Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Victor, Maggie, Kayla, Doug, Julie, Aiden, and Hope gathered in Caroline's hospital room to ask for her help with planning the Salem Bicentennial celebration. Although Caroline was eager to get out of the hospital, she insisted she couldn't help out. Aiden described to Caroline the project they needed her help with: a digital scrapbook of Salem, containing oral histories, pictures, and newspaper clippings they would collect and record from residents -- with the assistance of Caroline and other denizens who'd could help identify the old photos or add details to stories. One copy would go in the library, and they would put another in a time capsule.

Kayla said she thought the project would also be good therapy to stimulate Caroline's memory. Maggie announced that Victor had just purchased a gorgeous Victorian house near the park, where they would hold the celebration. The others enthusiastically chimed in that people would dress in period costumes, and Doug was putting together a barbershop quartet -- and they all needed Caroline's help. Caroline happily agreed to pitch in.

In the hallway a bit later, Aiden kissed Hope and thanked her for including him -- and Chase -- in her life and her family's history. Aiden was grateful that Hope's family had accepted him, in spite of their continuing love for Bo. Hope stated that she had just been "walking through life" until she'd met Aiden. Aiden informed Hope that he had a surprise for her -- a contribution to make to the bicentennial celebration that would "knock [her] socks off."

After Doug and Julie called Hope back into Caroline's room, Aiden took a jewelry box out of his pocket and admired the sapphire and diamond ring inside. Aiden got a phone call and spoke in hushed tones: "I am doing my job, but I could use another advance... Don't insult me; I know what I'm doing... Ever since I came to town, I've been given one task by you, and that is Hope Brady... No, she is over Bo Brady. I'm sure of it... Trust me: she's mine now."

Marlena met Will at the Brady Pub and asked if he'd heard from Sonny. "No, and I don't think I'm going to... It's over, Grandma. I've lost him for good -- and it's because of Paul," Will whined. Will admitted that he had no idea how to explain to Arianna where her other daddy was. When the topic changed to John and Marlena, Marlena admitted that she and John were trying to find their way back to each other after a breakdown in communication -- and she wondered if Sonny were trying to begin that same process, as well. Marlena urged her grandson to be patient with his husband.

As John and Paul arrived at the park outside Horton Square, a proud John was carrying a box of baseballs that Paul had signed. John thought the kids would be thrilled to play their all-star game with those balls. Sensing Paul's downbeat mood, John asked his son about Derrick. "There's nothing really left to say to Derrick. I haven't talked to him, and that's all thanks to Will," Paul maintained. He admitted that what had happened between him and Will had been a huge mistake. John pointed out that Paul hadn't known that Will was married, but Will had.

Paul noted that he'd never dreamed he would be talking about that kind of subject with his dad, but John was pretty good at "the dad part" of giving advice. John confessed that he wished he could have known Paul when Paul had been a kid to take him to games and play catch with him. "You know, it's not too late. We can still do that," Paul said, neatly bouncing a ball off his forearm in John's direction.

Later, Will passed by Paul in Horton Square without saying a word. When Paul tried to talk to him, Will snapped, "Haven't you done enough to screw up my life? Not only is my husband gone, I have to explain to my daughter why her daddy isn't here." Will blamed Paul for all of that. "Well, Sonny's gone, and you sure as hell don't have to worry about me anymore. So why don't you just live your life, and I'll live mine?" Paul suggested before walking away.

Adrienne met Lucas in the Kiriakis mansion living room, "dressed down" for their date as he'd requested. She tried to get Lucas to tell her what he had planned, but he wouldn't spill any details. Before Lucas and Adrienne could head out, Justin entered the room and informed Adrienne that he'd gotten a letter from Sonny. When Lucas cleared out to give Justin and Adrienne some privacy, they read their son's letter together. They agreed that it seemed as if Sonny had made the right decision in leaving town for a while, but Adrienne noted that Sonny had admitted to missing Arianna and Will.

"I don't know why, after what Will did to him," Justin remarked. Adrienne acknowledged that she knew exactly what Sonny was going through -- probably wishing he could turn off his feelings for Will but knowing that wasn't possible. Adrienne left for her date with Lucas, who was waiting outside the front door. Lucas promised that Adrienne would love the surprise he had planned for her.

An exhilarated Adrienne was howling with laughter when she and Lucas headed into the park after he'd taken her nighttime bungee jumping. Adrienne realized that had been why Lucas had questioned her about her phobias earlier. Lucas declared that the evening had confirmed that Adrienne wasn't afraid of anything. Adrienne started telling Lucas about a parasailing incident on trip to Hawaii with Justin, but she stopped herself and apologized for mentioning her ex during her date with Lucas.

Lucas assured Adrienne that he didn't want her to pretend as if her past didn't exist. Adrienne admitted that the divorce had been very difficult, and Lucas suggested that she might need a little more time to get used to the idea of being single before she started dating again. Adrienne insisted that she loved moving on to the next chapter of her life. Leaping up from the bench, she shouted that she wanted to keep going late-night bungee-jumping and having other adventures -- with Lucas. Lucas and Adrienne ran out of the park hand-in-hand.

Paige sat alone in Horton Square, ruminating about how J.J. was working undercover for the DEA to take Kyle down. Meanwhile, J.J. was waiting on a park bench for Kyle to call.

In the park, Eve listened to the recording she'd secretly made of Jennifer and J.J.'s conversation in which J.J. had revealed that he was working for the DEA, mostly because he wanted to get Kyle off the streets and away from Paige. "Rash, brave, and so, so stupid," Eve muttered to herself. She strode out of the park with an air of determination.

A few minutes later, Eve surprised Kyle by showing up on his doorstep. Clearly flustered that Eve had found out where he lived, Kyle informed her that Paige wasn't there. When Eve said she wasn't there to talk about Paige, Kyle guessed that Eve wanted to talk about J.J., so he invited her in. Kyle played dumb when Eve referenced his "little illegal business enterprise," so she informed him bluntly about J.J., "The little punk is working for the cops." Pointing out that Eve wanted to get back at J.J., Kyle demanded proof.

Eve played the recording for Kyle of J.J. and Jennifer's conversation. Kyle was still skeptical, pointing out that J.J. could have been feeding his mom a line and wondering why Eve was more interested in getting back at J.J. than nailing the alleged drug dealer who was dating her daughter. Eve refused to answer, instead demanding to know what Kyle intended to do about J.J.

After she left Kyle's, Eve called in an anonymous tip: "You know the drug problem that has hit Salem recently and hit it hard? Well, it can all be traced back to the legendary Tom Horton's granddaughter, Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux... Mrs. Deveraux's son, J.J., is a known drug dealer... Mrs. Deveraux knows all about it, and she's covering for her son, just like she always does."

A little later, Eve ran into Paige, who tried to walk away without talking to her mom. Eve grabbed Paige's arm and begged her to let go of her anger, which was causing Paige to make bad choices -- such as going out with Kyle. Eve said she'd heard a rumor that J.J. was working with the cops to nail Kyle -- and Paige should stay far away from "those two losers."

Paige demanded to know where Eve had heard the rumor and if Eve had told anyone about it. Eve warned Paige to think about what Kyle might do if he found out what J.J. was doing, because drug dealers lived very dangerous lives. "You are playing with fire," Eve cautioned. After angrily ordering Eve to butt out of her life, Paige left.

Later, Eve wandered into the Edge of the Square, where Justin was sitting alone, nursing a drink. When Justin observed that Eve was alone, she encouraged him to ask her to join him. Justin stood, extended his hand, and invited her to sit down. Eve remarked that Justin sitting alone in a relatively empty bar had looked like the "cover of a moody Sinatra album." "It's not quite a quarter to three," Justin countered. Eve suggested that Justin loosen his tie and let her buy him another drink. "Then, hell, who knows? Strangers in the night," she proposed.

J.J. went to Kyle's at Kyle's request, and Kyle said he thought it was time they had a talk about working together. J.J. was nervous because Kyle was holding a gun and sort of waving it around the entire time. Kyle noted that he didn't know that much about J.J., particularly how J.J. thought. J.J. said he didn't like mind games, so if there were something wrong, he hoped Kyle would just spit it out. Kyle assured J.J. that nothing was wrong.

J.J. recited his "stats": the town square was named after his great-grandparents, Abe Carver was like an uncle to him, and his mom and Detective Hope Brady were as close as sisters -- meaning J.J. was very well-connected. "This is my town, and I think you need someone that knows what I know," J.J. asserted. Seemingly pleased, Kyle chortled and shook J.J.'s hand as he announced that he had just the job -- a promotion, actually -- for J.J. to prove himself with.

Kyle said he wanted J.J. to be a part of the day-to-day running of the business. "I've got a shipment of meth coming in. Bro, it's top-notch stuff -- and I want you to sample it for me. J.J., you're the guy! And you're going to tell me if it's the real deal," Kyle explained, while J.J. tried to hide his fear.

On her way home, Abigail stopped in Horton Square to buy some bridal magazines. One of the headlines read, "Are You Marrying the Right Guy?"

At Ben and Abigail's apartment, Ben irritably wondered where his fiancée was, since she'd told him that she was headed straight home. When Abigail arrived home, she grinned as she showed him why she'd been delayed: a large stack of wedding magazines. She was eager to review some of the things she'd found but quickly realized that it would bore him to tears. Ben asked if they could look at the magazines later, hinting with kisses on Abigail's neck that he would rather have sex than make wedding plans at that moment.

Ben rather hastily maneuvered Abigail to the bed, kissing her most of the way. Abigail grabbed him and made him look at her as she reminded him that they had all night and didn't need to hurry. With a playful, sexy smile, Abigail started by slipping off her jacket. Ben peeled off his shirt then Abigail began unbuttoning his pants. Slowly, they undressed each other and disrobed for one another, finally climbing into bed together.

After Ben and Abigail had sex, Ben kissed Abigail's belly and marveled that there was a new life growing there. He promised to be a hands-on dad as soon as the baby was born, because all he'd ever wanted was to be part of a family, something he'd never had before. "But now I do, and it's because of you," Ben said. "It's because of us," Abigail amended, stroking Ben's face.

At Club TBD, Chad and Serena were commiserating over expensive Scotch, which Chad was buying, and getting progressively more inebriated. Serena slurred her words when she complimented Chad's taste in whiskey and clothing. Over Serena's protests, Chad waved the bartender over and had him leave the bottle. Serena briefly worried about how she would get home, but Chad reassured her that he would take care of her. Realizing that likely meant Chad had a limo outside, she declared, "I really like you." Chad echoed the sentiment.

At the bar, Clyde glowered in Chad and Serena's direction. Serena got up to go to the ladies' room but stumbled. She quipped, "It's a little drunk out tonight." Unobserved, Clyde stepped away from the bar to answer a phone call. Chad fantasized that Abigail showed up to tell him that the baby was really his and she wanted to marry him, not Ben, and had been moved that Chad had risked everything to protect her from Stefano.

When Serena returned to the table, she observed that Chad's mood had turned a bit gloomier. Chad dodged the question by telling Serena that he'd missed her. They began making out at the table, while Clyde continued to spy on them from across the bar. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, Serena pulled away, noting that it wasn't a good idea. "Why? Was I doing it wrong?" Chad asked, guffawing at his own joke. Serena assured him that wasn't the case, but she was not only plastered, she was also the "town pariah."

Chad maintained that there was nothing Serena could do to hurt his reputation, especially since having the last name DiMera already made him somewhat of a pariah. He leaned across the table to kiss Serena some more, but she backed away, apologetically reminding Chad that she'd had a really bad day. "That's another thing we both have in common. So, why don't we be nice to each other, because who the hell else is gonna do it?" Chad suggested.

Serena politely declined. She rose to leave, but Chad pulled her down into his lap and began kissing her rather forcefully. Serena struggled her way back out of his lap and slapped Chad hard enough to bloody his lip and attract the attention of everyone else in the club. "You need to learn that no means no," Serena warned him before storming out. After cleaning up his lip with a napkin, Chad followed Serena out.

. . .

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