods. Abe added that if E.J. had been conducting business, he would have had a bodyguard with him. Nodding, Rafe said he was checking E.J.'s payroll. When Abe asked Rafe why he suspected someone other than the junkie they had arrested, Rafe explained that junkies did not erase their tracks and remove DNA at a crime scene.

Clyde met with his cohort Jeremiah to discuss the cover-up. Jeremiah confirmed he had planted evidence for the police. With a nod, Clyde noted that Miguel was falling apart, and if Stefano's men found Miguel, Miguel would crack. Clyde instructed Jeremiah to hide Miguel deep in the soil of Jeremiah's soy farm back home.

Kristen returned to her hotel room to regroup. Kristen rifled through photos of Eve and Theresa, and she mumbled to herself that one of the women would help her destroy Theresa.

. . .

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