Wednesday, October 7, 2015

At the monastery, Steve concluded that Bo's captors wouldn't have kept an armed guard around for no reason. As he used a flashlight to search Bo's cell for more clues, Steve spotted a scrap of open-weave cloth affixed to the wall, and when he removed it, he found a camera hidden in a hole in the wall. Steve looked around until he found an office with an ancient-looking video monitor and a computer. He sat at the computer and found the video files from Bo's cell.

Steve watched footage of Bo eating from metal trays, strung up by his wrists and doused with water, and being zapped with a stun gun. Further into the tape, Steve saw Bo lying on the floor, a knife in his chest and a large pool of blood on the floor around him. Later, a guard zipped Bo into a body bag and dragged him out, leaving a streak of blood on the concrete floor. Sobbing, Steve leaned back in his chair but unable to look away. "No, man!" he cried, moaning despondently.

Kayla, Hope, Victor, and Maggie were gathered around Caroline's hospital bed while Dr. Salinas made notes in her chart. Salinas assured the anxious bunch that Caroline's vital signs were good, but Kayla was even more worried than the others that they had administered an untested drug to her mother. Kayla suddenly realized that Roman had left without a word.

Meanwhile, outside Caroline's room, Roman was listening in on the conversation between J.J. and Clyde down on the docks via the phone line that J.J. had left open. Clyde maintained that his threat had only meant that he could kill J.J., not that he necessarily would. Roman quickly called Lani to patch the call through to the station so they could record the call and try to pinpoint J.J.'s location.

The group encouraged Caroline to fight to return to them. Kayla recalled a story from her childhood when she'd misbehaved, but Caroline had hugged Kayla instead of scolding her. As she slept, Caroline was dreaming about visiting Kayla and Steve in the hospital after Stephanie's birth. Beginning to cry as she emphasized how important Caroline was to her, Kayla was overcome and had to run out of the room. Hope and Maggie followed Kayla while Victor stayed behind with Caroline.

Victor sat at Caroline's bedside, took her hand, and told her that he had always felt lucky to have known and loved her. He added that he'd been unable -- and unwilling -- to help falling in love with her, even though they had both known it had been wrong. Victor noted that while he and Caroline hadn't been able to spend their lives together, she had given him Bo, for whom Victor would be eternally grateful.

Kayla headed to the waiting area and fretted tearfully that her mother hadn't responded to the treatment. Seeing Kayla's anxious, agitated state prompted Maggie to suggest that the two of them take a long walk. Hope promised to stick around and call Kayla if there were any news, so Kayla somewhat reluctantly left with Maggie. Hope called Rafe and proposed that he question the DiMera staff about Chad's whereabouts and offer immunity to anyone who might have taken revenge because of a beef with the DiMera family.

Aiden arrived just as Hope was telling Rafe about Caroline's condition. When Hope hung up, Aiden walked over and silently took her into his arms. After Hope filled Aiden in, he acknowledged how not knowing could be the worst part of something like that. He offered to help Hope out in any way he could, but she assured him that his presence was all she needed.

In the park, Kayla admitted that she'd been desperate because Caroline had been going downhill so quickly, and Kayla knew that some doctors would consider it unethical that she had given an experimental drug to Caroline. "Not if it were their mother and they were watching her slip away," Maggie asserted. Kayla confided that the events of the previous few months had been a tad overwhelming, and she needed her mother. Maggie firmly reassured Kayla that there was still hope for Caroline.

Maggie confessed that, even though he would never admit it, Victor had hoped Bo would be the one to deliver the serum to Caroline. Maggie knew how worried Victor was about his son, but she also knew that if the serum worked, Victor would just be happy that Caroline was well. Kayla wondered if it were difficult for Maggie to see how much Victor cared for Caroline. Maggie noted that Bo and Hope wouldn't exist without Caroline and Victor, and neither would Ciara -- so Maggie wouldn't want it any other way.

While Hope checked in with the station, Aiden listened to a news report about Eduardo Larson's $100,000 reward for information leading to Chad DiMera's arrest. When Hope returned, Aiden asked if there had been any leads about Chad. Hope couldn't discuss that, but she asked if Chad had ever told Aiden -- who was no longer Chad's lawyer -- where he might go if he had to disappear. Aiden maintained that Chad had only insisted that he'd been framed. Aiden left for his office, and Hope kissed him goodbye as he got on the elevator.

Later, Aiden showed up at the police station and asked Lani if there were any news about Chad DiMera. Lani said the phones had been ringing nonstop since the reward had been offered. As Lani hurried off, Aiden seemed to be formulating a plan.

With Victor still at her bedside, Caroline dreamed about the time Bo had been forced to arrest her for murder, even though no one, including him, had believed she'd done it. Suddenly, in the middle of her memory-filled dream, she had a vision of Bo in his cell at the monastery and undergoing torture. Frowning and groaning, an agitated Caroline flailed and struggled in her sleep. Victor was unable to calm her, so he shouted out the door for a nurse or Dr. Salinas.

Dr. Salinas rushed into the room a moment later and injected Caroline's I.V. with something, just as Hope ran in. Caroline startled all of them by sitting bolt upright in bed and shouting, "Bo! Bo!" Maggie and Kayla had returned by the time Caroline calmed down. Salinas cautioned the others that Caroline could awaken soon or that it could take a couple of days. "Or that serum could have destroyed whole sections of her brain and she is never going to wake up again!" Kayla fumed.

Just then, Steve arrived and silently motioned for Victor to join him outside without letting Kayla know he was there. After Victor slipped out, Salinas advised the others that he had drawn some of Caroline's blood and would get to work on running tests right away. He hurried out. Kayla sat at Caroline's bedside and spoke softly to her mother, "Mom, it's Kayla. Can you hear me? I just need you to squeeze my hand, all right?" Caroline slowly opened her eyes and smiled, to Kayla, Maggie, and Hope's utter joy.

Caroline became a little impatient -- but lightheartedly so -- while Kayla administered some simple, verbal cognitive tests. The women laughed as Caroline cracked jokes. "I am so glad that you're back!" Maggie declared happily, and Hope chimed in, "We all love you so much." Caroline admitted that she didn't know how she'd gotten there, but she felt very well rested. She told the others that she'd had lots of nice dreams -- except for those about Bo.

In the hallway, Victor gave Steve the highlights of what had been happening with Caroline's treatment. He quickly recognized that Steve had bad news and demanded to hear it. Steve explained that he'd tracked Bo down to a prison cell beneath an old monastery in Yucatán, but Steve had arrived too late, although it was still being guarded. Steve continued that Bo's kidnappers had been trying to get their hands on the serum that Victor's people had developed for Caroline. Victor understood that, but not why Steve wasn't still in Mexico looking for Bo.

"I don't know how to tell you this. Bo's dead. They murdered him," Steve said quietly, fighting back tears. Victor refused to accept it, but Steve described what he'd seen on the surveillance video. Numb, Victor lamented how hard Bo had worked to help get the research project started. "Now Caroline might be saved, and her son...our son..." Victor said, his voice trailing off. A devastated Steve put an arm around Victor's shoulder. "Wish I'd gotten there sooner," Steve admitted. Victor didn't want to tell Hope because it would only make her mourn Bo all over again.

Just then, Hope rushed out and breathlessly told Victor, "Caroline's awake, and she's doing really well!" As Victor headed into Caroline's room, Hope saw Steve's expression and seemed to sense that something was wrong.

Caroline beamed at Victor when he entered her room. Steve and Hope walked in as Caroline was describing, "I've been dreaming a lot about [Bo], only it was -- it was more than a dream. I mean, it was real. Bo was there, and he was uncomfortable. A lot of time went by. His beard was very heavy. He was in chains." Hope and Kayla tried to downplay it, but Caroline insisted that the dream and the chains had been real. "I hope he's all right," Caroline fretted.

While Roman continued listening in, J.J. mentioned Kyle to Clyde, who angrily ordered J.J. to reveal why he'd called the meeting with Clyde. J.J. said he'd been worried about the threats against his family that Clyde had made after Clyde had "taken care of" Kyle. Refusing to discuss the matter with J.J., Clyde again demanded to know what J.J. wanted. J.J. explained that a bullet had been delivered to his house, and he'd assumed that Clyde had done it to send a message.

Lani informed Roman that they had determined that J.J.'s phone was at the docks, but they couldn't narrow it down any more than that. A frustrated and worried Roman instructed Lani to order the nearest patrol cars to head down there -- without lights or sirens so as not to endanger J.J.

Clyde played dumb about the bullet. J.J. asserted that Clyde should be giving J.J. more responsibility instead of having him run errands, because J.J. could make a lot of money for Clyde. "Now [Kyle's] out of the way. I want in... I want to be your number two," J.J. declared. Clyde snarled that he didn't have a number two and never would. J.J. maintained that he had the connections and ideas to double Clyde's business. Clyde wanted specifics.

Roman made his way down to the waterfront, backed by at least one uniformed officer, Jenkins. As Roman carefully entered the area from the south, gun drawn, Lani advised him via an earpiece that another unit was approaching from the north.

J.J. asserted that Clyde needed to move in on the university campus and with high-powered business people who needed extra chemical help to get through their days. Although Clyde was impressed, he was ready to leave. J.J. urged Clyde to hear him out, and Clyde impatiently agreed. J.J. explained that Clyde needed deniability by building a blind network and limiting the number of people who knew who Clyde was. J.J. continued, "Nobody has more than one contact, two at the most. I mean, seriously, trusting a guy like Kyle? That was a bonehead move from the get-go."

Enraged, Clyde grabbed J.J. and shoved him against a wall. "You don't ever talk to me like that again!" Clyde growled, his eyes murderous. He warned J.J. against trying to tell Clyde how to do business. "I've seen more punk-ass kids like you come and go than I can even remember, and guess what? I'm still here. I'm still standing, and I'm untouchable. You hear me? You get your punk ass home, little man. You wait for my call. And if I contact you, make sure of this: you do what I say, when I say, and how I say it. Is that clear?" Clyde snarled, shaking J.J. Just then, Roman and Jenkins showed up and ordered Clyde to freeze.

As Roman commanded Clyde to turn around slowly, Clyde growled in J.J.'s face, "You set me up." Clyde finally let go of J.J., who ran over to duck behind Roman while Jenkins handcuffed Clyde. All the while, Clyde continued to glare fiercely over his shoulder at J.J. Roman announced that Clyde was under arrest for conspiracy to sell controlled substances, plus other charges that might follow, and read Clyde his rights.

At the monastery, Bo lay unconscious on a gurney, a bright surgical light flickering overhead, as the two guards entered the room. "Today, this man is either going to tell me what I want to know -- or die," the bald captor declared, uncapping a syringe. As the man injected Bo, he asserted that Bo wouldn't be able to fight the drug's effects. The other man seemed concerned that Bo could die with so high a dosage. "If he does, he does. He's useless to us unless he talks, anyway," the bald man pointed out.

As the drug seemed to take effect, the bald man shined a flashlight in Bo's eyes to check his reactions. Bo suddenly stiffened and began to tremble, arching his back and grunting as if he were going into cardiac arrest. The bald man ordered the other one to get the crash cart. The other man dragged the machine over and charged the defibrillator paddles. The bald man grabbed the paddles and started to apply them to Bo's chest. Lightning-fast, Bo suddenly punched the guy, unfastened his restraints, and got up off the gurney.

While the bald man tried to recover from Bo's sucker punch, the other man approached Bo, who pleaded with him, but the man hit Bo in the ribs several times. Bo found the strength to fight back, punching the man in the abdomen and elbowing him in the chin before grabbing the fully charged defibrillator paddles and shoving them against the man's chest. The man collapsed against the floor as the bald man watched helplessly. "It's business," the bald guy protested meekly. Bo walloped him in the head with a lead pipe. "I'm going home!" Bo bellowed as he fled.

. . .

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