Wednesday, July 27, 2016
by Mike

At the Hernandez house, Adriana tried to convince Blanca not to move out. Blanca insisted that she had to, and she reasoned that doing so would actually benefit Adriana, since it would leave the house ready to receive a new resident, such as Eduardo.

Blanca noted that Eduardo looked at Adriana the same way Rafe looked at Hope. "That is the very last thing I want to hear!" Adriana protested, but Blanca maintained that it was true nevertheless. Blanca added that Adriana looked at Eduardo that way, too. Adriana ignored the observation and changed the subject, insisting that Eduardo and Dario would never be able to live under the same roof.

Blanca suggested that Adriana could always move in with Eduardo instead, but Adriana clarified that Eduardo was staying at a hotel at that time. Adriana added that she wasn't sure she would ever be able to live with Eduardo again because she was still having a hard time accepting the fact that he had started a family with another woman after leaving the Hernandez clan years earlier. Blanca pointed out that Adriana would never know if Eduardo had truly changed unless she gave him a chance to prove himself.

At Club TBD, Steve finished a beer, and Eduardo quickly gave him a refill, explaining that it was on the house. "You look like you could use it," Eduardo observed. Steve warned that Eduardo wouldn't stay in business for long if he kept handing out free drinks to one-eyed strangers. "Safe bet there won't be too many of those walking in here," Eduardo replied, and Steve conceded the point.

Steve admitted that he had been surprised to hear that Eduardo had bought Club TBD, since he had assumed that Eduardo wouldn't be sticking around for long. Eduardo said he had assumed the same thing for a while. "Of course, that was before Eve moved halfway across the country to get away from me," Eduardo added. Steve suggested that Eduardo might be giving himself too much credit for Eve's departure, and Eduardo allowed for that possibility but admitted that Eve had every right to want to get as far away from him as she possibly could.

Steve said he could relate because he, too, had once abandoned his family to keep them safe. "You can never get that time back, and you never stop trying to make it up to them," Steve mused with a sigh. Eduardo said he had actually been lucky enough to have two of his three kids decide to give him another chance. Eduardo confidently added that Adriana would soon follow suit, prompting Steve to wonder what Eduardo's secret was. Eduardo uttered a Spanish phrase, and Steve knowingly translated it to English: "Never give up." Steve swore that he never would.

Steve admitted that he wasn't sure how to make Kayla believe that he was done living a life of danger, especially since he wasn't even entirely sure he had managed to make himself believe that yet. "[Those] kinds of situations just keep finding me," Steve explained. Eduardo thought that might be because Steve was subconsciously trying to keep some distance between himself and his family, but Steve insisted that wasn't the case.

"Well, then, maybe it's time you actually did something about it," Eduardo suggested. Eduardo continued that, in his case, when apologizing, groveling, pleading, and promising had all failed, he had done the only other thing he had been able to think of: he had bought Club TBD. "[Adriana] knows how much I value a dollar and that there's no [possible way] I'm gonna walk away from the amount of cash I sunk into this place," Eduardo explained.

"As opposed to walking away from your family?" Steve asked incredulously. "Ouch," Eduardo replied, prompting Steve to stress that he wasn't judging Eduardo; he simply didn't understand why buying a club had calmed Adriana's fears. Eduardo guessed that convincing Dario to run the place had been another point in his favor. Nodding, Steve looked around as he recalled the fun times he and Kayla had shared in that same building years earlier, back when it had housed the Cheatin' Heart.

Later, after Steve left, Adriana arrived to talk to Eduardo, but some customers entered the club just as she was beginning to reveal what was on her mind. Knowing that Eduardo needed the business, Adriana paused and urged him to take care of the customers first. While Eduardo was gone, Adriana found the threatening note he had recently received. After reading it, she tucked it back under a stack of menus, right where he had left it, then abruptly excused herself, claiming that she had left the stove on. Eduardo reminded Adriana that she had wanted to talk to him about something, but she claimed that it hadn't been important, anyway.

At the hospital, Fynn insisted on examining Kayla after observing some concerning symptoms. Kayla humored Fynn but assured him that she was fine. Fynn suggested that Kayla might want to go ahead and schedule an appointment to have her hematoma treated, since it hadn't subsided on its own yet, but she didn't want to worry her family. Fynn argued that a medical crisis would worry Kayla's family even more, but she again dismissed the idea, fretting that it would be too hard for her to keep an eye on Joey during the recovery process.

Kayla explained that although Joey was doing fine physically, there were still a lot of other issues that needed to be addressed -- and, unfortunately, he had shot down her repeated attempts to convince him to talk to a psychiatrist, pointing out that she couldn't force him to do so because he was an adult. Kayla added that she was also concerned about Joey's decision to continue seeing Jade. "I swear, if she hurts him again..." Kayla muttered before letting her voice trail off.

Kayla felt kind of bad about refusing to give Jade a place to stay but feared that saying yes would send the wrong message, implying that it was okay for Joey and Jade to have sex under her roof whenever they wanted to. Fynn pointed out that there were worse places for the teens to have sex, and Kayla conceded that he was right -- and that it was quite likely that Joey was sexually active, in any case. "But why this girl?" Kayla wondered with a sigh. Fynn suggested that Joey might be in love with Jade. Kayla insisted that Joey didn't even know what love really was yet, but Fynn thought that might just be wishful thinking on her part.

Later, when Fynn and Kayla went to one of the break rooms for some coffee, he asked her, "Has Steve always been 'the one'?" Kayla said she'd had other serious relationships, but things with Steve had always been different, and that was why she had chosen to marry and have kids with him. "He's my hero in many ways. But...I don't know, then we get back here, and I just realize that I can't live with the drama that he brings to my life," Kayla continued with a shrug. Fynn admitted that it was hard for him to wrap his head around that kind of dilemma because he had been doggedly single his whole life. Fynn added, however, that he might finally be ready to settle down.

Kayla wondered what had prompted Fynn's change of heart. "I met someone," Fynn replied with a smile. Fynn added that Daniel's sudden death had taught him not to waste a single opportunity that presented itself. Fynn wondered if the idea of starting over with someone new scared Kayla more than the idea of taking Steve back. Kayla insisted that she had started over many times in the past. Feeling encouraged, Fynn forged ahead, arguing that if it were at all possible for Steve to convince Kayla that he had changed, he would have already found a way to do so.

Kayla nervously tried to end the conversation and walk away, but Fynn stopped her. "I can give you what [Steve] never could [and] never will," Fynn promised before kissing Kayla, who soon pulled away and found Steve standing in the doorway. Fynn told Steve not to be upset with Kayla, and Steve stressed that he wasn't upset with her. Kayla wondered what Steve was doing at the hospital. "I came to talk to you, but...looks like I came at a bad time," Steve replied before walking away.

After hastily assuring Fynn that they would continue their conversation later, Kayla chased after Steve and led him to her office so they could talk privately. Kayla told Steve she was sorry he'd had to witness the kiss but grateful that he had kept his temper under control. "[And] I'm actually glad you walked in when you did," Kayla added, stressing that Fynn had crossed the line. Steve reasoned that the incident had at least given him an opportunity to prove to Kayla that he could control his temper.

"Sweetness, I know you said you need time, but I came here today to talk to you because I wanted to tell you that I'm making some changes, and things really are gonna be different," Steve added. Kayla was shocked when Steve revealed that he had decided to leave Black Patch Investigations and take a job at Club TBD. Kayla predicted that Steve would be bored out of his mind there, but he disagreed, reminding her that he liked bars -- especially that bar, which had once been the Cheatin' Heart. Kayla quietly assured Steve that she hadn't forgotten all the good times they'd had there.

Kayla pointed out that Tate was still missing, and Steve confirmed that he planned to continue helping John with the search. "And then what next? There's always gonna be something," Kayla predicted, but Steve insisted that the only excitement he wanted in his life was the excitement of living life with her and their kids. Kayla knew that Steve probably wanted to believe that, but she doubted that he would be able to last long as a bartender, recalling that he had once tried to sell neckties for a living and had only lasted a day. Steve thought he would enjoy peddling beer more because that was a product he actually liked.

"Don't put yourself in a box because you think it's what I want. You will be miserable...and I will be, too," Kayla maintained. Steve countered that he was miserable without Kayla, and he insisted that she had to at least let him give the idea a shot. Kayla shook her head sadly, still unable to take the leap and tell Steve what he wanted to hear, and he eventually gave her an understanding nod. "Okay. You do what you have to do. I'm gonna do what I have to," Steve said before leaving the office.

At the Johnson house, Joey and Jade were making out on the couch in the living room. Jade eventually pulled away, fearing that Kayla could return home at any moment. Joey said Kayla was working the late shift at the hospital and wouldn't be home until early the following morning. "Why are we talking about my mother?" he added. Jade pointed out that she was in Kayla's house, where Kayla didn't want her to be.

"I really don't care," Joey replied. Jade advised Joey not to tell Kayla that, since Kayla was already convinced that Jade was a bad influence on him. "Because you are," Joey said with a grin before starting to make out with Jade again. Joey wanted to take Jade to his bedroom, but she feared that they might fall asleep in there. "Wow. That's not something I was worried about," Joey replied with a chuckle.

Jade explained that she didn't want Joey to have to sneak her out of the house the following morning, but he maintained that he didn't care about such concerns. Jade asked Joey to stop saying that, insisting that she didn't want Kayla to hate her even more. "No offense, but I don't think that's possible," Joey joked. Hurt, Jade admitted that she didn't like thinking that anyone hated her -- especially not the mother of the guy she was into.

Joey assured Jade that Kayla didn't really hate her. "She wouldn't like any girl I was hooking up with," Joey continued. Jade skeptically wondered if Kayla would really object to Joey dating a rich, successful Ivy League graduate whose father was a lawyer and whose mother was a brain surgeon. "I think the real question is, why would someone like that want to be my girlfriend?" Joey jokingly replied.

Joey said he liked Jade just the way she was, and she returned the sentiment. "I think my mom's really gonna like you when she gets to know you [and sees] what a good person you are," Joey predicted. Jade wondered if Joey truly believed that. Joey joked that he didn't, but after Jade gave him a playful shove, he assured her that he did. "I think you're sweet, and you're funny, and I especially like kissing you," he added before starting to make out with her again. Jade admitted that she liked kissing Joey, too. "Among other things," she suggestively added as they sprawled out on the couch together.

After having sex, Joey and Jade cuddled together on the couch for a while, but Jade eventually decided that it would probably be best for her to leave soon. Jade assured Joey that she wasn't planning to go back to her parents' house, adding that she had slept at her friend McKenna's place the previous night and had been told that she could stay there until she found a job and a place of her own.

Joey said he hated Kayla for not letting Jade move into the Johnson house. Jade told Joey not to say that, stressing that although it did bother her that Kayla didn't like her, she still respected Kayla for loving Joey unconditionally, and she wished her mom felt the same way about her. Joey assured Jade that he loved her, and she returned the sentiment. Joey begged Jade to spend the rest of the night with him. She eventually agreed, and he happily started making out with her again.

Later that night, Joey awoke from a nap and discovered that Jade was gone. Sighing, he sent her a text message to see if everything was okay. Jade read the message while passing through a secluded section of the town square but didn't reply to it. Instead, she curled up on a bench, as if she planned to be there for a while.

. . .

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