Wednesday, April 16, 2014

In the Horton living room, J.J. called Paige and asked her to meet him at the park. As J.J. hung up the phone, Abigail asked J.J. about Paige. J.J. was defensive and asked Abigail to change the subject. Smirking, Abigail refused. J.J. asked Abigail not to tell Jennifer about Paige because he was worried that Jennifer would push J.J. for details about his new friend. Abigail urged J.J. not to play it cool around Paige because she might lose interest in J.J. Before J.J. could respond, the hospital texted Abigail about Daniel's suspension.

While Paige waited in the park for J.J., Marybeth spotted her and stopped to say hello. Marybeth surmised that Paige was waiting to meet with J.J., and she chided Paige for spending time with a criminal. Paige asked Marybeth to give J.J. a break. Marybeth said that she was worried J.J. would hurt Paige. As Paige paced, Marybeth noted that J.J. had proved that he was unreliable when he had failed to meet Paige in the park. Worried, Paige texted J.J.

"Maybe he found something better to do. Or someone to do it with," Marybeth suggested. Paige asked Marybeth if she meant J.J.'s friend, Bev. Shrugging, Marybeth urged Paige to join her for a cup of coffee at Club TBD. Paige nodded and followed Marybeth out of the park.

In the town square, Chase said hello to Hope. When Hope asked how he was doing, Chase handed her a thank you note for helping him. After Chase left, Hope read the note and smiled.

In the Brady Pub, Eric informed Marlena that he believed his future was with Nicole. Eric said that he planned to marry Nicole. When Marlena asked Eric if he planned to marry soon, Eric assured Marlena that he did not plan to rush into marriage. After Marlena said that she was happy for Eric, he pushed her to be honest. Marlena firmly said that she wanted Eric to pursue whomever made him happy.

After Eric left, Aiden entered the pub, and Marlena greeted him. Marlena thanked Aiden for his client referral, but Aiden explained that he had asked for Marlena's business card for personal reasons. When Aiden noted that Marlena knew everyone in town, Marlena assured Aiden that anything he said to her would be kept confidential. Hope entered the pub and said hello to Marlena and Aiden.

When Hope asked if she had interrupted anything, Aiden looked at his hands and quietly said no. Aiden added that Marlena had helped him with work at the courthouse. Marlena excused herself and left.

In her office at the hospital, Jennifer worked on the press release about Daniel. Liam entered and offered to help Jennifer with the press release. Fighting tears, Jennifer said that she needed to do the work on her own. When Liam pressed the issue, Jennifer stared but remained silent. Hope arrived and hugged her cousin Jennifer tightly while Liam rolled his eyes in frustration. Jennifer asked Liam to leave, and he did. In the hallway outside Jennifer's office, Liam punched the wall.

Inside Jennifer's office, Jennifer updated Hope on Daniel's situation. Jennifer confided to Hope that her theory was that Theresa had drugged Daniel. With a sigh, Hope said that she would talk to Theresa's parents. Jennifer asked Hope to hold off on helping until after the hospital investigation.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa visited Brady. Theresa complained that everyone was accusing her of drugging Daniel. Scared, Theresa begged Brady to believe her. When Brady shrugged and said he did not know what had happened, Theresa told Brady that the hospital had suspended Daniel for drug use.

At Daniel's apartment, a jittery Nicole said that she needed to talk to Daniel. As Nicole started to tell Daniel about what she had done out of love for Eric, Daniel's cell phone rang. Daniel wanted to ignore the call, but Nicole insisted that Daniel take the call from Brady. When Daniel answered the phone, Brady asked what had happened. Daniel said that someone had set him up. When Brady asked for details, Daniel declined to talk, noting that Brady was on the hospital board.

After hanging up the phone, Daniel told Nicole that he believed Theresa had drugged him and that he would make her pay. Worried, Nicole said that she could help Daniel if he let her explain. Daniel cut her off and thanked her for offering to use her job as a reporter to help him. Instead of telling the truth, Nicole said that Daniel had guessed what she was going to say to him. Daniel declined Nicole's offer because he was worried that Theresa would release the footage of J.J. from the night of Theresa's overdose.

As Nicole started to tell Daniel the truth, Abigail and J.J. knocked on the front door, and Daniel ushered them into the apartment. When Daniel said that Nicole had a plan, everyone looked at Nicole. Nervous, Nicole offered to talk strategy later. Daniel smiled and noted that Nicole had a way of digging up evidence. Abigail left to meet Jennifer at the hospital, and Daniel went to check on Parker.

Alone in the living room with Nicole, J.J. confided that he believed Theresa had drugged Daniel. Nicole cautioned that Theresa might not be the culprit. As Nicole started to leave, J.J. apologized for being rude to her in the past. Smiling, Nicole said they were fine. When J.J. asked if Nicole could find evidence against Theresa, Nicole asked J.J. to tell Daniel that she would be back. In the hallway, Nicole thought about her conversation with Liam.

When Daniel returned to his living room, he talked to J.J. about Theresa. J.J. urged Daniel to go after Theresa, regardless of how it might affect J.J.'s probation. Daniel refused to do anything to jeopardize J.J.'s life. Nodding, J.J. thanked Daniel. Daniel added that it meant a lot to him that J.J. had offered to help.

When Daniel noted that he needed to meet with someone at three, J.J. panicked and rushed out to meet with Paige. In the park, J.J. was dismayed to learn that he had missed Paige. J.J. texted Paige, but Marybeth deleted the message while Paige was ordering drinks at the bar.

In the Kiriakis living room, Theresa explained that she had heard about Daniel's situation after she had arrived at work. When Theresa argued that it was possible that Daniel had voluntarily used drugs, Brady adamantly disagreed. Brady leveled his gaze at Theresa, and she swore that she had not drugged Daniel.

"I swear I'm not that vindictive. You believe me, don't you?" Theresa asked. Brady stressed that he only believed his gut and not what anyone else said. Brady noted that Daniel was his best friend.

"I protect the people that I love, fiercely, Theresa. So if anybody messes with them, or if anyone tries to hurt them, I crush them. Is that clear?" Brady said. With a raised eyebrow, Theresa noted that Brady had not answered her question. Brady said that, "for now," he believed Theresa. Brady reminded Theresa that she had a mutual hatred with Daniel and that it was suspicious. With a steely gaze, Brady cautioned Theresa that if she had drugged Daniel then she would have to deal with him.

Upset, Theresa pulled away and said that Brady clearly did not believe her. Brady softly said that he did. Brady promised to defend Theresa and added that he needed to investigate what had happened. Brady added that if he found any evidence that Theresa had played any part in the drugging, he would go after her. Fighting tears, Theresa said that she would not wait forever for Brady to apologize to her for making threats.

After Theresa left the house, she thought about when she had given Daniel's key to Liam. With a sigh, Theresa said out loud that it was not her fault that Liam had acted so horribly. Theresa wondered aloud if she should admit what she had done.

At the hospital, Liam watched Jennifer working at the nurses' station. With a smile, Liam asked Jennifer if she was okay. Jennifer said that she was fine. When Liam added that he understood how it felt when someone a person had trusted had lied to them, Jennifer gritted her teeth. Jennifer firmly stated that Daniel was innocent and that he had not willingly ingested any drugs.

In the park, Nicole met with Eric. Seeing Nicole's rage regarding Daniel's predicament, Eric smiled and told Nicole that he loved that she was a good friend. Angry, Nicole countered that she was a horrible friend. Nicole cried out that she had not done anything good. Taking Nicole's hand, Eric assured Nicole that she had done all she could to help Daniel. Nicole disagreed. Eric asked Nicole to back off of Theresa.

"What if people are missing something?" Nicole wondered aloud. Eric agreed and wondered aloud how Daniel had been drugged. When Eric noted that the truth would be revealed in the right way, Nicole agreed.

In another part of the park, Daniel watched Parker play on the playground. As Daniel sat on a bench, Theresa walked into the clearing.

At the hospital, Brady visited Jennifer in her office. When Jennifer said that she believed Theresa had drugged Daniel, Brady asked her if she was aware of anyone else who could have drugged him.

Down the hallway in his office, Liam punched the air. "What the hell is the matter with you, Jennifer? I'm the one you should be with. Not that son of a bitch doctor," Liam growled. Liam noted that Jennifer was pushing him to destroy Daniel.

. . .

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