Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In the DiMera study, Chad was poring over some reports, a map spread on the couch next to him and his tablet powered on and at the ready nearby, but memories of Jordan kept him from focusing on the task at hand. Stefano called and declared that Chad's move to get Rafe kicked off the police force was about to blow up in both DiMeras' faces. Stefano explained that despite his best efforts to replace Hernandez with Stefano's choice, Abe had hired "John bloody Black" instead.

Stefano emphasized that John would go after the DiMera family with a vengeance. Chad urged his father to relax. Sensing that Chad was in a bad mood, Stefano asked if it had to do with Jordan. Chad revealed that he and Jordan were no longer together, but he was almost positive he'd been mistaken about her "two-timing" him with Rafe. Concerned that Chad actually cared about Jordan, Stefano reminded Chad that he had claimed only to be "dallying" with her to irritate Ben.

Chad said that he had goaded Ben into punching him in front of John Black and Abe Carver, who had arrested Ben and charged him with assault. Stefano urged Chad to focus on seducing Abigail to get revenge. Chad seemed reluctant, so Stefano ordered him, "Focus on business instead of this romantic claptrap, okay? Get this done." Stefano hung up.

At the hospital, Marlena left a message for Clyde, who had missed an appointment but had not returned a call from Marlena's assistant to reschedule. John arrived to get a statement from a mugging victim and stopped by to see Marlena. John said that he would have to meet Marlena for supper later because he wanted to stop by and see Sonny. Marlena was pleased that John intended to let Sonny know that he had John and Marlena's support.

Later, Marlena was walking through the park outside Horton Square when Stefano called her. He asked how she felt about John returning to such a dangerous profession. Marlena inferred that Stefano was threatening John. Stefano simply asked if Marlena approved of what John was doing, even though police work was obviously a step down from running a corporation. Marlena disagreed with that characterization.

When Stefano asked if Marlena were worried about John's welfare, she flashed back to a time years before when she'd told John about waking to find Stefano touching her face. "This phone call makes it very clear to me that one of us is pretty worried. You're trying to cover things up, but I know you're scared," Marlena concluded. "Give John my best regards, huh? If you see him ever again," Stefano replied with a chuckle. Disgusted, Marlena hung up abruptly.

A beaming Sonny arrived outside Will's office at Sonix, carrying a single red rose, to surprise his husband -- while inside, Will was finishing up his interview with Paul Narita. Before Sonny could knock, Zoe, Will's editor, showed up. She informed Sonny that Will was in the middle of an interview with the subject of the cover article of the next issue of Sonix, and not even Sonny could know who that was until it was published. Sonny said that he understood. Zoe offered to deliver the rose as soon as Will was available. As Sonny was leaving, Zoe said that he should be very proud of his husband, and Sonny agreed.

In Will's office, Paul fretted, "What if I already met the right guy, and I blew it?" Will believed that if it were meant to be, and if Paul were still in love with the man, Paul could get a second chance with the guy. Paul maintained that it was too late because the man he still loved was with someone else. Will asked about Paul's mother's reaction when she'd learned that Paul couldn't pitch anymore. Paul explained that he hadn't told her about that, or that he was gay. Will was floored.

Paul swore that he would never let his mother find out he was gay by reading it in a magazine. He had invited his mother and grandfather to visit him in Salem, but his mother had declined, so Paul planned to call her before the article was published. Will seemed dubious. Paul asserted that he still intended to come out because he really wanted to help gay young people feel better about themselves -- as Will had suggested.

Paul added that he wanted to wait until it was too late to do anything about the article's publication to tell her because he knew she wouldn't like him coming out so publicly, even if she didn't have a problem with it. Will understood. Paul joked, "I read the article you wrote about your mom. No offense, but Sami Brady makes my mom look like a pushover." Will said the deadline for his final draft was midday the following day; before he submitted it to his editor, he would send a copy to Paul for approval. Will added that Paul would be glad he'd come out. Paul agreed and thanked Will for the encouragement.

After Paul had gone, Zoe took Sonny's rose to Will and explained what had happened. She asked if Will had everything he needed to finish the article. Handing Zoe a notepad, Will said that he even had a title. "'The Final Out,'" Zoe read aloud. When Will noted that "out" was the most important word in the title, an incredulous Zoe's mouth dropped open. "Oh, my God, Paul Narita is -- he's gay? [...] And Sonix is breaking the story? This is an exclusive?" she asked excitedly. Will confirmed that they had Paul's full cooperation.

When Sonny met John at Club TBD, John explained that he and Marlena just wanted to make sure that things were okay between Will and Sonny. Sonny admitted that things had been "rocky" while Will and Arianna had been in Los Angeles and even after they'd returned, especially because of how badly things had gone with the new club -- but Sonny was confident and optimistic that they would work things out. John urged Sonny to ask the family for help if things ever got rough again. John added that he knew from experience that pride and stubbornness could be costly -- but, like Sonny, John was determined not to let anything get in the way of working things out with the person he loved.

Later, Paul spotted John in Horton Square and stopped him. Paul apologized for being rude to John when they'd met before, and John said he appreciated it. He introduced himself to Paul and expressed admiration for Paul's split-finger fastball.

Jordan went to Will and Sonny's with a gift -- a snowsuit -- for Arianna, but when she knocked on the door, Kate answered. Kate invited Jordan in but informed her that Will and Sonny weren't home. She offered to let Jordan wait until Arianna woke up from her nap then they could take a picture of Arianna in the snowsuit to send to Gabi. When Kate complimented the snowsuit and offered to make Jordan some tea, Jordan became suspicious. Kate pointed out that she was dating Jordan's father and Jordan was sleeping with Kate's business partner.

Fed up, Jordan grabbed her coat to leave. "Don't tell me you already blew it with Chad," Kate said a bit snidely. "It was you, wasn't it? What did you tell him?" Jordan demanded accusingly. Kate gleefully admitted she'd warned Chad that Jordan was "untrustworthy" and "the slut of the physical therapy department." Her hand on the door, Jordan remarked incredulously that Kate clearly enjoyed causing pain. "Only for certain people, Tammy Sue -- and right now, you're on the top of that list," Kate said. Jordan slammed the door on her way out.

Later, Chad stopped by Jordan's office at the hospital and demanded an explanation for what she'd done. Taken aback, Jordan crossly reminded Chad that he was the one who'd ended things, although she didn't really care why he'd done it. "You are not the person that I thought you were. You are the person people told me you are," Jordan asserted before ordering Chad to leave. He didn't budge and, instead, took off his overcoat.

Jordan complained that Chad had been listening to what Kate said about her, when Kate had called Jordan "the whore of the physical therapy department." Chad maintained that he didn't care what Kate said about Jordan or anyone else. A baffled Jordan declared that she truly didn't understand Chad, although she didn't really care to. As she tried to storm out, Chad grabbed her arm and demanded that she tell him why she'd been kissing Rafe.

When Will returned home, Kate explained that Sonny had asked her to stay with Arianna while he went out. Kate asked about the article, and Will said that talking with Kate had really helped. "I've been thinking a lot about what happened, about what I did, and, um, Sonny and I promised that we would never keep secrets from each other," Will said. Kate firmly declared that it would do no good for Sonny to find out what Will had done. She reminded Will that he would never see Paul again -- unless he were falling in love with Paul.

Will bristled at the implication that he was so shallow that he could fall in love with someone he barely knew. Kate noted that it would be understandable if Will wanted to share some of the spotlight when the handsome star baseball player bravely came out. Will declared indignantly, "I do not want to share anybody's spotlight!" He added that if he achieved success, it would be because he earned it on his own. Kate apologized. She assured her grandson that all she wanted was for him to be happy.

Will tearfully asserted that he loved Sonny and would not let anyone destroy the life they'd built together -- and that was why he had to tell Sonny about Paul. Kate argued that it would only hurt Sonny, and besides, Paul would soon be leaving town again. She urged Will not to break Sonny's heart with the knowledge of what Will had done to get the story of Paul's coming out. Will insisted that wasn't why he'd slept with Paul. Kate asked, "Okay, then why did you sleep with Paul? Why did you cheat on Sonny?"

Will confessed he didn't know; it had just happened. Kate acknowledged that she understood why Will felt the need to tell Sonny the truth, but she stressed how cruel and selfish it would be. "I don't want to talk to you about this anymore. I wish I had never talked to you at all about Paul!" Will shouted. "The person you can't tell is Sonny!" Kate argued -- just as Sonny walked in and overheard. "What can't Will tell me? I want to know," Sonny said.

As Nicole and Daniel were opening the door to leave his apartment on their date, they found Eric and Serena in the hallway. "You lying, stealing bitch!" spat an outraged Serena. She explained to Daniel that Nicole had stolen information from Serena's laptop -- so Nicole was going to jail. Nicole calmly contended that Serena was actually in even more trouble. Nicole produced the flash drive onto which she'd copied the contents of Serena's hard drive as proof. Serena insisted that if the names of her sources, which were on the drive, were revealed, there could be huge lawsuits.

Serena lunged for the flash drive, but Nicole deftly kept it just out of reach while Daniel stepped between the women. Nicole said that she would hand over the drive as soon they all took a look at what was on it. "And then everyone will know what a fraud you really are," Nicole added. As Daniel let Eric and Serena into the apartment, Nicole fiddled with her phone. Eric angrily asserted that Nicole had not had the right to do what she'd done. Nicole reminded the others that she was also a journalist, and a source had approached her with information about Serena, which Nicole had been obliged to verify.

Serena wanted to know who Nicole's source was, but Nicole pointed out that Serena would not divulge that information in Nicole's position. Daniel asked why Nicole hadn't told him about it. She reminded him that, like him, there were things in her professional life that she couldn't talk about -- and she had seriously considered not even following the lead until she'd witnessed Serena's behavior. "Now, more than ever, [I] find it my responsibility to expose the truth!" Nicole declared. An incredulous Eric countered that Nicole wasn't acquainted with the truth.

Nicole argued that Serena wasn't the person Eric and Melanie had known before. "What she is is a monster," Nicole pronounced. With quiet fury, Serena asserted that the law was on her side because the confidential information on the drive belonged to her. She repeated her threat to send Nicole to jail. As Nicole opened the laptop to show the others what was on the flash drive, Daniel pointed out that they couldn't look at what was on it without Serena's permission.

With a shrug, Nicole noted that she had another way besides the flash drive to expose the truth and show everyone what kind of person Serena was. Daniel encouraged Nicole to share the specifics of what she was talking about. Just then, there was a knock at the door, and Nicole answered it to reveal Ted Carpenter in the hallway. "Edward?" Serena asked, shocked. Ted related his story to the others about how he and Serena had collaborated for months on the writing and research for a long piece, and their relationship had become more than professional.

Ted continued that Serena had suggested that he put his writing and research on her computer, since his had been unreliable, and he'd agreed because he hadn't been able to afford a new computer. Then Serena had dumped him before the article had been published -- and his name had appeared nowhere on it, especially not the byline. Serena had refused to back him up when he'd tried to get credit for it, and it had virtually destroyed his career.

"My God, Edward, I had no idea you still hated me this much," Serena said. Ted admitted that he could hardly feel another way. Eric quietly asked Serena if she knew what Ted was talking about. "Yes, I do," she admitted, clarifying that she and Edward had worked together on her last big assignment. Ted corrected her that he went by "Ted" because he was trying to reinvent himself. He encouraged Eric to check Serena's computer for proof that she had stolen Ted's work.

Serena acknowledged that she'd kept extensive records on her computer, which should be on the jump drive if Nicole had downloaded the entire hard drive. Daniel noted that they would need a warrant unless Serena gave them permission to look at it. Eric asserted that Serena had grounds to file a complaint, and he would hire a lawyer to defend her against Nicole's claim. Although Serena was grateful to Eric, she pointed out that the truth would get out eventually -- and Nicole was right that he needed to know everything about Serena.

Serena gave Daniel permission to open the flash drive, so he opened the laptop and inserted the drive, while the others gathered around to watch.

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