Wednesday, July 29, 2015

While Megan, Theresa's nanny candidate, waited outside, Theresa entered the Kiriakis mansion and found Brady in the living room with a gray-haired woman. He announced that he had found the perfect nanny. "No!" Theresa blurted. Privately, she explained to Brady that the agency was sending over another candidate, who would be there any minute. On cue, the doorbell rang. Brady said although he hadn't interviewed the woman yet, he could tell she was far more qualified than anyone else they'd seen -- and besides, he didn't have time to conduct two interviews.

Pointing out that it would be rude to send the other woman home after she'd made the trip there, Theresa stomped off to answer the door, since Henderson hadn't yet. Brady apologized to the women and explained that he hadn't realized Theresa had already lined up another candidate when he'd asked a friend for a nanny recommendation, and the friend had gotten him in touch with Emma. Theresa wanted to know why, with such a glowing recommendation from Brady's friend, Emma was available. Emma explained that the children she'd been looking after were old enough that they no longer needed a nanny.

Brady turned to Megan, who handed him a crumpled copy of her résumé as she explained that the agency had asked her to return from retirement to take that job. Since Brady had an appointment at his office and would have to leave soon, and because he didn't feel right asking one of the women to reschedule, he asked if he could interview them at the same time. Emma was more than happy to, but Megan let out an exasperated sigh, earning her a dirty look from Theresa.

Theresa fetched Tate from the nursery and carried him into the living room so he could meet the potential nannies. Emma gushed that Tate's was the sweetest face she'd ever seen. After Theresa shot her a pointed look, Megan finally got out of her chair and agreed that the baby was "a cutie." Emma asked to hold Tate, and the little one hardly fussed at all when she took him from his mommy. Theresa suggested that Megan should get to hold Tate, as well, so Emma handed him over.

After just a few uncomfortable seconds, Megan thrust the baby back at Emma and declared, "You know what? You got the job. I'm out of here." Theresa followed Megan to the door and asked what the problem was. Megan replied, "You are never going to convince Daddy Warbucks in there to hire me over Julie freaking Andrews." Theresa pointed out, "You're mixing your musical metaphors."

Megan asserted that Theresa should have hired an actress instead of a nanny, because Megan would never be able to do the job Theresa wanted, which was to convince Brady that Theresa was a great mother -- especially not at the insulting salary Theresa had offered. "Good luck, honey. You're gonna need it," Megan said, chuckling scornfully as she left.

Emma confirmed that she could start immediately, adding as she cuddled Tate, "I can't wait to take care of this little angel." After Brady sent Emma off to have Henderson show her around and introduce her to the staff, he noted to Theresa that since they'd finally hired a new nanny, she could start looking for a new place to live. When Brady left the room, Theresa fretted, "What am I going to do?"

When Eric ran into Serena in Horton Square, he started to walk away without saying a word, but she stopped him by calling him a hypocrite. Serena explained that she had finally found out the truth about Eric. "Looks like I'm not the only one who's good at keeping secrets," Serena added. She urged Eric not to make the worst mistake of his life by going back to Nicole. "I guess you haven't heard: Daniel and Nicole are engaged," Eric said. Serena stomped off without another word.

As Nicole returned home, she realized that something seemed off with Daniel and asked what was wrong. Daniel said it wasn't anything important. Nicole asked about the legal pad Daniel was holding, and he explained that Maggie wanted to throw them an engagement party. Touched, Nicole said that made it all suddenly seem very real. "Because it is. I hope you know how much I love you. I really do," Daniel declared, his voice breaking, his eyes filling with tears.

After echoing Daniel's words, Nicole asked what was going on with him. Daniel asserted that he never wanted to be without Nicole in his life. Beaming, Nicole declared that she was happier than she'd ever been, and she was very grateful they'd been able to get past the "hard stuff" and move forward so they could spend the rest of their lives together. "In the interest of moving forward, I just need to know that...nothing's been left unsaid between us," Daniel stated.

Daniel asked if there were anything about what he and Nicole been through over the previous few months that he didn't know but should know. After a moment's hesitation, Nicole took a deep breath and fought back tears as she admitted that there was something Daniel didn't know. "The night Xander tried to kill me and Eric, Eric and I almost made love," Nicole confessed tearfully. She continued that she and Eric had thought they were going to die. "I am so sorry. I am so sorry!" Nicole wailed, sobbing.

Daniel said everything made sense because he'd seen it in Nicole and Eric's behavior afterward -- but he didn't understand why Nicole hadn't just told him the truth in the first place. "Were you ever going to tell me?" Daniel asked. Nicole said she'd nearly told Daniel more than once, but she just hadn't been able to because she hadn't wanted to hurt Daniel over something that hadn't happened. "I knew I was rationalizing, and I couldn't live with that lie. Shocking, I know -- but how could I convince you to forgive me if I couldn't forgive myself?" Nicole explained.

Nicole reminded Daniel that she'd tried to give him a way out by trying to warn him of what he was in for, but he'd insisted that he'd already seen the worst of her. She assured Daniel that she loved him very much, and although Eric had been a problem for them before, he wasn't any longer because he understood. "What happened that night -- I was delirious; I was panicked. And it's not an excuse. I am just trying to tell you that it meant nothing. The only man that I love is you... My love for you has never, ever wavered," Nicole declared emphatically.

Nicole added that she had wanted to preserve what she and Daniel had, and the only way she knew how had been to lie. Nicole expressed her regrets that she hadn't handled things differently and that she'd waited so long to tell Daniel the truth. "But now you know. And what I need to know is will you forgive me, or is what the two of us have -- is it over?" Nicole asked, beginning to cry again.

Aiden was on the phone in his office, instructing the person on the other end to keep digging for information about Clyde Weston, when Rafe walked in. Rafe explained that he was there to drop off the lineup for the Little League All-Star game, which Chase was on. Hope arrived outside the door just in time to hear Aiden asking Rafe for discretion with whatever he might have heard while Aiden had been on the phone.

After Hope entered the office, Rafe explained what he was doing there. Since Rafe was headed to work, Hope said they would likely see each other very soon because she intended to take Aiden out dancing. After Rafe left, Aiden complimented Hope on her outfit, something clearly designed for a night out, and accepted her invitation to go dancing. Semi-reclining across the desk, Hope flirtatiously asked if Aiden were sure she wasn't pulling him away from something important. Aiden assured her that it was nothing that couldn't wait. He kissed Hope to prove how serious he was.

After Rafe reported for work at the Edge of the Square, he called his friend Tim with the FBI to ask him to find out if there were any active investigations on Clyde Weston, who Rafe suspected was up to something. When Rafe escorted Hope and Aiden to a table a little later, the club was starting to fill up. Before Hope could even get settled into her chair, Aiden asked her to dance. Rafe watched a bit wistfully from behind the bar as Hope and Aiden kissed and canoodled on the dance floor.

Aiden spotted a client across the club and went over to talk to the man before he buttonholed Aiden. Hope asked Rafe why Aiden had asked for his discretion earlier. Rafe pointed out that he couldn't tell Hope because he was being discreet. Aiden returned to the table and ordered a bottle of Champagne from Rafe. As Rafe left to get it, Aiden spotted a flyer for the Salem Bicentennial. He and Hope agreed that it would be a great celebration. Aiden grabbed Hope and headed back to the dance floor.

In the park, as Chad ended a phone call from Zoe by explaining that he was waiting on an important call, he turned and spotted Ben a few yards away. Ben wondered what was so important. Chad lightly replied that it was none of Ben's business.

In the park outside Horton Square, while one of Clyde's goons stood guard, Clyde talked to Martin, the lab technician from the hospital. Clyde explained that he needed a favor from Martin regarding a certain paternity test in which Clyde had a "vested interest." An uncomfortable Martin tried to leave, but Clyde's man stopped him. Clyde instructed Martin to call home and tell his "pretty little wife" that he was running late. Clyde also knew the names of Martin's wife and daughter.

Martin obeyed, and when he reached his wife, he blanched when she informed him that a man from the city inspector's office was at the house. After Martin hung up, Clyde stressed that Martin shouldn't even think about calling the authorities, pointing out how easy it had been to get one of his men inside Martin's home. Martin asked what it was that Clyde wanted from him. Clyde explained that Dr. Kayla Brady would soon be taking a paternity test to Martin, whose expression indicated that it had already happened, but he told Clyde that the test hadn't been completed yet.

Clyde wanted to know how the lab had gotten the DNA from the potential father, and Martin explained that the man's blood work was already in the hospital database. Clyde said he would call Martin later that night with further instructions. After Clyde reiterated his warning about not calling anyone about their deal, Martin left for home.

The goon was gone a few minutes later when Ben arrived to meet his dad. Clyde explained that he no longer trusted Aiden and was running a background check on the attorney. Clyde asked if Ben recalled any more details about his most recent meeting with Aiden, but Ben didn't. Clyde said he'd seen Abigail at the hospital earlier when he'd been there to discuss making another donation. Clyde praised the hospital as a "wonderful facility" and asked if Ben had ever been treated there.

Ben said he'd never been a patient at the hospital and hadn't even seen a doctor in a long while. Clyde remarked that since he was healthy, he should donate blood, and he asked if Ben ever had. Ben said he hadn't but thought he should, as well. "Good man," Clyde commended his son.

At Will and Sonny's, Will informed Abigail that Chad was in love with her. That news greatly upset Abigail, who was completely skeptical after the cruel, hateful things Chad had said to her. Will suggested that Chad had been trying to push Abigail away and urged her to hear Chad out. Abigail insisted that she'd already seen Chad that day and didn't have the energy to deal with him anymore. Will thought it would be better if Abigail had a conversation with Chad before she had the paternity test -- that way she would be sure that Chad didn't have an agenda.

"He's a DiMera! He always has an agenda!" Abigail pointed out. Will believed that Chad only wanted to let Abigail know how he felt, before things with her and Ben got even more serious. Abigail said it was a little late for that. Will offered to let Abigail and Chad use the apartment to talk, where they would have complete privacy since Sonny and Will were going out and Arianna was with a sitter. Will added that Chad was in the park waiting for his call. Abigail reluctantly agreed to hear Chad out. Will called Chad and gave him the good news. Thrilled, Chad promised to be right there.

Will made a cup of tea for Abigail and offered to wait with her, but Abigail assured him that she could handle Chad on her own. Will hugged his cousin, wished her luck, and left. Will ran into Chad just outside the door and urged Chad not to hurt Abigail. Chad promised he wouldn't. As Will left, Chad composed himself before knocking on the door.

Ben was in the park, about to call Abigail, when Will showed up.

Abigail let Chad in and waited silently for him to speak. Chad thanked her for agreeing to see him. "The only reason I did was because Will asked me to... Let's go ahead and get this over with. Why don't you just say what you came here to say?" Abigail requested.

After Ben had gone, Clyde called Martin and instructed, "Tomorrow when you go to work, the person whose DNA you're testing for Doctor Brady, he is not the father of that baby. That understood?" Martin assured Clyde that he understood.

. . .

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